Octagon May, 2016


Official Journal of the MG Car Club of Queensland Inc.



No. 3 May 2016

Photographer, Leigh Wright, of the Darling Downs Chapter managed to capture

an apparently unending string of MGs on a Chapter run. Her photo shows the rolling

background of the Downs and a significant Octagon sign in the foreground. The first five cars

and their passengers in the photo are: Magnette: Rob and Fern Callow; TF : Helen Goodfellow;

MGB : Ron and Judy Gillis; MGB : Delia Morey; MGA: John and Marg Boland.

The Octagon - May 2016 1


Name Phone Mobile Email


Richard Mattea (Carly) 3325 0409 0488 224 105 richard.mattea@yahoo.com




Malcolm Spiden 3266 6350 spidenm@yahoo.com.au


Carly Mattea (Richard) 3325 0409 0410 310 452 moffmat@bigpond.com


Don Webster (Ann) 3379 2566 0439 526 060 donweb@bigpond.net.au

Ken Wasley (Barbara) 3378 6202 0423 152 723 wasmg11@gmail.com

Neil Lewis 3807 6273 0417 773 425 neil.lewis@clarkslogancity.com.au

Dean Tighe 0419 774 441 sales@tighecams.com.au

Steve Price 0448 325 247 sjp61@internode.on.net


Position Name Phone Position Name Phone

Event Secretary Fred Sayers 3359 2623

Annette Truscott 0407 494 867

Ev. Sec. Asst. David Robinson 3255 9037

Richard Mattea 3325 0409

CAMS Delegate Gary Goulding 3351 3506

(Alternative) Ann Thompson 3378 1368

Chaplain Ken Trudgian 3886 3409

Club Captain Don Webster 3379 2566

Canteen Convener (Mt C) Vacant

Special Interest Vehicle Paul Strange 3398 1993

Concession Contract pstrange@bigpond.com

Webmistress Glenda Crew 3341 4397

Clubrooms Max Johnson 3201 5826

Regalia Meryl Miles 3892 2699

Library David Robinson 3255 9037

Point Score Ian Fettes 3803 3858

Membership Sec. Peter Rayment (Delia) 0407 693 947

National Meeting Noeline Johnson 0427 220 602



Chapter Liaison David Miles 3892 2699

Far Nth Qld Chapter John Fransen 0458 658 830

Wide Bay Chapter David Hall 0490 363 889

Darling Downs Chapter Gary Lawrence 4696 8314

Capricorn Chapter Gurney Clamp 4939 4760

Octagon Editor Elaine Hamilton 3893 2438 0418 870 782 vprojects@internode.on.net

All enquiries to the secretary:

C/o GPO Box 1847 Brisbane 4001


The Octagon - May2016

Headquarters: 8/16 Collinsvale Street, Rocklea

E & OE Hillclimb: Gramzow Road, Mt Cotton

The opinion of the editor, correspondents and advertisers expressed in this magazine are not necessarily those of the management

committee of the MG Car Club of Queensland Inc. and as such the club accepts no responsibility. Published six times a year members

personal advertisements are free. Club constitution available in clubrooms. Copyright 2013 MGCCQ.

President’s Report

Time, once again, seems to have flown with reminders

of my deadline for this report coming politely - and

sometimes frequently - into my inbox. Why does time

seem to fly? I believe that there are at least two reasons.

One is that we are always busy and the other is that we

are always planning ahead. Our calendar of Club events is

proof of both of these.

This magazine and the Club website provide you with

reports of all of these events but I want to take time to

acknowledge those who really make them happen.

The most important event so far this year has been the

National Meeting in Perth. A surprisingly large number of

our members planned for this for twelve months or more

as the need to explore ways and means of getting cars

and people to Perth is not as simple as a drive to Ballina

or Toowoomba or Newcastle. Paul Lupton took on the

long, and sometimes tedious, job of assisting people to

get their cars safely across the continent. Planning for this

took much longer than twelve months and I hope that Paul

felt some reward as he saw the vehicles arriving safely

at their destinations viz Perth and then home. Noeline

Johnson, our National Meeting coordinator, is already

organising the accommodation for next year’s National

Meeting in Adelaide. Her choice of accommodation

in Perth was greatly praised and appreciated by our

members. Many of our Club members chose to make their

own way to Perth and if you, like I, read the Rayments’

article in the previous Octagon you will get an idea of how

much individual effort also goes into representing our Club

at these events.

