Caribbean Times 99th Issue - Thursday 16th February 2017


Caribbean Times 99th Issue - Thursday 16th February 2017

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Thursday 16th February 2017 A n t i g u a a n d B a r b u d a

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By Everton Barnes

The Cultural Department said it is

very happy with the response by the

public to the activities marking the

inaugural staging of Antigua History


Events Coordinator in the Department

of Culture Gilbert Laudat said the

feedback from the public has been quite

good. He made specific reference to the

lecture delivered by Monica Isaac to

students of the Christ the King High

School where the school has requested

a repeat lecture. Other lectures have

been equally well received. However,

due to sports activities in some schools

this week, their lectures will take place

next week.

Additionally, he said Tuesday’s

event at Table Hill Garden, Liberta,

where a cultural event took place organized

jointly by the Nyabinghi Theocracy

Order and the department was not

only well attended, but it received very

good reviews from those in attendance.

Culture Minister E.P Chet Greene

gave an undertaking for further collaborations

with the group and the ministry

to mount similar activities to promote

and expose aspects of the country’s

history and culture. He also promised

to include the Nyabinghi Order in the

Antigua History Week for 2018.

Ras King Frank I of the Nyabinghi

Order and Chairman of the Antigua and

Barbuda Reparation Support Commission,

Dorbrene O’Marde also addressed

the gathering and discussed the role of

drumming in African and Caribbean

societies as well as the importance of

preserving these aspects of the culture.

Meanwhile, an exhibition of local

arts and craft opened at the National

Museum on Tuesday and it runs until

Friday. On Wednesday night, the Cultural

Department partnered with the

Precision Centre to show three documentaries

that it produced under its Antigua

Then outreach. The showing took

place in the courtyard of the Cultural


Today, a historical display will take

place at the Cultural Department with

exhibits depicting what life was like

Events Coordinator in the Department of

Culture Gilbert Laudat

many decades earlier.

Antigua History Week concludes on

Friday with an ‘Open Mic and Spoken

Word’ event at the Cultural Department.

According to Laudat many people

have been asking to be part of this activity.

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Thursday 16th February 2017

Weston draws the line with IMF

By Everton Barnes

The Antigua and Barbuda

Government and the International

Monetary Fund (IMF)

are at loggerheads over the

way forward for the country

now that it is coming to the

end of the IMF assistance programme.

Minister of State in the

Ministry of Finance, Senator

Lennox Weston made the disclosure

on Wednesday when

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he opened debate on the 2017

National Budget in the Upper


Weston said the matter

came to a head when the IMF

came to discuss economic issues

with the government in

January. He said rather than

being happy with the country’s

progress, the IMF representative

was in his word


He drew historical reference

to Jamaica and Guyana

which have endured many

years of IMF prescriptions

but which are still having serious

economic difficulties. He

blamed this on what he called

the ‘failed Washington Consensus’,

which is a standard

IMF recipe of devaluation, reduce

employment, opening of

markets to foreign investors

and selling-off national assets.

“We thought that the IMF

would have been happy that

we are coming out of a hole.

Instead, I have never seen

anyone so angry.

“When they were here the

last time I had to ask them if

they felt that this was Michael

Manley in Jamaica or Cheddi

Jagan in Guyana,” he reported.

Weston said the IMF representative

indicated that he

had a message but that had to

be delivered by people senior

to him as the message supposedly

had nothing to do with

economics, but it was political

as Antigua and Barbuda was

embarrassing the institution.

He added that the IMF

representative noted that the

government was not servicing

loans to the Japanese and

to France and on that basis

the representative also threatened

to blacklist the country,

its Citizenship By Investment

programme and its investment


The minister of state indicated

that the next round

of meetings is scheduled to

Well-known felon, Seth Clarke of Bathlodge was sentenced

to 14 months at Her Majesty’s Prison on Wednesday.

He appeared before Magistrate Clarke in the St. Johns

Magistrate’s Court charged with three counts of Assault with

Intent to do Grievous Bodily Harm.

He pleaded guilty to all charges and was convicted and

sentenced to one year on one count, and 14 months each on

the other counts. His sentences are to run concurrently.

The Court heard that on the morning of November 16th

2016, Clarke was spotted by the police in the Ottos area

dressed in all dark clothing with a bag and acting suspicious.

He was pursued by the police and in the process of apprehending

him he armed himself with a cutlass and launched

an attack at the officers.

He was shot in the process and taken to the hospital,

where he was treated and discharged.

take place in April. He said

the government will chart its

own course for development

irrespective of what reaction

comes from the IMF.

He added that the entrepreneurial

socialism as articulated

by Prime Minister,

Gaston Browne, forms part of

the government’s own vision

to move Antigua and Barbuda


“We go to the same schools

that they do. However, we

live here; we know what is in

the best interest of our country

and we will demonstrate that

to the IMF and the world,” he


On its website, the IMF

noted that the customary press

statement that usually follows

a national economic review

has been withheld at the request

of the government.

The former UPP government

entered into a 3-year

IMF loan programme which

comes to an end this year.

Clarke sentenced to 14 months

Seth Clarke

Thursday 16th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 3

Senator Lovell responds to

Budget Debate, outlines agenda

The United Progressive

Party yesterday issued a

press release outlining its

plans to remedy Antigua and

Barbuda’s economic issues

identified by Senator Harold

Lovell in his Senate Budget

Debate Response.

Senator Harold Lovell

laid out a transformative

agenda for Antigua and Barbuda

that focuses on the optimization

of the nation’s untapped

potential -- creative,

intellectual and natural resources,

while emphasizing

the need to incentivize more

domestic investment.

The Press Release indicates

that UPP Political

Leader, Lovell raises the bar

with a number of innovative

strategies, solutions and incentives

that will establish

a strong bond between concept

of entrepreneurial government

and the U-conomy.

