Caribbean Times 5th Issue - Friday 24th February 2017


Caribbean Times 5th Issue - Friday 24th February 2017

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Friday 24th February 2017 A n t i g u a a n d B a r b u d a

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Friday 24th February 2017

$5.5 Million donated to Early

Childhood Development

By Justin Peters

The community of

Buckleys will soon benefit

from a state of the art Early

Childhood Centre and

Community Centre to serve

Buckley and the surrounding

communities such as

Swetes and John Hughes,

aiding those without the

Editor’s Note

Caribbean Times is printed

and published at Woods

Estate/Friars Hill Road.

The Editor is Justin Peters.

Contact: Caribbean Times,

P.O. Box W2099,

Woods Estate/Friars Hill


St. John’s,


Tel: (268) 562-8688,

Fax: (268) 562-8685.

Visit us online at our website:


We ask you to send:

Pertinent news items to

Advertisement inquiries to

Letters to the editor to

means necessary to afford

Pre-school services.

Children will be able to

attend pre-school for free

once the project is complete

thanks to a timely donation

of $5.5 Million EC or $2

Million US from the Maria

Holder Memorial Trust, a

non-profit organization out

of Barbados.

Yesterday, the Ministry

of Education signed the

official agreement with the

Maria Holder Memorial

Trust for the construction

of a Preschool and Early

Childhood Development

Centre in the Buckleys


The co-operative project

would see the government

providing the lands for

development and the Maria

Holder Memorial Trust

providing the funding.

Now in the preliminary

stages, the concept drawings

have been completed,

with full technical drawings

showing electrical

wiring diagrams expected

to be completed shortly.

The project would be

expected to take off shortly

after that with the expected

completion time being approximately

18 months.

Present for the signing

were the Minister of

Education, Science and

Technology, Honourable

Michael Browne, Minister

of Social Transformation,

Honourable Samantha

Marshall, Director of Education,

Mr. Clare Browne,

cont’d on pg 3

Friday 24th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 3

cont’d from pg 2

Permanent Secretary in

the Ministry of Education,

Science and Technology,

Ms. Rosa Greenaway, and

Project Manager from Maria

Holder Memorial Trust,

Ms. Donna Clarke.

The Maria Holder Memorial

Trust is a charity

organization which focuses

on Education, Culture and

the Arts, Health, Poverty

Prevention and very soon

the elderly.

The organization has

also embarked on a project

with the Ministry of Health

that will be revealed soon.

Minister Browne commented

that although the

centre is one of a number of

Minister of Education, the Hon.,

Michael Browne

projects that would become

a reality in the near future.





Don’t Dream it.

Drive it




1 (268) 462-1062



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Friday 24th February 2017

DCA permission granted for enabling

works: Callaloo Cay prepares for Phase One

Principals of Callaloo

Cay will host an intimate

event to signal the commencement

of work on

their project at Morris Bay,

Old Road on Tuesday 28 th

February. Pre-construction

work will begin on the first

phase of the multi-phase


Callaloo Cay’s Senior

Vice President of Business

Development Mr. Dawood

Shah says the milestone

moment is one that is anticipated

with extreme joy.

“For the last two years, we

have done everything required

to fulfil the law of

the land, to work with the

community, and to ensure

that the environment will

be respected. We are delighted!”

The announcement of

the ground-breaking event

follows the fulfilment of a

number of requisites.

Concept drawings were

submitted to the DCA and

were approved “in principle”.

Following the mandate

to conduct an Environmental

Impact Study (EIA) and

the resulting review by the

Department of the Environment,


to conduct a hydrological

study and to engage an

environmental consultant

were instituted with the

hiring of hydrologist Mr.

Fazir Khan of Trinidadian

company Alpha Engineering

and local environmental

consultant Ms. Lucia


A second community

consultation revealed

continued reservation and

concern regarding environmental

mitigation measures.

In response, an Environmental

Advisory Committee

comprising government

departments, developer,

and community members

was convened with the objective

of ensuring transparency,

facilitating open

communication and finding

solutions to current environmental

concerns, as

well potential future issues.

Since the February 2 nd

Environmental Advisory

Committee meeting, additional

input of coastal engineer

Mr. Everon Zacchariah

on infrastructural design

ideas suggested by hydrologist

Fazir Khan have been

added to the designs and

submitted to the DCA.

As the company proceeds

with its plans, DCA

Chief Town and Country

Planner Mr. Frederick

Southwell confirms that

permission has been granted

for enabling or preconstruction

works at this time

and says “the project is

being carefully monitored,

and is moving forward in

a way that will best safeguard

the environment.”

He adds that “the

knowledge of the community

members and historical

concerns are being taken

into account.

“There are checks and

balances to ensure that the

developer is complying

with regulations at every

step of the way.”

