March 2017 issue



VOL 41 No 7 MARCH 2017

March 12th

T S - M 2017


T S - M 2017 — V. 41, N. 7


The Guelph/Wellington Seniors Association

A non-profit organization based at the

Evergreen Seniors Community Centre

Webmaster — Ross Knechtel

Directors & Officers

Dorothe Fair — President

Ken Chupa — Vice-President

Jennifer Blackie — Secretary

Gerry Schinck — Treasurer

Judith Carson Doris Thornington

Gail Moore Kerry Detlor

Jean McClelland Tony Pellizzari

Ross Coulter

The Sentinel Team

Carol Croft — Team Leader,

Adminstrator, Printer

Linda Green — Editor, Printer

Jenny Whiteside — Staff Writer

George Hughes, Ken Pagniez,

Susan Neilson — Printers

George Smith — Delivery

Don Hillman — Mentor

GWSA Community Support Services Staff

Maryanne Wilford — Manager

Pat Gage — Administrative Assistant

Margaret Iutzi — Move Well Co-ordinator

Molly Roberts — Eat Well Co-ordinator

Paula Frappier — Outreach Co-ordinator

City Staff

Wendy Kornelsen — Manager,

Volunteers & Senior Services

Tracy Benson — Customer Services Clerk

Jocelyn Pedersen — Recreation

Co-ordinator — Senior Services

Becky MacDonald — Recreation

Co-ordinator — Volunteers

Jocelynn Desroches — Chef

Janice Walls — Assistant Chef

Kim Barton—Facility Maintainer

Audrey Pearl, Lorne Wollis — Part-time


Susan Neilson, Valerie Hawkins, Mary

Loudoun — Evening Reception

Lynne Briggs — Acting Manager, Recreation


All others working at the Evergreen

Seniors Community Centre are Volunteers.


A City of Guelph Recreation Facility run in

partnership with the Community Services Department

of the City of Guelph and the Guelph/

Wellington Seniors Association

683 Woolwich St., Guelph, ON, N1H 3Y8

Tel.: 519-823-1291 / Fax: 519-823-8972

Hours: 8:30 am to 4:00 pm M-F

(closed Statutory Holidays)

Read The Sentinel on our website,

ISSN: 0383 817X

President’s Message from Dorothe Fair

It's it SPRING yet ??

Before I share the latest GWSA

news, let me give you some very

startling facts from Weather Specialist

John Wilson.

If you feel you haven't seen the

sun in a very long time this year,

you're not wrong.

Waterloo/Wellington Region

saw less sunlight this January than

most of us can remember.

Facts are: The average amount of

sunlight in every January is 86

hours or 21 days of sunlight.

However, as of January 29, 2017,

we had only 12 hours of sunlight

or four days with sun. The reason

was milder temperatures which

resulted in lower cloud levels and

fog preventing the sun from

breaking through.

Many of us think we experienced

S.A.D. (Seasonal Affected Disorder)

this January, meaning that

without the sun there's no fun !!!

If you were craving the sunlight,

and when it occurred, you felt like

singing, dancing and smiling, you

understand what I'm talking about.

You know where I'm going with

these facts…it's just another reason

to "Be Active Get Involved

Make Friends" at the Evergreen.

Come in for a 'ray of sunshine'.

The smiles that greet you as you

walk through the door will warm

your heart and your soul.

Here's what's been happening at

the GWSA:

Further in the Sentinel is my

article on the presentation from

Guelph Hydro and the City of

Guelph hosted by the GWSA on

Jan.18. Almost exactly like taxes,

we all pay for hydro, so please

read the article and contact the

email or phone number to voice

your concerns about hydro rates,

delivery charges and the question

of whether to sell or hold onto

Guelph Hydro.

On Jan 27, Ken Chupa, Vice

President and Chair of Governance,

Wendi Hake, Financial Administrator,

and I attended the

Mayor's 'Reflections on Guelph'.

Mayor Cam Guthrie spoke to the

hash tag he's given to his vision of

#GUELPHPROUD. He listed why

Guelph is the BEST and why we

should all be PROUD.

Guelph is one of Canada's SAF-

EST cities and best places to live;

2nd highest full-time employment

rate in Canada; 3rd best city to

raise a family; 4th best large city

in Canada to start and grow a

business; 9th most followed city;

16th most liked city; one of the

top 10 best places for new Canadians

to live.

I spoke to Cam at the end of his

presentation and asked him if he

would be available to present his

Address to our GWSA members

at the Evergreen Centre and he

was very receptive. He recognizes

the senior population is growing

exponentially and with our growth

comes our desire to share both our

concerns and our praise for this

wonderful City of Guelph.

Watch for this event in the next

few months. We will advertise in

the Sentinel, website and through

the Activity Group Leaders.

During January, a small subcommittee

of the Board worked

on two new policies which I presented

to the Program Committee

on Feb 2 and to all the Activity


They are: 1. ‘Accident/Incident

Reporting’ policy and,

2. ‘Behaviour Management’ policy.

The B.M.P. is still in 'draft'

form but it has been presented to

the Activity Group Leaders who

(Continued on page 10)

Do you like what you see here in The Sentinel? Stop by the Evergreen Seniors

Community Centre at 683 Woolwich St. to get more! Single issues (or an extra

copy) are available at the Front Desk at the cost of $3.00 each + HST.

T S - M 2017


THE EDITOR’S PAGE by Linda Green



While all Canadians need to be

alert and aware when it comes to

fraud, seniors are especially vulnerable

to fraudulent scams and

schemes. Financial fraud directed

at seniors has been on the rise in

previous decades, and new technology

has given rise to many

new scams.

Why Seniors Face a

Greater Risk

So why is it that seniors are

more vulnerable to fraud than

younger Canadians? There are a

few reasons:

They often have significant

sums of money in savings and

equity; and they are less savvy

when it comes to newer technologies,

such as the Internet and

smart phones.

More Canadians are retiring early

and living longer. This means

that seniors are more often alone

with time available for reading

mail, taking phone calls, or responding

to online deals or offers.

With the increase in life expectancy

and the cost of living, there

may be greater concern about having

enough money – when an easy

money-making solution is presented,

it can appear very attractive.

A tendency to be more trusting

as well as less mobile can make it

easier for fraudsters with a friendly

face or voice to strike up a conversation

and access key information.

Statistically speaking, the types

of financial scams are more likely

to be unreported, which minimizes

risk for the perpetrators. Seniors

who fall victim to these predators

are at significant financial risk, as

they have neither the time nor the

resources to recoup major losses.

Both wealthy and low-income

seniors are targeted by these criminals,

and in many cases the perpetrators

are actually family members

such as adult children, grandchildren

or nieces and nephews.

While it is impossible to list all of

the potential scams seniors are vulnerable

to, the list on page 12 contains

some that are particularly


Don’t Be a Victim

The best way to avoid becoming a

victim of one of these scams is to

be aware that they exist. Seniors

can be quite trusting, as many of

us grew up in a world free of the

dangers that exist today. Knowing

about the risks empowers us to

make smarter decisions and avoid

being taken advantage of by unscrupulous


Special Printing For Members

Do you have a need for printing (i.e. bookmarks, booklets, calendars, dinner

menus/programs, club by-laws, annual reports), large or small quantities,

black & white print (5¢ per page) or colour (25¢ per page)?

If so, please contact Carol Croft or Linda Green, either in the Sentinel office

(we’re not here all the time, though) or by email at,

or leave a message at the front desk. You must be a GWSA

member to take advantage of this.

We will try to accommodate you with your project as much as we can.


To donate easily, with a credit

card, visit our website

and click on the

‘Donate’ button or call:


March 1, 2017, is the deadline for

submissions for the

April 2017 Sentinel.

Email submissions to:

or drop yours off at the Evergreen Front Desk.

Distribution of the April issue

is on March 30, 2017.

Editor is not responsible for quality of submitted photos

(but we’ll do our best).

T S - M 2017 — V. 41, N. 7

Evergreen Restaurant - March 2017


The Evergreen Restaurant is open to the public

and serves a large variety of menu items that are

available from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm, Monday to

Friday (except holidays):

Breakfast Foods

Homemade Soups

Bakery Items




The daily featured Lunch is served from 11:30 am

to 1:00 pm and the menu is below. Take-out is

available for your convenience.

Our goal is to provide balanced, nutritious meals.

We provide great quality, while keeping costs reasonable.

The tremendous support of volunteers in

the restaurant help us achieve this goal.

Featured Hot Lunch

$6.95 + tax

Each hot lunch is served with 2 sides to ensure a

balanced nutritional meal.


We offer free delivery to the following adjacent

apartments —Riverside Gardens, Riverside Residences

on the Park, The Driftwood, and The Diplomat,

provided we get the order by 9:30 am the

day the delivery is required. Please call 519-823-

1291 x2696 to order.


Catering is available by special order: Hot/cold

drinks, sweet trays, sandwiches, etc. Please have

your order to the customer service clerk in the

office at least 48 hours prior to your event. This

allows staff to ensure that your catering needs will

be met. Thank you for your co-operation in this


FEATURED LUNCH served 11:30 am to 1:00 pm

All menu items available 8:30 am to 1:00 pm

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


free options are

available daily.

Please enquire

with the Chef.


Beef Rouladen


Veal Parmesan


Meat Pies




Roast Pork




Roast Chicken


Fish & Chips


Turkey Dinner


Hot Hamburgers


Stuffed Sausages

& Sauerkraut


Chicken a la King






Pork Chops


Cabbage Rolls


Baked Ham


Swiss Steak


Stuffed Chicken




Liver & Onions or

2nd Choice


Roast Beef


Pork Schnitzel

T S - M 2017


Volunteer Corner from Becky MacDonald

Volunteering creates a lasting legacy

that transforms the lives of the

people who volunteer and the people

that benefit. To celebrate the

150th Anniversary of Canada, we

invite all Canadians to give 150

hours of your time during 2017

and give back to your community

and your country by making a difference

in people’s lives. Register

for the Challenge by signing in to

our 150 for 150 on-line platform

and mobile app provided by Volinspire

and share your volunteer stories,

track your volunteer hours,

create your volunteer profile and

hear about what others across the

country are doing to meet the


2017 Volunteer Awards:

Volunteers are the heart of the

centre and are greatly appreciated

beyond words. If you have someone

in mind and would like to

nominate a volunteer for an award

for all their hard work, dedication

and passion, please speak to Becky

in the main office or to the Volunteer

Advisory Committee (2nd

Wednesday morning of every

month) for more information and

how you can nominate a fellow


T S - M 2017 — V. 41, N. 7


By 2031, Guelph’s population is

projected to be 175,000 with

57,000 people over the age of 55.

The City’s Age Friendly Guelph

(AFG) is recruiting volunteers in

three main areas:

-AFG Leadership Team


-AFG Supporting Roles

-AFG Operations

Three areas:

The AFG Leadership Team is

recruiting members with experience

and expertise to lead, uphold

and advocate for the achievement

of vision and goal of the Older

Adult Strategy, by coordinating

the implementation of the Strategy’s

prioritized recommendations.

AFG Supporting roles:

Working Group members are being

recruited to assist with the implementation

and hands-on guiding

of the 8 domain working

groups (outdoor spaces and buildings,

transportation, housing, social

participation, respect and social

inclusion, civic participation

and employment, communication

and information, community support

and health support).

We are also seeking AFG Ambassadors

willing to support targeted

projects and share specific expertise

to sustain the Strategy.