So, what was the result of these efforts? Collectively, the

Club won the Wratten Trophy, possibly considered the

major trophy for the event. Congratulations and thanks to

all of you who contributed to that success by partaking in

the competitive events. Thanks also to those of you who

went also as social participants and supporters of our

‘team’. Reports indicate that everyone had a great time.

Space here does not allow me to comment on all events

so I will just mention two more here now and comment on

others in future reports.

David Miles, a two times Past President and now Chapter

Liaison Officer, has taken the initiative in organising a

getting-together of all elements of our club - the four

Chapters and those of us who reside in the Metropolitan

area. David was essentially responsible for the

establishment of the four Chapters though the momentum

for the first one, the Wide Bay Chapter, came from the

late Ian “Luigi MeeGee” Bryant. If the National Meeting

in Perth was an inter-state event, this is our intra-state

event and is being held in Mackay on August 19, 20, 21.

Planning within the Chapters for their runs to Mackay

is well in hand but it would be great to see some others

of us have the time available to go along and represent

those of us who can’t make it there. The formation of the

four Chapters, most of them now either more or nearly

ten years ago, has brought fresh vitality and a boost of

membership to the Club. I am sure I am not the only one

who reads the reports of their many social events with

envy and also with thoughts of ‘I must take the family

there some day’ when reading reports - and seeing the

photos - of the runs and the beautiful locations they visit.

The other event I want to draw attention to is the Interclub

Challenge which has been revived this year after a short

break. This is a series of competitive events of various

types - night runs, motorkhanas, sprints, car displays

and a hillclimb - with Clubs taking on the responsibility

of putting on events of their speciality. Thus, we are

organising the hillclimb on 14 May and, later in the year, a

navigation run. These events bring together people from

a diversity of clubs including the Lotus, Porsche, MX5,

Alfa Romeo, BMW, WRX and Sprite. It is motorsport at

a basic, friendly yet competitive level and a great way

to go out and enjoy your car and the comradeship of

like-minded people. You can check out all the events from

our Calendar or from the Interclub Challenge page on our


Such is the activity within the Club that there are still

many more events to talk about and many more people

to acknowledge for their continuing contribution as

organisers and participants.

My final words for now are words of thanks to those who

‘step up to the mark’ or ‘come out of the woodwork’ and

turn up to assist when, as has happened a few times

this year, an urgent call has gone out for assistance. My

heartfelt thanks to all of you who answered those calls.

- Richard Mattea

Ross Kelly 3352 4151

0407 364 543

MG ZR, ZS, ZT Ken Wasley 0423 15 27 23

The Octagon - May 2016 3

Some words from Elaine

Well, here it is - another bumper issue. There was a time

when the Octagon was as little as one Fordigraphed

sheet of paper and then it grew and then - along with the

Club - it grew even bigger. We started to think that 48

pages was BIG but now you’ll notice that 64 pages has

almost become the norm.

Why? One answer is that there is a lot going on in our

Club and there are people prepared to tell us about

these events; another is that there are people prepared

to take the initiative and share some of their wonderful

experiences with us.

Thus we have had articles such as the series by Russ

Geraghty about his experiences on his and Jenny’s MG

themed trip to Britain and the serialised account of the

MG Panamerican marathon trip - to name just two. The

good news is that there will be more to come with Ross

and Shez Letten already in the US ready to undertake

their group trip across the North American continent

which this time includes a pre-planned meetup with that

other roving adventurer, Giles Cooper.

Hopefully in the next issue we will have the Rayments’

account of their trip to and from Perth in their MGY and

also the final of Ross Geraghty’s series - I’ll leave the

topic of it as a teaser for next time.

I’ve had space on one occasion to include articles by

Alexandra Whiteley - an MGCCQ member from the

Darling Downs - about her motor sport ambitions and her

current exploits in a series in NZ. This series has now

come to an end and she should be very proud of her

results. Reports of all of her races couldn’t be included

here but they are on the NEWS page of our website.

There are also other things that just can’t be fitted

into even a 64 page Octagon and some of these are

the marvellous photos that come in with reports of

all events including Chapter reports. The Wide Bay

Chapter submitted 39 photos with their report for this

issue, everyone of them worthy of publication but only

about a quarter of them could be accommodated. The

good news is that all of the their photos - not just for

their report, but for every report - are included on the

appropriate page of our website. There is a feast of

viewing there.

