Caribbean Times 6th Issue - Monday 27th February 2017


Caribbean Times 6th Issue - Monday 27th February 2017

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Monday 27th February 2017 A n t i g u a a n d B a r b u d a

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On Friday, the police arrested

and charge two men in two

separate incidents with unlawful

possession of controlled

drugs, among other offences.

35-year old Lester Parker,

aka “One” of Falmouth was

charged with Possession 62.2

grams of Cannabis and Possession

with intent to sell. He was

further charged with Possession

of Criminal Property of over EC

$25,000 and US $62.00, as well

as driving without a valid driver’s

license. The charges came

about as a result of a routine

traffic check, which the officers

attached to the Dockyard Police

Station conducted on Thursday.

Lester Parker

The accused was spotted driving

a Silver Suzuki motor jeep,

A12549 and was stopped by

the police and searched.

A large sum of money,

totalling EC$25,044.50 and

US$62.00 was found both on

his person and also stashed

away inside the vehicle. The

police also found that he was

not the holder of a valid Antigua

and Barbuda Driver’s License.

A Search Warrant was executed

at his home in Falmouth and a

quantity of Cannabis as well as

several vehicle license plates

was found in his possession.

The items were seized and taken

to the police station.

In a separate incident, 31-

year old Kevin Baptiste, aka

“Gussy” of Golden Grove was

arrested and charged with Possession

2lbs of Cannabis, Possession

with intent to sell and

Being Concerned in the Supplying

of a Controlled Drugs.

On Friday, officers attached to

the Narcotics Department executed

a Search Warrant at his

Golden Grove property and

found several transparent plastic

bags with Cannabis. The

drugs was seized and taken to

the station and he was arrested

and charged.


Meanwhile, three men of

Hispanic decent are currently in

police custody assisting the police

in their investigations into

the alleged Larceny of several

cases of alcoholic beverages.

Around 3:00 a.m. on Saturday,

officers attached to the

Rapid Response Unit responded

to a report of a Burglary at

a storage facility on Friars Hill

Road, and found 32-year old

Jose Puello Mercedes and 31-

year old Winston Diaz both of

Villa, along with 32year old

Wandes Jose Campos of Gambles

with 41 cases of Presidente

Beer, 15 cases of Corona Beer,

and 3 bottles of Johnny Walker

Black Label Whiskey in their

possession. The items were already

loaded onto a Blue Hyun-

Kevin Baptiste

dai motor truck C6301, which

the officers intercepted fleeing

the scene. The vehicle with the

items were seized and taken

to the police station. They are

likely to be charged with Larceny.

2 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Monday 27th February 2017

Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court celebrating 50 years

By Joanna Paris

The Eastern Caribbean

Supreme Court is celebrating

its 50th anniversary.

The Court was inaugurated

on the 27tf of February

1967, replacing the Supreme

Court of the Windward and

Leeward Islands, which

served the territories of the

Eastern Caribbean, now

members of the Organization

of Eastern Caribbean States

Editor’s Note

Caribbean Times is printed

and published at Woods

Estate/Friars Hill Road.

The Editor is Justin Peters.

Contact: Caribbean Times,

P.O. Box W2099,

Woods Estate/Friars Hill


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Tel: (268) 562-8688,

Fax: (268) 562-8685.

Visit us online at our website:


We ask you to send:

Pertinent news items to

Advertisement inquiries to

Letters to the editor to

(OECS), when the islands began

their movement towards

political independence from


The Eastern Caribbean

Supreme Court (ECSC) has

jurisdiction in Anguilla, Antigua

& Barbuda, the British

Virgin Islands, the Commonwealth

of Dominica, Grenada,

Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint

Lucia, Saint Vincent and the

Grenadines and Montserrat.

The court has gained renowned

success as a superior

court of record.

According to a press statement,

the Golden anniversary

of the ECSC “is not only

cause for celebration, but it is

also a time for reflection on

our past and future”.

Her Ladyship, the Hon.

Dame Janice M. Pereira,

DBE, Chief Justice, invites

the public to be a part of the

celebration of the milestone.