AFG Operations:

To help support the work of Age

Friendly Guelph, we are recruiting

in the following key operations

volunteer roles to help sustain this

movement: Event Logistics Organizer(s),

Volunteer Resources, Administrative

Resources, Marketing

& Promotions Organizer(s), and

Photographer, will guide, support

and work with the AFG Leadership

Team and Working Groups.

For more information on how to

become a volunteer with Age

Friendly Guelph or any of the current

roles with the committees,

please speak to Becky in the main



The Variety Show Committee is

looking for volunteers who are interested

in joining a fabulous team

of volunteers. The following areas

are in need of support and the time

commitment will begin in the fall

leading up to the performance in


Decorations – Volunteer(s) needed

to organize and decorate the

auditorium the week of the variety

show. Review inventory, purchase

new materials/decorations if required

following the approval of

the committee.

Parking Attendants – Volunteers

needed to dress warm and to be

outside in the main parking lot directing

traffic and assisting patrons

in and out of vehicles before and

after the show for all three days

(Thurs, Fri and Sat).

Hospitality Volunteer - Do you

like to plan socials? A volunteer is

needed to plan and organize the

snacks and refreshments for the

show, coordinating with the Chef

in the Evergreen kitchen.


Computer Mentors:

Computer Mentors are needed to

assist someone with computer requests.

Basic requirements include

answering questions and assisting

with specific computer problems,

assisting with Windows operating

system, basic operations of a com-

(Continued on page 7)

Program Manager, Senior Services from Wendy Kornelsen


It’s a bright, sunny day and there is

a spring in everyone’s step.

Spring/Summer registration begins

Wednesday, March 1st, at 7:30

am. You can register at the same

time for programs offered in both

the spring and summer session. It

is a good idea to register as early

as possible to reserve your spot in

a program. Registration can be

done in person, over the phone, or

on the web. If you need assistance

with your registration, please contact

Tracy at 519-823-1291 x2454.

If you have retired, or are planning

for retirement, mark your calendar

for March 9th and attend the Retire

in Style Information Fair between

11:30 am and 3:00 pm, in

the Auditorium at Evergreen.

Representatives from services,

programs and products geared specifically

to older adults will all be

in one location. This is a ‘one stop

shopping’ opportunity. It is a great

place to begin conversations regarding

your needs and learn more

about what the community has to

offer. Of course, there will also be

some great door prizes.

Our annual Indoor Garage Sale is

Saturday, April 22nd, 8:30 am -

12:30 pm. Tables are available for

rent. This a also a great day for

some shopping - the sun is always

shining in the Evergreen Auditorium.

Free admission.

There are many programs offered

this spring and summer. Here are

the highlights of a few:

Physically active courses ranging

from Qi Gong, to Strength

Training, and Pickleball

Consider taking up tennis at

one of our outdoor courts

(page 75 of the Community


Exercise your soul in our

Mindfulness Meditation class

Find your inner artist in a calligraphy

class, or perhaps pastel

painting or portrait drawing

and painting is something you

have always wanted to try

We offer a wide variety of

computer courses - Facebook,

Word, Skype

Learn what to look for when

purchasing a cell phone in our

Smartphone workshop

Travel to Italy…well, to the

kitchen for A Taste of Italy

cooking class

If you have a great idea for a

course, please speak to Jocelyn


(Continued from page 6)

puter (emailing, browsing the internet,

MS Word and handling digital

photographs, tablets and


Travel Committee:

Travel Club is looking for new

members to assist on the committee

with organizing, booking and

hosting monthly trips for the

GWSA members.

Do you enjoy taking minutes? The

Travel Club is looking for an individual

to assist the club with the

secretarial work, taking minutes at

the meeting and distributing them

to the committee members.


Sentinel Drivers: The Sentinel is

recruiting individuals to deliver the

monthly Sentinel to members of

the GWSA on the last Thursday or

Friday of the month. You would be

delivering to the same individuals

on a monthly basis, located in

same area of the city.



Seniors Offering Support Telephone

Visiting Volunteers:

Help brighten another senior's day

by making a telephone visiting call

from your home to theirs. Scheduling

and time commitment are

flexible according to your availability.

If you are interested in volunteering

in any of the areas listed above

and joining the dynamic team,

please contact Becky MacDonald

in the office for more information

and to get started with your volunteering

experience. Ph. 519-823-

1291 Ext. 2096 or by email at

T S - M 2017


Administraon Office — 519‐837‐5696

Guelph Parkinson’s Support Group

Parkinson's disease (PD) is a chronic

and progressive movement disorder,

meaning that symptoms continue and

worsen over time. The cause is unknown,

and although there is presently

no cure, there are treatment options

such as medication and surgery to

manage its symptoms.

If you have been diagnosed with

Parkinson’s Disease, a Support Group

meets once a month at the Dublin

Street Church where you will find

others in the same situation as you.

Like you, these people have symptoms

that involve the malfunction and

death of vital nerve cells in the brain,

called neurons. Parkinson's primarily

affects neurons in an area of the brain

called the substantia nigra. Some of

these dying neurons produce dopamine,

a chemical that sends messages

to the part of the brain that controls

movement and coordination. As PD

progresses, the amount of dopamine

produced in the brain decreases, leaving

a person unable to control movement


CSS Spring Education Series:

Thursday, March 16:

Emergency Preparedness

Presenters: Paul Boshart, Community Paramedic Coordinator,

Guelph Wellington Emergency Medical Services;

Dave Elloway, Deputy Fire Chief, City of Guelph

Learn how to prepare for a natural

disaster as well as a medical emergency.

If you need to call 911, learn

what you can do to make your treatment

and transition to hospital a

smooth one.

Thursday, March 23:

Staying Power: How to Get ‘Fit’ for

Aging at Home

Presenter: Rachel Adelson, author of “Staying Power:

Age-Proof Your Home for Comfort, Safety and Style”

Learn how to actively work toward

staying safe, healthy and independent

through 3 types of fitness: physical,

mental and environmental. Rachel

will share surprising ways to get your

mind, body and home as ‘fit’ as possible

for aging in place.

T S - M 2017 — V. 41, N. 7

Your symptoms may be similar to

others that you meet in the Guelph

Parkinson’s Support Group or they

may be quite different. There are fifty

symptoms of Parkinson’s and thankfully

nobody gets them all.

Among these symptoms are:

- tremor of the hands, arms, legs, jaw

and face

- bradykinesia or slowness of movement

- rigidity or stiffness of the limbs and


- postural instability or impaired balance

and coordination.

Please take advantage of the opportunity

that is available here in Guelph

to join this amazing group called the

Guelph Parkinson’s Support Group.

For more information check out the

CSS whiteboard display during March

or go to the following link: http://



Thursday, March 30: Feeding and

Moving Your Bones*

Presenters: Molly Roberts, Program Coordinator, GWSA

CSS Feeling Better Eat Well, and Marg Iutzi, Program

Coordinator, GWSA CSS Feeling Better Move Well

Molly will share information about

osteoporosis and nutrition and how to

feed your bones. We’ll explore how

nutrition can help improve your bone

health and enjoy a snack for healthy

bones before the activity!

Marg will lead participants through a

series of Osteoporosis Canada’s Bone

Fit exercises. Please wear loose, comfortable

clothing, lace-up flat soled

shoes and bring a water bottle. A

handout of the exercises will be provided

at the completion of the session.

*Please note - registration for

this session is limited to 40 participants.

All sessions start at 10 a.m. in Room 3, Evergreen Seniors Community

Centre. For more information and to register, please contact Pat Gage

519-837-5696 or

Utility Bills too High?

We have a Plan!

eMERGE Guelph

1:00 pm March 1, 2017

Location: Evergreen Seniors

Community Centre, Room 3

No need to register for this

free event.

Diabetes Support Group

Many thanks to Mike Abdelmalak,

pharmacist and Certified Diabetes Educator

from the Royal City IDA on

Gordon at Wellington who came to the

Diabetes Support Group in January to

share his knowledge of diabetes management

and medication. We appreciate

your taking the time to join our

group and share your resources with


All are welcome to join our Diabetes

Support Group facilitated by Registered

Dietitian, Molly Roberts. The

group meets on the second and fourth

Tuesday mornings of the month

(Room 2 from 9:00 - 10:00 a.m.) A

$2.00 donation helps support this great


Feeling Better Eat Well Program -

Donation Wish List

Do you have extra kitchenware that could

use a good home? Our Eat Well Coordinator,

Molly, needs some utensils at the

housing locations where she supports

good nutrition for seniors by cooking

healthy foods with them. Please drop by

or call the CSS office (519-837-5696) if

you would like to donate any of your previously

loved supplies. Here's our wish


4 medium to large pots with a heavy

Bottom - something you could make a

stew or chili in or cook pasta for 6 or 8


3 to 4 coffee mugs

5 medium-sized mixing bowls

2 water pitchers

3 colanders

8 forks

8 spoons


T S - M 2017


(Continued from page 3)

T S - M 2017 — V. 41, N. 7

have had an opportunity to comment

and make suggestions. Implementation

of both policies will

begin during the month of April.

There's too much information in

each policy to put into my President's

Message, but I'm at the

GWSA most Mondays if you wish

to discuss the policy details. My

card is at the front desk with my

email and you can email me to set

a time to meet and chat. Also the

key person you can ask for clarification

is either your Activity

Group Leader or the Chair of the

Program Committee, Kerry Detlor.

Feb. 3, the GWSA members and

the community were fortunate to

celebrate the Chinese New Year

with the Guelph Chinese Seniors

group. This wonderful group volunteered

in our kitchen at lunch

time. They prepared their delicious

traditional meal of Chinese Dumplings.

Many thanks, Maryanne and

staff, for being the connection between

the GWSA and another very

vibrant Seniors group in our community.

To everyone...Happy Chinese

Year of the Rooster.

Feb. 15 was a true 'marathon' for

the Directors on the GWSA Board.

For two hours, Ken Chupa and I

took the Directors through the exercise

of setting a new Strategic

Plan for 2017-2020. The GWSA

revisits the Plan every 3 years to

see what has or has not worked and

what changes should be made

moving into the next 3-year

term. It's an exercise in Board evaluation

and visioning, along with

the GWSA Mission Statement and

our tag line of "Be Active Get Involved

Make Friends” The Strategic

Plan sets the priorities and

goals for the GWSA based on the

resources that are available. Our

most important and vital resource

for sustainability and future growth

is our PEOPLE.

The GWSA volunteers are the

strength and driving force that

make this Association the only one

in the Province and, we think, in

Canada, that operates solely on the

commitment and dedication of individuals

who give countless hours

of their time to make the GWSA

the greatest place for Seniors to be.

This message is a little longer

than usual but I had a lot to share.

Thank you to those who've told

me they enjoy getting all these details

in my message.



A careless word may kindle

strife. A cruel word may wreck a

life. A timely word may level

stress. But a loving word may heal

and bless.

Take care dear friends: enjoy

your GWSA every day…it's here

for YOU !!!




On Wed., Jan. 18, the GWSA Book Nook was a

buzz of activity. GWSA members and community

friends came to hear about the future of Guelph Hydro

and take advantage of an opportunity to express

their concerns about Hydro rates.

The GWSA was contacted in early January by

Kelly Guthrie, Community Engagement Coordinator

from the City of Guelph, asking if we would

host a presentation with a question and answer session

on "Energizing Tomorrow". Representatives

from the City and Guelph Hydro were taking an information

session to the community to discuss urgent

Guelph Hydro issues.

