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Coombeshead Academy Aspire Spring 2017

Spring 2017 edition of the Coombeshead Academy Aspire magazine.


ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOURSELF… Having been at Coombeshead Academy since the start of Year 7 I never even thought about going anywhere else for Sixth Form. I felt comfortable there and knew I would be supported throughout my A Levels. Teachers at Coombeshead do not just care about the grades that you achieve, they also care about each and every student as an individual. Someone is always on hand to offer advice and support which is important as A Levels are definitely a time when that is needed. Having decided I wanted to study Law at University I put myself under a lot of pressure to make sure this happened. The teachers really shared that pressure with me; I felt that they wanted me to go and achieve my goal just as much as I did. Without their support I am sure it would have been easier to give up. On A Level results day my first choice university had not provided me with an answer. Both Mr Whiffen and Mr Shanks were on hand straight away to contact them and find out what was happening. They spoke with me constantly throughout the day while I waited for the university's decision and was thankfully accepted. After leaving school the teachers still care, and they always want to know how you are getting on and what you are doing. On graduating with a First Class Honours from the University of Westminster, I went on to gain a Masters in Professional Legal Practice with Distinction from the University of Bristol. I am now working with a well-respected law firm in the South West. Coombeshead taught me to never give up and always aim high. Without that I would not have achieved what I have in the years since leaving school. My advice would be to always believe in yourself, only you know what you are really capable of; don't let the doubts or doubters get the better of you, A Levels are not easy but you can do it. Alice Darch INSPIRING OTHERS Lizzie Foster-Turner (nee Holden) left Coombeshead Sixth Form in 2012 to study Illustration at Plymouth University and has enjoyed success in her field, having her work published. She returned to work with Sixth Form artists and illustrators on their A Level project work last term helping them to understand typography. Describing changes in the school Lizzie commented on the new facilities and how fabulous they are. In the future she would like to expand her existing Illustration business and be involved in encouraging creativity. The Art staff are very grateful to Lizzie for giving up her time to come back to Coombeshead and run such a useful and engaging workshop for current students. 24 Aspire Magazine | January 2017

POST 16 ALUMNI Kerrie Spicer Kerrie said she was a dedicated student, a bit of a ‘boffin’ in her own words. She was on the Student Council, volunteered and was lethal with a hockey stick. Based at College House for her time in the Sixth Form, she took Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology and studied Podiatry at the University of Plymouth. She graduated in 2009 and was unsure as to where to go next. Kerrie ended up in London and worked at Guys and St. Thomas’s Hospital, at that time as a ‘general dogsbody’. She was persistent and moved around hospitals. At Great Ormond Street she saw complex surgical procedures on club feet and hip operations. She worked at Barts and The Royal Free Hospital and experienced working with amputee rehabilitation at Lambeth Community Hospital with soldiers returning from Afghanistan. Kerrie also worked with diabetic and meningitis patients. Her research has been published in three medical journals. With a young daughter she now works at Torbay Hospital and has completed a second Masters Degree in Pharmacy and Pharmacology. She is now undertaking a PhD in microbial resistance but is mindful of the great support she had whilst at school at the start of her academic journey. Aspire Magazine | January 2017 25

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