Octagon November, 2016


Official Journal of the MG Car Club of Queensland Inc.



No. 6 November 2016

Tony Basham took time to get this wonderful photograph of his TD against the

background of the Devil’s Marbles in the Northern Territory when he was on his

way home to Cairns from South Australia.

Read the story of his journey with his TD inside this issue.

The Octagon - November 2016 1


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Richard Mattea (Carly) 3325 0409 0488 224 105 richard.mattea@yahoo.com


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Don Webster (Ann) 3379 2566 0439 526 060 donweb@bigpond.net.au

Dean Tighe 0419 774 441 sales@tighecams.com.au

Flavio Paggiaro (Sue) 0412 985 916 admin@kellands.com.au


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Event Secretary Fred Sayers 3359 2623

Annette Truscott 0407 494 867

Ev. Sec. Asst. David Robinson 3255 9037

Richard Mattea 3325 0409

CAMS Delegate Gary Goulding 3351 3506

(Alternative) Ann Thompson 3378 1368

Chaplain Ken Trudgian 3886 3409

Club Captain Don Webster 3379 2566

Canteen Convener (Mt C) Vacant

Special Interest Vehicle Paul Strange 3398 1993

Concession Contract pstrange@bigpond.com

Webmistress Glenda Crew 3341 4397

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Regalia Shaun Rankin 0402 450 290

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Membership Sec. Peter Rayment (Delia) 0407 693 947

National Meeting Noeline Johnson 0437 220 602



Chapter Liaison David Miles 3892 2699

Far Nth Qld Chapter John Fransen 0458 658 830

Wide Bay Chapter David Hall 0490 363 889

Darling Downs Chapter Gary Lawrence 4696 8314

Capricorn Chapter Gurney Clamp 4939 4760

Whitsundays Chapter Cathie Meredith 0427 392 829

Octagon Editor Elaine Hamilton 3893 2438 0418 870 782 vprojects@internode.on.net

All enquiries to the secretary:

C/o GPO Box 1847 Brisbane 4001


The Octagon - November 2016

Headquarters: 8/16 Collinsvale Street, Rocklea

E & OE Hillclimb: Gramzow Road, Mt Cotton

The opinion of the editor, correspondents and advertisers expressed in this magazine are not necessarily those of the management

committee of the MG Car Club of Queensland Inc. and as such the club accepts no responsibility. Published six times a year members

personal advertisements are free. Club constitution available in clubrooms. Copyright 2013 MGCCQ.

President’s Report

It seems hard to believe that this is the final

edition of the Octagon for 2016 and that

Christmas and the New Year will soon be

upon us. It has been an extremely busy year.

Before I get too far into my report can I thank

everyone who has helped out in some was

during the year? We are a club for MG and

motorsport enthusiasts and no one gets

paid. It’s truly amazing that we get through

so many diverse activities and cover such

a broad membership as well as we do. So,

my personal thanks to you for your efforts

in keeping the club moving forward in 2016.

One piece of excellent news that I recently

received is that Flavio Paggiaro has agreed

to join the committee. Thanks Flavio for

agreeing to come on board, I look forward to

your input over the next 12 months.

We have had a calendar full of activities again

during the past few months. Lot of social

runs, both day and overnight, all of which have

been well supported by members. Could I

add a note regarding club runs in particular?

The club recently received an amount of ‘bad

press’ regarding the actions of a number of

people driving MGs in a group that looked to

be on a day run. The person, who is known

to the club and knows me and a number of

other club members, decided to express their

disappointment on social media instead of

contacting the club directly.

They also made the assumption that the group

must have been members of the MG Car Club

of Qld. Inc. This proved not to be the case but

before it could be pointed out to the person

many unfavourable comments had been made

about the club and its members. I found the

whole saga disappointing, particularly the

fact that people who should know better were

driving their vehicles in an unsafe manner,

whoever they were.

Round 5 of the Carric Accounting & Business

Services – Tighe Cams Mt Cotton Hillclimb

Series produced some fantastic times or the

weekend of the 1st and 2nd of October, with

three records being broken. Congratulations

to all competitors for putting on a fantastic

display of speed Hillclimbing over the

weekend. There were 12 runs and not one car

required a recovery by the Tow Truck. Well

done! Once again a special mention to all

of those who helped out over the weekend,

particularly in the canteen.

The club’s annual Concours and Display Day

visited a new venue this year with a visit to

Ormiston House overlooking Moreton Bay.

What a fantastic venue it proved to be, with

a number of interesting things to eat and

do whilst member’s cars were on display or

being judged for Concours. The club received

a great deal of positive feedback from the

Ormiston House volunteer group and the club

has decided to return to the venue again in


Not long after you will have received your

copy of the Octagon in the mail you should be

receiving your renewal notice for 2017 along

with an invitation to the annual presentation

of trophies evening. This event will be taking

place on the 28th of January and is being

held once again at the Boulevard Gardens in

Indooroopilly. I hope to see a great turnout;

those who attended last year really enjoyed

the evening. The club has also, via the skills

of one of our member’s, commenced work

on an online membership application and

renewal system.

With the ongoing poor service and cost

associated with traditional mail, the committee

believes that we can better serve our

members and our hard working membership

secretary Peter Rayment by implementing

such a system. Stay tuned for updates.

Finally, I’d like to wish everyone and safe and

happy Christmas period. If you are on the

roads please make sure you travel safely.

- Richard Mattea

The Octagon - November 2016 3

Some words from Elaine

Welcome to the final ‘Octagon’ for 2016 which

provides you with reports of Club events and other

items of interest from over the past two months.

Headlining these has to be the cover image and

its story. It’s true to say that I rarely - if ever - have

difficulty in finding an eye-catching and relevant

image to grace the cover. The “problem” generally

is that of too much choice. This time the choice

was between two iconic images both by the same

person and on the same journey through the heart of

Australia - Tony Basham solo traveller extraordinaire

in his TD. One iconic photo graces the cover:

the other is included in the article written by this

remarkable man about his latest journey.

Another remarkable man contributing to this issue is

our Club Chaplain, Ken Trudgian, who never fails to

provide an interesting and relevant message for us

all at this time of year. Thank you, Ken, it’s good to

know that you are always here for us.

A third gentleman of note is remarkable for his

willingness to join our Club management committee.

Flavio Paggiaro introduces himself to you inside.

Inside are all the ‘regular’ features - reports of

midweek and day runs, reports from our five

Chapters and reports of major events such as All

British Day and our annual Denis Geary Sports

Cars Concours and Denis Cotton Club Display Day.

These last two events drew great numbers of MGs of

vastly varying ages to them and there is a wealth of

visual delight instore for you as you hunt for your own

special car amongst them.

Now is an appropriate time to thank all of you who

have provided reports and general interest articles

throughout this year. I know from feedback I receive

just how much they are read and appreciated. Please

keep them coming as they enrich the contents so

much. I have a number of people working on their

Stories from the Stables but needing to spend more

time working on the cars in their stables at the

moment so I need stories of you and your car/s now!

Please don’t be shy about telling us about you and

your special car - why you bought it, what you have

done/are doing with it and what you plan to do in the

future. There you are - I have the skeleton outline for


The Octagon - November 2016

you, all you have to do is add some ‘flesh’ to it and

you’ll have produced your story.

Some articles come by chance and some by

planning. One by chance inside takes the form of a

request for information about venues, people and

cars in some photos of early Club events. This all

came about through a meeting with an early Club

member who came along to Ormiston House with

the collection of photos in his hand to share with

us. Hopefully those of you with long memories can

provide some answers.

Another interesting feature inside is of a planned

event which needed replanning along the way as the

weather dictated place and timing of the promotional

film for Channel 7 who decided that the right car

for the clip would be a red MG. With their venue

being nearest to the Darling Downs Chapter, Gary

Lawrence called upon a very willing Brian Phillips to

help; however, the weather intervened and Channel

7 decided to move it further north where their

forecaster predicted better weather. So it was ‘Thank

you Darling Downs Chapter for your help’ and ‘Wide

Bay Chapter can you help?’ That help was equally

quickly forthcoming and you can read all about it


With 2017 looming on your calendars thoughts turn

to events next year such as the National Meeting

in Adelaide which should prove to be just a sprint

instead of a marathon for our members heading

there. Bulletin 2 is included inside for you as is

information on Theme Night.

Speaking of 2017 ... our Club calendar is not yet

ready so I have used the central insert to provide

a reminder for you of all the regalia available for

purchase. Our new Regalia organisers - Shaun and

Phyllis Rankin - are waiting to help you with

your orders.

Enjoy your reading, your writing and best wishes for

Christmas and the New Year.

Next issue is the January issue with closing date for

reports and articles being New Years Eve - what a

way to celebrate it!

- Elaine

Notice Board

The Clubrooms are open on the first and third Friday nights of each month with hot food starting at 6.30

pm priced as low as $3. The goal will continue to be to have something special happening on the first

Friday of each month. Your suggestions are welcomed.

(P) indicates that the event is pointscoring for Club trophies. The rules for pointscoring for trophies can be found on the News page

of the Club website. The pointscore is updated throughout the year by Ian Fettes so you can see how competitive you are. Please

contact Ian with any queries you may have.



2 Friday: Noggin ‘n’ Natter

3/4 Saturday/Sunday: Mt Cotton Hillclimb series Rd 6 (P)

9 Friday: Hillclimb Series presentation at the Clubrooms

11 Sunday: MGCCQ Christmas Party at MGCCQ Clubrooms.



20 Fri - Clubrooms reopen for first Noggin ‘n’ Natter of 2017

Sat 28 - Annual dinner and presentation of trophies

APRIL - Easter 14 - 18 - National Meeting in Adelaide

A message from Noeline

For those that will be attending the NM could you please confirm that

Going to the NM? Please confirm with Noeline asap as your deposit

has to be paid in early January. Contacts for Noeline are

nlj52@bigpond.com - 0437220602 - 07 32015836.

New members

We welcome the following new members and wish

them a long and happy association with the Club.

Ian Chew

Aaron McAdie

Troy Barnes

James Forrest

Barry Moran

Joel Fisher

Robert Martin

Michael Grahner

Alexander Cairney Darren Stevens

Geoffrey Messer Kenneth Spain

Lindsay McDonnell Marie McDonnell

Gerard Degura

Jeremy Cordes

Alan Wardlow

Peter Roughton

Christine Johnson Arthur Johnson

Cameron Johnson Phillip Kraut

John Evetts

Kevin Doyle

Brendan Houghton Julie Mundy

David Ainsworth Graham Jones

And welcome back to Ted Peel

FLAVIO PAGGIARO - New Committee member

for 2016/2017 - introduces himself to you...

I started my car racing

enthusiasm after attending

the Leyburn Sprints

four years ago. Other

enthusiasts recommended

I purchase an MGB to

participate in the sport, so

I did.

I bought a MGB GT V8.

Then I joined the MG Car

Club QLD approximately 3 years ago. I’ve been

involved in the Mount Cotton Hill climb since joining

and enjoy participating in the Hill climb events,

especially regularity.

My wife and I help out at the canteen at this venue

whenever possible. We attended the National Meet

in Perth earlier this year, which we enjoyed. I tried

the sprints and motorkhana. Now I am hooked on

sprints and have tried the sprints at Morgan Park

and Stanthorpe. Unfortunately I rolled my beloved

GT at Carnell Raceway and am now in the slow

process of repairing and rebuilding. I heard the

committee was down in numbers and I was happy

to attend the last meeting and become a fellow

committee member.

If I can be of assistance to any members please let

me know. - Flavio Paggiaro

The Octagon - November 2016 5


Richard Higgs has been dealing with a

company in the U.K. who specialise in bits

and pieces for modern MGs. He has found

the company very good to deal with and

he thinks that there could be some of you

with MG6s or other modern variants who

might be interested in knowing of them. The

company is John Woods Autocare -- www.


“Midge” is chassis #1524 (rego QMG30) &

Bill Fuller’s car is #1523. It’s likely been a

long time since they were together.

Both these cars were “chassis only” imports

to Australia, and were bodied locally.

Their bodies are similar, but not the same –

lots of small differences, but very interesting.

Both cars have been restored.

