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Megan Alexander

FAITH in the


Shamrock City

Rock City with an

Irish Twist

A Recipe

for Success



Staying True to Uniquely You:

An inside look at staying true to

God and yourself


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Is there really a recipe for success?

Is there a plan that we can follow

that guarantees that we achieve

our goals in life?


GOODlife’s good mom writing

contest. Tell us about your

awesome mom.


Have you ever been frustrated to

a point where going felt like the

best option?

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Teriyaki Pork Tacos with Jalapeno

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Shamrock City: Get your green

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march 2017 7

With February behind us and

the winter months coming to

a close people are beginning

to prepare for the coming of Spring. Not

just physically as people begin looking

forward to warmer weather, but also

financially. I do believe that tax season

is a great time to do a financial check-up

on where you have been, where you are,

and where you are going.

Top 5 Pointers to Get Ready For Tax Season

Making Tax

Season Less


By John Dillard

1. Staying Organized/Develop a System.

Everything we do in life is getting more

and more detailed and complex every

year including our taxes. Despite promises from Congress the tax code is harder to understand than ever before

so developing a process/a software/a filing system so when the time comes to get started on your taxes you will be

ahead of the game.

2. Use the Buddy System. Online software when you only have a W-2 may be ideal. However if you have a business

don’t walk, run to a CPA whose practice is centered around the needs of growing business owners. A CPA can

also serve as a Virtual CFO/Controller helping you develop good financial reporting, guidance with cash flow

management, debt/business acquisition and management reporting to name a few. Not using a CPA for your

business is akin to jumping off a cruise ship (even if it is sinking) without a life vest.

3. Use a Checklist. A checklist and do much to help you avoid missing out on either something you need to report or

a valid tax deduction you might otherwise miss. I have developed one for use I believe much more user friendly that

is available 24/7 at the top of our contact us page or the bottom of our home page at HIS CPA

4. Planning Ahead. Keep in mind that when you are preparing your year-end business and personal income taxes and

that you are “settling up” with the IRS/State of GA on what your actual total tax liability for the year is. Keep in mind

tax law requires you to “pay your taxes as you go” and that an extension to file is not an extension to pay. Planning

Ahead of what you will owe allows you to both stay abreast of the year’s tax liability while helping to avoid any

unnecessary year-end surprises.

5. Meeting With Your Financial Planner. Meeting with your financial planner is an essential at least once a year

and perhaps much more often depending on changes in the stock market, setting up a retirement plan for your

business, debt liquidation, getting married, having children and of course the double perk of paying for their college

education. For as John Wooden said “Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail.”

At His CPA PC, You are MUCH more than just a number. You Matter. Visit us online and if you are a business owner

looking to take your company to the next level give us a call at 770.814.9304.


God’s Recipe for Success

By Craig Jones

Is there really a recipe for success? Is there a plan that we can follow that guarantees that we achieve our goals in life?

A lot of people have wasted time, energy, and money on get-rich-quick schemes, but only God’s word can guarantee

us success.

Hebrews chapter 6, verse 12 says:

Don’t become lazy, but be imitators of those who inherit the promises through faith and perseverance.

This scripture gives us a powerful recipe for success. For this scripture to work, you have to apply every truth

represented. Just like when you bake a cake, you have to use all the required ingredients and follow the steps in the

recipe to make it delicious. So let’s look at what God’s recipe for success calls for.

It starts by saying “Don’t be lazy.” For us to make this recipe work, we have to understand that it takes work. A lot of

people are dreamers, but it takes more than a dream. At some point, you have to wake up and pursue your dream.

In my home, we love to watch cooking competitions, and afterward, my daughter wants to help her mother in the

kitchen. Something about watching others create something makes us want to do the same, and that’s exactly what

this scripture tells us…be an imitator of greatness. When you see people succeed, watch what makes them great and

apply it to your dream.