This party-coined platform

is expected “give more

power to the people” by

providing sustainable development

opportunities for

Antiguan and Barbudan entrepreneurs,

small businesses

and partnerships through

innovative grants and incentives.

The U-conomy will have

a recovery and growth agenda

that focuses on jobs and

wealth creation, training and

support for small businesses

and entrepreneurs and a

greatly enhanced business

and investment climate. This

strategy will ignite an economic

renaissance and create

hundreds of jobs, particularly

within cottage industries

like farming, agro-processing,

textile and clothing

production, food production

and craft making.

Lovell also emphasizes

the need for effective longterm

planning and increased

investment in key productive

sectors such as Tourism, Agriculture,

ICT and Knowledge

based industries, while

exercising greater fiscal discipline

in infrastructure, affordable

housing, health and


Senator Lovell outlines

the first phase of a robust National

Development Agenda

that the UPP will implement

to tackle key issues, in light

of the country’s stagnated

economy and failed social

programs. He identifies domestic

investment, people

empowerment and the elimination

of UBT as the key

strategies for stimulating

the economy with the main

goal of “Restoring Pride and

Prosperity” to Antigua and


Some of the highlights of

Senator Lovell’s Budget Response

presentation include:

1. 1000 jobs in the first

12 months

2. High speed internet

3. Reducing work permit

fees in the first 7 days of the

new UPP administration

4. Repeal of the UBT in

the first 60 days while also

providing more support for


5. No re-introduction of


6. 3-month unemployment

safety net linked to


7. PROPULSION - innovative

grants and incentives

for entrepreneurs

8. Education Empowerment

Zone a 1.5 sq mile area

of academic institutions underpinned

by a UWI linked





Don’t Dream it.

Drive it




1 (268) 462-1062

University of Antigua and

Barbuda, with a new faculty


9. “Harvest More, Import

Less” National Food

Production Plan aiming to

achieve $50 million in import

substitution by the end

of the first term

10. National Pension


11. Future Care Plan for


12. Housing Communities

of the Future

13. Returning Barbuda to




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Thursday 16th February 2017

MSJMC to get Cardiology Centre

By Everton Barnes

The government is exploring

the possibility of setting

up a Cardiology Centre

at the Mount St John’s Medical


To this end, the Chief

Medical Officer, Dr. Rhonda

Sealy-Thomas, the Director

of the Mount St. John Medical

Center (MSJMC), Dr.

Albert Duncan and a visiting

cardiologist, Dr. Gary Stevens

were invited to Cabinet

on Wednesday to address

an expansion in the health

services to be offered at the


Dr Stevens, who practices

heart surgery in the USA

and who has set-up a cardiology

center in Guyana, was

The Pan American Health

Organization (PAHO)/World

Health Organization (WHO)

Director Dr. Carissa F. Etienne

will make an official

visit to Antigua Barbuda on

February 19, 2017.

During her visit, she will

meet with the Hon. Gaston

Browne, Prime Minister of

Antigua and Barbuda.

She will also have bilateral

discussions with Hon.

Molwyn Joseph, Minister of

Health and the Environment

and pay a courtesy visit to

the Hon. Charles Fernandez,

Minister of Foreign Affairs,

International Trade and Immigration.

On Wednesday February

22, 2017, Dr. Etienne will be

invited to Antigua to explore

the possibilities of replicating

a cost-saving MSJMC

Cardiology Center.

Cabinet spokesman, Lionel

Max Hurst, said the visiting

cardiologist explained

that many people in Antigua

and Barbuda who suffer

from hypertension and

diabetes also suffer from

blood circulation challenges;

the inability of the heart

to send blood to the toes and

feet usually result in amputations.

According to the information

provide, Hurst said,

the failure of the heart to

circulate the blood eventually

results in weakness and

fatigue, and also early death

addressing a meeting of the

cabinet of Ministers where

she will present the PAHO/

WHO vision on Universal

Health Coverage as well as

highlight the all of government

approach necessary for

the prevention of Non-communicable


Dr Etienne’s visit coincides

with the convening of

the PAHO Annual Caribbean

Manager’s Meeting which

will be held for the first time

in Antigua and Barbuda.

During this meeting, the

senior officials of PAHO/

WHO in the Caribbean

will be discussing PAHO’s

Programmatic & Inter-programmatic

work within the


in patients.

“By undertaking cardiology

interventions, including

expanding the arteries leading

to and from the heart by

going through the groin, the

cardiologist has been able to

get the heart to pump blood

to the feet; this operation

eliminates the need for amputations.

“The interventions also

strengthen the arteries and

improve the functioning of

the heart by the inclusion of

stents and other non-surgical

implantation,” Hurst reported.

He said babies born with

holes in the heart can also be

corrected without the need

for open heart surgery. The

PAHO Director to visit Antigua

PAHO Director Dr. Carissa F.


On Tuesday February

21st, Hon. Molwyn Joseph,

Minister of Health and the

Environment will address

the meeting, where he is expected

to highlight the latest

achievements of the Government

in the quest to improve

the health status of the People

of Antigua and Barbuda.

cardiologist reported that

for every 100,000 people in

certain populations, at least

120 people will have need

for heart surgery. Given the

cost of such surgeries in the

USA, the savings from treating

the disease at a MSJMC

Cardiology Center would

result in significant savings


According to Hurst the

attraction of such a Center,

in Antigua, to those who

stand in danger of losing

limbs from diabetes and

hypertension, or who may

suffer heart attacks because

of resulting heart disease, is

well worth the cost, the Cabinet


“The attraction to OECS

countries, where significant

portions of the population

suffer from the same illnesses

as do people in Antigua

and Barbuda, has already

been determined. The OECS

would look to Antigua and

Barbuda for cardiology care,

just as the Cancer Care Center

is intended to serve that

population, also,” he reported.