“Because this is our court,

and our achievement, we all

have reason to celebrate! Together,

we can sustain the

The Administration within the Royal Police

Force of Antigua and Barbuda is aware

of an amateur video that has been making its

rounds on social media. The video is depicting

members of the police force effecting an arrest

of a female at the Antigua Commercial Bank at

Thames and St. Mary’s Streets.

The police were summoned to the bank to

render assistance, as a result of a report made

of her behaviour inside the bank. This is one

of many instances, where the police was summoned

to the said bank, among several other

business places to address similar incidents

involving the said female, who appears to be

ECSC’s longstanding tradition

of excellence by learning

from our past, building on our

strengths, adapting to change,

and embracing the future.

Hence, the theme for the 50th

anniversary - “Celebrating the

Past, Embracing the Future”,

she noted.

The Court of Appeal sitting

commencing today coincides

with the date of the

anniversary and the Chief

Justice Dame Janice Pereira

DBE and seven Court of Appeal

Justices will be in Antigua

and Barbuda to celebrate

this milestone in the Court’s

history in addition to the four

(4) resident judges

The Eastern Caribbean

Supreme Court has planned a

number of celebratory activities

in the various Member

States and Territories.

In Antigua and Barbuda

the celebrations began with

a church service on Sunday

at St. Andrews Anglican

Church. This will be followed

by a Special Sitting of

the Court on the 27th February,

2017 at 9 am, the actual

birth date of the Court, at the

Halls of Justice, Parliament

Drive, St. John’s, Antigua.

The Chief Justice will deliver

a celebratory message

and other addresses will be

given by the Honourable Attorney

General, Director of

Public Prosecutions, Sir Gerald

Watt QC, Mr. Justin L.

Simon QC and C. Debra Burnette,

President of the Antigua

and Barbuda Bar Association.

The Antigua and Barbuda

Bar Association will make an

appearance on “Good Morning

Antigua” on state media

on Friday.

There will be an Exhibition

at the Halls of Justice,

Parliament Drive depicting

the Court House in 1967

(now the Museum of Antigua

and Barbuda) beginning

today. An Anniversary Lecture

will also be held for the

Judges and Attorneys and other

events are planned for the

year anniversary year.

Police addresses video on social media

mentally challenged. In this particular incident,

she literally threw herself on the ground, and

began to behave in a rambunctious manner.

The officers on the scene exercise much restraint,

as she put up a struggle to avoid being


The matter is nonetheless being investigated

so that both the police and the management

of the bank can have a more comprehensive

knowledge as to what actually transpired.

Anyone with additional information that may

further assist the police in their investigations

is asked to contact the Office of Professional

Standard at Police Headquarters at 462-0125.

Monday 27th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 3

PAHO’s Regional Country Managers’ Meeting

ends with a renewed commitment to fight NCDs

As the Pan American

Health Organization’s Regional

Country Managers’

meeting comes to a close,

Health and the Environment

Minister, Molwyn Joseph,

doubled down on his commitment

to fighting Non

- Communicable Diseases

(NCDs) at home and across

the region.

Speaking at PAHO’s

Cocktail Reception at the

Antigua and Barbuda Hospitality

Training Institute last

night (Thursday evening),

Minister Joseph declared

that it is high time for regional

governments and other

organizations to declare

war on Non-Communicable


He further stated that the

battle against NCDs is tantamount

to nuclear warfare.

“I am going to be leaning

on you and PAHO to help

me take on this war. This is a

war and it’s no exaggeration

and this must be fought with

nuclear weapons, nuclear

Minister of Health, the Hon., Molwyn Joseph, left, at the PAHO’s

Cocktail Reception.

weapons. We cannot continue

as we are and everywhere

I go I will be making this

statement, we have to ignite

a fire in the Caribbean, the

leaders must be told that is a

crisis that we are facing, our

young people must be told

the truth and we must challenge

the culture that glorifies

the consumption of the

things that are killing us”,

Minister Joseph said.