This scripture specifically tells us that the two main ingredients for success are faith and perseverance. Faith means

you have to believe in what you are doing. When I was in high school, I worked as a telemarketer for one week and

hated it. There were many reasons I despised it, but mostly I could not get excited about selling magazines. However,

as a pastor, I love sharing with people the life-changing truths of God’s word. I love what I do, and I believe in it. So

whatever you decide to pursue in life, make sure it’s something you’re passionate about.

The next ingredient in the recipe for success is the one most people seem to be

lacking. It says that to inherit the promise, you must have perseverance. You have

to believe in what you are doing so much that you won’t give up. Anything worth

having is worth fighting for. In my experience, most people give up when they are

right at the door of success.

So discover what you’re really passionate about and pursue it without

the option to quit. Everyone wants success, but you can actually have

it if you believe in what you

are doing so much that, no

matter how hard the road, Craig and Janna Jones are the

you determine that you senior pastors of Abiding Church

will never give up on the

located in Kennesaw, GA.


Learn more at

march 2017 9



An inside look at staying true to

God and yourself, with Inside Edition’s

Megan Alexander

-By Gabriel Bland

How do they do it? Those people who seem to have it all together—they

seem to balance their career, their family, and their personal life, all while

continually growing in their relationship with the Lord. The answer, while

simple, presents a challenge for every person. Their “secret” is that they don’t have

it all together, but that they are figuring it out one day at a time. And in the words

of C. S. Lewis, “The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of 60

minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is.” So the defining factor between

the people that continually grow and improve themselves in life is that when they

make mistakes and opposition comes, they get back up and keep pressing forward.

They also know that by finding the things that have worked for other people and

adapting them to their own lives, they can drastically shorten the learning curve.

Megan Alexander is one of those people that appears to have it all together, while

she will be very quick to tell you that she does not have it all figured out, her

insights, if applied, can significantly help every person achieve the sustainability

and endurance they need for a fruitful life. Megan is a national correspondent for

Inside Edition and a special correspondent for Thursday Night Football on CBS. She is the author of “Faith in the Spotlight”,

where she shares her practical advice for achieving excellence in career, faith, and family and gives an honest look at thriving

in a secular industry, as a believer, without compromising on her faith and values. She is a mother of two, travels, is immersed

in the world of media and sports, and is still daily growing in her relationship with the Lord. So we sat down with Megan to get

practical advice and some strategies that she uses in her life, that you can use to continually grow yourself and stay true to who

you are in God in a world that pressures conformity every day.

We sat down with Megan to get practical advice and some strategies that she uses in her life that you can also apply to

continually grow yourself and stay true to who you are in the Lord in a world that pressures conformity every day.

When asked how she finds balance in her life, Megan responded, “The honest answer to that

is I don’t like the word balance. I think we should throw it out the window.” She asserts that

the idea of “balance” comes with expectations that leave us feeling guilty if we’ve spent more

of our time in certain roles on any given day. She went on to explain that each day presents

itself with a unique set of “demands” on a person, and depending on those present for a given

day, the individual may need to make a priority shift between roles. “I honestly reset myself

every day. I’ve really found that some days I’m all work, 24/7, and some days I’ve found I’m

all mom and wife. Every person is unique. I can’t compare myself to someone else or I will go

crazy. I have had to find what works for me. You need to figure out what works for you.”

Knowing the “why” behind what you do is crucial to maintaining the drive you need when

challenges and setbacks come in life, work, or relationships. In “Faith in the Spotlight,” Megan

challenges her readers to write out a personal “Mission Statement,” which is a short written

statement to help them refocus and keep them on track in life. She explains, “Start with the

big ‘why’ question. What do you want to do, but why do you want to do it? It’s putting pen to

“Knowing the

‘why’ behind

what you do

is crucial to


the drive you

need when

challenges and

setbacks come

in life...”


paper, and saying ‘Ok what do I believe in? What’s important to me?’” In other words, find the things you want to always keep

in perspective, and write those down. Megan goes on, “For me it’s been really helpful in terms of defining the absolutes in my

life. For example, as an actor…I know this is kind of an extreme example, but a nudity clause. In a movie, I will not take off

my clothes, which is a real issue in the entertainment industry. A mission statement can be simple, just a couple of lines, but it

reminds you, ‘OK yeah, why do I get up in the morning?’ ‘What do I believe?’ For me, I keep it on a notecard, on my desk as a

reminder there in front of me.”