The cost of establishing

the Center, outfitting it

with the necessary tools and

equipment, and staffing it

with experts is to be determined,

and brought back to

Cabinet for a determination.

The space at the MSJMC has

already been earmarked, and

the Ministers were told that

US$50,000 could result in

the first operation by the end

of March 2017.

Thursday 16th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 5

First Grade Six Empowerment

Conference hailed a success

By Joanna Paris

On Tuesday, the Grade

6 students at the Green Bay

Primary School had the

unique opportunity to benefit

from a power packed inaugural

conference, geared

towards preparing them for

the 2017 National Assessment

Examinations and beyond.

The brainchild of the

school’s guidance counsellor,

Karian Christian, the

first ever “Grade 6 Empowerment

Conference” was a

resounding success.

Speaking to Caribbean

Times, Christian said that

she was surprised as well as

happy about the outcome,

especially with the positive

feedback that has been received

from the students.

“This was geared towards

boosting the morale

of the grade 6 students as

they prepare for secondary

school. Our aim is to prepare

them for not only secondary

school but their journey to

adulthood as well. We invited

four speakers who come

from various walks of life

and who have been successful

in their respective fields

to speak to the students and

it went very well”, she said

Welcome Senator Lake

By Joanna Paris

The Upper House of Parliament officially welcomed Senator

Aziza Lake when the senators assembled in the House to

commence their debate on the 2017 Budget on Wednesday.

Senator Lake took the oath of office and took the seat

previously formerly occupied by Wrigley George.

In welcoming Senator Lake to the Upper House, President

of the Senate, Alincia Williams–Grant noted that the

gender balance that was present when the ruling administration

assumed office, has been restored.

“I wish to extend warmest greetings and welcome to you,

you have restored the gender balance that was present in

2014, we have not exceeded it as yet but we will get there

eventually”, she said.

She also encouraged the young Senator to remember her

duties in the House.

“My expectations for you is no different than of any of

the other members present here or those who have passed

through these hallowed walls. We expect that you will conduct

yourself with the highest level of professionalism, decorum

and respect for your peers and respect for the authority

of the chair”, she indicated.


The speakers included

local author, motivational

speaker and entrepreneur,

Chrys-Ann Ambrose, Football

coach and former national

player, Rowan Issac,

Journalist and entrepreneur,

Elisa Graham and Journalist,

former CARICOM Youth

Ambassador, Cleveroy


They addressed a wide

range of topics to include:

bullying, eliminating selfdoubt,

the importance of

focusing, pursuing their

dreams and being positive

role models for their peers.

The students asked a

number of questions which

were gladly answered by the


The Grade 6 students of

the T.O.R. Memorial School

and their Principal, were also

present as specially invited

guests. They too expressed

their satisfaction with the

positive impact of the inaugural


Christian said that the forum

will be an annual part of

the school’s calendar.

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Thursday 16th February 2017

Antigua and Barbuda launch world’s first tourism

social media channel dedicated to romance

By Joanna Paris

A team from the China

Civil Engineering Construction

Company (CCECC) is

scheduled to arrive on island

at the end of the month to

New York, NY – Antigua and Barbuda

is celebrating Valentine’s Day by

launching the world’s first tourism social

media channel, dedicated entirely to romance

on Facebook.

Known for being one of the most

romantic destinations in the world, and

holding the record for most weddings

per capita, Antigua and Barbuda has

launched the Facebook ‘Antigua Barbuda

Romance’ channel. This new interactive

platform provides visitors the best

information and tools for those planning

their perfect romantic trip.

The Honorable Asot A. Michael,

Minister of Tourism, Economic Development,

Investment and Energy stated,

“Introducing a ground-breaking new

platform dedicated to romance is just another

example of why Antigua and Barbuda

is awarded time and again for being

the most romantic Caribbean islands.

This new initiative cements our position

as the leading Caribbean weddings

and honeymoon destination and I

applaud all of our industry partners for

helping us to attain this distinction and

recognition in such an integral market.

Ultimately, love improves lives, and we

look forward to helping couples do just

that with the new platform.”

Research shows love and healthy relationships

have been proven to improve

people’s lives. Benefits range from happiness

and improved mental well-being

to bolstering immune levels, to improving

heart health and helping people to

live longer.

The first interactive digital platform

dedicated to romance by a destination,

Antigua Barbuda Romance features will

include: logistics on how to plan the perfect

destination wedding, honeymoon

tips, favorite activities, top restaurants,

and popular beaches.

Resources include listings for local romance

vendors including wedding planners,

photographers and island guides.

further assess the port as the

facility prepares for the highly

anticipated port development

initiative. Manager of

the Port, Darwin Telemaque,

recently told the media that

Attempted Murder Accused,

Malvern Nigel James of

Sea View Farm was remanded

to Her Majesty’s Prison on


James appeared in the All

Saints Magistrate’s Court before

Magistrate Emanuel, charged

with the Attempted Murder of

51-year old Glenmore Hughes,

also of Seaview Farm. His committal

date is set for May 10th,


He is alleged to have struck

Hughes in his head during an

altercation on February 10th at

Seaview Farm.

Hughes is still a patient in the

Intensive Care Unit at the Mount

St. Johns Medical Center. Police

are currently conducting further

investigations into the matter.

The platform is manned by romance experts

who provide advice and feedback

on planning the perfect trip with daily

posts to inspire and engage followers.