Joseph confirmed that he

will be blunt and forceful in

attacking the challenges in

Antigua and Barbuda, especially

since the island has

one of the highest percentages

of deaths related to Non -

Communicable Diseases.

“I am resolved, though,

that we have to be blunt, we

have to be aggressive, because

we cannot continue to

lose in Antigua and Barbuda,

fifty-two percent of the

deaths that represent premature

deaths in Antigua and

Barbuda. As a matter of fact,

it’s fifty-eight percent; fifty-eight

percent of the deaths

in my country as I stand

here are premature deaths.

Eighty-five percent of all

deaths in this country are the

direct results of Non - Communicable

Diseases, higher

than the Caribbean average

and perhaps one of the highest

in the region,” he noted.

Another highlight of the

night was a speech delivered

by Dr Godfrey Xuereb, the

PAHO and WHO Representative

for Antigua-Barbuda,

Barbados and the other Eastern

Caribbean Countries.

Dr Xuereb, showered

praises on Antigua and Barbuda,

noting that the twin island

state, is a model for the

rest of the region.

“I think Antigua and Barbuda

is an excellent case

example of an all of Government

and all of society

approach. We have included

the faith-based organizations

and the community groups

in our Zika work, we have

included and worked with

FAO in the Zero hunger project,

we have collaborated

with IAEA in the Oncology

Centre, so Minister Joseph

and his team have really embraced

the multi-sectorial action

that we so strive to put

in all of our functions,” Dr.

Xuereb remarked.

Earlier in the week, over

thirty individuals converged

on the Verandah Resort for

a number of sessions in a

bid to foster greater partnerships

between Pan American

Health Organization Member

States and put in place

strategies and plans for the

next few months.

The exercise brought

together PAHO’s Regional

Country Managers from

across the Caribbean Community


focused primarily on the impact

of Non - Communicable

Disease on the Caribbean

and the Pan American Region.

4 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Monday 27th February 2017

Police to deploy canine unit

By Everton Barnes

Some seventeen police

and customs officers have

just completed an eight-week

course in canine (dog) handling

techniques in preparation

for being deployed at the

country’s main port of entry,

the V.C. Bird International


The course concluded on

Friday with an awards ceremony

where Cons. Bradley

Titre received the award for

the most understanding student.

Commissioner Wendel

Robinson congratulated the

government for investing half

a million dollars into the creation

of this unit. Nine dogs

were part of the training with

The manager of the Counter Narcotics

Operational Team in the Office

of National Drug and Money Laundering

Control Policy (ONDCP) in Antigua

and Barbuda, Marcia Edwards,

is traveling to the United States to

participate in the U.S. Department of

State’s International Visitor Leadership

Program (IVLP). She will take part in

a three-week project on “Community

Responsiveness — Leadership in Law

Enforcement” from February 27 until

March 17.

During the program, participants

will meet police administrators and

trainers, civil rights and community

activists, victim advocacy groups, and

police union representatives to explore

issues affecting community and police

relations. They will examine U.S. local,

state, and federal efforts to foster

two officers working with one

dog. The training was conducted

by a team of British

experts in dog handling surveillance

and patrol.

The commissioner cautioned

the officers that one

of the requirements of being

part of the unit is that they

must subject themselves to a

polygraph test, which he said

would be performed in due


Comptroller of Customs,

Raju Boddu, expressed appreciation

to the commissioner

for inviting his department to

be a part of this joint venture

and implement community policing in

police departments; explore best practices

in building trust and transparency

between communities and police departments;

demonstrate the variety of

current training and the organizational

structures of local police departments;

and demonstrate how community input

has made an impact.

The program begins on February

27 in Washington, D.C., and includes

travel to at least four cities across the

United States, including Baltimore,

Maryland; Seattle, Washington, Orlando,

Florida; and Reno, Nevada. It ends

in New York City, New York.

The IVLP is the Department of

State’s premier, professional exchange

program. The program brings together

emerging leaders in their respective

professions to learn how U.S. experts

in crime solving and law enforcement.