“A mission

statement can

be simple,

just a couple

of lines, but it

reminds you,

“OK yeah,

why do I get

up in the


Having daily reminders of not only where you stand, but where you want to go, is so crucial

because human nature tends to lose sight of the big picture when we focus on the details.

One of the best ways to get those reminders is through accountability with like-minded

individuals who share that desire to grow. This is not just limited to surrounding yourself with

friends who will encourage you in this way, but it also means finding mentors in life that you

can look up to and from whom you can gain insights and knowledge.

Megan went on to describe the different types of mentors a person can have, as well as

strategies for proactively seeking them and their counsel. “You have to be creative with it.

In the book, I talk about distant mentors. Those are people that you may never even meet.

But if it’s somebody like Oprah, I’m going to read every book she’s written. I’m going to

study her interviews. I’m going to follow her as a role model from afar. Then there are casual

mentors. An example of a casual mentor would be when I bumped into Deborah Norville in

the hallway. She’s the anchor of our show, and she’s extremely busy. If I get five minutes with

her in the makeup room, I am going to be extremely intentional in my conversation. I was

engaged when I joined Inside Edition. I remember asking her, ‘What’s the secret to a good

marriage?’ She’s been married twenty years, which is highly unusual in our business, and she gave me couple pieces of advice.

And hopefully you will be able to get a few of those true mentors, which for me could be someone I met at church, where I get

to meet with them for coffee occasionally and exchange dreams and ideas and brainstorm. So you have to be creative, you have

march 2017 11

to sort of piecemeal it together… And don’t be discouraged if

somebody turns you down. I’ve certainly had people turn me




The reality is that setbacks and opposition are guarantees in all

areas of life at one time or another, but if we can learn to shift

our perspective to a place that won’t let those setbacks stop us,

nothing can impede us from overcoming opposition. Megan

shares, “There have been so many times when people have

discouraged me from auditioning for a part, even for the job at

Inside Edition. My agent at the time told me I wasn’t their type

and I didn’t stand a chance. But I had an acting coach right out

of college, a wonderful Christian man, who said, ‘Don’t look

at it as getting the job. Look at it as an experience, and go in

wanting to learn something about yourself or meet somebody

new.’ If you go in for feedback, or you go in to just overcome

some public speaking fears or to just try something new, it

changes everything.” This change in perspective, coupled

with the truth that God made you as a unique individual with

talents, perspectives, and a distinctive physical appearance that

only you have, counteracts one of the biggest lies that the world

continually boasts…that you need to change who you are, how

you look, and the way you think to match what somebody else


Megan adds, “My message to everyone is that there have

been times people have told me that I was not the right type,

I should not go in for that audition. I want people to know,

especially young girls, you are unique and you have to be

proud of who you are. Please don’t be discouraged because

B A L L E T | T A P | J A Z Z


B R O O K H A V E N | D U N W O O D Y | K E N N E S A W




( 4 0 4 ) 9 6 4 - 0 5 2 9 | O N C E U P O N A B A L L E T A T L @ G M A I L . C O M

O N C E U P O N A B A L L E T A T L . C O M | M U S I C A L T H E A T E R C E N T E R A T L . C O M

there have literally been times where if I had listened to those voices, I would have not gotten the job. Be proud of what you

look like. It is awesome to be different.”

Megan’s desire is to encourage people who are faced with difficult choices to “stick up for themselves, hold true to how they

were raised—their faith, their values, and their family.” She reassures that when you do that, “You won’t just survive, you can


Four ways to overcome opposition

and stay true to yourself and God:

• Reset daily: Every day is unique and will

require you to approach it differently than the

day before.

• Write your “Mission Statement:” A short

written form of self accountability to refocus

on the big picture.

• Find accountability: Find like-minded

dreamers to surround yourself with, and find

individuals from whom to gleen insight into

where you want to go.

