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Coombeshead Academy Aspire Spring 2017

Spring 2017 edition of the Coombeshead Academy Aspire magazine.


WELCOME TO THE NEW LOOK TEMPLER SIXTH FORM Our branding has changed and is now used on the Templer Sixth Form website, prospectus and in advertising campaigns. These changes have coincided with the creation of Education South West. TV JOURNALIST FOR A DAY A group of Sixth Form students were lucky enough to experience what a day as a TV journalist might be like, courtesy of Marjon The University of St Mark & St John in Plymouth. Students worked together in groups to prepare a news item, put the script on an autocue and then film an outside broadcast before seeing it all pulled together by the studio team. Year 12 student Daisy Boyd said “It was interesting to see how a news report is put together, and I enjoyed being in charge of sound. Playing a part in developing the story helped me with my journalism and writing skills.” So be on the lookout for some Coombeshead students as future news journalists, producers and newsreaders! VOLUNTEERING REWARDS Coombeshead students have been rewarded for their volunteering through the Vinspired organisation. Certificates were issued in the Autumn Term for 30 and 50 hours of volunteering. Opportunities for volunteering include supporting students within departments at school and being student ambassadors on taster days. This is an important part of a Sixth Form student's life at Coombeshead, helping to develop their interpersonal skills. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

INSPIRING AND THOUGHT PROVOKING In mid November Coombeshead students Years 12 and 13 attended the eagerly anticipated annual Exeter Cathedral’s Sixth Form Debate, now in its fourth year. This year’s debate chaired by the Reverend Kate Botley, from the popular television show Gogglebox, covered a number of topics; the role of news media as the Fourth Estate, media representations of minority groups, the position of religion in society today, the impact of grammar schools and calls for prison welfare reforms. The issue of whether gender can be understood biologically, or as a social construct, sparked particular interest and debate across all schools, as did the fallout of Brexit and the election of Donald Trump to presidency in the US. Special mention goes to the following students for posing thought provoking questions that stimulated a range of fascinating conversation: • Salwa Zayer asked, "Do UK citizens have a lawful responsibility to provide welfare to economic migrants from other countries? And at what point does this responsibility end?" • Ethan Heppell asked, "Does social justice campaigning and hate speech legislation threaten to stifle the principle of freedom of speech, especially on university campuses today?" • Josh Ford asked, "To what extent have political debates become about a cult of personality rather than rigorous philosophical discourse?" SOCIOLOGY IN ACTION After a rainy 5am start to the day and a six hour journey to central London, Ethan Heppell and Salwa Zayer took part in a cutting-edge day of Sociology, exploring social inequality, crime, education, identity and more. Speakers at the event included Professor Danny Dorling from Oxford University, a social geographer who explored the theme of social inequality and examined the effects of growing up and living in very unequal countries. Chris Greer, from City University London, then detailed various sources of knowledge about crime (official statistics, media representations, personal experience, amongst others) to help students consider the nature and extent of the crime problem, and the challenges facing policy makers who are required to provide solutions. Baroness Lawrence OBE, who became a campaigner after the murder of her son Stephen in a racist attack, engaged in a passionate discussion about recent reforms of the police service and police relations in inner city areas. Pamela Cox, Professor of Sociology and Social History at the University of Essex, discussed the changing nature of gender roles within the family and society. She focused particularly on the reasons behind the continuing pay gap between men and women in the workplace. Finally, the polarizing and always controversial, Peter Hitchens took to the stage. A prolific journalist, author and recipient of the Orwell Prize for political journalism, Hitchens pulled no punches in outlining how he thinks successive governmental drives for equality have destroyed quality in state schools. He then set out how he feels this disaster can be undone. His delivery and response to the largely working class cohort of students of various ethnicities was met with a good deal of vitriol and after a back and forth between speaker and the 800 or so students, Hitchens decided to leave the stage without completing his talk! Students left the event suitably fired up and inspired to further examine just how powerful and impacting sociological and political debate can be when theory and data meet the real world! TEMPLER SIXTH FORM Aspire Magazine | January 2017 23

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