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Prime Minister the Honourable Gaston Browne, was the guest of honour at the Five Islands Primary School on Tuesday, where he spoke

with Third and Sixth Grade students on the topic Government. The country’s leader encouraged the students to be serious about their

education in order to build Antigua and Barbuda and live successful lives.

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Wednesday 15th February 2017

PM Browne delivers motivational

talk to Grade 3 and 6 students at

Five Islands Primary School

By Joanna Paris

On Tuesday, the grade 3

and 6 students at the Five

Islands Primary School received

a special guest.

Prime Minister the Hon.

Gaston Browne took time

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out of his busy schedule to

share a wealth of information

on governance, love

and being upstanding citizens

to the youngsters.

During his interactive

presentation, Prime Minister

Browne emphasised the

importance of making good

decisions and being diligent

in their school work.

He also explained in

detail the three branches

of government- the Executive,

the Legislative and

the Judiciary and how they

all play a role in effective


Prime Minister Browne

also urged the young women

to consider a career in

politics since “more women

are needed in this area”.

He also mentioned the

importance of attaining

good grades and a solid education.

The students took the

opportunity to ask key

questions to the nation’s

leader which ranged from

security, youth issues, upgrade

of school facilities

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Wednesday 15th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 3



Don’t Dream it.

Drive it

cont’d from pg 2

and what it takes to be a

good leader and Prime


The Prime Minister did

not leave without presenting

the attentive students

with special gifts.

The grade 3 students recieved

stationary supplies

while the grade 6 students

recieved a monetary gift of

20 US dollars.

The Prime Minister also

toured the school’s premises

with the staff.






1 (268) 462-1062



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Wednesday 15th February 2017

Joanne Massiah: We are ready!

By Everton Barnes

The new political party

that is being spearheaded

by the All Saints East and St

Luke representative, Joanne

Massiah, will be launched in

a ‘matter of weeks’, according

to the parliamentarian

who was expelled from the

opposition United Progressive

Party this week.

Massiah said efforts to

set up the political entity

are ‘progressing nicely’ as

organisers are constantly being

inundated with requests

from members of the public

seeking membership.

“We are currently interviewing

prospective candidates

and everyone is in

good spirits. We will formally

launch our party in a press

conference as already we

By Everton Barnes

The police are asking for

the assistance of the public

to help solve the country’s

latest homicide.

Acting Inspector Frankie

Thomas said the investigation

continues into the

shooting death of 38-year

old Almack ‘Jah-Youth’

Lambert of Nut Grove who

died Sunday night after being

struck by a single bullet

near his home.

“We have questioned a

number of people in relation

to the murder but so far no

arrests have been made. I

am therefore appealing to

anyone with information

have a name, our motto, our

symbol and our colour,” she


She added that the intention

is that the new party will

contest all seventeen seats at

the next general elections

whenever that is called noting

that the potential candidates

are all reputable individuals.

“We have good solid

people who have made their

contributions to the nation in

a variety of ways and who

will generate excitement

among the electorate when

their names are announced,”

Massiah remarked.

She said the intention

is to become a force to be

reckoned with in the political

landscape of Antigua and

Barbuda. “This is a new era

in politics; it’s an era when

what was thought to be impossible

is now possible.

That is what we see happening

both regionally and internationally.

We are therefore

quite confident about

our chances in the upcoming

polls,” she declared.

Meanwhile, UPP public

relations officer, Damani Tabor

said the decision on Sunday

to expel Massiah was inevitable

and therefore it was

just a formality. “With the

announcement that one was

forming a political party we

can all agree that the events

of Sunday had to happen,”

he stated.

He said Massiah’s action

of ‘non-engagement’

with the party left them no

choice but to act in the manner

that they did. He accused

regarding the incident to

please come forward and

present this information to

the police.

This appeal is for people

in the Nut Grove and Golden

Grove communities in

particular, but yet is open to

anyone,” Thomas said.

The victim was seen exiting

a yard where he shared

a home with another individual

around 8:10 pm when

according the reports he

suddenly fell to the ground.

When onlookers realized

that something was amiss,

they immediately summoned

the EMS who rushed to the

scene and transported Lambert

to the Mount St John’s

Medical Centre where he

All Saints East and St Luke representative,

Joanne Massiah

the member of parliament

of ‘turning her back’ on the

UPP noting that when the

matter came up at a meeting

at the Cobbs Cross school

on Sunday, of the 98 people

present; 97 voted to expel

with one abstention.

Police appeal for help in solving homicide

was pronounced dead shortly

after 9 pm.

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Wednesday 15th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 5

Opposition member in Dominica

questioned over alleged coup plot

ROSEAU, Dominica – A member

of the Opposition United Workers Party

(UWP) in Dominica is considering

legal action after being questioned by

police over an alleged coup attempt.

