Octagon January, 2017


Official Journal of the MG Car Club of Queensland Inc.



No. 1 January 2017

Members of the ‘Bundy Crew’ of the Wide Bay Chapter got into the spirit of

Christmas and decorated their cars for the annual Pageant of Lights held by the

Bundaberg Regional Council. They also made the most of the occasion by using

it to promote the Wide Bay Chapter.

The Octagon - January 2017 1


Name Phone Mobile Email


Richard Mattea (Carly) 3325 0409 0488 224 105 richard.mattea@yahoo.com


Ken Wasley (Barbara) 3378 6202 0423 152 723 wasmg11@gmail.com


Malcolm Spiden 3266 6350 spidenm@yahoo.com.au


Carly Mattea (Richard) 3325 0409 0410 310 452 moffmat@bigpond.com


Don Webster (Ann) 3379 2566 0439 526 060 donweb@bigpond.net.au

Dean Tighe 0419 774 441 sales@tighecams.com.au

Flavio Paggiaro (Sue) 0412 985 916 admin@kellands.com.au


Position Name Phone Position Name Phone

Event Secretary Fred Sayers 3359 2623

Annette Truscott 0407 494 867

Ev. Sec. Asst. David Robinson 3255 9037

Richard Mattea 3325 0409

CAMS Delegate Gary Goulding 3351 3506

(Alternative) Ann Thompson 3378 1368

Chaplain Ken Trudgian 3886 3409

Club Captain Don Webster 3379 2566

Canteen Convener (Mt C) Vacant

Special Interest Vehicle Paul Strange 3398 1993

Concession Contract pstrange@bigpond.com

Webmistress Glenda Crew 3341 4397

Clubrooms Max Johnson 3201 5836

Regalia Shaun Rankin 0402 450 290

Library David Robinson 3255 9037

Point Score Ian Fettes 3803 3858

Membership Sec. Peter Rayment (Delia) 0407 693 947

National Meeting Noeline Johnson 0437 220 602



Chapter Liaison David Miles 3892 2699

Far Nth Qld Chapter John Fransen 0458 658 830

Wide Bay Chapter David Hall 0490 363 889

Darling Downs Chapter Gary Lawrence 4696 8314

Capricorn Chapter Gurney Clamp 4939 4760

Whitsundays Chapter Cathie Meredith 0427 392 829

Octagon Editor Elaine Hamilton 3893 2438 0418 870 782 vprojects@internode.on.net

All enquiries to the secretary:

C/o GPO Box 1847 Brisbane 4001


The Octagon - January 2017

Headquarters: 8/16 Collinsvale Street, Rocklea

E & OE Hillclimb: Gramzow Road, Mt Cotton

The opinion of the editor, correspondents and advertisers expressed in this magazine are not necessarily those of the management

committee of the MG Car Club of Queensland Inc. and as such the club accepts no responsibility. Published six times a year members

personal advertisements are free. Club constitution available in clubrooms. Copyright 2013 MGCCQ.

President’s Report

Welcome to the first edition of the Octagon

for 2017. I trust that all members had a safe

and joyous Christmas and New Year period.

Peter Rayment is one person who hasn’t

had much of a break with the end of the year

bringing on the membership renewal process.

Please allow two weeks for your renewal to

be processed as it has to go through several

stages (which includes a couple of journeys

via Australia Post). If you need it in a hurry

just give the Club a call. Late last year

work commenced on setting up an online

membership application and renewal process.

Work is continuing and we hope to have it up

and running later in the year.

Once again the committee and others have

been working hard to provide what should be

a great year of activities for the Club. There

is well and truly something for everyone. We

have an extensive social programme, with the

major event being the annual presentation of

trophies. This year, it is being held Boulevard

Gardens in Indooroopilly on Saturday the 28th

of January and so will have been held by the

time you read this. You can look forward to a

full report in the next edition of the Octagon.

Meanwhile why don’t you check out the trophy

rules (on the News page of the Club website)

and start planning your year’s events to give

yourself a chance of being one of the trophy

winners for 2017.

When you look at the calendar you will notice

that most weeks have some sort of activity

being undertaken somewhere in the State. All

the events are organised by Club members

who are generously volunteering their time for

the benefit of the Club and its members. There

are too many to thank by name, but on the

behalf of the committee and your fellow Club

members, thank you very much. Without these

efforts the Club wouldn’t be anywhere near as

enjoyable and fun as it is now.

In my corresponding President’s message in

2016 I lamented the lack of new MG vehicles

available for purchase in Australia. I was

pleasantly surprised when a number of ‘new

old stock’ MG 6s came onto the market later

in the year. It would now seem that there is

further good news on this front with the Norris

Motor Group establishing a dedicated MG

show room at their Kedron facility. Let’s hope

that many of the people purchasing these

vehicles are new to the marque and also

decide to take up MG Car Club membership.

So, if you are in the market for a new small,

midsized or SUV vehicle please give some

thought to purchase of a new MG, (and no, I’m

not on commission).

In February 2018 the Club will celebrate the

50th anniversary of the first Mt Cotton Hillclimb;

the first Hillclimb took place on the 18th

February 1968. It has been in constant use by

Club members and Hillclimb enthusiasts ever

since, which makes it the oldest continually

used circuit in Queensland. Something for the

Club to be proud of and celebrate. We are

planning on holding a significant event at the

venue on the 18th of February 2018. More

detail will follow later this year.

So in closing I hope that all members find what

they are looking for in relation to their motoring

passion via the Club in 2017. And remember

to please be safe on our roads and race tracks.

- Richard Mattea

Ross Kelly 3352 4151

0407 364 543

MG ZR, ZS, ZT Ken Wasley 0423 15 27 23

The Octagon - January 2017 3

Some words from Elaine

Welcome to 2017 and to the first Octagon of

the year.

A major feature of the first Octagon of any year is

the calendar - a document showing the number

and diversity of events on offer to you,

our members.

Our regular page 5 ‘Noticeboard’ continues to

highlight the events for the two months in the

immediate future; ‘Dates for Events by Type’

(pages 5 and 6) provides just what the heading

suggests while the removable four page calendar

gives a quick insight into all the events planned

for the year. (Space has not allowed for the

complete year’s events to be included but all are

on the website calendar.) A glance through it will

prove to you how vital and active our Chapters

are and our Membership Secretary has confirmed

that Chapter Members now account for more

than 50% of our membership. This is a staggering

success for which David Miles, the Club

President at the time of the formation of the first

of these Chapters and now the Chapter Liaison

Officer, deserves full credit.

Hopefully you have all made yourselves familiar

with the new calendar being used on the Club

website. If not, please go and have a look and

find out just how much more information on

events is there for you. Events are colour-coded

by Club and Chapter but there are also a number

of events in green. These are events put on by

other Clubs and which may be of interest to you.

We hope you find this useful. Those of you in

the Chapters may be surprised to find out just

how much motorsport is available for you in

your area while I know that many of our locals

who participate is motorkhanas and khanacross

etc will be jealous of the number of venues and

events available in country areas. Maybe some

Chapter Coordinators could arrange for a run to

visit some of these events.

The feature ‘Stories from the Stables’ reappears

this issue thanks to Jeff Heslewood being

prepared to give us a preview of what has been

happening in his garage. The story is quite

inspirational as well as being informative and


The Octagon - January 2017

entertaining. We’ve had one look at the car at

Concours, now we wait to see it on the track. I

do urge others of you to take the time to share

your stories with us - please don’t wait to

be asked!!

Peter and Delia’s reporting of their trip to Perth

and back for the 2016 National Meeting continues

in its serialised form. The final episode will

appear in the next Octagon just before they - and

others - start heading for Adelaide for this

year’s gathering.

‘Chapter Chatter’ once again shows the strength

of our Chapters (as mentioned above). However,

for this issue there is no calendar of events or

reports of past events from the new Whitsundays

Chapter due to difficulties in communication

encountered during their changeover to the NBN.

However, the reports and calendar will appear on

their website page and also on our Club calendar

as soon as the problem becomes resolved.

With only one competition event held since

our previous issue, the focus of ‘Competition

Corner’ is on the success of those in the 2016

Hillclimb Series as celebrated at the Clubrooms

on December 9th at the presentation of trophies.

You usually see photos of cars in these pages but

this time the focus is on the people behind

the wheel.

One short story, finally published in this issue,

has been patiently waiting its turn to see itself in

print and, hopefully, so has its author, Graham

Hepburn. I am sure you will find it interesting

reading as many of you will also have ‘If only’

stories to tell as well - so please be inspired by

Graham and tell us about them.

Closing date for material for the March issue is

the last day of February but please don’t wait until

then to send your items in. Life is much easier for

me if you send them to me as early as possible

as it eases the pressure on me at deadline time.

Best wishes to you all for a happy, healthy and

event-filled year!

Notice Board

The Clubrooms are open on the first and third Friday nights of each month with hot food starting at 6.30

pm priced as low as $3. The goal will continue to be to have something special happening on the first

Friday of each month. Your suggestions are welcomed.

Working bees are held at the hillclimb on most Wednesdays and are therefore not listed below. For

further information, contact Malcolm Spiden.

(P) indicates that the event is pointscoring for Club trophies. The rules for pointscoring for trophies can

be found on the News page of the Club website. The pointscore is updated throughout the year by Ian

Fettes so you can see how competitive you are. Please contact Ian with any queries you may have.

Please consult the online calendar for any update and also for Chapter events to which all members

are always invited. You will also find that motorsport events promoted by other clubs and also events in

regional areas are listed in our online calendar.


3 Friday Noggin ‘n’ Natter at clubrooms

10 Friday CAMS Evening of Champions at Easts

Leagues Club Coorparoo

12 Sunday HSCCQ Come ‘n’ Try Motorkhana (P) at

Driver Training Centre, Willowbank

17 Friday MG Noggin ‘n’ Natter at clubrooms

22 Wednesday Mid Week Run (Organised by Bruce Mutch

0427 787 208) - Check the calendar page of

the Club website for details.

25/26 Sat/Sun Mt Cotton Hillclimb Series Round 1 (P)


3 Friday Noggin ‘n’ Natter at clubrooms

11 Sat/Sun CAMS State Championship Races Round 1

Morgan Park (P)

New members

We welcome the following new members and wish

them a long and happy association with the Club.

John Cowie

Gavin Donohoe

Jenny Eyre

Robert Semple

Valerie Bossom

Lawrence Chetter

William Cundy

Ken Proud

Robyn Seaton

Denise Titchmarch

Gail Warrrilow

Michael Robertson

Raelene Riddell

Welcome back to Maria Houghton

Rae Cowie

Judith Langdon

Chrystellee Semple

Kenneth Bossom

James Burgess

Beth Dunlop

Robert Murray

David Seaton

Adrian Titchmarsh

Ian Wardell

David Warrilow

Amber Robertson

Stewart Riddell

12 Sunday HSCCQ Interclub Motorkhana at Driver

Training Willowbank (P)

17 Friday Noggin ‘n’ Natter at clubrooms

18 Sat/Sun Mt Cotton Hillclimb Series Round 2 (P)

22 Wednesday Mid Week Day Run (Organised by

Neil Summerson 0419 273 196) - Check the

calendar page of the website for details.

WANTED - A machine operator

Does not require any engine reconditioning experience as the successful applicant will be

taught all they will be required to know.

An interest in cars and engines is a must.

Age or Gender does not matter but would suit someone over 50.

Contact Dean Tighe on 0419 774 441

The Octagon - January 2017 5


All of these events are open to members including members of all Chapters. All five

Chapters put on a big program of events and these are listed in the centre calendar. These

are open for any members visiting their area so check their programs of events if you intend

travelling throughout the year. (P) indicates that the event is pointscoring for Club trophies

Dates to be advised

DAY RUNS (all pointscoring)

If you would like to assist by organising one of the runs please contact the

Club with your offer, email mgccq@mgccq.org.au


Bruce Mutch is the coordinator of these runs. His email is

bmutch@bigpond.com and his phone is 3376 1384. He already has

volunteers (names below) to organise each of the monthly runs which are

held on the 4th Wednesday of each month from Feb to Nov. Full details will be added to the

online calendar as they become available throughout the year and will also advised in the

weekly email for those within easy driving distance of Brisbane. Thanks go to the following

for their volunteering to organise the runs.

