Octagon July, 2016


Official Journal of the MG Car Club of Queensland Inc.



No. 4 July 2016

Dean Tighe is pictured sensationally on his run when he set a new fastest

time of 36.99s around Mt Cotton hillclimb by a Queenslander on June 26.

(Photo by Steve Johns)

The Octagon - July 2016 1


Name Phone Mobile Email


Richard Mattea (Carly) 3325 0409 0488 224 105 richard.mattea@yahoo.com




Malcolm Spiden 3266 6350 spidenm@yahoo.com.au


Carly Mattea (Richard) 3325 0409 0410 310 452 moffmat@bigpond.com


Don Webster (Ann) 3379 2566 0439 526 060 donweb@bigpond.net.au

Ken Wasley (Barbara) 3378 6202 0423 152 723 wasmg11@gmail.com

Neil Lewis 3807 6273 0417 773 425 neil.lewis@clarkslogancity.com.au

Dean Tighe 0419 774 441 sales@tighecams.com.au

Steve Price 0448 325 247 sjp61@internode.on.net


Position Name Phone Position Name Phone

Event Secretary Fred Sayers 3359 2623

Annette Truscott 0407 494 867

Ev. Sec. Asst. David Robinson 3255 9037

Richard Mattea 3325 0409

CAMS Delegate Gary Goulding 3351 3506

(Alternative) Ann Thompson 3378 1368

Chaplain Ken Trudgian 3886 3409

Club Captain Don Webster 3379 2566

Canteen Convener (Mt C) Vacant

Special Interest Vehicle Paul Strange 3398 1993

Concession Contract pstrange@bigpond.com

Webmistress Glenda Crew 3341 4397

Clubrooms Max Johnson 3201 5826

Regalia Shaun Rankin 0402 450 290

Library David Robinson 3255 9037

Point Score Ian Fettes 3803 3858

Membership Sec. Peter Rayment (Delia) 0407 693 947

National Meeting Noeline Johnson 0427 220 602



Chapter Liaison David Miles 3892 2699

Far Nth Qld Chapter John Fransen 0458 658 830

Wide Bay Chapter David Hall 0490 363 889

Darling Downs Chapter Gary Lawrence 4696 8314

Capricorn Chapter Gurney Clamp 4939 4760

Octagon Editor Elaine Hamilton 3893 2438 0418 870 782 vprojects@internode.on.net

All enquiries to the secretary:

C/o GPO Box 1847 Brisbane 4001


The Octagon - July 2016

Headquarters: 8/16 Collinsvale Street, Rocklea

E & OE Hillclimb: Gramzow Road, Mt Cotton

The opinion of the editor, correspondents and advertisers expressed in this magazine are not necessarily those of the management

committee of the MG Car Club of Queensland Inc. and as such the club accepts no responsibility. Published six times a year members

personal advertisements are free. Club constitution available in clubrooms. Copyright 2013 MGCCQ.

President’s Report

It has been a rather hectic few months since my

last President’s report with club activities continuing

unabated. The diversity of the club and its members

means that there is always someone somewhere

getting up to something MG and/or Motorsport related.

I’m always pleased to see and hear of our members’

enthusiasm for their preferred motoring activity.

Since my last report the Eureka Landscapes 2016

Queensland Hillclimb Championship has been run

despite the very high unseasonal rainfall which saw little

activity on track on the two practice days. However we

awoke on Sunday to a glorious winter’s day on which

the competitors put on a magnificent display of Speed

Hillclimbing, with Malcolm Oastler the eventual winner

from Dean Tighe and Michael von Rappard. A big thank

you to our sponsors for the event, Eureka Landscapes,

DA & BJ Cotton, Brad Kimberley Cars, Thunderbox

Toolboxes and Tighe Cams. I should also say a big

thank you to Rick Miles of A Miles & Co. for his great

work with the club’s trophies.

I must give a special thank you to those people who

worked as volunteers over the weekend, in particular

on the two wet days. A special thanks also to Berenice

Stratton for her running of the Canteen over the

weekend, which she did with her typical smile.

I was very pleased and excited to see that you can now

purchase a ‘new’ MG in Queensland with the MG6 now

being offered for sale by the Norris Motor Group. The

early stock all look to be 2013 builds but they still come

with a 3 year warranty. Hopefully this means that the

MG3 and recently released (in the UK) MG GS will

soon be available locally. The club will attempt to reestablish

our contacts with both the Australian importer

and local dealers. The last time MGs were available

new in Australia we saw a significant increase in club

membership, so let’s hope we see the same trend again.

Mid-week runs continue to be an extremely popular

activity, it’s great to have members putting their hands

up to organise these social activities both here in the SE

corner and the regions. My thanks to those members

who have organised a run in the recent months.

Preparations continue for the Regional Chapters gettogether

in Mackay during August. David Miles has

been working hard on putting together a great few days

in a region where the club does not currently have an

established group, I sure that by the end of the weekend

we will be well and truly on the path to a strong local

presence in the area.

Members recently visited the Shannon’s Insurance

offices in West End for a social evening and information

night hosted by Phil Ross of Shannon’s. There were a

number of prizes and gifts on offer with the major prize

being a “Hot Lap” with Jim Richards in his Porsche GT3

car around Queensland Raceway. Congratulations to

Graham Barringer who is the lucky winner!

We have our club’s Annual General Meeting fast

approaching and the Club needs the support of its

members to ensure that we have a strong committee

that is representative of the diverse range of interests

of its members. Please give some thought and

consideration to joining the committee. We meet every

four weeks at the clubrooms for 2 to 3 hours.

The club recently received an approach from the Morris

Minor Car Club (MMCC) which is looking for a venue

that is better suited to their needs than the one that they

are currently using. The two committees are currently

working through the detail which should then allow the

MMCC to use our Rocklea clubrooms as a meeting

place for their regular meeting as well as a starting point

for many of their club runs etc. The two committees will

also look to have a number of combined activities for

the two clubs which will, I’m sure, be of great benefit to

both groups.

All British Day is looming large on the horizon. This

event takes 12 months to organise. The vast majority of

this organisation is being looked after again this year by

MGCCQ, with Max Johnson heading up a small group

of dedicated workers. I’m sure Max is still looking for

volunteers on the day, so if you can help please ensure

you make contact with Max.

That brings me to our own club Concours event. With

the venue that we have used for the last few years

becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to access

we have been on the lookout for a suitable replacement.

At the time of writing we are close to coming to an

arrangement with a suitable venue that should prove

popular with participants. This means that the event will

most likely move to an October date. As soon as a date

is confirmed it will be posted on the club’s website and

circulated in the weekly email updates.

To end this report I would once again like to thank

all of those members and club supporters who have

helped out in recent months when the call has gone out.

Remember this is your club and to continue to survive

and grow we need input and support from all.

- Richard Mattea

The Octagon - July 2016 3

Some words from Elaine

Let me start at the very beginning - the cover.

You don’t often get to see a cover photo from

a hillclimb event unless something pretty

exceptional has occurred. Well, that is exactly

what happened at the third round of the series

on June 25 and 26 when Dean Tighe broke his

class record an incredible five times, each time

setting himself a more difficult task to do the

same thing again. The end result? In a sport

where improvement is generally measured

in hundreds of a second, by the end of the

weekend he had taken nearly a whole second

- 0.94s - off his class record and more than

half a second off the unofficial record for fastest

Queenslander of 37.56 when, on his best run,

he broke into the 36s bracket with a 36.99s.

Certainly something to be celebrated and to

bring more of you down to the hillclimb to see

him - and others - in action. Congratulations go

to our ace amateur photographer, Steve Johns,

for his brilliant photo and for his enhancement

of it with the time embedded in the order and

yes, that photo was taken on the run when that

time was achieved.

Next, an apology to the members of the Darling

Downs Chapter and particularly Gary Lawrence

who writes their reports. As they say in the

newspaper business - “an error occurred in

the production process” when the text from the

March issue was not replaced with the May text

but the photos were and the person responsible

for the checking failed to notice. My apologies

to Gary and to all members of the Chapter.

This issue has posed a real problem for me,

one which any editor would be delighted to deal

with. I have received so much material that a

number of articles have had to be held over to

the next issue and one - the Rayments’ story

of their epic journey to Perth and back in their

MGY - has had to be serialised. The Chapters,

as always, have been busy but with two of them

undertaking long trips away there has been

even more for them to report on than usual. My

regret is always that not all photographs can be

included because there are many exceptional

and interesting ones among them.

Please don’t be deterred from sending your

contributions in. I am sure there are lots more

‘Stories from the Stables’ waiting to be told.

Don’t wait to be asked as I don’t know where all

those stories are ... if you know of a good story

waiting to be told and it’s not yours, nudge your

‘stablehand’ friend to share his story with us.

Length is fairly flexible but a guide is two pages

of text (approx 1500 words) and 8 photos.

You will be pleased to notice that Ace Reporter

has found his quill and is back reporting

on Competition events. There has been

a lot of activity to report on with our major

hillclimb event for each year, the Queensland

Championship, deserving appropriate coverage

in this issue.

Also inside is information for owners of

modern MGs on how to get a duplicate copy

of their car’s remote key, a fascinating report

on the 1968 (NOT a misprint) Qld Hillclimb

Championship and a report on the inaugural

running of the Wondai sprints which had

members of the Wide Bay Chapter there in

numbers supporting Dave Roberts who has

become a regular competitor at Mt Cotton.

Notice of the AGM and forms for nomination

for committee are inside to be read - and used!

The President has more to say about that in

his report.

With the AGM not for a couple of months,

it may seem early to put out the notice of

meeting but our Constitution says that every

member must receive notice of the meeting at

least two weeks before the meeting and this

is the simplest and most cost effective way of

meeting that obligation.

Closing date for material for the September

Octagon is the last day of August.

Looking forward to receive your contributions

- Elaine


The Octagon - July 2016

Notice Board

The Clubrooms are open on the first and third Friday nights of each month with hot food starting at 6.30

pm priced as low as $3. The goal will continue to be to have something special happening on the first

Friday of each month. Your suggestions are welcomed.

(P) indicates that the event is pointscoring for Club trophies. The rules for pointscoring for trophies can be found on the News page

of the Club website. The pointscore is updated throughout the year by Ian Fettes so you can see how competitive you are. Please

contact Ian with any queries you may have.


Wed 3 and every following Wednesday - Working bees at Hillclimb

from approx 9am to 2pm. BYO morning tea and lunch

Fri 5

- Noggin ‘n’ Natter

Sun 7 Concours and Car Display (P)


VENUE CHANGED TO ORMISTON HOUSE (see flyer on page 18)

Sun 7 Qld Motorkhana Championship Rd 4

Sun 4 HSCCQ Motorkhana (P)

Driver Training Centre Willowbank TBC

Come & Try Motorkhana with HSCCQ (Interclub)

Sat/Sun 10/11 Carric Accounting and Business Service/Tighe

Cams Hillclimb Series Round 4 (P)

Fri 16

Annual General Meeting at Clubrooms

Sat 17 All British Day set up for Sunday 18

Fri 19

Fri 19

Wed 24

Noggin ‘n’ Natter

Sun 21 - Combined Chapter meeting in Mackay

Midweek run organised by Barry Lutwyche

This is a northside run with morning tea at Lake Somerset and

finishing with lunch at Lake Samsonvale. Meeting Point is at the

James Drysdale Recreation Reserve, BUNYA - UBD Map 117 Ref

Q11. Meet at 08.45 for a 09.15 start. BYO morning tea and lunch.

Venues have sheltered tables and seats.

Organiser is Barry Lutwyche. Contact is 0414 740672 should any

further details be required.

Sat 27

Sun 28

Come and Try/Test and Tune at Mt Cotton

Car display at Peak Crossing (P)


Fri 2 Noggin ‘n’ Natter

Sat 3/Sun 4 CAMS State Championship meeting

At Morgan Park (P)

Sun 18 All British Day

St Josephs Showground, Tennyson.

Money raised supports QIMR.

Wed 28 Midweek Run

Organised by Gary and Dawn Lawence

Meet at Keperra Picnic Grounds UBD Reference Map 137 N 6 at

9.00 am for a 9.30 start. BYO morning tea. Lunch can be BYO or

light lunch can be purchased at lunch destination. Limited seating

at lunch venue which is Caboolture Historical Village which has

a $9 per head entry fee. (Full information is available on the

calendar page of the Club website)

New members

We welcome the following new members and wish

them a long and happy association with the Club.

Bruce Ramsden Mary Ramsden

Randall Jenvey

Robyn Jenvey

Andrew Todd

Ralph Tennenh

Kenneth Samway Kevin Ritchie

Aaron Langford

Patrick Martin

John Horton

Craig Beaven

Peter Linn

Richard Sorensen

Rohan Trundle

William Turnock

Jeffrey Watson

Ross Kelly 3352 4151

0407 364 543

MG ZR, ZS, ZT Ken Wasley 0423 15 27 23

The Octagon - July 2016 5


It was a double celebration at the Noggin ‘n’ Natter

in May when there was a gathering of some of the

members who had made the trek to Perth for the

National Meeting. L to R: Peter Rayment, Matt

Johnson, John Walker, Flavio Paggiaro and Shaun

Rankin made it a second opportunity to wear their

‘Off to the Races’ costumes from the National

Meeting theme night - and what a fine line-up

they made! Peter and Delia Rayment who have

rarely missed a National Meeting came down from

Tinbeerwah especially for the occasion and, it also

being Peter’s birthday, brought a cake so those

present could join in the celebration of his 9th

birthday (according to the candles on the cake).

Maybe you can work out the maths!

There was another birthday

celebration - this time at a

Wednesday working bee at

the hillclimb when a cake (no

candles!) was brought along

for the 82nd birthday of John

Stratton, a most dedicated

worker for the hillclimb.

It’s not all hard work and

birthday cake at midweek

working bees at the hillclimb.

There is always the wildlife

watch - and, this time, Jim

Heymer had his camera

ready when glossy black

cockatoos came to feast on

a casuarina.