Dr Thomson Fontaine was taken

into custody on Sunday afternoon as

he was leaving a local radio station,

five days after unrest in the capital, Roseau,

that followed an opposition meeting

at which calls were made for Prime

Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and his entire

Cabinet to resign.

“…I was surrounded by five armed

men dressed in army fatigues who identified

themselves as police, grabbed my

phone and bundled me into a waiting

van,” Fontaine wrote on his Facebook


“I was told that I was arrested on

suspicion of inciting violence related to

an opposition meeting on Tuesday,” he

added, noting that he was interviewed

for approximately three hours “surrounding

my involvement in a planned

coup to overthrow Skerrit”, before being

released and told to return to the


– The days of Central

Bank Governor Dr Delisle

Worrell as the Barbados

Government’s chief economic

adviser are numbered.

But there are clear indications

that he won’t be leaving

office without a fight.

Barbados Today online

newspaper has reported that

Minister of Finance Chris

Sinckler instructed Worrell

to step down or be removed

from the post by the end of

station the next day 9 a.m. for more

questioning. However, after further interrogation

yesterday, he was released

in the afternoon without charge.

A day after the unrest in the capital

that resulted in businesses being looted,

fires being set and other acts of violence,

Prime Minister Skerrit had told

the nation that police were been informed

about a plan by the opposition

to carry out a coup that day.

Dr Fontaine, an economist, said he

was accused of being involved in such

an alleged plot and that he faced “ludicrous

charges” in his interview with


“…Some of which included, for example,

that I, Thomson Fontaine, paid

individuals to stone the buildings on

Tuesday and to set fire to a building …

Charges that I find to be preposterous.

I wasn’t prepared to answer to any of

those charges, so I maintained my silence,

the interview continued and

at the end of the interview I basically

waited until I was told that I was free to

go,” he said.

A High Court judge has granted

a temporary injunction barring

the removal of Governor of the

Central Bank Dr. Delisle Worrell

for at least for another week.


However, Worrell has

averted the action, asking

the law courts to intervene.

Attorney-at-law Gregory

Nicholls confirmed to Barbados

Today that the Central

Bank Governor had retained

his services and last night

he filed and secured a temporary

injunction from High

Court Justice Randall Worrell,

barring the Governor’s


The injunction expires

next Wednesday.

The development comes

on the heels of recent private

talks between the Finance

Dr Thomson Fontaine was taken into custody

on Sunday afternoon as he was leaving

a local radio station, five days after unrest

in the capital.

“In light of the severity of the accusations

made against me, I must review

my legal options, because it cannot be

that the government can tarnish your

good name in the international community,

it cannot be that this government

can accuse me of things I know absolutely

nothing about and not do anything

about it.”

When Fontaine was questioned on

Sunday and yesterday, supporters gathered

outside the police station calling

for his release and reiterating their

calls for Prime Minister Skerrit to step

down. (Caribbean360)

Barbados Central Bank Governor averts dismissal

Minister and the board of

the Central Bank, which had

reportedly issued an ultimatum

calling for the removal

of the Governor.

The talks came at the

height of controversial comments

made by Worrell who

has been severely criticized

for his economic advice and

management of the Central


During a television discussion

aired on the statecont’d

on pg 6

6 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Wednesday 15th February 2017

Jamaica sets sights on expanding Cocoa industry

KINGSTON, Jamaica –

Minister of Industry, Commerce,

Agriculture and Fisheries

Karl Samuda, says the

Government is committed to

the expansion of the cocoa

industry and will be offering

increased support to stakeholders.

He said the ministry,

through the extension services

of the Rural Agricultural

Development Authority

(RADA), will be designating

teams to work directly with

the farmers in the cocoa industry.

“Small farmers will receive

the benefit of highly

skilled extension officers

who will visit with them,

guide them and assist them in

how to manage their farms,”

Samuda said.

He said the extension officers

will also provide technical

guidance to farmers on

reaping practices, as well as in

detecting and reacting to any

introduction of diseases within


Addressing the opening

ceremony for the recent International

Fine Cocoa Conference

and Chocolate Expo, the

Minister said this collaboration

between the Government

and the independent cocoa

farmers is crucial.

cont’d from pg 5

owned Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation

on February 2, the Governor publicly

warned the Government that it had to live

within its mean and stop the recent practice

of printing money.

“We cannot continue to have a deficit

and we cannot continue to have a wage bill

Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries Karl Samuda (centre), looks on as Chief

Executive Officer of CocoaTown, Balu Balasubramanian (left), describes the use of a cocoa grinder

during a tour of an exhibition at the International Fine Cocoa Conference and Chocolate Expo.

In addition to technical advice,

farmers will be provided

with seedlings and other productivity

incentives to encourage

an expansion of cocoa

production to more parishes

across the island.