Talking of Chapters and their photos - the cover photo

comes from those submitted with the Darling Downs

Chapter report. The sight of a long line-up of MGs on

the road at an appropriately Octagon shaped STOP sign

just leapt out as deserving of prominence.

I hope you are enjoying ‘Stories from the Stables’.

Those of you who knew Ian Bryant of the Wide Bay

Chapter will find this one somewhat poignant but also

fitting in its bringing back memories of this larger than

life man.

You may think that the article on the Wide Bay Chapter’s

‘Bundy Crew’ has escaped out of the Chapter Chatter

section. This is because it is the report of their “Magical

Mystery/History Tour,” a run which was inspired by an

article which appeared in the Sept 2012 Octagon. Read

it to find out why ....

Competition Corner has a slightly different look to it

this time mainly because Ace Reporter has been away

driving his MG around Australia (now there is another

story to be written for us ... !) and Cub reporter was

short on detail but long on data. Watch for Ace’s return

in the next issue. A thought -- does anyone has the

ability to produce a sketch of their image of Ace? I would

love to have one to give extra visual appeal to that


Once again I invite you all to share your MG based

experiences with us all whether it be just an interesting

photo or a major serialisation of a long journey or

anything in between.

Which brings me appropriately enough to the closing

date of 30 June for material for the July issue. Included

in that issue will be the Notice of Meeting and Agenda

for the AGM which is held in Sept. No wonder the

year seems to fly by! Our Constitution requires that a

Notice of the Meeting goes to every member and that

the notice must be received at least 14 days prior to

the meeting. Inclusion of it in the July Octagon is the

most cost-effective way of meeting those requirements.

This also has the side benefit of giving all of you time

to consider whether you would like to become more

involved in the running of the Club by nominating for


Happy reading - and writing!


The Octagon - May2016

Notice Board

The Clubrooms are open on the first and third Friday nights of each month with hot food starting at 6.30

pm priced as low as $3. The goal will continue to be to have something special happening on the first

Friday of each month. Your suggestions are welcomed.

(P) indicates that the event is pointscoring for Club trophies. The rules for pointscoring for trophies can be found on the News page

of the Club website. The pointscore is updated throughout the year by Ian Fettes so you can see how competitive you are. Please

contact Ian with any queries you may have.


Sun 19 Interclub Challenge Rd 5 - Regularity Sprint

Fri, Sat, Sun 3,4,5 Eureka Landscapes

Queensland Hillclimb Championships

Wed 8

Working bee at the hillclimb.

These are held every Wed from about 9am to 2pm. BYO Morning

tea and lunch. Contact Malcolm Spiden for more information.

Sun 12

Club day run (P)

Organised by Tim and Lynne Bateman

Meet at the Clubrooms at 9am for a 9.30 start. Morning tea (provided

by the Batemans) and honey beekeeping information session at the

Batemans followed by a run to Jacob’s Well and then on to lunch at

Harrigan’s Irish Pub at Calypso Bay.

Numbers will be required for morning tea and lunch booking at the

pub as the venue is very popular on Sundays. For more information

or booking phone Tim on 38078910 or Lynne on 0447797722

e-mail: nametab5@bigpond.net.au

Friday 17

Noggin ‘n’ Natter at Shannons.

On this night, the clubrooms will be closed and the Noggin ‘n’ Natter

will be held at Shannons, 5b/305 Montague Rd, WEST END where

there is plenty of off-street parking. Free food and drink will be

provided by the Club.

To celebrate the long term relationship between Shannons and the

MG carclub, Shannons Business Development Manager, Phil Ross,

has secured a Hot Lap experience with Jim Richards in his Porsche

GT3 Cup car specifically for a MG Car club Member. The prize

(valued at $600) will be drawn at the meeting !

Any member who obtains a quote from the Shannons staff present

at the meeting will receive 2 entries in the draw, and all members at

the meeting will also receive one entry.

The Jim Richards HOT Lap Experience will be on Tuesday July 26th

at Queensland Raceway. See the attached poster. There are just

five other events where you can win the same prize, but this is an

exclusive MG car club Hot Lap for Members present at this Meeting.

So be there at Shannons Clubrooms on Friday 17th June for your

short odds chance to win. Club room address: Shannons, 5b/305

Montague Rd, WEST END. Plenty of off-street parking.