Tony also reports that he met a chap (Brian

Goodall) with another M-Type that the prewar

fraternity did not know about, so that

makes six M-Types in Qld now. He is also

building a 12/12 replica. It will be great if all

six of them are together at Yamba next year.

Talking of MG6s -- pictured is Alex Cairney,

a happy MG6 owner, who made history in

September when he became the first Club

member to take an MG6 on a Club run. This

photo was taken when it was on its second

midweek run on 26th October.

With members preparing for the Pre-

War Rally at Yamba next year (see flyer

elsewhere in this issue) , it is timely that

Tony Slattery sent this photo of his M type

‘Midge” taken on a visit to her/his sibling



The Octagon - November 2016

Maybe the reason for the increase in

numbers at midweek working bees can

be found in this selection of photos below

which were all taken by Jim Heymer

who knows from experience that there is

something photo-worthy at the hillclimb

at every working bee. Wallabies abound

- and occasionally stand still for a photo

such as the one of mother and joey -

along with other wildlife but the nesting

curlew was more camera shy and almost

Inspired by the nesting curlew, Malcolm

Spiden becomes a wildlife photographer

and was caught in action by Jim Heymer.

indistinguishable amongst her untidy stick

nest. The goanna - maybe a juvenile one

- clings on tightly as it makes its way up a

gum tree while a waterlily and its reflection

provide calm and tranquility.

New Club member, Ken Proud, has just

purchased the pictured MGB and is interested

to know who did its restoration. If you can

help him, contact him by email, kenproud@

bigpond.net.au, or mobile, 0429 796 448.

The Club was recently approached by

Channel 7 to find someone willing to supply

a T type (preferably red) for a promotional

shoot for Channel 7 featuring Kay McGrath

who supplied these photos for us.

When the shoot was first scheduled

for filming at Kingaroy, Brian Phillips

volunteered to take his car for the drive

to Kingaroy for the shoot. Unfortunately,

the weather did not look promising so the

filming was rescheduled for the following

day further north at Gayndah where the

weather forecast was more favourable. The

Wide Bay Chapter’s David Hall and Lyn

Hayward (Chapter Coordinators) then took

their TC for the drive to Gayndah and a day

of filming.

It was great promotion for the Club and also

good public relations as the Coordinator of

the event from Channel 7 was overwhelmed

by the cooperation she got from everyone

involved - Gary Lawrence, the DDC

Coordinator and Brian Phillips for the

Kingaroy attempt and David and Lyn,

coordinators and car provider from the Wide

Bay Chapter.

As the person in the ‘control centre’

coordinating the communication between all

parties, my thanks also go to Brian, Gary,

David and Lyn for their cheerful helpfulness.

The Octagon - November 2016 7

Mal Ryan Ph: 0419 741 223 - mspa.com@optusnet.com.au - Capalaba, Brisbane.

Check out our website: www.octopusgrip.com to find a distributor close to you.

British Car Specialist & Rover T4 Diagnostics

2 Trade Street

Ormiston Q 4160


The Octagon - November 2016



- by Club Chaplain

Ken Trudgian

“All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth”, and if you can remember that song you are

probably a bit like me, getting old and wanting more than just my two front teeth. Perhaps

like so many these days we want ever soooooo much for Christmas. Sometimes it may be

something very worth while such as a loved one to be better and recovered from an illness,

or to not feel the agony of old age. Yet more and more it seems that the Christmas message

has become a “Calvin” list, and a long one at that, of wants. Not only that, instead of little

things the list has big and expensive items; a new car, overseas holiday and many items

that would eat up an average person’s pay packet.

Then there is the big concern that is worrying many people world wide that will challenge

their Christmas season; who will be the next American President? By the time you read this

you’ll know and either have breathed a sigh of relief, or be wondering where the world is going.

How many people in Australia look at the American Presidential election and hope that

such an amazing extravaganza will never happen here. The cost of electing the President

would feed and clothe much of that nation’s poor. What a Christmas that would be!

As I write this the advance upon the ISIS stronghold is taking place. If it is successful, I am

sure the world will feel at peace, and if it happens before Christmas many will believe it to

be a truly blessed event. Since 9/11 it seems the world has been held at ransom with London,

Paris and many other places caught up in extreme fear. Will that advance upon ISIS

bring peace to the world once again, or will it simply cause us

to look for the next wave of destruction?

When people have a like passion and accomplish goals together it allows them to put aside

the fears of things such as mentioned above. Recently I went for a motorbike ride with a

group from a Ulysses club. They are men and women from completely different walks of life

but with a similar passion, just enjoying each other’s companionship and leaving the cares

of the world alone. Each time I read a new copy of the Octagon I have a similar feeling as it

draws me to the joy of our club. It’s not only when people get together either for a mid week

run, hill climb or Noggin ‘n’ Natter but all things that remind us that we are members of the

MGCC. With that in mind a very big thank you to Elaine for a great magazine.

So, what do I want for Christmas? Honestly there are probably many things and at the top

of the list would be PEACE for the world along with some selfish desires. However my mind

goes back to Christmases past when my boys were young and I remember the incredible

joy of them receiving their gifts. The joy of Christmas is not in the receiving but in the giving.

The challenge for me then becomes “what can I give to the MGCC”, rather than what can it

do for me.

Christmas is a good time to remember that God gave first, and that the best part about

Christmas is the giving. Apart from the media hype and political correctness the true

meaning of Christmas is the birth of Jesus, who came to bring true peace to the world. Yet I

believe that a Bible verse sums up the message of Christmas best. JOHN 3:16 “ For God so

loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever

believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”. (NIV)

The song many years ago went, “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth...so that I can

wish you Merry Christmas”.

The Octagon - November 2016 9




EASTER 14 -18th APRIL 2017


In just under six months, the 2017 MG

National Meeting will be held in Adelaide.

The organizing committees have been

busy preparing for the event to make it

enjoyable for all.

This bulletin provides information about

some changes to the venue for all activities

on Friday 14th.April.


Venue for Registration, Scrutineering, Noggin

n Natter and Rocker Cover Racing,

Festival Function Centre, 292 Findon Road,



Trophies will be presented at the ‘Theme

Party’ on Saturday night. Outright winners

will be presented at the Presentation Dinner.

Theme Party

Theme as previously advised to centers is

‘MGM Movies’ i.e. Morris Garages Movies

(Flyer below). Come along dressed as a

movie character, it can be casual or glamorous,

and join in the fun. There will be

music, a three course meal, drinks included,

and prizes awarded.

Road Events

Sunday – Kimber Run. The first 100 cars

entered will receive a commemorative MG

National Meeting ‘Kimber Run Plaque’, and

there is a light lunch for all registrants at the


Monday – The Observation Run and Social

Touring Run, there is lunch provided at the

finish for all registrants.


A Motorkhana will be held, and we will advise

of the location in a future bulletin.

Club Coordinators for the National Meeting

We have not received Coordinator contact

information from many of the MG Centres,

and we would appreciate those details as

soon as possible to ensure information is

getting through to interested parties.


Supplementary Regulations have been

submitted to CAMS for approval, and will be

posted to our National Meeting Website on

their return, at which time Registrations will

be open.


A reminder that Easter is a busy time of the

year, and it recommended that you make

your bookings as soon as possible. A comprehensive

list is available on our National

Meeting Website for your convenience.


The Octagon - November 2016

The following is the proposed program for the weekend.

Fri April 14 Registration & Scrutineering Festival Function Centre, Findon

Noggin n’ Natter and

Festival Function Centre, Findon

Rocker Cover Racing

Festival Function Centre, Findon

Sat April 15 Concours Wigley Reserve, Glenelg

Social Event – Themed night Festival Function Centre, Findon

Sun April 16 Motorkhana Venue to be advised

Kimber Run (social participants)


Free time

Mon April 17 Super Sprint Mallala Motorsport Park

Observation Run (competition)

Social Touring run

Presentation Dinner

Donato Reception Centre, Kilkenny

Tues April 18 Farewell Breakfast The Glenelg Club

Delegates Meeting

The Glenelg Club

For up to date information about the event, visit the 2017 MG National Meeting website:

natmeet2017.mgccsa.org.au Plan now to join us for a great weekend.

MG CAR CLUB OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA Enquiries: Event Director, Tim Edmonds

Mob: 0419 804 645; natmeetchairman@adam.com.au

Adelaide – the place to be seen in twenty seventeen

The Octagon - November 2016 11


For the best prices and highest quality call us on

1300 488 717

today for service anywhere in Australia


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All offset printing

- Brochures

- Flyers

- Business Cards

- Magazines

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and much more...


The Octagon - November 2016

To the Editor

Hi Elaine

I would like to publicly thank members Jo

and Karl Reinke for their assistance on the

Come ‘n’ Try day in August. On this day,

my wife drove in the Come ‘n’ Try event and

I drove in the afternoon timed event in our

little blue Subaru. Unfortunately towards

the end of the day, I broke a tooth off the

pinion wheel which then speared through

the gearbox case making a hole about 4cm

round. I left the contents of the gearbox

around a lot of the track and pit lane.

As I had driven the vehicle to the day, I

required the car to be towed home, and

Karl and Jo assisted by returning to their

residence and collecting their tow truck

and carrying my car home. Without their

assistance and good manner, the trip home

would have been a lot more uncomfortable

and costly.

Jo and Karl, I appreciate your help and

assistance on that Day.

- John Stuckey


Near new set

of 15” x 5½”

wire wheels

to suit MG,

Triumph etc

plus four

(4) chrome


spinners and


$850 ono


George Leciej

07 4128 2633

(Bus hours) or 4128 9990 (after hours).



Must be immaculate or very close to Concours.

Matching numbers. Good history. Genuine buyer.Red

is not a preferred colour as I already have a red MGBL.

Please contact Peter Arnold on 0413 995 295.



People familiar with the history of Mount

Cotton Hillclimb will know that the late Brian

Tebble, an early member of the MGCCQ,

was instrumental in getting the Hill Climb

circuit constructed. In recognition of

individuals responsible for the ongoing work

required for the maintenance and running of

the Mount Cotton Speed Hillclimb Circuit, an

annual award in Brian’s name was formed

eight years ago. This year another person

will receive the award.

The award recognises particularly

outstanding efforts made by individuals

who tirelessly work, sometimes behind

the scenes, to ensure that the facility’s

magnificent grounds are always looking

their best and that events function smoothly.

One person receives the award each year

and nominations for 2016 are currently


If you know of any member not on the

committee or any non-member who you

feel deserves to be recognised for their

efforts this year please let me know through

the contact details below. Nominations will

close on Dec 31 2016 and the award will be

presented in early 2017.

Andrew Willesden


0410 059 266

Brian Tebble is pictured driving Ann Thomson’s Lotus 15

at one of the earliest hillclimbs in 1968.

The Octagon - November 2016 13

Photos From The

Past - But Whose?

An early member of the Club came along

to Concours this year. With him, he brought

some photos from his early days in the Club

when he had an MGY. His name is Peter

Stokes and his membership number was

119, a number which is still assigned to him

should be choose to rejoin the Club. He is

pictured (left) with his MGY in the late 50s.

This is Peter with his car but what is the building in

the background?

Are the cars lined up for display or are they getting ready

for competition? Who are the ladies in the photo?

Some of his photos are reproduced here

in the hope that some of our other early

members may be able to identify where

the photos were taken and who are in the

photos. Please email me - vprojects@

internode.on.net - if you can help and I will

pass that information on to Peter. Larger

images of these can be viewed on the Club

website on the first of the Nostalgia pages -


If you are wondering who could help, you

may be interested to know that, on the

Club membership list and therefore on our

Octagon mailing list, we have six people with

membership numbers in one or two digits

-- Bob Barnett (Member No 3), John Muller

(No 15), Ken Ebeling (No 24), Ted Jones

(No 53), John Cranley (No 54) and Ann

Thomsons (No 96) - and too many with three

digit numbers to list here! There are a lot of

people with a long time loyalty to this Club!

Peter’s Y is on the left but who owned the other Y and the

Magnette? What event were that at?


Who are these ladies in their very typical 50s outfits?

The Octagon - November 2016

And who is this lady - she can also be seen in

another photo.



By David Hall and Lyn Hayward - pictured

with Kay McGrath in their TC. Photos

supplied by Kay McGrath and Channel 7

It was on Tuesday the 20th of September

2016 that we received a phone call from

Elaine stating that Channel 7 wanted to do

a photo shoot with a Red MG Roadster in

the Gayndah or Goomeri area for 7.00am on

Thursday the 22nd - two days time!