22 February Bruce Mutch 22 March Neil Summerson

26 April David Miles 24 May Ian and Kay Wells

28 June Kerry Horgan 26 July Barry Lutwyche

23 August Jeff & Pat Heslewood 29 September Denis Thomas

25 October Trevor and Joy Jones 22 November Bruce Ibbotson


Those events marked (P) count towards mg annual speed event awards

22 January Come ‘n’ Try/Test ‘n’ Tune

25-26 February Mt Cotton Hillclimb Series Round 1 (P)

18-19 March Mt Cotton Hillclimb Series Round 2 (P)

2 April CAMS Club Challenge Hillclimb

22-23 April Mt Cotton Hillclimb Series Round 3 (P)

13 May Pre QHC Test ‘n’ Tune

2-4 June Queensland Hillclimb Championships

24-25 June Mt Cotton Hillclimb Series Round 4 (P)

22 July Porsche Supersprint at Morgan Park including Interclub (P)

26 August Come ‘n’ Try/ Test ‘n’ Tune Hillclimb Mt Cotton

9-10 September Mt Cotton Hillclimb Series Round 5 (P)

30 September Interclub Hillclimb Mt Cotton

2-3 December Mt Cotton Hillclimb Series Round 6 (P)





The Octagon - January 2017





12 February Come ‘n’ Try Willowbank Driver Training Centre (P)

12 March Interclub Willowbank Driver Training Centre (P)

18 June Queensland Motorkhana Championship Round 3 Willowbank Driver

Training Centre

6 August Queensland Motorkhana Championship Round 4 Willowbank Driver

Training Centre (P)

10 September Willowbank Driver Training Centre

15 October Willowbank Driver Training Centre (P)



9 April Willowbank Driver Training Centre (P)

21 May Interclub at Willowbank Driver Training Centre (P)

9 July Willowbank Driver Training Centre (P)

12 November Willowbank Driver Training Centre (P)


Marked (P) to count for mg racing drivers annual award

11-12 March CAMS State Championship Races Round 1 (P)

6-7 May HRCC Autumn Races at Morgan Park

20-21 May CAMS State Championship Races Round 2 (P)

1-2 July HRCC Historic Race Meeting at Morgan Park

29-30 July V8 Supercars at Queensland Raceway

5-6 August Shannons Nationals at Queensland Raceway

2-3 September CAMS State Championship Races Round 3 at Morgan Park (P)

23-24 September Shannons Nationals at Morgan Park

18-19 November CAMS State Championship Races Round 4 at Morgan Park (P)


(P) indicates Pointscoring events

28 May MacLeans Bridge at Belmont Rifle Range (P)

18 June Denis Cotton Club Display with Geary Sports Car Concours

at Ormiston House (P)

9 July RACQ Motorfest (P)

17 September All British Day at St Josephs Sportsground Tennyson (P) TBC



14-18 April MG National Meet in Adelaide

15 September Annual General Meeting

Every 1st and 3rd Friday of each month from

20 January and excep Good Friday

The Octagon - January 2017 7

Mal Ryan Ph: 0419 741 223 - mspa.com@optusnet.com.au - Capalaba, Brisbane.

Check out our website: www.octopusgrip.com to find a distributor close to you.

British Car Specialist & Rover T4 Diagnostics

2 Trade Street

Ormiston Q 4160


The Octagon - January 2017


This photo was taken in about 1957 and is of the Swift Service Station at Morningside which

was run by Fred and Avery Dyke. Fred and his daughter, Yvonne, were founding members

of the Club and this Nuffield dealership became a ‘de facto’ Club headquarters in the Club’s

early days. Yvonne contacted the Club recently to advise us of the death of Dave Williams

who took this photo from the middle of Wynnum Rd! We were saddened to hear of Dave’s

death but, thanks to him, we have this wonderful photo which was reproduced on the cover

of the January 2010 Octagon and an enlargement, donated by Dave, is on display in the

Clubrooms along with information on the people and cars in the photo.

It’s almost as if no ‘Bits and Pieces’ section

would be complete without some wildlife

photos from Mt Cotton working bees.

On the left is a cormorant ready to take

advantage of the waters of the dam; below

is one of the resident goannas who made

their presence felt at the December hillclimb!

This one was photographed near the office

as if waiting for an event to get underway!

(Photo by Jim Heymer)

Such was Ross Letten’s

desire to be part of the

festivities at the Club’s

Christmas get together

that he had his own

personalised transport to

provide mobility for his leg

which had suffered damage

in a boating incident. He

topped off his dramatic entry

by wearing a festive hat and

ensuring he had a basket

for carrying his ‘goodies’.

The Octagon - January 2017 9

Pictured are Bruce Ibbotson’s MGC GT on a

tow truck and the reason for the repair.

The second photo show what he found

under the roof [turret] once the cracked split

head lining and foam plastic were removed

after holes were found in the roof.

Bruce explains the problem -- “The early

MGB-GT & MGC-GT cars had a bitumen

sheeting material fixed onto an unpainted

roof (turret) then a piece of 8 mm foam

plastic material to which was glued the

headlining. This bitumen sheeting was not

painted but the same sheeting applied to

the inside of the doors and the floor was

painted; this filled up the small holes in the

sheeting which allowed air to escape as the

material was attached.

“The headlining in these cars was a very fine

striped vinyl with the stripes running from

front to the back. Later cars did not have the

bitumen sheeting applied to bare metal and

were painted inside the roof.

“The headlining was glued to some sort

of formed liner then fitted. These later

production cars apparently did not have a


The Octagon - January 2017

problem with rust inside the roof. The photos

are from my C-GT where we found 2 small

holes through the roof, the rusting started

from the inside.”

If you want more information about this

problem, Bruce will be happy to give you

further details.

The 70th Anniversary of the MG Y-Type

will be celebrated by the Australian Y type

Register over the weekend 9 - 12 June

2017. Special rally plates, as pictured, will

be made for those Y-Types attending.

50 Y-Types and over 100 people from

Australia and a couple of special guests

from overseas are expected to attend the

event which will be hosted in Maleny. A flyer

for the event and a tentative schedule for

the weekend are on the News page of the

Club website.


by Graham Hepburn, Cairns North Queensland.

Jochen Rindt’s Brabham BT23-5 recently

came up for auction in Germany. My mate

Tony Williams of Wagga Wagga sent me

details from the catalogue, which listed my

name as a previous owner. The car came

to the antipodes for the ‘67 Tasman series

and was damaged in N.Z. Bob Britten of

Rennmax fame had a BT23 chassis jig and

so could build a new frame quicker and

cheaper than repairing the old one.

The original frame went up into Bob’s ceiling

and eventually was rebuilt as a Formula

Ford, but the client didn’t pay. Tony and I

came across it in 1972, bought it and with

Bob’s help reassembled it as a FF with

light body, fuel and oil tanks, piped up and

complete except for engine and gearbox.

I then went to England as Van Dieman’s

third employee to learn about setup in

Formula Ford and had a successful season

as Don McLeod’s mechanic, culminating in

winning the FF Festival in ‘73. I then went to

Germany as Dave Walker’s spannerman. He

drove an F2 and 2 litre sports car for Team

Obermoser in ‘74. That was enough motor

racing for me.

We never used the Brabham and eventually

sold it to Denis Lupton who started to

reassemble it as an F2 car. We had paid

$1800 for the Brabham, and sold it I think

for $2500. The recent auction estimate was

360,000 to 500,000 euro. If only!


Elfin Malala (replica) just FULLY

overhauled. I am busy getting it logbooked.

Comes with rear body mould and some

spares. Construction can be viewed at


(Ed: Vern and I can recall seeing that chassis

in Bob Britten’s shed at Easter 1972. Vern had

been competing at the F2 Championship round at

Hume Weir and, after the event, we took the Elfin

to Bob Britten’s to remove the motor and have it

refurbished. Thanks for the memory, Graham!)

Price $35 000.00

Contact: Geoff on 0400 531 669

Email: gfriz00@gmail.com

The Octagon - January 2017 11


For the best prices and highest quality call us on

1300 488 717

today for service anywhere in Australia


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The Octagon - January 2017

Stories from the




by Jeff Heslewood

After my retirement, I decided to build

myself a “toy”, preferably a 105E Ford

Anglia. These were extremely hard to find,

and I was directed to an unfinished project,

a 1970 Ford Escort 2 door which may be

for sale. My son Greg was also at a bit of a

loose end, as being newly married and also

buying a house, he could no longer afford

the time or money to continue Kart racing,

an interest that had involved the whole

family for around 20 years.

So off we went to inspect the Escort. The

plan was to build a modified road car that

would fit the improved production criteria, so

that I could use it on club runs and we could

both compete at hill climbs and club sprints.

The “unfinished project” was a bare shell

that had been fitted with a good roll cage,

adapted Commodore/Nissan front cross

member and suspension and Mitsubishi

disc brake rear end. The guards had been

cut out to accept forest flares and there

was also a standard 2 litre 16 valve Ford

Mondeo Zetec engine, Sierra 5 speed

Jeff and Greg with the finished product

gearbox and alloy fuel tank supplied. The

shell appeared reasonably sound although

quite a few minor rust repairs were needed.

The deal was done and home we went, full

of enthusiasm. Six years later, we finally hit

the road and track.

For almost six months we struggled to make

the front suspension workable. It was well

designed, but created ground clearance

problems and the engine was sitting too

high for our liking. We finally bit the bullet

and decided to revert to Ford components.

The retro Ford scene is huge in Britain, and

English companies were able to supply all

the componentry we needed at very good

prices. We were able to purchase a World

Cup cross member and engine mounts,

water rail, radiator, etc that allowed us to bolt

the Zetec engine straight into the Escort.

Now the hard work began.

The only serious rust was in the left front

chassis rail, so we had this corner repaired/

replaced professionally by the late John

Dawson. I fabricated numerous repair

The Octagon - January 2017 13

sections for “A” pillars, front guards and

inner and outer sill panels, and purchased

repair sections for front and rear lower

guards. Most Saturdays, Greg would be

welding these in place, then grinding to a

neat finish.

The rear inner guards had already been cut

out to allow for the flares, so we fabricated

new “tubs” and Greg went to work again

with the welder. The front section of the

transmission tunnel also had to be removed

and a new section fabricated and fitted

to accommodate the 5 speed gearbox.

This brought us to the stage of fitting the

fibreglass flares. There are many horror

stories about attaching fibreglass to steel,

and after hunting around I came across a

product called Techniglue, which apparently

is used in the marine industry for bonding

alloy, steel, fibreglass etc. It is a relatively

easy to use 2 pack product which appears

to have done an excellent job of bonding,

and sands to a good finish. Finally the shell

was sound and we could move on to the


At this point we discovered that a limited slip

option was not available for the Mitsubishi

differential that came with the car, so we

again reverted to Ford items rather than the

very strong but heavy Toyota diff favoured

by most. A billet CWP set has been fitted

with a plate style LSD and much stronger

2 piece half shafts. We turned to English

suppliers for major suspension components,

adjustable GAZ platform struts and springs

for the front, with camber/castor adjustable

top mounts and GAZ adjustable shocks for

the rear. An “A” frame is used to locate the

rear end. Locally manufactured King Springs

do the job on the rear, and front and rear

anti-roll bars were also sourced in Australia.

We fabricated a new top mount for the rear

shocks which allows them to be mounted

more vertically.

Next came the brakes which are operated

by a bias adjustable pedal box. Improved

production regulations allow us to use

15” diameter wheels which in turn provide

clearance for larger rotors and calipers. The

fronts are 285mm rotors mounted on alloy

hubs and 4 pot Wilwood calipers. The rears

are 247mm rotors, again with Wilwood 4 pot

calipers. At this point we also purchased a

set of Compomotive 15 x 7 alloy wheels.

The gearbox received a full rebuild including

a straight cut close ratio gear set. Greg’s

skills proved invaluable as he was able

to assemble and set up both the diff and



The Octagon - January 2017

At this point we did a final trial assembly of

all components into the shell before stripping

it again for prep and painting. We did not

have a painter organised, but believe it or

not, while talking to good neighbour Peter

from down the road, we established that

he was a spray painter and was more than

willing to paint the Escort. As it turned out,

not only was he a painter, but a very good

one, who completely ignored our advice

that it is “mainly a track car” not a “show

car”, so the paint and finish need not be

anything special. The Escort had obviously

had a couple of hits in its lifetime, and

previous rust repairs, although plated, were

a bit rough. Anyone who saw what Peter

started with would appreciate the quality

of his workmanship, particularly when you

consider that it was painted in our backyard

shed. The body is painted Ermine White, a

Ford colour from the era, and the dark green

stripe with gold edging is borrowed from the

old Pete Geoghegan Mustang.

Next came the engine build. We are

using forged pistons and steel rods with a

standard crank. ARP bolts and studs have

been used for mains, big ends, head and

the lightweight steel flywheel. The clutch has

been converted to hydraulic with a heavy

duty pressure plate and ceramic paddle type

clutch plate. Machining and balancing was

done by Chilton Engineering. The head is a

2003 Ford Focus unit which has better ports

than the earlier model and accepts larger

exhaust valves. It was modified by Alex

Cowie and runs oversize inlet and exhaust

valves. We chose Newman camshafts which

run with mechanical lifters and provide

a very usable power band from 3000 to

7500 rpm. Vernier pulleys were also fitted.

However, the later model head presented

us with an unforseen problem when it came

time to assemble the engine.

boot. Over the course of the project there

have been a few issues that were beyond

our capabilities, and the assistance from

Bruce Ayers of Ayers Engineering has been


All our modifications have been compliance

plated and the car is now registered and

has run at Willowbank and Lakeside GEAR

days, and appeared at the MG Concours.

As the project neared completion, it became

obvious that the intended use would have

to be reconsidered. It is now a track car that

will be used sparingly on the road. Greg

intends to run hill climbs and club sprints

while I will restrict myself to GEAR days.

This really has been a labour of love and

I would recommend the very rewarding

concept of a father and son project to


The mounting position for the camshaft

belt pulleys was completely different.

After a bit of head scratching I decided to

have a mount plate fabricated which could

then be bolted to the head. Accuracy was

essential so I made a template and had the

new mount fabricated – problem solved.

These engines have been known to shatter

oil pump gears at high revs, and it was

suggested that relocating the oil pressure

relief valve away from the pump may help.

It was a bit of a plumbing nightmare but

we have installed a remote pressure relief

valve. Our engine is fed by twin 45mm side

draught Webers. Ignition is controlled by a

Megajolt ECU.

Greg has really excelled with this project,

not only mechanically but he has also

rewired the car completely including the

ECU installation. We also fabricated new

aluminium door cards and other interior

trims. Fortunately our wives also enjoy cars

and motorsport, and Pat manufactured a

new hood lining and helped with the carpet

while Kim sewed up a neat little gearshift

The Octagon - January 2017 15


The Octagon - January 2017




14 TH – 18 TH APRIL 2017


Registration is now open

We are pleased to announce that the Supplementary Regulations and Registration link for the 2017

MG National Meeting in Adelaide SA have been published on our website.


The ‘Register Now’ event management system is the primary mode of Registration for the event.

Registration enquiries can be directed to Chris & Wes Bray on 0417 821468, or email


Early Bird discounted Registration closes 14 th February 2017, final date to register 15 March 2017.