In the next stage, Callaloo

Cay will have to submit

detailed construction

drawings to the DCA in

order for approval to be

granted for construction to


Friday 24th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 5


Antigua’s #1 Motor Vehicle Dealership




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Tel: (268) 481-2524, 2526, 2531

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Friday 24th February 2017

Port Manager outlines port

developments at a major forum in Miami

By Joanna Paris

Port Manager, Darwin Telemaque is

currently representing the twin island

at the O.A.S Hemispheric Conference

on Port Competitiveness and Security

taking place in Miami, Florida.

The conference is taking place under

the theme “Finding the right balance”.

Telemaque made a presentation

highlighting the strides of the Antigua

Port Authority to date.

The port authority was among 28 facilities

from South, Central and North

America along with the Caribbean and

Spain being represented at the forum.

The Port manager told Caribbean

Times that the presentation “highlighted

growth strategies, innovative concepts

and the strong focus on human

resource capacity development”.

Emphasis was also placed on the

significant impact of the functioning

and effective corporate governance

structure, which exists at the port.

The structure led by the Prime Minister

and Minister of Finance, the Hon.

Gaston Browne and capably supported

By Everton Barnes

The Antigua Public Utilities

Authority (APUA) is

pushing ahead with its efforts

to provide high speed

internet services to residents

and businesses on Antigua.

Utilities Minister, Sir

Robin Yearwood confirmed

that currently, the APUA is

laying its fiber-optic cables

in Yorks Village and on the

north side of Antigua including

Hodges Bay and other

by the Chairman of the Board of Directors

Senator Mary-Claire Hurst and the

board of commissioners.

The Port Manager highlighted the

effort of the Port Management team

and staff in working towards improving

the port’s position. Telemaque also

discussed the highly anticipated Port

Development project with those in attendance.

residential areas.

Discussions on the progress

being made to upgrade

the telecommunication services

were held at the Cabinet

on Wednesday when

the Telephone Manager of

APUA, Vaughn Browne,

was invited to attend.

He revealed that APUA

intends to complete the entire

island in a few weeks—

depending on weather and

other conditions. APUA will

then step-up its marketing

campaign once it is able to

offer the high-speed service.

He said APUA has commenced

pre-registration of

households and businesses—across

the country--that

are interested in accessing

the faster service as soon as

it becomes available in their


Reports from the Cabinet

said APUA has also

recognized the need to have

He also gave the participants an

overview of the developments taking

place in the country’s maritime environment,

supported by the Antigua

and Barbuda Department of Maritime

Shipping and Marine Services.

Allison Jean of St Lucia, Andreas

Talgarth of Suriname and Alessandro

OK of Port Buenos Aires, Argentina

were also presenters at the conference.

Island-wide High Speed Internet coming

more trained technicians to

service customers’ needs. It

has partnered with ABIIT

to train more than 20 staff

members, and will enter into

an arrangement with the Antigua

State College to train

students whom the APUA

will employ as permanent


The government has

made the provision of high

speed internet services at a

competitive prices a priority.

Friday 24th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 7

Registration in the constituency to return

By Everton Barnes

The Antigua and Barbuda Electoral

Commission (ABEC) is to establish

registration units in each constituency

and discontinue the current practice of

registering newly qualified voters in a

single central location on Antigua.

This follows a meeting on Wednesday

with the Cabinet and senior officials

of ABEC.

Reports are that the ABEC team

proposed setting up seven registration

centres in strategic locations as the

numbers of people coming forward to

register are traditionally slow in the

years when general elections are not


But according to the Cabinet

spokesman, Lionel Max Hurst, the

members preferred returning to holding

continuous registration in each


According to Hurst ABEC also addressed

the issue of scrutineers—the

men and women who sit through the

registration of new electors, who are

the eyes and ears of the two major political


Both the ABEC and the Cabinet

agreed that the Scrutineers will be

classified as non-established workers

for the purpose of being paid a pension

and other conditions of employment

that are commensurate with employees

of the government.

The scrutineers would remain under

the supervisory control of the

ABEC but be directed by the political

parties that selected them for the jobs.

He announced that ABEC also

was authorized to purchase container

offices where school rooms prove


A sum of money would be

authorized to purchase and to outfit no

more than seven containerized offices

to be purchased and placed on crown

lands within constituencies.

Since January 2015, registration of

new voters have been done at the central

registration unit on Factory Road.

Registrations are done on designated

days for each constituency.

An ABEC source said this system

is likely to continue until the systems

are put in place to do the registration

in the 16 constituencies on Antigua.

8 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 24th February 2017

Additional scholarships launched

for Antiguans and Barbudans

Applications for the

second annual ‘Henley &

Partners Hero Scholarship’,

managed by The Halo Foundation,

are now being accepted.

The scholarships

contribute to ongoing efforts

to create opportunities for

the development and empowerment

of young people

in Antigua and Barbuda.

The scholarships will be

exclusively tenable at St.

Mary’s University in Nova

Scotia, Canada. The main

award will cover tuition, accommodation,

meals, books,

and other direct university

costs. The other two scholarships

will cover the full tuition

of the students.