BMW & Alfa club

Wed 22

Midweek run

Meet at Keperra Picnic Grounds at 9.30 for a 9.45 departure to

Samford/Dayboro/Mt Mee/ and beyond for a Picnic lunch.

Organiser is Neil Summerson, M – 0419273296.

Sat/Sun 25/26 Rd 3 of Carric Accounting and Business Service

Tighe Cams Hillclimb Series at Mt Cotton (P)


Fri 1

Sun 9

Noggin ‘n’ Natter

New members

We welcome the following new members and wish

them a long and happy association with the Club.

Mary Ross

Paul Hartley

Michael T Keating

Dorothy Prince

Derek S Grant

Penelope Vine

Interclub Challenge Rd 6 - Sprint at Morgan Park

Organised by Porsche Club (P)

Fri 15

Noggin ‘n’ Natter and possible Night Observation Run (P)

Watch online calendar for confirmation and details)

Sat 30

Organised by MGCCQ (P)

Interclub Challenge Rd 7 - weekend observation run

Welcome back to the club to:

Alex Cowie

Marcus Upton

David N Robertson

Marilyn D Keating

Shane R McAndrew

David Carmichael

Ian Henderson

Marilyn West

The Octagon - May 2016 5


Russ Geraghty’s articles have reminded

Malcolm Campbell of a trip to the UK in June

2004 when he visited the Motor Heritage

Centre at Gaydon which he describes as an

excellent museum for classic British cars.

He was particularly taken with the three

MG record breakers; his photo of them is

pictured here.

The cars are:

• The big dark green car in the top LH corner

is the MG EX135 driven by Goldie Gardner

to set a 203 mph world record in 1938. The

motor was an 1100 cc 6 cylinder.

• The light green one in the top RH corner is

the EX 179, also breaking records in 1954.

• The one in the lower RH corner is EX 181,

driven by Stirling Moss at Bonneville in 1957,

creating a 1100 cc – 1500 cc speed record

of 245 mph. Its twin cam 1500 cc motor

developed 290 bhp. Later, in 1959, Phil Hill

piloted the car to a 254 mph record.

The stories of these cars can be found in the

Octagons of April and June 2006. If you don’t

have them at home, go to the online archive

at www.mgccq.org.au/octagon60.htm


The Octagon - May2016

As space has not allowed reports of all

of Alexandra Whitley’s races in NZ to be

published, they are all on the Club website

on the News page. The series in which she

was competing has now come to an end.

She reports: “I finished 6th in the series

from 45 drivers which is a fantastic accolade

as this season’s competition has definitely

stepped up. The drivers have been a lot

closer and more competitive and with some

bad luck over the season I have been tested

both physically and mentally. I have a test

day in a V8 ute coming up in the next month,

a test day in a Midget speedway car and

some go-karting back in Australia to keep my

eye in for the next opportunity.” We all wish

her the best of luck for her future.

they arrive in St Johns on Canada Day!

Phil White of the Capricorn Chapter must

always have his camera poised and ready

to go as he took this photo of an MG from

a bus on a busy street in China. He reports

that it was a rare siting.

This photo of Ross and Shez Letten was

taken at the Pre War MG get together at

Bathurst last year where they dressed in

period costume for the Concours. Ross is

wearing his father’s RAF uniform. This is all

very timely as elsewhere in this Octagon you

will find a flyer already publicising next year’s

Pre War MG meeting which will be held in


It is also timely because, by the time you

read this, Ross and Shez will be reunited

with their beloved Blue B in the USA and on

the road somewhere between Vancouver,

BC and St Johns, Newfoundland. They will

be travelling along with another five MGBs .

On reaching St Johns, Newfoundland, three

of these classic MGs will have travelled

around the world, previously having driven

from the MG factory in Shanghai to the MG

factory in Longbridge, UK in 2010. Huge

celebrations will be in order on 1 July - as

A highlight of their trip will be attending

MG2016 in Louisville, where 700 MGs are

expected to gather mid June to celebrate

all things that Kentucky has to offer.

Another highlight will be meeting up with

Giles Cooper in his Troopie (again!) as,

in a wonderful coincidence, they will be in

the same place and the same time but this

time on the North American continent. The

distances some people travel to say ‘G’day’

to each other!