Regalia details and order form is also available on the National Meeting Website.

Please order prior to 28 th February, 2017 to ensure that items will be available for collection at

Registration on Friday 14 th April, 2017.

Enquiries can be directed to Geraldine Hough treasurenatmeet2017@outlook.com

Plan now to come together with other MG enthusiasts from around Australia and overseas, and enjoy

a weekend of social events and activities, friendly rivalry in motorsport, and club participation.



Event Director

Tim Edmonds

Mob: 0419 804 645


Thank you to our Sponsors and supporters of the MG National Meeting 2017


Adelaide – the place to be seen in twenty seventeen

The Octagon - January 2017 17

Club Christmas Get Together

It was a happy crowd, all in the spirit of the

occasion, who gathered at the Clubrooms for

the final Club event of 2016.

The function brought together people who

had never been to the clubrooms before,

people who hadn’t been there for a while

and a good representation of our midweek

and club runners, regular Noggin ‘n’

Natterers and hillclimbers. Such was Ross

Letten’s desire to be there that he overcame

his temporary disability of a wounded ankle

to make a dramatic arrival on a motorised


The Clubrooms looked festive and

welcoming thanks to the efforts of Ron and

Bev Clydesdale, John and Pat Walker, Sean

and Phyllis Rankin, Flavio and Sue Paggiaro

and Diane Davies and all those who ‘chipped

in’ by providing a great range of interesting

foods, many with some creative seasonal


cooking skills and generosity. This was by

far the most sought after item and Vern

Hamilton was delighted - as was Elaine

- when Diane Davies drew his name out

of the draw. At the other end of the scale,

Barry Smith was just one of a number of

people who saw some worth in the range of

‘vintage’ items provided by Don Webster -

proving the adage that one person’s junk is

someone else’s treasure as he carried away

a carton of ‘vintage’ car jacks.

The smiles on the faces of those who went

home with ‘vintage’ goggles, steering wheel,

oil cans and even a racing helmet still in

The annual raffle of a variety of donated

goods once again proved popular with items

including an incredible Christmas hamper

of goods, all the products of Diane Davies


The Octagon - January 2017

its original packing each tell a story of a

happy customer. Tim and Lyn Bateman

were generous in their donation of items - 2

bottles of ‘home made’ honey, a selection of

Avon products and a cooler bag containing

chocolate and wine. Once again, the skills

of artist Greg Hannant and woodcraftsman

Allan Tebbutt were greatly appreciated and

Greg’s original painting and Allan’s beautiful

cutting board went to happy and welcoming


Thank you to everyone involved in making

the day a great success.

Many thanks to Malcolm Campbell for taking

the photographs of the function and, as he

does with all of his photos, capturing the

colour, vibrancy and happiness of the event.

The Octagon - January 2017 19


The Octagon - January 2017

The Octagon - January 2017 21

November Midweek Run

by Trevor Mills; photos by Malcolm Campbell

MG Xmas Run Wed 23rd November, 2015

What a beautiful day for our Club run. With

24 cars we started our journey at the John

Oxley Park, Murrumba Downs at 9.30 am,

and headed to the D’Aguilar National Park

at Mt.Mee where we had morning tea at the

The Gantry Use Area. The Gantry looks like

it is possibly under repair and hopefully not

for dismantle due to old age.

There was one casualty this morning, with

Shaun Rankin’s MGF having problems and

having to call the RACQ. Hope all is good

Shaun. John and Glen Boyce were delayed

getting to Bribie being the good samaritans

helping Shaun & Phyllis.

A cool breeze was enjoyed helping make

our morning very relaxed. From Mt.Mee

Road we appreciated the scenery of rolling

hills and the odd sight of the beautiful

scenes below. Then we journeyed down

Campbell Pocket Road towards Wamuran

turning on to the D’Aguilar Highway towards

Bribie Island.

From rolling hills to rolling surf. Small

rolls of surf anyway, and a magnificent

outlook towards Moreton Island. Here we

Participants were:

Owen McNeill & Ron Clydesdale MGB GT

Dave & Anne Ferro


Aubrey Ross


Allan & Joyce Tebbutt


John Walker


Dino & Margaret Mattea MGA

Alex Cairney


David & Meryl Miles


Neil & Jenny Summerson Mustang

Denis Thomas & Bruce Bishop MGB

Barry Lutwyche


John & Glen Boyce


Shaun and Phyllis Rankin MGF

Jan Burke


Malcolm Campbell & Kathy Burford Golf GTi

Rob & Carolyn Grant


Trevor & Ann Mills


with Fred & Barbara Enever

Ray & Sue Edwards & Sandra Outlander

Bruce Mutch & Ross Brunckhorst Forester

Jeff & Pat Heslewood


Greg & Rhonda Hannant BMW

Bruce and Tip Ibbotson BMW

Kay Hawley and Michael Garratt Honda

Errol and Wendy Hoger Territory

experience a beautiful sea breeze and

enjoyed our lunch orders on the deck of the

Bribie Island Surf Club.


The Octagon - January 2017

The Octagon - January 2017 23

The Nullarbor Nym

(Or what we experienced in our MGY on our way home from the Easter 2016 MG National

We had made it to Perth to attend the Easter

MG National Meeting!

This personal recount continues with our

attendance at that event and then of our

journey from one side of Australia to the

other, back home, driving our 1948 MG

model Y sedan.

Personally the National Meeting was most

enjoyable as we renewed old friendships,

made new ones and participated in all things

MG. We wrote an official report on the

meeting and this appeared in the May 2016

edition of The Octagon.

Our National Meeting efforts.

Our little MGY achieved a 1st placing

in its class in the Concours – thanks to

Peter’s meticulous preparation and much

cleaning when we arrived in Perth. At the

speed event Peter achieved a 1st placing

and I received a 3rd in class. Then at the

motorkhana Peter achieved a 1st placing

and I received a 2nd in class. For the

uninitiated a car can only be entered by one

person in the Concours (even though it may

be in joint ownership!) Then in the speed

event and the motorkhana the car can be

dual entered or in the case of a family it

could have 3 drivers.

As I had originally found the Y to buy in

2011, it is referred to as my car, so I entered

it in my name in the Concours. This is

something I have only done at 1 other

National Meeting in all the 40 odd years I

have been going. All other times the car we

drove to the event was entered in Peter’s

name in the Concours, but I always still

participated in the motorkhana and speed

events. This gives us more points for our

club to the overall John Wratten Memorial

Trophy for the club obtaining the most points

for the week-end.

Where is all this heading you ask! To be


The Octagon - January 2017

eligible for the overall perpetual Joan

Richmond Fastest Lady’s trophy at this

event I would need to “compete” in 3 events.

So this year I was eligible - the second time

ever! Joan Richmond was an Australian

who achieved International recognition in

motorsport and was part of the 1935 MG

women’s team at Le Mans.

The night of the Presentation Dinner came

and I was excited, as I knew that I had

accumulated a good number of points, and

could be “in” with a possibility. Also there

were no other females in the Concours

winners line-up - who had also been in the

other events.

Unlucky for me that night we were seated

with complete strangers, as all other seats

with our fellow Queenslanders were taken

on our arrival. There was no moral support

there this evening! No matter. The evening

wore on as this and then that was presented

until it came to the time of the night when

the Perpetual Trophies were being awarded.

I turned my seat around to face the

announcer – not wishing to be rude to my

fellow dinners – but to be able to hear better.

I had been trying to make polite chatter to

my nice neighbour. But this was important to

me – as I may win this trophy after 40 odd

years of attending and participating at this


My hands that held onto the seat began to

get sweaty and I strained to hear. Wonders

of wonders my name was called. I was

ecstatic. Some of the “old” Fastest Ladies

whom I had known for many years from

other clubs came to congratulate me and

all our club members were happy for me.

To have my name engraved on the Joan

Richmond trophy for National competition – I

was in MG heaven. This alone had made my

trip to Perth most enjoyable and rewarding.

Of course Peter was also elated.

ph strikes again!

Meeting in Perth, Western Australia) by Delia Rayment with sneak-ins by Peter - PART 3

Congratulations again to the three clubs

responsible for organising this memorable

event – the MG Car Club of Western

Australia, the TC Owners Club and the MG

Owners Club of Western Australia.

Post National Meeting – Perth

After the National Meeting we went to stay

with some old time MG friends, Harry and

Deidre Pyle, in Perth for a few days. Like us

the Pyles have had their MGTC for eons,

and like us they use theirs. The Pyles major

sojourn being in 1993, when they drove their

TC around the world. For further details on

that trip read Deidre’s book “MG TC’s. Drive

Them ‘til the Roads Wear Out”

As soon as we arrived Peter was whisked

away by Harry to their local Vintage Car

Club complex “Men’s” Spares Sheds.

What a set up. Sheds filled with all sorts of

motors, body bits, chassis bits, recovered

old cars, brand new obsolete spare parts

and old machinery. The Club sells the bits to

club members at good prices for cars they

are doing up. A win-win for the Club and

its members. The sheds take up an area

twice the size of the pit area at our club’s Mt

Cotton Hillclimb.

Relocated Boab tree from the Kimberleys

Their Club has recently acquired a spoke

lathe for making wooden spoked wheels.

Not many new cars have wooden spoked

wheels but a lot of the very old ones

have. Another night we went back to the

sheds complex and into their lovely brick

clubrooms, for a Club BBQ and more

chattering. Good fun. We were made most


We had lots of catching up to do and being

the gracious hosts Deidre & Harry are, they

offered to show us some of the sights of

Perth after their other house guests Shelley

and Bob Bazzica from South Australia

(more old timers), left. They took us up to

Kings Park where we wanted to check out

the progress of an old Boab tree that had

been transported from the Kimberley and

transplanted in a special spot there. We

The Octagon - January 2017 25

were totally impressed with its positioning

and the tree’s health. What a wonderful

achievement for all concerned.

Harry and Deidre also were kind enough to

take us to their city’s new Bell Tower which

was opened in 2000 as a Western Australia

Millennium project. Besides the famous bells

from the St Martin-in-the-Fields of Trafalgar

Square, London, there are also numerous

bells from around the world to be seen

on the different levels of the tower as you

descend. It is the first bell-tower in the world

to be built which allows the public to view

the bells and ringers during the ringing. I am

somewhat of a bell fan, so it was wonderful

to be able to get up so close and personal.

A disappointment

On our last day with the Pyle’s our visit was

somewhat marred as I received a ‘phone

call to say that I had not won the Fastest

Ladies Trophy for the National Meeting after

all but had only tied! It would appear that

there was a car in the wrong class for the

TCs which meant that Noelene Dorn was

now my equal. The tie breaker set in place

in the National Meeting rules states that

whichever person had the most cars in their

class in the Concours would be the winner

and that was surely Noelene as there were

over 30 TCs listed in the Event Handbook.

A shame though that they could only muster

up 4 entries for the Motorkhana and the

Sprint! Noelene is a true TC enthusiast

however and we have rivalled before in our

TCs so it went to a likeminded spirit.

I felt so sorry for her that she wasn’t able to

go up on the night and collect the trophy. I

felt like a fraud. But then it wasn’t my fault.

Still I did equal the result – didn’t I! Maybe

next year I’ll have more luck as we plan on

taking the Y to Adelaide for Easter! After

all, these meetings aren’t all about trophies,

as we enjoy the travelling and being with

likeminded enthusiasts.


The Octagon - January 2017

Eastward – Home we go

And so it was time to wish Perth goodbye

and start heading back across Australia,

home to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

According to Peter’s calculations we had

3721 miles or 5992 kilometres to go.

Our route going home

Our return from Perth was to take us

as direct as possible to Norseman via

Kalgoorlie, where we were to meet up with

our New Zealand (Kiwi) friends Juliana &

Warwick Protheroe. They were travelling

in their 1973 MGB doing the South-West

Australia Tour that the Western Australia

Club had organised - post National Meeting.

We have toured through that area before

and decided to give it a miss this time,

preferring to catch up with “old friends” in

Perth. At Norseman it would be back across

the Nullarbor, do a side shoot down the

Eyre Peninsular to show the visitors the

interesting bits and pieces there, back up

to Port Augusta, Peterborough, Broken Hill,

Cobar where just east of here we would part

company - the Protheroes going to Sydney

The Octagon - January 2017 27

and us back to the Sunshine Coast. Here

are some of the highlights of our homeward



We had no sooner left Perth when we came

to Northam. It would seem that we weren’t

destined to leave motorsport behind just yet

as their annual Motor Sport Festival was

in full swing. On arrival we were allowed to

take a drive up the Mt Ommanney Hillclimb

Circuit - as racing had finished for the

day. Where were the safety barriers? We

camped at Northam that night surrounded

by a lot of the competitors for the week-ends

activities - more chatting. The next day we

went to look at the Northam Flying 50, as we

knew several of the MG guys and girls from

the National Meeting would be competing.

It was a bit scary watching the old cars fang

around the streets of Northam, and we were

surprised with the lack of safety barriers

compared with what we have to install at

our events like this in Queensland. Still we

enjoyed the spectacle and caught up with

the MG friends. Then after a late lunch we

headed east again. That night we made it to


of the towns would not survive. Originally

the pipeline was built like a wine barrel

(cooperage) of wood with steel wire binding,

bound in cloth and painted in tar, to contain

the pressure. These days it would appear

that they are made of concrete lined steel

pipe covered in cloth and painted also. It

was a shame though that the Engineer C.Y.

O’Connor who proposed, designed and

supervised the construction of this pipeline

nearly to its end, did not see his dream

come to fruition. With all the political carryon

at the time he committed suicide - just

before its completion. An amazing feat of

engineering which most people just take for

granted these days.

A man before his time.

This was the engineer who was also

responsible for making the Swan River

mouth more navigable and the Freemantle

Harbour a reality.