They’ve done it again! Giles Cooper on his way

from East to West across North America met

up with Dave Godwin, one of the group of MG

enthusiasts crossing NA in the other direction,

with his MGA “RIP” at Niagara Falls - a little less

remote than their last meeting in the far south of

South America last year.


Mk I Escort Group U historic Sports Sedan

complete with Certificate of Description and

heaps of spares. Winner of 2015 Hillclimb

series and holder of closed and open Group

U hillclimb records. $17,000 ono.

Contact Chris Johns 0411 759 385


The Octagon - July 2016

Since that meeting, the Godwins and RIP plus two

other MGs known as Red Car and Navy Blue Car

have completed a circumnavigation of the globe

as a result of their major undertakings in the past

few years. They are shown here at Cape Spear,

the Eastern-most point of Canada.

As Dave says “From China to the ‘Stan’s and Iran

and Turkey; also South, central and North Africa;

and, last year, South, Central and North America

and now Canada, our trusty Classic MGs have

carried us, our luggage, our tools and spare parts

over every road-condition possible, with relatively

few major breakdowns or incidents!

Who says Classic MGs aren’t reliable? As a

group? We have proved it! These 3 MGs have

travelled a total of approximately 210000km

in the past 5 years. Add to that the distances

the other MG Adventurers have clocked up

and it approximates around 550,000km. Very

impressive, in my book!”

Club member from the Darling Downs Chapter

who has been racing in NZ, Alexandra Whitley,

has been chosen as the only female in the group

of 8 for the 2016 Elite MotorSport Academy which

will involve an intense training camp to take place

over a week of physically and mentally challenging

tasks in Dunedin in early July.

During the intense week long camp Alexandra

will further expand her knowledge in all aspects

of motorsport, from media training to nutrition

and sponsorship to fitness regimes. Alexandra

currently races in the SsangYong Actyon Racing

Series where she finished 6th overall from 45

competitors. Whitley is looking forward to the

challenge and the new experiences and lessons

the academy will bring.

Well done, Alexandra, and best wishes for your

future in motorsport.

Not all stories are happy ones. This one is about a fire which destroyed Gary and Veronica Cossor’s

shed/workshop causing the loss of the uninsured building and all its contents. The Cossor family has

a long history with the Club through their involvement at the hillclimb as both competitors and hard

workers. When Gary stopped competing, he was - and still is - often at the hillclimb and always prepared

to give a helping hand to anyone in need, happily heading off home with a part to be repaired and soon

returning to the hillclimb and getting the car mobile for competition again. Gary’s son, Rodney, has set

up a bank account and says “If any of the large number of people who have been at the receiving end

of their generous nature and assistance over the yeas can assist with any contribution towards assisting

them to rebuild this important part of their lives, it would be greatly appreciated. I would be too happy to

collect any generous gift, or a direct deposit can be made to a separate account I have set up under their

name. Westpac Bank, BSB 734 058, account number 653 349.”

WANTED -- a set of 1 1/2 SU carburetors

including all ancillary linkages to suit a 2

bolt flange inlet manifold for a 105e Ford

Anglia engine.Pete Lefrancke contact

phone number 0423 532 621.

WANTED - Front fibre glass valance and

roll bar to suit MGB. Contact Denis Thomas

0401 - 744 - 667.

FOR SALE Peugeot 206CC Convertible

2005, Beautiful condition, Reluctant sale.

Regn 09/2016. All service records

available. Tinted windows, 5 speed,

Manual. $6,650 RWC. Kevin Fairhall

PH: 0416 256 689.

The Octagon - July 2016 7

2 Trade Street

Ormiston Q 4160


The Octagon - July 2016

Letters to the Editor

Dear Elaine

I am writing about our experience with

getting an immoblizer for our MG TF in the

hope it will be useful information for other TF


We purchased a 2003 MG TF and it only

had 1 IMMOBILIZER to start the engine

and unlock the car. We had a lot of trouble

finding someone to help us obtain a 2nd

one for a spare. If you were to lose the only

immobilizer that you had you couldn’t start

the engine and could be in a lot of bother!!

All the locksmiths in this area couldn’t assist

in helping obtain another one.

Through the Internet I approached Remote

Key Europe; their email address is

remotekeyeurope@gmail.com They sent

me a Programing Device that I plugged into

the socket just above the fuse panel. The

blue light on this device comes on and 30

seconds later the light goes out the device is

removed. I then had a new 2 button Immobilizer

that worked in every aspect the same

as the original. It was very simple to do!!

I have returned the Programing Device back

to UK and received my 24 British Pounds

Deposit back and now have my Remote Key

Access Code which I didn’t previously have

so that will be an added benefit . The total

amount I paid up front was $199.86 (98GBP)

plus the 24GBP deposit (now refunded)

on their receipt of the Programming device

which is quite small as you can see by the

photo. The new Immobilizer is very similar to

the original one and you can get a new Key

cut at any Locksmith!

It’s a great service. It cost me $20.00 to Post

the module back; however, I think the whole

experience was well worth it.

Hope this may help some of our members

who require another immobilizer for their MG.

- David Hall

MGCCQ Wide Bay Chapter Coordinator

2016 Eureka Landscapes Queensland

Hillclimb Championships Canteen Thank


OMG It was wet!

There was so much water in the hairpin that

we could have hosted a round of the Jet

Sprint Boat Championships, with the amount

of rain that fell on the Friday and Saturday.

There were rivers of water running through

the canteen floor making for miserable conditions

for those brave enough to stay the

day. Then Sunday dawned fine and sunny

and the crowds came and ate and drank,


My gratitude to everyone who helped and

made the best of the miserable conditions

and had some fun and laughs along the

way, John Cicchiello, Tim Bateman, John

& Pat Walker, Betty & Chris Slater, Flavio

& Sue Paggiaro, Judith McAndrew, Ian &

Kay Wells, Michael Ciccotelli, Don Webster,

Phyllis Rankin, Ken Trudgian, Diane Davies,

Paul Van Wyjk, Paul & Kerry Strange, Neil

Lewis, Malcolm Spiden and Richard Mattea.

Thank you one and all.

- Berenice Stratton.

The Octagon - July 2016 9

The Nullarbor Nym

(Or what we experienced in our MGY on our way to the Easter 2016 MG National Mee

Everywhere we went on our Nullarbor crossing

both going West and then back on the way

home again Peter kept looking for the Nymph!

Several times he reckoned he had found her –

young, tall, slim, blonde, but usually they had

clothes on or they spoke a foreign language.

Not like the true Nullarbor Nymph at all, for

legend has it that she goes naked amongst the

kangaroos, and is fluent in English.

The words Nullarbor Plains conjures up

various feelings and reactions from people. To

some, it conjures up feelings of dread, fear or

impending boredom. But to me, the underlying

feeling I have when I cross this vast area of

Australia is probably one of awe. Awe at its size

and its complexities. Firstly because from one

end to the other of the Nullarbor Plain it is over

745 miles long. That is equivalent to travelling

from London to Rome or from Brisbane to


This plateau made from limestone is about

250,000km square and is the largest karst on

the Planet. A plain without any major cities,

without any towns (only roadhouses), without

any trees and without any creeks or rivers, that

has ever changing vegetation, even if it is very

slight and not all that noticeable at times.

Before we drove across to Perth for the 2016

MG National Meeting, we mentioned to friends

and acquaintances that we were planning

a cross nation trip. Most of the immediate

reactions from them were “Why do you want to

drive all that way and then back again too?”

This question was repeated again more

forcefully, when we said how we would be

travelling, but with the addition of -“But why in

an MGY?”

Why in a Y type. After nearly half a century of

driving to events, particularly National Meetings

in roadsters – be they MGTCs, MGBs, or MG

Midgets - and arriving at the event either deaf

in one ear, skin falling off one’s face from wind

or sun burn or both, we thought that it was

time to try a “tin top”. Plus we also felt that we


The Octagon - July 2016

ph strikes again!

ting in Perth, Western Australia) by Delia Rayment with sneak-ins by Peter - PART 1

needed more room! We wanted to be able

to converse on route a bit more easily, as we

intended being away for possibly 6 weeks or

so. The Y, at this stage of our lives, we felt,

was the ideal choice. For the trip was to for

two nearly 70 year olds heading to Perth in

our nearly 70 year old car. We were off for an

adventure. We knew that we would enjoy the

trip and we certainly did.

For many years we have travelled and

organised groups in convey. It is extremely

hard work and in the end because we all have

different likes and dislikes we never end up

pleasing anyone, let alone ourselves as to

where we stay and what we see.

So this time going over we chose to travel by

ourselves as we knew our car, we knew how

far we liked to travel in a day and we knew

where we liked to stop during the day and at


Call us nuts or just down right Enthusiasts. It

all depends on one’s perspective in life. We

probably go for the latter definition.

But like most humans we like a challenge and

here was a challenge to cross Australia in our

MGY. On route, we would be meeting up with

fellow Australians and other world travellers.

Preparation - Peter’s preparation of the Y

before our departure, was time and money well

spent, as all the “modifications” or additions

were most useful. The most useful of all, Peter

thinks, was the installation of a “cruise control”

for those long straight stretches. For instance,

one straight stretch is 90 miles long across the


When we packed for our trip things were

loaded in a particular order. Firstly it was

spare parts which went into all the nooks and

crannies, then water (we always carry plenty

of this) and some food (mostly dried or tinned

– survival stuff). Next into the car went the

camping gear. We were going to be away for at

least 6 weeks and this would not only help our

budget but also if we got caught out/or saw a

nice camping spot we would be OK. Then we

supposed that we would need some clothes.

This meant a variety however - from camping

clobber to full evening attire for the National

Meeting Presentation Dinner in Perth. Isn’t it

funny how, the more formal one dresses the

less clothes one needs!

Luggage - We appeared to have a fair amount

of luggage. It looked a lot when spread out on

the floor. Peter said there is not as much room

in the Y as what we have in the MGB with the

spare tyre mounted on the back of the car.

We were also worried about the weight, so we

weighed all the camping gear, clothes, spares,

tools etc and it was about 70kg. Then there

was still food, but there was not much of that.

Equivalent to about 2 not big passengers and it

is a four seater car. No problem.

The Route before the National Meeting - Our

trip from near Noosa on the Sunshine Coast

to Perth Western Australia was to be mostly

a direct route staying on the “black stuff”. We

have bush bashed in our MGB before and after

other National Meetings but not this time. They

are other stories.

Generally speaking we travelled south-west

towards the Queensland/New South Wales

border at Cunnamulla, where we headed

south to Cobar then west to Broken Hill, Port

Augusta, Ceduna (both in South Australia),

across the Nullarbor, then further west to

Norseman, south to Esperance and off northwest

into Perth via the Stirling Ranges. A trip

distance of approximately 3200 miles or 5150

km each way. A distance from London to Cairo

via Genova and Tunisia.

Here are some of the highlights of our west

The Octagon - July 2016 11


For the best prices and highest quality call us on

1300 488 717

today for service anywhere in Australia


A full service agency offering...

All offset printing

- Brochures

- Flyers

- Business Cards

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The Octagon - July 2016

ound trip - We departed as temperatures

skyrocketed, for this was one of the driest

summers on record.

This was an early Easter and it meant that

we had to leave early in March to reach our

destination some 3,200 odd miles away on

the other side of Australia. We knew it was

going to be hot but we did not expect to

find temperatures of up to 45°C in the cabin

as we travelled from Cunnamulla south to

Bourke, Cobar and out to Broken Hill. Not

ideal travelling temperatures in a non-airconditioned,

British made car! The Y wasn’t

really meant for these temperatures or

distances. However we had full confidence

in our little car, and I had full confidence in my

husband’s abilities to fix most problems in that


Peter had installed a personal fan down in the

foot-well area, which oscillated. It was OK at

shifting some coolish air around at times but

once it got to over 40°C it felt like you were in a

fan forced oven!

We felt the heat and so did poor little Victoria

(this is what we call our little Y – for she is

short, plumpish, and a brownish colour). So

much so that twice (only twice) Victoria came

to a dead stop, because of the fuel boiling in

the fuel line. Luckily it was on the open road

with nobody else around. The traffic was really

heavy at this stage! From Bourke to Cobar (95

miles) only 5 cars passed us and we passed a

big truck.

Peter alighted, got out his personal drinking

bottle, aimed it at the petrol pump and fuel line,

cooled them both, and hopped back into the

car. Then I squirted my water bottle over his

head to cool him down. He started the engine

and off we went again!

I guess if you made that into a movie it would

look as if we had had this happen heaps of

times before and we knew exactly what to do.

It certainly pays to know your car – and what is

needed to remedy the situation.

This had happened years before on a very

hot day at home when there was still a pusher

pump fitted to the car. Once we had put a

sucker type SU pump to the car we had had no

more problems until now!

At Cobar we booked into a Motel as it was so

hot and we sat in the swimming pool until dark

when it was still over 38°C at 7pm and was bad

still next morning.

Home to Moonie Xroads - Initially we were

sitting at about 55mph until we hit black soil

country after Dalby. The lumps and bumps (but

bitumen so it must be good, ha ha!) is normal

for black soil. Also with the ruts from the B-

Doubles and with the cross ply tyres on the Y,

we were tram-lining all over the road besides

flying through the air. The exhaust pipe, which

is 5 to 6 inches above the road surface, was

bottoming badly. Not much fun so we slowed

down to about 50 mph. The shock absorbers

on the Y are very small and don’t do much. You

still had to be on the ball but it was a lot more

relaxing. We ended up travelling to Perth at this


St George, Queensland - was good for me

this time as I was able to find my grandparents

grave – quite emotional. This is something I’d

tried to do on two other occasions when we

were zooming through over the years. There is

no plot diagram at the cemetery and you have

to go to the Shire Council Office during office

hours to look at the plan. Both other times

before, it had been on a week-end. You know

what it is like when you are working and have

limited time to do things. But now that we are

retired things have changed.

Cunnamulla – Our camp for the night was a

beautiful grassed area with a backdrop of sand

dunes just outside the Caravan Park fence.

