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Coombeshead Academy Aspire Spring 2017

Spring 2017 edition of the Coombeshead Academy Aspire magazine.


EXPRESSIVE ARTS A BRILLIANT COUPLE OF DAYS Our trip with the Performing Arts class to the Pineapple Dance studio in London was amazing. We met with a Dance Captain and started to learn the dance to Revolting children. I found this challenging as we only had a short amount of time to learn it but never the less I tried my best. We ran it a few times and moved onto our next dance which was a salsa routine. This was very sassy and quick. I had never done salsa before so it was an experience. Overall, the dances and experience were insane! Bozena Bond Year 12 The London trip was an amazing opportunity for us to experience. Watching professional shows helped us realise that this is what we want to do as a career. We were very fortunate to have a Q&A with some of the cast of Kinky Boots which gave us an insight into the industry we want to work in. Sofia Robbins Year 13 Every year the trip to London is renowned for being a brilliant couple of days, with this year being just the same! I thoroughly enjoyed London; we were extremely lucky to go and watch three incredible musicals and experience a theatre workshop. Being able to do things like this at our age is incredible and we are all so lucky that Miss Rogers has many West End connections, enabling us to get cheap tickets and an actual West End show experience. I would recommend it to anyone! Callum Beavis Year 13 I found this trip not only fun, interesting and a great way of bonding with new friends, but I also found it helped my Performing Arts in ways I didn’t think it would. Watching the three West End shows helped me gain a further understanding of what it takes to be in these shows and the calibre of the cast no matter what role. My favourite part of the trip was the Pineapple Dance workshop as we got to meet the Matilda Dance Captain and learnt dances from the show. I definitely recommend this trip to students and can’t wait till next year! Courtney Simmonds Year 12. 10 Aspire Magazine | January 2017

SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES ….A BEWITCHING MACBETH Coombeshead Academy received many congratulations on a ‘fantastic production’ from David Brook, Shakespeare Schools Festival Director. The students performed their interpretation of Macbeth at the Exeter Phoenix Theatre on the 15 th November. He highlighted the things that made the group stand out and how they had so wowed the audience, helping to make this Shakespeare Schools Festival night an evening to remember. This was a stunning and truly unique version of Macbeth, told through movement and dance. The cast really captured the emotional journey that the characters go through with the quality of their movement. He particularly loved the use of ensemble dance sequences to highlight key moments. These were done with an outstanding sense of unity which had the audience captivated. As the audience saw Lady Macbeth’s increasing frustration with Macbeth, and her growing madness as she tries to wash away the guilt, there were some beautiful moments used by the whole cast to embody her frustration, each executed with clarity and confidence. The production was bursting with creative ideas. The image of ravens around Lady Macbeth, the eerie chant “a drum, a drum”, and the fight scenes, were shown with violence and very precise, elegant choreography. The performance was brought to a thrilling climax as the audience saw how the witches consumed Macbeth’s thoughts, ending in an emotional, stark and powerful battle sequence. The whole cast were so focused throughout. They performed with pace which kept the audience on the edge of their seats as the chilling atmosphere built up. This was a collaborative, energetic, and powerful production. “It's a significant achievement to do something as difficult and aspirational as perform one of Shakespeare's plays on a professional stage. Everyone who has taken part should be so proud of themselves.” Ruth Brock, SSF Chief Executive Aspire Magazine | January 2017 11

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