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My daughter Liv and her friend Daisy's first and sadly last edition of Nature Island Kids, written for kids, by kids.

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Moo's happy hamsters

My dog Mr Molly


Mini car madness - beasties in the


Munch, Crunch & Murder - the stag


Jack's rabbit recipe - delicious!

Dog Poo biscuit recipe

Flossy and the puppies

Jokes, jokes and more jokes!

Zoo keeper for a day

Page 15 & 16 Catch the pigeon

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Interesting animal facts

Les Cochon en France

Guess the animal competition

Coco the Hyde Park squirrel

Liv & Lil's falconry day

Exclusive Nature Island merchandise

I have just got a Chinese Dwarf Hamster and because he is

so cheeky and funny and always running around, I decided

to call him Happy.

Actually, that’s not true. First I called him Zippy, then I

called him Speedy and THEN I called him Happy because it

suits him the best.

He is two inches long and I can hold him in my hand, and he

has only nipped me once! He has done a wee in my hand

though, which made me scream and I had to wipe my hand

on the sofa (Mummy wasn’t very happy).

The thing about Happy is he needs a nappy because he does

lots of wee and poo. My mum won’t hold him anymore

because he pooed on her. Oops!

Happy eats Hamster food and he lives in an awesome cage

with tunnels all over it and a wheel. He shares it with his

brother Womble.

It’s easy to tell the difference because Happy is black,

grey and white, and Womble is brown, black and white.

There is something very important you need to know before

you buy a hamster. Happy is VERY noisy at night. Hamsters

play all night, they run round their wheel, they squeak and

they scratch and the noise is sooooo loud it wakes you up.

The cage was in my sister’s room at first but now it’s

downstairs. In a big cupboard.

The best thing about Happy is he makes me happy. He’s the

first thing I want to see when I get home from school.

Top tips for looking after your


* Hamsters need their food

topped up and their water

changed every day.

* You should clean their cages

once a week - there's a lot of


* They love to play and they

are very fast!

* My hamsters favourite toys

are their wheel and their rolly


* Look out for 'wet tail!' - you

know if they have it as their

bottoms will get wet. You

should take them straight to

the vet!

Interesting Facts

* Hamsters can be taught how to come by name.

* Male hamsters are called ‘Bucks’ and females hamsters are called


* Hamsters can carry half their body weight in their cheek pouches.

* The native habitats of hamsters are the deserts of Asia.

Page 3

Is Molly a girl or a boy? you ask.

Molly is actually both! We bought

Molly from a breeder in Billericay,

Essex as a girl. We found the

breeder through our good friends

the Squirrell's who bought their dog

Teddy from the same place.

My sister Moo and I picked Molly

because she was the runt of the

litter. None of the other dogs were

playing with her so we thought that

there must be something special

about her……little did we know!

We picked Molly up when she was 8

weeks old. She was very excited but

tired quickly. Her head was too big

for her body and her paws looked

as if she was wearing her dad's

shoes! When she got bigger mum

spotted that she was not all girl. We

took her to the vet and the vet

said,"your dog needs an operation."

We had to take Molly to a special

hospital for animals and they took

Molly away for over a week for her


Now Molly is absolutely fine. Whilst

medically she will never be a girl or a

boy and never be able to have

puppies, she will always be our little

Molly with her super long eyelashes!

Page 4

Page 5

We went to France with our school friends, Oscar and

Madeleine, to stay with our other school friends, Emma

and Olly. When we were there Oscar and Madeleine’s mum

Karen saw a strange paw print by the lake whilst out

running with my dad. The paw print was too big to have

been made by a normal dog, wolf or fox………..

The grown-ups decided to make a

plaster cast of the paw print but

there were too many to go in Emma

and Olly’s grandpa’s car, an old

Citroen 2CV (we called it mini car

madness) which has no roof.

Grandpa Graham, Angela (Emma and Olly’s mum) and all

the kids climbed into mini car madness while the grownups

Greg, Chris and Karen walked down to the lake. Greg

said that during the walk Chris almost stepped on a

snake, and ‘screamed like a girl’. Little did he know what

horrors lay ahead of him…….