The Octagon - July 2016 13


The Octagon - July 2016

Broken Hill -We had already travelled 1,162

miles from home, and by Peter’s facts and

figures we had covered more than a third of our

way to Perth. Yippee!

Broken Hill – What a town! We always love

it. It has so much character and history. In

its heyday, it was a very rich city, as one can

see by some of the fancy public buildings and

splendid old homes.

Magic - as we watched the sun set and then

the sun rise again on them, the next morning.

Cobar – The big open cut mine, the huge

slag heap and the museum are must sees at

this very friendly, clean and tidy town which

services several very profitable mines in the


We visited the Palace Hotel which featured in

the movie “Priscilla – Queen of the Desert”,

to look at the murals which are everywhere in

the hotel - and almost got mobbed. We were

spotted arriving and, at the bar, we were made

most welcome by some “girls” from the local

Veteran and Vintage Car Club who wanted

to know where we were going and where we

were from, etc. Our 10 minute visit turned into

an hour and a half stay or was it longer! Who

cares! The murals are spectacular and worth a

look. Two-up is on Friday Nights.

The Hotel decided last year to organise the

Broken Heel Festival to celebrate 21 years

since the movie was made. The celebrations

went off with a bang. It looks like it could

become an annually event with it being

held again this year on the 9, 10, & 11 of

September. It could be fun. The movie’s BIG

HIGH-HEEL SHOE is at the pub. On the night

we were there I did offer my day glow orange

feather boa to Peter to wear, but he declined.

Truthfully guys you don’t have to dress up in

drag to enjoy the place.

Wilcannia - On the self guide brochure that

one can obtain from the information centre it

is described as “In the middle of nowhere, the

centre to everywhere!” Built on the Darling

River in the late 1800s as a port during the

time when Australia “rode on the sheep’s

back”, its remaining grand buildings can attest

to its importance. They even had to build a

high level, centre opening bridge across the

Darling at the town, to let boats come and go

to Bourke (95 miles to the north). One looks at

the mighty Darling now and wonders how this

was possible, as there is hardly any water in

it, certainly not enough to have boats going up

and down!

We had two nights in Broken Hill. What we

called lay days, to catch up on washing,

recover from continuous driving and see more

of the town. We had these lay days in several

places on the way over and back. We had to,

the distances were so great and after all, this

was meant to be a holiday not an endurance


The second day in Broken Hill saw good rain

that had the large spoon drains across the

roads flowing. We visited an original (Retro)

Milk Bar to see their museum, partake in a

milkshake and take a photo outside the bar.

Next thing we knew the owner told us that

we have just been put on his Facebook page

The Octagon - July 2016 15

that helped him determine this was that he

studied the different types of natural vegetation!

Have we learnt anything from this! We think


and did we mind! Then when we got back to

where we were staying, not to be outdone,

the owner decided that she wanted a photo

in front of her motel the Lodge Outback Motel

for her Facebook. Saying – “And guess where

they are staying?” All good fun – people were

appreciating/noticing our little old MGY.

His Motel turned out to be a popular MG stop,

not intentionally, as the Armstrongs (MGBGTV8

special – from Yeppon, Qld), the Heraghtys

(MGA Coupe – Redcliffe, Qld), and the Burns

(MGY – Newcastle, New South Wales) all

stayed there on their way, separately, going

over to the National Meeting. That we know of.

The stretch of road from here to Peterborough

is somewhat lonely but still interesting as it is

dotted with ranges that in years gone by would

have beckoned those in search of their fortunes

- be it for the gold, lead, zinc or to farm. It is

heartbreaking to see the ruins of stone farm

houses built by the returned soldiers on land

they were given. Particularly, when George

Goyder in 1865 as surveyor-general had

indicated to the powers that be, that this land

was unsuitable for farming and the blocks too

small for grazing. One of his main indicators

Peterborough - The “Railway Town”. In its

heyday it would have been a very busy and

rich town. There was a major roundhouse to

turn the many steam engines around. It was

equipped for 3’ 6”, 4’ 8½” and 5’ 3” lines that

South Australia had at the time. On the way

over we chose to stay over night as we wanted

to go to the Steamtown Heritage Rail Centre

museum which was well worth our visit. And

as the brochure says it is a museum with a


Kimba – Is reputed to be Half Way across

Australia. Obviously this is from the Pacific

Ocean to the Indian Ocean. But we had had a

little further to go than that and didn’t reach the

actual half way mark of our trip over until we

were at Ceduna.

Ceduna – Half Way on our trip! Yippee.

1745 miles.

(Those of you impatient to read the full story can find it on

the Club website at www.mgccq.org.au/nostalgia7.htm

along with other Octagon articles of enduring interest.)


The Octagon - July 2016

All British Day

Brisbane 2016

36th Year

Sunday 18th September


8:30am - 2:00pm.

Gates Open at 7:00am

St Josephs College Sports Grounds

Vivian Street, Tennyson, Brisbane

Featuring Classic

British Cars, Motorcycles & Commercial Vehicles

All proceeds to charity

Display Vehicles $15.00

(includes commemorative metal badge)

Walk in spectators $2:00 Car Parking $5:00

Food and drinks available on site

Trade sites available

Web: www.allbritishdaybrisbane.org.au

Contact: Max Johnson 0419784680

Email: allbritishday@gmail.com

The Octagon - July 2016 17

Historic Ormiston House

overlooking Moreton Bay

Historic Ormiston House - 277 Wellington St, Ormiston, 4160

The MGCCQ Display Day


The Gearys Sports Car Annual Concours

Sunday 16th October 2016

A Social Day for all MGCCQ Members & Friends

Access from 08:00am

Judging commences at 9:30am.

Presentations from 1:30pm.

Adult Entry to the grounds $5.00. Children $1.00

Enter the Concours

Display your pride and joy,

or arrive in your daily driver.

Enter the Non MG Marque Class with your

special vehicle.

Trophies for

- The Concours

- Daily Driver

- Non Marque Vehicles

- Race Cars

Classic Motorbikes Welcome

Enjoy a Devonshire Tea $5pp on the

verandah of the historic house, or

Rotary Club Sausage Sizzle

Entry Forms

These can be downloaded from the Entry forms page of the Club website at


Entries are preferred prior to the day but entries will also be accepted on the day.


The Octagon - July 2016

May Mid Week Run

By Trevor Jones; Photos By Malcolm Campbell.

Well what a wonderful day we had, the

weather was at its peak performance as

were all the cars. We had a good roll up

departing the Yamanto Shopping centre

from where we travelled west onto the

Cunningham Highway, skirted around the

Amberley Airforce and now the Army base

heading towards Walloon. A turn East then

took us over the new flyover to the Brisbane

Valley Highway. A turn to Glamorganvale

took us up some lovely ranges with good

driving for our MGs and other makes,

towards Lowood and the outskirts of

Coominya to give us a longer, more scenic

drive to reach our morning tea stop at

Cormorant Bay overlooking the very full

Wivenhoe Dam.

A few other members and cars met us at

the dam stop while others left after morning

tea with other commitments. As usual there

was lots of talking, laughter and sharing

of stories and travels within Australia and

overseas since our last gathering. For the

cakes the ladies make and share, thank


Kerry Horgan, has become a granddad

again, as is Val a Grandmum but Val

is the one having cuddles in Africa.



Bruce Bayliss

Bruce Mutch

Dennis & Diana Kelly

David Miles

Kerry Horgan

Jeff & Pat Heslewood

Phil Hartley

Neil & Jenny Sommerson

Russ & Jenny Geraghty

Denis Thomas

Brian Cranley

John & Pat Walker

Shaun Rankin

Martyn & Gail Browne

Don Glover & Bill Murfin

Malcolm Campbell & Kathy Burford

Don Webster

Bruce & Tip Ibbotson

John Davidson

Brian Purvis & Di Robinson

John & Glen Boyce

Kevin Trower

Trevor & Joy Jones

Vern & Elaine Hamilton

Dave & Ann Ferro

Trevor & Ann Mills

Ray & Sue Edwards

Jeff Turner




MG Magnette










Santa Fe


Golf GTi













From there it was onwards in our ‘treasures’

again this time up and over Tourist Drive

9 – Mt Glorious with the bellbirds turning

on their calls especially for those of us in

‘tops down’ cars. Their songs are such a

pleasure to hear. This drive is very winding

both up and down the mountain, the

scenery and greenery magnificent, a real

The Octagon - July 2016 19

pleasure on a lovely day.

Next stop was at Bullocky Rest Park on

Lake Samsonvale where there were plenty

of shelters, and room for the cars; lunch

was, as always, laughter, talk and some


For those travelling from the north it was a

longer trip in the morning to get to the start.

For those living on the south it was the

longer trip in the afternoon going home. But

I feel it was fair for all.

A good time was had by all.


The Octagon - July 2016

June Day Run

Organized by Tim and Lynne Bateman. Photos by Lynne Bateman.

Don and Annie led the participants from the

Club Rooms on a grey Sunday morning with

26 people in 14 cars, 11 MGs and 3 others.

Following the excellent directions highlighting

any interesting points of interest on the way, the

convoy travelled south via Boundary, Beenleigh,

Kingston and Logan River Roads to Beenleigh,

finally arriving at Tim and Lynne’s home at

Mount Warren Park. Don reported there were

no incidents en route and everyone was speed

compliant past the police radar.

On arrival at Lynne and Tim’s, morning tea

was ready and waiting. Hot tea and coffee was

welcomed as the cool breeze started to pick up.

Everyone enjoyed a selection of homemade

treats that all contained some of Bateman Bees



Tim & Lynne Bateman

Don & Annie Webster

Dave & Anne Ferro

Errol & Wendy Hoger

John & Pat Walker and Chris

Neil Mills

Greg & Rhonda Hannant

Brian Purvis & Di Robinson

Jan Burke

Barry Lutwyche

Peter & Michelle Sellers

John & Glen Boyce

Graham Ballinger & Colin

Shaun & Phyllis Rankin

Russ & Jenny Geraghty
















Trying to keep to the time schedule, Tim was

soon delivering his talk on Honey Bees after

Lynne rang the school bell to get everybody’s

attention. This is Lynne’s way of getting Tim’s

attention when he is at the back of the property

attending the bee hives by the river or if he is

working in his shed!! Tim gave an interesting

presentation all about the life of the honey bee.

This included showing a hive, how it is put

together, samples of frames some of which were

full of honey, and how it is extracted. People

were surprised at some of the facts, such as how

it is the females that do all the work both in and

out of the hive and are the only ones that sting.

The males (drones) are only good for one thing

and they do that once with the Queen high in

the sky, then they die! Also in winter when food

is scarce they get kicked out of the hive by the

The Octagon - July 2016 21


The Octagon - July 2016


Everyone received a lucky door ticket, and 3

people received a prize of either a gift bottle of

honey with dipper, Beenleigh Poppy’s chocolate

sampler or a bumble bee necklace.

We would like to say a special thankyou to

Don Webster for guiding us on our first attempt

to conduct a club run and for organizing the

departure from the Club rooms.

Just after 11am, everybody set off in their cars

again heading south through the cane fields to

Jacobs Well. Tim took the lead on this second

part of the run. Unfortunately he made an

error and did a right turn too early and ended

up on the wrong road. Oops!! So it was just a

little detour with some interesting scenery of a

sewerage and water treatment plant. For those

in open top cars, apparently not a nice perfume!!

Tim maintains the sights, smells and ‘U’ turn

were part of the planned run. He will never live

this down, as Lynne is usually the navigator.

But she was in the back car with Pat and John

Walker, and was too busy chatting to notice the


Our destination was Harrigans Drift Inn Irish Pub

at Calypso Bay. Three tables had been reserved

for our group near the cosy fireplace which

was burning. Very nice! Everybody ordered

their hearty meals and drinks (we did see a few

glasses of Guinness consumed) and enjoyed

the company of fellow MG enthusiasts in the

ambiance of this delightful Irish Pub looking out

over the marina. Some of the ladies in our group

thought the young male entertainer was very

‘talented’. (You know who you are!)

This was the first time we have organized a day

run as we are new to the Club. It has been a

wonderful way to meet other members of this

very social group. And we would recommend

other members to have a go at organizing a fun

day/morning out.

The Octagon - July 2016 23


The Octagon - July 2016


by Ramsay Quant

(Ed: This report of the first Queensland Hillclimb Championship held 2 June 1968 was first published in a

QMSC Newsletter and has been reproduced with the permisson of “Ramsay Quant” aka Ken Peters. Ken

was a competitor at early hillclimbs but is probably better known as the President of the QMSC, the Club

which promoted all the race meetings in the earliest days of Lakeside. Those of you with memories long

enough will be scratching your heads and possibly thinking ‘Wasn’t the journalist’s name Romsey Quints?’

And you would be right. Ken took the liberty of imitating the style of writing of Romsey Quints aka Bill Tuckey.

With the recent death of Bill Tuckey, this article by Ken Peters, penned in June 1968, is both a tribute to the

creator of Romsey Quints and also to the running of the first Qld Hillclimb Championship at Mt Cotton and is

quite timely as the 2016 QHC has just been held. Added photos are from the Brier Thomas Collection.)

For the first time in umpteen years Queensland

has been honoured with the running of a Hill Climb

Championship. It wasn’t for the want of suitable

organisers that we hadn’t had one. It was just that

there was no hill. Now our friends down in the valley,

M.G.C.C., not Myers, bought a plot at a place called

Mt.Cotton – it’s sort of half-way between the strawberry

patch and little Bagdad-on-Nerang. And this saved the

day! Not only have they got an up hill, they also have

a down hill and a couple of “Oh! My God’s”. In fact

they have just about the most interesting 1035 yards of

bitumen on mainland Australia.

Mind you, it’s no pony ride – I hazard a guess that

there is still a couple of seconds in it for most drivers.