Specifically, the issues involve the 'risks and benefits'

associated with:

1. Maintaining full ownership of Guelph Hydro

2. Buying another electricity utility

3. Merging with another utility

4. Selling some or all of Guelph Hydro to a public

or private organization.

At the end of the question and answer period, we

were given questions from the City of Guelph regarding

the criteria we feel are most important when

it comes to Guelph Hydro.

There were 13 criteria and I've listed a few examples


1. Protect consumers with respect to electricity distribution


2. Meet or exceed current quality, safety and reliability

of service.

3. Encourage use and generation of electricity from

renewable sources.

Guelph Hydro was represented by Sandy Manners,

Director of Corporate Communications and

Pankaj Sardana, Guelph Hydro CEO. Mr Sardana

gave an excellent overview of the issues and

stressed the various ways we as citizens can make

our concerns known and our voices heard.

His topic "What do people need to know about

Energizing Tomorrow” was very informative.

It was a very informative and beneficial presentation

for Guelph Hydro customers, shareholder (the

City of Guelph) and the community as a whole.

Please contact for more

information about the 'options, background, quick

facts, questions the community has been asking for,

and the answers the City and Guelph Hydro have

been giving to the residents'.

Here's an excellent opportunity to express your

opinion…take advantage of it. Seniors have to advocate

when they believe a change is necessary.

Your response and opinions are time sensitive. The

City will be making their decision in the next

month. Call the City of Guelph for more information

at 519-822-1260 x3481.

Your GWSA Board is planning to host more of

these community-based focus groups in the future;

please check our website for upcoming events.

Dorothe Fair

GWSA President

T S - M 2017



Fraud can take many shapes, and

fraudsters are becoming more and

more sophisticated with their approach.

Here are a few of the most

common types of fraud that seniors

may be exposed to, with ways

to prevent it from happening to

you or someone you care about.

Theft by Power of Attorney:

Theft by Power of Attorney is

when the individual you’ve assigned

to take care of your finances

abuses their position. Power of

Attorney theft may involve stealing

money from a pension, taking

out a second mortgage, or using

credit cards for personal purposes.

Ways to protect yourself: If you

need someone to perform banking

activities on your behalf, speak

with your bank first and discuss

options other than sharing your

PIN. It’s also a good idea to set up

Online Banking (if you don’t have

it already) so that you can monitor

your transactions and accounts – it

will be easy to spot the fraudulent


Identity Theft: Identity theft occurs

when someone uses your personal

information – such as your

name, social insurance number,

credit card number – without your

permission to access your money,

obtain passports, apply for loans or

mortgages, apply for government

benefits and other crimes.

Ways to protect yourself: Identity

theft can happen anywhere – at

your mailbox, by email, over the

phone, from personal documents

you’ve thrown away, or from your

old computer hard drive. To prevent

identity theft, don’t throw

away paper bills and statements

without first shredding or cutting

them up. Also, don’t give out personal

information unless you’re

sure who you’re dealing with. It’s

also a smart idea to put a lock on

your outside mailbox.

Telephone Scams: There are

many different types of schemes

T S - M 2017 — V. 41, N. 7

and scams out there that prey especially

on seniors. Telemarketing

scams, fake charities and “too

good to be true” offers are some of

the most common – these fraudsters

will ask you to send cash to

collect a prize, make a pledge or

process a loan.

Ways to protect yourself: Never

give money or your credit card information

to someone you don’t

know – even if they sound like

they’re from an established organization.

Request additional information

to be sent to you, review it

with friends or family, or simply

hang up if the whole thing sounds


Credit Card Fraud: “Skimming”

is one form of credit card fraud

that takes place when someone

makes a counterfeit copy or transcribes

the numbers of your credit

card. This is commonly done at

restaurants where they have your

card out of sight and can write

down the numbers. Credit Card

fraud can also take place if you’ve

left your wallet or purse open

where someone can easily steal

your card(s).

Ways to protect yourself: Recent

introductions in technology will

also protect you – hand-held card

processing devices at restaurants

mean that you don’t have to leave

your card unattended, and Chip

and PIN technology means you no

longer have to swipe the magnetic

stripe on Point of Sale devices.

Just remember to protect your


Phishing Scams: Phishing is designed

to trick you into disclosing

your personal or financial information.

Often an unsolicited email

that “appears” to be from your

bank, asks you for confidential information,

claiming a computer


Ways to protect yourself: It’s important

to know that no bank or

store will ever ask you for your

password via email, so never respond

to these requests. If you receive

an email that has a sense of

urgency requesting personal information,

contact your bank to see if

the email is legitimate.

Ponzi Schemes: A Ponzi scheme

attracts investors by offering guaranteed

and unusually high returns,

based on short-term and often

complex investments. Returns,

however, are paid to the initial investors

from the funds of subsequent

investors – there is never

any actual profit earned. This

scheme requires a constant stream

of new investors.

Ways to protect yourself: Beware

of claims of guaranteed investments

with above average returns.

Ask to see written statements to

see underlying investment details,

and do a background check to see

if the individual or group who approached

you is licensed to sell


General Fraud Prevention


In addition to the protection

measures listed above, there are a

few things you can do to reduce

your risk of becoming a victim of


Use a secure computer or location

to conduct your banking. Memorize

your PIN and don’t share it

with anyone. Your bank will never

ask you what it is.

Routinely monitor your transactions

so you can quickly spot one

that looks out of place.

Be aware when using the ATM –

don’t let another customer distract

you, even if they tell you you’ve

dropped something. Keep your

eyes on the machine and your card

at all times.

Reporting Fraud

If you suspect your accounts or

identity have been compromised,

contact your bank immediately and

tell them what’s happened. They’ll

know what steps to take.

GWSA Groups & Activities Contact Information

You may be required to show your up-to-date GWSA membership card at any activity.



Evergreen Hallway

Ted Pritchard (519-826-6121)

Art Studio In 2

Evergreen Room 2

Ted Pritchard (519-826-6121)

Tues. Mar. 14 & 28 -

6:30 pm-9:30 pm

Wed. Mar. 8 & 22 -

1:00 pm-4:00 pm


Eleanor Stern (519-837-2702)

Mon. - 1:00-4:00 pm - West End

Wed. - 1:00-3:30 pm - West End

Tues. - 7:00-9:30 pm - E

Thurs. - 9:00 am-12:00 noon - E

Fri. - 10:00 am-12:30 pm - E

Sun. - 1:15-3:15 pm - E


Evergreen Room 4

Lionel Churchill (519-835-4155)

Mondays - 6:30-9:00 pm

Thursdays - 1:00-4:00 pm

6-H B E

Lionel Churchill (519-835-4155)

Every Wednesday 1:00-4:00 pm


Evergreen Board Room

Diana Cormier (519-780-2074)


Last Friday of month - 1-3 pm

B - W E L’ L

Ernie Gilliatt (519-827-1575)

Johnnie Hrico (519-821-8821)

Mondays - 12:45-3:15 pm

B - E

Evergreen Room 3

Tuesdays - 6:45-9:15 pm

Thursdays - 12:30-3:30 pm

Ernie Gilliatt (519-827-1575)


Evergreen Room 3

Conny Budarick (519-763-6651)

Fridays - 9:00-11:30 am


Ruby Brent (519-767-1954)

(Bunka B&B)

Evergreen Room 3

Wednesdays - 9:15 am-noon


Ken Fugler (519-767-0145)

Debbie Williams (519-820-7215)


Evergreen Hallway

Dave Wurr (519-827-1032)

Fridays - 9:30 am-noon


Evergreen Room 3

Gord Clegg (519-824-3293)

Bill Raffan (519-821-1607)

March, June, Sept. & Dec.

Second Monday - 7:00-9:00 pm


Evergreen Room 2

Judy Montgomery (519-824-8047)

Fridays - 8:30 am-2:00 pm


Evergreen Room 3

Elaine Miller (519-836-7874)

Audrey Young

Joy Halliburton

Tuesdays - 1:00-3:30 pm


Evergreen Auditorium - Stage

Ken Orchard (519-826-9335)

Margaret Waldron (519-836-8534)

Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays

10:00 am to 12:00 noon


Evergreen Room 2

Meet 2nd & 4th Tuesday

9:00-10:00 am

D (N)

Evergreen Dining Room

Jean Simpson (519-822-6193)

1st and 3rd Tuesdays - 1:30 pm


Evergreen Room 3

Sandra Rennick (519-824-2044)

Maureen Baird (647-519-2006)

Mondays - 1:00-3:30 pm


Evergreen Dining Room

Audrey Young (519-821-7471)

4th Wednesday monthly

1:30-4:00 pm


Evergreen Room 4

Ray Barnes (519-824-6004)

Fridays - 1:00-4:00 pm


Ken Hills (519-836-8414)

Mondays, May to September


Evergreen Board Room

Sharing Information about


Meet first Wed. of every month

From October to May

2:00-3:00 pm - it’s free

Call Marianne at 519-822-3946


Evergreen Auditorium

Margaret Waldron (519-836-8534)

Phyllis Carnochan (519-836-9415)

Mondays -

Beginners 9:30-10:30 am

Intermediate 10:45-11:45 am

(except Holidays)

Thursdays - 1:00-3:00 pm


Evergreen Hallway

Georgia Taylor (519-265-8816)

Tuesdays - 12:30-3:30 pm

Instruction available

T S - M 2017



Evergreen Board Room

Michael Buxton-Carr


Mon., Tues., Thurs.

(times as assigned)


Evergreen Room 4

Jean McClelland (519-763-4881)

2:30-5 pm - last Monday of month

$24.00 a year


Garry Dagenais (519-823-1172)

Neville Newman (519-400-9136)

Evergreen Centre

Tues - 9:00 - 12:00 noon

(all levels of play)

Friday -12:45 - 4 pm

West End Rec Centre

Tues - 12:00 noon - 4:00 pm

(advanced play)

Thurs - 2:15 - 5:00 pm

(all levels of play)


Evergreen Room 2

Beryl Drohan (519-827-0120)

June Gionet (519-766-7692)

Mondays - 12:30-4:00 pm


Evergreen Hallway

Paul Brummer (519-265-0629)

Linda Robinson (226-343-0426)

Thursdays - 1:00-3:45 pm


Jean Campbell (519-821-2695)

Veronica Fowler (519-836-4105)

Tues. afternoon - 1:30-3:00 pm

Wed. afternoon - 1:30-3:00 pm


Exhibition Park Arena

Corner of Exhibition &

Division Sts.

Saturdays - 8:00-9:50 pm

Sharon O’Sullivan (519-848-2084)


Evergreen Room 3

Arlene McEllistrum


Choir Director - Ann Sneyd

Pianist - Mary Lynne Woods

Fridays 1:00-3:30 pm


Evergreen Parking Lot by

The Enabling Garden

Shane Hamilton,


Cathy Densmore

Mondays from Jan. to March, 2017

8:00 am car pool at Evergreen

Centre to Blue Mountain

6:00 pm return to Evergreen


Evergreen Snooker Room

Doug Bolton (519-341-5105)

Daily - 9:00 am-4:00 pm

Tuesday - 7:00-9:30 pm

1st Thursday of every month

7:00-9:30 pm


Evergreen Auditorium

Gordon Field (519-822-4976)

Ursula Rodrigues (519-837-3782)

Evergreen: Monday -

3:30-6:30 pm

Wednesday - 9:00 am-12:45 pm

Saturday - 9:00 am-12:00 noon

West End: Friday - 1:00-3:45 pm

(WE - except July/August)


Evergreen Dining Room

Mike Rooke (519-824-2472)

Gord Knox (519-763-5795)

Tuesdays - 6:30-8:30 pm


April to October

Brenda Langham (519-836-8366)

Thursdays - 9:30 am-12:30 pm

Gord Clegg (519-824-3293)

January and February


Evergreen Room 2

Ann Peters (519-836-3554)

1st & 5th Wed. - 12:30-4:00 pm

3rd Wed. - 9:00 am-4:00 pm


Rm 2 West End Rec Centre

Nancy Baker (519-822-6653)

September - June

Tuesdays - 12:30-4:00 pm

Membership is $20.00


Rm 2 West End Rec Centre

Ross Hamilton (519-835-9181)

Jan. - June; Sept. - Dec.