If you want to follow their adventures, you

can go to their website www.mgpanamerica.

mgcc.com.au or contact the organisers, Ken

and Laurel Godwin, by email to murphgod@

hotmail.com. They would love to hear from


If you want to follow Giles, go to his blog


His latest report is that his Troopie is on

its way to Halifax Nova Scotia, and he is

heading back to Alaska. While Troopie is

swimming across the Atlantic he is flying to

Iceland for a week of fun in a rental camper.

Re the meetup with the MGs? In his words

...”I just find it so amazing that we are all

hopefully going to meet up for a second time

- What are the chances of that happening

??? Must be about 10 million to one ???

I just couldn’t believe it when I saw their

itinerary !I will hopefully be “home” in about

Sept or Oct so look forward to catching up

with everyone then.”

John Craven, a member of the MGCC of

SA has set up a car register of MGCs and

The Octagon - May 2016 7

MGC GTs and is asking anyone with one

or anyone who knows of someone with one

to contact him to help him with this project.

Key information needed is Chassis Number,

Commission Number, Body Number, Engine

Number, Colour, Wheels and Transmission.

A picture would be great if possible but not


The local MGC Register Coordinator in SA

is Mr Ian Hobbs and John has offered to

raise the MGC Car Register on behalf of

Ian and the Club, in response to a request

for assistance placed in the MGCCSA

Newsletter dated July 2015 which can be

seen on the MGCCSA website under the

MGC Register area. Discussions have

been had between members nationally to

get a Register up and running by the next

National MG Meeting in 2017. John can

be contacted by email to johncraven62@

hotmail.com or by phone 0412 919 040.

Pictured (on page 7) is Mark Wellard’s MGC

which is already on the Register along with

Bruce Ibbotson’s MGC GT.

The Westfield Club was invited to a recent

Noggin’n’Natter. This resulted in deep

discussion, deep thinking and a deep desire

from John Walker (pictured in the driver’s

seat) to get in and give it a go.

One bonus for midweek workers at the

hillclimb is the opportunity to make friends

with the local wildlife. This wallaby seems to

be asking ‘Where are all the cars today?’ of

photographer and regular midweek worker,

Jim Heymer.


The Octagon - May2016

The Octagon - May 2016 9

Stories From The Stables

IF CARS COULD TALK -- This MG TD would have a story to tell

John Shield, Member of the Wide Bay

Chapter, has just completed the restoration

of MGTD previously owned by Ian “Luigi”


Ian, at the time of his retirement had been a

Brigadier in the Australian Army. He was a

character larger than life and was the initial

proponent of the Wide Bay Chapter. After

Ian’s sad passing in 2011, John purchased

the MGTD from Ian’s wife, Helen.

This MGTD has had a chequered past.

To quote from Ian’s own story of the

vehicle, “the TD was comprehensively

restored in 1971-72” when Ian was serving

at Puckapunyal with the 1st Armoured

Regiment. At that stage Ian had the

Centurion tank – 55ton -with V12 Meteor

motors with a Morris side valve four-cylinder

engine for battery charging purposes. At

that time some of the mechanical bits, nuts

and bolts and necessary expertise was

available close at hand. The bodywork was

restored using bandsaw, spokeshave and

lots of adhesive. Ian says he learnt to weld

on reshaping the MG doors. The car had

further restoration in 1981 when Ian was

commanding the 2nd Cavalry Regiment

and resprayed in Darwin in 1990 when he

commanded Northern Command.

Ian told all the work was his and his alone so

he could gain full knowledge of the car. He

enjoyed the open road, driving relatively fast

and found it exhilarating with the top down

and only aerosceens between him and the


In 2012 when John purchased this

remarkable car from Ian’s wife, Helen, he

(John) drove it home to Dundowran (Hervey

Bay), some 16km. Superficially it appeared

to be in reasonable condition and drove quite

well with a little black smoke trailing behind at

times. On closer inspection there were many

“bits” missing and some not quite right for this

model TD. The first job was to give the motor

a workover. Late in 2012 parts for the motor

were purchased from Moss Motors UK. The

motor was finally completed in May 2013.

The Diff had an overhaul and new seals used

where ever needed.


The Octagon - May2016

- By John Shield

Several eye operations for John saw the

project come to a standstill in 2014. When

recovery for John’s eyes was complete in

early 2015 the work progressed slowly.

John’s goal was to bring the TD back to

a standard of which Ian would be proud.