Henley & Partners, Managing

Partner in Antigua and

Barbuda, Gaye Hechme,

says, ‘The response to the

2016 initiative was so overwhelming

that we felt the

need to increase the number

of available opportunities

for our young citizens.

The recipient of last

year’s scholarship, Ariana

Joseph, is performing exceptionally

well and there are

great hopes for her future.

If we can make the lives of

promising school leavers in

our community more meaningful

and productive, and

if they subsequently become

instrumental in the area of

nation building, then we

would have achieved our


To be eligible for this

award, the applicant must be

a fifth form or tertiary level

student, or a recent graduate

of a secondary school or tertiary

institution. He or she

must be between the ages of

16 and 25 years, a national

of Antigua and Barbuda, and

must be able to demonstrate

involvement in outstanding

acts of courage and kindness.

The applicant is also

required to present three

credible references that can

support their application.

Application forms can

be downloaded from


forms should be returned to

The Halo Foundation, c/o

Government House, Independence

Avenue, St. John’s

by 28 April 2017 to qualify

for admission to the September

2017 school year.

President of The Halo

Foundation, Lady Williams,

remarked, ‘The main scholarship

awardee will receive

the Halo Hero Medal for

Humanity. It is extremely

important that we continue

to instill a sense of responsibility

and compassion in

young lives. Violence in

public spaces, unwarranted

aggression and bullying in

schools, online, and even on

the streets, is totally debilitating

and destructive.

“The Medal for Humanity

and the Henley & Partners

Hero Scholarship will

reward a special individual

whose goal it is to make

a positive impact upon the

lives of others by way of service.”

Governor General, Sir

Rodney Williams and Henley

& Partners Chairman,

Dr. Christian H. Kälin will

officially launch the 2017

scholarships and award at

Government House on 23

February 2017.

Friday 24th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 9


School Meals in Barbuda soon

By Joanna Paris

Residents of the sister

isle can look forward to the

start of the National Schools

Meals Programme there is

short order.

Minister of Education,

the Hon. Michael Browne,

announced following a visit

last September that the programme

would be expanded

to the island this year and the

government is preparing to

deliver on this promise.

Government’s spokesperson,

Ambassador Lionel

“Max” Hurst has indicated

that the first meals will

be served to students at the

Holy Trinity School within


“A building was identified

by the Barbuda Representative,

the Hon. Arthur

Nibbs, and certain adjustments

and improvements

will be made by a Barbudan

contractor to ready it for

food preparation”, Ambassador

Hurst reported.

He added that the building

must meet very high sanitary

standards in order for

it to be a place where food

is prepared for human consumption.

The 2017 Budget includes

the extension of the

School Meals Program to the

Barbuda Primary School.

MP Nibbs has indicated

that he too is eagerly looking

forward to the start of the

initiative, which will provide

hot, nutritious meals to

the students.

Youth Leadership Training Workshop

registration open to the public

The Department of Youth Affairs has opened registration

for its annual Youth Leadership Training Workshop under

the theme “Building Leadership Capacity for Youth Groups

Sustainability”, which will run from 27th February to 21st

March, 2017. The aim of the training will be:

To increase the capacity of youth leaders with respect to

leadership and group processes to increase youth leader’s

capacity to add value to their own organizations

To strengthen the institutional capacity of groups to enable

them to be responsive to the needs of their members as

well as their community

To increase their understanding of and commitment to

the national development agenda

The training will take place over a 5 week period at the

Department of Youth Affairs Headquarters on Prime Minister’s

Office Drive off Factory Road.

There is no fee to attend this workshop but registration is

required. For more information and registration please contact

Stephen Samuels at the Department of Youth Affairs at

481-5302, 778-3827, or 462-6781.

Senior Manager

A well-established financial institution is

seeking to recruit a Senior Manager.

The Position/Job Profile

The successful candidate will be expected

to manage credit risk and total client relationships.

The candidate will be responsible

to lead the team of the collections department.

Essential Skills and Experience

Candidates must have at minimum a first

degree in Finance, Accounting or related

discipline from a recognized institution.

A minimum of 6 years experience in a financial

institution with management experience

being no less than 3 years. Technical

competencies in Microsoft products

and the ability to use a loan program. The

candidate is also required to have a good

understanding of financial statements,

proven experience in collections and credit

analysis skills.

The successful candidate will possess excellent

written and verbal communication

skills. Strong negotiation skills. Excellent

interpersonal skills, the ability to work

well with a team, good work ethic strong

integrity and confidential.

Applications inclusive of Resume can be

sent to

Vacancy: Senior Manager

The General Manager

PO Box 703

St Johns

Antigua W I

Or email Financialinstituionanu@yahoo.


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Friday 24th February 2017

JCI host Professionalism Customer Service Seminar

Over 50 professionals

benefitted from a JCI Professionalism

Customer Service

Seminar, titled “Building

a Professional Culture”.

The event, which was

held on Tuesday 21 st February,

attracted individuals

from a wide cross section

of professions and backgrounds.