A guy named Holinger - that’s either a US Presidential

Press Secretary or a pistol manufacturer - puts his

supercharged Vincent engined bedstead up and down

and around in 47.4 seconds on June 2. He goes up like

an ICBM but doesn’t stop so well and takes the corners

in a series of not-so-violent jerks. So my prediction for

F.T.D. ’69 is 43 sec. plus.

Qld. wasn’t disgraced with a 47.7 sec. by the “old

man” of Queensland motor sport, G.A.S (Glyn Scott)

in a Lotus 23B. QMSC was well represented. John

French won the Touring department with one only run

at a screaming 51.3 and also punted the MG Midget

at about the same rate. Young Norm Blunt, in the

“Springtwist-Wilton-Acrylan Special” went rather well

to record 55.6 and further widen his experience. Jim

Gibson is also having a bash at the thing and doing

quite nicely thank you in a pretty standard car. Ken

Peters will have to do something in noise-making

department. The Bavarian Beerstein is just too quiet.

Peter Peters drove the 1100cc. Nota Sportsman to a

customary win in the class.

Teale then wiped off most of the appendages on Brian

Tebble’s T.D. Jim Tedman and Noel Orphan had a

minor skirmish around the hairpin area and then pow!!

Barrie Garner exploded the Alton clean through the

chain wire in B.M.C. There were nearly 2000 Romans

to watch the gladiators so Ann Thomson was doing

handsprings over the pile of grass- which makes us

happy because that makes the bank manager happy

and he’s the same one we have and he was previously

unhappy because of that Mother’s Day shemozzle.

In fact the only thing to mar the day was the dust in

the pit area but even that has its compensations – it

kept at least half of the speckies out and it encouraged

everyone to drink more beer when it was all over. And

that I like.

Peter Hollinger (above) in his ‘bedstead’ - note

no goggles, gloves or long sleeves in those days.

(Below) Leonard Teale inspects the damage

inflicted on Brian Tebble’s TD.

In the let’s wreck - ‘em – and - give – the – customer

– some – laughs – and to hell – with – the expense –

department, Homicide’s star starred. Leonard Teale

shot up the hill and mowed down a pole with Kevin

John’s Sprite’s headlight. Not to be outdone K.J.

planted one of the aforesaid poles fair amidships. Mr.

The Octagon - July 2016 25

June Mid Week Run

by run organiser, Neil Summerson

The group met at Keperra Picnic Grounds and

travelled via Samford, Dayboro, to Mt Mee (with

a couple of deviations) for morning tea and

comfort stop. It was chilly but rain free.

It was then onto D’Aguilar, Wamuran,

Caboolture, Beachmere across the Bribie Bridge

to Bongaree where the Council had provided

parking in the park next to the museum.

Desley Horsley, a volunteer at the museum, gave

a short address on the displays in the museum

which included the history of Matthew Flinders

in the Bribie area, the history of the ship, the

“Koopa”, the life of the artist Ian Fairweather and

many other interesting items pertaining to the

Bribie area.

Dane Horgan actually found two electrical items

he built in the early 60’s never realising that he

would live long enough to see his inventions in a


Trevor and Joy Jones were delayed along the

way as Joy had left Trevor’s phone on the dash

and as they went around a bend it slid out the

car only to end up in hundreds of pieces. No

loss, says Trevor.. he never uses it anyway.

The day was fine, the luncheon venue excellent,

the museum was of great interest especially to

those how had never been to this part of Bribie



B Mutch & R Brunkhorst

M Campbell & K Burford

T & J Jones

T Mills

B & T Ibbotson

E & W Hoger

R Jenvey

D Webster

J Davidson

K & D Horgan

C Fox

D Ferro & B Ryan

B Lutwyche

D Miles

A & J Tebbutt

I Kirkpartick

D Thomas

J Burke

V Horgan

D & M Mattea

G & R Hannant

V & E Hamilton

J & P Hesslewood

D Brown & C Brown

O McNeill & R Clydesdale

N Summerson & J Summerson

J Campbell


VW Golf












MG Magnette






Morris Cooper









The Octagon - July 2016

The Octagon - July 2016 27


Darling Downs Chapter

by Gary Lawrence

We have had a number of very entertaining

events over the past two months. A couple of

standouts are the ‘Olde Time Movie Run’ to the

historic Clifton Picture Theatre organised by

Phil & Marilyn O’Brien and our three day run

to the Granite Belt developed by Ron & Judy


The June cold weather has certainly struck the

Downs with a vengeance leaving many MGs

cloistered under cover in their warm garages.

I am out and about on a caravanning tour as I

collate this report, so I have relied on a number

of authors each with their own unique style and

penmanship. Many thanks to those who have

contributed to the words for this edition, Brian &

June Phillips, Ron & Judy Gillis, Phil & Marilyn

O’Brien and Bob & Mavis Marsh.

Granite Belt run 11 to 13 May

After our usual friendly greeting at our starting

point and welcoming John’s two travelling

companions and Mark, we started our tour

with an unscheduled detour, due to the

inconvenience of the convenience being closed

at the Toowoomba Visitor Centre. With our

unscheduled stop completed and after battling

peak hour and school traffic, we were soon

back on track and heading to Pittsworth.

We had a pleasant and uneventful drive via

Leyburn to Karara for morning tea. We passed

a leisurely 30 minutes catching up and enjoying

our cuppas, except for one particular traveller -

not mentioning John’s name – who spent most

of the time trying to boil his kettle on his new

gas stove that would not cooperate.

From Karara we headed south to our next stop,

Glenlyon Dam. Travelling through a variety of

scenic country, the impact of drought was very

evident. It was necessary to be vigilant along

this section because of the bountiful roadkill

and wildlife roadside.

On arriving at Glenlyon Dam we set about

organising our picnic lunches. Some minor

repairs were needed to be done to Ron’s car

to try to overcome some rather bad misses

and backfires. One of our lady travellers

was keen to get into Tenterfield, our next

stop, to do some shopping. Unfortunately, or

fortunately depending on your perspective of

the situation, Ron and Gary provided some

misinformation about the opening hours of

shops in Tenterfield…… this is NSW and

shops are closed on Wednesday afternoon.

This was misinterpreted as gospel, as it was

coming from two ‘honest and reliable’ men.

Consequently Rob saved his bank balance that

afternoon. Ron and Gary just stayed well clear

of Narelle.


The Octagon - July 2016

After our lunch in the pleasant surrounds of

the Dam we moved on to Tenterfield where

we met up with the Warwick and Liston group

- Bob and Mavis, Greg and Beth, and Kevin

and Cheryl. They all had driven directly to

Tenterfield and were now our welcoming

committee. After booking in and settling

ourselves in our rooms we adjourned to the

Barn for a very satisfying and relaxing happy

hour. That night our dinner was cooked and

served by our Motel hosts, and was enjoyed

by all.

Day 2, we left Tenterfield and headed back

north toward Stanthorpe. Our first stop was

Girraween National Park for morning tea where

some of the fitter ones in the group walked a

few of the tracks. It was at Girraween where

Barry & Jan found a unique use for their MGB

roadster…..it became a mobile hanging system

for their clothing.

After our visit to the natural environment of the

park we headed back to the highway, making a

stop on the way at the Pyramids Road Winery

for a tasting.

Travelling via Eukey and Storm King Dam

our lunch venue at the Brass Monkey Brew

House was our next destination. The Brew

House provided a very tasty meal along with

its own quality boutique beers. There is a bit

of a tradition on these drives – drive, eat, drive,

eat – with the odd drink thrown in as well. After

leaving the Brew House the group drove to

the Mt Marley Lookout in Stanthorpe which

provided a spectacular view of Stanthorpe and


Settling into our motel for the night, the

traditional happy hour was soon in full

swing. Our dinner venue, Anna’s Restaurant,

adjacent to our motel, was a great choice

with many struggling to demolish the large

meals. Fortunately, the odd beverage or two

was available to help assist with the digestive


Day 3 dawned with frost on the local parklands

but with promise of a beautiful autumn day.

Once the fog had cleared, from some of the

heads that is, we headed for our morning tea

venue at Vincenzos. The old highway, now

known as the Wine Trail, provides the ideal

opportunity to appreciate the countryside as

well as visit a number of the historical towns

that were the backbone of the wine industry in

this area.

As with all tours, we had reached the point

where participants adopted independent

routes to their home bases in Brisbane, Liston,

Warwick and Toowoomba.

Participants: Ron Gillis, Mark Tranter, Barry

Lutwyche and Jan Burke, John & Marg Boland

with Ken & Merlene Madge, Bob & Mavis

Marsh, Rob & Narelle Fraser, John & Linda

Aston, Kevin & Cheryl Jacques, Gary & Janis

Lawrence, Greg & Beth Newey.

‘Olde’ Time Movie Run 22 May

On Sunday 22nd May the weather was perfect

and did us proud. Dressing for winter or even

The Octagon - July 2016 29


The Octagon - July 2016

MGCCQ 2016 Calendar

Affiliated with the Confederation of Australian Motorsports

GPO 1847, Brisbane Q 4001



Travel before and after Combined Weekend at Mackay, Wednesday of first week to Saturday of the following week 10 nights;

5 Friday MG Noggin N Natter;

6 Saturday Noosa Hillclimb

7 Sunday Queensland Motorkhana Championships Round 4 Driver Training Centre Willowbank /poss Denis Cotton Club Display with Denis Geary Concours (P) venue TBA

10 Wednesday DD City Golf Club Toowoomba, Lunch run, Ron and Judy Gillis;

17 Wednesday Brisbane Exhibition Public Holiday

19 Friday MG Noggin N Natter / poss Night Observation Run Interclub TBC (P) if not July TBA;

21 Sunday CC Baralaba/Banana, Morning Tea Baralaba, Lunch Banana;

24 Wednesday Mid week run organised by Jeff Heslewood 0408799611

27 Saturday Come N Try Test N Tune Hillclimb at Mt Cotton

INTERCLUB Sprint at DTC, Lakeside - Lotus Club

28 Sunday Display at Peak Crossing. Full details are on MGCCQ website


Details TBA, TBA;


2 Friday MG Noggin N Natter;

3 Saturday CAMS State Championship races Rd 3 Morgan Park WDSCC (P)

4 Sunday CAMS State Championship races Rd 3 Morgan Park WDSCC (P) / HSCCQ IMotorkhana (P) Driver Training Centre Willowbank / Pittsworth Street Sprints;

10 Saturday Mt Cotton Hillclimb series Rd 4 (P)

11 Sunday Mt Cotton Hillclimb series Rd 4 (P)

14 Wednesday CC TBA Lunch Run;


Picnic - Peachaven Gardens, Highfield, Lunch run, Ron and Judy Gillis;

16 Friday MG Annual General Meeting Noggin N Natter;

17 Saturday All British Day setup


Queens Park, Toowoomba, Carnival of Flowers Car Display, Gary Lawrence;

18 Sunday All British Day at St Josephs Sportsground Tennyson


All British Day;

25 Sunday DD TBA, John Gosper;

28 Wednesday Mid week run organised by Gary Lawrence 0409576231


1 Saturday Mt Cotton Hillclimb series Rd 5 (P)

2 Sunday Mt Cotton Hillclimb series Rd 5 (P)

3 Monday CC Mystery Tour, A short but interesting trip to somewhere!!!;

7 Friday MG Noggin N Natter;

The Octagon - July 2016 31


Mt Tamborine, Weekend Overnight run 2 nights, Gary Lawrence;

8 Saturday DD Mt Tamborine, Weekend Overnight run 2 nights, Gary Lawrence;

9 Sunday DD Mt Tamborine, Weekend Overnight run2 nights, Gary Lawrence;

12 Wednesday DD Rudds Pub Nobby, Lunch run, Ron and Judy Gillis;

14 Friday poss MR2 club Interclub Observation Run (P) TBC;

15 Saturday poss MR2 club Mid afternoon to Mid evening Interclub Observation run (P) TBC;

16 Sunday CC Capricorn Coast, Option 1 – Day trip to Great Keppel Island, Option 2 – Lunch – Keppel Bay Marina;

21 Friday MG Noggin N Natter;

26 Wednesday Mid week run organised by Allan Tebbutt 0408758523

29 Saturday Australian Hillclimb Championships at Haunted Hills, Morwell, Victoria;

30 Sunday Australian Hillclimb Championships at Haunted Hills, Morwell, Victoria;


TBA, John Boland;


4 Friday MG Noggin N Natter;

6 Sunday HSCCQ Khanacross at Driver Training Centre Willowbank

9 Wednesday DD Leyburn Hotel, Lunch run, Ron and Judy Gillis;

18 Friday MG Noggin N Natter;

19 Saturday CAMS State Championship races Rd 4 Morgan Park WDSCC (P);

20 Sunday CAMS State Championship races Rd 4 Morgan Park WDSCC (P)


Capricorn Coast, Breakfast at Deganis Bakery, Emu Park;

23 Wednesday: Mid week run organised by Trevor Mills 3886 1549 - Christmas run to Bribie Surf Club

27 Sunday INTERCLUB HSCCQ Motorkhana (P) Driver Training Centre Willowbank;


TBA, Breakfast run, Guy and Pam West;


2 Friday MG Noggin N Natter;

3 Saturday Mt Cotton Hillclimb series Rd 6 (P) / Interclub Presentation at Cars and Coffee Coorparoo 7am – 9 am Z Car Club;


Capricorn Coast, Christmas Dinner TBA;

4 Sunday Mt Cotton Hillclimb series Rd 6 (P)

7 Wednesday DD Picnic Point, Breakfast run, Ron and Judy Gillis;

9 Friday Hillclimb Series presentation;

11 Sunday MGCCQ Christmas Party at MGCCQ Clubrooms;

14 Wednesday final working bee for 2016;

More details and information on

our website mgccq.org.au

Working bees are held every Wednesday at the

hillclimb plus others as per the calendar and on

Wednesdays as needed at the clubrooms. Contact

Malcolm Spiden re hillclimb and Max Johnson re

clubroom working bees.