• Shift your perspective: Rejection is going to

come, so ground yourself in the truth that you

are wonderfully and uniquely made.

For more

from Megan,

be sure to

check out

her book

“Faith in the



A GOODlife Starts

with Mom


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to hear about her! She could be featured in

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Submit an original written work (story, poem, letter, etc.), 450 words or less, about

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Three 13 Salon and Spa “Day of Beauty”

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Entries must be received by midnight April 7, 2017. One entry per person allowed. Winner will be notified in our May issue. All entries

must be original work, and any previously published work will not be eligible for the prize.

For more rules and information, visit

march 2017 13

Choosing to


Before You


By Gavin Adams

Have you ever been frustrated to a point where going felt like

the best option? Or maybe the only option?

You were…

…Frustrated with a relationship, and you just had to get out.

…Frustrated in a marriage. So you walked out.

…Frustrated with a job. So you quit.

…Frustrated with your lack of progress. So you dropped the

gym membership and grabbed a candy bar (sorry, was that too

close to home?)

We’ve all been there. Most of us too many times to count.

The frustration-to-leaving conundrum is very real and very

visceral. At times, leaving is absolutely the best option. But not


For now, let’s focus our energy on workplace frustrations.

I’ve never met a person who’s lived a life free of work-related

frustration. As an emotion, frustration drives us to make

many decisions. Not necessarily good decisions, but decisions

none-the-less. Of all the decisions we face in the midst of our

frustration, decisions that seemingly remove the frustration

come to us first.

So, when we are frustrated at work, we often consider our

options. When our frustration isn’t likely to change, we know

it’s time to make a change. Change departments. Change

bosses. Change companies. Change careers. And even change

industries. But what if there is a different kind of change that is

more fruitful?

“When our frustration isn’t likely to change,

we know it’s time to make a change.”

If you are frustrated now (or the next time you are, which

might even be tomorrow), here’s what I want you to

consider: Is it possible that your leaving might sacrifice your


growing? To say it a different way, running from frustration might ruin our chance to learn

in the frustration. That’s a truth not easy to embrace.

“Running from frustration might ruin our

chance to learn in the frustration.”

Here’s what I’ve experienced personally, and I’m guessing many of you have, as well. When

we are facing frustration, choosing to grow through it rather than go from it is typically our

best initial choice. I say initial because eventually most of us will move on from our current

workplaces, but if there is an opportunity for us to grow first, leaving absolutely will remove

it. What’s more, the opportunity may never resurface.

When I find myself frustrated at work, here are the decisions I try to consider:

1. Decide who’s responsible for the frustration.

If I’m the cause of my own frustration, then running doesn’t help in any way. Why? Because

everywhere I go, there I am. If we pause long enough in any frustration, we will typically find we

are part of the problem. Not necessarily all, but part. It might be our attitude. It might be our lack of

hunger to grow in our role. It might be our pride, or maybe our emotional intelligence. Whatever it is, we must own our slice

of the frustration pie.

That said, if we can conclude the frustration is outside of our locus of control, then we need to wrestle with some other

emotions and decisions.

2. Decide to stay…longer than you want.

When there is a situation that is causing frustration, I’ve learned (at times the hard way), that patience in the situation is always

the most prudent initial response. When we decide we are going to stay, no matter for how long, we must correspondingly

decide that our staying will need to outlast our natural inclination for going. Staying in anything difficult isn’t easy, hence our

propensity for going. But when we decide to stay for longer than we want, we position ourselves for deeper growth.

I believe the longer we stay, the more we can grow. Sure, there’s a point of diminishing returns, but often that is further away

than we want to believe.

3. Decide what needs to grow before you eventually go.

Odds are you will go eventually, but when that time comes, hopefully, you will be choosing to run to something, not

away from something. While you are sitting in the frustration, decide how and where you can grow in it — specifically.

Where specifically can you learn. What specifically needs to mature in you. Here’s a hint: Your frustration. What’s causing your

frustration is probably linked to the opportunity for your growth.