CEO of the Antigua and Barbuda

Tourism Authority, Colin C. James explains,

“This interactive new platform

allows us to gain valuable customer insights,

while increasing our brand awareness

and customer loyalty. Our goal is

to provide exceptional experiences for

all visitors each and every time, and we

believe that this tool is another way to

provide a richer customer and visitor

experience. I look forward to additional

relationship building with our visitors,

and helping them reap the benefits of romance

as only the Caribbean can do.”

As part of the launch, the Antigua and

Barbuda Tourism Authority is running a

global month-long sweepstakes for one

lucky couple from around the world to

win a romantic 3-night all-inclusive getaway

to Antigua.

CCECC officials coming to further assess the port

Attempted murder accused remanded

the delegation will comprise

of 15-17 persons who will

begin the geo-technical work

required for the project.

“A group of Chinese Engineers

will be here so the project

is on. We won’t see any

heavy lifting just yet, but we

will see it later down so all of

the designs that will be taking

place have to be done first,

this is the engineering and design

phase”, he indicated.

He assured that once all

goes well, the actual preparatory

construction work should

begin by the end of May.

He emphasized that this

will only happen once the

technical expectations of the

Chinese are met.

Telemaque assured that

a lot of work is taking place

behind he scenes to bring the

project to fruition this year.

Thursday 16th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 7

PM says crime in Bahamas like the Wild

West, but Police Chief says there’s no crisis

NASSAU, The Bahamas

– Against the backdrop of

seven murders last weekend

that pushed the number of

homicides in the Bahamas

to 27 so far this year, Prime

Minister Perry Christie says

the crime spree reminds him

of the Wild West and he’s

calling for a national effort

to arrest the problem.

However, Police

Commissioner Ellison

Greenslade remains adamant

that the country is not

in crisis, rubbishing calls for

a curfew or the lockdown of

crime hotspots.

“It is a falsehood to tell

the Bahamian public and

the world at large that the

Bahamas is in crisis; that is

nonsense,” he said at a news


“This country is not

at a stage where the average

decent citizen has to

be concerned about being

attacked,” Commissioner

Greenslade insisted.

But in a separate encounter

with the media, Prime

WASHINGTON, United States – A Jamaican

man who threatened to “bash the head” of

an immigration judge in the United States will

spend the next three years in federal prison.

Delroy Anthony McLean, 42, was slapped

with the prison term yesterday.

According to prosecutors, he was at a

hearing at the Stewart Detention Center in

southwest Georgia, where he was awaiting

Minister Perry Christie yesterday

described the situation

as shocking and called

for the country to put all necessary

resources in place to

reduce the crime scourge.

“It is insane. It is reminiscent

of the Wild West

and it something we must

get control of as quickly as

possible. We will be required

to do much more to have a

greater capacity to meet the

challenge that is now posed

to us, to fully try to understand

this senseless set of

killings/retaliation and to

have our system respond to

it as quickly as possible in a

meaningful way,” he said.

Christie is blaming the

problem on gangs engaged

in retaliation, and suggested

that the response must entail

a stronger police presence on

the streets.

“This madness has to do

with gangs and retaliation…

There must be a continuous

response to it and it has to be

on flooding the streets with

officers and equipment to be

able to intercept and interdict.”


Greenslade agreed that the

young people were at the

heart of the recent incidents

of crime, both as victims and


“These are people that

have fallen through the

cracks of our society and

they did not remain in

school. The ones who did,

when they got out of school,

chose to associate with the

wrong type of company and

this is ‘tit for tat, you touch

Jamaican thrown in jail for

threatening US immigration judge

deportation, when he made the threat towards

the judge.

But he did not stop there, according to an

Associated Press report. McLean also threatened

the judge’s husband and repeated his

comments outside the courtroom.

He is expected to be deported to his homeland

at the end of his sentence. (Caribbean360)

my boy I touch your boy’

type of thing.”

He however went one

step further and appeared

to be pointing fingers at the

judicial system, suggesting

that the only solution was to

keep “prolific offenders behind


“We have a problem, let’s

not kid ourselves, and that

problem is prolific offenders

that are in and out of the system

who are not prepared to

not live a life of crime,” the

police chief said.

“We have to ensure that

people that walk around with

assault weapons and other

variations of weapons, that

have raped people, that have

attempted to rape people, that

have killed people, that have

attempted to murder people,

they should remain…incarcerated

and have their day

in court. If we continue the

way we are going we will

continue to chase our tails,”

Commissioner Greenslade

insisted. (Caribbean360)

8 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 16th February 2017

Malaysia arrests second suspect

in North Korean’s death


– Malaysian police

arrested a second woman

Thursday in the death of Kim

Jong Nam, the half brother

of North Korea’s leader who

was reportedly poisoned this

week by two female assassins

as he waited for a flight in


Police chief Khalid Abu

Bakar confirmed the latest arrest

to the national Bernama

news agency and said a statement

would be released soon.

Investigators are trying

to shed light on a death that

set off set off waves of speculation

over whether North

Korea dispatched a hit squad

to kill a man known for his

drinking, gambling and complicated

family life.

Medical workers completed

an autopsy late Wednesday,

but it was not immediately

clear if or when Malaysia

would release the findings


North Korea had objected

to the autopsy and asked

Informative, reliable, enriching!

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A medical staff member stands at the entrance of the forensic department at a hospital in Kuala

Lumpur, Malaysia.

for Kim Jong Nam’s body to

be returned; Malaysia went

ahead with the procedure

anyway as the North did not

submit a formal protest, said

Abdul Samah Mat, a senior

Malaysian police official.

Also Wednesday, police

arrested the first suspect in

the case, a woman carrying

Vietnamese travel documents

bearing the name Doan Thi

Huong. She was picked up at

the budget terminal of Kuala

Lumpur International Airport,

where Kim Jong Nam fell ill

on Monday morning. It was

not immediately clear whether

the passport was genuine.