Thursdays - noon-4:00 pm

Membership is $25.00


Evergreen Board Room

Ross Coulter (519-821-3993)

2nd & 4th Thursdays - 1:00 pm


Evergreen Front Desk

Anton Pavlis (519-823-4289)

T S - M 2017 — V. 41, N. 7

GWSA Group & Activity Reports

You may be required to show your up-to-date GWSA

membership card at any activity.


Art in the Hall

The Art in the Hall project is mandated

to display good art work in the

halls of the Evergreen Centre. The art

for March is produced by The Art

Studio in 2 Club (Feb 25 – April 1). If

you are interested in having your

work in a solo exhibition, or if you

are interested in having a few pieces

of your work as part of a group display

at the Evergreen Centre in 2017,

contact Ted Pritchard at 519-826-

6121 or by the

end of March, 2017.

If you are interested in sitting on the

Art in the Hall Committee for selecting

art for display at the Evergreen

Centre, and assisting with the hanging

of the art, also contact Ted.

Art Studio in 2

Art Studio in 2 is an art group working

out of Room 2 at the Evergreen

Centre on alternate Tuesday evenings

from 6:30 pm until 9:30 pm starting

the first week of the month and on

alternate Wednesday afternoons from

1:00 pm until 4:00 pm starting the

second week of the month. The artists

in this club choose their own media to

work with, examples of which are

acrylic painting, Bunka, drawing, pastels,

porcelain painting, printmaking,

stitchery/textile arts, watercolour

painting and others. Artists will need

to provide all the materials they need

to complete their work and be prepared

to share their technique and

insights with other artists. The membership

in Art Studio in 2 is limited to

24 and yearly membership costs

$27.00 including HST, in addition to

the GWSA membership. If you are

interested in joining Art Studio in 2

for 2017, contact Ted Pritchard at 519

826-6121 or:


The GWSA Seniors Badminton Club

welcomes all from beginners to experienced

and competitive players. Join

us as many as 6 times a week for

friendly, active games and competition

at two locations. We play at the

West End Community Centre on

Monday and Wednesday afternoons

at 1:00 pm. At the Evergreen Centre,

play is on Tuesday evening at 7 pm,

Thursday at 9 am, Friday at 10 am

and Sunday afternoons at 1:15 pm.

We do our best to keep members

alerted of any changes to our times.

You will need a racquet and indoor

court shoes with good grip to play.

Racquets are available at both centres

for short term loan.

Your membership fee covers participation

at both locations. The yearly

fee is $60.00. You must have an up

-to-date membership with GWSA to

be a member of our club. We allow 3

free visits to give you a chance to discover

if you are able and will enjoy

this very active sport.

For further information regarding

our activities and membership, you

are welcome to contact Eleanor Stern

at 519-837-2702 or

Bid Euchre

We play progressive style Bid Euchre

4-hand Monday evening 6:30 - 9:00

pm, Thursday afternoon 1 - 4 pm &

6-hand Wednesday afternoon 1 - 4

pm. Your first visit is free. There are

usually about 10 tables and we have

teachers if you need help. Come in

and enjoy a visit. GWSA membership

is not required to play your first few

times. For info: phone or text 519-835

-4155 or e-mail:

Book Club

Our group meets in the Boardroom on

the last Friday of each month from

1:00 to 2:30 pm.

In March, we will be reading The

Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey

Niffenegger. In April, we will be discussing

a variety of books that have

the word “Light” in the title.

The monthly fee is $3.00.


We invite all bridge players to come

and join us in a friendly game of

bridge. We play three times a week as


Monday at the West End in the Lions

Lair from 12:45 until 3:15 pm.

Tuesday at the Evergreen in Room 3

from 6:45 pm until 9:15 pm.

Thursday at the Evergreen in Room 3

from 12:30 pm until 3:30 pm.

We hope you will come out and

have a friendly game with us; we will

be delighted to welcome you.

If you would like some help so you

can enjoy the game, speak to Ernie

Gilliatt 519-827-1575, and it will be

provided on Thursdays.


Bunka embroidery is created by using

a unique combination of punch needle

and special silk-like rayon thread

(yarn). When completed, many pictures

resemble delicately shaded

paintings. In fact, the needle is held

and operates in much the same manner

as an artist’s brush or pencil. The

Bunka artist uses many different

stitch techniques in order to achieve

the desired effect of depth and interest

but unlike other forms of needle art,

there are no knots to tie and mistakes

are easily corrected. This group is for

all skill levels and meets every

Wednesday from 9:15 a.m. to noon.

Keep Calm and Canoe On -

Paddling With Evergreen

Canoeing and camaraderie – what

could be better? Consider joining

Evergreen’s canoe club and you can

experience both.

We canoe on Thursday mornings

from May to September. Our usual

outing is a two-to-three hour paddle,

usually along the Grand, but sometimes

on the Eramosa, Speed, Conestogo

and Beaver Rivers too. You

don’t need your own boat as the Club

owns six canoes, safety equipment,

paddles and life jackets. What you do

need is a comfort in, on and around

water, the strength and balance to get

in and out of a canoe and carry it to

the river (with 3 other people), ability

to paddle for 3-4 hours (with breaks),

a willingness to learn and a good

(Continued on page 16)

T S - M 2017


(Continued from page 15)

sense of fun and adventure.

Interested in finding out more?

Please join us at the Evergreen Centre

for a Meet & Greet on Thursday,

April 6th, at 6:30 pm and the following

three Thursdays (April 13, 20, 27)

for in-house basic training sessions.

You won’t regret your decision.

Computer Club

Next meeting is March 13 at 7 pm.

Meetings are now the second Monday

of March, June, Sept. and Dec. Meeting

topics are varied and of interest to

computer users. Any GWSA member

interested in computing is welcome.

Also, the Computer Lab is

open all day for free use by members

as long as there is no scheduled class

using it. Our Mentoring help sessions

are listed on page 28 of this issue.

Craft Group

Another month gone: time sure flies

when you are keeping busy. We have

had a wonderful end of the year. Our

sales have been over the top. In the

last 2 months of 2016, we sold $4,500

in our store. Thank you ladies for all

your hard work. Also, a big thank you

to all the people who support us by

buying and also donating all our wool

and materials. All the money made

goes to the GWSA funds.


If you enjoy a game of cribbage, join

us on Tuesdays at 1:00 pm. We have

a good time and everyone is welcome.


Dances at the Centre are:

Friday, March 17 ~

St. Paddy’s Day Dance

Friday, April 28 ~

Denim & Diamonds Dance


We are happy to announce our 2017

Executive and they are: President:

Ken Orchard; Treasurer: Janet Orchard;

Secretary: Margaret Waldron;

Program Committee Liaison: Barry

Scott and Sick Liaison: Audrey


High Scorers for January were:

Jacquie C. 222 out; Gord K. 140; Bob

McG. 135/222 out; Julius B. 135; Viv

T S - M 2017 — V. 41, N. 7

F. 134; Barry S. 133; Audrey B.

126/111 out; Rino F. 125; Janet O.

125; Brenda L. 125; Hester W. 125;

Fred L. 121; Derek C. 120; Terry S.

119; Ken O. 117; Tom D. 114;

Kathryn W. 109; Margaret W. 105;

Bob L. 102; Len P. 101; Grace C.

100; Barry P. 100.

At time of printing, there are no

cancellations for March.

At this time, we are mourning the

loss of our friend and fellow dart

player, Tom Donnelly, who passed

away on January 28, 2017. Our condolences

go out to his family.

Dominoes (new)

This club will meet on the first and

third Tuesday of the month in the dining

room at 1:30 pm. To start, they

will be playing Chicken Foot. Cost is

$1.00 per visit. For more information,

please contact Jean Simpson at 519-



In 2017, we will play on Mondays at

different courses around Guelph,

Cambridge and Kitchener/Waterloo.

We start up again in 2017 on Monday,

May 1. For information and/or to

register for golf, do so at the Evergreen

front desk as soon as possible

as the golf club has an almost full

membership of 300 golfers. Very

soon once we are full, we will be

building a waiting list. The executive

of the Evergreen Golf Club is looking

for new members to help organize the

golf. If you are interested, contact

Ted Pritchard at 519-826-6121 or

Ken Hills at 519-836-8414. The cost

to join the Evergreen Golf Club for

the 2017 season is $10.00 plus HST.

Line Dancing

Come dance with us all year long:

Mondays: Beginners 9:30 a.m to

10:30 a.m.

Intermediate: 10:45 a.m. to 11:45


Thursdays: 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

(Basic line dance experience recommended

for this class.)

Your first three visits are free, after

which the fee is $1.50 per visit.

Everyone Welcome

Into Focus Photography Club

Our planning is in place for an exciting

year ahead of us. Each month we

have a special theme that challenges

our members to get out and see old

things through new eyes. The December

theme was table settings and a

good variety of photos were captured

and placed in the Evergreen Restaurant

throughout January.

During February we displayed

photos that captured images of street

art, our January theme. Many of the

photos were shot while on vacation in

various places across the country and

around the world. On February 21,

we had our first field trip of the year

at the Butterfly Conservatory in


We are a friendly group of amateur

photographers with equipment ranging

from mobile phones and point

and shoot cameras to fancy DSLR

models. We share a common interest

in photography as a hobby and we

learn from each other. New members

are always welcome. If you are interested

in joining, contact Jean McClelland

by e-mail:


Pickleball is a sport in which four

players use solid paddles made of

wood or composite materials to hit a

perforated polymer ball over a net.

The sport shares features of other racquet

sports: the dimensions and layout

of a badminton court and a net

and rules similar to tennis, with a few


This sport is for people of all ages

who are looking for some fun, laughter,

socialization and exercise. It’s

easy to learn, but can be challenging

for those with a competitive nature.

All levels of skill invited. Pickleball

equipment is provided.


Shuffleboard will continue on Tuesday

and Wednesday afternoons from

1:30 to 3:00 pm.

The fees are $10.00 for the rest of the

year or $1.00 per visit. We hope everyone

will come and enjoy the

day. Instruction is available.

(Continued on page 18)



Callous and Corn Treatment

Nail Trimming

Fungal Nail Treatment




Cook & Housekeeper

available 2 days

a week.




T S - M 2017


(Continued from page 16)


The Silvertones Choir has been in the

business of singing for over 30 years

and it hasn’t lost its appeal and zap.

This mixed group of seniors shares

the love of singing - songs old and

new. They also love to entertain with

their singing and to spread cheer.

The choir is now preparing a brand

new repertoire of songs for their Sing

-Outs in local retirement and nursing

homes from February until May.

Locations for March are Riverside

Glen, Woodlawn Road, Guelph –

March 10 and Guelph Lake Commons,

Victoria Road, Guelph –

March 24. The new repertoire for

March is:

- Canada, This Land is Your Land,

Away From the Roll of the Sea, They

All Call It Canada.