If we aren’t actively working to grow, then we might as well go. But if we can determine what areas of our life need to be

improved, our frustration is a great tool to be leveraged in the growth.

4. Decide to go when you can’t grow.

“What’s causing your frustration is probably

linked to the opportunity for your growth.”

Gavin Adams is the Lead

Pastor of Woodstock

City Church, a campus

location of North

Point Ministries, and a

student of leadership,

communication, church,

and faith.

There will be times when our need to go supersedes our need to grow. This happens most obviously when we recognize there

is no more room for growth in the current context. Not that we are fully grown in all areas of our life, but that in our current

workplace context, we have learned what we can learn in and through the frustration.

Think of this like a point of diminishing returns. When our growth work begins to return void, the returns on our efforts are

most likely diminishing.

Going is inevitable, but going before growing sabotages our improvement opportunities.

The easiest way to think about it is to never run from something, only to something. If we only run to things, we help ensure

our frustrations aren’t driving us away from opportunities to grow.

march 2017 15

I Need


By Steve Countryman

“I need you!” I find myself telling God this almost daily. It is a reality of where I am in my relationship with my heavenly

Father. It is also sad that it took me so long to come to this realization. How often have I waited until I have exhausted all

of my options before considering bringing my problems to my God in prayer. Taking it to God should always be our first

option, not our last.

I find it strange that I have spent most of my Christian walk wanting to be a better Christian, a better Christian friend, a

better Christian husband, and a better Christian business owner; but doing it on my own terms, thinking that I knew what

to do and how to do it as well as the next Christian. All of this was based on my own perception and feelings—making all

my decisions by leaning on my own understanding. How foolish!

God has gone to great lengths to provide us, His children, all we will ever need… His Son Jesus who died upon a cross for

the sins of the world and was raised again. His Word with every answer to every possible problem. His awesome Holy Spirit

to guide our steps and direct our paths, changing us from glory to glory. His angels to help and to protect. Every possible

spiritual tool that we could ever need is provided, all wrapped in His wonderful blessings of divine health and prosperity. 3

John 2 says, “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.”

I know how frustrated I can get when I’m trying to help someone who won’t accept my help. You know the person who,

every time you see that individual, always tells you his or her stories of woe, but refuses to accept any advice or help from

you. It’s like you’re being invited to a “pity party” but not allowed to attend unless you’re willing to only give comfort and


I marvel at God’s patience and mercy, for we Christians treat God the same way. We cry out for God to help us and beg

Him to answer our prayers, but when He answers them and sends the help, we ignore Him. We choose to lean on our own

understanding instead of leaning on the One who can deliver us from all of our problems!

I have learned the hard way that it’s a good thing to need God’s help in all things, at all times, and in all ways! Leaning on

God and His Word is the only way to live. Why try to just survive each day when you can have the victory in all things and

live an extraordinary life? Try living for God instead of living for yourself. Otherwise, you spend most of your time staring

at your “tray of trash”—all of your problems. You waste your time and energy worrying about what’s on your tray, while

becoming a stale, worthless Christian in the meantime.

Anyone who has had addictions or serious problems and was sincere about getting help had to admit first that they needed

help, that they couldn’t fix it on their own. They had to be willing to receive the necessary help to get through their issues. If

not, then the help wouldn’t help! Admitting that you need God isn’t a sign of weakness, but of victory! When you’re in over

your head—as we all are at times—there is only one who can rescue you, and His name is Jesus!

For those who think that they don’t need God are the true examples of fools. There are those who are ignorant of the truth

and don’t know better. There are others who are stupid because they know better, but choose to ignore the truth. Then there

are those who are boastful fools because they know better and are proud of their stupidity for ignoring the truth.

What about you? Do you acknowledge your need for God or do you try to handle everything on your own? It is a matter of

trust, and I choose to trust in Jesus. Lord, I need you!