About 200 yards from the lake

they saw a bull which was big

and white with huge razorsharp

horns. They walked

along the tree line trying to

hide in bushes to avoid it when

they realised it was definitely

on the wrong side of the fence.

Page 6

Greg whispered to the others that they would need to

be careful to avoid the bull. Just as he said it, the bull’s

head snapped around and it stared directly at them.

OH NO!!!

There was no way to get

past the bull without going

through an open field which

had just been ploughed.

However, they managed to

get to the shore of the

lake where they dived

through a gap in the


They felt safe there but couldn’t see the others. Little

did they know…..

They waited 10 to 15 mins but still there was no sign of

the others and they couldn't get through to them on

their mobile phones. It was then that they heard

‘thundering hooves’. The bull was on the other side of

the hedge snorting and stamping its hooves angrily as

it stood between them and the house. There was no

way past the angry beast!

Finally, Grandpa Graham managed to get through and

pick them up. Halfway up the hill, however, the car

began to skid as there were too many people in the car.

So Greg had to get out. Terrified and expecting the bull

to appear at any time, Greg made his way back to the


Page 7

When they got back they were met by a terrified Oscar

who told them about their incredible adventure. The bull

had also charged them, forcing Grandpa to flee along a

small, narrow, overgrown path with big dips and a sheer

drop on one side. The car was rocking dangerously and

skidding the whole time and they didn't know where the

path would come out, possibly a dead end...which would

have meant certain death for all! Luckily, they all made

it back safely. The grown-ups were quite thirsty.

Why was Grandpa so scared? Was there really any

danger? Well, last year their neighbours' sister was

killed in almost the same place by another bull.

And the paw print? We never found out what made the

paw print. What animal do you think made this print

(see pic above). Email your suggestions:

Grandpa Graham collecting wood in 'mini car madness'.

Page 8

We found Munch, Crunch and Murder on

Wandsworth common 2 years ago in October. They

were in a rotting, old tree stump which had fallen

down years before and is still there now.

We found them as larvae and raised them like pets,

they were larvae for a whole year and a half and we

fed them on rotting wood which we got from the

tree stump every 2 days. They were larvae for one

year which told us that they were 4 or 5 years old

when we found them.

They turned into pupa and it was then that we could

tell that Munch was a girl and Crunch was a boy.

Sadly Murder never lived to be a pupa. We think it

was because he was born blind. Unfortunately only

Munch survived to be an adult stag beetle and in the

end we released her into the wild to find a mate.

Stag beetle fact file

scientific name: lucanus cervus

Larvae stage

Pupa stage

Habit: woodland edges, hedgerows, parks and


Diet: larvae eat decaying wood and the adults

eat nothing but they do take moisture from

ripe fruits.

Page 9

Munch as a beetle

For more information check out:

First you need to catch a rabbit and

skin it - here's one from dads camping!



1. catch the rabbit

by shooting it or

with a snare or trap

- check out the next

edition for how to

make a snare!

2. skin the rabbit by

cutting the belly

open and remove

guts. now peel

back the skin

pulling it away

from the flesh. the

fur should come

off in one piece and

can be used to make


3. now cut the rabbit in to five pieces removing the two

legs, two shoulders and leaving the middle piece which is

called a saddle.

4. to cook the rabbit first brown the meat in a pan with

some oil add some vegetables to the pan (carrot onion

leek) season with salt and pepper now cover with water,

add a stock cube, bring to the boil for 40 mins, turn of

heat and allow to cool.

5. add grainy mustard and creme fraiche serve with new

potatoes and wilted nettles.

Best eaten around the camp fire!

all the best jack xx

Page 10









1. Grease 3 baking trays and put oven onto 180c,350F or

Gas Mark 4.

2. Break up chocolate and put with cut-up butter in a bowl

over a pan of simmering water, stirring occasionally. When

melted stir in condensed milk, take off heat and just let it

cool down.

3. When cool, mix in sieved flour, choc buttons and chill the

mix in the fridge till firm enough to handle.

4. Put large teaspoons of mix - spaced well apart - on baking

trays. Put in oven for 15 mins. Don’t overcook them. They

will seem quite soft and glistening but will harden if you

leave on wire rack.