Meanwhile, Samuda said

legislation to establish the Jamaica

Agricultural Commodities

Regulatory Authority

(JACRA), which was passed

in the House of Representatives

in September last year,

will allow cocoa farmers to

determine their prices and enable

higher levels of competition

within the industry.

The JACRA results from

the merger of the Coffee

Industry Board, Cocoa Industry

Board, the regulatory

functions of the Coconut Industry

Board and the Export

Division of the Ministry. It is

responsible for the development,

regulation, promotion

and standardization of the

agricultural commodities industry.

It is intended to ensure

the efficient and competitive

development of the sector.

as high as we are, simply because the only

way we are able to do that is by the Central

Bank providing financing,” he said.

Efforts to reach Finance Minister Chris

Sinckler have been unsuccessful. However,

there were reports that he was scheduled

to meet with the Central Bank’s board in

emergency session. (Caribbean360)

“Instead of the industry being

controlled by the Government

dictating prices for the

product, the new legislation,

which focuses on regulating

industries that contain brands

that are critical to Jamaica,

allows the players within the

industry to be free to market

their own product. This means

an independent farmer can go

and market his own product

and go in search of the best

price,” the minister said.

Samuda said the government

will focus on monitoring

the integrity of the quality

of products in the market, to

ensure it meets internationally

recognized standards. “A new

door has opened and the Government

will be doing everything

to promote the expansion

of cocoa production,” he

added. (Caribbean360)

Wednesday 15th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 7

Trump National Security adviser resigns


six days into his presidency,

Donald Trump was informed

his national security adviser

had misled his vice president

about contacts with Russia.

Trump kept his No. 2 in the

dark and waited nearly three

weeks before ousting the

aide, Michael Flynn, citing

a slow but steady erosion of

trust, White House officials

said Tuesday.

Flynn was interviewed by

the FBI about his telephone

conversations with Russia’s

ambassador to the U.S., a

sign his ties to Russia had

caught the attention of law

enforcement officials.

But in the White House’s

retelling of Flynn’s stunning

downfall, his error was not

that he discussed U.S. sanctions

with the Russian before

the inauguration - a potential

violation of a rarely enforced

law - but the fact that he denied

it for weeks, apparently

misleading Vice President

Mike Pence and other senior

Trump aides about the nature

of the conversations. White

House officials said they

conducted a thorough review

of Flynn’s interactions, including

transcripts of calls

secretly recorded by U.S. intelligence

officials, but found

nothing illegal.

Pence, who had vouched

for Flynn in a televised interview,

is said to have been

angry and deeply frustrated.

“The evolving and eroding

level of trust as a result of

this situation and a series of

other questionable incidents

is what led the president to

ask General Flynn for his

resignation,” White House

spokesman Sean Spicer said

Tuesday, one day after the

president asked Flynn to


Flynn, in an interview

with The Daily Caller News

Foundation, said Monday


Applications are invited from suitable, qualified persons to

fill the position of Office Administration Tutor.

Applicants MUST possess a Bachelors in Business Administration

or similar.

Key competencies:

• Working with youth 17-35 years

• Create a good learning environment

• Well versed at completing lesson plans

• Ability to employ creative and varied teaching techniques

• Good verbal and written communication

• Able to identify students needs, able to collaborate

• Maintaining professional image

• Demonstrate a commitment to the profession

Applications with proof of qualifications and two references

should be sent to P O Box W1675, Woods Mall, St. John’s, and

Antigua no later than February 24, 2017. ONLY suitable applications

will be acknowledged.

National Security Adviser Michael Flynn boards Air Force One at

Palm Beach International Airport in West Palm Beach, Fla., as he

return to Washington with President Donald Trump. Flynn resigned

as President Donald Trump’s national security adviser Monday.

“there were no lines crossed”

in his conversations with

Russian Ambassador Sergey


The explanation of the

episode left many questions

unanswered, including why

Trump didn’t alert Pence to

the matter and why Trump

allowed Flynn to keep accessing

classified information

and taking part in the

president’s discussions with

world leaders up until the

day he was fired.

White House officials

also struggled to explain

why Trump counselor Kellyanne

Conway had declared

the president retained “full

confidence” in Flynn just

hours before the adviser had

to submit his letter of resignation.

The White House shakeup,

less than one month into

Trump’s tenure, marked another

jarring setback for a

new administration already

dealing with tensions among

top aides and a legal fight

over the president’s travel

ban order. Flynn’s firing also

heightened questions about

the president’s friendly posture

toward Russia. Democrats

called for investigations

into Flynn’s contacts,

and Republican Sen. Lindsey

Graham said Congress needed

to know whether he had

been acting with direction

from the president or others.