The presenters were

Macella Andre, Clovis St.

Romain and Linisa George,

three individuals who a renowned

for possessing a

wealth of information in the


The comprehensive cadre

of topics included tips and

techniques for dealing with

difficult customers, maintain

an aura of professionalism

in the workplace and

customer retention through

exceptional service.

The initiative was

deemed to be timely and informative

and JCI Antigua

is assuring the general public

that there will be more

such events.

Friday 24th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 11

12 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 24th February 2017

CaribbeanTales Flow into production

MIAMI, FL – Three of

the Caribbean’s leading film

producers will now develop

pilots for their original TV

series projects, via funding

from Flow and CaribbeanTales

Media Group.

With $40,000 funding

for each project, production

work will begin on Battledream

Chronicle, a sci-fi/

drama animated series created

by Alain Bidard, which

is based on his groundbreaking

multi-award winning

feature film; Heat, a sweltering

crime/drama series

filmed in Barbados from

iconic filmmaker Menelik

Shabazz (Burning an Illusion,

The Story of Lover’s

Rock and more); and Caribbean

Girl NYC, an ensemble

female-driven sitcom

from NY-based Guadeloupian


Mariette Monpierre, whose

award-winning film Elza

won, among others, the prestigious

NYT award.

Support for these pilots

is part of CaribbeanTales

Incubator Program (CTI), a

year-round development and

production hub for Caribbean

and Caribbean Diaspora

Producers to assist in the creation

of strong, compelling

and sustainable regional content

for the global market.

“We recognise the significant

hurdles that Caribbean

Producers face in financing

and producing their content,

and getting it out to audiences,”

said John Reid, CEO of

Cable and Wireless, operator

of Flow and lead sponsor of

CTI. “We are honoured to

help support this programme

that is enabling the production

and monetisation of this

exciting emerging cultural


Production on the pilots

will begin in April 2017.

They will premier later this

year at the twelfth annual

CaribbeanTales International

Film Festival (CTFF). Flow

is also the lead sponsor of

CTFF, a mix of exciting and

dynamic films that showcase

diverse, shared stories and

cultures, and celebrates the

talents of established and

emerging filmmakers of Caribbean

heritage. The festival

will be held in Toronto,

Canada between September

6 and September 20, 2017.

As an added bonus, an

eight-part documentary series

has been filmed and is

currently in post-production.

The series follows the ten

teams of filmmakers who

competed for this prestigious

award, and will be shown on

Flow1 later this year.

Frances-Anne Solomon,

CEO of CaribbeanTales,

states, “We are delighted

that, together with Flow, we

are able to provide the Caribbean’s

top filmmakers

with funding and a platform

to produce top quality, local,

content with the capacity to

reach audiences across the

region and the world.”

Visit the CTI website for

more information and to

apply for the 2017 CTI programme.

And follow Flow

and CaribbeanTales on Twitter,

Facebook and Instagram

to stay up to date.

CTI is now accepting

applications for its 2017


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Think you have a good news story; did you witness

anything that is news-worthy; did you take that

valuable picture; things happening in your community

but there is no outlet or voice for you? You can

earn just by telling your story.

Call Caribbean Times at (268) 562 8688



Reach us now with that breaking news!

Friday 24th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 13

Thursday’s Sudoku Solution




1. Back tooth

6. Wander

10. Fellow

14. Diminish

15. Biblical prophet

16. Between

17. Sticker

18. Dawdling

20. Check out

21. Modified

23. Mild exclamation

24. ____ Fair

25. Presses clothes

27. ____ door

30. Rank

32. Physical discomfort

33. Stately home

36. Not this

40. Poker opener

41. Proficient

42. Babe ____

43. Buck

44. Saw socially

45. ____ vera

46. Attention-getting sound

48. Flee

50. National bird

53. Formal necktie

55. Pub brew

56. Housing agent

59. Pooch

62. Commanding respect

64. Keyboard wood

66. Messes up

67. Cabbage salad

68. Massachusetts city

69. Stair section

70. Hamilton bills

71. Ringlet


1. Created

2. Follow orders

3. Shoe fastener

4. One ____ time (2 wds.)

5. Narrate

6. Leased again

7. Atmosphere layer

8. Desertlike

9. Chess term

10. Deface

11. Pedro’s friend

12. Fine fabric

13. Borders

19. Prepare copy

22. Produced by humans (hyph.)

24. African country

26. Take back

27. Mineral springs

28. Is unable

29. Pinup ____ Hayworth

30. Lasso

31. 1930s design style (2 wds.)

34. Eden dweller

35. Butterfly snare

37. ____-Hoop

38. Above

39. Biblical “you”

47. Mister (Ger.)

49. Most tender

50. Roof overhangs

51. Wide-awake

52. Category

53. Edgar ____ Poe

54. Hearty soups

57. Sunrise location

58. Skillful

59. Distribute

60. Change for a five

61. Workout sites

63. Telepathy (abbr.)

65. Saloon

14 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 24th February 2017

Today’s weather forecast

Antigua and Barbuda

Sunny skies.