She was identified using

earlier surveillance video

from the airport, police said.

Still photos of the video,

Reach us now with that breaking news! cont’d on pg 9

confirmed as authentic by

police, showed a woman in a

skirt and long-sleeved white

T-shirt with “LOL” emblazoned

across the front.

Kim Jong Nam, who was

45 or 46, was estranged from

his younger brother, North

Korean leader Kim Jong Un,

and had been living abroad

for years. He reportedly fell

out of favor when he was

caught trying to enter Japan

on a false passport in 2001,

saying he wanted to visit Tokyo


According to two senior

Malaysian government officials,

who spoke on condition

of anonymity because the

case involves sensitive diplomacy,

the elder Kim died en

Thursday 16th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 9

cont’d from pg 8

route to a hospital on Monday

after suddenly falling ill at the

airport’s budget terminal.

He told medical workers

before he died that he had

been attacked with a chemical

spray at the airport, the Malaysian

officials said. Multiple

South Korean media reports,

citing unidentified sources,

said two women believed to

be North Korean agents killed

him with some kind of poison

before fleeing in a taxi.

Police said they were

hunting for more suspects. No

further details were released.

Since taking power in late

2011, Kim Jong Un has executed

or purged a number of

high-level government officials

in what the South Korean

government has described

as a “reign of terror.”

South Korea’s spy agency,

the National Intelligence

Service, said Wednesday that

North Korea had been trying

for five years to kill Kim Jong


The NIS did not definitively

say that North Korea was

behind the killing, just that it

was presumed to be a North

Korean operation, according

to lawmakers who briefed reporters

about the closed-door

meeting with the spy officials.

The NIS also cited a “genuine”

attempt by North Korea

to kill Kim Jong Nam in 2012,

the lawmakers said. The NIS

told them that Kim Jong Nam

sent a letter to Kim Jong Un

in April 2012, after the assassination

attempt, begging for

the lives of himself and his


The letter said: “I hope

you cancel the order for the

punishment of me and my

family. We have nowhere to

go, nowhere to hide, and we

know that the only way to escape

is committing suicide.”

Although Kim Jong Nam

had been originally tipped by

some outsiders as a possible

successor to his late dictator

father, Kim Jong Il, others

thought that was unlikely

because he lived outside the

country, including recently in


He also frequented casinos,

five-star hotels and traveled

around Asia, with little

say in North Korean affairs.

But his attempt to visit

Tokyo Disneyland reportedly

soured North Korea’s leadership

on his potential as a successor.

Kim Jong Nam had said

he had no political ambitions,

although he was publicly critical

of the North Korean regime

and his half brother’s legitimacy

in the past. In 2010,

he was quoted in Japanese

media as saying he opposed

dynastic succession in North


Among Kim Jong Un’s executions

and purges, the most

spectacular was the 2013 execution

of his uncle, Jang Song

Thaek, once considered the

country’s second-most powerful

man, for what the North

alleged was treason. (AP)




State Insurance Corporation announces the sale of

damaged vehicles. Contact us at 481-7818/17/12 to

make an appointment to view vehicles. Then submit

sealed bid including name address and telephone number

of bidder, bid value and make and model of vehicle.

Address bids to Salvage Sales and drop off at our

office on Redcliffe St. Our representative will contact


10 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 16th February 2017

Immigrant workers and their

families to protest by staying home

PHILADELPHIA -- Organizers

in cities across the

U.S. are telling immigrants

to miss class, miss work

and not shop on Thursday

as a way to show the country

how important they are

to America’s economy and

way of life.

“A Day Without Immigrants”

actions are planned

in cities including Philadelphia,

Washington, Boston

and Austin, Texas.

The protest comes in response

to President Donald

Trump and his 1-month-old

administration. The Republican

president has pledged

to increase deportation of

immigrants living in the

country illegally, build a

wall along the Mexican border,

and ban people from

certain majority-Muslim

countries from coming into

the U.S. He also has blamed

high unemployment on immigration.

Employers and institutions

in some cities were

already expressing solidarity

Wednesday with immigrant

workers. Washington

restaurateur John Andrade

said he would close his businesses

Thursday, and David

Suro, owner of Tequilas

Restaurant in Philadelphia

and a Mexican immigrant,

said he also planned to participate.

The Davis Museum at

Wellesley College in Massachusetts

said it would

remove or shroud all artwork

created or given by

immigrants to the museum

through Feb. 21.

In New Mexico, the state

with the largest percentage

of Hispanic residents in

the nation, school officials

worried that hundreds of

students may stay home on


“We respectfully ask all

parents to acknowledge that

students need to be in class

every day to benefit from

the education they are guaranteed

and to avoid falling

behind in school and life,”

principals with the Albuquerque

Public Schools

wrote in a letter to parents.

Students who take part

in the protest will receive

an unexcused absence, Albuquerque

school officials


Organizers in Philadelphia

said they expect hundreds

of workers and families

to participate.

“Our goal is to highlight

the need for Philadelphia

to expand policies that stop

criminalizing communities

of color,” said Erika

Almiron, executive director

of Juntos, a nonprofit

group that works with the

Latino immigrant community.

“What would happen if

massive raids did happen?

What would the city look


Almiron said that while

community groups have not

seen an uptick in immigration

raids in the city, residents

are concerned about

the possibility.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim

Kenney is among leaders

in several cities nationwide

who have vowed to maintain

their “sanctuary city”

status and decline to help

federal law enforcement

with deportation efforts.

Many people who make

the choice to skip work

Thursday will not be paid

in their absence, but social

media posts encouraging

participation stressed that

the cause is worth the sacrifice.