The weather was getting warmer and we

had a kip in the shade at lunch at Southern

Cross the next day, as we were still trying

to get over the hectic time of the previous

couple of weeks.

A pipeline in one of the world’s driest


As we travelled eastward from Perth

towards Kalgoorlie we often travelled next

to a large pipeline. This pipeline was built

in the 1890s to take much needed water

out along this route, but in particular to the

goldfields area. Without this “bloodline” most


The Octagon - January 2017


The glory days have gone for Coolgardie,

once called the “Mother of the Goldfields”

because it is the original site of gold

discovery in this area. This more or less

abandoned old gold mining town still has

some beautiful old public buildings standing,


of chatting we eventually left for Kalgoorlie.

One certainly doesn’t need to be in a hurry

as one travels around our country, as there

is always something to see, and someone

to chat to.


Entering Coolgardie we were met by very

friendly people, as we drove the length of

the main street looking for some place to

stay for the night. People waved at us quite

vigorously – extremely friendly indeed!

We found an overnight cabin, where

we could have a good nights sleep and

collapsed exhausted. Things were certainly

catching up with us.

Next morning whilst I was standing on the

road kerb side opposite the beautiful old

court house, taking a photograph of the

Y parked in front of it, a voice spoke from

behind me. It said “No – that’s not him!”

I turned to look at the ‘voice’ and my eyes

met those of a wizened old gentleman who

appeared to be a local.

He informed me that that car across the

road looked a lot like one of the locals who

owned “Ye Old Garage” behind where we

were standing. Next thing the said person

arrived. The car the gentleman owned,

which the town’s people had mistaken as

ours was a Post War Rover 75, a P4 Model,

6cylinder – a beautiful car. He opened up his

garage and showed us his collections. His

collections consisted of old mining vehicles,

a bren-gun carrier, a 1918 Leyland truck

etc in the Ye Old Garage, but next door in

another old shop was more collections of old

enamel advertising signs, personal hygiene

items, old movie and airline posters. Etc

etc. Consequently 3 + hours later and lots

Always a favourite spot. One can’t visit

here without taking a drive up to the lookout

which looks down into the city and into

the Golden Mile Super Big Pit – 3.7km

long, 1.5km wide and 480m deep open

cut gold mine, the largest in the southern


From here we went for lunch at the bakers

at Boulder, Kalgoorlie’s twin city. 2 hours

later we hit the road south for Norseman.

Why 2 hours? Again we found people

wanting to chat to us about the car and

where we were going etc. This time we

received an invitation to be guests at the

local Veteran and Vintage Car Club that

night but we had to decline, as we were

scheduled to be in Norseman that night.

The Octagon - January 2017 29


The Octagon - January 2017

MGCCQ 2016 Calendar

Affiliated with the Confederation of Australian Motorsports

GPO 1847, Brisbane Q 4001

The following abbreviations are used for Chapter names:

CAP = Capricorn; FNQ = Far North Qld; DDC = Darling Downs; WBC = Wide Bay; WHI = Whitsundays


3 Fri CAP Dinner on the Coast

3 Fri Noggin ‘n’ Natter at the clubrooms

5 Sun WBC Bundaberg -The Great Car Collection Run

5 Sun WBC Hervey Bay - Early Morning Run to The Great Car Collection

5 Sun FNQ Day Run

8 Wed DDC Mid-week lunch run

10 Fri CAMS Evening of Champions at Easts Leagues Club Coorparoo

12 Sun HSCCQ Come ‘n’ Try Motorkhana at DTC, Willowbank (P)

16 Thurs WBC Early Morning Coffee Run

17 Fri Noggin ‘n’ Natter at Clubrooms

19 Sun CAP Breakfast @ Yougalious Cafe: Yeppoon

19 Sun WBC Bundaberg - Paradise Dam Run

19 Sun WBC Hervey Bay - Early Morning Paradise Dam Run

22 Wed MGCCQ - Midweek run

25/26 Sat/Sun Mt Cotton Hillclimb Series Rd 1 (P)

26 Sun DDC Monthly Run (Breakfast run)

26 Sun WBC Hervey Bay - Twlight Fish and Chips Run


3 Fri CAP Dinner on the Coast

3 Fri MG Noggin ‘n’ Natter at the Clubrooms

5 Sun WBC Bundaberg - Secret Run

5 Sun WBC Hervey Bay - Early Morning Rainbow Beach Run

8 Wed DDC Mid-week lunch run

11/12 Sat/Sun CAMS State Championship Races Rd 1 at Morgan Park (P)

12 Sun HSCCQ Interclub Motorkhana at DTC Willowbank (P)

15 Wed WBC Bundaberg - Mid Week Run

15 Wed WBC Hervey Bay - Early Morning Run through local Farming Community

17 Fri Noggin ‘n’ Natter at the clubrooms

18/19 Sat/Sun Hillclimb Series at Mt Cotton Rd 2

18 Sat CAP Laurie Bank Lunch Tour

19 Sun WBC Hervey Bay - Early Morning Cooroy Run

The Octagon - January 2017 31

22 Wed MGCCQ - Midweek run

26 Sun WBC Bundaberg - Angarra Tea Gardens Run

26 Sun DDC Monthly Run (breakfast run)


2 Sun WBC Hervey Bay - Day run to Maryborough with lunch at Burrum Heads

2 Sun DDC Crows Nest Lions Club Car Display

2 Sun IWMAC Special event Willowbank

2 Sun CAMS Club challenge hillclimb at Mt Cotton

7 Fri CAP Dinner on the Coast

7 Fri Noggin ‘n’ Natter at the Clubrooms

9 Sun HSCCQ Khanacross at DTC Willowbank (P)

9 Sun CAP Baralaba Country Tour

9 Sun WBC Bundaberg - Twilight Run

12 Wed DDC Mid-week lunch run (BYO picnic)

13 Thurs WBC Hervey Bay - Early Morning Mid Week Rum

14-17 Fri-Mon MG National Meeting at Glenelg, SA

21 Fri Noggin ‘n’ Natter at the clubrooms

22/23 Sat/Sun Mt Cotton Hillclimb Series Rd 3 (P)

23 Sun WBC Bundaberg - Woodgate Run

23 Sun WBC Hervey Bay - Early Morning Woodgate Run

23 Sun DDC Monthly Run

26/27 Wed/Th MGCCQ - Midweek run with overnight option

29 Sat WBC Bundaberg - Camping Long Weekend Away

29/4-1/5 Sat-Mon CAP Town OF 1770 / Agness Waters Tour


5 Fri CAP Dinner on the Coast

5 Fri Noggin ‘n’ natter at Clubrooms

6/7/8 Sat-Mon WBC Hervey Bay - Long Trip Away - Toowoomba Tour

7 Sun WBC Bundaberg - Early Morning Run to Mount Perry

7 Sun DDC David Hack Classic Car Display

7 Sun NSW Hillclimb championship Rd 4 Kempsey

10 Wed WBC Hervey Bay - Early Morning Mid Week Run

10 Wed DDC Mid-week overnight run

13 Sat WSCC Khanacross Whitsunday Raceway

14 Sun WBC Hervey Bay - Early Morning Run

15 Sun NDSCC Interclub Navigation run and tour (P) - to be confirmed

19 Fri Noggin ‘n’ Natter at Clubrooms


The Octagon - January 2017

20/21 Sat/Sun CAMS State Championship Races Round 2 at Morgan Park (P)


21 Sun WBC Bundaberg - Early Morning Run

21 Sun HSCCQ Khanacross Interclub at DTC, Willowbank (P)

24 Wed MGCCQ - Midweek run

26 Fri CAP Raglan Fly in

28 Sun WBC Bundaberg - Early Morning Run

28 Sun WBC Hervey Bay - Early Morning Run

28 Sun DDC Monthly Run

28 Sun TOSA Interclub Macleans Bridge at Belmont Rifle Range (P)

28 Sun CAP Classic by the Coast


1 Thurs WBC Bundaberg - Display and Grand Parade

1 Thurs WBC Hervey Bay - Display and Parade

2/3/4 Fri-Sun Qld Hillclimb Championships

2 Fri CAP Dinner on the Coast

2 Fri Noggin ‘n ‘natter at the Clubrooms

10 Sat WBC Bundaberg - Weekend away at 1770

10 Sat WBC Hervey Bay - Wondai Sprints

11 Sun WBC Hervey Bay - Car Show and Shine and Sprints

11 Sun MG challenge hillclimb in Vic - TO BE CONFIRMED

11 Sun WSCC Khanacross at Tonker Park

11 Sun BMW Interclub Regularity event

11 Sun MG challenge hillclimb in Vic - TO BE CONFIRMED

14 Wed DDC Mid-week lunch run

16 Fri Noggin ‘n’ Natter at Clubrooms

18 Sun MG Club display and Denis Geary Concours at Ormiston House (P)

18 Sun CAP Jim Armstrong’s OBSERVATION RUN

21 Wed WBC Hervey Bay - Early Morning Mid Week Run

24/25 Sat/Sun Mt Cotton hillclimb series Rd 4 (P)

25 Sun WBC Bundaberg - Early Morning Run to Bucca

25 Sun WBC Hervey Bay - Early Morning Run to Bucca

25 Sun DDC Monthly Run

28 Wed MGCCQ - Midweek run


7 Fri Noggin ‘n’ Natter at the Clubrooms

7 Fri CAP Dinner on the Coast

The Octagon - January 2017 33

9 Sun HSCCQ Khanacross at Driver Training, Willowbank (P)

9 Sun RACQ Motorfest (P)

12 Wed DDC Mid-week lunch run

16 Sun CAP Terry DWYERS “Mystery Tour”

21 Fri Noggin ‘n’ Natter at Clubrooms

22 Sat Porsche Interclub Supersprint at Morgan Park (P)

22/23 Sat/Sun HRCC and NBCCC Noosa Hillclimb

23 Sun DDC Jumpers & Jazz Car Display

26 Wed MGCCQ - Midweek run


4 Fri Noggin ‘n’ Natter at the clubrooms

5 Sat CAP Dinner on the Coast

6 Sun HSCCQ Qld Motorkhana Championship Rd 4 at DTC Willowbank (P)

9 Wed DDC Mid-week lunch run

18 Fri Noggin ‘n’ Natter at the Clubrooms

19/20 Sat/Sun Leyburn Street sprints

20 Sun CAP Many Peaks Tour

20 Sun WSCC Khanacross Tonker Park

23 Wed MGCCQ - Midweek run

26 Sat Come and Try/Test and Tune day at Mt Cotton hillclimb

27 Sun DDC Monthly Run

27 Sun Lotus Club Interclub Khanacross at DTC


1 Fri CAP Dinner on the Coast

1 Fri Noggin ‘n’ Natter at the Clubrooms

2/3 Sat/Sun CAMS State Championship races Round 3 at Morgan Park (P)

9/10 Sat/Sun Mt Cotton hillclimb series Rd 5 (P)

10 Sun HSCCQ Motorkhana including AMC practice at Driver Training Willowbank

13 Wed DDC Mid-week lunch run

15 Fri AGM at clubrooms and Noggin ‘n’ Natter

16 Sat All British Day - set up day (to be confirmed)

17 Sun All British Day - (to be confirmed)

17 Sun CAP Mt.Morgan Little Western tour

24 Sun DDC Monthly Run

27 Wed MGCCQ - Midweek run

30 Sat Interclub Hillclimb at Mt Cotton

Please go to the online calendar on the Club website to get more information on each event


The Octagon - January 2017


Our visit here on the way over was just

a drive thru. On our return however, we

stayed for 2 nights as we were waiting for

our Kiwi friends to come from Esperance.

As we stated in the first part of our story we

usually like to travel alone these days, but

as Juliana and Warwick were in need of

company, not having been in this neck of the

woods before, we said we would accompany

them across the Nullarbor. They had heard

all sorts of horror stories about what to

or what not to expect whilst crossing the

Nullarbor! Or was it that Juliana had heard

about the Nullarbor Nymph and was worried

that Warwick might go feral!

of this little town is that it has been almost

abandoned and forgotten. It’s somewhat

tardy appearance belies what is happening

in the surrounding countryside. Admittedly

a lot of the workers hereabouts are FIFO

(fly in fly outs), but a lot of the mines are

underground and therefore unable to be

seen unlike in previous decades.

Juliana & Warwick had had a few dramas

since we said bye-bye to them at Perth

and this is why they were a day or so late.

Firstly poor Juliana ended up in hospital in

Albany because of some type of a virus.

Then an oil seal on their MGB had to be

fixed at the back of the gearbox, as it was

spraying oil all under the car. And the third

thing they found was that they had broken

a spring. They had to then wait for another

to be freighted, overnight, from long-time

MG buffs Peter Harper’s workshop in Perth.

I believe he sent two. They were nearly

thinking about turning around, going back

to Perth and shipping their car back to the

Eastern states. But we said, “No – you’ll

make it across the Nullarbor – it’s a piece of

cake and you’ve had your 3 pieces of bad

luck now, anyway!”

So whilst waiting for Juliana & Warwick we

did a little investigating around this historic

gold mining town. One’s first impression

By the time Juliana & Warwick arrived we

were able to take them to the best vantage

points to see some of the town’s highlights.

Two sculptural features which appear in this

town are very apt. The first one is of a horse,

whose name was “Hardy Norseman”. His

owner, a prospector called Laurie Sinclair,

found gold-bearing quartz where the horse

had unearthed it, overnight, in the1890s.

The second dramatic set of sculptures is of

a camel train made from corrugated iron, at

a round-about in the centre of town. Without

the use of the camel or corrugated iron in

these areas the early Europeans would not

have been able to do what they did. Camels

were used because of their ability to travel in

such dry conditions.

Corrugated iron was used because the white

ants can’t eat it and it is light to transport.

