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Department of Defense INSTRUCTION


DoDI 5000.02, January 7,

DoDI 5000.02, January 7, 2015 e. Program Managers for the period leading to Milestone B approval will have responsibilities that include: (1) Bringing technologies to maturity and identifying the manufacturing processes that will be needed to carry out the program. (2) Ensuring continuing focus during program development on meeting stated mission requirements and other requirements of the Department of Defense. (3) Recommending trade-offs between program cost, schedule, and performance for the life-cycle of the program. (4) Developing a business case for the program. (5) Ensuring that appropriate information is available to MDA to complete the Certification and Determination required by 10 U.S.C. 2366b (Reference (h)) and make the Milestone B decision. f. The Program Manager responsibilities for an MDAP immediately after Milestone B include: (1) Consultations on the addition of new program requirements that would be inconsistent with the Program Management Agreement (PMA) directed by paragraph 4g in this enclosure. (2) Recommendation of trade-offs between cost, schedule, and performance, consistent with the PMA. (3) Development of interim goals and milestones to achieve the parameters established in the PMA. g. PMA agreements establish achievable and measurable annual plans that are fully resourced and reflect the approved program. (1) To maximize management accountability, ACAT I and IA Program Managers are required to enter into a PMA with the manager’s immediate supervisor for such program within 6 months of assignment. Specifically, this agreement will: (a) Establish expected parameters for the cost, schedule, and performance of the program consistent with the business case for the program. (b) Provide the supervisor’s commitment to the level of funding and resources required to meet such parameters. (c) Provide the assurance of the Program Manager that such parameters are achievable and that the Program Manager will be accountable for meeting such parameters. Change 2, 02/02/2017 86 ENCLOSURE 2

DoDI 5000.02, January 7, 2015 (2) PMAs will be updated annually or more frequently if the conditions that formed the basis of the agreement (requirements, funding, or execution plans) have changed. (3) The PMA format is at the discretion of the Component and may be as simple as a cover memo for all signatories with the Acquisition Program Baseline, budget exhibits, and capabilities documents attached. d h. Program managers for ACAT II and other significant non-major programs will be assigned for not less than 3 years. 5. PROGRAM OFFICE STRUCTURE AND ORGANIZATIONS a. Program Office Structure. It is program management’s responsibility to fully understand the skills and capacity required for successful program execution and for the CAE to provide those skills to ensure that the program executes successfully. For new starts, Program Managers will establish program offices as soon as possible after their selection. Program offices for Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAPs) and Major Automated Information System (MAIS) programs will be staffed in key leadership positions with military or DoD civilian employees qualified in accordance with DoD Instruction 5000.66 (Reference (ax)), as amended by the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics’ Policy Memorandum, Key Leadership Positions and Qualification Criteria, (Reference (ay)). Key leadership positions include the Program Manager and Deputy Program Manager, and the additional positions identified in Reference (ay). b. Joint Program Office Organization (1) A Joint Program Office will be established when a defense acquisition program involves the satisfaction of validated capability requirements from multiple DoD Components and/or international partners, and is funded by more than one Component or partner during any phase of the acquisition process In most joint programs, a lead Component will be designated to manage the acquisition process and act as the acquisition agent for the participating DoD Components. The participating Components, those with a requirement for the program’s products, support and participate with the lead DoD Component in managing the acquisition process. Joint programs will be managed in accordance with the provisions of a memorandum of agreement, and with the lead DoD Component’s acquisition procedures and acquisition chain of command, unless directed otherwise by the DAE. (2) DoD Components will neither terminate nor substantially reduce participation in joint MDAP and MAIS programs without capability requirements validation authority review and DAE approval. The DAE may require a DoD Component to continue some or all funding, as necessary, to sustain the joint program in an efficient manner, despite approving a request to terminate or reduce participation. Memorandums of agreement between DoD Components should address termination or reduced participation by any parties to the agreement. Substantial reduction will be determined by the MDA in coordination with the requirements validation Change 2, 02/02/2017 87 ENCLOSURE 2

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