Trump initially thought

Flynn could survive the controversy,

according to a person

with direct knowledge

of the president’s views, but

a pair of explosive stories in

The Washington Post in recent

days made the situation

untenable. As early as last

week, he and aides began

making contingency plans

for Flynn’s dismissal, a senior

administration official

said. While the president was

said to be upset with Flynn,

he also expressed anger with

cont’d on pg 8

8 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Wednesday 15th February 2017

cont’d from pg 7

other aides for “losing control”

of the story and making

his young administration

look bad.

Pence spokesman Marc

Lotter said Pence became

aware that he had received

“incomplete information”

from Flynn only after the

first Washington Post report

Thursday night. Pence

learned about the Justice

Department warnings to the

White House around the

same time.

The officials and others

with knowledge of the situation

were not authorized to

discuss the matter publicly

and requested anonymity.

Ahead of the Jan. 20 inauguration,

Pence and other

officials insisted publicly

that Flynn had not discussed

sanctions in his talks with

Russian Ambassador Sergey

Kislyak. On Jan. 26, Acting

Attorney General Sally Yates

contacted White House counsel

Don McGahn to raise

concerns about discrepancies

between the public accounting

and what intelligence officials

knew to be true about

the contacts based on routine

recordings of communications

with foreign officials

who are in the U.S.

The Justice Department

warned the White House that

the inconsistencies would

leave the president’s top national

security aide vulnerable

to blackmail from Russia,

according to a person

with knowledge of the discussion.

The president was

informed of the warnings the

same day, Spicer said.

Flynn was interviewed

by the FBI around the same

time, according to a U.S. official

was briefed on the investigation.

It was not immediately

known what questions the

FBI asked of Flynn or what

he told law enforcement officials.

McGahn, along with chief

of staff Reince Priebus and

strategist Steve Bannon, also

questioned Flynn multiple

times in the ensuing weeks,

a White House official said.

Top aides also reviewed transcripts

of Flynn’s contacts

with the ambassador, according

to a person with knowledge

of the review process.

At the same time, the official

said Trump aides began

taking steps to put some distance

between the president

and Flynn. CIA Director

Mike Pompeo and retired Lt.

Gen. Keith Kellogg, a top

Flynn aide, started taking

part in Trump’s daily security


Top Trump advisers quietly

met with Vice Admiral

Robert Harward last week

and spoke with the former

Navy SEAL again Monday,

the White House official

said. Harward is seen as the

top contender for the job,

though former CIA Director

David Petraeus and Kellogg,

who has temporarily stepped

into the role, are also under


Spicer said other “questionable

incidents” had contributed

to Flynn’s firing.

According to one person

with knowledge of the matter,

those incidents included

Flynn seeking a security

clearance for his son during

the transition.

At the time, it was Pence

who was again put in the position

of defending Flynn on

television, saying he had not

sought a clearance for the retired

general’s son.

A U.S. official told The

Associated Press that Flynn

was in frequent contact

with Kislyak on the day

the Obama administration

slapped sanctions on Russia

for election-related hacking,

as well as at other times

during the transition. Spicer

said Flynn was not discussing

sanctions at the president’s


Before he resigned Monday

night, Flynn told the investigative

news nonprofit

affiliated with the website

The Daily Caller that he and

Kislyak spoke only generally

about the Russian diplomats

expelled by President

Barack Obama as part of the

previous administration’s response

to Moscow’s interference

in the U.S. presidential


“It wasn’t about sanctions.

It was about the 35

guys who were thrown out,”

Flynn said. “It was basically:

‘Look, I know this happened.

We’ll review everything.’ I

never said anything such as,

‘We’re going to review sanctions,’

or anything like that.”


Some men play

macho but them

afraid of cockroach

Wednesday 15th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 9


Senior Manager

A well-established financial institution is seeking

to recruit a Senior Manager.

By Jacqueline Wetherill

Can you believe this? Big macho men are afraid of


They go to the gym and work out, but as soon as

them see a cockroach them bawl and shout.

Them try to jump up and even go into the kitchen

sink, suh them ah sweat and them eyes nah blink.

Don’t even talk when them alone at home, Them

call fuh help to a friend on the phone.

Some Men Play Macho But Them Afraid Of Cockroach.

Look, don’t talk when them cockroach fly, them turn

into Jackie Chan meh nah lie.

Them macho man run out naked out of bathroom,

with a high pitch tune.

Macho man chastise pickney just to bring a shoe, to

kill a cockroach them bex and blue.

Can you imagine if the pickney then laugh, to see

how daddy so big yet so soft.

Some Men Play Macho But Them Afraid Of Cockroach.

When macho men shout when them see a cockroach,

you think somebody dead.

Neighbours even run out the house, to see what’s

going on, as macho man explain to Ena that the

cockroach was on he head.

Ena say to macho man, “Are you fuh real? Just kill

them cockroach with some flit, yuh hear!”