CC = Capricorn Chapter of MGCCQ DD = Darling Downs Chapter

FNQ = Far North Queensland Chapter

WB = Wide Bay Chapter; HB = Hervey Bay Section of Wide Bay Chapter

B = Bundaberg Runs - meeting place Public Car Park Quay Street, Rowers Club

end opposite Walla Street

EMR = Early Morning Run – Sundays 9 am start D = Display event

MWR = Mid-Week Run –Wednesdays 9 am start unless otherwise advised

# # = Attendance Numbers will be needed

TLR = Twilight Run – 5 pm start LTA = Long Trip Away

TBA = To be advised P = Towards Annual MGCCQ Point Score


The Octagon - July 2016





7.30pm at 8/16 Collinsvale St, Rocklea


1. Open Meeting

2. Apologies

3. Minutes of previous meeting

4. Management Committee Report

5. Treasurer’s Report

6. Auditor’s Report

7. Elect President & Committee for 2016/2017

8. Elect Auditor


A General Meeting will follow, hosted by the incoming Committee, at which members

are invited to raise items of interest.

To assist with preparation of the General Meeting agenda please advise the Secretary by

2nd September 2016

At the conclusion of these meetings, food and drink will be available.

The Octagon - July 2016 33




We, as financial members of the MG Car Club of Queensland Inc., hereby

nominate …………………………………………………………………..

For the position of …………………………………………………………

Proposed by …………………………………….

Seconded by …………………………………….

Club No …………….

Club No …………….

I hereby signify my willingness to act in the capacity as per the above nomination

Signed ………………………………………….. Club No …………….

(Nominations must be received by the Sec fourteen days prior to the AGM)




I, ………………………………………………… of ……………………………

Being a financial member of the abovenamed Club, hereby appoint

…………………………………………………... of ……………………………

to vote for me at the *annual / *special general meeting of the Club to be held on

the …………………………... day of ……………………… 20 ….

adjournment thereof.

and at any

Signed this ………………….

day of ……………………… 20 ….

Signature …………………………………………………………………………..

*strike out which ever is not desirable (unless otherwise instructed, the proxy may vote as he

thinks fit).


The Octagon - July 2016

Lester & Rhonda MGTC, Brian & June Phillips

MGTF and fresh from her knee replacement

Judy & Ron Gilles in their Mitsi “MG”(Must be a

new model).

autumn was only essential for Kevin & Cheryl

Jaques who motored down from the high

country (Liston) in their top down MGC. John

& Linda Aston also from the deep south looked

much cosier in their MGB GT.

Leading the Warwick contingent to Allora was

Greg & Beth Newey who resorted to his very

desirable Mark 2 Jaguar so he could secure

Peter & Dee Stein as additional navigators.

John & Jamie Mclean in their Golf R were

followed by Ken Schmidt & Julie hot on their

tail in a BMW. Gary Lawrence & Janis were not

far behind leading the Toowoomba team of Rob

& Narelle Fraser, roughing it in their Mini while

John Smith cruised in his MGB.

At the pre-appointed time Phil & Marilyn

O’Brien’s Triumph TR7 led the band of intrepid

theatre goers on an indirect route through

parched farming land which, as consolation,

will not look any worse when hit by winters

“Jack Frost”. Taking a more direct route &

hence waiting at the Clifton Theatre were

Morning tea demolished, Tom & Jerry cartoons

finished, we all relaxed in the canvas sling

chairs and settled down to the 1976 Classic

“Gumball Rally”. An irreverent look at the

blanket 55mph speed limit imposed during the

70’s in the good old US of A. Starring Raul Julia

(Ferrari) a very young Garry Busy (Camaro)

and one very strange and intense motorbike


Tummies rumbling we managed to stagger

the long walk to O’Shannleys Irish Pub (Next

Door). No one appeared disappointed when

meals arrived & as we booked out the whole

restaurant we could not complain about the

other noisy dinners.

By mid-afternoon we had waddled off in all

directions of the compass with the resolution

to hold an encore performance at a later date

to be confirmed. Thank you to all who attended

and supported the “Olde’ Time Movie Run”

outing, as it is you, the people, who make these

events all that more special.

Participants: Kevin & Cheryl Jacques, John&

Linda Aston, Greg& Beth Newey, Peter &

Dee Stein, John & Jamie McLean, Ken &

Julie Schmidt, Gary & Janis Lawrence, Rob &

Narelle Fraser, John Schmidt, Phil & Marilyn

O’Brien, Lester & Rhonda Brosnan, Brian &

June Phillips, Ron & Judy Gillis

Lunch Run 08 June

The friendly warm Bull and Barley Hotel at

Cambooya was our destination for this midweek

run. With early morning temperatures

dropping to single figures it was invigorating

driving in the crisp clear air of the Darling

Downs with the roof down while wrapped up in

scarfs, coat and gloves.

The colours of the changing season were very

evident, as we transit from autumn to winter…..

the farms freshly cultivated taking advantage

of the recent rains; the farm animals and wild

life foraging in the new growth; the sounds and

smells of nature.

The other road users were cocooned in their

over grown heated SUV’s, listening to inane

garbage on the radio, worrying about being late

The Octagon - July 2016 35

for appointments, racing about like lemmings

and dreaming about retiring.

My motto Seize the day or the Latin name

Carpe dium taken from Robin Williams movie

The Dead Poets Society…… retire early, buy

an MG and ‘live life’.

There is nothing like meeting up with likeminded

people in a friendly pub having a hearty

meal and plenty of laughs: and so it was today.

Six cars carrying 12 like-minded people

ventured out today for this not to be missed

occasion….another wonderful day for the MG

Car Club.

Participants: Sylvia & Kev Johns, Imelda &

Denis Logan, Helen Goodfellow & Ros Morley,

Mavis & Bob Marsh, June & Brian Phillips,

Marilyn & Phil O’Brien

Monthly Run 26 June

The coldest morning of the year for the district

saw six brave people from three cars gather at

Steele Rudd Park, East Greenmount.

Our low attendance was due to many of our

regulars having family and work commitments,

migration to warmer climates for the worst of

the winter and our real smart members, having

found a warm spot, semi hibernating for the


time as our paths don’t seem to cross. Rob

explained that he is a member of fourteen car

clubs and that certainly keeps him occupied.

‘The practical initiative award’ for the day

goes to Rob Callow. When Ferne mentioned

how cold it was in the Magnette, Rob cleverly

suggested she remove the transmission oil dip

stick plug to get some warmth from the motor

but try not to breathe in the carbon monoxide.

Bob and Mavis Marsh receive the ‘cowards of

the day award’ arriving in the Mercedes with

the air conditioner working at full capacity and

making unwelcome remarks concerning the


After morning tea and the usual enjoyable

conversation six cheery folk set off for the run

to Gatton, the three ladies dressed in a manner

that could have won them fashions on the field

at an Alaskan sled dog race meeting. The route

took us through Mt. Sibley to the Heifer Creek

Road and some interesting and scenic areas

to the Gatton R.S.L club. The lunch was of a

very high standard and good value. After an

enjoyable outing we departed and made our

separate ways home.

Participants: Rob& Ferne Callow, Ron & Judy

Gillis, Bob & Mavis Marsh

‘The true M.G.

purist award’ for

the day must

go to Ron and

Judy Gillis who

arrived, as usual,

with the top

down and frost

bite on the ears.

It was great

to welcome

Rob and Ferne

Callow for

the run. On a

personal level

I was very

pleased for I

have not seen

them for some


The Octagon - July 2016


Wide Bay Chapter

by David Hall and Lyn Hayward

15th May 2016 – Kelly’s Combined Run to

Childers and Burrum Heads

Two MGs, a TR3 and a Morrie Tourer headed

off to Childers picking up another 3 cars at

Howard making a total of 12 members who

were joined by the Bundy Crew consisting

of 21 Members and 11 cars for morning tea

in a lovely park by the Railway Line. A good

get together for all members catching up with

one another and the conjoined run down to

Burrum Heads Hotel. We were met by other

members not wanting to do the longer run and

a total of 45 people sat down to a lovely meal

and a cold drink enjoyed by all.

A great day was had by all thanks to Les and

Joukje Kelly for organising this combined run

for us.

Wednesday the 18th May – Five MGs and

a French convertible took a short run through

the beautiful cane fields and then along the

sea front to arrive at the popular Bayaroma

Cafe on the Esplanade Torquay (Sharyn’s

Choice) where we all enjoyed a wonderful

morning tea and a chat about our cars. This

was followed by a trip down to the exhaust

centre for a little red MGB with a “holy” muffler

(bless the little MG).

The car park was full of sports cars 18 MGs

in total (1 from another club), keeping the

onlookers entertained with this amazing

collection of 30 classic cars in the car park.

The Bundy crew took a short run to Darrell’s

favourite beach as others headed for home.

The Octagon - July 2016 37

Thursday 26th May Bundaberg Show

Day - The Bundy Crew had a great day out

with 13 Members and 8 cars representing

our Chapter. They participated in displaying

their vehicles and taking the Show Queen and

entrants in the Grand Parade.

Sunday the 29th May - 16 members and

visitor Christine set off from Hervey Bay

to meet up with Darrell & Jim (a member

from the Gold Coast) at Granville Park

Maryborough. We headed off to our beautiful

destination for Morning tea at Poona Beach,

a peaceful fishing town where time has

forgotten! The tide was coming in as we

arrived and after plenty of conversation of all

things MG there was an inspection of David

Carter’s New Alloy Radiator. A toast to Darrell

& Jackie on their 50th Wedding anniversary

was well received.

We moved along to Rainbow Beach where the

Surf Club was waiting. There we caught up

with two other members of our club, Clarice

& Bill Scot,t who had driven up from the

Sunshine Coast to be with us .

A lovely meal was

enjoyed by all while

our beautiful cars were

being admired and

photographed by the

locals and visitors

alike. There were 7

MGs, an E type Jag,

Datsun Fairlady and


The Octagon - July 2016

an MX5 but the talk of the town was Ellen

Wilson’s beautifully presented YT. It stole the

show - WOW did MG make nice cars back in

the late 1940’s.

A great day was had by all some ladies

disappeared to attack the shops while the

men had another coffee. We now look forward

to the next outing.

Thursday 9th June - Paul Overton organised

another beautiful run thorough the hinterland

one of our favourite places, the Home Made

Cafe at Point Vernon for a $5.00 home made

Cake and Coffee - what a bargain! Eight cars

and thirteen members attended to enjoy the

beautiful food and that view across the bay.

Another great day thanks Paul! After the

enjoyable morning tea the planning team

organised the runs for the next six months.

Hold your hats on and let’s continue on this

great MG journey.

Sunday 12th June – Run to Tirroan with Allan

Dansie It was a chilly breeze that greeted the

Bundy Crew at the RV point in the morning.

After a quick hello to everyone and a brief run

down on our proposed trip we mounted our

trusty steeds and headed for Childers.

At Childers we met up with our members from

Woodgate and after our smoko break left

Childers and headed towards Biggenden via

the Isis Highway. Turning at the Paradise Dam

turnoff we headed to Booyal turning on the

Bruce Highway to Tirroan.

Arriving a little earlier than planned we

enjoyed a refreshing drink while waiting for

our hostess to cook our steaks and sausages.

A very enjoyable salad was supplied to go

with our cooked meat and after another drink

and we said our goodbyes. The Woodgate

members headed home via the Bruce

Highway. We travelled some more MG

friendly country roads and meandered our

way back to Bundaberg via Wallaville and

Goondoon. Everyone had a pleasant and

very enjoyable MG outing many thanks to

Allan Dansie. By Allan Dansie

Wed 29 June - It was a very chilly morning in

Paradise when 9 members in 6 cars met at

the assembly area on the Esplanade Pialba.

We decided to do a leisurely drive along the

Esplanade from Gatakers Bay to Urangan

Pier. It was a relaxing and very scenic drive

indeed! Then taking a short run through the

country side arriving at the French Bakehouse

Airport shopping Centre Urangan. Where we

were met by another member Warren Innes

in his Motorhome.. We had a most enjoyable

morning out and the fabulous food and coffee

were a bonus.

Mingo Crossing weekend - What a week

end , Great weather ,Great friends, Great

music and a fantastic camp site.

The Octagon - July 2016 39


Capricorn & Wide Bay Chapters



Club Members from two Chapters - Wide Bay

and Capricorn - attended this event. With the

location being closer to Rockhampton than to

Wide Bay it wasn’t surprising that the greater

numbers attending were from the Capricorn

Chapter. Their report can be read on the

Capricorn Chapter page of the Club website.

Val and David Peaker of the Wide Bay Chapter

provided the entertaining and illustrated report


Boom! Shudder! What WAS that? Hundreds

of caravans, camper vans and campers

turn off the highway at Ambrose, and drive

between the tall gums, along Gentle Annie

Road before entering Langmorn Rd, Raglan.

You drive along a dusty road, across a

couple of dry creek beds and past crisp,

brown grassy paddocks, before paying $40.00

to camp in the cow paddock, fertilised

appropriately at the Old Flying Station. You

can park anywhere and they did! Parallel,

vertical, save a space for friends/family with

a folding table or chair and drive back to

your campsite on a tractor.

Don’t arrive before 12:30 they said, but our

brother rellies weren’t the first to arrive at

10:30 am, with 132 before them. Maybe the

queue blocked the entry road, like cows

lined up at the diary. The tent pegs were

freshly hammered into the dry, hard ground

when we arrived at 1pm. We’re in their

2nd bedroom - the annexe, with our soft

queen size, air bed. They are in their fully

equipped, en- suited 22’ caravan. Outside,

children are noisily playing. Planes roar over

ahead giving the pilots’ greeting, a winged

wave from the air. 430 more caravans set

up in the paddock.

George Creed started the 6am dynamite

tradition as the wake up call, but the ‘settle

down’ evening dynamite is at no set hour. His

family have carried on this shocking tradition

since his untimely death in 2011, but it’s not

for the faint hearted! This mammoth fund

raising air show has been held for 25 years.

This is a fund raiser for the Capricorn RACQ

helicopter rescue service. A spectacular effort!

We are here with thanks to the advertising

flyer from the MG Club.

