I often save the air tickets of every trip I have taken with my friends and family. Sometimes, when looking at each of them, I feel like all the emotion and memories are kept inside the small piece of paper. In my latest journey, my companions were the two little kids, Amy and Alex, travelling with their mother. It was amazing as I as was able to stay awake for hours during the flight, eagerly listening to the adventures of these little travelers. Among their stories, the one about globe impressed me the most. When they were asking their mom where they will go the next time, she just gave them the small globe, smiled, and let Amy point at one of the place on it. Amy and Alex were so excited, screaming with glee when their mom told them about the next place. The kids together made a plan to save money, and prepare for their next trip. From time to time, the family had traveled around the world with that globe. They showed me that no matter where we go, one should plan their voyage with love so as to make every trip into an exciting page of life’s book. The book of my life is marked with the air tickets I have collected over the years and the memories attached to each of them. It has been said that life is a journey, not a destination. The purpose then, is to travel to new places, experience and learn new things, relax after working days, or to find yourself, your passion and love. Have you got your next journey planned?

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