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PUSO Binder

Table of Contents Tab

Table of Contents Tab USO/AUSO Appointment Letter 1 Domestic Controlled Access (DCAA) & Designated Unclassified Space (DUS) Memorandums 2 USO/AUSO Security Requirements 3 Office Security Orientation and Acknowledgement 4 Assessment Results 5

Security Requirements USO Responsibilities are in 12 FAM 512.1-5 and 12 FAM 563.2. As a security representative, you are responsible for ensuring classified information in your space is properly handled. In the execution of these duties, USO and AUSO will perform the following duties: 1) Assists in the general administration of the security program within their assigned office. 2) Ensure the marking of all computer equipment, printers, fax machines, and laptops to show the highest classification of information processed using approved classification labels per 12 FAM 262.1-5. 3) Maintains the following documents: a. SF 700, Security Container Information – Required to record the combination to all locks guarding classified information and spaces where classified is maintained and/or processed. b. SF 701, Activity Security Check List – Used to record the end of day check. c. SF 702, Security Container Check Sheet – Used to record the daily opening, closing, and inspection of security containers. 4) Provide new employees an office security orientation brief. The link below is a useful tool for USOs in the execution of their duties: https://intranet.ds.state.sbu/DS/SI/IS/APD/USO%20GuideBook/BSO%20- %20USO%20Security%20Guide.pdf SECURITY CONTAINERS (SAFES) Per 12 FAM 532.2-3 individuals with a security container must: 1) Use SF-700 to record combinations for all security containers storing classified information; section 2a is given to the USO for storage. 2) Combination Change Procedures: Per 12 FAM 532 – Combinations are to be changed for the following reasons: a. When a container is first used to store classified information. b. Upon the compromise of the container. c. Annually or upon the departure of a person with access to that container. d. When the container is taken out of service. Offices may forego changing combinations if they have a means to limit individuals’ access to the office after they move from a position requiring access to the security container. In order to comply with this requirement while reducing cost and time, the bureau will conduct an annual access audit, per 12 FAM 532.

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