It’s 6am Saturday. The dynamite has

been exploded. The wake up music and

announcements are playing over the loud

speaker - we get it in stereo. Perhaps they

think we missed it the first time.

Possibly we did! The air is fresh and crisp.

The sky is clear apart from a few risk

taking, feathered birds dodging the early

motorised, sky birds. The sight from our

folding chairs under our covered annexe is

magic. The tiny planes purr gently along

the grassed runway, with wheels the size of

a wheelbarrow. Bigger warbirds, with their

massive radial engines, roar into the sky to

give the dynamite disturbance a run for its

money. If you weren’t awake before, there’s

no chance of a sleep in now.


The Octagon - July 2016

1100 day trippers snaked in convoy from

the highway to the gate to pay their $20.00

entry fee. Hundreds of planes come out

of the Heavens to assemble across the

far side of the runway. The pilots pitch

their tents under the wing. Dozens of

tractors (Chamberlains, Massey Fergusons,

McCormacks, Bulldogs, Fords, John Deeres)

show off their power as they drag their sleds

to compete in the tractor pull. Antique trucks

(Macks, Bedfords, International) sit proudly

beside the shiny new rigs hoping for the

people’s choice vote. Country hospitality is

displayed in home made cakes, breakfasts,

lunches or dinners served by friendly, local

volunteers. Entertainment for the little kids

comes in blow up slides, jumping castles,

face painting and twisted, balloon toys.

Antique cars, motor bikes and heritage

machinery (1912 Foden steam tractor in

pristine condition) have their separate display

areas but it’s all eyes skywards for the

afternoon air show. Matt Hall, a former

RAAF Fighter Control Combat (Top Gun)

Instructor and international Red Bull aerobatic

competitor, displayed his daring skills. The

bulky, folding wing, World War 11 Grumman

Avenger simulated bomb drops starting a

grass fire. The pilot of a modified Pawnee

displayed his low flying skills to extinguish

the fire with all sirens blearing. The Yak 52s

and the Pitt specials were swirling through

the sky knife edged, inverted, tail sliding,

stall turning and looping against the clear

blue skies. Mono wing, bi planes, Fokker

Tri planes, micro lights and amphibious

planes showed off their ability to an

enthusiastic crowd.

Young, adventurous, dreaming visionaries still

take to our skies. Lachlan Smart (photograph

below), an 18yr old pilot from the Sunshine

Coast, wants to break the record as the

youngest pilot to fly solo around the world,

in his Cirrus SR22, departing July the 4th.

As the plane engines cooled along with

the evening air, the bands fire up. Huge

wood fires toasted the crowd. Chain saws

and cross cut saw challenges drew in

the revellers. These Hervey Bay-ites are

unprepared for the overnight temperature

of 4 degrees. You wouldn’t believe it! The

insulated sign near the caravan door doesn’t

apply to the annexe! Shiver and learn!

Soon after daylight, Sunday, the planes

opened their throttles, looked down on

the station and gave the pilot’s farewell.

Caravans and campers drove off up the

dusty road as volunteers cleared bins,

watered the dusty ground and cleaned the

facilities. For a donation to the helicopter

rescue, the Creed family hosted dinner

for the volunteer crew and the remaining

campers in their Big Shed. We walked back

under the diamond studded sky to our lonely

van, amazed that a family, in the middle

of the bush can put on such an amazing

display. What a mammoth undertaking.

The Octagon - July 2016 41


Enhance Improve


Brakes, Gearboxes, Suspension,

Alloy heads, Wheels, Electronic

ignition, Electric power steering,

Cooling, EFI Systems, Roll bars, Seats,

Exhaust, Fibreglass panels, Gauges,

Limited slip differentials, Air

conditioning, Engine conversions,

Complete car builds

2A Arab Rd Padstow NSW 2211

Email : sales@modernclassiccars.com.au

Tel : 02 9774 2169


The Australian home of




The Octagon - July 2016


Far North Queensland Chapter

Contributions by Wayne and Lyn Morgan, Kim

and Fiona Halloran & John and Cherie Fransen

Sunday 1 May - Hi Falls Farm, Whyanbeel

Attendees - John and Helen Honan (MGB),

Wayne and Lyn Morgan (Healey), Tony Basham

(TD), Alan and Aileen Bielefeld (MGF), Steve and

Maureen Girardi (Triton), Kim and Fiona Halloran

(Merc), Leon Johnson (Mini), John and Annette

Collet (MGA), Alan Searle (MGF), John and Cherie

Fransen (Midget).

Good turnout today for our northbound run past

Port Douglas up through Mossman, onto Hi

Falls Farm. After leaving Cairns we had a quick

stop at Mossman, opposite the old Church, to

regroup, taking some pictures and then continuing

on. Always a nice drive north and the weather

was good today, as we have been having some

unusually wet weather out of season recently, lunch

scheduled for Hi Falls Farm and every time it is a

treat. Good local service and nice fresh produce,

including tropical fruits, the restaurant is set right

beside a beautiful clear running creek and you can

hear the water over the rocks as you sit, eat and

chat, often a blue Ulysses butterfly will flitter past

as you sit on the undercover deck, just to remind

you that we are truly in Nth Qld. The run home

was a little eventful, with Leon in the Mini having

a breakdown before reaching Port Douglas. The

Morgans kindly drove home to grab their trailer, only

to return and pick up Leon and on this run ‘his not

so trusty little green machine’ and driving him home

to Cairns, very much appreciated.

Saturday to Monday 18, 19, 20 June – All British

Day, Townsville

Attendees - John and Helen Honan (MGB), Wayne

and Lyn Morgan (MGB), Tony Basham (TD), John,

Cherie and Zali pup Fransen (Midget), Bob and

Patty Ingram (Bugeye Sprite), Harvey and Kay

Williams (Lotus), Brendon and June Hammersley

(MGB), Alan Wardlaw (MGB), Tony and Yanti

Boland (Porsche).

Saturday at the Cairns Stockland Marlin was

our starting point today, the skies were a little bit

uncertain but a few clouds never deter us, we

were looking forward to the Townsville Jag Club’s

All British Day and our annual group drive south

to Townsville makes for a fun weekend together.

Quick pause at Innisfail for coffee then onto

Cardwell’s park by the sea for the ‘iconic pie van’

lunch stop. A nice drive onto Townsville was without

issue and we pulled into the Monte Carlo Motel mid

afternoon. Once settled, it was time for relaxing

and then to Franks Pizza/Pasta for dinner a short

walk down the road. The heavens started to look a

bit dubious, so it was a matter of cross our fingers

and see for the morning.

The Octagon - July 2016 43


The Octagon - July 2016

Townsville is renowned for being one of the driest

places in Nth Qld, but that was not the case this

weekend!!! Lightning and thunder overnight and

Sunday morning didn’t bring positive news with

the Jaguar Club cancelling the event due to the

weather. In hindsight, it was probably just as well

as the Lotus, Bugeye and one of the MGBs didn’t

have canopys, so would have made for some wet

attendees. What to do????

Photos from top to bottom - Ready to leave from the

Marlin Cairns, Starting point at the big Marlin, Coffee at

Innisfail, Cardwell by the Sea, Cardwell stop, Cardwell

lunch stop, On the way to the All British, Bob’s newly

restored Bugeye.

The Octagon - July 2016 45

Well this bunch can have fun no matter the

situation, so it was off for brunch, then some laughs

for the girls on Keno at the Cowboys Leagues

Club and watching the Darwin V8s on the tele for

the boys, it wasn’t hard to while away the day just

enjoying each other’s company.

Monday after breakfast we were back on the road,

with of course a gorgeous outlook and only a few

clouds above. Oh well it was a nice weekend

together, just not the original plan of showing off our

‘British Beauties’ to the people of Townsville.

Saturday 25 June – Lunch run – Mountain View


Terrific day for a run with John and Helen Honan

(MGB), John Collet (MGA), Bob and Patty Ingram

(MGA), Wayne and Lyn Morgan (MGB), Kim and

Fiona Halloran (MGB) meeting at Tom Dooley Park

at Smithfield 10.30am for an 11am departure. Then

Steve and Maureen Girardi (MGB), Tony Basham

(TD) and Tony and Yanti Boland (TD) met up with

the rest of the group at the lunch stop, Mountain

View Hotel, at the base of the Gillies Range.

It was a really lovely afternoon spent on the deck

overlooking the river. The company was great and

the food was beaut, all agreed it was a ‘top spot’.

We were also joined by Roy Jaques who drove

down from Herberton with his newly refurbished

Series Jaguar E Type Roadster, simply stunning.

After a great afternoon, we all said our goodbyes

and headed on home, all cars ran beautifully and

we now get them ready for our Chapter trip to meet

up with the other Qld Chapters in Mackay in August,

now that will be a fun time, all looking forward to it.


The Octagon - July 2016


Capricorn Chapter

by Gurney T Clamp


Saturday 30 April 2016

While some of our members headed off to Airlie

Beach for the long weekend, Roger Warne &

Phylis , Brian & Glenis Russell, Rosco James,

Neville Funch, Trevor Andersen and Gurney Clamp

decided to take up the invitation from the Golden

Mount Festival committee and travel up to Mount

Morgan to take in a view of what takes place during

the festival.

We were pleasantly surprised by the large number

of stalls in the main street of Mt. Morgan and also

got to view the quality of the entertainment by the

Rockhampton Line Dancers, Belly dancers, and

Pipe band.

At 1.15 pm we gathered along with members of

other car clubs and a huge line up of well designed

and colored floats supported by a large contingent

of individuals dressed up in all sort of period

costumes and outfits. The parade started on time

at 1.30 pm and took us along the both sides of

the main street where we were cheered on by

thousands of onlookers that lined the main street

and beyond.

After the procession Rosco James took us on a

trip up to where the Telstra Towers are located

that gave us a great view of Mt. Morgan township,

the mine and dam. A view that we will have to

take again in 2017. The Bouldercombe Pub was

a popular stop on the way home as there were

members from other clubs there also enjoying the

hospitality of the pub.


26thJune 2016

Following the disappointment of having to postpone

the Tanby Gardens and Byfield tour due to rain on

Sunday 19 the tour on the new date of Sunday 26

was a very successful one. It was held in great

MG touring conditions with most hoods down. The

run started when the central group of Rodney Blair,

Terry Dwyer, Stuart & Ada Clark, Neville & Barbara

Funch, Rosco James, Gordon Kelsey, Allan & Trudy

Stacey and Ian Wilhelmsen met up with the Coastal

group of Trevor Andersen, Ian Carleton, Gurney &

Gloria Clamp, Gary & Julie Kunst at the junction

of Yeppoon and Dairy Inn roads. Here we all got

to meet new members Jack & Rae Cowie in their

1999 Silver MG F which boasted a state of origin

coloured top.

The next stop was at Tanby Garden centre on

Tanby road on the coast for morning tea and on

arrival we were greeted by Sandra Armstrong with

her granddaughter waiting for us all to arrive and to

also find that there were a husband and wife team

entertaining the public with some good music and

singing. As we were finding our seating Gurney

invited a visitor to the centre in Martine Lempire

to join us, to find she and Rae Cowie had some of

the same friends in Rockhampton. It was here that

the members who did not go on the Great Northern

tour that toured the Central Highlands, Charters

Towers, Townsville and Mackay got to hear some of

the stories of the adventures told by the members

who did go. One was about their meeting with MG

car owners from Mackay and Bowen who indicated

that they are looking forward to the All chapter

meeting in Mackay in August where they hope that

The Octagon - July 2016 47

a new chapter will be formed that may be called the

Whitsunday Chapter.

After morning tea Gary & Julie Kunst and Sandra

Armstrong had to leave the group to spend the

day with visiting family while the rest of the group

headed via the scenic highway to Byfield where

Garth & Leslie Barnes joined the group as did

Phil Henry after recently arriving home from the

American tour he and his wife Margaret took.

We then toured through Yeppoon beach front to

Farnborough then over the small range on the

Browns lane road to Byfield. On arrival Trevor

Andersen found that a New South Wales couple

had spotted him in his Daimler Dart in Yeppoon

and followed him to Byfield to allow them to have a

chat with Trevor as they too are the proud owners

of the same model. We were also greeted by new

owners of the Byfield store and found the quality

of the meals etc still the same. It was here that the

Poker run winners were announced with Stuart &

Ada Clark winning for the Coastal group with a pair

of threes and Ian Wilhelmsen winning for central

with two pair.

GREAT NORTHERN TOUR, June 13 - 20 by Ian

Wilhelmsen ………. Assistant Coordinator

The GNT as it shall henceforth be known, began

under grey skies and light rain. Gathering at the

Kershaw Gardens were Stuart and Ada Clark,

Terry Dwyer and Anne Burbidge, Robbie and Gary

Galloway, Gary and Julie Kunst, Ian Carleton, Phil

White and Ian Wilhelmsen, all resplendent in their

T shirts especially made for the occasion thanks to

Terry. The other party of Ron Atwell and his son-inlaw

Phillip would join us in Blackwater for morning

tea. We then hit the road with a tour to Lake

Maraboon and the Fairbairn Dam, travelling over

the dam wall and back to Emerald. The next leg

saw us heading to Clermont for our first overnight


A tour around Clermont started the next day and

we visited Hoods Lagoon, a grotto marking Mary

MacKillop’s Sisters of St Joseph activity in the area,

a memorial to Billy Sing “The Crack Sniper of the

ANZACS” and the piano in a tree. Thus began the

most daunting part of our trip, the long lonely drive

to Charters Towers with only a stop at Belyando

Crossing for lunch. Wednesday was explore

Charters Towers day and with so much history and

a council promoting it excellently, there was no

shortage of things to see and do.

It’s now Thursday and time to pack up and drive to

Townsville but before we get there, Phil White has

arranged for us to visit Lansdown CSIRO Research

Station at Woodstock. On the road again, we took

a detour to Mt Stuart to have an elevated view of

Townsville and surrounds and everyone remarked

what a good hill climb track it would make. Arrival in

Townsville saw us checking in to our motel and then

afternoonsies on the deck overlooking the Coral

Sea. Friday was the day for everyone to do their

own thing with Robbie, Gary G, Ada, Stuart, Gary

K, Julie, Phil, and the two Ians deciding to go to

Magnetic Island.