Corrugated iron is still used today for

constructing houses. We have seen some

very swish modern homes built of it.

As the sun was setting fast it was a rush to

start driving Eastward Ho, because we had

booked accommodation at Fraser Range


The Octagon - January 2017 35

are pretty posh compared to the working

shearers’ quarters of my youth at St. George

Queensland that we used to stay in off

season, to go fishing in the Balonne River.

The Fraser Range Stations old shearers’

quarters are made of stone and are very

solid indeed. The awnings of this structure

are being held up by old Oppenheimer poles

which were used on the Overland Telegraph

Line and the East-West Telegraph Line.

(Google the Oppenheimer poles for more


A different challenge begins

Once we connected with the Protheroes

we had another challenge on our plate.

Warwick had decided to play the “World’s

Longest Golf Course” – the Nullarbor Links.

He paid $5 for his card, and armed with

a 50c chipper, some second hand balls

and a bottle top for a tee, went out for the

challenge! The Golf Course runs from

Ceduna to Kalgoorlie and of course you

can play it backwards. This 18-hole par 73

golf course spans 1,365 kilometres with one

hole in each participating town or roadhouse

along the Eyre Highway. Each hole includes

a synthetic green tee and somewhat

rugged outback-style natural terrain for

the fairway. In Warwick’s instance he had

already missed 3 holes, because he had

come from Esperance and not Kalgoorlie.

But this did not deter him. So at each spot

marked on his card we would have to go

find the green!! All this for a piece of paper

(certificate) at the end!! Nearly as bad as

participating in a National Meeting! Ah, we

know - it was the challenge. Little did he

know there was going to be many first times

on this long golf course!

It would appear to be a big thing these

days as there is a “Chasing the Sun” Golf

Festival, held each year in April. We actually

met a few of them coming across as we

were going the other way. Sounded like a

fun time with champagne, concerts with

comedians, bush poets etc.

Fraser Range Station

We had camped on the way over at this

station but on the homeward leg we decided

to stay in the old shearers’ quarters. These


The Octagon - January 2017

As we looked at these poles, which are

now posts, Peter began to reminisce about

his working life with the PMG (TELECOM,

now TELSTRA) and how technology has

changed. Peter was originally involved

in surveying sites for TV and Microwave

towers, which has given him a feel for the

Australian bush. Each system has had its

share of faults and the modern fibre optic

is no different. He has seen the glass ‘wire’

completely eaten by ants and also severed

by parasitic plants as the plant thinks the

‘wire’ is a root.

Here a surprise awaited us. Before we left

Perth I had taken a friend of ours aside,

who was going on the South-West Tour and

asked her to keep an eye on the Kiwis for

us. The surprise was these same friends.

I had thought that they were going back to

Perth and putting their car on transport to

be taken back to Victoria. Anyway, Anna

and Wal Robinson were waiting for us at

Fraser Range and had indeed done a good

job of bringing the Kiwis thus far. Anna and

Wal have been on several of these post-

National Meeting trips with us. The first one

was from Adelaide in 1993, when we did the

Birdsville Track together with some other

MG enthusiasts. Then a few years later

when the National Meeting was last in Perth

in 1995 we joined up again with some of the

same people going to the Eastern States via

dirt roads, crossing right across the centre

of Australia. We went through places such

as Laverton, Giles, The Olgas, Ayres Rock,

Kings Canyon, Alice Springs, Coober Pedy,

Lake Eyre, Innamincka, Thargomindah etc.

in our MGs. What a nice surprise!

That night there was much chatting in the

campers’ kitchen, where we chose to be fed

by and with some of the staff of the station.

The young German couple were still there,

enjoying the outback. I asked Wal if he

would recite his famous “Rindecella” poem

for our guests and he obliged. He is so

clever. I don’t know how he can remember it.

As we wandered off to our room that night

Peter had a nice surprise. Could it be true?

Was it her – but with clothes on? This

blonde young nymph had followed us out to

the car. She and Peter chatted on for a good

while, whilst I unloaded our things out of the

car. She was an ex Mustang driver so she

was interested in our cars. Peter however

was wondering where he could indeed put

her in the car – perhaps if he opened the

boot then he could let her sit there – she

certainly seemed the adventurous type.

Next thing her boyfriend showed up – and

put paid to that. No luck this time Peter! It

wasn’t The Nymph.

The next morning after breakfast together,

we left Anna and Wal saying that we would

probably see them “up the track”, as they

still had to pull down their camper ‘van. Also

they would catch us up anyway as they were

in a more modern car - an MGB GT!

So after Warwick had played his one hole of

golf – which involved quite a bit of walking

around the sheep property, we headed

off. This was the first time he had played

golf amongst sheep poo! (Even for a New


Juliana & Warwicks Nullarbor adventure


Bolstered by encouragement from us and

the Robinsons (or was it the prospect of

an interesting golf game) the Protheroes

were now eager to start heading across

the infamous Nullarbor. If they were still a

little hesitant they didn’t show it. Peter too

became a bit more alert at the prospects of

sighting the Nullarbor Nymph. Would he see

her this time – only time would tell!


Near the roadhouse of Caiguna is one of the

many blowholes which appear across the

Nullarbor. They are formed by the chemical

and physical weathering processes that

erode caverns in the limestone bedrock.

The airflow is created by the different air

pressures of under and above ground. This

one at this stage of the day was blowing out

so I threw some dry leaves across its mouth

so that our visitors could “see” the rising air.

The leaves went skyward quite rapidly.


Like most of the places across the Nullarbor,

Cocklebiddy consists of a roadhouse,

Service Station, Restaurant and Motel and

that’s about it. The rooms at the Motel were

large and clean with King sized beds and

the restaurant food homely.

That night at the motel, we were regrettably

introduced to the Royal Flying Doctor

Service as one of our motel neighbours had

firstly to be taken to Caiguna by ambulance,

where he was then to be flown to Kalgoorlie

by the RFDS. Of a day they can land on

the main road, the piano keys are painted

on the road, but this was night time. Juliana

and I took turns at being with the patient

until contact was firstly made with the

RFDS. Then an ambulance had to be made

ready. They keep an ambulance at each

roadhouse across the Nullarbor, just for

these emergencies. That night the battery

in the one at Cocklebiddy was a bit flat so

they started recharging it as soon as they

thought it would be needed. The question

was asked could someone take a blood

test of the patient. Juliana volunteered and

sent the report to the RFD. Anyway to cut

a long story short. The gentleman made it

safely to hospital in time for medical help,

40miles/66km by land ambulance and

260miles/420km in the RFDS. (Brisbane to

The Octagon - January 2017 37


At most places one travels in the Outback

there are collection boxes on the counters of

most shops for the RFDS. After this incident

these boxes meant more to us, as it could

have been one of us in that RFDS plane

heading for a hospital.


West of Mundrabilla is Madura and it is

here that the road descends onto the Roe

Plains. We called (we usually have twoways

between us) for a smoko break right

on the edge of this scenic spot. Spectacular!

Because of the enormity of these vistas

it is very hard to take pictures – so one

just needs to stay still and enjoy them. At

this point, because we were well and truly

on our way home I cracked out our other

home-made fruit cake. When going on a trip,

I usually make one for going and one for

coming - we call it our survival tucker. It was

well received and Peter informed me that

the Nullarbor Nymph would not have been

able to make its equal.

Later Juliana & Warwick had gone on

ahead to try and find the golf links. It was

also so that he could give the MGB a blast

after sitting behind us for awhile. This was

something they tended to do from day one

whilst travelling with us. When we arrived

at Mundrabilla I went into the restaurant to

order lunch. Also having lunch there were

a couple of policemen. They went outside

to where Peter was still at the Y and as

they showed some interest in the car he

showed them some of its features, or should

we say lack of features compared to these

times. Juliana said “They didn’t want to talk

to us whilst we were in the restaurant!” It’s

marvellous how a piece of machine can

bring on conversations.


Wal and Anna had gone on ahead this day

and jagged a wonderful panoramic site for

their campervan right on the edge of the

escarpment overlooking the Great Southern

Ocean and the old Telegraph Station - a

million dollar view. So good, that they

decided to spend a couple of nights there.

We however had to push on as we still had


The Octagon - January 2017

lots to show Juliana & Warwick of our wide

brown land.

We booked ourselves into a budget room,

but weren’t very impressed – there was no

basin, no toilet, no shower, no microwave, –

nothing, but a bed - and it wasn’t cheap! Still

it was a roof over our head and it was only

for one night plus it saved putting the tent up

- as accommodation otherwise was limited.

As we left Eucla the next morning Peters

eyes lit up as here was a sign saying

“Nullarbor Nymph”. “She must be around

here some where!”, he said. We started

heading out in the direction that was

indicated, but the next thing a golf ball came

whizzing out of the bush! We went further

and here was Warwick chipping away at the

Nullarbor Nymph Links!!! All things aside

Eucla is the home of the Nullarbor Nymph

legend, apparently. The story goes that

an out of work journalist penned this story

about a long haired blonde running naked

with the kangaroos and circulated it around

the world, for business was somewhat flat

at the Eucla Roadhouse in those days.

Business improved greatly after that, as

people came from all over the world half

believing the story. Only in Australia could

such a story have taken root!

Each of the links across the Nullarbor has

a shelter and a write up as to why that

particular link has its name for instance

“Brumby’s Run” at Madura refers to the

fact that horses were bred there for the

British Army (India) in the 1880s. Good one.

Incidental learning! At Eucla the links were

on the Rifle Range – this was the first time

Warwick had played golf on a rifle range!

Just as we were leaving to go to the golf

course who should we see again but the two

policemen from yesterday. We exchanged

greets. As we headed towards Nullarbor,

after our exciting golf sojourn, we came to

the state border of Western Australia and

South Australia, where we were met with a

road block. It was the same two policemen

and this time they were checking licences,

recording number plates, and doing

breathalisers – both ways. What a wonderful

place for a surveillance point, as there

weren’t too many other roads that one could

take in this area. We have no problems with

this type of check point – if it can help keep

check on criminals.

After the check point and some photos at

the Border Village of things like the three

clocks with different time zones at this point,

we had smoko at the Roadhouse and guess

who turned up again. The two policemen!.

Seems like they have a big area to cover

and can range from one state to the other

quite freely if the need arises.

At Border Village, we were now about a

quarter of our way home!

16 Juiana and Warwick at the edge of the

earth on the Nullarbor


Even though the distance from Eucla to

Nullarbor was not great we decided to allow

a day for this stretch of the trip as Juliana &

Warwick had never been across this area

and we wanted to spend as much time as

we could at each lookout across the Great

Australian Bight appreciating the majesty of

the Baxter Cliffs.

We were in luck - the weather was perfect

and the time of the tide appeared right also

as white scallop like lines appeared , caused

by wave action, around each headland

contrasting with the azure blue water.

Picture perfect as one might say.

That night we stayed at the Nullarbor Road

House Motel. We wanted to stay here so

that our visitors could soak up the NON

atmosphere (vacuum) of the Nullarbor.

For when you turned your back on the

roadhouse this was the true Nullarbor. The

horizon was flat, no trees, no buildings, no

people, nothing except for some low growing


The golf tee at Nullarbor was on the airstrip!

This was Warwick’s first time that he had

played golf on an airstrip. A first for most

people I would have said.

Head of the Bight

A side shoot after we left Nullarbor

Roadhouse was into a relatively new

Aboriginal Interpretive Centre right on the

The Octagon - January 2017 39

cliff tops looking over the Head of the Great

Australian Bight. There is a charge to go

into this area as a lot of money has been

spent on constructing the information centre,

toilets, and viewing platforms. Seasonal

viewing of whales is one of the main

attractions here, but we were just too early

for the whales. Still we enjoyed the views

and appreciated the information on the area

and its original inhabitants.

Penong and the Nullarbor Nymph strikes

Whilst waiting for Warwick to play his golf

at Penong amongst the windmills (another

first), I went to make some smoko. Out

came the flask, the cups etc. Then I went

looking for our fruit cake. I searched all

through the car there was no trace of it.

The only thing we can think of was that we

had had it out as we were on the Nullarbor

at one of the lookouts and whilst we had

walked over to the lookout the Nymph had

done her thing. It must have been her! It

was done so quickly and cleanly. No trace

– just like her. Well that is what I am putting

it down to anyway. I hope she enjoyed it –

almost a whole cake too!


Travelling with Juliana and Warwick proved

a little bit awkward at times as when we

travel by ourselves we take each day as it

comes, not knowing how many kilometres

we would be able to cover or what we

wanted to look at sometimes. We do not

necessarily pre-book our accommodation

unless we know that we are definitely

going to be in a place for a particular night.

As Juliana and Warwick liked the idea of

pre-booking we now had to make it a habit

of booking ahead the night before at least.

When it came to Ceduna we knew of a

nice place that we had stayed at on the

way over and so we tried to pre-book. We

were disappointed, however, as they were


The Octagon - January 2017

completely booked out at the Foreshore

Hotel/Motel, because over 500 bikies had

descended on the town! Alternatively we

pre-booked ourselves into a caravan park,

with J & W into a unit and us into a tent

site. When we arrived however we took

one look at what was being offered, like a

patch of sloping bare earth, in between a

building and a caravan, about 10 square

metres, with our car meant to be parked on

a one way lane and said no thanks -as the

caravans zoomed up the lane. We couldn’t

even get our money back for some reason

or other it was chaos! We just gave up and

left, as there were too many people still lined

up waiting to be booked in.

We went back into town and asked at the

Tourist Information Centre, but because

of the huge influx of people, or the fact it

was near closing time by this stage, the

attendant just looked at us and said there

was no more accommodation! Very helpful!