- Singin’ in the Rain, Raindrops Keep

Falling on my Head, The Rainbow

Connection (Ann Sneyd and Mary

Lynne Woods) or Christina Karsten

on her guitar.

- Somewhere Out There, Somewhere

My Love (Doctor Zhivago) , Somewhere

(West Side Story).

- Singalong from the Sound of Music

including The Hills are Alive, Do-Re-

Me, Edelweiss and My Favourite


- Seventy-six Trombones, Go With a

Song in Your Heart.

2017 is Canada’s 150 th birthday and

this will not be overlooked. The choir

is preparing music to celebrate the

anniversary and looking forward to

being involved in some of the festivities.

For information on joining the

choir, please call Arlene McEllistrum

at 519-821-4332.


The Alpine (Downhill) Ski Club of

the Evergreen (Everwhite??) has been

skiing a couple of times in December

2016 and has been out several Mondays

in January and February 2017. It

costs $10.00 plus HST to join the

Everwhite Ski Club. It helps to own a

5-7 Pass purchased from Blue Mountain.

We ski every Monday at Blue

Mountain while there is snow. We

carpool by meeting at the lower Evergreen

Parking Lot by the Enabling

Garden at 8:00 am and return to

Guelph by 6:00 pm. Contact Shane

T S - M 2017 — V. 41, N. 7

Hamilton at 519-824-8001 for Ski

Club information.

Evergreen Snooker Club

Attention Members of the GWSA

who are interested in the sport of

Snooker. If you are interested in joining

the Evergreen Snooker Club or

even if you are interested in playing a

game or two, there is a way for you to

do so. To play as many as three times

without joining the Club, all you have

to do is come into the Snooker room,

tell someone you want to try a game

or two, drop a loonie in the red donation

box on the wall, and wait your

turn to start a game. If you have already

decided that you want to become

a club member, just indicate

your intention at the Front desk, pay

your annual club dues, and you are

ready to play at any time that the Evergreen

Centre is open for use.

The Evergreen Snooker Club has a

set of by-laws and regulations that, as

a member, you are required to adhere

to. You will find a copy of these regulations

in the Snooker Room and a

copy is available to download or print

on the Club’s website - https://

Don’t let our guidelines intimidate

you. We are all here for the same reason

- have fun, enjoy a game or two

of Snooker, meet new friends and

enjoy the comraderie of the men and

women that belong to our Club.

In the Club By-Laws, you will find


To enhance the quality of life for

members of the Club by providing

them with a location where they can

enjoy games of snooker, billiards or

pool with their fellow seniors.

You will also find a Code of Conduct.

There are seven items in the

code of conduct and Club members

are required to abide by them all at all


You will also find that there are

eight elected Members of the Club

executive who serve a two year term

and each member has a designated set

of duties to perform. The election of

officers takes place at the Club’s annual

meeting that takes place in

March of each year.


operates as a subsidiary of the

Guelph/Wellington Seniors Association.

Texas Hold’Em

Why not come out and have fun with

us? We are averaging about 16 players

a week and are situated in the Dining

Room. We charge $1.50 per week

and pretty well all of that goes back

to the GWSA. We play from 6:30 to

8:30 pm.

Each player starts off with $500 in

real casino chips and, as we do not

play for money, we work on a point

system; the one with the most points

each week is the winner. We play

until there is only one player left or

8:30 pm comes, whichever is first.

We will gladly teach anyone who

is interested in playing. Just follow

the laughter to find us.

We have about six ladies playing at

present and would always welcome

more; we do not want to become a

men’s club! Remember, you have to

be a member of GWSA to play.

Walking Club

Our walking season is over and won’t

recommence until April. However,

we will still be keeping in touch with

one another and our last winter social

will be held on Thursday, March 16,

in the Board Room at the Evergreen

Centre from 1:30 to 4:00 p.m. We

look forward to seeing you all there.

We are planning to have 2017 Registration

on Thursday, April 13, in

Room #2 from 1:30 to 3:30. Keep an

eye on April’s Sentinel for further


Watercolour Painters Club

The Evergreen Watercolour Painters

Club provides an opportunity for watercolour

painters to practice their

hobby along with others sharing the

same interest, while encouraging one

another and receiving information,

ideas and inspiration. While we do

not offer classes or lessons, we welcome

accomplished watercolour

painters. There is a small annual

membership fee and membership

with the GWSA is required. We meet

on the 1st and 5th Wednesday from

12:30 to 4:00 pm and 3rd Wednesday

from 9:30 - 4:00 pm in Room 2.


T S - M 2017


Order a Garden Fresh Box of fruit and vegetables. Please pay (in advance)

for your next order when you pick up your current order on the

3 rd Wednesday of each month from 12:00 - 2:00 pm in the Evergreen Foyer.

Small box of vegetables and fruit—$15.00

Large box of vegetables and fruit—$20.00

The Garden Fresh attempts to provide as locally fresh grown produce as possible.

Solutions on pg. 36

T S - M 2017 — V. 41, N. 7




“Our Young Seniors”

‘We’re not over the hill,

we’re just gaining speed!’

Mahoney, Patricia - March 5

Paul, Barbara - March 6 (79)

Hebert, Don - March 7 (73)

Wilken, Gerry - March 8

Hodges, Renie - March 9

Knapman, Daphne - March 10

Newman, Leona - March 10 (81)

Paxman, Len - March 13 (93)

Griffin, Olga - March 16 (70)

Gregg, Warren - March 16 (77)

Schepper, Ella - March 21

Christie, Edward (Ted) - March 22 (88)

Pagnan, Theresa - March 24 (67)



We would like to convey our condolences

To Association Members and their Families

T S - M 2017


Clubs and Drop-In Activities for MARCH 2017

R Register W West End Community Centre P Riverside Park Picnic Shelter

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Everyday Activities


Book Nook— Mon-Fri –


Aquatic Arthritic Relief

(West End Community

Centre) (519-837-5657)

