bedroom perfect

The bedroom becomes your best friend after

a long long day which is almost every day in

this modern mechanical world we live in. All you

would wish to do is curl up right there where

you fit in easily and every part of you relaxes

well. Here are a few stuff which are important

to have in your bedroom and complete your

needs in your favourite room and also the

look of it. Make this room more comfortable,

personal and luxurious by making sure you

have everything mentioned below.


It may seem very childish to have a theme in

mind before putting together a classy bedroom,

but it’s practical as well. The theme can be

something like an elegant picture you have in

mind, something that looks very calming and

peaceful, otherwise little gaudy and risky. For

example, a striped themed room looks funky

and a little subtle at the same time. Nothing

ruins every morning by taking off that cozy rug

you use to cuddle and snuggle in every night,

after which you drag yourself to the real world.

Many people feel they need to keep the rug

away for the room to look neat and less messy,

but it can be folded and placed in the front of

your bed all the time. All you have to do is find

the perfect colour and design so that it blends

well in your bedroom.


Based on the size of your room and something

that fits your comfort zone, throw in the exact

amount of pillows you will need. Your bed

should look inviting and splendid with the right

amount of pillows that are small in size and two

that are big enough. Many bedrooms don’t have

a sitting area unless it’s a hotel. It’s practical and

smart to have a small sitting area to keep your

essentials and helpful when you want to work

and need time to relax by reading a book or

watch a movie. The common misconception is

that it takes up a lot of space. Having a sitting

area just makes your living in the bedroom



Have a stand or an open cupboard and display

or store the things you love in height order

or just in a classy or cheeky way. Since there

are stuff you love and use every day, it’s easy

to just grab and use whenever you wish to

and as often as you would want to. Instead of

making the place look clustered, everything

can be placed spaciously. Try your best to keep

technology away from your bedroom, they say

a television brings people together, it may be

true but family members hardly talk to each

other when there’s technology around. So try

and keep your bedroom a gadget free zone.

Since the radiation of these gadgets aren’t

healthy too, keep them far away from your

bedroom’s reach.


Place a small and cute nightstand right next to

your bed. A combination of water bottle, great

book, lamp, a flower or plant are some of the

essentials found here. One doesn’t have to pay

much attention to get a perfect one but it’s highly

important and useful. To make maintaining

your room very easy and less messy and dirty,

throw in a mattress with the perfect quality and

material. Make sure the look and feel of it is

highly simple and elegant.


A dramatic feel can be created by choosing a

well-designed wallpaper that speaks volumes

about your personality and also couple it with

the best chandelier. These two elements are

enough to create something fresh and always

pleasing to the room. You don’t have to create

a feeling that you’re living in the set of a Sanjay

Leela Bhansali film, but a little drama wouldn’t

hurt one bit. With the wallpaper or painting on

the walls, put up some picture of yourself, your

family or even nice paintings.

Creating a cozy bedroom is always fun and

exciting to embark on, but make sure you have

this list before you start working on yours!

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