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Other experts are focused on the potential of lighting technology to transform the

experience. Ari Berger, the director of P2-EG, says she’s excited about technical set

design using projection and LED strips. “You could build something — the facade of

an apartment complex, for example — with LED screens and trips that are programmed

to change. So the scene morphs into different things, that are musically activated.”

Venues like Temple Nightclub in San Francisco are already entering this space, with

a recent renovation that turned the entire club, not just the stage, into an

LED-light immersive experience.

Interaction on phones, like an immersive augmented reality (AR) treasure hunt,

is another way to make the on-site experience more interactive. “I expect more

gamification, similar to what we saw in 2016 with Pokemon Go,” says Shannon Schlappi,

who handles Midwest music partnerships at Eventbrite. “I wouldn’t be surprised to

see attendees walking around next year with their phones out, trying to find a

sponsor’s hidden and branded items to earn increased access. Or artists could use

the technology to guide fans to secret shows or locations within a festival to increase

overall engagement.”

Since AR isn’t cheap, some of the first interactive experiments with the technology

will be spearheaded by brands. “There’s an interesting opportunity for brands to

utilize technology to create experiences within the festival,” says Jesse Kirshbaum,

the co-founder of NUE Agency, who points to the 2016 Panorama Music Festival for

early examples of immersive experiences. “At Panorama, HP built a ‘lab’ with interactive

art, using technology to create an experience that was mind-blowing.” The activation

included a 360-degree virtual reality theater and seven interactive art installations

by New York artists.

Fans already love watching shows, but they’ll love being a part of shows even more.

By pulling the audience into their performance, artists have the potential to create

a truly unforgettable experience.

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