Weekend Activities


9a-12p Table Tennis,

March 4, 11, 18

10a-12p Darts, March 4,

11, 18, 25


1:15-3:15p Badminton,

March 5, 12, 19, 26



9-11:30a Computer Free Time

9:15a-12p Bunka

9:30a-12:45p Table Tennis

10a-12p Darts

12:30-4p Watercolour Painters

1-4p 6-Hand Bid Euchre

1:15-3:15p Shuffleboard

1-3:30p Badminton W

2-4p Hearing Improvement


9a-12p Badminton

10a-12p Outreach

12-4p West Hills Arts W

1-2p Feel Better Move Well W

1-3p Line Dancing

1-3:30p Bridge

1-4p Bid Euchre

1-4p Scrabble

2:15-5p Pickleball W


8:30a-1:15p Crafts

9-11:30a Improving Bridge

9a-12p Chess

9a-4p Diabetes Clinic

10a-12p Darts

10a-12:30p Badminton

12:45-3:30p Silvertones

12:45-4p Pickleball

1-3p Computer Free Time

1-4p Friday Euchre


9:30-11:45a Line Dancing

12:15-3:30p Bridge W

12:30-4p Quilting

1-2p Feel Better Move Well

1-3p Computer Mentoring

1-3:30p Monday Euchre

1-4p Badminton W

3:15-6:30p Table Tennis

6:30-9:15p Bid Euchre


9a-12p Pickleball

12-4p Pickleball W

12:30-4p Cribbage

1-3:30p Mah Jong

1-4p West End Arts W

1:15-3:15p Shuffleboard

1:30-3:30p Dominoes

6:30-8:30p Texas Hold-Em

7-9:30p Badminton

7-9:30p Bridge

7-9:30p Snooker


9-11:30a Computer Free Time

9:15a-12p Bunka

9:30a-12:45p Table Tennis

10a-12p Darts

12:30-4p Art Studio in 2

1-3:30p Badminton W

1-4p 6-Hand Bid Euchre

1:15-3:15p Shuffleboard


9a-12p Badminton

12-4p West Hills Arts W

1-2p Feel Better Move Well W

1-3p Writers Club

1-3:30p Bridge

1-4p Bid Euchre

1-4p Scrabble

2:15-5p Pickleball W


8:30a-1:15p Crafts

9-11:30a Improving Bridge

9a-12p Chess

9a-4p Diabetes Clinic

10a-12p Darts

10a-12:30p Badminton

12:45-4p Pickleball

1-3p Computer Free Time

1-4p Friday Euchre

1-4p Table Tennis W


9:30-11:45a Line Dancing

12:15-3:30p Bridge W

12:30-4p Quilting

1-2p Feel Better Move Well

1-3p Computer Mentoring


9-10a Diabetes Support

9a-12p Pickleball

12-4p Pickleball W

12:30-4p Cribbage

1-3:30p Mah Jong


9-11:30a Computer Free Time

9a-4p Watercolour Painters

9:15a-12p Bunka

9:30a-12:45p Table Tennis

10a-12p Darts


9a-12p Badminton

10a-12p Education Series

12-4p West Hills Arts W

1-2p Feel Better Move Well W

1-3p Line Dancing


8:30a-1:15p Crafts

9-11:30a Improving Bridge

9a-12p Chess

9a-4p Diabetes Clinic

10a-12p Darts

T S - M 2017 — V. 41, N. 7


1-3:30p Monday Euchre

2:30-5p Photography

3:15-6:30p Table Tennis

6:30-9:15p Bid Euchre

7-9p Computer Club


9:30-11:45a Line Dancing

12:15-3:30p Bridge W

12:30-4p Quilting

1-2p Feel Better Move Well

1-3p Computer Mentoring

1-3:30p Monday Euchre

1-4p Badminton W

3:15-6:30p Table Tennis

6:30-9:15p Bid Euchre


9:30-11:45a Line Dancing

12:15-3:30p Bridge W

12:30-4p Quilting

1-2p Feel Better Move Well

1-3p Computer Mentoring

1-3:30p Monday Euchre

1-4p Badminton W

2:30-5p Photography

3:30-6:30p Table Tennis

6:30-9:15p Bid Euchre

1-4p West End Arts W

1:15-3:15p Shuffleboard

6:30-8:30p Texas Hold-Em

6:30-9:30p Art Studio in 2

7-9:30p Badminton

7-9:30p Bridge

7-9:30p Snooker


9a-12p Pickleball

10a-12p Outreach

12-4p Pickleball W

1-3:30p Cribbage

1-3:30p Mah Jong

1-4p West End Arts W

1:15-3:15p Shuffleboard

1:30-3:30p Dominoes

6:30-8:30p Texas Hold-Em

7-9:30p Badminton

7-9:30p Bridge

7-9:30p Snooker


9-10a Diabetes Support

9a-12p Pickleball

12-4p Pickleball W

12:30-4p Cribbage

1-3:30p Mah Jong

1-4p West End Arts W

1:15-3:15p Shuffleboard

6:30-8:30p Texas Hold-Em

6:30-9:30p Art Studio in 2

7-9:30p Badminton

7-9:30p Bridge

7-9:30p Snooker

1-4p 6-Hand Bid Euchre

1:15-3:15p Shuffleboard


9-11:30a Computer Free Time

9:15a-12p Bunka

9:30a-12:45p Table Tennis

10a-12:15p Darts

12:30-2:30p Outreach W

12:30-4p Art Studio in 2

1-3:30p Badminton W

1:15-3:15p Shuffleboard

1:30-4p 6-Hand Bid Euchre

1:30-4p Wednesday Euchre


9-11:30a Computer Free Time

9:15a-12p Bunka

9:30a-12:45p Table Tennis

10a-12p Darts

12:30-4p Watercolour Painters

1-3:30p Badminton W

1:15-3:15p Shuffleboard

1:30-4p 6-Hand Bid Euchre

1-3:30p Bridge

1-4p Bid Euchre

1-4p Scrabble

2:15-5p Pickleball W


9a-12p Badminton

10a-12p Education Series

12-4p West Hills Arts W

1-2p Feel Better Move Well W

1-3p Line Dancing

1-3p Writers Club

1-3:30p Bridge

1-4p Bid Euchre

1-4p Scrabble

2:15-5p Pickleball W


9a-12p Badminton

10a-12p Education Series

12-4p West Hills Arts W

1-2p Feel Better Move Well W

1-3p Line Dancing

1-3:30p Bridge

1-4p Bid Euchre

1-4p Scrabble

2:15-5p Pickleball W

10a-12:30p Badminton

12:45-3:30p Silvertones

12:45-4p Pickleball

1-3p Computer Free Time

1-3:30p St. Pat’s Dance

1-4p Friday Euchre


8:30a-1:15p Crafts

9-11:30a Improving Bridge

9a-12p Chess

9a-4p Diabetes Clinic

10a-12p Darts

10a-12:30p Badminton

10:30a-12p Food Tasting

12:45-4p Pickleball

1-3p Computer Free Time

1-4p Friday Euchre

1-4p Table Tennis W


8:30a-1:15p Crafts

9-11:30a Improving Bridge

9a-12p Chess

9a-4p Diabetes Clinic

10a-12p Darts

10a-12:30p Badminton

12:45-3:30p Silvertones

12:45-4p Pickleball

1-2:30p Book Club

1-3p Computer Free Time

1-4p Friday Euchre

T S - M 2017



held at the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre

unless otherwise indicated — call 519-823-1291.


Your Community Guide is available at the Centre and online at



55+ Ballroom Dancing

Get up off the couch and come out

and have some fun! In no time at all

you will be moving and grooving to

jive, waltz, cha cha, merengue, quickstep,

bachata and foxtrot music. Couples

and singles welcome.

Class length: 45 mins Classes:11

Fee: $72.60 Members,

$87.60 Non-Members

Tue Apr 11, 11:15 a.m. Code: 200383

Cardio Dance

This innovative, fun and exciting

dance fitness class is guaranteed to get

you moving into shape. This safe and

effective Total Body workout is specifically

designed for beginners and


Class length: 60 mins Classes: 11

Fee: $72.60 Members,

$87.60 Non-Members

Tue Apr 11, 2 p.m. Code: 200384

Celtic Dance and Beyond

Enjoy and learn the dances of the

Celtic nations of Ireland, Scotland,

Wales and Brittany. Also experience

the dances of other countries which

have been influenced by the Celtic

music, rhythms and dances. This is a

low-impact activity. No partners are


Class length: 60 mins Classes: 11

Fee: $72.60 Members,

$87.60 Non-Members

Thu Apr 13, 9:45 a.m. Code: 200385

Salsa Dancing

Experience the fun and exciting world

of salsa dancing! Your instructor will

take you through the basic steps and

choreography. A great way to stay in

shape and aid in mental health for

adults and seniors. No partner needed,

just a pair of comfy, non-rubber soled

shoes, and a desire to learn.

Class length: 60 mins Classes: 11

Fee: $72.60 Members,

T S - M 2017 — V. 41, N. 7

$87.60 Non-Members

Tue Apr 11, 6:30 p.m. Code: 201096

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga offers the same benefits as

other yoga practices, such as increased

flexibility, strengthening,

proper breathing and increasing

range of motion in the joints. Simply

use a chair to assist with postures!

Chair yoga is for everyone and especially

those who may have limited

mobility and/or are unable to get up

and down on a yoga mat. Postures can

be modified to meet students’ needs.

Please bring your own yoga mat to

class to be placed under your chair.

Class length: 60 mins Classes: 10

Fee: $71.00 Members,

$86.10 Non-Members

Mon Apr 10, 1 p.m. Code: 200387

Class cancellation: Apr 17

Classes: 11 Fee: $78.10 Members,

$93.21 Non-Members

Wed Apr 12, 9:15 a.m. Code: 200386

Gentle Yoga

This program is open to everyone. We

will explore this centuries old discipline

which brings health and vitality

to the body, peace to the mind and joy

to the spirit. Ability to move from

standing to lying on the floor needed.

Class length: 60 mins Classes: 11

Fee: $78.10 Members,

$93.21 Non-Members

Thu Apr 13, 6:45 p.m. Code: 200431

Classes: 10 Fee: $71.00 Members,

$86.00 Non-Members

Fri Apr 21, 10:30 a.m. Code: 200430

Intro to Fitness

This course will provide an introduction

to fitness for all body types and

fitness levels! The class will incorporate

cardio, strength training, flexibility

and stretching in a safe and accessible

environment. Become familiar

with all areas of fitness and the equipment

you can use to have an active


Location: West End Community


Class length: 50 mins Classes: 10

Fee: $60.90 Members,

$75.90 Non-Members

Mon Apr 10, 9 a.m. Code: 200434

Class cancellation: May 22

Intro to Mindfulness Meditation

Each class will consist of instructions

followed by a guided meditation and

then a period for questions. Participants

are welcome to sit on chairs or

on cushions. The course will begin

with attention to posture and the practice

of focusing awareness on the

breath, and then move to include

mindfulness of body, of thinking and

of emotions. Participants will begin

learning to notice the movement of

mind, how it shifts and changes, and

how to observe these changes skillfully.

The course is open to everyone;

however, those in the midst of extremely

challenging life circumstances

or experiencing moderate to severe

depression might benefit more by taking

the course at another time.

Class length: 60 mins Classes: 11

Fee: $77.00 Members,

$92.00 Non-Members

Tue Apr 11, 12:45 p.m. Code: 200435


Achieve better posture, balance, core

strength and everyday movement

through the exercises of Joseph Pilates.

Pilates can benefit everyone and

offers a refreshing change from the

traditional types of exercise. Please

bring a mat to the program.

Class length: 60 mins Classes: 10

Fee: $73.80 Members,

$88.80 Non-Members

Wed Apr 12, 1:15 p.m. Code: 200450

Class cancellation: May 10

Qi Gong 1 (Chi Kung)

This program is a Chinese blend of

exercise, stretching and meditation.

(Continued on page 26)


T S - M 2017


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The program focuses on ‘Eighteen

Postures for Daily Practice,’ a Qi

Gong set that integrates East and West

in a series of gentle exercises designed

to maintain and enhance

health. Adapting classical Qi Gong

forms, this style incorporates therapeutic

exercise, self massage and

meditation. Qi Gong 1 class focuses

on the core routines. Both Monday

and Thursday classes are suitable for

beginning or returning students.

Class length: 60 mins Classes: 10

Fee: $64.40 Members,

$79.40 Non-Members

Mon Apr 10, 10:30 a.m.

Code: 200451

Class cancellation: May 22

Qi Gong 2 (Chi Kung)

This program is a Chinese blend of

exercise, stretching and meditation.

The classes focus on ‘Eighteen Postures

for Daily Practice,’ a Qi Gong

set that integrates East and West in a

series of gentle exercises designed to

maintain and enhance health. Adapting

classical Qi Gong forms, this style

incorporates therapeutic exercise, selfmassage

and meditation. Qi Gong 2

class explores variations, including

qigong walking. Both Monday and

Thursday classes are suitable for beginning

or returning students.

Class length: 60 mins Classes: 11

Fee: $49.17 Members,

$64.17 Non-Members

Thu Apr 13, 11 a.m. Code: 200452

Strength and Balance

This beginner class will focus on fall

prevention, whole body movements

and balance. It is designed to improve

general mobility and overall strength

to make everyday tasks easier. Led by

two chiropractors from the Guelph

Chiropractic Health Centre; expect to

see improvement in posture. The class

presents an excellent opportunity for

beginners to start exercising with an

aerobic, strength and flexibility component.

Class length: 45 mins Classes: 10

Fee: $66.00 Members,

$81.00 Non-Members

Wed Apr 12, 12:15 p.m. Code: 200459

Class cancellation: May 10

Strength Training – Beginner

The beginner strength training class

T S - M 2017 — V. 41, N. 7

focuses on functional exercises that

include balance, flexibility and cardiovascular

movements. Exercises are

performed both sitting and standing.

Hand weights are used for strengthening

and toning muscles. Join us to

keep your body fit!

Class length: 45 mins Classes: 11

Fee: $66.99 Members,

$81.99 Non-Members

Tue Apr 11, 8:45 a.m. Code: 200457

Thu Apr 13, 8:45 a.m. Code: 200458

Strength Training – Intermediate/


The intermediate/advanced strength

training class focuses on a low impact

cardio warm up. This class performs

functional exercises that include balance,

flexibility and cardiovascular

movements. Exercises are performed

sitting and standing. A variety of

equipment is used throughout the

classes which may include bands, stability

balls and weights of your

choice. Join us to keep your body fit!

Class length: 45 mins Classes: 10

Fee: $60.90 Members,

$75.90 Non-Members

Mon Apr 10, 8:55 a.m. Code: 200455

Fri Apr 21, 8:55 a.m. Code: 200456

Class cancellation: May 22

Strength Training – Advanced

Come and challenge your fitness level

in the advanced strength training

class. Focusing on a low impact cardio

warm up, this class performs functional

exercises that include balance,

flexibility and cardiovascular movements.

A variety of equipment is used

throughout the classes which may include

bands, stability balls and

weights of your choice. Join us to

keep your body fit!

Class length: 45 mins Classes: 10

Fee: $60.90 Members,

$75.90 Non-Members

Mon Apr 10, 8 a.m. Code: 200453

Fri Apr 21, 8 a.m. Code: 200454

Class cancellation: May 22

Tai Chi – Beginner

Practiced by the Chinese for hundreds

of years, this non-strenuous exercise

is extremely beneficial to both mind

and body. An introduction to the first

moves of the Tai Chi Ch’uan will be


Class length: 60 mins Classes: 11

Fee: $86.90 Members,

$101.90 Non-Members

Wed Apr 12, 8:30 a.m. Code: 200460

Tai Chi – Continuing Level I

Continue to learn the complete sequence

of Tai Chi Ch’uan moves.

This program is suitable for anyone

who has completed Tai Chi Beginner

or has had previous experience with a

similar style of Tai Chi.

Class length: 60 mins Classes: 11

Fee: $86.90 Members,

$101.90 Non-Members

Tue Apr 11, 9:45 a.m. Code: 200461

Tai Chi – Continuing Level II

While knowing the sequence of Tai

Chi Ch’uan moves, Level 2 takes you

through the series of movements with

ease of flow for the routine. This level

is suitable for any participant who has

previously studied Tai Chi or has taken

Level 1.

Class length: 60 mins Classes: 10

Fee: $79.00 Members,

$94.00 Non-Members

Wed Apr 12, 10:45 a.m.

Code: 200462

Class cancellation: May 10

Total Body Conditioning

This Total Body Conditioning class

will challenge the active 55+ individual.

A cardio warm up will prepare

you for a resistance training, balance,

flexibility, core strength and floor

workout. The benefits of regular exercise

consisting of these major components

will improve your mental, physical

and emotional health, increase

your energy level to be able to carry

out daily tasks and reduce your chances

of osteoporosis.

