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Department of Defense INSTRUCTION


DoDI 5000.02, January 7,

DoDI 5000.02, January 7, 2015 (3) The DAE may reclassify an acquisition program at any time. The reclassification decision will be documented in an ADM. 3. ACQUISITION PROGRAM INFORMATION REQUIREMENTS AT MILESTONES AND OTHER DECISION POINTS a. Table 2 lists the statutory and regulatory requirements at each of the milestones and other decision points during the acquisition process. In consultation with the appropriate stakeholders, program managers may propose for MDA approval, tailoring of Regulatory program information. MDAs will document all information tailoring decisions. b. Each row identifies an information requirement and the source of the requirement. (Sources may refer to United States Code (U.S.C.), Public Law (P.L.), an Executive Order (E.O.), DoD Instructions (DoDIs), Directives (DoDDs), or other types of documentation. When available, the source will include paragraph (Para.), section (Sec.), or enclosure (Enc.) numbers and the reference (Ref.) identifier from the list of references in this instruction. STATUTORY items and sources appear in ALL CAPS; Regulatory items and sources appear in normal text. Requirements are in alphabetical order. (1) A dot (●) in a cell indicates the specific applicability of the requirement to program type and life-cycle event, and represents the initial submission of information. Moving right across a row, a checkmark () indicates the requirement for updated information, and another dot indicates submission of new information. (2) Notes accompany each row to explain the requirement, limit or extend the requirement’s applicability to program type and/or life-cycle event, or refer the reader to more detailed direction. c. Labels for the “Life-Cycle Event” columns represent the following events: (1) “MDD”—Materiel Development Decision. (2) “MS A”—Milestone A Decision Review. (3) “CDD Val”—Capability Development Document Validation. (4) “Dev RFP Rel”—The Development Request for Proposals (RFP) Release Decision Point conducted before Milestone B to authorize release of the RFP for the next phase. (5) “MS B”—Milestone B Decision Review. (6) “MS C”—Milestone C Decision Review. (7) “FRP/FD Dec”—The Full-Rate Production (FRP) Decision or the Full Deployment (FD) Decision. Change 2, 02/02/2017 50 ENCLOSURE 1

DoDI 5000.02, January 7, 2015 (8) “Other”—An event other than the events listed above; the event will be identified in the notes associated with the row. d. Documentation for the identified events will be submitted at least 45 calendar days before the planned review. e. Information requirements that are finalized and approved by the responsible authority in support of the Development RFP Release Decision Point do not have to be re-submitted prior to Milestone B unless substantive changes have occurred. f. Final milestone documents for programs reviewed at the OSD level will be submitted to the Acquisition Information Repository within 5 business days of document approval. g. In Table 2, when applied to requirements associated with the Development RFP Release Decision Point, the modifier “draft” will mean a Program Manager-, Program Executive Officer (PEO)- (PEO), and CAE-approved draft subject to change based on results of the source selection process and pre-Milestone B Component and OSD staff coordination. h. The Program Manager may submit a document prepared to satisfy the information requirements of multiple programs (instead of a program-specific document). Such substitution will require written permission from the approving authority. i. When there is a logical relationship between required documents, e.g., the Acquisition Strategy and the Life-Cycle Sustainment Plan, and consequent coordination can be streamlined, the MDA may approve combining requirements. Change 2, 02/02/2017 51 ENCLOSURE 1