We decided to take our TC and so hooked the

trailer to the back of the Motorhome and, after

lashing the TC down, we headed for the South

Burnett on the Wednesday afternoon setting

up camp at the Goomeri Showgrounds for an

overnight stop.

Well, you guessed it - during the night the

heavens opened up and down came the rain

and the little MG just had only its Full Tonneau

cover in place! It kept most of the water out

of the interior; however, we still had to dry

her out before Channel 7 Royalty was about

to drive her. A quick chamois off and Lyn and

I had to be outside the Grand Hotel by 7.00

am to meet up with the Film Crew and Kay

McGrath. It was pretty special after watching

her on the news for many years and finally

meeting her was a great pleasure.

With Kay behind the wheel of the TC we

headed out towards Gayndah where the film

crew found this beautiful little spot of curvy

bitumen road bounded by paddocks filled with

crops, cattle and wildflowers in abundance.

There was a lovely windmill blowing in the

wind creating a perfect spot for this little

MG TC to show off her beauty. After some

instructions on how to drive the TC, Kay took

to it like a pro and after a lot of stationary

shots and “take two’s” a drone was launched

to film Kay driving the along the winding road.

It proved difficult to get a shot of the car on its

own as the traffic on this highway never stops

and on many occasions there was a truck or a

car right on her tail.

Finally all the filming was finished and Kay

Photos from top:

Kay in the car, David

lends a hand with the

lighting, Kay heads

off with David, Kay

with Lyn and David.

handed back the keys saying just how much

she had enjoyed driving the MG! We then

drove back to Goomeri, loaded the TC onto

the trailer and headed back to Hervey Bay

with the job done. Thanks Elaine for the

chance to showcase our car. Apparently a

Promotional film is to be produced which

we will receive a copy of after it has been


The Octagon - November 2016 15


The Octagon - November 2016



by Tony Basham

After attending the very successful meeting

of country Chapters at Mackay I continued

southward, destination Adelaide. The plan

was to spend several weeks touring enroute

but a partial clutch failure put paid to

that idea. I headed directly to Adelaide and

the replacement parts met me there.

On Sept 25th I joined approx 1000 other pre

1955 vehicles for the Bay to Birdwood rally.

The variety and varying conditions of the

participants is truly amazing, many having

made the trek from interstate to participate.

The following weekend was the vintage

Collingrove event so the week between was

spent touring Yorke Peninsular.

Cairns so opted to travel via Alice Springs

and Mt Isa. As luck would have it I struck a

hot spell, temps around 38 to 40 degrees.

The little TD suffered from fuel vaporising,

high water temp and the soles of my shoes

were uncomfortably hot. Removal of the

bonnet side panels cured all the problems

and the rest of the trip was trouble free.

Joining up with several other MGs, we

based ourselves at Moonta for 2 days

to explore the old mines and coast then

relocated to the Innes National Park. Sadly

this coincided with the storms that blacked

out the State so our touring was limited.

The weather cleared for the next weekend

which included a great social tour around

the Barossa on Saturday and the vintage hill

climb on Sunday.

I was keen to avoid the rain, cold and

possible flooding on my return journey to

Photos from top: On the way home at Coober Pedy, Hillclimb MGs,and travelling companions.

The Octagon - November 2016 17




Brisbane 2016

by Max Johnson

Rain, it almost stopped us in 2014 and

again in 2015 but this year it succeeded in

necessitating a one-week postponement.

The fields were already wet and had suffered

from fixtures held the weekend before.

Rain was also forecast for Sunday so we

made the decision to postpone.

I watched the weather report every night for

the following week with indications of sunny

and 29 degrees.

Arrivals were slow on Sunday morning as

the clouds gathered and the first spits of

rain arrived. Would it frighten off the fainter

hearted? Maybe, but in the end it cleared

and they came. Not as many as in previous

years, some had already planned for other

things on that day, but in the end we were

down about 160 on previous years.

The assortment of vehicles was outstanding

from George Row wobbling through the

crowd on a Penny Farthing to a beaming

Ian Fordyce and his team on the 1926

Aveling Porter Steam Roller, Armstrong

Siddleys and Rolls Royce form the 1920’s

to that 2016 McLaren 570S Coupe, all of

which ensured that we had a fine display of

British vehicles.

To all the MGCCQ members who came

along as well as from our fellow clubs from

the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and those


The Octagon - November 2016

Photos by Malcolm Campbell and Matt

Johnson except for the photo of George

Row’s Penny Farthing from John Seed.

not affiliated with any of our clubs you

provided a spectacle of what being an MG

owner is all about and for your presence and

support for the day, I thank you.

The day would not have happened if not for

the band of club volunteers who provided

their time and effort on Saturday to mark

out the field and on Sunday to marshal the

cars, sell the tickets and man the gate; you

all know who you are and I extend to you my


Lastly to my wife Noeline for those long

hours at home packing programmes and

badges, the mess on the dining room table

and the cardboard boxes on the floor around

it and to Matt for planning the many updates

to the field layout so that we had it right on

the day as well as managing the team doing

the job on Saturday, to you both, thank you!

The following photos are, except for the

odd MorGan etc, unashamedly of many of

the lovely MGs which were on display plus

the beautiful McLaren, an unexpected but

very welcome addition which added a great

modern classic to the collection. Look also

for some of the MG6s which are now active

within the Club. All of Malcolm’s hundreds

of photos can still be viewed at www.flickr.



Trophy winners were:

Best Motorcycle: Triumph Thunderbird Alex Cairney

Best Veteran & Vintage 1921 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost Graham Singer

Best Of British 1921 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost Graham Singer

Best Classic Vehicle – Post 1980 1989 Panther Kallista 2.9

Roger Message

Best Classic Vehicle – Pre 1981 1965 Ford Cortina GT Joel Mutton

Best Sports Car 1966 Austin Healey BJ8 Neil Treger

Best Commercial Vehicle 1937 Austin 7 T & E Moore

Best British Thoroughbred 1936 Rolls Royce 25/30 Ken Folliott

Peoples Choice

1926 Aveling & Porter Steam Roller Ian Fordyce

Owners Choice Jaguar ‘D’ Type John Martin

Best Club Display

Queensland Mini Car Club

The Octagon - November 2016 19


The Octagon - November 2016

The Octagon - November 2016 21




Report by Richard Mattea; photos by Elaine Hamilton and Mark Wellard

What a fantastic day and what a venue! The

annual MGCCQ Display Day & The Geary

Sports Cars Concours moved to a new date

and new venue in 2016 and both proved to

be inspired decisions. Over 60 cars attended

the event this year which filled the venue

to overflowing in the grassed area of the

historic Ormiston House in Ormiston, which

overlooks the beautiful Moreton Bay.

Once in place, members were able to partake

in a delightful Devonshire Tea supplied

by the Ormiston house volunteers and later

for lunch we dined on a delightful sausage

sizzle provided by the local Rotary Club.

Whilst members were enjoying their morning

a small group of judges set to work to determine

the best Daily Driver, Non Marque,

Race Car and most importantly the Geary

Sports Cars class winners for the Concours

the results of which are shown below. Once

the class winners were determined further

judging took place to determine the overall

period winners. The overall winner will be

announced at the club’s annual Trophy Night

to be held on the 28th of January 2017. I

hope to see you all there.

Congratulations to Malcolm Spiden, Don

Webster and their group of helpers in putting

together and pulling off such a great day.


Class B Ross Letten, MG P Type Midget

Class C Dino Mattea, MG L Type Magna

Class C Dick Sorensen, MG TC

Class E Bernie Pereira, MG TD Mk 2

Class F Neil McCorkindale, MG TF

Class G Trevor Jones, MG A Roadster Single Cam

Class I Graham Moore, MG A Coupe

Class K Phil Kraut, MG B

Class L Peter Gannon, MG B Mk 2

Class M David Ferro, MG B BL

Class O Neil Mills, MG B GT

Class P Russel Geraghty, MG B GT BL

Class R Bernie Pereira, MG B GT V8

Class U Delia Rayment, MG Y Saloon

Class Y Matt Johnson, MG B

Class X Don Webster, MG TD

Class NM Jo Reinke, Subaru WRX

Class RC Jeff Heslewood, Ford Escort

Class ZA David Farrar, MG RV8

Class ZB John & Glen Boyce, MG F

Class ZD Ken Wasley, MG ZT180

Class ZE Ken Wasley, MG ZT260

Class ZG Richard Higgs, MG 6


The Octagon - November 2016




Pre MGA - Bernie Pereira, MG TD, Post TF/to end of 1980 - Trevor & Joy Jones MGA and

Post 1980 - David Farrar, RV8

SOME OVERVIEW SHOTS OF THE DAY (Photos by Elaine Hamilton)

A wonderful lineup of MGAs

MG6s at Concours for the first time

and in a class of their own

Phyllis Rankin and Pat Walker, the

Regalia storekeepers

Ormiston House provides a lovely

backdrop for this group of Bs

Club members found time to chat in

the pleasant surroundings

One lone MGY came all way from

Tinbeerwah ... but where were the others?

Some of the As under the close eye

of MGA specialist, Dan Casey

The older MGs were and

weren’t showing their age

The Octagon - November 2016 23

Mark Wellard’s


perspective of

Concours focussing

on detail


The Octagon - November 2016

The Octagon - November 2016 25

September Midweek Run

by Gary and Dawn Lawrence; photos by Malcolm Campbell

We met at 9:am at Keperra Picnic picnic

grounds for a 9:30 am departure. It was a

beautiful day with blue sky and cloud free.

When I arrived there were 24 cars and 38

members waiting for the day’s adventure.

Bruce Mutch had things under control when

I arrived with run sheets handed out the

sign in book with 24 entries already entered.

We departed after my briefing for the day

and proceeded on our route through

Samford, Dayboro for morning tea at the

“Gantry” in Mt Mee National Park.

After a leisurely morning tea we headed

down Campbells Pocket Road which was

enjoyable for the drivers as it was mostly

downhill with a lot of bends and sharp

corners. After passing through Wamuran

and Elimbah with all their pineapple

plantations we turned into Beerburrum Rd.

We arrived at the Caboolture Historic

Village around 12 noon and, like John

Wayne, I got all the MGs in a circle inside

the grounds for a static display. There was

a choice of buying your own lunch at the

restaurant or supplying your own.

We all had a wonderful day with many

positive comments re the run itself and the

lunch venue.

Participants were:

Owen Mc Neil


David Miles


Neil & Jenny Summerson Mustang

Aubrey Ross & M. Sumpton MG A

Brian Purvis & D. Robinson MG TF

Bruce Bayliss

Volvo GT

Trevor Mills & Fred Enever MGB

Ray Edwards. Susanne & Sandra Outlander

Malcolm Campbell & Kathy Burford VW Golf

Colin Fox


Errol Hoger & Rylee


Don Webster


Alex Cairney


Gary & Dawn Lawrence MGB GT

Barry Lutwyche


Jan Burke


John Carlson


Kerry & Dane Horgan


Dave & Ann Ferro


Val Horgan


Geoff & Glennis Anderson Jeep

Jeff & Pat Heslewood


Greg & Rhonda Hannant BMW

Bruce Mutch


Most members spent a few hours exploring

the many interesting buildings and displays.

The village bought back a lot of childhood

memories. Most members said they would

be back another day to spend the whole

day there.


The Octagon - November 2016

The Octagon - November 2016 27

October Midweek Run

by Allan and Joyce Tebbutt; photos by Allan Tebbutt

We tried something different with this run by

starting the run at morning tea as it was to

be an overnight run with two planned runs

. Speaking to different people they seemed

to like the idea as it gave the Southside

starters a later start with less traffic and the

north side starters did their own little run

before morning tea.

Twenty one cars including 9 MGs started

the run with 16 cars overnight and 29

people overnighting. The run to lunch was

via Eudlo, Palmwoods, Woombye, Nambour

to Yandina Ginger factory. We could not

have asked for better weather and the drive

through the back winding roads was both

picturesque and easy driving which was

enjoyed by all.