Permanent Secretary in

the Ministry of Legal Affairs,

Worthene George expressed

best wishes to the officers

asking that the take to heart

all that was imparted as part

of the training and to do their

jobs diligently and professionally.

Of the nine dogs that

have been trained, two will be

allocated to help deal with potential

bomb threats by sniffing

out explosives.

The new canine unit is expected

to be deployed at the

airport this week. It will monitor

arriving and departing

passengers and bags entering

the airport terminal.

Antiguan law enforcement manager to participate

in US government-sponsored leadership program

Marcia Edwards (left), poses with U.S.

Ambassador to Barbados, the Eastern Caribbean,

and the OECS Linda Taglialatela

before departing on the U.S. Department

of State’s International Visitor Leadership


in that profession operate and to share

best practices with the other program

candidates who hail from the same region

and across the globe.

Monday 27th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 5

6 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Monday 27th February 2017

Airport and tourism officials explore new

airline partnerships at Routes Americas

Antigua and Barbuda

Tourism and Airport officials

combined their marketing efforts

to attend the 10th Routes

Americas Conference, where

they met with some of the

most influential aviation professionals

from across the

Americas region, earlier this

month in Las Vegas.

Antigua and Barbuda’s






A.D. 2017

In the Matter of the Estate


a.k.a Eddie Hunte



GIVEN that at the expiration

of fourteen (14) days

from the date of this Notice,

Application will be made to

the High Court of Justice by


CIATES, of Chambers, Long

Street, in the Parish of Saint

John’s in Antigua and Barbuda,

Solicitors for MARY

HUNTE of Villa Area, in

the Parish of Saint John’s in

Antigua and Barbuda for a

Grant of Probate in the estate




a.k.a EDDIE HUNTE died

on 7th, January, 2017.

DATED the 27th, day of

February, 2017



Attorneys-at-law for the Applicant

delegation worked in collaboration

to secure the most

efficient way of representing

its interests at the conference,

which has in the past proved

very beneficial.

Over a three-day period,

the team conducted a series

of twenty-one back-to-back

meetings with existing airlines

who now service the

destination as well as prospective

new airline partners

in anticipation of demand for

the country’s tourism product.

CEO of the Antigua and

Barbuda Tourism Authority

Colin C. James said, “There

has been a marked increase

in demand for the destination

following the strong growth

in visitor arrivals particularly

from the US market in 2016.

Without exception, all the

airlines executives who we

engaged with, were keenly

interested in the destination

and the opportunities that it

presented for strong revenue

yields. These high potential

airline prospects will be vigorously


Each Airline was given

a detailed presentation of

the destination with particular

emphasis on the stateof-the-art

airport facilities,

the planned growth in hotel

rooms and the advantages that

Antigua and Barbuda’s tourism

product presents, with traditionally

higher than average

revenue yields on its international

air routes.

In addition to meetings

Antigua and Barbuda’s delegation discussed airline routes with

Airline Executives at Routes 2017 (Pictured are: Colin Skerritt

ABTA Director of Tourism Canada, Chairman of the Antigua and

Barbuda Airport Authority Rolston Potter, Antigua and Barbuda

Ministry of Tourism Aviation Consultant Lesroy Browne, CEO of the

Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority Colin C. James, Norwegian

Air Route Analyst Gerard Budesca, and CEO of the Antigua

and Barbuda Airport Authority Stanley Smith.

with existing airlines such

as United Airlines, American

Airlines and JetBlue to

explore the options for new

gateways, several new airlines

were courted.

These included new carriers

such as Southwest, and

Spirit who have already began

to serve the region with direct

flights from the growing Fort

Lauderdale gateway. The

team also used the opportunity

to meet with airline officials

from Norwegian Airlines,

Finnair, and Sun Country

Airlines, to initiate business

contacts and to ensure that

Antigua and Barbuda remains

firmly fixed on their radar as

they look to expand airline

routes to the region.