The body work was quite a surprise. John

dismantled the body down to the frame.

There were no uniform bolts, nuts or screws

just whatever Ian could source. The Chassis

was quite reasonable; however, the body

panels were another story. Ian, having learnt

to weld during his restoration, had managed

to weld 3 pieces together to get the guards to

necessary shape and fit. The doors were not

fitting well. The bonnet told the same story.

So at this stage John had been wondering

what possessed him to take on the job. He

pressed on with the project and by August

2015 the body was ready for painting.

John arranged for the painting to be

completed by a retired friend who had

worked in the motor vehicle repair industry

and was known for his faultless work. He was

not to be disappointed as the TD came back

to John better than showroom condition.

So came time for the final fitout. Interior

trims, Honey Tan Leather for seats and

Honey Tan carpets were purchased from

Moss Motors in UK. John thought Christmas

had arrived early when the Trims and

Carpets all arrived in the week leading up to

Christmas 2015.

Progress was slow over the holiday period.

By early February 2015 the interior trims

were complete and mid-March the carpet

installed. The dash was very time consuming

and a lot of patience required when working

with timber veneer; however, full credit to

John, he persevered with the challenge

and by April 16th 2016 the last nut, bolt and

screw was in place. With just the Registration

to be completed, John will be proud to add

the Rego plate which was Ian’s personalised

plate 51MGT.

It has been quite a journey for John since

2012. He endured the challenge of the

restoration and feels Ian would be proud of

the end result. Along with the success of

the restoration has come knowledge and

satisfaction of a job well done. Thanks to all

those who offered advice along the way.

This MGTD can’t talk but what an

ADVENTURE it has had in the last 65 years.

The Octagon - May 2016 11


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The Octagon - May2016


Part 4 of 4 by Dan Casey

ITEM 4 Current Queensland Based Twin Cams that

Chassis/Engine Numbers

have yet to be verified.

???? (Roadster) Old English White. W.

Kleinschmidt (Brisbane). Previously it was owned

and raced in Sydney by Geoff Bott and was stated as

having Chassis #1693. However, #1693 was returned

to England in the late 1980 circa. The last time I saw

this Twin Cam, Motor #1773 was installed. This motor

originally was in Australian delivered Twin Cam #2118

which cannot be located at present and is listed in the

lost category. Motor #1773 came as a complete spare

motor with Twin Cam Coupe #YD1 1834 when Tony

Enriques of Sydney purchased this coupe from Ian

Bishop of Melbourne in 1982. When I purchased #1834

from Tony in 1986 he told me he had sold motor #1773 to

Paul Samuels of Sydney for which he provided me with a

Bill of Sale.

Paul or Greg Nolan’s Workshop on sold this motor

to Geoff who installed it in this mystery Twin Cam. I

recognized this motor when I saw the Twin Cam at a

Sydney MG Car Club event in 1988 and again in Rod

Hiley’s (Abingdon Motors) Workshop in 1998.

In both instances the ID Plate was not installed on the

firewall. However, the Engine ID Plate was still installed

on the rear of the motor. No one doubts the authenticity

of this as a Twin Cam, but it is not #1693 which is still in


???? (Roadster) Green David Willaby (Gold Coast). This

car was imported into Australia from America in 1990

and was, and still is to my knowledge, fitted with a 2 litre

Toyota Motor by Special Interest Vehicles of Adelaide.

Brian Barford (Gold Coast) - and later owner of Twin

Cam Coupe #2325 from South Africa – purchased this

car in 1991 and drove same back from Adelaide to Gold

Coast in 3 days.

Brian was impressed with the performance of this Toyota

motor so he did not install the American MGA Twin Cam

motor he obtained from S.I.V. in 1993. Brian later sold

this motor to Mark Hester (an Australian living in London

and Perth for $10,000 after he had sold the car to

David Willaby (Gold Coast). I drove this car while I was

assisting Brian with the restoration of Coupe #2325.

I was interested in the purchase of this car, but did

not spend much time examining it because it had the

driver’s front boxed Torsion Bar section replaced with a

steam pipe fabrication and the driver’s side front engine

modified. The mounting plate was obscured by the

Toyota motor. No ID Plate was installed at that time to

the horizontal firewall.

