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MIXED USE PROJECT [BENTON HARBOR, MI] This mixed use project was a sanitarium in Benton Harbor, Michigan. The client was asking for the following: - A health-oriented restaurant, able to seat 100 people. - A small book store/library, minimum 1,000 sq ft. - A small gallery area. - Classrooms and laboratories. - A small fitness center, minimum 2,000 sq ft. - Administrative offices. - A rehabilitation center or shelter, including 8-12 transient dwelling units. Second Floor Space Plan *The media for this project were hand drawings, rendered in Photoshop. First Floor Space Plan Building Section A

Interior Elevation A Interior Elevation B Restaurant Space Plan Building Section B

ANDREA AVESANI - Portfolio 2014
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Portfolio 2017 Thomas Bessat / Visualisation 3D
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portfolio of my work [28 MB PDF here - Gunnar Swanson
Alicía Zhang portfolio of art