Thursday 16th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 11

Wednesday’s Sudoku Solution




1. Resorts

5. Peaceful

9. Slugger Hank ____

14. Heavenly instrument

15. Lotion ingredient

16. The things there

17. Painful cry

18. Conference of peers

20. In addition

21. Withstand

22. Lawn material

23. Pretense

25. Pen fluid

27. Accent

30. Debtor’s opposite

35. Moved upward

36. Exclamation of woe

37. Noblewoman

38. Recent (prefix)

39. Cottage cheese’s kin

42. Syrup source

43. Assigned job

45. Cotton machines

46. Wash

48. Frame of mind

50. Breakfast food

51. Gun lobby (abbr.)

52. Carbonated beverage

53. Donkey

56. Motor

59. Bankrupt

63. Newt, e.g.

65. Machu Picchu dweller

66. Pedro’s friend

67. Guinness of “Star Wars”

68. Genesis man

69. ____ Pan

70. “The Way We ____”

71. Alaskan city


1. Oxford, e.g.

2. Actor ____ Newman

3. Circle sections

4. Ball-shaped objects

5. Pet

6. Unattended

7. Ear-splitting

8. List of choices

9. Show up

10. I see!

11. Steals from

12. Capital of Norway

13. Require

19. Most arid

24. ____-friendly

26. Baby goat

27. Christmas visitor

28. Goody

29. Hen’s perch

30. Exact copy

31. Squealers

32. A sense

33. ____ Beach (D-Day site)

34. Drive off

36. Amino ____

40. Large lizard

41. Asleep

44. Relatives

47. Horse breed

49. Earth vibration

50. Compel

52. Scornful expression

53. Right away (abbr.)

54. Unchanged

55. Cut

57. Nibble

58. Not active

60. Take apart

61. Con game

62. Not wild

64. Vital statistic

12 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 16th February 2017

Today’s weather forecast

Antigua and Barbuda

Partly cloudy skies.

High - 81ºF

Low - 72ºF

Wind: East South East 9 mph

Sunrise 6.32 am; Sunset 6.09 pm

Wednesday’s Crossword Solution


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.

18). You decided upon a particular

goal long ago but never

could quite figure out how to

fit the steps toward accomplishment

into your life. That’s

because the timing wasn’t as

good as it is now. Try again.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20).

You could change history just

by saying yes. It follows that

you can also change it by saying

no. Today brings the rare

black-and-white decision.

Only say yes if you can say it


ARIES (March 21-April 19).

Contributing to the peace of

the world will not require

a grand gesture, just a little

tolerance. Here’s one sample

recipe: 1. Leave well enough

alone. 2. Don’t fix what isn’t

broken. 3. Mind your own


TAURUS (April 20-May 20).

You’ll have to spend some

money to go to the next level

in a study, hobby or project. Is

this really an expense, though,

or is it a worthy investment in

who you are?

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). You

can’t take people at face value.

The quiet ones might be concealing

big emotion; the sweet

ones can have a delightfully

wicked edge; the funny ones

get sad; the sad ones get funny.

You wouldn’t have it any

other way.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).

What you love will reward

you for loving it. Try it and

see. Also, be mindful of your

loving style. Try to match it up

with the preferences of your

beloved over your own.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). As

the world becomes increasingly

litigious the contracts made

in conversation seem less important

to some. That’s why

people who keep their word

are superstars of good character.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21).

Those with beautiful superficiality

may also have deep beauty.

Give it whirl and find out.

You’ll sense the true depth of

a person inside five minutes of


GEMINI (May 21-June 21).

It’s going to take an unrelentingly

positive attitude to push

through these early stages of a

difficult project. Soon enough,

you’ll be able to quit manufacturing

cheer, because you’ll

have enough actual positive

reasons to continue.

CANCER (June 22-July 22).

You’re innovative in your attempt

to solve problems big

and small. Right now, while

you’re busy doing it, there’s

someone out there saying it

can’t be done.


Dec. 21). Today will bring

a series of inspired blunders

and, like a skilled detective

(Clouseau or Columbo), your

unassuming ways will allow

for the solving of a mystery.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.

19). You may know experts

and gurus, but your own personal

history is by far your

greatest teacher. Future success

will depend on today’s

review of what you did right,

and what you could have done


Thursday 16th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 13

All members of the Executive of the Antigua and Barbuda

Ex-Servicemen Association are reminded of the monthly

meeting, to be held on Tuesday 21 February 2017 at 5 pm,

at the Association`s Headquarters "Leah House" on Prime

Minister`s Drive. Please be on time or notify the Chairman

on 720-0058, PRO on 721-1970 or the Secretary on 723-

3452 of your apologies.

Bring along your picnic blankets and folding chairs and enjoy

a relaxing evening on the lawn watching a movie or just

mingling with a bowl of delicious hot soup at the South Zone

Planning Committee of the Anglican Church's Pre-Lenten

Water Night and Movie on Friday, February 24, 2017 from

6 pm to 9 pm at All Saints Anglican Rectory Grounds, Matthews

Road, All Saints. The contribution is only $10. Patrons

will have a choice of various types of soups. There will

be Hot Dogs, Cupcakes, Popcorn and a bounce castle. Beverages

will also be on sale. Tickets are available from Parish

Priests and members of South Zone Planning Committee.

All registered members of the Antigua Barbuda Amateur

Bodybuilding & Weightlifting Federation please take note

that Election for the post of Vice President will be held on

4th March, 2017 at the ABI Financial Building, 2nd Floor,

Redcliffe Street, St John's, Antigua at 6:00 p.m. sharp.

The fundraising post Valentines for Antigua & Barbuda Diabetes

Association is now rescheduled for Tuesday 21st February,

2017 from 4:00-6:00pm.