Suddenly I remembered that I had seen an

advertisement on our map for a Motel out

near the airport so I rang them. They had

heaps of accommodation! We drove out,

booked in and ended up with the biggest,

quietest, Motel room, with safe parking, you

could imagine. It also had cooking facilities

and was the cheapest yet! It is hard to

fathom at times isn’t it. We had two days

there as we wanted a lay day again. I think

the attendant at the Tourist Information

Centre was just overwhelmed.

In the long run it was serendipity that we

ended up at this motel as the next day we

met up with some friends who were heading

west from our own street where we live. It

is a small world isn’t it. At Ceduna Warwick

played his last hole of golf of the Worlds

Longest Golf Course. He handed his score

card into the Tourist Information Centre

where it was duly stamped and he was

given a certificate for his achievement. Well


At this point we had now officially crossed

the Nullarbor from West to East.

Stay tuned for the next part of our adventure as we

shepherd the Kiwis across the rest of South Australia and

New South Wales. The fun continues.


Darling Downs Chapter

by Gary Lawrence

So another MG year has come to an end and I

sit here contemplating the year that was.

Once again, our Chapter had a busy year

with members participating in a variety of

events including our regular social mid-week

and monthly runs, local car displays such

as Crows Nest Lions, David Hack Day and

Warwick’s Jumpers and Jazz Festival.

We have enjoyed a number of very interesting

monthly runs with some of the standouts

being the Clifton Olde Time Movie run, a visit

to Crofters Craft in Crows Nest which is an

artisan cottage industry producing unique

utensils from cattle horn and pewter, the

Lakes of the Lockyer Tour and an observation

run to the Army Flying Museum in Oakey.

Our annual May overnight was very popular.

This year it morphed into a two night event

taking us into northern NSW to Tenterfield and

the beautiful Granite Belt in the Stanthorpe


An annual long tour is somewhat of a tradition

in our chapter. This year it was planned

as a ten day run to Mackay to coincide

with the MGCCQ state meeting in August.

Unfortunately due to many of our regular long

run participants having other commitments

the planned contingent of MGs did not

materialize. Not to be outdone a couple of

our members took the opportunity to turn it

into a caravan trip, attending the Combined

Chapters meeting at Mackay.

We continue to see a regular core of

participants in our events with other members

joining us on an adhoc basis when personal

and work commitments permit. We have

welcomed a number of new members over the

past year.

Bob Marsh (Warwick convener), Ron & Judy

Gillis (mid-week run conveners) and Gary

Lawrence (Chapter Coordinator) will continue

in these roles for 2017. Glen Hadfield has

volunteered to assist me with the Coordinator

role this year as I will be ‘disappearing’ for

extended periods, living the dream as I tour

around Oz.

The 2017 Event Calendar is available on the

MGCCQ web site. One of the highlights will be

our May overnight run to Stradbroke Island. I

am sure a lineup of MGs on the car ferry will

attract plenty of attention.

It is gratifying to see a number

of our members volunteering

again this year to convene the

monthly runs.

Our 2017 MG year will kick

off with a mid-week lunch run

on 8 February; till then, all the

best for a great Christmas

and a Happy New Year.

Lunch Run 09 November

After an aborted attempt to

visit Rudd’s Pub in October,

our November run proved

The Octagon - January 2017 41


Enhance Improve


Brakes, Gearboxes, Suspension,

Alloy heads, Wheels, Electronic

ignition, Electric power steering,

Cooling, EFI Systems, Roll bars, Seats,

Exhaust, Fibreglass panels, Gauges,

Limited slip differentials, Air

conditioning, Engine conversions,

Complete car builds

2A Arab Rd Padstow NSW 2211

Email : sales@modernclassiccars.com.au

Tel : 02 9774 2169


The Australian home of




The Octagon - January 2017

that persistence pays as we enjoyed our lunch

run to this iconic hotel.

Apart from being a significant part of Nobby’s

history, it also is significant for Darling Downs

Chapter as this is where the inaugural meeting

was held to establish our chapter.

We were greeted with quite a warm spring

day for this run so the cooler dining room in

the pub was much appreciated. We actually

had the pub pretty much to ourselves which

facilitated some rather loud and boisterous

conversation. We were able to enjoy our

meals (which, as always are huge) in peace,

and converse with each other easily.

of the morning.

Mussels had a sumptuous Buffet Breakfast

on offer which was the choice of most

members. While we waited to load our

plates with breakfast goodies, those of us

who are Grandparents were given an expert

demonstration on how to dismantle a high

Participants: Ron & Judy Gillis; Brian & June

Phillips; Rob & Narelle Fraser; Denis & Imelda

Logan; Gene & Faye Lucas; Phil & Marilyn

O’Brien; Gary & Janis Lawrence.

Monthly Run 27 November

Palmerin Street Warwick was awash in a sea

of red, intermingled with spots of green, black

& white, as MG’s parked outside Mussel’s

Restaurant to begin the Darling Downs

Chapter’s Breakfast Run, the final run for

2016. Unusually bright eyed Toowoomba &

Gattonites greeted the Warwick crew after

what would have been a very early start for

the majority of them.

No complaints were heard as most roads

were devoid of traffic at that hour which made

for very pleasant top down driving in the cool

The Octagon - January 2017 43


The Octagon - January 2017

chair to extricate a child with legs firmly

wedged. Mission accomplished with not a tear,

we tackled our meals with gusto.

After breakfast, with run sheets in hand, we

set off on the 64km drive to Clifton, minus a

couple of cars whose occupants had other

pressing engagements. The first part of the

run, after exiting the Cunningham Highway,

followed Sprint Route 12 until it turned

towards Leyburn.

This part of the run passed by the historic

Darling Downs Pub at Sandy Creek & through

the small settlements of Wheatvale & Pratten,

all located in scenic farming country. It was

very pleasing to see that the rains had

reached these areas & farmers had been

making the most of the good conditions.

At the Clifton – Leyburn intersection we turned

towards Clifton. More scenic farming land

greeted us on the short run to a park in the

main street, our morning tea stop & the end of

another enjoyable Chapter run.

Breakfast Run 07 December

What is a good Aussie barbeque breakfast

without flies? Yes they were in plentiful

numbers but we endured!!

Our final event for the year was a very

enjoyable breakfast as Picnic Point. Our

numbers were down a bit but we all enjoyed

our breakfast together with several uninvited

guests that swarmed around our delectable

meals as we tried to eat.

It was great to see all the usual suspects

arrive, and a warm welcome to our new

member Ken Proud who we hope will join us

on many occasions in the future.

Participants: Ron & Judy Gillis; Rob & Narelle

Fraser; Janis & Gary Lawrence; Gene Lucas;

Ken Proud; Phil & Marilyn O’Brien; Helen


Participants: Guy & Pam West, Greg & Beth

Newey, John McLean, Gene & Faye Lucas,

Ron & Judy Gilles, Ben & Angie Cain, Delia

Morey, Michael & Marilyn Keating, Brian &

June Phillips, Gary & Janis Lawrence, Bob

& Mavis Marsh, Andrew & Susan Willesden,

Glen & Bev Hadfield.

The Octagon - January 2017 45


Capricorn Chapter

by Gurney T Clamp

Sunday 20th - November 2016 - BREAKFAST



The coastal members of Martin & Narelle

Adamson, Gurney & Gloria Clamp, John Hallett,

Phil Henry, Richard & Michelle Taylor along with

Rockhampton member Ian Wilhelmsen all arrived

at the Ross Creek car park and managed to get

away by the desired 7.00 a.m. departure time

to enable our coastal members to assist the

restaurant management (Sharon ) in ensuring all

our members had seating.

On arrival at Emu Park we were met by new

members Jim & Patty Burgess and George & Lyn

Ganter. After settling in the restaurant the coastal

crew realized that they had to order their breakfast

as there was a local crowd showing an interest

in also having breakfast there. Within a short

time the Rockhampton members arrived - Garth

& Leslie Barnes, Terry Dwyer & Anne Burbidge,

Stuart & Ada Clark, John & Margaret Horton,

Phil & Pam White and new members Laurie &

Bev Chetter, John Hinton & Debbie Jury along

with Mick & Shirley Condon from Yeppoon, New

members Christine & Mark Johnson called in to

say hello.

Ian Wilhelmsen addressed members at the

restaurant informing them that the events

committee will be meeting on Thursday 24th

to draft up the 2017 Calendar. Ian also invited

members to send in any suggestions for tours to

any one of the committee members.

After breakfast, some members had to return home

while the majority of members headed off to the

popular Bell Park Markets with some later to be

found loading up their MGs with a bargain.

After the markets, Martin & Narelle Adamson,

Gurney & Gloria Clamp, John Hallett, Phil Henry,

Richard & Michelle Taylor, Ian Wilhelmsen, Jim

& Patty Burges, John Hallett, John Hinton &

Debbie Jury, Laurie & Bev Chetter all headed

off on the next part of the tour to the pleasant

surroundings of the Cawarral Pub to sample some

liquid refreshments, with others indicated that they

needed to get back home for various reasons. On

arrival at the Cawarral pub we were


The Octagon - January 2017

Friday 2nd December 2016 - Christmas,

KRACKERS (Yeppoon)

An excited Phil Henry of Yeppoon won the 2016

Capricorn Chapter’s Jennelle Thomasson Trophy.

The other award, the popular or not so popular

“Broken MG award” went to Trevor Andersen who

also thanked all present for their vote to enable him

to win his first ever award. Rockhampton’s JO’s

restaurant at Central Park Motel won the “Best

Dining experience award” for the past 12 months.

Gloria Clamp being congratulated for her running

of the popular Poker run that once again provided

wine for the tables and Gurney Clamp announced

his plans for retiring as Chapter coordinator

On behalf of the committee of the Capricorn

chapter I wish to thank all those members who

made themselves available to attend this function

which allowed them to be part of the voting and

experience the winners of the trophies and awards

and to get to view the power point presentation that

displayed photos that were taken throughout the

year along with a few surprises of members while

they were on holidays.

Following main course Phil addressed all present

explaining the contents of the 2017 calendar that

has a couple of new additions to our range of tour

events with Mt. Etna Bat Cave, Agnes Waters

revisited after a couple of years. Terry Dwyer’s

Mystery Tour and the popular tours are all in there.

Later on Gary & Robbie Galloway indicated that

they would love to invite the club members once

again to visit their property on a Friday moonlit

night, to either camp over or attend a BBQ &

Damper meal. It was also announced that the

chapter had received an invitation from Livingstone

Shire Council to assist in the official opening of

the Multi Story Car Park and also, in mid 2017,

the official opening of the new Panorama road

between Farnborough and Adelaide Park roads,

and the Rockhampton Regional Council reopening

of the Mt. Archer road on 16th. December

Photos from top: Christmas Festivities x2, Phil

Henry - winner of the Jannelle Thomasson Trophy,

Phil White, Trevor Anderson - winner of the ‘Broken

MG Award”

The Octagon - January 2017 47

Sunday 11th December 2016 - YEPPOON


At 6 a.m. rain bearing clouds were continuing to

roll in from the east threatening our Chapter’s

involvement in the Official opening of Yeppoon’s

Multi Story Car Park but, by 8 a.m., the clouds

were still there but they appeared to have dropped

most of their rain, which allowed some of our

expected members to arrive at Yeppoon’s Beaman

Park in preparation for departure to the new Multi

Story car park only to find that one of the officials

cars was yet to arrive. It was decided that George

Ganter MG TF and Trevor Andersen Daimler

Dart depart with another member waiting for the

arrival of Stuart Clark MG A to arrive to give him


The three Capricorn Chapter cars were directed

into the bottom of the car park waiting for a signal

for them to drive out into Hill Street entrance/

exit. Following the usual council & government

speeches and all four officials being involved with

the cutting of the ribbon, Stuart Clark’s was the first

vehicle to officially enter the park with Santa Claus

on board happily waving to the crowd while ringing

his bell, followed by Trevor Andersen with one of

Santa’s Elves on board and George Ganter also

carrying a Santa’s Elf.

They were then followed by Rick & Michelle Taylor,

Gurney Clamp and Ada Clark driving through the

lower levels of the Car Park to the top where they

were once again joined by officials for photo shoots

with car owners who were each given a piece of

the official opening ribbon. Our members agreed

that it was a pleasant experience to be involved.

Friday 16th December 2016 - Re-opening of

Pilbeam Drive, Mt Archer

The Costal Group of Trevor Andersen, Ian Carlton,

Gurney & Gloria Clamp, Phil Henry along with new

members Christine & Arthur Johnson and Jim &

Patty Burgess all arrived early at the Oaks service

station ready for the adventures ahead. The group

departed five minutes behind schedule and after

a good trip into Rockhampton found themselves

arriving at the Vince Lester Park on Frenchville

Road ahead of time.

This gave them a chance to have a chat as they

welcomed the arrival of Jenny Hill and the gradual

arrival of the Rocky members Laurie Chetter

and Bev Dunlop, Stuart & Ada Clark, Jo & Katie

Emmert, Gary & Robbie Galloway, Ian Henderson,

Phil White and Robert Holbeck with a travelling

partner for the day Colin Fleming.

Rockhampton Regional Council representative

Gareth Martin introduced himself and apologized

for the inability of Laura Price to attend as

planned. Gareth explained to our members what

Trevor Andersen, Stuart Clark, Santa & George Ganter

and (bottom) MG A & Officials on top of Car Park


The Octagon - January 2017

The Octagon - January 2017 49

the procedure was for this part of the official reopening

of the Pilbeam Drive to Mt. Archer. Gareth

took a series of photos of our smiling group before

he headed off up Mt. Archer. After a five minute

interval Ian Henderson and Stuart & Ada Clark in

their MG TCs led the rest of our members along

Pilbeam Drive to Mt. Archer’s summit where more

photos were taken by Gareth.

Meanwhile our members made themselves as

comfortable as possible on what seating was

available and enjoyed the cool air that is always

present at the top of Mt. Archer where they enjoyed

a B.Y.O. morning tea.