Antigua and Barbuda

Airport Authority Chairman,

Rolston Potter commented

that, “The new carriers that

were not familiar with The

Sir V. C. Bird International

Airport were particularly impressed

with the host of facilities

available at our Category

1 rated facility, which has

acted as a catalyst in attracting

new airlines to the country”.

Antigua and Barbuda’s

airport facility is the “Airport

of Choice” for the Eastern Caribbean

and effortlessly handles

over 800,000 passengers

per year.

The anticipated improved

airlift into Antigua and Barbuda

for the upcoming summer

and winter season all demonstrate

a renewed confidence

in the destination from its

long-standing and new airline


The Routes Annual Concont’d

on pg 7

Monday 27th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 7

Gender Based Violence Forum a success

By Joanna Paris

Last week Thursday, the

main auditorium of the University

of the West Indies

Open Campus, was the venue

for a major forum on Gender

Based Violence in Antigua

and Barbuda. The event was

well attended by a cross section

of society as discussions

were centred on strategies to

be developed and policies to

be put in place to eliminate

gender based violence across

the board. Head of the UWI

Open Campus, Ian Benn,

commended the Directorate

of Gender Affairs for hosting

the critical forum.

He emphasized that the

elimination of gender based

violence will require a collective

effort and noted that the

forum is just the first in many

steps that must be taken.

He added that the campus

is pleased to collaborate with

the department on the event.

Acting Director of the Department

of Gender Affairs,

Farmala Jacobs emphasized

that it is important for the conversation

on the types of violence

against women as well

as men to take place.

“There is much to be done

if we are to see men and women

in Antigua and Barbuda are

equal. Progress has been slow

but we will get their eventually”,

she said.

Minister with responsibility

for Social Transformation

and Human Resource Development,

the Hon. Samantha

cont’d from pg 6

ference and Exhibition is dedicated to existing

air services and routes within the region

and fosters strategies to maintain, develop

and improve them. Each year the conference

brings together key players in the airline, airport

and tourism industries from the North,

Central, South America and the Caribbean.

Attendance at past conferences has resulted in

Antigua and Barbuda securing new and additional

airlift to support the growth in tourism

air stay-over arrivals.

Marshall publicly endorsed

the forum.

She said that the Ministry

and the Directorate of Gender

Affairs are committed to ensuring

that there is a change.

She added that support for

victims of violence and their

families is important.

“In order to create the

change we want to see, we

need to first examine ourselves

and see how we can

assist in the process. Support

is necessary”, she said.

The event also featured

dramatic presentations and

other cultural presentations.

Representatives of Women

Against Rape (WAR) also

played a major role in the sensitization

aspect of the forum.

8 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Monday 27th February 2017


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Monday 27th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 9

10 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Monday 27th February 2017

Friday’s Sudoku Solution




1. Pierces

6. Knight’s assistant

10. Appeal

14. Chocolate drink

15. Operator

16. Rock’s partner

17. Go-between

18. South American capital

19. Inactive

20. Space agency (abbr.)

21. Rider

23. Ace

26. Purpose

27. Assault

30. Eat in style

32. Reducing in length

34. Aspect

38. Large artery

39. Mighty tree

40. Wander off

41. Singer ____ Seeger

42. Make holy

44. Wedding dessert

45. Salary boosts

46. Actor Charlton ____

50. NBC’s rival

51. Lacking the ability

55. Exam

59. School groups (abbr.)

60. Gradual

61. Howdy!

62. Fringe benefit

63. Grow weary

64. Resource

65. Mine products

66. Copycat

67. Hearty soups


1. Read rapidly

2. Roman garb

3. Top cards

4. Napoleon ____

5. Took a chair

6. Orange juice solids

7. China’s continent

8. Valuable stones

9. Wiping clean

10. Fabric pattern

11. Skier’s cabin

12. Actress ____ DeGeneres

13. Vigilant

22. WSW’s opposite

24. Glamorous ____ Hayworth

25. Madrid cheer

27. Kin of PDQ

28. Slipper

29. Type

30. Journalist ____ Sawyer

31. Pen liquids

33. Cranny’s kin

34. Most tyrannical

35. Retirement accts.

36. Escort

37. Needle openings

40. Wound covering

42. Card game

43. Pitching stat

44. Robber’s pursuer

46. Nile animal, for short

47. Computer key

48. Frighten

49. Chores

52. Radar spot

53. Traditional knowledge

54. Wide-spouted pitcher

56. Or ____!

57. Whole bunch

58. Toddlers

61. Possesses

Monday 27th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 11

Today’s weather forecast

Antigua and Barbuda

Sunshine and clouds mixed.

