Identity And Access Management As A Service (IAMaaS) Market Revenue, Opportunity, Segment and Key Trends 2017-2027

Identity and access management as a service is one of the many types of cloud services that are offered by cloud vendors that refers to web- delivered services that create and control access levels for individual users. In the current scenario, identity and access management as a service helps companies set up customized levels of security for an IT architecture, either as a whole or in parts. The basic idea of an identity and access management as a service platform is that a third-party service vendor sets up user identities and determines what these individual users can do within a system. Identity and Access Management as a Service (IAMaaS) Market: Drivers and Challenges The major drivers for the growth of identity and access management as a service market are the increasing need to enhance mobile security, need of enterprises to improve their operational efficiency and widespread adoption of cloud-based applications. Many organizations have implemented, or are in the process of implementing bring your own device concept that enables employees to get their own mobile devices to work or carry them to multiple locations for seamless connectivity. This creates a need for such enterprises to have their identity and access management systems in place to ensure mobile security. Also, cloud-based platforms are on the rise as they act as a substitute to on-premise applications and are cost saving for small scale and medium scale enterprises. Hence, it is important for these organizations to have a strong identity and access management as a service platform.

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