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This clever dramatic presentation explores the age-old internal struggle with one’s inner sense of<br />

value, how our perception is often defined by our environment and how easily it can alter our<br />

gauge for right and wrong. Al-x is a self-conscience teenager of the prehistoric 50’s who wrestles<br />

to find what truly defines a caveman verses how everyone else defines one’s worth. Helped by his<br />

own reflection and the wisdom of an old fishing soul, Al-x finds himself before his fate is sealed.<br />

This is one fish tale that will change your life as much as the ones who lived it!<br />

This Championeers! adventure is full of twists and turns as Al-x and his friends discover the<br />

difference between peer pressure and peer power as they learn “Survival of the Fittest” from a<br />

whole new perspective.<br />

Leadership Theme: Identity and Truthfulness<br />

Critical Youth Issue: Peer Pressure<br />

Championeers! Honor Pin: Truth<br />

Championeers! Leadership Project: <strong>Caveman</strong> Carnival<br />

Guests of Honor: Local Police Officers

Hey There Parents & Jr. Caveboys and Cavegirls!<br />

Welcome to <strong>Caveman</strong> <strong>Rock</strong>!<br />

Championeers! is the only IQ-EQ<br />

Leadership Education system in the<br />

world that uses the performing arts to<br />

empower students in school while<br />

giving them tools to succeed in life.<br />

It’s AWESOME!<br />

We believe the best teacher a child<br />

will ever have is you, so we put you in<br />

the driver’s seat with these wonderful<br />

family resources.<br />

We provide the basic tools and<br />

lessons based on universal values that<br />

are common to everyone. They are<br />

things like: be kind, be honest, and<br />

don’t hurt people. You take them from<br />

there and discuss them with your<br />

children using your own unique family<br />

values and belief systems.<br />

In this unit we are training Peer<br />

Leaders to help peer pressure proof<br />

their schools using the tools of truth and<br />

identity.<br />

Peer pressure is a huge issue on<br />

school campuses around the world.<br />

When it is properly harnessed it can<br />

turn your school into a center of selfgovernance,<br />

innovation, and high<br />

achievement. When it is not harnessed<br />

it leads to bullying, rejection and<br />

teasing, creating an emotionally unsafe<br />

environment that robs many children of<br />

their full potential. These early<br />

experiences often define children<br />

throughout their livetimes!<br />

As a Championeers! Peer Leader,<br />

students lead through service to create a<br />

campus culture where every child feels<br />

safe and valued. This only happens if<br />

everyone realizes how amazing every<br />

single person truly is.<br />

This is the journey of <strong>Caveman</strong><br />

<strong>Rock</strong>.<br />

Not everyone is going to look, think<br />

or act the same. We are all wonderfully<br />

different. That’s what makes us special.<br />

Healthy peer pressure helps us<br />

celebrate our uniquenesses while<br />

providing a culture that honors every<br />

member of our great big “Social<br />

Family.”<br />

Enjoy, and remember - this is just a<br />

launching pad for family discussions.<br />

You are the superhero your child is<br />

waiting to hear from. Additional info<br />

and resources include:<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

How to Peer Pressure Proof Your<br />

Children, E-Course.<br />

Family Night Adventure Packs<br />

with weekly adventures all planned<br />

out for you to have a blast!<br />

Supplemental games and resources.<br />

Available at:<br />


The Championeers! is a leadership program that synchronizes the<br />

performing arts, academics and leadership training to empower<br />

students to succeed in school and in life. All materials within this<br />

magazine are the property of Championeers! unless credited<br />

otherwise. Artwork is the compilation of Shutterstock, Dollar Photo<br />

Club, CanStockPhoto, and original designs. Graphic designs were<br />

created by Justin Morken, Isaiah Guerrero, and Deanna Rhinehart.<br />

Championeers! is division of Advanced Ed Solutions, Inc., an Idaho<br />

corporation.<br />

©2016 Championeers! | www.championeers.com


Cavemen love a good challenge. If we<br />

tackle every challenge head on, then we<br />

can overcome anything. Challenges can<br />

even be turned into powerful tools that<br />

make us strong and brave. To help you<br />

find your courage, you’ll receive a new<br />

leadership challenge each week based on<br />

the lessons you learn in <strong>Caveman</strong> <strong>Rock</strong>!<br />

Earn a sticker by completing your<br />

leadership challenges.<br />

Complete all your challenges and earn the<br />

Championeers! Honor Pin!<br />

Collect all the Honor Pins to graduate from<br />

Championeers! Leadership Institute as a<br />

certified Championeers! Peer Leader!<br />

Collect all of the<br />

Participation Dog Tags<br />

Earn Your<br />

Honor Pin

I’LL BE ME and YOU BE YOU!<br />

Hey Jr. Cavemen, as Peer Leaders it’s important for you to know what peer pressure is, how<br />

it works and what you can do to stop it. Today’s lesson is on comparison and learning to like<br />

ourselves for who we are.<br />

Have you ever compared yourself to someone else? We all do. We notice who has the same<br />

color hair and eyes or how tall we are compared to other children in our class.<br />

Comparison is very normal and it’s a good thing. One of our greatest needs as people is to<br />

belong in social groups; we want to be liked by the people around us. To do this we compare<br />

ourselves to make sure our actions and appearance are similar to everyone else so we “fit in.” In<br />

fact, even adults compare themselves. Clothing fashions, hair styles, and language trends are<br />

formed as a result. Comparison helps people live in society together much like the members of a<br />

really big family, and that’s an awesome thing!<br />

Comparison becomes negative peer pressure when we exclude or do selfish things that hurt<br />

other members of our “Really Big Social Family.” Can you imagine having a family movie night<br />

and not letting one of your siblings watch<br />

because they laughed funny? We’d never do<br />

that, yet so many times, kids at school are made<br />

fun of for looking or acting different than<br />

everyone else. Comparison is good when it<br />

causes us to want to achieve greater goals and<br />

I’ll Be Me and<br />

You Be You,<br />

That’s What<br />

Makes Us <strong>Rock</strong>!

do our personal best. It’s good to be a team member, even wear the same team jersey, we just don’t<br />

ever want to lose our uniquely wonderful self in the process. The way you stop comparison from<br />

turning into negative peer pressure is to like yourself for who you are then work to be the very best<br />

you, you can be.<br />


Leaders don’t need to copy other people because they like who they are. This week’s challenge is<br />

to learn The Thankful Game. This game is super simple and will help you realize how amazing you<br />

are! Tonight when you go to bed I want you to wiggle your toes and consider how great they are. Did<br />

you realize you couldn’t keep your balance if you didn’t have toes?! Then, simply be thankful for<br />

them! Next, think about your wonderful, amazing feet! They are incredible! Think of all the things<br />

you can do because you have feet, then be thankful for them. Work your way up through your whole<br />

body. Your legs, knee caps, hips, spine, all your organs, eye lashes and ears…<br />

everything you can think of from your toes to your nose.<br />

Do this every night this week and continue to do it every night<br />

of this course. You will soon realize that you are<br />

incredible! Even iIf you never did a single thing,<br />

your existence is MARVELOUS!<br />

You are special indeed! You<br />

don’t need to copy anyone<br />

when you are great<br />

just the way<br />

you are!



Championeers! is a leadership-based, performing arts curriculum<br />

that empowers students to succeed in school while gaining skills for life!<br />


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