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Coombeshead Academy Aspire Spring 2017

Spring 2017 edition of the Coombeshead Academy Aspire magazine.


FOOD FOR THOUGHT 20 Aspire Magazine | January 2017

ALL CHANGE 2016/17 has seen a big change in the Food curriculum for both GCSE and A Level choice. Students will no longer be able to choose Food Technology or Catering but will instead be able to opt for a new GCSE in Food Preparation and Nutrition. This is a significant change with Food moving away from the Design and Technology curriculum and becoming an individual subject in its own right that amalgamates the best aspects of the existing Catering and Food Technology specifications. At GCSE the course will require students to use a variety of practical cooking techniques to prepare and cook food, whilst gaining an understanding of the scientific principles behind food and nutrition. It allows students to release their creative flair by learning and adapting existing recipes in order to modify and improve their nutritional profile and sensory properties. This culminates in a three hour practical examination in Year 11 to showcase students’ technical skills. At A Level a brand new diploma will be offered. This is an exciting new course that will allow learners to gain a wealth of knowledge about Food Science and Nutrition. They will have the opportunity to learn about the relationship between the human body and food, as well as developing practical skills, linked to experimental work, and the cooking and preparation of food. There is a strong emphasis on practical work, making this an ideal choice for learners who prefer to learn by doing. We believe that food is a vital life skill that will enable students to feed themselves and others affordably and nutritiously, now and later in life. Mr Thomas and Mr Harding see the changes as very positive and are looking forward to working with students to create new and exciting products. Both have been very encouraged by the number of past students that have taken their studies further into the catering industry as well as at university. (Pictured left: ex student Gordon Stevenson). Aspire Magazine | January 2017 21

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