Lunch at the Ginger factory was well

received by all with many purchases being

made at the ginger shop and other smaller

shops before we finally got everyone

together for our second run to Tin Can Bay.

We travelled the backroads back to the

Highway then took the Pomona exit. It was

from here that the beauty of our country

showed itself as we travelled through

Pomona to Kin Kin and Cedar Pocket to

meet the Tin Can Bay road. This drive was

along winding roads through the country

side that has had quite a lot of rain that

had greened up the pastures and filled the

Participants were:

Alan & Joyce Tebbutt

Errol & Wendy Hoger

Denis & Diana Kelly

Barry Smith

Ian & Kay Wells

David & Meryl Miles

Greg & Rhonda Hannant

Dave & Anne Ferro

Alex Cairney

Barry Lutwyche

Jeff & Pat Heslewood

Kevin Trower

Bruce & Gail Bayless

Bryan Ponting / Charon Daly

Jan Burke

Gary Lawrence / Julie Niblett

John & Carol Loth

Don Webster

Ian & Vicky Kirkpatrick

Dan & Jill Casey

Bruce Mutch






















many dams. It was extremely picturesque

and the lack of traffic made for easy driving.

When we hit the main road I thought that

was great but when we got to the forestry

the wild flowers turned on an awesome

display of yellow flowers all the way on both

sides of the road.

We arrived at our accommodation and were

shown to cabins. Happy hour was both

under a large tree in the cool or in the hotel


The Octagon - November 2016

next door. Everyone liked being able to take

a short walk to the hotel for dinner but a

longer stagger back to their rooms.

Next morning was Dolphins and breakfast.

The Dolphins were amazing and so gentle.

To be able to give them a fish was great

- they seemed to suck the fish out of our


Breakfast was more than some people

could eat; after it, it was the back to the

motel and on our way again only to be

stopped by the Police and sent on a detour

due to an accident. I learnt later it was a

single vehicle accident where the driver ran

off the road and hit a tree. Our detour was

OK until we copped a dirt road which was

not very smooth. We also had to wait while

a large truck had to unhook trailers to get

across a small bridge. You can always rely

on some excitement on an MG run.

I had planned a stop outside Gympie at a

hot rod shop called Hell City Hot Rods and

this proved to be very popular with lots

of cars to look at and a guided tour by the


At the meeting place

At Tin Can Bay

On the way home

The Octagon - November 2016 29


The Octagon - November 2016

October Day Run

by Neil Taylor; photos by Elaine Hamilton

Thanks to all who turned up on Sunday 30

October for my first run setting event.

We had a great morning with a high tide, a

sunny day with a little sea breeze. We saw

some interesting places and finished with

lunch and entertainment at the Redland Bay


I found it was a great experience to

undertake setting a run and am looking

forward to being involved in more when

needed. Thanks to Greg Hannant for

some very useful tips. I think the hardest

part was to find a route a little different and

then writing it up, doing a test run to check

directions, distances and time.

I went with a different route with this run,

starting at Colmslie and heading out and

around the Port of Brisbane where to add

to the sights we had the “Voyager of the

Sea” docked at the port. It was then on to

Wynnum, Manly along the water front with

a high tide, to Lota, Thornside to Wellington

Point for morning tea. It was then on to

Cleveland Point, Point O’Halloran, and

Victoria Point finishing at Redland Bay for

Participants were:

Neil & Margaret Taylor

Jeff & Pat Heslewood

Graham Berringer

Don Webster

Kevin Trower

Vern & Elaine Hamilton

John & Glen Boyce

Neil Mills

Greg & Rhonda Hannant

Errol & Wendy Hoger











lunch. I would especially like to thank Don

Webster for his support and assistance with

the paper work for the run.

Ed: Congratulations to Neil on his first run.

He probably picked one of the most difficult

routes possible for navigation notes and

it certainly wasn’t his instructions at fault

when someone led a few ‘follow the leaders’

off route for a while! His chosen route - and

timing of the run - showed Moreton Bay in

all its glory and, you could be excused for

thinking that the photo of the Hogers driving

along the palm fringed esplanade belonged

to a Far North Qld report.

The Octagon - November 2016 31


The Octagon - November 2016

The Octagon - November 2016 33

Photos from top: At the meeting place, gathering at Wellington Point, following the Hogers

34 The Octagon - November on one of the 2016 many Esplanades and a bit of country driving,


Wide Bay Chapter

by David Hall and Lyn Hayward

(This first report was held over from the

Sept ‘Octagon’ due to space and time


Well after a lot of organising it’s finally here

- mid week before the Combined Chapter

meeting in Mackay! David and Sonja Carter,

George and Donna Leciej, Dave and Margie

Roberts, David Hall and Lyn Hayward, Ellen

Wilson and Tony Slattery from the Hervey Bay

Mob with Eric and Jenelle Beckman, Peter

and Margaret Elson, Ray and Jackie Mutton,

and John and Dianne Klowss from the Bundy

Crew - a total of 18 Members driving 10 MGs

from Ellen’s SA Saloon, Tony’s YT, Georges

MGA Twin Cam, some lovely MGBs and MGB

GTs with Eric and Janelle Beckmans ZR.

All made the trip to Mackay in good time for

Noggin and Natter on the Friday evening

followed by an absolutely Fabulous Weekend.

Congratulations go to David Miles for

organising the Weekend and we are looking

forward to the next one.

On Sunday’s outing, John and Annette Collet

from Far North Qld had bad luck with their

smart looking White MGA when it blew a

welsh plug in the rear of its engine. One of

their members trailered it back to the Windmill

Motel for them and they managed to hitch

a ride and not miss the day’s enjoyment.

To save them travelling back to Cairns and

returning to Mackay to tow the “A” back

home we offered to leave our MGB GT LE in

Mackay and tow it back for them.

We had been tossing up about travelling to

Cairns to visit a palliatively ill friend and his

partner but had received a phone call to say

they not up to receiving visitors. We would

give them a phone call about visiting again

when in Cairns. Richard and Lyn Collier of

Mackay offered to safely store our car under

their home so we gratefully accepted. So it

was off to the Windmill Motel Monday morning

to collect the MGA before the Far North Qld

Chapter headed for home.

To John and Annette’s relief their lovely car

was waiting at the bottom of their driveway

when they arrived home. They insisted that we

stay and park our Motorhome for a couple of

days and they made us very welcome. It was

The Octagon - November 2016 35

not suitable to leave the trailer so we followed

John to Wayne and Lynn’s place to park the

trailer for the few days we were in Cairns. We

spent a few days with our friend in the nursing

home and it was very rewarding to hear Linda

laughing again and we were able to take her

to dinner the night before we left.

It was now off to pick up our trailer from

Wayne and Lynn’s and yes we did find our

way to collect it. Now off to Atherton to meet

John and Jo Hall, MG Enthusiasts who

are members of the Far North Queensland

Chapter. John assisted us in supplying an

Air Filter for our Y Type. It was lovely to meet

them and they made us very welcome.

It is so good to be part of this MG Fraternity.

Sunday 4th September

Photos & Story Contributed by Darrell


Well, even though it was Father’s Day, there

was a good roll up for a joint run between the

Bundy Crew and the Hervey Bay Mob. While

we took different routes (and timings) we all

eventually gathered together on the sunny

shores of Woodgate Beach for a BBQ lunch.

As always, there were no ‘breakdowns’. We

naturally don’t consider a shattered front

universal joint as a technical breakdown,

rather just a slight delaying tactic. Our thanks

do go to Dave Roberts who came to the

rescue from home with his car trailer to ferry

the “feeling poorly” MGB back to its home.

I understand that car was spoken to rather

sternly and was back on all fours that night.

Our thanks to Judy O’Donoghue for

organising both the day and the weather.

The sun was warm, the wind fresh, the food

great and the conversation loud. A great day!


The Octagon - November 2016

Thursday 15th September - Hervey Bay -

Contributed by David Carter

Under sunny skies 5 cars carrying 7

people set off from Hervey Bay at 9am

sharp heading to our RV2 in Maryborough,

but we got no further than the Booral Rd

roundabout before the skies darkened and

the rain started


Do I stop and let people put their hoods up

or keep going??? Mine was up so we kept


Fortunately after a few k’s the rain petered

out and we continued under overcast skies

for the rest of the run. At RV2 we were

joined by another 3 cars and 4 people

before heading out through Maryborough

West on the Biggenden Rd, after about 10

km we turned onto the Yerra Rd for a drive

through some interesting mixed grazing and

cropping farmland. Then into Pilerwa Rd,

which we called “Roller Coaster Rd” for the

undulating dips and crests every couple of

hundred metres for the next few k’s, after

which we came to Mungar Rd for a quick

sprint back to Wook-Koo park for our much

deserved cuppa.

My thanks to all attendees.. Carter, Rouse,

Carroll, Drinnan, Innes & guest John

Mc, Paul Overton & Yvonne, Jim & Raye

Vanderkyl, and special mention of 1 of

the chapter’s very early members, Bob


Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th

September - Contributed by Darrell


A short long trip away ...

Ever wondered just how much you can fit

into a weekend? Well ... let me just say

“Quite a lot!”.

Seven cars from Wide Bay headed off early

one Saturday morning tracking south to

Poona for a quick morning tea stop. That

was the easy part.

Continuing south towards Gympie the troop

foolishly followed the white GT, turning

off into winding, undulating scenic roads

surrounded by the richest green seen in the

area for some time. Miraculously, no one

got lost as we passed through Kin Kin and

Pomona and eventually found our way to

Deb and Tony Slattery’s home to have a

quick look at their collection of desirables

(MGs that is ...). And we weren’t the only

ones ... another historic club had already

been through and had gone on to yet

another collection. So with Tony’s expert

guidance we followed in their footsteps to

find such delights as a twin Cam MGA, a V8

MGA, a V8 MGB, another MGA, motor bikes

and a great range of interesting motoring


Needing a quick break, the next stop was

the Cooroy Hotel for lunch where we were

joined by the Slatterys and also Delia and

Peter Rayment. Suitably refreshed it was

off again, this time following a rather quick

little Y Type convertible along even more

picturesque roads, all obviously designed

by someone with a love of sports cars. Did I

mention sports cars? Apart from the Y type,

following it at this stage were the MGB GT, a

Datsun Fairlady, a Porsche Boxster, a BMW

Z4 and an MGF. And yes, we did manage

to keep up with the Y Type ... just. The RV8,

however, headed to see friends while the

MGTF took a different route and joined us

later at our Motel in Nambour where we

unwound before heading to dinner.

The next morning was a tad more relaxed

with David Hall (who knows the area well)

leading us up the mountain to Montville

and surrounds to take in the views and for

retail therapy, coffee and chocolate buying.

To head home the gang drove towards the

Mary Valley Highway, just in time for our

booking at Maundy’s, a delightful restaurant

The Octagon - November 2016 37

perched high on the range.

We all made it home safely and, true to

our Wide Bay reputation, there were no

breakdowns. Well ... you can’t really include

two anonymous participants, one with power

loss when hot and one with a shortage of ...

what’s it called ... that’s it, petrol!

Biggenden not far from the dam.

Great views and great weather and great

company. After morning tea we had an

inspection of Gary & Meryl’s MGB as there

were some strange noises coming from

under the car on the way over to the dam.

Heads went under the car. The shockies and

springs were checked by experts pushing

and looking at the car.

It was decided to take the car home for a full

check up. Gary and Meryl were not coming

to our next leg of the trip to the Childers

Winery so four cars headed off again

heading up the range to Childers were we

parked beside the trees in a lovely setting in

the winery.

Wines were taste tested and lunch was

ordered. We all sat around the lovely

outdoor area and had a drink and our

lunch platters. After many a discussion

the weather then turned from sunshine to

thunder so there was a mad scamper to

put up hoods and then back to lunch. Then

the rain started and continued as we drove


A great day was had my all except Gary and

Meryl who missed out on lunch.

Sunday 25th September - Bundaberg -

Contributed by Eric Beckman

We had four cars gathered by the Burnett

River at our designated starting point.

Eric and Janelle Beckman MGB, David &

Jenny Cook MGF, Larry Lipscombe & Bob

Murray Porsche, Peter & Margarite Elson


We all headed off to Paradise Dam approx a

one and a half hour run with Eric Beckman

leading and Peter Elson as tail end Charlie.