It is good to have the opportunity to be able me

to reflect on what we did throughout the year, as

it brings back so many great memories. Our year

started off with the usual B.B.Q. dinner tour up

Mt. Archer in January on a usual hot summer day

in Central Queensland to once again find that we

needed jackets as the sun sunk in the west.

February we once again paid our usual visit to

Rockhampton Botanical Gardens for breakfast.

In March we got to visit a new location when we

toured to Laurel Bank on the Fitzroy as a club

for the first time, a spot that we will maybe visit


It is always a pleasure in April to drive up the Mt.

Morgan range then enjoy a short break at the

Mt. Morgan Dam an event that is always on our

calendar. This year we took in sights of the Mt.

Morgan township from their two lookouts. Raglan

fly-in is always a popular event in May for our some

of our aero plane enthusiasts to visit, this year a

good number of members camped overnight and

got to experience how cold it can get there while

watching the Saturday night’s entertainment unfold.

Also in May a group of our members toured up to

Airlie Beach and all reporting of a great time had by

all, specially cruising around the Whitsunday’s in

a yacht. One event that is always on our calendar

is a visit to Byfield in June to enjoy the tasty well

presented food at the Byfield store. Before that,

this year we toured to Tanby Gardens for morning

tea - another place we like to visit and where we

are well received.

One of the biggest events for our chapter in June

was several members taking on the challenge

of the “Great Northern tour” which took them to

Townsville via Emerald, Clermont and Charters

Towers then back home through Bowen & Mackay,

a trip that all involved stated will remain in their

memories for years to come. In July a few of our

members took up the invitation from Farnborough

School to display our cars at the annual fete, an

event that has a real country flavor about it.

As a Chapter we like to give support where we

can and in August we once again visited Leinster

Place in Rockhampton and in the same month

we accepted an invitation from members Gary

& Robbie Calloway to visit their property for a

nighttime B.B.Q. and horse riding. We will be doing

that again in 2017.

It was exciting to being involved with the

formation of another Chapter that is now named

Whitsundays chapter. The trip to and from Mackay

had its dramas, but having the opportunity to meet

other Chapter members was a highlight, along with

the daily events - as was a ride in a Tiger Moth.

September saw our chapter tour to Gladstone to go

on the ferry coffee & information cruise around the

Harbour. The tour to Cockscomb Veteran’s village

near Cawarral in October was an eye opener and

the history of Mt. Wheeler was hard to believe.

As we were heading into the warmer months we

had breakfast at Deganis in Emu Park then, under

the guidance of Gurney, we dropped in at the

Cawarral Pub for a refresher.

Christmas at Kracker’s in Yeppoon gave us all a

chance to have a chat and pass on our Christmas

& New Year wishes. Also in December we were

involved in the Official opening of Yeppoon’s Multi

Story Car Park and our last tour for 2016, the

clayton’s re-opening of Pilbeam road up Mt. Archer.

Through the year we said goodbye to Peter &

Tracey Breed and experienced the passing of

foundation member, Don Madden. We welcomed

new members Ian Henderson & Wendy Major 48

TC., Rae & Jack Cowie, 99 TF., Christine Johnson

74 MG B American., Laurie & Beth Chetter MG

B., Jim & Patty Burgess 68 MG B., John Rowe 58


Congratulations to Jim & Sandra Armstrong.

Wayne Kirwan on their results at the Nationals

in Perth, Phil Henry on winning the Jannelle

Thomasson Memorial trophy and Trevor

Andersen on winning the Broken MG award and

Rockhampton’s Jo’s Restaurant winning our best

dining experience award .


The Octagon - January 2017


Far North Queensland Chapter

by John and Cherie Fransen

Sunday, 13 November 2016 - Jaques Coffee

Mareeba / Tolga Run

Participants – Alan Wardlaw (MGB), Chris and

Val Millar (MGF), Tony Basham (TD), Cynthia

and Derek Bevan (MX5), John and Helen Honan

(MGB), Tony and Yanti Boland (TD), John Fransen

(Midget), Leon Johnson (Mini), Kim and Fiona

Halloran (Merc), Graham and Pauline Hepburn

(Daimler), Bob and Patty Ingram (MGA), Brendon

and June Hammersley (MGB), Wayne and Lynette

Morgan (MGB), Steve and Maureen Girardi (MBG),

Kay and Harvey Williams (TD), Roy Jacques (E

Type Jag).

November run was a meeting first at the bottom

of the Kuranda Range with nice sunny weather

for a trip up the Range past the tourist township of

Kuranda and then onto Jaques Coffee Plantation

where we were met by Kay and Harvey travelling

The Octagon - January 2017 51

from the west. A relaxing morning with appropriate

tea, coffee and cake. The discussions were

aplenty; however, there was protest from our coordinator

when there seemed to be a congregation

of women on one table and men on the other. “hey

people, we are not the Restorers Club”! hahaha

After the coffee was drunk along with a few cheeky

scones, two participants returned to Cairns with

other engagements and we moved onto our next

part of the scheduled drive.

Travelling onto Tolga we took a loop around the

back of Mount Uncle via Chewko, staying off

the main drag for a scenic drive, the directions

confusing a couple of drivers who chose to follow

others rather than follow the original directions.

Unfortunately we found out once we had reached

our lunch point that Graham and Pauline’s Daimler

had broken down with - you guessed it being of

British origin - electrical issues!

of varied choices for us. The gardens around the

course were a beautiful backdrop to our function

and a good time was had by all. An appreciation

presentation was done for John and Cherie for

co-ordinating the various activities throughout the

year, but thanks must be mentioned for a number

of Members who also helped organise a number

of runs and get togethers throughout the year also

when the Fransens were unavailable.

After a bit of dessert to finish the night, some chose

to party some more by making their way to the

Morgan’s lovely property down the road.

Taking this opportunity to wish everyone a very

Merry Christmas from our local FNQ Chapter to

all the other Queensland Members, some who

we were fortunate to meet during 2016 at various

events. Happy New Year for 2017 too, looking

forward to doing all again next year!

Rejoining the highway at Mount Uncle, we travelled

through to Tolga for our lunch stop. Gratefully Alan

went back to collect Pauline, whilst Graham waited

for a rescue from the reliable RACQ. At the Tolga

Hotel, Roy Jacques joined us for lunch in his red E

Type Jag.

Following a nice lunch everyone returned home via

their respective routes, depending on which way

was easiest to get home, with a couple going via

Emerald Creek to ensure the usual ice cream stop

was in the itinerary

There was a few who got drowned on way home,

with an unexpected brief heavy shower.

Friday, 9 December 2016 - Paradise Palms Golf

Club – Christmas Party

Attendees – Alan and Sandie Wardlaw, Chris

and Val Millar, Tony Basham, Cynthia and Derek

Bevan, John and Helen Honan, Tony and Yanti

Boland, John and Cherie Fransen, Leon and

Llorien Johnson, Kim and Fiona Halloran, Graham

and Pauline Hepburn and Dad, Bob and Patty

Ingram, Brendon and June Hammersley, Wayne

and Lynette Morgan, Steve and Maureen Girardi,

Kay and Harvey Williams, John and Annette, Alan


With a lot on at this time of year it was agreed that

a nice Christmas dinner get together was a good

idea before Members got busy with family activities,

work commitments, going away for the holidays

and so forth.

Paradise Palms Golf Club near Palm Cove was

the ideal place, with the venue organising a menu


The Octagon - January 2017


Wide Bay Chapter

by David Hall and Lyn Hayward

Sunday 6th November - Combined Wide Bay

Chapter Run - Photos and Story Contributed

by David Carter

On a very warm morning 5 cars with 10 people

left our usual Hervey Bay rendezvous heading

for Howard where we met up with 8 more

intrepid travellers.

Unfortunately 1 vehicle, (Darrell Martin asked

me to not mention his name, so I won’t),

suffered a catastrophic loss of brake fluid and

like that other famous British marque (Rolls

Royce) failed to proceed. It then had to be

gingerly driven home to be swapped for the

family hack, so still no breakdowns for the WBC.

While the swapping was taking place the rest

of us choofed on up the highway to Childers

where we met 5 of our Bundy brethren, after a

refreshing cuppa and lots of chat the Martins

caught up with us just in time to head off to

Woodgate for a sumptuous lunch at the local

bowls club.

Thanks to all who attended, John & Ros

London, Mark & Jan Rouse, Paul Overton &

Yvonne Fabriek, Dave & Margie Roberts, Peter

May & Joy Batchelor, Darrell & Jackie Martin,

Jim & Raye Vanderkyle, Peter & Margaret

Elson, Selwyn & Sue Prasser, Leigh Noll, and

last but not least Bill Manns & Peter Worland.

Wednesday 16th November Country Run

and Planning Day at River Heads Cafe

On another beautiful morning in Paradise our

Motoring Enthusiasts met on the Esplanade at

Pialba and continued on to meet up with others

on the Burrum Heads Road where the old

Mundubbera Hospital had been relocated and

turned into a stately residence.

Participants: Lyn Hayward & David Hall - Silver

MG TF, Jo Seeger - White Porsche, Peter &

Jocelyn Gardner - Green Fiat, Neil & Coral

Honey - Orange Mini Cooper, Paul Overton -

Burgandy MGB, Marie & Lindsay McDonnell

- Silver VW, Kevin Fairhall - BRG Jaguar, Jim &

Raye Vanderkyl - White MG6, Graham & Bev,

Darrell Martin - White MGB GT, Dave & Margie

Roberts - White MGB, Mark & Jan Rouse - BRG


After a quick catch up everyone had a look at

the new cars viz. the Vanderkyl’s MG6 and the

Honey’s Mini Cooper. Then it was time to hurry

and get back on the road again. Lyn was driving

and parked at the rear and of course had to

click extra photos before heading for the car.

Even though David was hobbling to the car with

his new knee he managed to beat Lyn calling for

her to hurry as the others were already leaving.

Lyn was hurrying to get the camera safely in

the case and David’s walking stick into the car

stored safely behind the seats before jumping

in behind the wheel. She discovered later this

is where she lost her phone. On looking up,

everyone was disappearing into the distance so

it was time to plant the foot and do some catch

up. When that was successfully accomplished

it was time to settle back and enjoy the drive.

Then OOPS the oil light started to flash Lyn

indicated to pull over and shut the engine down.

The others proceed on to River Heads Cafe not

knowing about our dilemma and enjoyed a nice

The Octagon - January 2017 53

morning tea with magnificent views while we

hitched a ride home courtesy of the RACQ.

When requiring to call the RACQ we realised

that we couldn’t find the phone. So there was a

trip back to RV2 to find it. Mark and Jan Rouse

who live in the area beat us back and found it

where we thought we had lost it. They invited us

back to see their new home for a cold drink and

check out their MGA Roadster Restoration. Lyn

has vowed to stick to taking photos and leave

the driving to David in the future. David assures

me it wouldn’t have made any difference if he

had been driving and I know that but I wouldn’t

have lost the phone if I could just stick to taking


Sun 27 Nov - MGCCQ (Bundy Crew) Run

Report by Gary & Meryl Duncan

It was with a little trepidation that we, as run

organisers for the day, waited in the carpark at

the front of Dallarnil State School with our ears

trained on a bend that leadsinto town on the Isis

Highway listening for the familiar sound of an

MG note or two. The weather of the previous

day had been well short of friendly for the

activities proposed for the day of the run and

for people who treasure their cars, especially

the ones who like to go topless. We feared that

the roll-call would find that a few had chickened

out. A couple had, but had been replaced by

two Mazda MX5s transporting four prospective

new members almost restoring us to the 100%

expected roll up.

As the contingent which had travelled from its

meeting place in Bundaberg, swelling slightly

along the way, arrived they found some of our

Woodgate members and ourselves waiting

for them, the 23 people in 12 cars displaying

a variety of expressions on their faces. Most

exhibited the joy they felt at being out and about

with their mates in the cars that they love, but a

good proportion of the faces said “at last we’re

here. Now where’s the dunny?” The bad news

was that they still had to keep their legs crossed

for another 14 kilometres until we arrived at

the Lions Park in Biggenden for a welcome

smoko break. Welcome, that is, after scanning

the area, looking for the little blue signs with

white stick men and stick ladies that you see

on the walls of small buildings in such places of


Our newly refreshed group of 27 people in 14

cars then took in a leisurely lap of the thriving

metropolis of Biggenden before heading for the

hills, so to speak. We skirted around the town

in a large anticlockwise arc on narrow bitumen


The Octagon - January 2017

country roads giving us vistas of rolling green

hills. In fact I was sure that at one point I saw

on top of one of the closer rolling hills, a young

lady in very Austrian looking traditional clothes

with a picnic basket over her arm. She was

dancing about singing at the top of her voice

“The hills are alive with the sound of engines.”

Aka Julie Andrews. But alas. The radio was off

and no one else saw her so I must have been

mistaken. Some later favourable comments

about the views of our iconic Mount Walsh

from many differing angles and perspectives as

well other sights along the way vindicated our

decision to take the group the way we went. Not

even a short, sharp shower of sparse but heavy

raindrops, seemed to dampen the enthusiasm.

Having filled in a gap intended to reinstate our

appetites for lunch we rejoined the Isis Highway

beyond Biggenden and headed for our lunch

venue at another thriving metropolis, namely

Coalstoun Lakes.

No one even seemed disappointed that the

Leprechaun Club, where we had pre-ordered

our meals, was not nestled snugly on the edge

of an expansive waterway.

There were no boats casually bobbing around

at their moorings with little ripples gently

slapping against their sides. No one was fishing

either. That was because there are no lakes

at Coalstoun Lakes. The only similar natural

Phone or fax for a




The Octagon - January 2017 55

formation is comprised of extinct volcanic

craters, some of which we did see along the

road but which only appeared as more of those

rolling hills when seen from road level. When

there is enough rain they do appear like lakes

if you expend enough energy to climb up to the

top and look down inside.