Class length: 45 mins Classes: 11

Fee: $66.99 Members,

$81.99 Non-Members

Wed Apr 12, 8 a.m. Code: 200463

Total Mat Class

Join us for this class which focuses on

core strength while engaging back,

hips & shoulder strengthening exercises.

Learn breathing and stretching

techniques while exercising. Come lie

down and workout!

Location: West End Comm. Centre

Class length: 50 mins Classes: 11

Fee: $66.99 Members,

$81.99 Non-Members

Wed Apr 12, 9 a.m. Code: 200464

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Older Adults (over 65 years) needed for a

Food Survey Study

This study involves a detailed questionnaire that

explores topics related to food habits (90 minutes).

This study is from the University of Guelph and has been

approved by the University of Guelph Human Research

Ethics Board (REB16JL028)

If you are interested, please contact or

519-824-4120 x58081

Thank you

T S - M 2017


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Walking Class

Scheduled to take place outside with

indoor space designated for rainy

days, this class is a great way to energize

your day, stay active and fit.

Starting with instructor-led stretching

exercises and incorporating regular

and interval progressions, this fun

class is suitable for all fitness levels.

Benefits include improved balance,

co-ordination, and posture.

Location: West End Community


Class length: 60 mins Classes: 10

Fee: $60.90 Members,

$75.90 Non-Members

Mon Apr 10, 10 a.m. Code: 200465

Class cancellation: May 22

Class length: 60 mins Classes: 11

Fee: $66.99 Members,

$81.99 Non-Members

Wed Apr 12, 10 a.m. Code: 200466


Computer – ANDROID Tablets

During this private lesson, the instructor

will assist you with any problems

or concerns you have with your tablet!

Please bring your ANDROID tablet to

the class.

Class length: 60 mins Classes: 1

Fee: $30.45 Members,

$45.45 Non-Members

Thu May 11, 6 p.m. Code: 200391

Thu May 11, 7 p.m. Code: 200390

Thu May 11, 8 p.m. Code: 200393

Thu May 25, 6 p.m. Code: 200388

Thu May 25, 7 p.m. Code: 200389

Thu May 25, 8 p.m. Code: 200392

Computer - Email Basics

Are you new to email and want to

learn how to better communicate with

friends, family and even businesses?

Do you want to learn how to better

use your current email service? This

workshop will teach you how to use

an Internet-based email service to

send and receive messages, attach

documents and photos, as well as

identifying and avoiding email viruses.

If you already have an email account,

bring your login and password,

as there will be time to practice and to

have your questions answered. To get

the most out of this session, you

should know how to use a mouse.

Class length: 2.5 hours Classes: 1

Fee: $20.30 Members,

$35.30 Non-Members

Fri May 26, 9:30 a.m. Code: 200394

Computer - Facebook

Have you heard about Facebook and

want to learn how to connect with

friends, family and even businesses?

This workshop will teach you about

social networking using Facebook.

You will learn about key features including

how to log on, navigate the

website, find friends and family, edit

your online profile, as well as managing

your privacy settings. You will

also learn about advanced features

including messages and chat, creating

photo albums, joining groups, user

lists, and using the App Centre. The

session will allow for practice time

and an opportunity to answer your


To get the most out of this session,

you should already have a Facebook

account set up.

Class length: 2.5 hours Classes: 1

Fee: $20.30 Members,

$35.30 Non-Members

Fri May 5, 9:30 a.m. Code: 200395

Computers – File Management

Thought file management was just for

paper files? Think again! It’s just as

important to keep the files on your

computer organized and up-to-date.

Just as with paper files, the goal of

computer file management is to ensure

that you can find what you’re

looking for, even if you’re looking for

it years after its creation. This file

management workshop will help you

keep your files organized and accessible.

Class length: 3 hours Classes: 1

Fee: $20.30 Members,

$35.30 Non-Members

Tue May 30, 1 p.m. Code: 200396

Computer – Internet Basics

Are you new to the Internet and want

to learn more about going online?

Would you like to better understand

Internet jargon? Has using an Internet

browser left you frustrated and confused?

This workshop will guide you

through the Internet basics, including

how to use a browser, navigate websites

and use a search engine, as well

as understanding Internet jargon. This

session will also help you to identify

Internet threats and stay safe when

online. To get the most out of this session,

you should already know how to

use a mouse.

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All computer mentoring sessions are held on Monday afternoons from 1-3 pm for $3.00 for Members

and $5.00 for Non-Members.

Participants pay in advance at the registration desk.

** The Computer Lab is open all day for member use as long as there isn’t a scheduled class using it. **

Computer Free Time:

Every Wednesday morning

from 9:30-11:30 am,

and Friday afternoon

from 1:00-3:00 pm,

open to all members of the


free of charge.


Mar 6 195063 Mar 27 195070

Mar 13 195065 Apr 3 195069

Mar 20 195066 Apr 17 200408


Apr 24

May 1

May 8





T S - M 2017 — V. 41, N. 7


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T S - M 2017


(Continued from page 28)

Class length: 2.5 hours Classes: 1

Fee: $20.30 Members,

$35.30 Non-Members

Fri Apr 28, 9:30 a.m. Code: 200397

Computer – iPad

This course is to help the new Apple

iPad user navigate through the functions

of this type of tablet. Please

bring your tablet to class so you are

ready to get started!

Class length: 2 hours Classes: 2

Fee: $30.00 Members,

$40.00 Non-Members

Thu Apr 20, 6 p.m. Code: 200416

Computers - Let’s Get Started

This entry level course is for those

who would like to try computing at its

most basic level. Your instructor will

give hands-on experience while learning

at your own speed.

Class length: 2 hours Classes: 4

Fee: $65.24 Members,

$80.24 Non-Members

Tue Apr 25, 1 p.m. Code: 200398

Computer Maintenance and Peak


Is your computer running slow? Got a

lot of ‘garbage’ on your computer?

Need to understand antivirus software?

You can use your existing windows

software to clean that up and get

peak performance to keep your computer

running smoothly!

Class length: 2 hours Classes: 3

Fee: $42.63 Members,

$57.63 Non-Members

Thu May 4, 1 p.m. Code: 200399

Computer Mentoring

Just about everyone with a computer

runs into problems! Don’t struggle

when there is help available at these

weekly mentoring sessions. Volunteers

from the GWSA Computer Club

are available to assist you with your

specific problem areas.

Class length: 2 hours Classes: 1

Fee: $3.00 Members,

$5.00 Non-Members

See the box on page 28 for dates and


Computers – Skype

Learn how to set up Skype, add your

contacts and make your first call.

Learn how to change your settings to

private, block or unblock contacts,

T S - M 2017 — V. 41, N. 7

and view your history. Communicate

between computers. Talk to anyone

on Skype, anywhere in the world, free

with a Skype-to-Skype call.

Class length: 2 hours Classes: 2

Fee: $30.45 Members,

$45.45 Non-Members

Wed May 31, 1 p.m. Code: 200413

Computer – Microsoft Office


This one-day course will introduce

you to the basics of Microsoft Excel

- spreadsheet software that

does so much more than add numbers

together. Learn the fundamentals,

formulas, and other features to

prepare budgets, investments and


Class length: 3 hours Classes: 1

Fee: $20.30 Members,

$35.30 Non-Members

Fri Apr 21, 9 a.m. Code: 200410

Computer – Microsoft Office Word

With Microsoft Word (for Windows),

you can create fantastic cards, flyers,

meeting minutes, newsletters - basically

any kind of document. It’s not

just for typing letters anymore! Come

learn the basics of this fabulous program

and how templates can give you

a head start on all your projects.

Class length: 3 hours Classes: 1

Fee: $20.30 Members,

$35.30 Non-Members

Fri June 2, 9 a.m. Code: 200411

Computers – Smartphone

Looking to purchase a smartphone?

This course will walk you through

options for cell phone plans, what

types of phones are available, and

discuss your phone needs.

Class length: 2 hours Classes: 1

Fee: $20.30 Members,

$35.30 Non-Members

Thu May 4, 6 p.m. Code: 200414


Cooking - A Taste of Italy

Come and enjoy a taste of Italy. Learn

how to cook an Italian dinner which

includes antipasto, soup and pasta.

Please bring containers for any possible

leftovers and a water bottle.

Class length: 2.5 hours Classes: 1

Fee: $35.00 Members,

$45.00 Non-Members

Wed Apr 26, 6:30 p.m. Code: 200417

Guelph Hydro Information

Guelph Hydro representatives will be

hosting this free session to help you

get to know Guelph Hydro. Learn

how to understand your bill, how to

find information about your account,

find energy efficient incentives to

help you save on your electricity

costs, and how to spot a hydro scam

before it’s too late.

Class length: 60 mins Classes: 1

Fee: Free

Tue Jun 6, 10 a.m. Code: 200432

Driving Information Session

This free session will cover the driver’s

license renewal process. Topics

include: what you can expect when

you turn 80 years old, aging and driving,

how aging factors can affect your

ability to drive safely, warning signs,

and traffic roundabouts and when is it

time to hang up the keys. There must

be 15 people registered for the course

to run.

Class length: 60 mins Classes: 1

Fee: No cost

Wed May 24, 1:30 p.m. Code: 200437

Financial Insurance - Cash Flow

Planning for Retirement

Do you feel like you are making great

retirement income but you don’t know

where it all goes? Do you feel like

you could do so much more with your

money if you only knew how? Do you

want more life from the money you

already have? If your financial plan

doesn’t include a written Cash Flow

Plan, you may be missing the most

important step. Please join us to learn

how to get more out of your money.

Class length: 60 mins Classes: 1

Fee: $5.00 Members,

$10.00 Non-Members

Mon May 29, 10 a.m. Code: 200438

Travel Insurance

Have you ever thought…I wish I

would have known that about my

travel insurance before I went on vacation…or

maybe you’ve bought insurance

without really knowing what

you are covered for? Have you ever

wondered how you would cover in

home nursing if required, or assistance

to make meals? Many people

(Continued on page 32)


Making your day easier!

LTC, Home, Retirement or Hospital.

I’m here to help.

Brandy Bard

Personal Support Worker


T S - M 2017


believe OHIP or employee benefits

plans will cover our long-term care

costs. This informative session will

educate you on what you need to

know when purchasing travel insurance

and the unforeseen costs that can

be covered by long term care insurance.

Class length: 60 mins Classes: 1

Fee: $5.00 Members,

$10.00 Non-Members

Mon May 8, 10 a.m. Code: 200439

Photography – Camera Basics

This course looks at the most common

features found on digital cameras.

Topics include using the camera’s

menus and modes to take better pictures,

downloading pictures onto your

computer, and organizing them into

folders and albums.

Class length: 3 hours Classes: 1

Fee: $20.30 Members,

$35.30 Non-Members

Fri May 12, 9 a.m. Code: 200441

Photography – Photography


Let’s make your photos wonderful!

Use photo editing software to alter

photos, brighten and darken, crop,

remove red eye etc. Add captions and

special effects. Learn how to change a

picture’s file size before emailing or

uploading to a website.

Class length: 3 hours Classes: 1

Fee: $20.30 Members,

$35.30 Non-Members

Fri Jun 9, 9 a.m. Code: 200442

Photography – Software

Let’s learn how to use your computer

software. This workshop will cover

how to understand your computer and

use the applications with your camera.

A variety of software may be discussed.

Class length: 3 hours Classes: 1

Fee: $20.30 Members,

$35.30 Non-Members

Fri May 19, 9 a.m. Code: 200443

Piano Lessons

Have you always wanted to learn piano?