Teriyaki Pork Tacos with


Jalapeno Coleslaw

By Krista Messic

Dale’s Steak Seasoning (2 caps full)

Fresh garlic, cut into slivers (about 16 slivers)

1 pork tenderloin

¾ c. Soy Vay Marinade, Island Teriyaki Sauce

Half bag of coleslaw from produce dept. (not prepared)

¼- ½ c. mayonnaise

¼ c. pickled jalapenos (in the jar), chopped

1 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar

Sugar (optional)

Garlic salt

Black pepper

Flour tortillas


Place coleslaw in a mixing bowl. Add mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar, jalapenos, and 1 tablespoon of the

juice from the jalapeno jar. Mix well, adding mayonnaise or vinegar to adjust consistency. Add garlic salt,

black pepper, and sugar to taste. Cover and place in refrigerator for a minimum of one hour.

Teriyaki Pork

Rinse pork tenderloin and pat dry. Plug the tenderloin with garlic by puncturing the meat with a small

paring knife to about the center of the meat and placing the garlic slivers in the holes. Punctures should be

evenly spaced over the entire cut of meat. Place the meat in a pan, pour one capful of Dale’s Steak Seasoning

on one side and rub around, turn over and repeat on the bottom. Cover and set aside for about 30 minutes

(do not refrigerate).

Heat grill to approximately 400 degrees. Generously coat clean grill grates with oil to prevent meat from

sticking. Place the tenderloin on the grill and cover, flipping the tenderloin only once, until internal

temperature reaches 140 degrees, about 5-7 minutes per side.

Brush the Soy Vay Marinade, Island Teriyaki Sauce over the tenderloin during the final minutes of cooking.

Remove from heat, cover, and allow to rest for 10 minutes; the meat will continue to cook and juices will

redistribute. Cut into small cubes.

Place cubed pork in flour tortillas. Add drizzle of Soy Vay Marinade, Island Teriyaki Sauce to pork and top

with jalapeno coleslaw.

march 2017 17

Rock City’s Irish Celebration:

Looking for the luck of the Irish? Get your green on for Rock

City’s 10th Annual Irish celebration and festival – Shamrock City!

This event, which has once again been selected a Top 20 Event by

Southeast Tourism Society, will be held for two weekends, March

11–12 and March 18–19, from 8:30am–5pm.

This premier St. Patrick’s Day celebration takes place at the famous

Rock City, atop Lookout Mountain near Chattanooga, Tennessee.

It includes live music, food, and other entertainment. And one

of the highlights is seeing High Falls, which runs beneath Lover’s

Leap, transform into a shimmering curtain of green!

Enjoy listening to a variety of live bands featuring Irish, Scottish,

Celtic, and Highlands music, as well as City of Chattanooga Pipe

Band performances. Watch Irish-inspired dance performances and

take a lesson to join in the fun.

Fill your belly with some festive Irish foods and green-colored

goodies. Choose from a selection of stews, corned beef and

cabbage, specialty beer, kettle corn, and some Starbucks pickme-ups.

Rock City’s Fudge Kitchen will feature its famous fudge

with a “green” twist, as well as assorted specialty Irish candies and

freshly made limeade. Be sure to stop by and see a fudge-making

demonstration throughout the day.

The vast array of activities offers fun for the whole family.

Everyone can enjoy the up-close-and-personal Suffolk Sheep

Encounter. At the Shamrock Quest Kids’ Adventure, children can

experience their own Irish adventures as they seek “Pot of Gold”

stamps along the shamrock trail, try their luck panning for gold,

and more.

So make the short drive to Shamrock City and find the luck of the

Irish! $22.95 adults; $12.95 kids (Or get an annual pass for less

than the cost of two tickets and come back all year for free: http://

GOODlife Travel Tip

According to Rock City staff, the crowd numbers peak from 12pm-2pm. Arriving before 11am will give

you a comfortable head start on the crowds to better enjoy your day.

And if you have the time, there are several hiking trails on Lookout Mountain that the locals love to hike

that can be found on the main roads leading up to Rock City. If that’s something that “peaks” your interest,

be sure to check out the options and locations of the trail heads beforehand to find which ones your family

would enjoy most!


Shamrock City

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