High - 80ºF

Low - 71ºF

Wind: South East 10 mph

Sunrise 6.28 am; Sunset 6.12 pm

Thursday’s Crossword Solution


PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20).

You’re very tolerant of other

people’s ideas even if you don’t

agree with them or see how they

are going to lead to anything

that applies to you. The world

would be better if more people

had this attitude.

ARIES (March 21-April 19).

You’re such an excellent predictor

of human nature, but that

could get in your way today,

too. You will hear the other person

more clearly when you do

not anticipate what is going to

be said.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20).

Of all the things you could take

a risk with, your appearance is

among the least risky, with the

most interesting results. Hair

grows back. Outfits change in

a moment. Why not have more

fun with this?

GEMINI (May 21-June 21).

You’re wary of wanting to fix

things or save people, as this is

a classic codependent tendency.

However, in all likelihood, you

will be able to fix, prevent, escalate

or de-escalate today’s situation

and with favorable results.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). Silence

can say it all. It’s the timing

of words that makes communication


You will be especially adept at

connecting with fellow earth

signs Taurus and Capricorn.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). The

cosmic omens suggest that the

ones who love you most will

bother you best. And by best, of

course, the cosmic omens mean

“worst.” Why is bothering so

much a part of love?

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21).

Of course you’ve taken the

needs and wants of others into

consideration. But ultimately,

they are not the ones who have

to live with the consequences.

This is about what you want

to do, and you’ll make your



21). You’ll flit from one interest

to another today, and any suggestion

can start you out in a

new direction. This will make

the products of your work fascinating

to those with a more

linear process — that is, if you

commit to finishing!

CANCER (June 22-July 22).

It’s not wrong to strive for validation;

it’s just not attractive.

But you have something else

that matters to you much more

than public approval, and it

makes you extremely charismatic


LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Sometimes

being happy is as simple

as commanding yourself to be

happy. Today is such a day. For

some mysterious reason, you’re

more amenable to your own

suggestions than usual. Take

advantage of this.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.

19). Your sixth sense turns on

today and your intuition will be

accurate. The flashes of insight

that come to you may not be

what you want to believe, but

don’t ignore them. You don’t

have to act now. Watch and


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.

18). The circumstances at hand

are not so unique as to demand

an all-new solution. It will be

lucky to refer to the past. You

can answer a present-day problem

with a precedent from antiquity.

Friday 24th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 15

Bring along your picnic blankets and folding chairs and enjoy

a relaxing evening on the lawn watching a movie or just

mingling with a bowl of delicious hot soup at the South Zone

Planning Committee of the Anglican Church's Pre-Lenten

Water Night and Movie on Friday, February 24, 2017 from

6 pm to 9 pm at All Saints Anglican Rectory Grounds, Matthews

Road, All Saints. The contribution is only $10. Patrons

will have a choice of various types of soups. There will

be Hot Dogs, Cupcakes, Popcorn and a bounce castle. Beverages

will also be on sale. Tickets are available from Parish

Priests and members of South Zone Planning Committee.

All registered members of the Antigua Barbuda Amateur

Bodybuilding & Weightlifting Federation please take note

that Election for the post of Vice President will be held on

4th March, 2017 at the ABI Financial Building, 2nd Floor,

Redcliffe Street, St John's, Antigua at 6:00 p.m. sharp.

VACANCIES at OSEC (effective February 22, 2017)

The following vacancies are registered at the One Stop Employment



4-5 years experience in a similar role


4-5 years experience in a similar role


2-3 years experience

If you are currently registered at OSEC and interested in a listed

vacancy, kindly contact OSEC. If you are NOT registered with

OSEC you may call the centre for more information on registration

requirements. Our centre is located on Old Parham Road in

the Ryan’s Building, next to Antigua Motors. OSEC telephone

numbers are 5628533/34/35. DEADLINE FOR ALL APPLI-

CATIONS is Monday 27th February, 2017.

The Annual General Meeting and Elections for the Antigua

& Barbuda Cycling Federation will be held on March 1,

2017 at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium. The meeting will

start promptly at 7:00pm. Please be on time.

All Saints Anglican Church Mothers Unions invites everyone

to its annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Sale on February

28, 2017 from 3-6pm at the parish hall of All Saints Anglican

Church at the All Saints. The variety of pancakes includes

Dumps Pancakes, Sweet Potato Fritters, Vegetable

Pancakes, Pumpkin Fritters, Plantain Fritters and Sweet Potatoes

& Carrot Fritters. Pancake diiners will also be on sale.

Do you want to improve your posing techniques? The ABA-

BWF invites all athletes & prospective athletes to a posing

workshop on Saturday 25th February 2017 from 12-4pm at the

Xtreme Health & Fitness Gym. For more details contact us at

268 7640102/7285909.