Macho man says to Ena, “It works for a while, but

them bare-face cockroach when they return they

start by singing songs like, “The closer I get to you”,

and “Hit me baby, one more time”.

Some Men Play Macho But Them Afraid Of Cockroach.

Notice nah, only macho man afraid of cockroach?

Oh no! Women, come on, we are definitely afraid of

cockroach too!

The Position/Job Profile

The successful candidate will be expected to

manage credit risk and total client relationships.

The candidate will be responsible to

lead the team of the collections department.

Essential Skills and Experience

Candidates must have at minimum a first degree

in Finance, Accounting or related discipline

from a recognized institution. A minimum

of 6 years experience in a financial

institution with management experience being

no less than 3 years. Technical competencies

in Microsoft products and the ability to use a

loan program. The candidate is also required to

have a good understanding of financial statements,

proven experience in collections and

credit analysis skills.

The successful candidate will possess excellent

written and verbal communication skills.

Strong negotiation skills. Excellent interpersonal

skills, the ability to work well with

a team, good work ethic strong integrity and


Applications inclusive of Resume can be sent


Vacancy: Senior Manager

The General Manager

PO Box 703

St Johns

Antigua W I

Or email

10 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Wednesday 15th February 2017

Tuesday’s Sudoku Solution




1. ‘’Gregorita’’ painter Robert

6. Wander

10. Bear on high

14. Signs of illness

15. Exhort

16. Corn or oat

17. (Three snow jobs) snow...

20. Moolah

21. Prompted

22. (Three snow jobs) snow...

29. Rowing tool

30. Vigor

31. Christian, for one

32. Protozoans

36. Jacob, to Abraham

39. Possible blight victim

41. ‘’--- Man’’ (Hoffman flick)

44. Cowardly color

48. Yamaguchi rival

49. He played ‘’Ponch’’

51. Poet’s palindrome

52. (Three snow jobs) snow...

58. Not inspiring

59. Type opener

60. (Four snow jobs) snow...

67. ‘’S’’ shaped molding

68. Scientists’ info

69. Harry Helmsley’s widow

70. One of Henry VIII’s six

71. Mineral springs

72. Frank Wright’s middle



1. Son of Noah

2. Kind of trip

3. Gist of the matter

4. Monarch’s rule

5. Placed on Capri

6. Steal uncooked burger meat?

7. Table scrap

8. Way back when

9. Soldier of fortune

10. Earthy pigment

11. Prepares

12. Mineo of moviedom

13. Excluding none

18. Arctic aide

19. Kind of pie

22. Rabbit’s enemy

23. On the --- (fleeing)

24. Choler

25. Pegasus star

26. Go-___

27. To’s opposite

28. Beach bum’s shade

33. Farm noise

34. Suitable for

35. Some round shapes

37. Born as

38. Key on a keyboard

40. Prayer recipient

41. Metric meas.

42. Had a repast

43. Farm alarm

45. Sweet-smelling necklace

46. Legend on ice

47. Microscopic

50. Hindu measurements of


53. Type of line or plant

54. Kind of tray

55. 0

56. Small, rounded hill

57. Quitter’s throw-in

60. Bobby’s U.S. relative

61. Turkish honorific

62. Shoe type

63. Greek letter

64. Dove sound

65. Undefined amount

66. Dwelling, colloquially

Wednesday 15th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 11

Today’s weather forecast

Antigua and Barbuda

Partly cloudy skies.

High - 80ºF

Low - 73ºF

Wind: East South East 10 mph

Sunrise 6.33 am; Sunset 6.09 pm

Tuesday’s Crossword Solution


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.

18). There’s much you could

do independently (with great

ease) that you will instead

choose to do with another

(with great challenge) because

it’s an interesting and

fun bonding experience.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20).

For you, love is not about perfect

agreement, or even occasional

agreement. The best

relationships won’t duplicate

your qualities, opinions and

skills so much as complement


ARIES (March 21-April 19).

The nature of love cannot be

defined in one way that suits

every person. Due to its intangible

and mysterious qualities,

it is impossible to love

accurately. Strive instead to

love fully.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20).

Love cannot be taught on a

chalkboard or in a video series.

Sure, one can pick up a

few tips here and there, but

the only true teacher is experience,

as filtered through the


LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Your

sincere curiosity and pure desire

to focus on others has you

utterly unselfconscious, thereby

confident — and, it follows,

completely irresistible

(though oblivious to the fact).

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).

When you love someone, you

want that person to have every

good opportunity you’ve

ever had and more. That’s

why you’ll show affection by

opening doors for another, literally

and figuratively.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).

You may not be entirely sure

what you’re getting into, but

there’s no question that you’re

surely getting into it. As author

and illustrator Lynda

Barry observed, “Love is an

exploding cigar we willingly


SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21).