High - 80ºF

Low - 72ºF

Wind: East North East 18 mph

Sunrise 6.26 am; Sunset 6.13 pm

Friday’s Crossword Solution


PISCES (Feb. 19-March

20). If you think in financial

terms, you’ll notice two categories:

things that cost you

money and things that make

you money. Some of what you

own isn’t worth the price you

pay to keep it.

ARIES (March 21-April

19). There will be no waiting

around for the action to begin.

As long as there are people

standing near you, the main

action will probably be getting

to know them. You’re so

good at this.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20).

The quickest way to change

your mood is to connect with

another person. A positive,

cheery person will inspire an

upswing; a negative person

will turn it in the opposite direction.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21).

Before the king went out to

greet the kingdom, he sent

a town crier to let everyone

know he was coming. Your

clothing does this job for you

today, letting everyone know

whom they are about to receive.

CANCER (June 22-July 22).

Call for help and a new resource

will open inside you.

Maybe this is an instinct born

of deep ancestral roots, or

maybe it’s an inspiration from

on high. Wherever it comes

from, it’s right on time.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Use

what you have. It’s good. It’s

better than good; it’s fantastic.

Of course, that’s only if you

use it. If you don’t use it, it

will be, by definition, useless.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).

Your ideas will meet with

resistance. This is a stellar

opportunity to examine them

more closely and refine the

weak parts. Also, it’s an invitation

to be more convincing.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).

Success will depend on pacing.

Go too fast and you’ll

make mistakes. Go too slowly

and you’ll make even more,

as there’s much more time

to make them. Try different

tempos until you hit a nice


SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21).

Winning isn’t the most important

thing to you, so you

often don’t go out of your way

to set yourself up in a winning

position. However, today it

will help you to arrange things

for your easy victory.


Dec. 21). Your restless soul

wants an adventure. When

you don’t have tickets to

travel, the next best thing is

a transcendent experience of

the mind, perhaps through fiction,

film or music.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.

19). When people start looking

around in a way to suggest

that someone should do something,

you’ll be reminded of

the difference between you

and the others. You don’t look

around. You assume that the

“someone” is you.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.

18). You’re satisfied, but you

won’t stay that way for long.

Before sunset, you’ll start to

experience a fuzzy, unfocused

kind of wanting. Try to articulate

this desire as it takes

shape. Soon it will send you

on a quest.

12 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Monday 27th February 2017

Monday 27th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 13

ABITPC spearheads repainting of YASCO wall mural

By Joanna Paris

On Friday, members of

the Antigua and Barbuda Independent

Promotion Tourism

Corporation (ABIPTC)

along with a number of art

students from secondary

schools located in St. John’s

congregated outside the

YASCO Sports Complex for

a special community gesture.

By Marver Woodley

The Antigua and Barbuda Softball Association

has kicked off its 2017 season with an

opening ceremony this past weekend. The ceremony

was held on Sunday at Dredgers at 3:00

p.m. where teams heard remarks from several

prominent figures including the President of

the organization Javid Goodwin. Also, speaking

at the ceremony was a representative from

In 2008, famous artist

David Wyland and a group

of 150 students were instrumental

in creating the mural

that is a prominent feature

on the wall surrounding the

sports facility.

The mural instantly became

an attraction.

Over the years, however,

natural elements have contributed

to the fading of the

paint and in essence some of

the beauty had been lost.

Coming back to present

day, the ABIPTC contacted

officials at the Ministry

of Education, who gave the

schools permission to select

art students to be a part of the

restorative process.