As we turned off into the dam the driving

skills were used on the hilly windy road

.We had to keep up the pace so we were

not being over taken by a Porsche. We all

arrived safety for morning tea. Gary and

Meryl had arrived before us as they live at

Queen Birthday Weekend October 1, 2, & 3

- Bundaberg - Contributed by Eric Beckman

Well what a weekend. We arrived safely

at Cania Gorge Caravan Park and set up

our caravans and motor home. We had in

attendance Eric & Janelle, Ian and Jan,

Peter & Margaret and Gary and Meryl.


The Octagon - November 2016

Saturday afternoon we collected timber for

the open fire we were having that night.

After a few refreshing drinks and plenty

of discussions about the world, we all

disappeared for dinner and when the fire

was started that night the guitars appeared

and the music rang out through the camping

area. Thanks to Garry and Ian on the guitars

and lovely voices as well.

Sunday we travelled into Monto for the local

markets and found a lovely cafe for a coffee

or tea.

No sooner had we arrived back at camp

than we headed off to Cania dam for a lunch

time barbecue under the shady trees along

the banks of the dam.

That afternoon, timber was collected on the

side of the road on the way back to the park

to fire up the camp fire for another sing song

that night. Another great night was had by

everyone around the fire.

After all being content with our morning tea

we then headed towards our destination -

Alan & Narelle Cunnigham’s Collection in

Biggenden of anything you could possibly

think of from old vintage cars, tools, bikes,

dolls, orchids, plants etc., you’ve got the

idea! You have to see it to believe it! Alan

and Narrelle made us very welcome and

have invited us back at anytime in the future

that we may wish to visit!

With those tummies a rumbling we headed

to the local Grand Hotel for a nice cold

drink and a roast lunch that all enjoyed. We

decided to take the alternative route home

through Childers and stop at Mammino’s

for a Creamy Macadamia Ice Cream. Yum!

We all enjoyed a great social day out with

our cars and hopefully two of our guests

are considering joining our club. We hope

they enjoyed themselves enough to sign

on the dotted line as this will help boost our


Monday we packed up and headed back


Sunday 2nd of October - WBC Hervey

Bay - Contributed by David Hall & Lyn


Five members and six guests driving 6 cars

left Hervey Bay for Maryborough where we

picked up another 4 members and two MGs.

Leaving the hustle and bustle of

Maryborough in the middle of a long

weekend we headed towards Biggenden

stopping at a cute little park called Wook -

Koo situated behind the old Woocoo Shire

Council Chambers. There the fountain in

the lake was spraying water into the air

with amazing pressure and highlighting the

statues of people and animals throughout

this lovely park.

Wednesday 12 October - Hervey Bay

Member’s’ Choice - Contributed by

Darrell Martin

And now for something completely different

... well, perhaps just a little bit different!

The Octagon - November 2016 39

This midweek run was designed to be a

“join it as you wish” event. Starting out

with breakfast, then a drive, then morning

tea. Well ... let’s just say that the breakfast

component showed just how few of our

clan were early risers. However a few more

did join in for the run and six cars cruised

the back roads around the Hervey Bay

area before descending on the Dundowran

Beach area.

It was there that morning tea saw over 20 of

us finally congregate amongst the palms at

Arkarra Gardens for coffee ‘n cake, talk of

current projects and a close examination of

John Carroll’s new (to him) V12 E Type.

Perhaps next time we’ll just skip the


Sunday 16th October - Bundaberg -

Contributed by Jacqui Mutton

A cancellation of one of our events was

very quickly replaced by another when we

were invited to come down and display our

cars at the Buxton Classic Car & Bike Show

at Buxton, a little riverside village nestled

between Childers and Maryborough. I think

the 7:30am start frightened off a few people,

but there were 7 brave souls who attended

at Buxton and what a huge and assorted

roll up of cars and bikes were there. We had

a wonderful day and the only hiccup was

Bob & Sue’s Healey coming to a stop with a

cracked rotor. Marvellous what a bit of super

glue & ‘leccy’ tape can do!!!!

The RN gave him some pain killers prior to

leaving but refused to allow him to remove

his white stockings. He wasn’t impressed

with that! So off we went David complete

with MG Club Shirt Name Badge and White


After escaping out of Hospital for a few

hours we met up with Mark & Jan at our

usual meeting place and decided to forgo

the short run as planned due to the fact that

both parties had already had a decent run

coming from out of town and so we planed

to be first at the Coffee Central on 7 for


As we were waiting for the others to arrive

a coffee was ordered while there was time

to watch and wait for that magical sound of

an MG arriving - you just can’t mistake that

burble!! Eleven members driving Four MGs

a “T” Bird Jag and a couple of moderns

parked their cars and all sat down to a

lovely breakfast, plenty of chin wagging and

solving our Christmas Party dilemma. It was

decided to have it at Lewis & Carol’s home

in Pt Vernon.

A very pleasant morning had by all, a

chance to drive our cars and the wonderful

company just topped it all off and then David

was promptly returned to hospital.

Saturday 29th October 2016

David Hall had a Total Knee Reconstruction

and was still in Rehabilitation at St Stephens

Hospital Hervey Bay so Lyn organised a

short outing for him under her supervision.


The Octagon - November 2016


Darling Downs Chapter

by Gary Lawrence

Yes, the delicious feelings of the springtime

sun shining soothingly onto the heads of open

top sports car drivers; what more could one

wish for? Oh, you don’t have an open top

tourer….ah well!!

We have enjoyed another period of classic

motoring with a couple of our runs taking us

on roads and to venues that are somewhat

new to our Chapter. The Lakes of Lockyer tour

and the visit to the Army Air Museum at Oakey

which incorporated an observation segment,

were two of these.

Lunch Run 14 September

Our mid-week lunch run for this month was a

casual picnic in Dalrymple Park at Allora. This

park is always a popular venue for our group,

be it as a morning tea stopover or the venue for

a lunch run as on this occasion. The inclement

weather of the previous days must have chased

a few regulars away as we could only muster

four couples, but we enjoyed the relaxing get

together and filled in the time very well.

Participants: Ron Gillis & his dog (not his

wife); Phil & Marilyn O’Brien; Bob & Mavis

Marsh; Brian & June Phillips.

Apologies: Greg & Beth Newey; Gary & Janis


Monthly Run 25 September

Sporadic rainfall over the week leading

up to our monthly run looked like putting

a dampener on the Lakes of Lockyer tour.

Fortunately, some minor showers early on the

day soon dissipated to be replaced by a balmy

spring day.

Toowoomba and Warwick groups, taking

independent routes from their respective

bases, converged on the Floating Café

in Grantham for morning tea prior to

commencing the run through the Lockyer


The lakes /dams that were the focus of our

run are an integral part of the Lockyer Valley,

each with a unique history.

Clarendon, Atkinson and Dyer are storage

dams constructed primarily for the Lockyer

Valley irrigation scheme but are also popular

recreation facilities for boating and fishing.

Atkinson, situated on Buaraba Creek was

constructed in 1970 followed by Dyer in

1987 and Clarendon in 1994. Both Dyer and

Clarendon are offstream storage facilities,

harvesting water from Laidley and Lockyer

Creeks respectively when good rains bring

solid flows into these catchments.

Lake Apex, situated on what was Cleary’s

Swamp, was developed initially by the Gatton

Apex Club in 1975 as a recreational park.

Later development by the Lockyer Valley

Council and the construction of the Cultural

Centre that opened in 2009 has seen this lake

area transformed into a conference centre,

art museum, cafe and transport museum with

walking tracks and significant bird life.

With that little bit of history, I think I should

move on to the important happenings of the


Departing the Floating Café after coffee, cake

The Octagon - November 2016 41


Enhance Improve


Brakes, Gearboxes, Suspension,

Alloy heads, Wheels, Electronic

ignition, Electric power steering,

Cooling, EFI Systems, Roll bars, Seats,

Exhaust, Fibreglass panels, Gauges,

Limited slip differentials, Air

conditioning, Engine conversions,

Complete car builds

2A Arab Rd Padstow NSW 2211

Email : sales@modernclassiccars.com.au

Tel : 02 9774 2169


The Australian home of




The Octagon - November 2016

and conversation (lots of!!) and with detailed

route instructions for our trusty navigators, we

followed rural roads skirting the northern and

eastern environs of Gatton to Lake Clarendon

and then to Atkinson Dam. The water level

in both was very low as a result of irrigation

drawdown and the shortage of decent rain

over the past few years.

Crossing the Warrego Highway overpass

at Plainlands, we travelled through Laidley

Town to Lake Dyer and then to our lunch

destination at Lake Apex. This section of

the tour also featured quiet rural roads but

with some wonderful curves that set the

sports car enthusiasts’ hearts pumping, with

accelerators, transmissions and steering

wheels working in artful coordination to take

advantage of the roads on offer. As our group

arrived at Lake Apex there were plenty of

smiles and animated conversation extolling

the virtues of the great drive.

Lunch at the Lake Apex café rounded out a

very enjoyable tour.

I would like to thank John and Betty Gosper

for developing a great run that elicited very

complimentary feedback.

Participants: Phil O’Brien, Kevin & Cheryl

Jaques, Tony & Leigh Wright, Barry Lutwyche

& Jan Burke, Brian & June Phillips, Ron &

Judy Gillis, Gene & Faye Lucas, John & Betty

Gosper, Bob & Mavis Marsh, Ferne & Rob

Callow, Ben Cain and Gary & Janis Lawrence.

Lunch Run 12 October

So we are going to the Steele Rudd Pub at

Nobby for lunch today, right. No wrong!!

A last minute check of the venue revealed

that we had been gazumped by the Jaguar

Car Club and two coach loads of seniors on a

tour of the Downs. Now, I can tolerate being

displaced by another car club but two coach

loads of marauding seniors is another thing.

Panic stations!!

Luckily we are well served with several fine

country pubs in the Nobby environs so a

few quick phone calls saw us at the nearby

Greenmount Pub. While Brian Phillips headed

to Nobby to round up those who had gone to

the right pub which was really the wrong pub,

those of us who had prior knowledge of the

venue change, gathered at Greenmount to get

the social activities underway.

The Greenmount Pub is a good venue where

the drinks are cold and the typical pub food

is good fare. I do believe on this occasion,

with our last minute booking, we may have

overwhelmed the owner/barman/cook/waiter

somewhat as he bounced between bar duties,

kitchen duties and delivering meals.

As well as the usual group of midweek

participants it was great to have David Miles

and Trevor and Joy Jones join us from


Participants: Phil & Marilyn O’Brien, Greg

& Beth Newey, Gene & Faye Lucas, Gary

and Janis Lawrence; Brian, June & Colleen

Phillips; David Miles, Trevor & Joy Jones.

The Octagon - November 2016 43


The Octagon - November 2016

With the observation segment of the run

complete and morning tea consumed it was

on to the tour of the Flying Museum. This is an

attraction that is certainly worth a visit with its

very well maintained displays and informative

story boards. It is easy to spend a couple of

hours here absorbing the colourful history of

army flying in Australia.

After the ‘stress’ of the morning’s observation

phase, a sedate follow the leader halfhour

run from the Museum in Oakey to the

historic Aubigny Hotel for lunch gave us the

opportunity to appreciate the views of the

surrounding countryside. The effects of the

past couple of weeks of unseasonal hot

and dry weather were very evident where

previously lush green paddocks have turned

dry and uninviting.

Following an enjoyable buffet lunch and

some rather loud conversation, participants

chartered their own routes home from a

successful run.

Monthly Run 30 October

It would be at least three years since we have

done an Observation Run and three times

that since we have visited the Australian

Army Flying Museum at Oakey. Bringing both

of these activities together into our October

run proved to be an enjoyable outing for our


Participants: Ron Fraser, Ron & Judy Gillis,

Alan & Deb Maskin, Helen Goodfellow & Del

Jensen, Tony & Leigh Wright, Brian & June

Phillips, Andrew & Susan Willesden, Kevin

& Cheryl Jaques, John & Linda Aston, John

McLean & Greg Newey, Rob & Fern Callow,

Phil & Marilyn O’Brien, Denis & Imelda Logan,

Gary & Janis Lawrence

It would however appear the prospect of

navigating, observing and answering a few

questions was a bit of shock for some. During

the briefing there was a jovial interjection with

‘You mean we have to do something. This is

Sunday morning you know. ‘

The Octagon - November 2016 45


Capricorn Chapter

by Gurney T Clamp

18 Sept - Run to Gladstone by Phil Henry,

Emergency Run Coordinator

Dark clouds hung low and ominous over

Kershaw Gardens as Gary and Julie Kunst

and Phil Henry (Yeppoon) met Alan and

Trudi Stacey and Bob and Yvonne Holbeck

(Rockhampton) for the monthly run.