The heart’s logic is multidimensional

math, impossible

to understand from but one

plane of existence. It can’t be

checked with a calculator, but

don’t worry; if you feel that it

adds up, it does.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21).

It’s not that you love but how

you love that matters today.

Your living example will kindle

warmth and joy as well as

inspire others to show love in


CANCER (June 22-July 22).

It’s easy to pour water from a

pitcher to a jar. Filling a jar

from an open fire hydrant is

hard. Quantity and force come

with containment challenges,

just as your more passionate

feelings do.


Dec. 21). Laughter is a form

of love you revel in now. It

signals agreement. It signals

an understanding of another

person’s intelligence that goes

deeper than usual. Your favorite

people are the ones you

laugh with.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.

19). Taking love slowly isn’t

just for the very young and

the very old. It’s also for those

who care to soak in every

detail, savor moments and

weave a magical experience.

12 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Wednesday 15th February 2017

All members of the Executive of the Antigua and Barbuda

Ex-Servicemen Association are reminded of the monthly

meeting, to be held on Tuesday 21 February 2017 at 5 pm,

at the Association`s Headquarters "Leah House" on Prime

Minister`s Drive. Please be on time or notify the Chairman

on 720-0058, PRO on 721-1970 or the Secretary on 723-

3452 of your apologies.

Bring along your picnic blankets and folding chairs and enjoy

a relaxing evening on the lawn watching a movie or just

mingling with a bowl of delicious hot soup at the South Zone

Planning Committee of the Anglican Church's Pre-Lenten

Water Night and Movie on Friday, February 24, 2017 from

6 pm to 9 pm at All Saints Anglican Rectory Grounds, Matthews

Road, All Saints. The contribution is only $10. Patrons

will have a choice of various types of soups. There will

be Hot Dogs, Cupcakes, Popcorn and a bounce castle. Beverages

will also be on sale. Tickets are available from Parish

Priests and members of South Zone Planning Committee.


DAY. Give the Gift of Love by Taken an HIV Test!

The AIDS Secretariat – Ministry of Health and the Environment

will be offering Free and Confidential HIV Counselling and

Testing for Valentine’s Day on Tuesday 14th February, 2017

from 9:00am - 8:00pm at the AIDS Secretariat’s Office on the

Corner of Long & Temple Street. IT’S BETTER TO KNOW!!

All registered members of the Antigua Barbuda Amateur

Bodybuilding & Weightlifting Federation please take note

that Election for the post of Vice President will be held on

4th March, 2017 at the ABI Financial Building, 2nd Floor,

Redcliffe Street, St John's, Antigua at 6:00 p.m. sharp.

The fundraising post Valentines for Antigua & Barbuda Diabetes

Association is now rescheduled for Tuesday 21st February,

2017 from 4:00-6:00pm.


DA SCOUT ASSOCIATION Notice is hereby given, in

accordance with Section IV(4)(b) of the Constitution, that

the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Antigua and

Barbuda Branch of the Scout Association will be held at

Government House (located on Independence Avenue) on

Thursday 23rd February 2017 at 5:00 p.m. All Members are

invited to attend and to be punctual. Members are reminded

that subscriptions for 2017 are now due and payable.

The Antigua and Barbuda Festivals Commission is inviting

all Soca Artistes, to attend a very important meeting, on the

15th of February 2017, at the Multi-Purpose Cultural &Exhibition

Centre. The Purpose of this meeting is to nominate

and Elect the initial Board of the Soca Artistes Association.

All are asked to make a special effort to attend and be on

time. The meeting will commence at 6:00 pm. Thank you for

your continued support.


The Social Security Board wishes to advise all self employed

persons that their declared earnings shall not be less

than the minimum wage, and are reminded that their Social

Security contributions rate remains at 10%.

Wednesday 15th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 13

Ojays 3 continue unblemished record

By Carlena Knight

F and G Trading Cuties Ovals Ojays

3 continue their unblemished record in

division 3 of the Antigua Barbuda Basketball

Association league this time defeating

LJ Northside Stingerz 3, 74-57

at Yorks on Monday night.

Led by Delornje Jules with 18

points and 10 rebounds the Ovals men

continue to show their dominance.

He was assisted by Cairon Davis

with 12 points, Donte Knowles with

12 points and Michael Burton with 12

points, 11 rebounds and 6 steals.

Teammates, Bokeem Murrell and

Teyon Lake chipped in with 11 points

and 10 points and 6 steals.

Doyle Carter of Stingerz was the

leading scorer with 20 points and 6 rebounds

while Orel Emmanuel had 10

points and 5 assists.

By Marver Woodley

This weekend will tell the

fate of two teams in the last

round of matches in the Premier

Division on Friday and


This weekend will decide

the runners up and who will

be demoted to the First Division

for the next season,

Either Harney Motors

Tryum Football Club or troubled

Liberta will be demoted

while Cool & Smooth-AC

Delco Glenns Pet Paradise

Hoppers or Sandals INET

IMOBILE Grenades will end

the season of first runners up

in the Premier Division behind

of Champions Parham.

