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Coombeshead Academy Aspire Spring 2017

Spring 2017 edition of the Coombeshead Academy Aspire magazine.


CONTENTS 01 WELCOME Inspiring Excellence 03 TRUST NEWS Working Together 05 07 GREENING COOMBESHEAD Looking after our Environment SPORT & PE Outstanding Achievements 09 CAREERS DAY Making an Impact 11 EXPRESSIVE ARTS Leading and Inspiring 17 LRC Literary Corner 19 STEM Crescendo Project 21 FOOD & NUTRITION All Change 23 TEMPLER SIXTH FORM New Look 27 MFL Fantastique! 29 WORKING IN THE COMMUNITY Better then Ever 33 CHARITY Community Spirit 35 MY YEAR On Track for Success 37 NEW STAFF New Faces in Maths Editor: Vanessa New Design: Lynda Leyman Photographs: Jelly Images, Mary Hart & Staff contributions

INSPIRING EXCELLENCE Welcome to the Spring 2017 edition of the Aspire magazine. I hope you enjoy reading about all the wonderful opportunities available at Coombeshead Academy and the incredible successes that take place at the school on a daily basis. As Headteacher, I am immensely proud of the comprehensive education that our children receive through the support of our outstanding teachers, support staff, our parents and the children themselves. We continue to inspire excellence. Insiring excellence is not simply a strapline; it is not simply something that is seen in some aspects of school life, it is demanded of each and every one of us in every corner of this great academy. We continue to demand high expectations of the members of our community to ensure that academic outcomes continue to rise, and the young people developed within our school system, can ultimately leave us with confidence. The experiences that have shaped them and their personality will allow them to be successful contributors to society in the future. Embedded within our values of academic achievement, positive attitude, community, enrichment and endeavour, students at Coombeshead Academy experience outstanding teaching. Moreover, they invest hugely in both the school and local communities, making a positive contribution from the minute they walk through the school gates, from the age of 11 in Year 7. I believe passionately in the comprehensive state school system. The education and opportunities on offer at Coombeshead easily rival that of any school from any sector, locally and nationally. A quote I often use with our students sums up the ethos and aspiration that we hold for every child at our school. "Success is never final, failure is never fatal, its courage that counts," Should you wish to take the opportunity to visit the school and see what we do, share in those daily successes, and see the courage and resilience developed within our students, then please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a tour at your convenience. Thank you for taking the time to read this Aspire magazine, which captures the essence of what we stand for at Coombeshead Academy. Andrew Hulbert Headteacher Aspire Magazine | January 2017 1

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