Sailing Week 2017

planning intensifies

By Joanna Paris

The month of April is just

around the corner and organizers

of the 50th anniversary

of Sailing Week will be “pulling

out all the stops” to ensure

that the celebrations are memorable.

Government’s spokesperson,

Ambassador Lionel

“Max” Hurst said that the Sailing

Week Committee was also

invited to Cabinet this week to

give an update of preparations

to date so far and additional

plans for the milestone event.

“The Committee provided

audited financial statements

of the 2016 Sailing Week,

and presented several video

advertisements that it plans to

put on its website and Facebook

account to promote the

events”, he said.

Hurst added that the Cabinet

was “especially pleased

to learn that the Sunday afternoon

party at Dickenson Bay

will return to the calendar of

events in 2017”. This will further

facilitate an increase in

local participation and attendance

at the event.

Hurst added that a concert,

Chase the Race tourism event

will bring thousands of visitors

to the shores of Antigua to

enjoy the events. He said that

CNN will cover the show and

air the program a few months

later as an Antigua and Barbuda

promotional story.

The first Antigua Sailing

Week Regatta took place in

1967. The has been a great

success ever since.

Cricket entertainers to

receive cultural recognition

By Marver Woodley

Two local cricket comedian legends to be honored for their

past successes during West Indies Cricket Glory days.

Mayfield and Gravy will be honored next week when the

West Indies Cricket team bowls off its One Day International series.

The announcement was made by Director of Culture within

the twin island Vaughn Walter who noted that the duo will be

recognized for them for their cultural performances in cricket.

Walter lamented that it would be an extended reminder to the

world that the Carnival atmosphere of cricket around the world

originated here in Antigua and Barbuda.

The duo was popularly known in the late 80’s and 90’s for

their diverse and unique way of entertaining adoring cricket fans

with their attractive customs and dance performances. The touring

west Indies team is slated to bowl off against England at the

Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Stadium late next week, where a

Cultural Ceremony will take place during the lunch break.

16 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 24th February 2017

Friday 24th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 17

Antigua and Barbuda to use Windies

cricket to increase brand awareness

Antigua and Barbuda,

the Official Tourism Partner

of the WINDIES, will use

the upcoming West Indies

vs England One Day Internationals

(ODIs) on March 3

and March 5 to promote the

destination brand.

The millions of viewers

around the world, who will

be watching the games via

live streaming and broadcast

television, can expect to see

local and visiting spectators

having a great time at the upcoming

cricket events with

every opportunity being

used to influence viewers

to visit Antigua, one of the

leading vacation fun spots in

the Caribbean.

The Antigua & Barbuda

Tourism Authority will be

branding inside the Sir Vivian

Richard Cricket Stadium

in strategic spots and will

have volunteers and staff

members handing out promotional

material to encourage

return visits from cricket

fans already in Antigua for

the matches.

The Antigua and Barbuda

Ministry of Tourism, The

Antigua and Barbuda Tourism

Authority, and the Ministry

of Trade, Commerce

& Industry, Sports, Culture

& National Festivals have

joined together to ensure the

spectator experience at the

games will be exceptional,

and will use the cricketing

world stage to promote two

other upcoming milestone

A scene from the WI vs England Test Match in 2015.

events: The 50 th Anniversary

of Antigua Sailing Week

from April 29 to May 5


and the 60 th Anniversary of

“The Caribbean’s Greatest

Summer Festival”, Antigua

Carnival (July 28 – August


Antigua and Barbuda

Minister of Tourism, The

Honourable Asot Michael

stated: “The Government

of Antigua and Barbuda is

a long-standing and proud

supporter of West Indies

Cricket, and as a commercial

partner with the West Indies

Cricket Board we intend to

gain a significant return on

our investment”.

With a large contingent

of international media on the

ground in Antigua to include

BBC, SKY News and Ten

Sports the Tourism Minister

said “We will use a coordinated

campaign to leverage

the two major upcoming

events of ‘Sailing Week’ and

‘Carnival’, and to optimise

the benefits from hosting the

two ODI matches in Antigua.”

The two weekend cricket

matches are being broadcasted

to millions of viewers

around the world and approximately

two thousand

visitors, mostly from the UK,

are already booked to travel

to Antigua over the course of

next week for the weekend

ODIs. Some regional tour

operators have also booked

small groups for the games

and tourism officials expect

the games will also attract

visitors already holidaying

in Antigua & Barbuda.

CEO of the Antigua and

Barbuda Tourism Authority

Colin James said: “The Antigua

destination brand will

be promoted to its target audiences

in the United Kingdom,

North America and the

Caribbean, by utilising perimeter

boards, on-field logo

mats, and thirty second destination

adverts for Antigua

Sailing Week, Carnival and

other key destination events

on replay screens at the

games. Regionally, the destination’s

events will also be

promoted to viewers watching

the coverage on the Caribbean

Media Corporation


Culture will certainly

meet Cricket at the stadium,

as visitors will also come

into direct contact with

masqueraders, stilt-walkers,

steel pan players and other

fun loving Antiguan nationals

throughout the grounds

and at a specially located

tourism and festivals booth.