Robert Spencer contributed 7 assists

and 7 steals in a losing effort.

Old Road Daggers defeated One

Stone Original, 69-55 in the other

match at Yorks.

Kevin Cornwall of Daggers had 24

points with assistance from Reston Mason

with 10 points and 10 rebounds and

Elvan Lewis also with 10 points.

Ezekiel Francois grabbed 14 rebounds.

One Stone’s Troy Southwell had 21

points with Franklyn Roberts chipping

in with 12 points.

The action continued at the JSC

Sports Complex as the Jr Pitbulls

trumped All Saints Slam, 65-58.

Ahmani Browne had 18 points and

12 rebounds for Pitbulls with assistance

from Eric Joseph Jr. with 15 points

and 12 rebounds.

Both bottom teams were

on 15 points but after a decision

was made to deduct

3 points from Liberta due

to violating a rule has let

Tryum in the safe zone while

Liberta may face demotion,

sadly just after being promoted.

Hoppers dominated

their last game against Pigotts

to be one point further

than Grenade who drew 1-1

with Old Road in their previous


Wh1ile the others battle

for survival or praise Parham

has placed the first layer of

icing on their winning cake

after defeating Sugar Ridge

Sap last week. Parham’s final

encounter will be against

Hoppers who is at war with

Sheldon Gomes Jr. Chipped in with

11 points.

Paul Jarvis of Slam had 10 points

while teammates, Anjis Anthony and

Adrian Constant grabbed 15 and 10 rebounds


In the lone division 2 match up,

KAG Christos United edged out H.U.F.

Baldwin Braves 2, 54-51.

Led by veteran John Samuel with 18

points, 11 rebounds and 4 steals United

managed to pull off a much-needed win

over a young and vibrant Braves team.

He was assisted by Tyrone Albertine

with 17 points and 14 rebounds.

Lennox Fletchman of Braves had

10 points and 11 rebounds. He was

assisted by Anthony Rodriguez with

9 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists and 5

steals and Tristan Jacobs with 9 points

and 7 rebounds.

Four Teams battle for survival or praise

in final ABFA Premier League games

Grenades for the final top


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14 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Wednesday 15th February 2017


Are you dynamic, helpful, polite, personable?

18 or over?

Possess a clean criminal record?

The Antigua Barbuda Festivals Commission


Contact 462-0194/462-4707 TODAY!

or visit

ABFC Secretariat – 1 st Floor Pigotts Mall

Market and Redcliffe Streets


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Benna Boys lose out

in Beach Tournament

By Marver Woodley

Team Antigua and Barbuda has ended their run in the

Barbados Invitational Beach Soccer Tournament, sadly

on a losing note on Sunday.

The Antiguan men were beaten 4-3 by Guyana who

were on a losing streak in the first half of the competition.

The loss was their second in the competition as they

ended on a 1:2 ratio of wins and losses.

The lone win was when they defeated host Barbados

3-1 in their opening encounter on the 10th, however the

following day they went under to Caribbean visitors England


The players have since traveled to Miami for a five-day

camp ahead of their participation in the CONCAF Beach

Soccer Championships where they will face Trinidad and

Tobago, Guyana and USA in Group C of the competition

on February 20th.

Wednesday 15th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 15

Clare Hall records win to remain undefeated

By Carlena Knight

Clare Hall Secondary recorded

their latest win on

Monday afternoon at the

JSC Sports Complex in the

Mini-Boys Secondary Division

of the Cool and Smooth

Inter-School Basketball

League, defeating Antigua

Grammar, 34-14.

The dynamic duo of Jaheem

James and Javonte

Daley had a combined 32 of

the team’s 34 points as they

trampled over the Semper


AGS’ Dante Trimmingham

had 6 points while Cory

Wynter assisted with 5 points.

AGS has yet to win a

game this season.

Clare Hall Secondary

picked up double victories

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – Ace

batsman Jonathan Carter has warned that

Barbados Pride will be at their best for

the semi-finals of the Regional Super50

which bowl off in Antigua on Wednesday.

Last year’s losing finalists, Pride

dominated Group B staged here, losing

just one of their eight games as they accumulated

33 points to top their group

ahead, five points ahead of the second

placed Jamaica Scorpions.

Pride take on Leeward Islands Hurricanes

in the second semi-final at

Coolidge Cricket Ground, with Carter

buoyant ahead of the contest.

“At the end of the day it is cricket so

we will play on the day and see how it

goes,” said the in-form left-hander following

Pride’s resounding victory over

CCC Marooners in their last preliminary

game on Sunday.

that day as the Junior boys

blew out Pares Secondary,


Jonathan Joseph was the

leading scorer with 20 points.