5. Eat or leave on the floor and watch mum SCREEEEAM!

Page 11














Flossie is a black miniature cross

toy poodle who is five years old.

She is very clever and we got her

from a farm. Recently she has had

three beautiful black puppies. Their

names are Dandy, Scout and Minnie.

They are all very cute and very

small. She had the puppies on

Thursday 11th of October, 2012.

The puppies have not got any teeth

yet and Scout the runt is not very

well at the moment. Once she nearly


Flossie mated with a white poodle

who had some apricot splashes. His

name is Frodo. The owners got the

name from Lord of the Rings. Flossie

is very very fast and she loves to

chase dogs nearly five times her


Follow the puppies progress in the

next edition of Nature Island!

Page 12

Q: Whats a

bunny's favourite


Q: What do

frogs order in


A: French flies &

diet croak!

A: Don't frown, be


Q: What did the big

flower say to the small


A: "Whats up bud?"

Q: What

washes up on very

small beaches?

A: Microwaves!!

Q When

is the moon at

its heaviest?

A: When it's


Page 13

We went to Paradise Wildlife Park to

be zoo-keepers for a day. First we

went straight to reception and

they gave us a t-shirt that said

zoo-keeper for the day at PWP.

Then we went to muck out the pig

barns. The pigs were put in their

outdoor pens whilst we mucked out

the ones inside. It was a lot of

work! Before we moved on we held

the rats, they were amazing and

really intellegent - we would love to

get some as official Nature

Island pets!!!

After that we went to the meerkats

pens and played with them. The

keeper gave us a bowl of food and

they climbed on our shoulders and

our heads. They are very funny.

We finished with a tour of the

reptile room where we were able to

handle snakes, lizards, a tarantula,

baby turtles and a pigmy hedgehog.

GREAT DAY OUT!!! Page 14

Then we went to see the white

lions which are now extinct in the

wild. There were two girls and one

boy. They were all amazing and

looked very scary although the

male was really a big softie. Our

next job was to collect the animals

food from behind the scenes. We

especially loved the big cat and fox

food - dead pigeons, mice, chickens

and lots of raw meat and big juicy


I found Jack the pigeon outside Earlsfield train station. Jack

had fallen out of his nest and been savaged by a cat or fox which

must have lost interest or been scared off. I found him when on

the way to the cinema. I was with my Dad, my friend Oscar, his

dad, my sister Moo and her friend, Madeleine. We were late and

didn't know what to do so I asked the man selling the Big Issue

to look after him until I got back.

When we got back Jack was still there! I begged my Dad to let me save him, and

eventually he said yes 'as long as you sneak it past your mum!' We went to

Sainsbury's and got a box to put the pigeon in. They taped Sainsbury's bags to my

hands because pigeons can carry germs.

When we got home my friend Daisy came over and

we cared for Jack. We gave him a bath and tried

to wash out his mouth because it was full of

blood. We gave up because it was stressing him

too much. He was skinny and boney so we found

some worms which he refused to eat. We also

fed him water from a syringe.

The next day Jack was getting more sick. He was not eating and he couldn't fly.

My dad's friend 'Benny the Geez' came over and had a look at Jack. He knows a lot

about birds because his parents breed exotic birds. Benny told me that Jack would

not survive another night without food. He told me that baby pigeons need 'crop

milk' which they eat from their mum's beaks. Benny offered to put Jack to sleep

permanently but I refused.

Dad gave me his phone and computer and told me

to ring the RSPCA. I was able to find the number of

the local branch online and told them all about Jack

and what was wrong with him. Half an hour later

an officer came to my house to pick up Jack and

take him to the vet. The officer was very nice and

I asked him if they could do all they could to keep

Jack alive.

Page 15

I like to think that Jack is well and healthy and

roosting somewhere under the bridge with all his

pigeon friends waiting to poop on a car!



My friend Tracy once saw a baby pigeon

injured on her way to work in the rush

hour. Tracey wanted to save it but she

though 'it will probably be there when I

get back from work'. How could she

have predicted the baby pigeons terrible


When Tracy got back from work she looked for

the little baby pigeon everywhere and when she

did find it the pigeon had met it's terrible fate -

and had been run over.