Haven’t played for a while and

would like some instruction? All levels

of learners are welcome to take

lessons in a 10-week session—1/2-

hour private lessons each week.

Class length: 30 mins Classes: 10

T S - M 2017 — V. 41, N. 7

Fee: $197.80 Members,

$250.00 Non-Members

Wed Apr 19, 12 p.m. Code: 200444

Wed Apr 19, 12:30 p.m.

Code: 200445

Wed Apr 19, 1:15 p.m. Code: 200446

Wed Apr 19, 1:45 p.m. Code: 200447

Wed Apr 19, 2:30 p.m. Code: 200448

Wed Apr 19, 3 p.m. Code: 200449


Acrylic Painting

Join us for informative lessons in

painting with acrylics. Stroke types,

techniques and form will be the focus

of this hands-on class. Be inspired,

have an open mind and create your

masterpiece with this form of art. This

class is intended for individuals with

some previous painting experience.

Class length: 3 hours Classes: 8

Fee: $111.60 Members,

$126.60 Non-Members

Thu Apr 13, 9 a.m. Code: 200374

Fundamentals of Drawing

This course is ideal for the beginner,

or those who may be taking other

painting courses and need a refresher

course to hone their skills. Participants

will be introduced to exercises in

drawing from observation and the creation

of three dimensional effects

through the use of light and shade and

perspective. Tips and techniques for

drawing accurately will be introduced

with still life and people as the main

subject matter for this course. Materials

for this course will be discussed in

the first lesson.

Class length: 2 hours Classes: 8

Fee: $101.52 Members,

$116.52 Non-Members

Tue Apr 11, 10:15 a.m. Code: 200376

Italian Gothic Roundhand


Learn this simple but beautiful art of

handwriting. This course covers instruction,

demonstrations and discussion

about tools and practice along

with fun, hands-on projects. Previous

experience is required.

Class length: 2.5 hours Classes: 6

Fee: $70.00 Members,

$80.00 Non-Members

Tue Apr 11, 1 p.m. Code: 201777

Pastel Painting - Landscapes and


Discover the basic human proportions

as you learn to add figures to your

paintings. This course includes portrait

and life drawing from the dressed

live model as well as reviewing examples

of artists past and present who

use figures in their compositions. Participants

should have some drawing

and pastel experience. Extra model

fees (approx. $15) may apply.

Class length: 2.5 hours Classes: 8

Fee: $126.80 Members,

$141.80 Non-Members

Thu Apr 20, 1:00 p.m. Code: 201524

Portrait Drawing and Painting

This class is structured to develop and

nurture the student's aesthetic vision

concerning painting portraits. Students

will learn basic structure and proportions

of cranial and facial parts of a

head and the first steps in art of painting

portrait. They will learn to incorporate

light, shadow (tone) and colour

to make portraits alive. Students will

also paint their self-portraits. The selfportraits

will employ subjective approach.

Students will be encouraged

to value not only resemblance but also

an expressive content. The class is

open to both methods: working from a

model and photographs.

Location: West End Community


Class length: 3 hours Classes: 8

Fee: $110.00 Members,

$125.00 Non-Members

Wed Apr 12, 1:00 p.m. Code: 200380

Class cancellation: Apr 26 & May 24


This watercolours class is for all levels

of painters. The instructor will

work with participants on an individual

basis or in small groups of similar

interest or skill.

Class length: 3 hours Classes: 8

Fee: $113.68 Members,

$128.68 Non-Members

Mon Apr 10, 9 a.m. Code: 200381

Class cancellation: May 22

Program Cancelled? — Please

Note: Excellent programs are cancelled

here at the Evergreen due to

poor registration numbers. If an advertised

program is of interest to you,

(Continued on page 33)


(Continued from page 32)

please remember to register at least

5 business days prior to the course

start date (that is Monday to Friday),

otherwise your program may be

cancelled. If we cancel a program

because of low numbers, you are entitled

to a 100% refund or credit, so

please help us to ensure that our programs

stay strong by registering in



Evergreen Indoor Garage Sale

Make your spring cleaning a breeze.

Rent a table and sell those treasures

from the attic. No need to worry about

the weather, this garage sale is all under

one roof! To reserve your table,

please contact 519-823-1291.

Saturday, April 2

8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

$20+HST per table

Seniors Pride Mix & Mingle

Come out and celebrate the diversity

of pride in our community and the

legacy of LGBTQ+ history here in

Guelph and Wellington County. HIV/

AIDS Resources & Community

Health will be hosting a follow-up to

the very successful PEARS Mix &

Mingle, an opportunity for people in

the community to come and connect

to individuals across our diverse community.

There will also be a small

installation detailing the LGBTQ+

history of the community. Come and

celebrate how far we’ve come, and

leave with a new friend (or two).

Wed May 3, 2 p.m.


Spring Fashion Show

Models from the Evergreen Seniors

Community Centre will be modeling

an exciting line-up of clothing and

accessories from Northern Reflections.

Light refreshments will be

served following the show. Purchase

tickets in advance at the front desk.

Tues May 9, 1:30 p.m.





Foot Care

Foot care is provided by a registered

practical nurse. Appointments are necessary

and fill up quickly. Book your

appointment by calling the Information

Desk at 519-823-1291.

Day: Tuesday all day.

T S - M 2017



Chris Fraser

The Book Nook —

“A Lending Library”

We are open Monday to

Friday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

* * * *

This month’s book I would like

to tell you about is “Missing: A

Private Novel” by James Patterson

and Kathryn Fox.

Craig Gisto is the head of Private

Sydney and he has been

asked to find the father of Eliza

Moss. Eric Moss is a high profile

CEO of a research company,

however despite all of Private’s

technology they discover

that every trace of Eric Moss

has disappeared too. There is no

record anywhere of this man, no

passport, driver’s licence and it

would appear that he has simply

decided to vanish without a

trace. It would seem as though

the CIA and other powerful people

also want to find Eric Moss.

While investigating this missing

person, a woman is brutally

murdered and the killer also

steals her baby. Private’s elite

team is now involved in a frantic

search to find the missing


In true Patterson style, there

are many twists and turns in

these cases which make it such

an interesting read. I hope you

will enjoy reading it as much as

I did.

Happy reading!

Your Bookworm & Librarian,

Chris Fraser


‘For Sale’ ads will be left in for 3 issues

from first insertion (i.e., in Sept issue - removed

from Dec. issue), if you wish it to

remain in longer, please contact The Sentinel

office and/or leave us a message. NO

‘Accommodation’ or ‘Vehicle’ ads will be

included in the Evergreen Market. Such

ads will be treated as advertising inserted

within these pages at the current Sentinel

advertising rates plus HST.

Thank you, Sentinel Administrator.


Upright Freezer

Frigidaire 12 cubic foot upright

freezer, frost free, only 7 years

old. Asking $200. Call 519-824-


Walker with Basket

For sale, walker with basket. Call


Bedding & Drapes

Burgundy satin quilted (double)

bedspread $15. Burgundy bed

skirt (double) $5. 2 Sets of sheets

(double), burgundy/rose $10 per

set. 1 Pair pinch-pleated drapes,

burgundy/beige (w/hooks), size

96”x48”, $15. Satin comforter

with 2 sham covers, burgundy

(double) $15. All these items are

in good condition. Phone 519-


Wheelchair & Bath-lift Chair

Lady’s wheelchair, rose colour,

18”x18” seat size. Asking $500.

Aquatec bath-lift chair, almost

new. Asking $550. Call 519-824-



Interested buyers can contact the

GWSA President, Dorothe Fair,

for cost, details & to arrange a

time to view the kiln.

Memory Gardens Lot

Double lot in Memory Gardens,

Old Rugged Cross area. Asking

$4,300, includes perpetual care.

This is below today’s lot price of

$4,800. I will pay transfer costs.

Call 519-822-5258.


Need a cassette tape player/

recorder. Call 519-823-1294.










T S - M 2017 — V. 41, N. 7


T S - M 2017


See Puzzles on pgs. 20 & 21

T S - M 2017 — V. 41, N. 7


T S - M 2017


Process for GWSA Trips

General: (1) All travelers on GWSA Travel Club trips should be members of the Guelph Wellington Seniors Association.

Non-members are now able to book trips a month prior to the day of departure provided room is still available.

(2) Memberships are payable to the City of Guelph — Visa, MasterCard, Cash or Cheque may be used unless otherwise indicated.

(3) Please refrain from using scented products during GWSA trips.

Booking Your Trip : (1) Service numbers will be issued at the Centre starting at 8:00 am the day of trip bookings. (2)

Phone bookings to 519-823-1291 will start at 9:00 am on the same day. (3) Travellers may book for two GWSA members the first

morning of the trip bookings starting at 9:00 am. (4) The purchaser of day trip tickets is responsible for finding a replacement if he

or she is unable to travel. A waiting list may be consulted. A Doctor’s certificate is required for a refund.

Accessibility : (1) Please inquire about accessible seating prior to booking your ticket. As with all buses, accessible seating

is limited. You can help us ensure that we use this seating as efficiently as possible by providing information about your assistive

device. Please note that:

Travellers who will be using a powered wheelchair on trips are advised to note this when registering. While our trips are accessible,

seating for a powered wheelchair on the bus is limited and will be spoken for on a first come first serve basis.

Travellers who can transfer to a bus seat may have their collapsible, manual wheelchair or walker stored in the cargo area of

the bus if required.

Travellers who wish to take their scooter should note this when registering. Not all scooters fit within the cargo hold of a bus.

A Travel Committee member will follow up with you prior to the trip to discuss further.

Lift Limit: 500 lbs maximum weight (wheelchair/scooter and person combined)

Lift Width: 32 inches

(2) Travellers with a disability, who require assistance during the trip, must be accompanied by a person who is fully capable

of rendering such assistance (this person must be an adult for some trips). If there is a cost for this assistant, that fee will be published

along with other trip fees.

TRAVEL in APRIL, 2017 - BOOK ON WED. MARCH 1, 2017



Thurs. April 6, 2017 — Belmore Maple Syrup Total Cost: $74.58 Code: 202724

We are off today for our pancake dinner at Belmore Community Centre and listen to the fiddlers, see the

craft show and other attractions. Then we go to Teeswater Town Hall to hear and see “The Ballach Bunch”

in concert, a family variety show, including fiddling, step dancing & singing. A “reel” family touch. It’s a

real fiddling, fun day. Come along with us and enjoy.

Leave Evergreen: 8:30 am Carousel: 8:35 am Square: 8:45 am Return: ~ 6:00 pm

NEWS FLASH: The Travel Committee now has a suggestion box. We welcome

new trip ideas and comments. It will be located in the main lobby.

It takes time to put these trips together and we need YOUR commitment to make these trips actually happen!

DON’T WAIT! That means booking your seat BEFORE the trip has to be cancelled due to low numbers.

The Travel Committee must give the number of bookings a MONTH before the date of the trip and, if there aren’t enough

reservations AT THAT TIME, the trip will be cancelled! If you have already booked your seat, you will get a refund.

NEWS: Members or Non-Members can now book any trip from the Great Canadian Holidays catalogue by phoning Great Canadian Holidays

at 1-800-461-8687 and book your trip yourself. Just say you’re a member of the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre in Guelph and we will

receive a commission for that trip. If you have any questions, please call Art Riley at 519-837-1965.

Please do not park your vehicles in the Evergreen parking lot while you are on a day trip. Vehicles must be left at the Carousel parking

area in Riverside Park.

T S - M 2017 — V. 41, N. 7

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