DA SCOUT ASSOCIATION Notice is hereby given, in

accordance with Section IV(4)(b) of the Constitution, that

the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Antigua and

Barbuda Branch of the Scout Association will be held at

Government House (located on Independence Avenue) on

Thursday 23rd February 2017 at 5:00 p.m. All Members are

invited to attend and to be punctual. Members are reminded

that subscriptions for 2017 are now due and payable.


Have you seen the Giant African Snail in your home or community?

If so, follow these 3 easy steps:

1. Put on protective gloves

2. Collect snails and place them in a secure covered container

with some salt.

3. Call the Plant Protection Unit at 462-6776 or 462-6777 for

advice on disposal


The Social Security Board wishes to advise all self employed

persons that their declared earnings shall not be less

than the minimum wage, and are reminded that their Social

Security contributions rate remains at 10%.



• Two years experience in a similar role

• Must be flexible

• Strong administrative/clerical experience & Computer


• Customer Service oriented

• Great written and oral communication skills

• Experience in the tourism/hospitality industry a plus

• Must own vehicle

• Potential for growth & advancement within the company

2) CUTTER (Meat Products)

• Cutting up of frozen meats and other items using the Bandsaw

• 2 to 3 years experience

• Must have experience using the Bandsaw

• Hours on a Shift Basis – Full-time

• Salary commensurable to qualifications


• Two years experience in a similar role

• Must be flexible

• Experience using Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator

a plus

• Experience with inventory/accounting computer systems

If you are currently registered at OSEC and interested in a

listed vacancy, kindly contact OSEC. If you are NOT registered

with OSEC you may call the centre for more information

on registration requirements. Our centre is located on

Old Parham Road in the Ryan’s Building, next to Antigua

Motors. OSEC telephone numbers are 5628533/34/35.

Kindly note that the DEADLINE FOR ALL APPLICA-

TIONS is Friday 17th February, 2017

Advertise with

Caribbean Times!

Contact us at Tel: 562-8688

Email: accounts@

14 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 16th February 2017

Rebels edge out United, Ovals 2 trump Ottos Officials

By Carlena Knight

Antigua Home and Office Depot

Rebels edged out Kenneth A. Gomez

Christos United, 48-45 on Tuesday night

at the JSC Sports Complex.

The Division 2 matchup went down

to the wire where a three-point bomber

from Curtis Daniel sealed the much-needed

victory for Rebels. Daniel finished the

game with 11 points and 14 rebounds.

Gabriel Perez however was the leading

scorer with 15 points and 13 rebounds.

Teammates, Tindal Telemaque

and Kirwan Peterson chipped in with 9

points and 11 rebounds and 8 assists.

F and G Trading Cuties Ovals Ojays

2 also found themselves in the Winners

Circle winning quite convincingly over

Cuties Ottos Officials, 60-41.

Keddie Martin was an unstoppable

By Marver Woodley

As the dust settles on the

Antigua and Barbuda Football

Association 2016/2017

season Tuesday’s games were

without flavor and flare.

The five games which

were played all failed to

bring the same amount of action

experienced in the past

weeks. Bolans was the only

team who kept their eye on

the prize giving Garden Stars

true competition to win the

encounter 6-2.

Two of Bolans players successfully

braced the back of

the nets during their 90 minutes

of play. Kujahri Thomas,

and Joel Martin netted twice

each while Andrew Martin

and Leon Alfred scored one

each. Meanwhile Claudius

Phillip and Keyon Charles

where the lucky strikers for

Garden Stars.

Freemans Village match

up against Aston Villa resulted

in a 1-nil result with Villa

at the winning end, the sane

was for Urlings and Willikies

with the latter being the

winner. Also, following the

pattern was Swetes encounter

against Five Islands with the

latter once again being at the

better end if the result.

By Carlena Knight

Despite the ongoing disputes

over a proper facility for

our athletes locally, another

athlete has qualified for the


Abigail Dyett is now the

8th athlete to have qualified

for the Carifta Games in Curacao.

Dyett who competed

last weekend at another development

meet held at YAS-

force with 19 points and 8 rebounds for

the victors.

He was assisted by Percy Adams with

13 points and Michael Jeffers with 10.

Nino Williamson also of Ojays grabbed

8 rebounds.

Officials’ Gija George had 12 points

and 13 rebounds and was assisted by

Kareem Jacobs with 11 points and 12 rebounds

in a losing effort.

Bolans keeps hope alive in ABFA games’ last hours

The last game of the day

was between All Saints United

and Ottos Rangers ending

2-nil. United had the better

end with strikes coming from

teammates Keron Richards

and Terry Roberts in the 58th

and 80th minutes respectively.

Games will continue tomorrow

when Lion Hill go

up against Hon.Molwyn Joseph

Bendals, Potters Tigers

match up against Hill Top and

Point Wets Ham’s encounter

against Fort Road in the First


The lone Second Division

match will be between Blue

Jays and Seaview Farm.

Dyett becomes 8th athlete

to qualify for Carifta

CO ran an impressive time of

11.77 seconds in the Under 18

girls 100m.

She will join the other seven

athletes, Kalique St. Jean,

Harlen Jones, Sheldon Noble,

Jalen Dyett, Joella Lloyd, Taeco

Ogarro and Dahlia Barnes

who would have qualified in

other meets previously.

The Games will be held

over the Easter weekend.

Thursday 16th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 15

ABAA to host elections later today

By Marver Woodley

2017 has been earmarked

as the year of election and the

Antigua and Barbuda Athletics

Association is next on the

list to host their elections.

The elections will be held

later this evening at the Eastern

Caribbean Amalgamated

Bank, ECBA, located on

Redcliff Street starting at 6:30


Surprisingly the top position

of for grabs during the

elections will have the least

action as the former President

of the Athletics Association

Everton Cornelius will be unchallenged

for the position.

