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8 | February 16, 2017 |

8 | February 16, 2017 | The Northbrook tower news How We Met Contest Owens’ humorous entry wins our hearts Tex Heartland Animal Shelter, of Northbrook The first thing you may notice about this handsome 10-year-old brown tabby is that his eyes are different colors. Next, you may notice that he is the most laid-back cat in the room. Chances are he may be enjoying one of his daily cat naps when you visit. He’ll likely roll over so you can rub his belly. Tex is sweet, patient, loving and just a joy to have at the shelter, but we really want him to live his golden years in a forever home. During the month of February, Heartland has a reduced adoption fee for our mature pets like Tex, so come in to fall in love with Tex soon! To see your pet featured as Pet of the Week, send photos and stories to Matt at or at 60 Revere Drive, Suite 888, Northbrook. Dust-Free Wood Floor Refinishing with our Atomic Dust Containment System Staff Report Set-up dates are the worst, aren’t they? Both parties know what is happening, making any in-person encounter too awkward to bear. For Northbrook resident Dave Owen, the prospect of a date set up by a former teacher was out of the question, until he gave in to the persistence of the woman he was being set up with. Owen’s humorous take on how he met his partner Dara in December 2000 won us over for its rising tension and satisfying conclusion. It might be a bit dated — does anyone use email to get together anymore? — but the narrative is timeless. For their winning entry, the Owens will receive a $100 gift card to Mesa Urbana, 3566 Milwaukee Ave. We thank the owner Moe Taleb for his generous donation for this contest. And without further adieu, Dave’s entry: My wife and I met because I was too nice of a guy. You see, I had been set up on a long distance blind Dave and Dara Owen met during a date set up by Dave’s former Glenbrook North choir teacher. Photo Submitted date by my old GBN choir teacher, Judy. While back in town catching up, she asked me out of the blue “How’s the love life?” and indicated she wanted to set me up. I told her no — I live out of town, but gave her my email address for an “alumni choir roster.” Yeah — I fell for it. Two weeks later I get a very long email from this random woman who says she got my contact information from Judy. When I saw it, I rolled my eyes, but politely answered her email. I purposely DIDN’T ask her any questions in my reply — short but polite. Hoped that would be the end of it, until I got another long email about a week or so later. I responded the same way again, thinking she would get a hint, but no — a week after that, another email. This continued for about six weeks, and then she attached a photo from an alumni choir performance. “I’m center left.” I open the photo. There is a very hard-tomiss woman standing center left. Not in a good way. I say to my work colleague, “Pick any woman in this photo — which one has been sending me random emails the past month?” His response: “That’s gotta be her — center left!” How do I get out of this? UGH! In the end, because she was a friend of Judy’s, I figured I would have bite the bullet and meet her face-to-face as her emails JUST KEPT COMING!!! So, when I came into town for the holidays, we arranged to meet. She was going to pick me up at my folks’ place, and we were going to grab a bite. I remember distinctly NOT dressing up. As a car pulled into the driveway, my parents asked if I needed a key. As I am walking out the door, I holler back “Nope — don’t think so.” As I turn around to head to the car, I am met halfway up the walk by this very attractive woman who is dressed to the nines. My first thought: You are definitely NOT center left!!! Second thought (in a panic): Ugh—what am I wearing?!?! Had a great date, and were married two years later! Dave Owen The North Shore’s wood flooring experts. 1107 Greenleaf Ave, Wilmette 847-865-8283 Jar From Page 3 to grocery store salad bars every time she wanted to eat something that didn’t make her feel queasy afterward. “While there’s a lot of places around here that do what I call the polished casual, or fine dining,” Karen Firsel said, “like House 406 or Francesca’s North, any of the Lettuce Entertain You restaurants — they do that really well — I noticed that there aren’t really great places for healthy meals, clean food, in that fast casual type of atmosphere.” Months of planning later, and the Jar Bar concept was born. The restaurant will also feature sandwiches and soups to complement its main items. Karen Firsel always had one area in mind for her business — the corner of Meadow and Shermer — so when Yogen Fruz declined to renew its lease, she saw it as a sign. “Oprah talks about those light bulb moments in your life,” Karen Firsel said. “Yogen Fruz coming up for lease was that really lucky light bulb moment. This was it. This was what it has to be.” Firsel’s husband Adam, a real estate developer, helped secure the lease on the building and is a coowner with his wife. As coincidence has it, Jar Bar’s future acrossthe-street neighbor Lucky Fish on Shermer is also expected to open in mid- April. It’s a serendipitous situation, Lucky Fish owner Steve Geffen said. “I think it’s amazing. She’s doing what we want to do — make downtown the place to be,” he said. Jar Bar will employ at least 10 people and initially be open for breakfast and lunch every day, with dinner hours in the summer yet to be determined. For more information visit northbrook the northbrook tower | February 16, 2017 | 9 is proud to welcome Nancy Gibson 847.363.9880 | * * #1 Northbrook Broker • Over $500 Million in Sales • Top 10 Brokers North Shore *MRED: 1/1/2016-12/31/16, #1 closed volume and closed units of all brokerages in Northbrook. Top 10 Brokers, last 12 months, North Shore.