From then on Tracy vowed that if she

ever saw a pigeon or any other animal

injured or in grave danger she would

save it no matter what the situation

was before it was to late.

Tracy wants to set up a campaign to help protect the

pigeons and baby pigeons who nest under Earlsfield station's

railway bridge. Tracey wants the Council to improve the

netting under the bridge so the baby pigeons will get caught

if they fall out of the nests instead of falling into the road -

read about her campaign in the next edition!!!

Page 16

A dog's sense of

smell is 1000

times more

sensitive than


A snail can sleep for 3 years!!

A polar bear can swim up to

55KM each day!

Dolphins only

half sleep -

they need the

other half of

their brain to

be awake so

they can breath!

An ant can

survive for 2

weeks underwater!

(Don't try this at home.)

It takes over 300 gallons of

water to grow 1 pound of rice

Seals have 2 coats

of fur.

`Owls are the only birds

that can see the colour


Octopi have 3 hearts!

Eggplants are actually fruits

and are classified as berrys!

A blue whale's

tongue weighs

more than an


Turtles can breath

through their bums!

A mother bat can track her

children using their scents and

sounds from the other million bats

in the colony!

Page 17

Pigs are farm animals mostly. We eat pigs - ham

sausages and pork are all made from pigs. There are all

sorts of colours of pigs, pink and black. They are

mostly pink. There are some pigs next to our house in

France and we save peelings of potato, carrots, banana

skins and bits of melon. Here is a picture of the pigs

that liveon the farm next to us.

Pigs can get very muddy and horrible. They are very

greedy eaters and they make very loud noises while

they're eating. They don’t really like the sun because

they don’t like getting hot. When they have baby pigs

they are called piglets and the pig who has had them

becomes a mother. Baby pigs are just like us but they

are smaller and greedier and need more milk. Pigs are

quite smelly but you can live with it.


Page 18

E-mail your answers to us at

liv& for a chance to win a

free wrist band!

1 2



forget to











55 6

Page 19

Coco is a grey squirrel who lives in Hyde Park and I met him one

Sunday by the serpentine lake. He loves brioches, especially

chocolate ones so I called him Coco. As you can see there are

friendly wild animals everywhere even in Central London!

When a squirrel climbs up your leg it's a bit alarming at first

but it tickles from their blunt claws. Well they are kind of

sharp but they didn't hurt through my jeans. Squirrel's are

vegetarians and eat all sorts of things like nuts, seeds, fruit,

mushrooms, bark and more. One of their favourites is dried

corn on the cob hung from a branch. Coco is a bit different as

his favourite food seemed to be pastries!

If you want to meet Coco then wander up and down between

the Princess Diana memorial and the Serpentine but make

sure you take a chocolate brioche with you and look out for a

very cute, cheeky looking fun filled grey squirrel!

Interesting Facts-

Gray squirrels are called "living

fossils" because they haven't

changed much in 37 million years.

Squirrels car run at speeds of up to

20 miles per hour - now that's quick!

Got any


Page 20

Liv and I went on a falconry day in Oxfordshire for my

birthday. There where snowy owls, barn owls, tawny

owls, long eared owls, buzzards and some hawks!

It was awesome. It was a really cold day so we had to

wrap up warmly. First we were shown all the different

birds in their cages and we were told

all about how to look after the raptors.

One of the owls called Squishy kept

trying to get loads of attention by

making a loud screeching sound. It was

funny because Liv and I copied it.

Squishy had broken her wing so we

couldn’t hold her, she was our favorite!

There was also a barn owl called Flannel

who walked up my arm onto my shoulder

then my head and kept pecking it.It

didn’t hurt me though!

Liv and I got to see the fastest birds in

the falconry, fly and hold nearly all the

birds there. It was amazing to see the

raptors flying in the sky but quite

scary when they hurtled towards you

and landed on your arm! I was given a

chickens head on a piece of string and

told to run to see if I was faster than

a falcon - i wasn't!

Lilly Yr4

Page 21

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