During the cricket breaks,

fans will have the opportunity

to enter draws to win

fabulous trips and prizes

from the Antigua and Barbuda

Tourism Authority and

social media will be used to

create a flow of conversation

about the destination online,

reaching various markets,

and increasing searchable

content using the official

tourism hashtag #LoveAntiguaBarbuda.

After the cricket, visitors

can further experience

the carnival atmosphere in

Antigua and Barbuda with

“after-cricket parties” at the

stadium featuring a selection

of the island’s talented musicians,

and soca artistes to

include, Red Hott Flames,

Tian Winter, Claudette Peters,

Menace, Madtiguans,

and Bankers of Dread and

the Bald Head.

18 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 24th February 2017


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Hawks give Potters their

first loss of the season

By Carlena Knight

Global Hawks gave Potters

Steelers their first loss

of the season in division 2

of the Antigua Barbuda Basketball

Association league.

With the game being

played on Wednesday night

at JSC, Hawks defeated

Steelers, 72-67 with Mitchel

Goodman leading the charge

with 18 points.

He was assisted by Buel

Henry with 15 points and 8

rebounds and Edgar Obismo

with 10 points.

Kelvin Pimental grabbed

19 rebounds.

Steelers’ Adrian Lee had

a game high 24 points and 9


Mike Mills chipped in

with 13 points while Julian

Fredericks assisted with 12

points and 12 rebounds.

Andel David grabbed 14

rebounds and had 6 assists

and 5 steals in a losing effort.

Also at JSC, H.U.F.

Baldwin Braves 2 trumped F

and G Trading Cuties Ovals

Ojays 2, 66-55.

Raji Thomas led the

charge for his team with 19

points and 7 rebounds while

teammate, Tristan Jacobs assisted

with 18 points and 10


Antonio Santiago also of

Braves had 5 assists and 5


Shamarie Bascus of

Ovals 2 had 11 points and 8

rebounds while Keddie Martin

chipped in with 8 points

and 15 rebounds.

Dion Jules grabbed 16

rebounds in a losing effort.

All Saints Slam defeated

Police Vertex, 55-44 at Ottos.

Xavier Dalso, Kamaro

Nibbs and Al Peters all

had 8 points for the victors.

They were assisted by Anjis

Anthony and Jamarie Hastings

who both grabbed 9 rebounds.

Alfred Telemaque of

Vertex had 16 points and 11

rebounds while D. Browne

contributed 9 points, 10 rebounds

and 5 steals.

Twenty-four hours prior,

Kenneth A Gomez Christos

United fell to Global Hawks,


With the match being

played at the JSC Sports

Complex, Steadroy Graham

led his team with 17 points

and 7 rebounds.

Teammates, Mitchel

Goodman, Buel Henry and

Kwame Huntley assisted

with 10 points while Goodman

grabbed 6 rebounds and

Henry 9 rebounds.

Edgar Obismo also

of Hawks grabbed 12 rebounds.

United’s John Samuel

had 14 points and 9 rebounds

while Tyrone Albertine

chipped in with 11


Derrick John and Neville

Chambers also of United

grabbed 18 and 10 rebounds


Friday 24th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 19

First and Second Division Games continue

By Marver Woodley

Potters Tigers and Fort Road were

in fine form yesterday as the final hours

draw nearer for the Antigua and Barbuda

First and Second Divisions.

Potters dominated their game

against West Ham 6-1 with triple

strikes coming from Romar Perry,

while his teammates Romar Perry,

Oran Pryce and Xavier James all netted

By Carlena Knight

Cool and Smooth AC

Delco Glenn’s Pet Paradise

Green Bay Hoppers opened

their 2017 Scotia Bank CFU

Caribbean Club Championships

with a 2-1 victory over

Bequia United F.C. of St.

Vincent and the Grenadines.

Hoppers who are hosting

the Group A leg of the

event, scored first in the 16th

minute by Captain Tomorley

‘Ziggy’ Thomas while the

equalizer came from Kamal

Ollivierre in the 28th minute.

As the second half got

underway, Hoppers had a

number of close encounters

but could not execute; a defensive

error by Kamal Bess

of Bequia United in the 70th

minute gave Hoppers the


With this victory, Hoppers

presently sits at the top

of the standings with three

points while Bequia United

are in last position.

By Marver Woodley

As the year of election progresses the Antigua and Barbuda

Cycling Federation are next to hold their executive


The election will be held next week Wednesday 1st

March at the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Stadium when a

general meeting is slated to be held at 7pm.

The current executive is comprised of Andre Solomon as

President, Curtis McKay as 1st Vice President, Jevon Goodwin

as 2nd Vice President, Roland Morgan as Secretary,

George Baptiste as Assistant Secretary, Derrick Sutherland

and Cleopatra James as Treasurer and Assistant treasurer respectively.