The Chairperson of the

ABSA 2017 season opens

the Ministry of Sports and guest Speaker Petra

Williams. The first game of the season will

be held two weeks later on the 12th of March

with the 10 overs a side Softball Classic as the

opener, the Caribbean Alliance, St John’s Corporative

Credit Union T20 competition following

after. Several teams are slated to return, as

25 teams took part in the 2016 season with 15

male teams and 10 female teams.

ABIPTC, Martha Watkins-Gilkes

expressed thanks

to the students and teachers

for taking time away from

their academic schedules to

participate in the community


She also thanked all of

the sponsors who came forward

to support the effort.

Representative of the

Mill Reef Trust Fund, Jim

Lewis and his wife were

present. The Fund is one of

the financiers of the initiative.

Lewis indicated that he

is looking forward to the

finished project, which he

believes will further enhance

the appeal of the facility as

well as surrounding areas.

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Monday 27th February 2017

Wishing Well Foundation donates to swimming &

therapeutic programme for special needs children

When well-known optometrist

Dr. Jilia Bird volunteered

to conduct a vision

screening for a group of students

in 2016 at a special

needs school, she discovered

that quite a few of them were

not visually impaired. Furthermore,

it became clear that

quite a few of the children

had various challenges / disabilities

such as autism and

cerebral palsy. This discovery

guided Dr. Bird’s actions

to create a programme where

these children could not only

get some physical activities,

but also receive therapeutic


The Wishing Well Inc.

Foundation was recently approached

to provide much

needed resources to allow

at least 15 children, some of

their siblings and some other

adults to partake in this specially

created form of physical

therapy. Rehabilitation

through swimming and other

aquatic activities have proven

to give good results for children

with autism in particular.

The Wishing Well Foundation

is proud to join other

sponsors and driving forces

behind the programme (such

as Social Worker Koren Norton,

Mr. Tony Johnson of the

John Boden Memorial Fund,

the Marlin Swim Club coaches

and many others working

tirelessly behind the scenes)

under the watchful eyes of

Dr. Bird. On Friday, February

24 th 2017 Mr. Lionel Bramble

of The Verandah Resort &

Spa represented the Wishing

Well Foundation while handing

over cheques that would

cover the coaches’ expenses

for the next three months. The

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Monday 27th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 15

Congratulations for first female Antiguan WI player

By Marver Woodley

The first ever female cricketer to a

West Indies Cricket Team continues to

receive praise and has even given herself

a pat on the back.

Late last week the Cricket West Indies,

the recently rebranded West Indies

Cricket Board, announced on their website

that Antiguan born Shawnisha Hector

By Marver Woodley

The crumbs of hopes were

wiped from the Under 20

Benna Boys eyes as they end

their current campaign of the

will join another regional female player

as two new uncapped players to the West

Indies training squad, being held here in

Antigua ahead of an upcoming tour of the

Windies to England.

First to congratulate Hector was President

of the Antigua and Barbuda Cricket

Association, Leon Rodney who encouraged

her to go further.

CONCACAF Under 20 Competition

winless. The young

Benna Boys who were hoping

to bounce back from their

rocky start as they loss 3-nil to

defending Champions, Mexico,

ended their run scoring

only one goal and losing all 3

of their encounters in Group

A. The final defeat came at the

hands of Canada on Thursday

as they defeated the “Benna

Youth” 2-nil in Costa Rica,

both teams were at the bottom

Hector who resides on New Winthorpes

and attends the Clare Hall Secondary

School is also a member of the National

Female Football Team, gave herself a pat

on the back for achieving the milestone.

Even thou the 17-year-old player is

just an uncapped player she hopes that

the training will propel her to be a retained

player permanently for the squad.

U-20 Benna Boys finish last in CONCACAF Championships group

cont’d from pg 14

presentation was held at the Dickenson Bay beach while the

children enjoyed the swimming classes.