We were welcomed at The Leprechaun Club

by Chief Leprechaun John, who efficiently

coordinated meal delivery and bar operations

and threw in some Irish Jokes and Irish poems

for good measure. He seemed to enjoy our

time there as much as the rest of us. Several

undertakings were made to return there in

future either as a club outing or as individuals.

All appeared happy and contented as the crowd

gradually dispersed and we all departed for our

respective homes after a day well spent and


Hervey Bay Twilight Run Sunday 4th


Well who would have believed it 15 cars and 26

members and 4 signed up to join our Chapter -

a total of 30 members the most we have had for

a long time here in Hervey Bay!

It was just a short drive along the Esplanade to

the Pier Park were the Council had recently built

a nice new car park for extra parking perfect to

help keep our cars safe and where we could

also keep an eye on them.

It wasn’t long before we were all tucking into

our choice of food and drinks, chatter being

the main choice of the beautiful evening, with a

lovely sea breeze topping it off.

We could not have found a better venue here

in the Bay and it was nice to see new members

Lindsay and Marie McDonald driving their

Immaculate MGB Roadster and the signing up

of 4 new members to our Chapter was a Giant

Bonus. We hope you all have many happy

outings with our club in the future!

Hervey Bay Saturday 10th December

Christmas Party

Our change of venue and Day and Date

seemed to have attracted our members out with

28 present at Carol and Lewis Gray’s Home in

Point Vernon.

The ladies all brought some beautiful salads,

pavlovas, cheese cakes, home made sweets

etc the list goes on and on and a very large ham

and chickens were purchased by Carol. This all

made for such a Beautiful Banquet fit for a King


The Octagon - January 2017

& Queen. Thank you to all involved in bringing

along such wonderful tasty food for us all to


Warren (Wassi’s) had organised a quiz which

had most of us baffled but David Roberts knows

his cars and won hands down. Great effort and

thanks Wassi for your contribution to the fun of

the day. Margaret organized a parcel post and

we all had forgotten what fun that can be.

We had a raffle with a number of donated prizes

to be won to cover any costs that Carol may

have had buying the Ham and Chickens and

she was more than happy with the outcome of


As Lewis had to fly to New Zealand prior to the

party to be his very sick 90 year old Mother who

required emergency Surgery, he was unable to

be with us and we do wish his Mum a speedy

recovery. However it gave Carol a chance to

show off his one of a kind Man Cave. Well

what a collection - Corvettes, Mustangs,Ford

Thunderbird with an Alfa, Triumph and Morrie

Convertible to top them off and don’t forget

the Land Rover Series 1. There was also

memorabilia on the walls from experiences

gone by and some photos of Lewis Racing his

Alfa many years ago - up on two wheels I might


Overall it was a fantastic day and thanks so

much to Carol and Lewis for their hospitality

in organising this friendly fun and relaxing

Christmas Party to remember.

Bundaberg Thursday night 1st December

was the Pageant of Lights

The Bundy Crew entered in this annual event

held by the Bundaberg Regional Council

and a very Merry time was had by all that

attended. Those who participated were Eric and

Janelle Beckman, Ray Mutton and passenger

Brodie with Jacqui Mutton doing the photos,

Leigh & Jacki Noll, Keith & Mary Ross, Judy

O’Donoghue and Sue Ron & Cherryl Johnston.

Bundaberg Christmas Party Sunday 11th


We believe the Bundy Crew had a terrific time at

their party at Moore Park Tavern. Thank you to

Eric and Janelle Beckman and their helpers for

organising another great outing! A special thank

you to local residents Margaret & Peter Elson

towards setting up etc for the Christmas party.

The Octagon - January 2017 57

Competition Corner



On track photos are by Steve Johns;

presentation of trophies are by Brad Stratton




The showstoppers for this final round of


the 2016 series proved to a couple of

by Ace Reporter

goannas which were completely unfazed

by the presence of many cars and people

Weather played a role on Friday with rain

in their territory and claimed their right to

resulting in very few taking up the offer

some track time as well. In keeping with our

of additional practice. Rain on Saturday

responsibilities as members of ‘Land for

saw only the adventurous come out to

Wildlife’ their rights were respected and they

try the conditions. This rain washed any

then moved into the more appropriate role

rubber from the track surface and even

of off-track spectators.

though Sunday gave a brilliant winter day

the track surface was a dry yet cold track

Fortunately the predicted ‘heat event’ for

surface so the possibility of record times

the weekend wasn’t quite as severe as

looked uncertain. The entry attracted

expected and the storms held off so the 8

Malcolm Oastler current Australian, New

rounds were run without weather incidents.

South Wales and Queensland champion

While no records were broken, there

in his OMS 28 again with the Hayabusa

were still some amazing times posted on

turbocharged engine.

track most obviously in the Formula Libre

categories where the presence of Dean


Amos in the Gould added to the already


strong field to keep Dean Tighe, Michael

von Rappard and Neil Lewis pushing hard

First class of each run was for the Holden

into the Under 40s times while Jim Milliner

HQ group which was won by Anthony Toft

and Harold von Rappard - returning to

with a best run of 56.01 seconds. Barry

competitor status after a short break - and

Smith (Ford V8 Special) took the Group K

Vicki Paxton came close to that time as well.

(Post Vintage Thoroughbred cars 1931 to

1940) with a 61.64 run from John Anderson

Fastest time of day went to Dean Tighe

(Woltri, 63.87). Production Touring Cars

(37.40) from Dean Amos (37.71) and

(1958 to 1972) Group N up to 2000 cc

Michael von Rappard (38.89) while times in

went to Ken Freeburn (again down from

the Top Six competition for the same three

Cairns for the championships) with a 53.70

were respectively 37.05, 37.81 and 39.58.

time from Paul Shergold (54.35) both

driving Ford Cortina models. Noel Wicks

Best MG Award went to Steve Riley and

won the over 2 litre class in his Holden

the Most Improved Award (for first time

Torana GTR XU1 (50.91 sec). Fred Sayers

competitor at the hillclimb who improved

took the Group O for Sports Sedans

times consistently throughout the day) went

(Historic Racing and Sports Racing cars

to Martin Astley.

1966 to 1969) in the ex Don Holland

lightweight Morris Cooper S in 52.03 sec

Happy winner of the raffle for the Ian Colley

whilst Steve Purdy Group S (Production

frame and photo collage was Jeremy from

Sports Cars 1941 to 1977) MG Midget

the Milliner family.

49.87 sec. Roy Davis took the Group T

52 58 The Octagon - July January 20162017

(Production Sports Cars with a Competition

History 1941 to 1981) in his Triumph GT6

running PRESENTATION a 49.13 time OF with HILLCLIMB the Group U class

(Sport TROPHIES Sedans - Friday up to 1985) Dec 9going to Chris

Johns in his Ford Escort with a best run of

47.54 It was seconds. pleasing that the majority of trophy

winners were able to attend the presentation

CARRIC of trophies ACCOUNTING night though distance AND BUSINESS prevented

SYSTEMS some of the SPONSORED major trophy winners CLASSES from

being there. Michael von Rappard, winner

The of the All Best Wheel Young Drive Driver Forced award, Induction travels from

class Airlie went Beach to to the compete; multiple Dave Queensland Roberts,

Motorkhana 3rd outright and Champion, winner of Noel the Caplet, Best Sports in

the Car Subaru award makes Liberty the turbo drive with to a Mt best Cotton run

of from 48.21 Hervey seconds Bay and Therese Derek Grant Wade, in his class

Subaru winner and Liberty winner turbo of GT the with Kay a Hawley 57.79 time.

Mark Encouragement Pryor was quickest Award for of Best the Hyundai Female

Excel Driver, X3 hails Series from cars Lismore. with a 51.85 run which

was only 0.08 sec outside the class record

with Trophies Bradley were Smith presented (53.68) by and Richard Tony Mattea Walsh

(55.35). - wearing two hats as Club President and

joint Series Sponsor - and Dean Tighe, joint

BRAD Series KIMBERLEY Sponsor while CARS Gary Goulding SPONSORED took on

CLASSES the role of MC.

The Class smaller trophies engine were capacity first to be class presented in

Improved followed by Production the presentation cars was of won by

Grant Encouragement Liddell (Datsun Awards 1200 for Coupe, which Kay 52.74)

from Hawley Karl was Reinke attendance (Hyundai and Excel, presented 61.28)

slightly the trophy ahead to Chris of Jo Johns Reinke (Hyundai Therese Wade’s

Excel, absence. 61.63 Vern seconds). Hamilton Dave presented Sidery the (VW

Beetle, Russell 50.61) Crew Memorial finished ahead Trophy of for Karlie the Best

Buccini MG to Andrew (Proton Willesden Satria, 50.76) as Glenda in the Crew 1601

to was 2000 unable cc class to be whilst present. the Vern 2001 gave to 3000 a brief cc

class history saw of the a tussle trophy, between its significance Ken Graham and

(Datsun of the multiple 1600 SSS,45.93) relationships and that Pauline the Crew/

Graham Collins family (Datsun have 1600 with SSS, the Club. 46.33) with

Troy McGrogan (Mitsubishi Lancer, 48.45)

and This Martin was followed Egglesfield by the (Ford big awards Fiesta ST - those

turbo, attracting 49.41) prize completing money as the well class. trophies. Ken was

quickest These are over for the first Best 2 Sedan, runs until Best Pauline Sports

grabbed Car and Best the lead Racing with Car a 46.33 - “Best” run being to hold

this defined position for these until the purposes fifth and as final ‘Scoring climb Most

with Points” Ken - and recorded the Outright the winning placings run which with a

45.93 interestingly time. Paul included Buccini one took racing the car over (Dean 3 litre

capacity Tighe, 1st), class one with sedan a run (Paul of 47.13 Buccini, secs 2nd) in

his and BMW one sports 135i from car (Dave the Holden Roberts, Commodore 3rd).

of Noel Preston (51.27 seconds).





Best Racing Car

Best Sports Car

Best Sedan

Russell Crew Memorial Trophy for the Best MG

Encouragement Awards

Kay Hawley award for Ladies

MGCCQ award for Males

Accurate Suspension Best Young Driver Award

Encouragement award for young drivers

Class Awards

All Wheel Drive Forced Induction

Circuit Excel

Clubman Cars

Formula Libre up to 1300cc

Formula Libre 1301cc & over

Formula Vee - 1200

Formula Vee - 1600

Group P - Sports

Group Q - Sports

Group U

Improved Production up to 1600cc

Improved Production 1601 to 2000cc

Improved Production 2001cc and over

Marque Sports 1601 to 2000cc

Marque Sports 2001cc and over

Mod Prod & Inv Cars, incl. Road Reg up to 2000cc

Mod Prod & Inv Cars, incl. Road Reg 2001cc & over

Production Rally Cars

Prod & Inv Cars, incl. Road Reg Up to 1600cc

Prod & Inv Cars, incl. Road Reg 1601cc to 2000cc

Prod & Inv Cars, incl. Road Reg 2001cc & over





Sports Cars Open up to 2000cc

Sports Cars Open 2001cc and over

Sports Cars Closed up to 2000cc

Sports Cars Closed 2001cc and over

Sports Sedans Up to 2000cc

Sports Sedans 2001cc & over


Supersports/Sports 1300

Dean Tighe

Paul Buccini

Dave Roberts

Dean Tighe

Dave Roberts

Paul Buccini

Andrew Willesden

Therese Wade

Gavin Taylor

Michael von Rappard

Brock Paine

Maddison Crewe

John Stuckey

Mark Pryor

Ainsley Fitzgerald

Jim Milliner

Dean Tighe

Jim Heymer

Craig Hughes

Geoff Frizell

Alan Telfer

Chris Johns

Grahame Rumballe

Karlie Buccini

Ken Graham

Zaid Latif

Dave Roberts

Karl Reinke

Paul Buccini

Ray Evans

Daniel Zeimer

Jan Bucifal

Martin Egglesfield

Andrew Willesden

David Dumolo

Greg Tebble

Therese Wade

Jeffrey Graham

Brock Paine

Terry Johns

Tyson Cowie

David Malone

Gary O’Mullane

Daryll Searle

The Octagon - January 2017 59

Special thanks go to those who worked

to make the night a success despite there

being only 5 days from the last event to the

presentation night. They include Ian Fettes,

the Club Pointscorer; Rick Miles, the trophy

provider; Elaine Hamilton, provider of photos

for the evening so that people could match

the drivers with their cars and, perhaps most

importantly, Pauline and Ken Graham who

volunteered to take on the job of catering

for the night and proved to be more than

capable of meeting the challenge.

Many thanks, too, to the photographers

who have supplied the photographs used in

this report - Steve Johns, Peter Buchanan,

Rob Talbot, Harry Norbury for their on track

photos and Jim Heymer who took the photos

on the night.

MC for the night - Gary Goulding

Ainsley Fitzgerald

Jim Milliner

Jim Heymer

Alan Telfer

Chris Johns


The Octagon - January 2017

Karly Buccini

Ken Graham

Daniel Zeimer

L to R Dean Tighe, Greg Tebble (3rd in Regularity),

Andrew Willesden (Regularity winner) and Richard Mattea

Brock Paine

Terry Johns

The Octagon - January 2017 61

Tyson Cowie

Gary O’Mullhane

Gavin Taylor, winner of MGCCQ encouragement award

for males

Ken and Pauline Graham presented special encouragement

awards to young drivers Maddison Crew and Brock Paine

Andrew Willesden with Russell Crew Memorial Trophy

for Best MG

Paul Buccini (3rd outirght) and Dean Tighe (Series



The Octagon - January 2017

The Octagon - January 2017 63


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The Octagon - January 2017

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