He was assisted by Javonte

Daley with 14 points, Jaheem

James with 12 and Angel

Chatham with 10 points respectively.

In the other Junior Boys

matchup, Ottos Comprehensive

edged out St. Joseph’s

Academy, 36-34.

Lincoln Weekes was the

man in charge scoring 29

“In terms of preparation, Barbados

Pride we are ready and we are going to

play tough cricket. We are all gelling together

as a team and a unit and it’s just

a matter of playing good cricket on the


He added: “Application, dedication

and determination, those are the three

words I would use. If you saw a couple

of the games we had a few challenges

and we came out victorious and two of

those occasions batting second, and that

was the product of having determination

and dedication to win.

“I am sure that the guys in the team

are ready and willing to win this tournament.”

Carter has been one of the mainstays

of the Pride batting, gathering three

half-centuries during the preliminary

round en route to an aggregate of 300

runs at an average of 42.

points for OCS while for

SJA Tehran Zachariah had 22


Villa Primary Mini-Boys

also edged out Parham Primary,


Jahangelo Williams had 8

points for the victors.

Drag Racing President resigns after award

By Marver Woodley

Just moment after winning the Female

drag racing Award of the year President of

the National Association, Lisa Abraham has

resigned form the position.

Abraham made the shocking announcement

during her acceptance speech at the

ceremony held on

She was elected back in 2015 who she

made a declaration to grow the Federation

form nothing to somethings by all means


In her reason for leaving the post she noted

personal and professional reasons along

with time, a vital element she lamented she

would hate to “short change” the members

and the organization.

The long serving President has been at

war recently with some members of the Association

causing some members of the executive

committee to boycott the awards, as

they thought Amy Lake should have been

nominated for an award but is not a member

of the Association thus not being elidable,

sadly only six members showed up the honor

the former President.

Pride will play tough cricket – Carter

The West Indies batsman said he had

entered the tournament full of confidence

and though he had failed to score a hundred,

his self-belief was still high as the

knock out stage approached.

“I’ve taken my confidence from the

first game. It’s just a matter of me applying

myself for the semi-finals and finals if

we do get there, so it’s just a matter of my

thinking and the situation of the game.

He continued: “I’m full of confidence.

I’ve been striking the ball pretty well. I

wanted to go on to a hundred [against

Marooners] but I had a job to do for the

team as always, and I’m a team person

so I tried to continue in upping the run

rate and it was unfortunate that I got out

on 79.”

The first semi-final is set for Wednesday

at Coolidge between reigning champions

Trinidad and Tobago and Scorpions.


16 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Wednesday 15th February 2017

T&T hold edge but need to produce

ST JOHN’S, Antigua

– Experienced fast bowler

Ravi Rampaul believes

knowledge of the conditions

could give Trinidad and Tobago

Red Force the edge

over Jamaica Scorpions

in their Regional Super50

semi-final on Wednesday.

Red Force topped Group

A which was staged here in

Antigua while Scorpions

finished second in Group

B hosted in Barbados, and

Rampaul said this familiarity

with the semi-final venue

– Coolidge Cricket Ground –

would prove vital.

“We will play our style

of cricket. Jamaica haven’t

played a game here yet so we

will have the upper hand on

them because we’ve played

six games here,” Rampaul

pointed out.

“Hopefully we can come

and do our stuff again [but]

it’s not a matter of who we

are playing but what we do

with our skills and variations

on the wicket.

“Barbados as well didn’t

play any cricket here …

and Leewards played more

games here. But it’s who

bats better in the wicket and

uses their skills more.”

Barbados Pride, who

topped Group B, take on

Leeward Islands Hurricanes

in Thursday’s second

semi-final at the same enue.

Rampaul was adjudged

Man-of-the-Match on Sunday

night for his three-wicket

haul as Red Force humbled

previous leaders Hurricanes

by five wickets to top Group


That success took his tally

for the tournament to 17

wickets, only behind Pride

off-spinner Ashley Nurse

with 22, and he credited his

recent experience with English

County Surrey for his


“I think that playing in

England in their County

cricket has really lifted my

cricket during the time I

was there,” Rampaul said.

“Hopefully I could do good

for the team before I head off

back to England this year.”

Rampaul has been the

perfect foil for speedster

Shannon Gabriel who has

produced some fiery spells

with the new ball to unsettle

Ravi Rampaul, right, appeals for a

decision against Leeward islands


opposing batsmen and Rampaul

was full of praise for his

pace partner.

“Shannon has been bowling

brilliantly for us so far,”

he said.

“Throughout this competition

he has really put up

his hand and he’s been delivering.

Me on the other end

I just try to keep it tight for

him to attack. I can’t fault

him, he has given his all.”


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