To-date no one has publicly announced their willingness

to challenge anyone for any of the current positions.

once. The lone goal for West Hama was

made by Anderson Herbert.

Fort Road was also on fine display

when they defeated Lion Hill 8-nil with

triple successful strikes form Omar

Samuel, double strikes form Dewey

Thomas and Jamaul Jeffery and a lone

attack form Kenny Morgan.

Seaview Farm held Garden Stars

3-3 draw with strikes coming from Zafique

Sampson, Carlos Chastanet and

Kenya Hughes for Seaview Farm and

Nosakhare Edonley, Tyrie Francis and

Zidamwrre Carr for Garden Stars.

In the last game of the day Hill Top

held Five Islands to a 1-1 draw with

strikes coming from Alex Phillip and

Joshua Lynch for Hill Top and Five Islands


Hoppers open Club Championships with a victory

Cycling Federation

to host elections

Meanwhile in the first

match of the double header,

Racing F.C. of Haiti and Inter

Moengo Tapoe of Suriname

came to 2 all draw.

Kareem Kwasie of Inter

Moengo scored first in the

9th minute while Racing’s

Markens Domisca equalized

in the 17th minute.

With the second half beginning

both teams came out

firing with a number of opportunities

to take the lead

but it was a goal by Naldo

Kwasie of Inter Moengo in

the 68th minute that gave the

Suriname based team the advantage.

Despite the defensive

effort displayed by Inter,

Markens Domisca of Racing

F.C. gave his team some

hope as he equalized in the

81st minute.

Both teams sit in second

position with one point.

Matches will continue on

Friday night at the Antigua

Recreation Grounds at 5pm

with Bequia United F.C. of

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

facing Racing F.C.

of Haiti while at 7:00 p.m.,

Cool and Smooth AC Delco

Glenn’s Pet Paradise Green

Bay Hoppers will battle Inter

Moengo Tapoe of Suriname.

On Sunday, Inter Moengo

Taepo will play Bequia

United F.C. at 5:00 p.m.

and at 7:00 p.m., Green Bay

Hoppers will battle Racing


S.R. Olivia David Primary

picks up double victories

By Carlena Knight

S.R. Olivia David Primary picked up double victories on

Wednesday afternoon in the Mini-boys Primary division of

the Cool and Smooth Inter-School Basketball League.

Their first victory was over Parham Primary, 15-7 with

Jade Jackson leading the charge with 8 points.

Darren Warner assisted with 6 points.

They then went on to defeat Villa Primary, 12-6 with

Jade Jackson once again leading his team with 8 points.

20 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 24th February 2017

Annual Run in Paradise

half-marathon set for May 28

A record number of runners

on the international, regional

and national running

scenes are expected to register

by February 28 to receive a

special rate for the third annual

Run in Paradise, hosted in

beautiful Antigua and Barbuda.

Run in Paradise, which is

set for May 28, 2017, allows

runners from around the world

the opportunity to explore

all that the destination has to

offer, with participants treated

to a spectacular variety of

sights and sounds in Antigua,

including the stunning beaches,

intimate neighborhoods,

rolling hills, and the bustle of

energetic St. John’s city.

The event offers a Half

Marathon, 5K race and a

new 10K distance. For 2017,

participants can also expect

a revised course, which runs

from the V.C. Bird International

Airport past the American

University of Antigua

and the Jabberwock Beach.

The course then winds its way

through the Paradise View

neighbourhood and into the

Visiting runners in the Run In Paradise Half-Marathon celebrate

their finish and display their finishers medals on Antigua’s, Fort

James Beach.

heart of St. John’s before finishing

on the beach at historic

Fort James.

The race, which has featured

professional marathon

runners including the 2015

half-marathon winner Mike

Korir, of Kenya, and the 2016

winner Elliott Mason, of Antigua,

is open to participants of

all abilities, including walkers.

Last year’s Run In Paradise

attracted participants from ten

different countries. Organisers

anticipate that with the

addition of a 4-days, 3-nights

Runcation to Antigua package

with airfare and hotel included

for US$699, the event will

exceed the 2016 numbers.

International participants

are personally greeted at the

airport by race staff and provided

free transportation to the

race’s host hotel, the luxurious

Antigua Yacht Club Marina

and Resort. Participants will

also be treated to an optional

free tour of the island on Saturday,

May 27. Transportation

to the start line and back from

the finish line is provided for

racers staying in the host hotel.

After the race, participants

and their families will celebrate

their accomplishments

at the post-race party held on

Pigeon Point Beach, with free

food and drinks! This is truly

a “runcation” in every sense

of the word.

For details on runcation

packages and to register

for the Run In Paradise visit

or contact organisers in the

USA on 1 (786) 269-3432 or

in Antigua and Barbuda on

1 (268) 774 5555. Participants

can also follow Run In

Paradise on www.facebook.

com/runinparadise and on

Instagram and Twitter @


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