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Coombeshead Academy Aspire Spring 2017

Spring 2017 edition of the Coombeshead Academy Aspire magazine.


MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGES BACK TO PEN AND PAPER This term students in Year 7 French have started writing letters to students of their age who live in Brittany, France. The students are really enjoying this penpal experience as they are forming new friendships across the English Channel; it makes language learning much more real! Here are some comments that illustrate their positive feedback: • We are lucky to get to communicate with people from another country – we learnt a lot from them. • It is a fun way to practise French! • My penfriend has the same interests as me, perfect match! • It is also cool to know that we are helping the French students improve their English. • Fantastique! 26 Aspire Magazine | January 2017

IN AT THE DEEP END BUT SWIMMING This year the Modern Foreign Languages department have had several new Language Leaders. Their first term was very busy as they settled into their new roles. Thankfully, the Year 11 students did an excellent job in training the new Year 8 recruits, giving them plenty of tips on how to be a successful Language Leaders! They were thrown in at the deep end in September with having to organise and help out with teaching lots of different languages to our Year 7 students as part of our European Day of Languages celebrations. They have also taken over from the Year 11 students in running primary workshops, leading their first event in November. They used several different strategies to teach the colours in French to primary pupils from various different schools. The primary pupils thoroughly enjoyed themselves and all went home with a certificate and some lovely colour-by-numbers pictures that they had completed. Later in the Autumn Term the Language Leaders ran a stall at the Christmas Fayre. To win the many prizes on offer, all the students and staff had to do was to stick a big, curly moustache on Mr Hulbert! Intrigued? The photo says it all! BOOK YOUR PLACE ON AN EXCHANGE In Modern Foreign Languages we are already really busy organizing our Exchange trips to France and Spain in the Spring term of 2017. Our students are already very excited at the prospect of meeting their exchange partners. Do not worry if you have missed this year's trips, we will be visiting again in 2018. Watch this space! LUNCH CLUB Students have been visiting different countries at the new lunch club 'Around the World in 30 Lunchtimes'. Brazil, Japan, Egypt, Germany... are some of the places we have visited so far so our passports are getting filled very quickly. In the New Year we plan to visit Bangladesh, South Africa, China, Algeria... and many more countries. Come and join us on this journey. Aspire Magazine | January 2017 27

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