Undeterred by the prospect of a wet trip, the

intrepid little band, with hoods mostly down,

eschewed the usual scenic Port Curtis route

and barrelled straight down the Bruce Highway

to Gladstone. At the marina they were

greeted by Brian and Glennis Russell who had

motored over from Biloela.

Tickets in hand, the group boarded the ferry

for the always fascinating tour of the giant

industrial plants that ring Gladstone Harbour:

the three LNG processing plants on Curtis

Island, Cement Australia, Rio Tinto and the

massive coal ports, R G Tanna and Wiggins

Island. A brief rainshower barely interrupted

the enjoyment.

The group had barely got motoring before a

primrose MGB appeared from behind the first

roundabout, that being the car of Trevor Webb

(Gladstone). Trevor didn’t hesitate to join in

for an excellent lunch: they do really great fish

at the Yacht Club.

The poker run was won by Glennis and Brian

Russell with a full house, beating Trudi and

Alan Stacey who thought they had it in the bag

with three aces. That pack might need some

more thorough shuffling before the next time!

With the weather radar showing another line

of rain approaching, precautionary hoods went

up for the return journey – barely needed, as it

turned out.

The list of apologies, including all committee

members, was longer than the list of

participants: Gurney and Gloria Clamp; Terry

Dwyer and Anne Burbidge; Jim and Sandra

Armstrong; Ian Wilhelmsen; Trevor Anderson

Upon return to port, discussion turned to lunch

arrangements. A BBQ/picnic in the Botanic

Gardens had been the plan, but we were

unable to contact Rosco James who had

earlier indicated he would spend the morning

at the Gardens and reserve a BBQ. With

skies still threatening, a unanimous decision

was quickly taken to head to the Yacht Club.


The Octagon - November 2016

and Glenis Benson; Chrissy Johnson; Robbie

and Gary Galloway; Daryl and Joy Penridge;

Rae and Jack Cowie; Ian and Rosemary

Carleton and Phil and Pam White.


Saturday 24th. September 2016

Capricorn members from Keppel Coast were

Ian Carleton, along with a friend, neighbour

and travelling companion, Glen Jones, Phil

Henry, Gurney & Gloria Clamp all arrived at

the Oaks on Yeppoon road. While preparing

to depart from the Oaks for the next leg of

the trip to Rockhampton’s Kershaw Gardens

to meet up with the Rockhampton members

we noticed a classic car owner in his bright

red Chev Belaire experiencing problems with

starting his car to the point where he ran the

battery flat.

Phil Henry came to the rescue with his set

of jumper leads and after pushing the car

away to a safe area from the fuel pumps they

managed to get the car started. After the usual

‘thank you’s he was on his way under a cloud

of smoke from burning tyres as it disappeared

towards Yeppoon.

Our arrival at Kershaw Gardens was a little

later than planned due to this incident and

so we found Butch Bambrick, Rosco James,

Neville & Barbara Funch, John & Margaret

Horton and Daryl & Joy Penridge all enjoying

the usual chatter before we headed off to the

Mt. Morgan Dam for morning tea. We travelled

via and up the enjoyable Mt. Morgan range

with most enjoying the thrill of a hill climb.

At morning tea we found that there were a

number of male members claiming to be Chefs

of high quality and were responsible for the

food preparation that was shared around for

all present.

After morning tea we all headed to the Mt.

Morgan Motor Extravaganza at the Mt.

Morgan show grounds, where we met up with

members from the All Classic Car club that

had arrived there earlier and set up their tent

and settled in.

There was a good display of cars there but I

am told that there were not the number of cars

that has been there in previous years.

Sunday 16th. October 2016 -



WATERLINE Restaurant Rosslyn Bay

Everything fell into place for what was a

great outing after the coastal group of Phil

Henry, Ian Carleton, Trevor Andersen, Gurney

The Octagon - November 2016 47

Clamp, John & Rae Cowie and new member

John Hallett arrived at the Oaks on time. The

group departed to the junction of Dairy Inn

& Yeppoon roads where they met up with the

Rocky members Ian Wilhelmsen, Rodney

Blair, Neville & Barbara Funch, Rosco James,

Daryl & Joy Penridge.

The next scheduled stop was at Glen Blair’s

house in Cawarral to have a look at the

restoration of his Red MGB, only to find that

he has painted it and was well into putting it all

back together. He is looking forward to joining

the club when it is completed. Glen also had

out on display his white Austin 7 convertible

that he restored several years ago.

From Glen’s we toured to Cockscomb

Veterans Retreat via 1.7 km of dirt road that

included a very steep climb as we neared the

retreat - a climb, that we were later to find

out, that guests who travel there towing their

caravan with the wrong vehicle found a real

challenge on their hands.

On arrival, we were met by Dave, the retreat’s

caretaker, who gave us a brief history lesson

on the retreat and nearby Mount Wheeler.

Some of the information surprised most of

the members. After morning tea most of our

members took up the challenge of finding

the caves that are located at the base of Mt.

Wheeler, but not all were successful. Ian

Wilhelmsen and Phil Henry can tell you all

about it.

Prior to departure from the retreat we thanked

Dave and his wife for their hospitality and

history lesson. Most members were surprised

that we has been permitted to visit the retreat,

as the majority thought that it was closed for

veterans only.

Next stop was Rosslyn’s Bay Waterline

Restaurant for lunch where we found Margaret

Henry waiting for our arrival. We were lucky

that we had booked as there were a large

number of people who had the same idea as

we did. Not long after our arrival, John Hallett

wife Lyn arrived to join us all for lunch.

APOLOGIES: Jim & Sandra Armstrong,

Rosemary Carleton, , Phil & Pam White,

, Rodger Warne & Phylis Davies, Terry

Dwyer & Anne Burbidge, John & Margaret

Horton, Allan & Trudi Stacey, David & Anna

Tempest, Stuart & Ada Clark, Joe & Denise

Dwyer, Jenny Hill, Gary & Julie Kunst, Rick

& Michelle Taylor, Robert & Yvonne Holbeck,

Ian & Leanne Mc Keague, Paul & Lois

Mickenbecker, Allan & Trudi Stacey, Brian &

Glenis Russell.


The Octagon - November 2016


Far North Queensland Chapter

by John and Cherie Fransen

Meeting of Regional Chapters - Mackay

--Thursday 18 August - Tuesday 23 August 2016

Participants - John and Helen Honan (MGB),

Harvey and Kay Williams (TD), Alan Wardlaw

(MGB), Wayne and Lyn Morgan (MGB), Bob

and Patty Ingram (MGA), Brendon and June

Hammersley (MGB), Kim and Fiona Halloran

(MGB), John and Cherie Fransen (Midget then Ford

Ute), Tony Basham (TD), John and Annette Collet

(MGA), Anthony and Yanti Boland (TD).

We are running an edition behind everyone else for

our story, and a lot has already been covered by

others, but here is our perspective being the most

northern of the Chapters for the weekend we had all

been looking forward to.

Gathering on the south side of Cairns to begin our

journey, we were all very eager to get on the road

with the first part heading to Townsville where we

would stay overnight, before continuing to Mackay.

The trip unfortunately found John and Cherie in the

Midget overheating just before Innisfail, luckily close

to a service station, an issue with the water tap.

Sadly in the pouring rain, RACQ had to come to the

rescue and the little red car was put on the flatbed

and hauled back to Cairns, with a revised plan of

getting out the regular drive and recommencing the

trip about 4 hours behind the rest of the group, so

as not to miss out on the weekend of fun planned.

Friday’s drive, Townsville to Mackay was nice and

uneventful and everyone checked in to the Windmill

Hotel before the meet and greet and BBQ dinner.

Saturday at the Mackay Aero Club was a good

display of all things British and another nice

opportunity to meet those that we hadn’t met

and and catch up with those that we might have

encountered at other events previous, a trip out to

Hay Point and then dinner with a Meeting to discuss

the start up of a new Whitsunday Chapter.

Sunday morning was an earlier start with the

‘Covered in Chrome’ display at Mackay Harbour,

wow what a nice collection of cars! Then a lovely

drive through the Pioneer Valley - disappointingly

the Collet’s MGA had to pull over with a welsh plug

at the back of the engine blowing out, resulting in

them being unable to continue. As we have found

with the MG Club on all occasions, the comradery

is priceless and our FNQ Member Harvey drove

his TD back to Mackay to pick up his car trailer and

4WD so they could retrieve the Collet’s MGA, return

it to Mackay and then drive back altogether, so at

least there was no one missing out on the planned

activities. The same happened again on the

Monday when we left to go home, David and Lyn

from the Wide Bay Chapter left their own vehicle

safely with friends in Mackay and trailored the

Collet’s MGA back to Cairns, gosh it is a nice Qld

group we belong to.

FNQ Members would like to take this opportunity

to thank David Miles and Co for organising the

weekend, it was certainly a great success.

The Octagon - November 2016 49

Ellis Beach / Mossman / Daintree Village -

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Leisurely run today with seven cars, gorgeous

weather, roofs down!

Lucky we choose to get to Ellis Beach for coffee

when we did, for our first stop, as about eighty

Harley Motorbikes turned up not long after we had

ordered. Would have been a long wait otherwise.

On through to Mossman village, which was

originally going to be a comfort stop, but ended up

being a workshop break, due to the little red Midget

having a throttle cable slipping, resulting in no

throttle. John was grateful to have some help from

Brendon to get it fixed and the balance of the run

was trouble free.

Lunch at the General Store Daintree Village proved

a winner, so with full bellies and a catch up on a bit

of goss and chatter it was back on the road home

to Cairns.

All in all a beautiful day once the mechanical


The Octagon - November 2016

hiccups were sorted.

Cooktown Long Weekend - Saturday 30 Sept –

Monday 2 Oct 2016

Long weekends are always a great time to fit in a

lengthy run with overnight stop, and the Queen’s

Birthday long weekend was no exception.

A combination of members from both the FNQ MG

club and also Cairns Restorers organised a fun

itinerary to visit the township of Cooktown.

Smithfield on the north side of Cairns was the

departure point at a nice leisurely 9am, then

heading west to Mareeba for morning tea.

Palmer River Roadhouse was a good stop for

lunch, then the long haul to Cooktown, once

everyone was refreshed from the long drive,

Saturday night dinner was at the RSL.

The iconic Lions Den Hotel, is always a favourite

and the group stopped here on the return trip.

All in all a fun weekend, spent with a terrific group.

The Octagon - November 2016 51


Whitsundays Chapter

by Cathie Meredith

September 11, 2016. For our first foray as a

Chapter, we went for a lovely little drive to the Old

Station Teahouse at Cape Hillsborough. We left

from Mackay Marina after the Covered in Chrome

Old School Breakfast and arrived in time for

morning tea.

There were only six of us to enjoy each others

company, but enjoy we most certainly did. We were

having such a delightful chat, that before we knew

it, it was time to order lunch. The wood fired pizza

oven was skilfully manned by the Station Master,

producing gourmet pizzas for lunch.

The setting was delightful and everyone

enjoyed wandering around the property before we

set out for home at 3 pm.

Our second run scheduled for Bathurst Day had to

be postponed, as everyone had other engagements

that day. We still met for coffee at Casu Jacks at

the Marina after Covered in Chrome Old School

Breakfast, and showed off the newest addition to

the Meredith stables, our SV1 Valiant.

October 16, we joined the Pioneer Valley Classic

Car Club for a run up to Eungella and Broken

River. Judy and Graham were still awaiting delivery

of their MGB GT, so joined us in their daily drive, as

did Richard, who left the TF Trailer Queen safely at


We assembled at the Pioneer Valley Mirani

clubhouse and travelled up the Valley to negotiate

the hill climb up Eungella Range. Our first stop was

at Eungella Chalet for lunch where we enjoyed

lovely company, delicious food and the wonderful


After lunch we continued on to Broken River, where

the elusive platypi were not shy at all, and were

seen by all who ventured to the water’s edge,

equally delighting both tourists and locals.