In the morning we gathered for the leg to Bowen.

We met Cathie Meredith from Mackay in her

yellow 1978 MGB and Graham Hoyle from Bowen

in his MGB GT and had lunch at the café on

Flagstaff Hill. Cathie then lead the troops to our

accommodation for the night in Mackay. I would like

to thank everyone for the great spirit in which the

adventure was undertaken and we certainly have

many stories to tell of the Great Northern Tour of


New members Jack and Ray Cowie at Tanby Gardens,

Neville and Barbara Funch at Byfield and Car Line up

Tanby Gardens.


The Octagon - July 2016

A large collection of photos from this major

trip can be viewed at https://1drv.ms/f/

s!AvkQV9Nvi9aNnltQHujR39OGkuCH - space

allows for publication of only a small selection of


(Top photo) At Rockhampton (Second line) Blackwater;

Clermont (Third line) Road between Clermont and

Charters Towers; At Charters Towers (Fourth line)

Lansdown Station; Townsville (Bottom photo) Bowen

The Octagon - July 2016 49


by David Hall & Lyn Hayward ; photos by Lyn Hayward

The Inaugural Wondai Sprints

were held on 11/12 June and

it was decided by a few of the

MGCCQ Wide Bay that we

would attend as our members

David and Margie Roberts would

be entering the sprints in their

beautifully presented Datsun

260Z (the FAST Yellow Peril).

David has done a lot of work on

the car to get it in full race mode

for the up and coming Sprints and

Hill Climbs including Mount Cotton

and Noosa. We are sure he is

going to do well as he has a great

attitude to this type of racing.

David and Margie arrived in their motor

home on the Thursday to set up Camp with

Workshop alongside as close to the start as

possible. John and Annie Carol came with

their caravan and David and Lyn arrived a

little later in their Motor home towing their

MGA Coupe to enter in the Show & Shine to

be held on Sunday!

Saturday arrived to a glorious blue sky as

the sun was shining on Wondai! It was very

special! The sprints were starting and some

good times were being achieved. Mal and

Elizabeth Cumes members of the Wide Bay

Chapter and owners of an MGA Twin Cam

Roadster came along as support. Then a tap

on the shoulder, and there appeared another

four members from our chapter who had also

come along to support the Yellow Peril. Darrell

Martin brought Bill Manns, Peter Worland

and Peter May along for a day out and to

cheer David and Margie along.

One hundred and five cars lined up to the

starter on Saturday to take their first run for

the morning. The entries ranged from our

friend John Luttnell from Tinana in his Renault

Dauphine to open wheeler full on race

cars. There was even a split windscreen

Morris Minor with a Chev V8 engine - boy did

he go. The newly laid tarmac track around

the Industrial estate and some good times

were achieved once the track warmed up.

Dave Roberts leaves

the starting line in his 1976 Datsun 240Z called Yellow

Peril (photo by Peter Matthews)

Some thought it was going to be easy until

they realised that witches hats had been

placed strategically on the straights just to

make things a little more challenging for the

competitors with David and the yellow Peril

being one of their first statistics. Ooops -

knocking a witches hat added 5 seconds to

the total time for the run. When the tyres and

track warmed up some pretty good times

were being recorded and David’s times were

no exception.

On Sunday Morning we woke to an overcast

day and a bit of a chill in the air but still a

good day for a Show & Shine. 120 entrants

lined up from Hot Rods, Classic Cars, Motor

bikes, Vintage vehicles and even Moderns.

However MGs shone through and gave a

little ray of sunshine to the day. It was nice

to see the late Ken Wilson’s Black MGB GT

V8 looking in pristine condition with a new

air conditioner fitted. We were all pleased to

see it looking so smick. Cars were judged

by People’s Choice and we managed a first

place with our Red MGA Coupe for best

Sports Car Pre 1966.

The whole weekend was very well attended

and organised by the local community who

did a fantastic job involving all the schools,

Sporting clubs, SES and local Service clubs


The Octagon - July 2016

to look after the thousands of people attending.

Their country hospitality and friendly

nature will be remembered for years to

come and I am sure I speak on behalf of our

twelve members who attended this brilliant

weekend that we will be returning to Wondai

again next year.

We found out after we arrived home that

Peter and Delia Rayment were in the Noosa

Beach Caravan Timing the runs. Sorry Peter

and Delia we should have known you would

be there!

(Photos from top to bottom) David and Maggie Roberts

with the trophies won by David and Simon Boss-Walker,

Mal Cumes (L) and David Hall relaxing in the pits,

Relaxing beside the Yellow Peril - L to R Owner Driver

Dave Roberts WBC mates Darrell Martin, Bill Manns and

Peter May, David Hall and Lyn Hayward’s 1960 MGA

1600 Coupe winner of the Pre 1966 Classic Sports Car

Class 3, David Perks MGB GT V8 previously Ken and

Ellen Wilson’s award winning car and a proud David Hall

and Lyn Hayward in front of their MGA Coupe with the

winning trophy (photo reproduced with permission of

South Burnett Online)

The Octagon - July 2016 51

Competition Corner



On track photos are by Steve Johns;

presentation of trophies are by Brad Stratton





by Ace Reporter

Weather played a role on Friday with rain

resulting in very few taking up the offer of

additional practice. Rain on Saturday saw only

the adventurous come out to try the conditions.

This rain washed any rubber from the track

surface and even though Sunday gave a brilliant

winter day the track surface was a dry yet cold

track surface so the possibility of record times

looked uncertain. The entry attracted Malcolm

Oastler current Australian, New South Wales

and Queensland champion in his OMS 28 again

with the Hayabusa turbocharged engine.



First class of each run was for the Holden HQ

group which was won by Anthony Toft with a

best run of 56.01 seconds. Barry Smith (Ford

V8 Special) took the Group K (Post Vintage

Thoroughbred cars 1931 to 1940) with a

61.64 run from John Anderson (Woltri, 63.87).

Production Touring Cars (1958 to 1972) Group

N up to 2000 cc went to Ken Freeburn (again

down from Cairns for the championships) with

a 53.70 time from Paul Shergold (54.35) both

driving Ford Cortina models. Noel Wicks won

the over 2 litre class in his Holden Torana GTR

XU1 (50.91 sec). Fred Sayers took the Group O

for Sports Sedans (Historic Racing and Sports

Racing cars 1966 to 1969) in the ex Don Holland

lightweight Morris Cooper S in 52.03 sec whilst

Steve Purdy Group S (Production Sports Cars

1941 to 1977) MG Midget 49.87 sec. Roy Davis

took the Group T (Production Sports Cars with

a Competition History 1941 to 1981) in his

Triumph GT6 running a 49.13 time with the

Group U class (Sport Sedans up to 1985) going

to Chris Johns in his Ford Escort with a best run

The Octagon - July 2016

of 47.54 seconds.




The All Wheel Drive Forced Induction class

went to the multiple Queensland Motorkhana

Champion, Noel Caplet, in the Subaru Liberty

turbo with a best run of 48.21 seconds and Derek

Grant in his Subaru Liberty turbo GT with a 57.79


Mark Pryor was quickest of the Hyundai Excel X3

Series cars with a 51.85 run which was only 0.08

sec outside the class record with Bradley Smith

(53.68) and Tony Walsh (55.35).



The smaller engine capacity class in Improved

Production cars was won by Grant Liddell

(Datsun 1200 Coupe, 52.74) from Karl Reinke

(Hyundai Excel, 61.28) slightly ahead of Jo

Reinke (Hyundai Excel, 61.63 seconds). Dave

Sidery (VW Beetle, 50.61) finished ahead of

Karlie Buccini (Proton Satria, 50.76) in the 1601

to 2000 cc class whilst the 2001 to 3000 cc class

saw a tussle between Ken Graham (Datsun 1600

SSS,45.93) and Pauline Graham (Datsun 1600

SSS, 46.33) with Troy McGrogan (Mitsubishi

Lancer, 48.45) and Martin Egglesfield (Ford

Fiesta ST turbo, 49.41) completing the class. Ken

was quickest over the first 2 runs until Pauline

grabbed the lead with a 46.33 run to hold this

position until the fifth and final climb with Ken

recorded the winning run with a 45.93 time.

Paul Buccini took the over 3 litre capacity class

with a run of 47.13 secs in his BMW 135i from

the Holden Commodore of Noel Preston (51.27


The PRC Rally car class went to John Gibson in

his Mitsubishi Lancer GSR with a 53.47 time from

Ray Evans driving the Ford Escort with a best run

of 54.05 seconds.

Daryl Morton was quickest in the Sports Sedan

category up to 1600 cc class with a 48.44

seconds best run in his Morris Cooper S followed

y Gavin Taylor who was using a new set of tyres

to record a 49.35 second run in his VW Golf to

finish from Ken McAndrew (Datsun 1000, 52.30)

then Kristy McAndrew (Datsun 1000, 53.15)

while the 1601 cc to 2 litre class went to Ross

Mackay with a 46.90 time in his Ford Escort. In

the over 2 litre class the first four place-getters

were covered by 0.73 seconds with David Malone

(Torana GTR XU1, 44.24) being the quickest

from Garry Ford (Ford Escort V8, 44.87), Daryl

Small (Commodore VL, 44.92), Mark Trenoweth

(Jaguar XJS, 44.97) then Alex Daniels (Ford

Escort turbo, 47.27), Jeff Daniels (Ford Escort

turbo, 48.59), Sean Sorrenson (Ford Anglia,

50.98), and Christopher Sorrenson (Ford Anglia,


Bill McCollum took the Production Sports cars

up to 1600 cc in his Mazda MX5 with a 60.97

run. The 1601 to 2000 cc saw an exchange of

lead between Zaid Latif (Lotus Exige) and Brad

Stratton (Mazda MX5) for the class win. Brad had

the early lead (52.61 sec) to Zaid (54.18 time)

then Brad from Zaid (49.93 to 51.38) before Zaid

drove a 49.30 time to break the record Teruo

Delacroix of 49.33 set in 2013 and win the class.

Craig Winter and Peter Andrews continued their

close tussle in their MGFs. Peter was ahead after

the second run 53.46 to Craig’s 53.73 run before

Craig went ahead with runs of 52.73 seconds

then a final run of 52.10 to Peter’s best run of

53.30 whilst Stephen Callaghan drove a 58.39

time in his MGB.



Brian Pettit won the Marque Sports up to 1600

class in his Westfield Clubman in a run of 46.03

seconds from Ainsley Fitzgerald (Arrow Clubman,

47.72) then Jon Young in his Caterham Super 7

(53.65 seconds). Other class winners were Jason

McGarry in his Caterham Super 7 (48.69 sec)

who won the 1601 to 2000cc class whilst Mark

Crespan (Ford RMC, 46.04) took the over 2 litre


Sports Cars (Closed) went to Randall Bryson

in his Suzuki Swift turbo (51.03 secs) just 0.04

seconds ahead of Steve Torphy (Mazda RX7

turbo, 51.07) then Russell Bryson (Suzuki Swift

turbo, 52.12 seconds).

Classes in the Sports Car (Open) up to 2000 cc

was won by Therese Wade in the Chris Johns

Suzuki Cappuccino turbo (54.03 secs) whilst the

over 2 litre went to Jeff Graham (Mazda MX5 S/c,

49.01) from Alan Barlow (Austin Healey Sprite

turbo, 50.67 secs).

Mark Maczek won the Superkarts class with a

best run of 45.62 seconds in his PVP kart.




Travis Johns took the Supersports/Sports 1300

class in his Esprit Sports 1300 with a best run of

45.97 seconds which was the fastest sports car

during the Championships.

Rick Miles was the quickest in the Formula Ford

category in his Kookaburra FF91 (45.81 seconds)

ahead of Gary Goulding in the Vector TF94

recording a 47.11 time.



Mark Pickering took the up to 750 cc class in his

Tibikart Special with a 55.69 second run. Neil

Lewis won the 751 to 1300 cc class with his best

run of 40.67 in his Fly 001 set on his second run.

His third ended in the nuts and catch fence as

he arrived at the hairpin from the second loop to

find he had no brakes. The electronics recorded

a 152 kph speed and a 5 g force going into the

nuts. Next in the class was Jim Milliner (OMS

200M) with a 41.19 seconds then Dave Morrow

(Krygger Suzuki, 42.60), David Homer (Group A

GAE001, 44.23), then David Quelch in his Black

Arrow Honda with a best time of 45.87 seconds.

Michael von Rappard (Dallara F392 Hayabusa)

won the 1301 to 2000 cc class with a best run

of 38.97 from Darren Read in the Hayward

09 chassis for a best run of 40.46. The large

capacity class would produce the outright winner.

The first run saw Dean Tighe (Dallara Judd

4.0) was ahead with a 38.60 run from Malcolm

Oastler 38.84 (OMS 28 Hayabusa turbo) then

Ron Hay (Synergy Dallara, 43.02) and Darren

Duffield (RPV 01B, 44.80). Both Malcolm and

Dean recorded their fastest time on their second

attempts with Malcolm moving ahead with a

37.87 time to Dean’s 38.01 seconds. Ron Hay

improved his times to 41.37 as did Darren with a

44.02 seconds

The Octagon - July 2016 53

Trophy winners

Malcolm Oastler - 2016 Qld Hillclimb Champion

Malcolm Oaster receives the trophy from major sponsor, Jason

McGarry of Eureka Landscapes

Dean Tighe - 2nd outright and winner of John English trophy

for fastest Qlder

Dean collects the John English trophy for fastest Qlder from

John English

Michael von Rappard - 3rd outright and winner of the

Paul Aitken trophy for fastest time by a motor cycle

powered car

Michael receives the Paul Aitken Trophy from

Dick Johnson


Travis Johns - Glyn Scott Trophy for fastest sports car

The Octagon - July 2016

Matt McEachan MP for Redlands presents Travis Johns

with the Glyn Scott Trophy

Martin Tighe Trophy for fastest time by a Formula Ford

Dean Tighe presented the Martin Tighe trophy for best

Formula Ford to Rick Miles

David Malone - Vince Appleby trophy for fastest time by

a sedan

The Appleby Trophy for fastest sedan was presented to

David Malone by Dick Johnson

Roy Davis - Hamilton Trophy for best performance by an

historic car

In the Hamiltons’ absence Dick Johnson presented Roy

Davis with the Hamilton Historic Trophy

Craig Winter, winner of Best MG 1601-2000cc, with Dick Johnson

Steve Purdy, Best MG Group S with John English

The Octagon - July 2016 55

Phone or fax for a





The Octagon - July 2016



In the past two months,

there have been two

pointscoring rounds for

MGCCQ which have

put us second on the

pointscore table behind

the Lotus Club.