“Quite often we take things for granted, such as good

sight, good hearing and being able-bodied. We are honoured

that we are able to give this group of children and persons

an opportunity to be active in a lovely relaxing environment

with amazing sensory experiences. We hope that after today’s

presentation other sponsors will come forward to continue

with this ongoing programme.” Mr. Lionel Bramble, Duty

Manager of The Verandah Resort & Spa

“The need for all children to move more is now a global

public health dilemma but is even more urgent in children

with physical or developmental challenges. Swimming and

aqua therapy in Antigua’s abundant sparkling waters provides

unique opportunities for special needs children that aren’t

possible on land. A first time experience for many, they

learn water safety, exercise muscles and loosen joints without

the limiting effects of gravity. Spirits soar and their smiles say

what their lips often yet can’t.” Dr. Jilia Bird, Optometrist.

of the tables but the win has

propelled Canada ahead of

Antigua and Barbuda.

Three days prior they fell

to Honduras 4-1. Meanwhile

Mexico dominated the Group

after winning all three of their

encounters will 9 goals in the


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Monday 27th February 2017

National athlete receives corporate sponsorship

Sandals Grande Antigua’s

Kamar Thomas, one of the

nation’s top long-distance

athletes, is all set to run with

the backing of the Luxury-Included

resort company.

Thomas, a supervisor in the

resort’s Aqua Centre, has to

date amassed an impressive

cache of achievements and is

poised to continue his winning


In the first instance, the

resort company will be covering

the cost of Thomas’ gear

for the next year, with plans

to grow the relationship going

forward. General Manager

Gaurav “Mr G” Sindhi said

Sandals was happy to support

an athlete who has represented

Antigua & Barbuda so


“For a long time, Kamar

has shown discipline, dedication

and perseverance and

has made Antigua, and by

extension his Sandals family,

proud. This is our way of

showing support to someone

who is both a model athlete

National long-distance athlete

Kamar Thomas.

and a model employee,” Sindhi


The Hurricane Power Athletic

Club had congratulatory

words for the 31-year-old athlete.

“We are proud to introduce

Kamar as one of the most

honest, supportive and hungry

member athletes of our Club.

With this sponsorship, this

will give him the opportunity

in his continued development

under the banner of Sandals,

our club and Antigua and Barbuda,”

a reference letter from

the club read.

Thomas said he was grateful

for the support he has received

from his company as

Kamar Thomas (second right) is joined by the Public Relations

Officer of his club, Hurricane Power Athletics, Mayfra Rosario Medina

(left), and his coach Cordova “Popoy” Simon (second left),

as they display his brand new track & field jacket handed-over by

Sandals Grande Antigua General Manager Gaurav Sindhi (right)

on Friday. Sandals has sponsored Thomas’ racing and training


training can be very costly.

“It can be hard to train as

a top athlete while holding

down a full time job. It’s not

just the cost of uniforms, gear,

proper diet and gym time, but

it’s also about getting support

when you need time off to

travel or a flexible schedule to

train,” Thomas said. “In this

(from left to right) Hurricane Power Athletics Club Vice President Henry Williams, Public Relations Officer

Mayfra Rosario Medina, Coach Cordova “Popoy” Simon, Long distance athlete Kamar Thomas,

Sandals Grande Antigua General Manager Gaurav Sindhi, Assistant Manager of the Aqua Centre at

Sandals Mikhael Watson, and Sandals Public Relations Manager Kyle Christian, with Thomas’ athletic

uniform/gear on display.

way, Sandals has been very

supportive of my training.”

The athlete, born in St

Elizabeth, Jamaica has lived

in Antigua since 2009. As

a member of the Hurricane

Power Athletics Club he has

dominated long-distance running

in Antigua since 2014.

Thomas is the two-time

winner of the Iron Krew Marathon

and has placed first in

various 5K and 10K events on

the athletics calendar locally.

He has also represented Antigua

and Barbuda in Nevis,

Barbados, Guadeloupe and


For 2017 he is preparing

to take Antigua’s flag to several

regional events including

the Guyana Independence

10K, Caricom 10K, Guadeloupe-NACAC

10K and Run


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