After our enthralling encounter with the wildlife, we

headed back down the mountain, stopping at the

Church Cafe in Pinnacle for coffee and cake.


The Octagon - November 2016

The Octagon - November 2016 53

Competition Corner



On track photos are by Steve Johns;

presentation of trophies are by Brad Stratton







by Ace Reporter Photos of Rd 4 by Peter

by Ace Reporter


The weather gods were kind on Saturday

Weather played a role on Friday with rain

even though there was a likelihood of a

resulting in very few taking up the offer

heavy downpour in mid-afternoon as the

of additional practice. Rain on Saturday

skies darkened. No rain fell during the

saw only the adventurous come out to

afternoon but it did during the evening.

try the conditions. This rain washed any

Sunday was brilliant and this would give us

rubber from the track surface and even

conditions for two new class records which

though Sunday gave a brilliant winter day

were both set on the final climb of the 10-11

the track surface was a dry yet cold track

September weekend.

surface so the possibility of record times

looked uncertain. The entry attracted

The first group competing were those in

Malcolm Oastler current Australian, New

the Regularity class where drivers estimate

South Wales and Queensland champion

the time they will record for each lap of

in his OMS 28 again with the Hayabusa

the circuit. They then lose points for being

turbocharged engine.

either quicker or slower than their estimated

time. Therefore the class winner will be the


driver with the lowest loss of points and,


again at this event, the path to an eventual

winner would prove close. After the first

First class of each run was for the Holden

run Andrew Willesden (MGB) and David

HQ group which was won by Anthony Toft

Dumolo (Triumph TR3A) were both without

with a best run of 56.01 seconds. Barry

loss, then Gregory Tebble (Locost Clubman

Smith (Ford V8 Special) took the Group K

Roadster on minus 5 points), Shaun Rankin

(Post Vintage Thoroughbred cars 1931 to

(MGB GT, less 6) with Flavio (MGBGT

1940) with a 61.64 run from John Anderson

V8 down, 11). The second climb had the

(Woltri, 63.87). Production Touring Cars

order Andrew (down 4), Greg (5), Shaun

(1958 to 1972) Group N up to 2000 cc

(8), David (10) and Flavio (16). This order

went to Ken Freeburn (again down from

remained after the third run as Andrew was

Cairns for the championships) with a 53.70

on minus 6 points ahead of Greg (7), Shaun

time from Paul Shergold (54.35) both

(10), David (11), and Flavio (23). Then there

driving Ford Cortina models. Noel Wicks

was a change of leader after the fourth run

won the over 2 litre class in his Holden

with Greg ahead on minus 9, David (still on

Torana GTR XU1 (50.91 sec). Fred Sayers

minus 11), Andrew and Shaun both down 14

took the Group O for Sports Sedans

points then Flavio (26). Positions after climb

(Historic Racing and Sports Racing cars

5 saw Greg (13) followed by David (14),

1966 to 1969) in the ex Don Holland

Andrew (15), Shaun (20) and Flavio (26)

lightweight Morris Cooper S in 52.03 sec

with the final run giving the class to Andrew

whilst Steve Purdy Group S (Production

(15) with David (17), Greg (19), Shaun (22)

Sports Cars 1941 to 1977) MG Midget

and Flavio (32).

49.87 sec. Roy Davis took the Group T

52 54 The Octagon - July November 2016 2016

(Production SEDAN CARS Sports Cars with a Competition

History Production 1941 and to 1981) Invited in Cars his Triumph category GT6 saw

running Daniel Zeimer a 49.13 take time the with up the to 1600 Group cc U engine class

(Sport capacity Sedans class in up his to Toyota 1985) going Corolla to with Chris a

Johns 54.24 second in his Ford time Escort as the with 1601 a best to 2000 run cc of

47.54 class went seconds. to Don Milner (Triumph Dolomite

Sprint, 51.04 secs) from Jan Bucifal in his

CARRIC Hyundai Coupe ACCOUNTING with a 60.97 AND second BUSINESS time.

SYSTEMS Martin Eggesfield SPONSORED was quickest CLASSES in the over

2 litre class with a 49.53 second time in

The his Ford All Wheel Fiesta Drive ST turbo Forced from Induction Cameron

class Bolt (Nissan went to Skyline the multiple 350GT, Queensland 51.03), Chris

Motorkhana Balhatchet (BMW Champion, 325i, 53.00), Noel Caplet, Daniel in

the Barker Subaru (Triumph Liberty 2500 turbo PI, with 54.52), a best David run

of Jackson 48.21 seconds (Mazda RX7, and Derek 54.80), Grant Aaron in his

Subaru Langford Liberty (Hyundai turbo Accent GT with turbo, a 57.79 55.56), time.

Mark Chris Pryor Balhatchet was quickest as relief of driver the Hyundai for Nissan

Excel Skyline X3 turbo Series 55.73, cars Ray with Balhatchet a 51.85 run relief which

was driver only in the 0.08 BMW325i sec outside (57.56) the class some record 0.34

with of a second Bradley ahead Smith of (53.68) his time and in Tony the Nissan Walsh

(55.35). Skyline turbo in 57.90 seconds.

BRAD Dave Sidery KIMBERLEY took the CARS up to 2 SPONSORED

litre capacity

CLASSES class in the Modified Production Road

Registered class with a 50.94 seconds run

The in his smaller VW Beetle engine from capacity Karl Reinke class in (Hyundai

Improved Excel, 59.90) Production and Joanne cars Reinke was won (Hyundai by

Grant Excel, Liddell 60.67). (Datsun The Reinke 1200 Hyundai Coupe, was 52.74)

from once Karl an abandoned Reinke (Hyundai vehicle Excel, (yes another 61.28) left

slightly at the side ahead of the of Jo road) Reinke and was (Hyundai acquired

Excel, through 61.63 the public seconds). auction Dave process Sidery thus (VW

Beetle, saving it 50.61) from the finished wrecker’s ahead yard of Karlie for a new

Buccini life. You (Proton can compete Satria, at 50.76) grass in level the motor 1601

to sport 2000 such cc class hillclimbing whilst the in 2001 any vehicle to 3000 cc

class long saw as a the tussle car passes between the Ken scrutiny Graham

(Datsun inspection 1600 for SSS,45.93) safety and really and Pauline enjoy

Graham yourself. (Datsun The first 1600 record SSS, of the 46.33) weekend with

Troy was in McGrogan the over 2 (Mitsubishi litre class Lancer, as Paul 48.45) Buccini

and (BMW Martin 135i) Egglesfield lowered the (Ford record Fiesta set by ST

turbo, David 49.41) Homer completing 2009 from the 46.48 class. to Ken 46.47 was

quickest seconds. over Paul the was first within 2 runs the until record Pauline on his

grabbed seventh run the with lead a with 46.73 a 46.33 time, run 46.51 to hold on run

this number position nine until then the on fifth the final and final climb climb 46.47

with to win Ken the recorded class from the Harry winning Doling run (Toyota with a

45.93 Soarer, time. 47.91), Paul David Buccini Jones took (Suzuki the over Swift 3 litre

capacity GTi, 50.04) class just with ahead a run of of Brendan 47.13 secs Merrick in

his (Datsun BMW 120Y, 135i from 50.41) the and Holden Paul Commodore

Milevskiy in

of his Noel Ford Preston Falcon (51.27 in a time seconds). of 52.72 seconds.

Anthony Bonnici won the All Wheel Drive

Forced Induction class in his Mitsubishi Evo

IX with a 50.03 second run whilst the Circuit

Excel class (Hyundai X3 Excel cars) went

to Mark Pryor with a best run of 51.57 with

Gloria McAndrew (55.54), Ross McAndrew

(56.03), Shane McAndrew (57.40) and for a

bit of family fun Ross McAndrew as relief in

Shane’s car (58.82) and Shane McAndrew

as relief driver in Ross’s Hyundai 61.02.

Grahame Rumballe took the under 1600 cc

class for Improved Production cars in his

Golf Mk1 with a 54.41 second time from

Ken McAndrew in his Datsun 1000 (58.85 s)

whilst the 1601 to 2 litre class went to Gary

Pitt (Ford Escort, 47.79) from Karlie Buccini

(Proton Satria GTi, 51.79).

Ken Graham won the over 2 litre class in

his Datsun 1600 SSS with a 46.48 run with

Pauline Graham (Datsun 1600 SSS, 46.63),

Troy McGrogan Mitsubishi Lancer now with

a red livery power sliding out of the first

loop for a 47.78 time on his final run of the

weekend, with Bill McCollum making the

trip down from Bundaberg to compete in his

Holden Commodore for a best run of 53.82

seconds. Watching the closeness of times

Phone or fax for a




The Octagon - November 2016 55

etween Ken and Pauline saw Ken quicker

by 0.82 (48.02, to 48.84) on run one then

the gap shortened to 0.15 second (47.29, to

47.44) to finish the Saturday 0.40 seconds

apart (46.74 to 47.14). Sunday this gap

remained until run 7 when the gap closed to

0.07 of a second (47.74 to 46.81) before the

final result in Ken’s favour (46.48 to 46.63


Drivers in their driving seat

Ross Mackay broke Alan McConnell’s record set in 1991

The second class record for the weekend,

also set on the final climb, saw the Sports

Sedans up to 2000 cc mark of 45.33

seconds set in April 1991 by Alan McConnell

in a Mini Clubman go to Ross Mackay (Ford

Escort) with a 45.32 time. Next in the class

was Tyson Cowie (Ford Escort), although

ahead in the class by Saturday afternoon

with a 46.42, recorded a string of 46 second

times with a best run of 46.13 seconds from

Daryl Morton (Morris Cooper S, 47.66),

Gavin Taylor (Volkswagen Golf, 49.32) and

Jason Martell (Ford Escort, 52.22). David

Malone took the over 2 litre capacity class

in his Holden Torana GTR XU1 (44.74

seconds) with Glenn Anable (BMW 2002

turbo, 47.66), Scott Anable (BMW 325i,

47.79) and Jonathan Anable (BMW 325i,

49.69). Scott was in second spot at the

conclusion of Saturday as he recorded a

48.98 to Glenn’s 53.59 time. The positions

remained until run 7 when Glenn ran a

47.66 time to those times of 48.12, 48.03

and 47.79 which Scott achieved over the

final attempts. Trophy Winners from Round 4


The Octagon - November 2016

s - a close up look as they prepare for competition

Photos by Peter Buchanan

The Octagon - November 2016 57


Formula Vee 1200 class went to Jim

Heymer (Hornet Formula Vee) in a smart

51.85 second run whilst Craig Hughes took

the Formula Vee 1600 class in his Hughes

VWMA with a 49.74 second run.

Nathan Quelch proved fastest in the

Superkarts class in his Honda CRF Arrow

with a 45.30 time from Bill Wild who set his

fastest time of 46.93 seconds on his seventh

run in his Top Lart ICC, a time was equaled

by Gary O’Mullane (Kinsella) on his tenth

run with John Hay (Sodi SR4BV) next with a

48.98 second run.

Formula Libre up to 1300 went to Jim

Milliner (OMS 2000, 40.45) from David

Quelch (Honda Black Arrow, 44.88) then

Mitchell Allwood in the Energy Firecat in

46.04 seconds. Dean Tighe (Dallara Judd,

37.72) took the over 1301cc class win

and fastest time of day with Michael von

Rappard (Dallara FF392 Hayabusa) closely

following with a 38.71 second run.


Wins in the historic classes went to Geoff

Frizell won the Group P Sports (Historic

Racing and Sports cars 1968 to 1972) in his

Elfin Mallala replica (57.63 seconds), Alan

Telfer in Group Q Sports for Racing and

Sports Racing Cars 1970 to 1977 (Lotus 7

clubman, 60.76), Barry Smith (Post Vintage

Thoroughbred Cars 1931 to 1940, Group

K, Ford Special, which powers away from

the start line with a degree of opposite

lock), Peter Gilbert (Historic Touring Cars

pre 1965, Group N up to 2000cc) who set

a 54.69 second time in his Ford Cortina

GT until the bent axle decided it was time

to retire, while Ray Evans driving the Roy

Davis Triumph GT6 won the Group T

(Production Sports Cars with a Competition

History 1941 to 1981) with a best run of

51.93 seconds.