This event was the third in the series of

Interclub challenge events and brought to

the hillclimb some cars and entrants not

normally seen there. The diversity proved

interesting to the good number of spectators

who came along.

FTD - Jim Milliner (MGCCQ) and

(below) Superkarts - Gary O’Mullane (MGCCQ)

The entries ran in twelve classes - slightly

different to the usual series classes - and

our Club gave trophies to class winners and


Fastest time of day went to Jim Milliner who

had posted three near under 40s with the

best of them, a 40.15, giving him the trophy

along with the class win and Interclub points

for MGCCQ.

Class winners :

Road registered cars up to 2000cc

- Don Milner (AQ)

Road registered cars 2001 and over

- Noel Caplet (HSCCQ)

Imp Series production cars up to 2000cc -

Scott Doyle (HSCCQ)

Sports sedans - Piers Harrex (SMWCC)

Historic sports and racing cars

- Don Webster (MGCCQ)

Imp and Series prod cars 2001 and over

- Pauline Graham (MGCCQ)

Prod sports cars up to 2000cc

- Zaid Latif (LCQ)

Prod sports cars 2001cc and over

- Phil Hart (LCQ)

Clubman sports cars - Brian Pettit (MGC-


Sports cars -- Travis Johns (MGCCQ)

Superkarts - Gary O’Mullane (MGCCQ)

Racing cars up to 1300cc - Jim Milliner



This was the fourth round and, while no individual

points were given, there were Club

points for participation and, thanks to the

number of our members who took their cars

along to Belmont on May 22, our Club continues

to run in second place in the series.

Cars in our display which rightfully demanded

most attention from the viewers

were Ross Kelly’s J3 and MGA and Craig

Carlson’s MG TC. They got the attention of

the judges as well with Ross going home

with two trophies.

Club members known to have their cars on

display include: Don Webster (MG TD), Ray

Chappelow (MGB), Peter and Sue Hope

(MGB), Ross Kelly (J3 and MGA), Grahame

and Wendy Amy (MGY), Craig Carlson

(MG TC), johbn and Pat Walker (MGA),

Neil and Joanne McCorkindale (MG TF),

Bernie Pereira (MGB), Neil Mills and Clive

Mulder (MGB GT), John Davidson (MGB

GT), Shaun Rankin (MGB GT), Mike Barnett

(MGB GT), Vern and Elaine Hamilton (Morris

Cooper S), Brian Purvis (MG TF), Glen

and Jill McDonald.

The Octagon - July 2016 57

While this issue is in production, some of our members will be competing in round 6 of the

series, a sprint meeting at Morgan Park on July 9 organised by the Porsche Club. Following

that, on July 3, Round 7 is an extended observation run.

Overview of

MGAs, Ross

Kelly’s J3

and MGA,

Ross Kelly

collecting one

of his trophies

and Craig




The Octagon - July 2016



by Ace Reporter; photos by Steve Johns

Winter really arrived this weekend with cold

temperatures. The track surface was dry;

however, given the rain over the previous

weekend the grass verges either side of the

track surface remained slippery.

Throughout this event as more rubber was

being laid on the surface with each of the

10 runs there were broken records for 2

competition classes including the outright

club record which was the first sub 37

second time set by a Queensland driver.


The first run set the close competition for

the day as Gregory Tebble (Locost Roadster

Turbo) lost 5 points ahead of David Dumolo

(Triumph TR3A, down 6 points), Andrew

Willesden (MGB, loss of 7 points) with

Lindsay Derriman (Toyota Camry, down 10

points), Shaun Rankin (MGBGT, minus 12)

with Flavio Paggiaro (MGBGT V8) having

a spin at the hairpin which dropped him 17

points. Greg maintained his lead after run

2 with one point from David and Andrew

equal on 7 points, Lindsay 10, Shaun 12

and Flavio down 27. Run 3 resulted with

Greg (-6), David (-8), Andrew (-9), Shaun

(-14), Lindsay(-28) and Flavio (-31). Andrew

claimed the lead at run 4 as he did not lose

any more points to jump Greg (- 10) then

David (-12), Shaun (-20), Lindsay (-34) and

Flavio (-43). Greg jumped to the lead on

the penultimate run (-11) with David and

Andrew tied on minus 13 ahead of Shaun

(-20), Lindsay (-50), then Flavio (-55). Final

run gave the class win to David Dumolo who

remained on minus 13 points followed by

Andrew (-17) then Greg (-18), Shaun (-22),

Flavio (-59) and Lindsay (-62).


Production cars up to 1600 cc class went

to Daniel Zeimer (Toyota Corolla, 54.30);

n Bucifal (Hyundai Coupe, 68.38) won the

1601 to 2 litre class with the over 2 litre

class going to Martin Eggesfield (Ford Fiesta

ST turbo, 49.58) from Cameron Bolt (Nissan

Skyline 350GT, 51.76), Chris Balhatchet

(BMW 325i, 53.34) and Ray Balhatchet

(Nissan Skyline turbo, 60.49 seconds).

Shane Merrick (Datsun 1200 Coupe, 48.56)

was quickest in the Modified Production up

to 2 litres from Dave Sidery (VW Beetle,

51.24), Noel Dore (VW Beetle, 52.50)

including a spin coming out of the first loop)

from Karl Reinke (Hyundai Excel, 60.37)

and Jo Reinke (Hyundai Excel, 60.60). In

the over 2 litre class winner Paul Buccini

(BMW135i, 47.15) was followed by Brendan

Merrick (Datsun 120Y turbo, 51.02),

Jonathan Anable (BMW 325i, 52.05) then a

tie between the Falcon of Paul Milevskly and

the Commodore of Bill McCollum (both on

52.48 seconds) with Bob Bowden (Datsun

180B SSS, 53.02) and Warren Milevskly

improving his times from 68.80 to 62.02

seconds. Paul Milevskly had a long slide out

of the first loop and onto the inside grass

verge during his second run on Saturday.

All Wheel Drive Forced Induction went to

Damon Stuckly (Impreza WRX, 52.50) from

John Stuckly (Impreza WRX, 52.61) and

Derek Grant (Subaru Liberty GT, 56.41).

John held the lead for the runs on Saturday

with a 54.02 from Damon 54.30. Damon

grabbed top spot on second run on Sunday

(run 6 for the weekend) with a 53.69 time

from John (53.81). The order was reversed

on run 8 with John now ahead on 52.61

from Damon (53.63). Run 9 produced the

final places with Damon recording his best

52.50 time run from John (52.61).

The Hyundai X3 Series class went to Mark

Pryor (51.55) followed by Brad Smith (53.39)

with Gloria McAndrew (56.25) edging out

Ross McAndrew (56.32) from Gary Goulding

(57.98) with Shane McAndrew (58.42).

Ray Evans won the PRC Rally car class with

a best time of 52.89 in his Ford Escort.

The Octagon - July 2016 59

Improved Production up to 1600 class was

won by Grahame Rumballe in his VW Golf

(55.35 secs). The 1601 to 2000 cc class

went to Karlie Buccini (Proton Satria GTi,

50.96) including a neat 360 degree spin out

of the first loop on the first run on Sunday

morning to finish from Wayne Ferguson

(VW Fastback, 57.38) and Ian Dalglesh (VW

Fastback, 58.62). Ken Graham took the big

capacity class in a 45.88 time from Pauline

Graham (46.46) in the Datsun 1600 SSS.

Sports Sedans up to 2000 witnessed the

Escort tussle between Ross Mackay and

Tyson Cowie. Ross Mackay was ahead

on Saturday with a 46.25 time in his Mk 1

Escort ahead of Tyson (46.49 run in his Mk2

Escort). Unfortunately for the spectators

Ross was unable to get gears from first

run on Sunday morning so we watched as

Tyson tried to best Ross’ time. Tyson’s runs

were 47.77, 46.91, 46.57, 46.43, 46.29 the

on the final run a 46.08 time to claim the

class. Next in class was Daryl Morton Morris

Cooper S (47.51) just 0.41 second ahead of

Gavin Taylor (VW Golf, 47.92), then Craig

Harrison (Daihatsu Charade, 51.10), Jason

Martell (Ford Escort, 52.12), Ken McAndrew

(Datsun 1000, 52.20) and Kristy McAndrew

(Datsun 1000, 52.42).

Mark Trenoweth steered the large Jaguar

XJS around in 43.50 just 0.17 second

outside his record to take the over 2 litre

class from David Malone (Holden Torana

GTR XU1, 44.05), Glen Anable (BMW 2002

turbo, 47.46), Scott Anable (BMW 325i

turbo, 47.85) and Paul Wilson (Datsun 1600,

55.84). Glen’s weekend ended on the fourth

run when the oil escaped from the engine

via the oil filter. A quick cleanup by volunteer

marshals, drivers and pit crews enabled

the remainder of the last run on Saturday

to be completed. The track was readied on

Sunday morning for competition.


Jim Heymer took the Formula Vee 1200 cc

class in his Hornet Formula Vee with a 53.35

run. He reported that with the cold weather

he found it difficult to get heat into the tyres

as well as keep himself warm even with his

newly acquired race suit. Craig Hughes took

the Formula Vee 1600 class with a 49.68

run in his Hughes VWMA.

Nathan Quelch won the Superkarts class in

his Honda CRF Arrow (47.32) which was set

on his first run just ahead of Gary O’Mullane

(Kinsella, 47.43). Gary’s runs included one

stop in the hairpin (on his second run) then

a visit into the Queensland nuts the first time

into the hairpin on his third run.

Formula Libre up to 1300 went to Jim

Milliner OMS 2000M with a 40.02 then Neil

Lewis (Fly001, 40.80), David Quelch (Honda

Black Arrow, 44.78) and Mitchell Allwood

(Energy Firecat, 47.68).

1301 and over saw Dean Tighe (Dallara

Judd) lower his own class record from 37.93

set during the April meeting to 37.87 (on

run 2) and 38.70 on run 3 on Saturday. On

Sunday Dean continued to lower to 37.70

(on run 6), then 37.08 (on run 7) and a 36.99

time on run 8 to set a new class and outright

club record plus also being the fastest

Queenslander around Mt Cotton. Michael

von Rappard Dallara F392 recorded sub 40

second times with 39.63 (on run 3), 38.87

(run 6), and a personal best of 38.48 on run

9 to finish runner up in class and overall on

the day.


Geoff Frizell won Class P starting with

a 64.98 in his Elfin Mallala replica then

recording quicker times of 61.70, 60.74,

59.95, 58.71, to finish with a best run and

record of 58.59 seconds. Alan Telfer lowered

the Group Q (Historic Racing and Sports

Racing cars 1970 to 1977) from 59.61 to

58.11 then 57.97 in his Lotus 7 Clubman.

Group U (Sports Sedans cars to 1985)

went to Chris Johns in his Escort in 46.86



Marque sports cars 1601 to 2000 cc

witnessed a great tussle between Zaid Latif

(Lotus Exige) and Brad Stratton (Mazda MX-

5) which lasted until the final run. Saturday

runs found Brad ahead with a 49.98 to

Zaid’s 50.61 run. This order remained until

climb 8 with Zaid (49.26) to Brad’s 49.40.

Final run saw Brad stop the clocks at 49.21


The Octagon - July 2016

then Zaid claimed the class with a 48.47

time. Close behind was Ross Ponting

(Mazda MX-5, 51.60) who chased down the

51.86 time set by David Robertson (Subaru

BRZ, 51.86), Andrew Lake (MGF, 54.31),

Berenice Stratton (Mazda MX-5, 54.52) and

Greg King (Toyota MR2, 56.08). The over

2 litre class went to David Roberts in his

Datsun 240 Z in 49.50 seconds.

Brock Paine took the Sports Cars (closed)

under 2 litre class with a 52.17 run in his

Nissan Silvia (52.17) with the larger capacity

class going to Terry Johns (Nissan JFR S15)

in 50.15 seconds. The Sports Cars (open)

class was won by Therese Wade in the JFR

Suzuki Cappuccino turbo in a time of 52.74

seconds whilst the Clubman Sports Cars

went to Ainsley Fitzgerald (Arrow Clubman,

49.04) set on Saturday before he had

electrical issues as fuses kept blowing. Next

were Greg Fairbrother Westfield SEW 51.93

and Jon Young Caterham Super 7 with a

52.77 run.


David Malone (44.63), Mark Trenoweth

(44.90), Neil Lewis until smoke emitted from

cockpit on his way to the finish line resulting

in a DNF, Jim Milliner 41.98, Michael von

Rappard who slowed through the second

loop as maybe the pit crew omitted to refuel

the Dallara thus robbing the spectators of a

tight finish to record a 56.21 run, and Dean

Tighe (37.84).

Fastest time of day: Dean Tighe

Top Six elimination: Dean Tighe (see cover photo)

Young driver,

Brock Paine who

won the Most

Improved Award

for best first-timer

at the hillclimb

and (below)

Best MG: Flavio

Paggiaro who

won the Award

despite this one


The Octagon - July 2016 61

Round 3 photos from Ian Colley


The Octagon - July 2016

The Octagon - July 2016 63


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The Octagon - July 2016

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