According to reports it

was announced on Tuesday

by the Associations Secretary,

Les Williams that no one has

step forward to challenge him

for the position during the

By Carlena Knight

Liberta Primary picked up double victories

on Tuesday afternoon at the JSC Sports Complex

in the Cool and Smooth Inter-School Basketball


In the Mini-Boys Primary Division, Liberta

defeated S.R. Olivia David Primary, 28-7 with

Macoy Browne scoring 12 points for the victors.

J. Jackson of Olivia David had 7 points.

The females followed suit putting away

elections, as such he would

most likely be reelected.

According to the timeline

given for persons desirous of

campaigning the two-week

period ended on Tuesday and

according to the organizations

constitution only members of

the body are elidable to vote

later this evening.

Liberta Primary pick up double

victories in School Basketball

Villa Primary, 9-2.

Destiny Francis had 4 points for Liberta

while Shenel Samuel scored 2 points for Villa.

In the other match up that day, Ottos Comprehensive

trumped St. Joseph’s Academy,

62-49 with Javon Simon and Lincoln Weekes

leading the way with 32 and 18 points respectively.

Tehran Zachariah of SJA had 20 points

while Reginald Barnes assisted with 12 points.

16 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 16th February 2017

Ruthless Scorpions crush Red Force

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Scintillating

maiden hundreds by Chadwick Walton

and Jermaine Blackwood catapulted

Jamaica Scorpions into the Regional

Super50 final with a crushing 292-run

victory over reigning champions Trinidad

and Tobago Red Force, in a lopsided

semi-final under lights last night.

Walton belted 117 from 96 deliveries

and Blackwood, an unbeaten 108 from

88 balls as Scorpions, sent in at Coolidge

Cricket Ground, amassed a record 434

for four off their 50 overs.

All-rounder Rovman Powell smashed

an astonishing 45-ball 95 while lefthander

opener Steven Taylor blasted 88

from 71 deliveries, two innings which

helped propel Scorpions to the highest-ever

total in regional 50 overs cricket

– eclipsing the 409 by Trinidad against

North Windwards 16 years ago.

The total was also the ninth highest in

the history of List A and represented only

the second time a team had passed 400 in

regional competition.

In reply, Red Force never showed

any signs of producing the miracle needed

and were bundled out for an embarrassing

141 off 26.3 overs, slumping to

the fourth heaviest defeat ever in List A


Jason Mohammed extended his form

with a fighting run-a-ball unbeaten 62

and captain Denesh Ramdin weighed in

with 27, but Red Force never really recovered

after sliding to 40 for four in the

seventh over.

Powell returned with his varied seam

to destroy the innings with a brilliant

spell of five for 36 and claim the Manof-the-Match

award, while the new-ball

pair of Jerome Taylor (3-27) and Renard

Leveridge (2-31) provided excellent support.

Starting as favourites, Red Force had

the game swiftly taken away from them

as Scorpions stunned them with an exhibition

of astonishing hitting.

The run-spree began in an entertaining

opening stand of 174 between Wal-

Rovman Powell hit 95 off 45 balls

ton and Taylor, was sustained courtesy

of a 95-run second wicket stand between

Blackwood and Walton, and capped off

in a jaw-dropping third wicket partnership

of 163 between Blackwood and


The left-handed Taylor gave Scorpions

a flying start, racing to his half-century

in the 11th over off 35 balls. In the

sixth over of the innings, he combined

with Walton to take 25 runs from Ravi

Rampaul’s third over as the seamer

leaked 43 runs from his first three overs.

They raised the 100-run stand in the

12th over and had mustered the highest

opening partnership of the tournament

when Taylor sliced a drive to Kjorn Ottley

at point off off-spinner Jason Mohammed,

to depart in the 22nd over.

All told, the American struck eight

fours and five sixes.

Walton’s fifty, meanwhile, came in

the 13th over off 32 deliveries and he

required only another 52 balls to reach

triple figures in the 32nd over, before falling

lbw to leg-spinner Imran Khan four

overs later after striking nine fours and

and seven sixes.

Powell then joined Blackwood

to ruthlessly rip apart the Red Force

bowling. Blackwood, who counted six

fours and six sixes overall, reached his

half-century off 44 balls with three fours

and four sixes before storming to three

figures off a mere 79 balls.

The right-handed Powell was imperious,

striking six fours and nine giant sixes

as he raced to his fifty off just 25 balls

— reaching the landmark with a six over

mid-wicket off leg-spinner Imran Khan

in the 44th over.

He was within touching distance of

a century when he missed a heave at

Rampaul (2-83) in the final over and was

bowled. Together, Blackwood and Powell

plundered 128 runs from the last ten


Needing a hasty start, Red Force got

21 off the first two overs before Taylor

and Leveridge crippled the top order with

key strikes.

The dangerous Evin Lewis hit three

fours and a six in 17 before nicking a

booming drive behind off Taylor in the

third over and his opening partner Kyle

Hope followed in the sixth over for 16 at

38 for two, tamely pulling Leveridge to

captain Nikita Miller at mid-wicket.

Three balls later in the same over with

one run added, Leveridge removed Kjorn

Ottley for one to the second of five catches

by wicketkeeper Walton and Taylor

then trapped Nicholas Alexis lbw without

scoring in the next over to leave Red

Force in strife.

Mohammed and Ramdin attempted a

rescue mission by adding 63 for the fifth

wicket, temporarily reviving Red Force’s

hopes. The right-handed Mohammed hit

seven fours and a six while Ramdin gathered

four boundaries, in a partnership

which took Red Force past 100.

However, once Ramdin was caught at

the wicket trying to run one from Powell

to third man in the 18th over, the innings

collapsed spectacularly as Powell clinically

destroyed the lower order to send

the last six wickets tumbling for 39 runs.


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