Clubman Sports Cars up to 2000 was won

by Ainsley Fitzgerald in his Arrow Clubman

with a 47.17 run from Greg Fairbrother

driving his road going Westfield SeiW, and

having the use of some circuit tyres through

the courtesy of Will Charlton, for a best run

of 50.56 seconds.

Supersports/Sports 1300 class went to

Daryll Searle (Farrell L Clubman, 46.96)

from Kork Ballington (47.53 seconds) in the

Farrell L Clubman.

Chris Johns in his newly acquired ex John

Broadbent Triumph Spitfire with a 53.80

best time took the Marque Sports Cars

up to 1600 cc. It appears the Spitfire will

require some development time to become

a reliable competition car especially off the

starting area. The 1601 to 2000 cc class

went to Zaid S Latif (Lotus Exige, 49.22)

with the MGFs of Peter Andrews (53.25)

then Andrew Lake (54.24) from Gregory

King (Toyota MR2, 56.28). Both Peter and

Andrew were only able to record their times

on Saturday for both did not run on Sunday

as the alternator in Andrew’s MG was just

able to get him to his home on Saturday

evening before the alternator cried enough

while Peter found the starter motor would

not operate in the morning so possibly went

out in sympathy with Andrew’s MGF.

No such issues for Dave Roberts who took

the 2001 cc and over class in his yellow

Datsun 260Z with a best run of 49.59


Wins in the Sports Cars (Closed) went to

Brock Paine (Nissan Silvia, 51.83), Sports

Cars (open) up to 2 litres to Therese Wade

(JFR Suzuki Cappuccino turbo, 51.41) and

Jeffrey Graham (Mazda MX5 supercharged,

48.91) in the over 2 litre class.


From the times set during the weekend

the drivers who have set the top six times

compete in the top six shootout competition.

Times for this round - where all bar David

Malone’s Torana were formula cars - were

Dean Tighe (37.64) with Michael von

Rappard (38.53), Jim Milliner (40.97), David

Quelch (44.82), David Malone (45.56) and

Nathan Quelch (66.30).

FTD: Dean Tighe - Best MG: Flavio

Paggiaro - Most Improved: Daniel Barker


The Octagon - November 2016




by Ace Reporter Photos by Steve Johns

who managed to catch some drivers taking

unconventional - and unintended - lines.

A certain weekend in October usually

means finals for some Winter sports. On

this certain weekend the penultimate round

for the 2016 hillclimb series was held at Mt

Cotton. Again beautiful weather provided a

wonderful weekend which saw only a couple

of plunges into the Queensland Nut barrier

(again saving damage to cars), some slides

plus three new club records which included

a new outright club record.

Again the Regularity challenge witnessed

the lead change over the 7 scoring runs.

Andrew Willesden (MGB) and Greg Tebble

(Locost Clubman Roadster) were spot on

for their estimate of the time it would take

for each to complete their first competition

run and therefore did not lose a point. Both

were followed by David Dumolo (Triumph

TR3A, down 1 point) then Lindsay Derriman

(Toyota Camry with a loss of 5 points) from

Don Webster (MGTD, down 9 points) and

Shaun Rankin on minus 10 points. Second

climb saw David ahead on minus 3 from

Andrew and Greg (both minus 4), Lindsay

(5 points), Shaun (10) then Don (18). Run

three results placed David and Greg in the

lead (both 4 points) just ahead of Lindsay

(still on minus 5), Andrew (6 points), Shaun

(13 points) with Don adding to his total to

now down 34 points. Next run saw Greg

(5 points) from Lindsay (6 points) Andrew

(8 points), David (11) Shaun (20) and Don

(increasing his score to 41).

The lead closed again after run 5 with Greg

and Lindsay both on 6 points, Andrew (down

9), David (minus 19), Shaun (30 points)

with Don on 46 points. On the penultimate

climb Greg was alone on minus 7 points

from Andrew (11), Lindsay (14), David (24),

Shaun (31) and Don (48 points). From the

final result Greg maintained his lead on

minus 9 points with Andrew (down 14),

Lindsay (24 points) both Shaun and David

on 33 points followed by Don with a 48

points loss.


Production and Invited Cars up to 1600

cc went to Daniel Zeimer (Toyota Corolla,

53.85 seconds) with the over 2 litre class

going to Cameron Bolt (Skyline 350GT)

with a 51.27 second time set on his second

run for the weekend to finish ahead of Brad

Stratton (Ford Focus RS turbo, 51.85 set

on his second run on Sunday morning)

then Chris Balhatchet (BMW 325i, 52.57),

David Jackson (Mazda RX-7, 53.71) and

Ray Balhatchet (Nissan Skyline turbo,

55.54). Brad Stratton’s new competition

car, which was bought through the auctions

as a repairable write off, was prepared

in record time (the Focus was so new

the paint may not have dried) and Brad

used his one run on Saturday to test the

performance potential with a cautious run

of 57.65 seconds before setting his best

run on Sunday. The Start Line magazine

(series 02/16 page 16) of the British car

club, Wigton Motor Club, reports the Focus

RS gives 345 bhp from the 2.5 litre turbo

engine, has the acceleration figures of 0 to

62 mph in 4.7 seconds, although a 4WD

handles like a rear wheel drive car and can

allegedly out drift a BMW M2.

Brad Smith took the Improved Production

class under 1600 cc in his Hyundai Excel X3

with a 53.24 seconds run. Brad had won a

heat race during the Circuit Excel Nationals

held at Morgan Park during September,

to qualify for the final however was forced

out of the title race by another driver in one

of those ‘racing incidents’. Karlie Buccini

(Proton Satria GTi) won the 1601 to 2000 cc

class with a 50.78 seconds whilst the large

capacity class went to Ken Graham (Datsun

1600 SSS, 46.06) then Pauline Graham

(Datsun1600 SSS, 46.70) both setting their

best times on Saturday, with Troy McGogan

next in his Mitsubishi Lancer with a best run

of 47.95 seconds.

First class record of the weekend was set in

The Octagon - November 2016 59

the Circuit Excel (Hyundai Excel X3) class

when Mark Pryor lowered his class record

from 51.51 set in 2015 to 51.50 seconds

on his fourth run on Saturday. Next in class

were Gloria McAndrew (56.06), Shane

McAndrew (56.09) and Ross McAndrew

(56.41 seconds). Mark was another

competitor at the recent Circuit Excel

Nationals where he finished fourth in the title


The All Wheel Drive Forced Induction class

went to Damon Stuckey (Subaru WRX

turbo, 52.37) with John Stuckey in the

Subaru WRX turbo with a 53.29 seconds


PRC Rally Cars to Ray Evans Ford Escort

54.10 until the Escort was ‘no longer cooperating’

and was thus was retired for the


Modified Production up to 2000 cc went to

Karl Reinke (Hyundai Excel, 60.14) with Jo

Reinke (Hyundai Excel, 60.34). Karl set his

time on Saturday with Joanne really chasing

this mark on Sunday with a 62.31, then

61.38, 60.67, 60.47, 60.45 and 60.34. In the

over 2 litre class Paul Buccini (BMW 135i,

46.98) finished the weekend fastest followed

by Noel Preston (Holden Commodore

supercharged, 49.66), David Jones (Suzuki

Swift Gti, 50.15) and Jonathon Anable

(BMW 325i, 51.99).

Sports Sedans up to 2000 cc saw Ross

Mackay Ford Escort 45.52 take the win from

Gavin Taylor Volkswgen Golf 49.11. The

over 2000 cc was won by David Malone

Holden (Torana GTR XU1, 45.44) from Scott

Anable (BMW 325i, 46.69), Glenn Anable

(BMW 2002 turbo, 47.83) then Jeff Daniels

(Ford Escort turbo, 49.87) who ended his

weekend on Saturday when the fuel pump

failed and Jeff was not able to source a

replacement unit overnight.


A new Group M (Historic Racing and Sports

Racing Cars 1961 to 1965) class record

went to Alan Telfer (Lotus Super 7) who took

0.03 second off his own class mark of 58.51

seconds set in July 2016 to the new time of

58.48 seconds.


The Octagon - November 2016

The Octagon - November 2016 61


Sports Cars Closed up to 2000 went to

Patrick Martin (Nissan NX, 54.99) from

Joel Fischer (Nissan NX, 59.12) and Aaron

McAdie (Nissan NX, 61.11 seconds).

Clubman Sports cars up to 2000 cc went

to Brian Pettit (Westfield SE, 44.78) from

Ainsley Fitzgerald (Arrow Clubman, 46.47),

Greg Fairbrother (Westfield SeiW, 50.13,

who was not using those Will Charlton

tyres this round), then Jon Young recording

a 51.48 time in his road going Caterham

Super 7 clubman.

Marque Sports cars up to 1600 cc went to

Chris Johns in the newly acquired Triumph

Spitfire and finding the Spitfire will need

some attention to develop it into a reliable

competition car and finished the weekend

with a best run of 53.24 seconds. Zaid S

Latif took the 1601 to 2000 cc class in his

Lotus Exige with a 49.48 from Berenice

Stratton (Mazda MX5, 52.81) and Greg King

(Toyota MR2, 55.14) whilst Dave Roberts

won the over 2 litre class in his to Datsun

260Z (48.93 seconds) from Cameron

Hurman (Mazda RX-7 turbo, 49.91).

Therese Wade won the Sports Cars Open

up to 2000 cc in the Suzuki JFR Capuccino

turbo with a sub 50 second firstly on her

second run at 49.98 on Saturday then on

her third run on Sunday a personal best with

the time of 49.05 seconds.


Jim Heymer won the Formula Vee class in

his Hornet Formula Vee with a 50.99 time

then his new manager/coach advised him

on the correct lines which then resulted in

a time some 3 seconds slower. Maybe Jim

was acknowledging the flag marshals on

that run.

Gary O’Mullane took the Superkarts class

in his Kinsella with a best run of 46.72


Formula Libre up to 1300 cc class went

to Neil Lewis recording a 39.86 in the Fly

001 from Jim Milliner (OMS 2000M, 40.28)

and Mitchell Allwood (Energy Firecat,

45.10 seconds). Neil recorded a sub 40

second run in the car of his own design


The Octagon - November 2016

and construction to be the second driver to

record a sub 40 second time in two different

cars. He had previously driven the John

Davies DBF to a 39.97 time in the July 2014

meeting. Jim Milliner set a 40.70 time on

Saturday; however, his Sunday runs did not

commence well as he ran the left rear wheel

over the ripple strip at the hairpin which

broke a rose joint to the lower control arm.

Fortunately this was easily repaired ready

for his next run. Jim was able to save the

Suzuki engine block after some problems at

the final round in 2015. The rebuild required

a new crankshaft and bearings.

Dean Tighe set a new class record in the

1301 cc and over class in his Dallara Judd

and thus a new outright club record of 36.79

seconds on his eighth run which betters his

record of 36.99 set in June this year. At both

the September and October rounds Dean

was able to produce a 37 second run on his

first runs of both meetings. Another driver to

record a sub 40 second run straight off the

trailer was Michael von Rappard (Dallara

Hayabusa) who drove a 39 second time on

his first run to record a best run of 38.97

on Saturday. Sunday morning, Michael ran

his best time of 38.57 seconds first up with

following climbs in the 38 to 39 second



Times set for this round were Dean Tighe

(37.77), Michael von Rappard (38.67), Jim

Milliner (39.67) which maintains his lead

for the Top Six Series this year, Neil Lewis

(39.74), Brian Pettit (45.78), and David

Malone (46.11)

FTD: Dean Tighe; Best MG: Shaun Rankin

Final round will be on the 3 and 4 December

weekend in December with the Presentation

of Awards for the series on Friday 9

December at MGCCQ clubrooms.

Late news has the CAMS Club Challenge

Australia set for the Saturday 12 November.

The first Club Challenge Australia event

will be hosted by MG, the first venue is at

Mt Cotton hillclimb, and the first such Club

Challenge presented by CAMS in Australia.

Ed: This event has been postponed to 2017.

The Octagon - November 2016 63


or by email to vprojects@internode.on.net

The Octagon - November 2016

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