I should have taken note of the Body Number Plate

welded to the vertical firewall near the driver bonnet

hinge and checked that it had the larger fuel pump

bracket as well as the factory Chassis Number and

British Chassis Manufacturer’s Number located on the

top of the cross member in front of both seats. I had lost

interest in its purchase by then and was preoccupied

with ensuring #2325 was completed and entered for the

Gold Coast MG National Meeting.

???? (Roadster) Orient Red

This was on Rod Hiley’s original list from 1973 where it

was shown as being owned by G. Buxton of 17 Payne

Street, Indooroopilly with MGB Motor GB 3465 installed.

In 1990, a plumber in Wilston had this Twin Cam with

Mag Wheels, MGB Motor (traitor) with cross flow head

and twin webers.

I flagged him down (as one did in those days) near the

Royal Brisbane Hospital and reluctantly he took me for a

short ride as he was in a hurry for a dental appointment.

I gave him my name and phone number, but have never

heard from him. I did not get the opportunity to obtain the

details. In 2009, it was sighted on the Gold Coast, but I

have not been able to track it down so far.

ITEM 5 The following Twin Cam is thought to be in


YD2 $2474 (Roadster) Black


Brown of Tasmania purchased it second hand in 1972.

This was reported as being located in a barn on a farm

somewhere inland from the Sunshine Coast in 2013.

Not yet confirmed. I am still looking (cheque book in

pocket and copy of the second mortgage on the house)

ITEM 6 Ash Green painted Twin Cams delivered new

to Australia.

YD2 #1073 Patrick Reid of Perth (Current Owner)

purchased it in Singapore in 1960 while he was a Pilot

in the R.A.F. Patrick takes the prize for the longest

The Octagon - May 2016 13


The Octagon - May2016

continuous owner of a Twin Cam in Australia, but not

Worldwide as there is an owner in America who still has

the original one from 1958.

YD2 #1695 Now in New Zealand

YD2 #1884 Now in South Australia

YD2 #2147 Dan Casey (Clontarf) Currently painted

white and has been that colour for the past 44 years to

my knowledge. I will paint it Ash Green when I restore it

shortly, well, after the other 2 in front of it.

ITEM 7 Earliest ordered Twin Cam from Australia

YD2 #1453 (Coupe) Old English White

Owner undisclosed and present whereabouts yet to be

confirmed, but it is thought to be still with the original

family in Northern NSW. It was ordered in Sydney

and collected in England in late 1958. It was driven in

England and Europe then later brought back to Australia.

It is interesting to note that this is 1 of 3 Coupes ordered

and delivered new to Australia – the others being YD2

#2414 - Harry Cape (refer Item 2) and YD2 #2491 – Rod

Hiley, Max Henderson (refer Item 2)

ITEM 8 First 3 Twin Cams thought to be sold

new in Australia

YD2 #1649 (Roadster) Orient Red sold 15th May, 1959

by Barclay Motors, Sydney to Bruce Milwain of Sydney –

Present whereabouts - unknown.

YD2 #1650 (Roadster) Orient Red sold 15th May,

1959 to Ron Ward (MG Dealer) Sydney – Present

whereabouts - Melbourne MG Club Member

YD2 #1651 (Roadster) Orient Red sold on 11th June,

1959 to A.K. Stevens, Sydney. Present whereabouts –

South Australian MG Club Member

ITEM 9 Total number of Twin Cams produced at

Abingdon Factory.

The records state that 2111 were produced with Chassis

numbers commencing at 501. We now understand that

2 prototypes (utilizing modified Push Rod Chassis and

Bodies) were produced and tested before 501 Prototype

499 which is now owned by Mark Hester in Perth.

ITEM 10 Total Twin Cams thought to be sold new in


Of the 80 on record, 77 were Roadsters and 3 were

Coupes (refer Item 7 on Coupes)

ITEM 11 Total confirmed Twin Cams presently

in Australia

Records show 71 which includes 13 Coupes. This total

does not include the following:-

Not located 12

Undisclosed 3

Destroyed/Scrapped 4

Stolen (not recovered) 1

Chassis numbers not verified 4

Exported 8

(NZ 1,UK 3,Japan 1,Canada 1,Europe 2)

Over the years a number of Australian, as well as

worldwide, Twin Cams have been involved in accidents

or had problems with their engines and, as a result of

this, motors, bodies and chassis were cannibalized, or

push rod components substituted and used to maintain,

restore, repair or resurrect other Twin Cams.

It is important to verify the originality of a Twin Cam

before you part with a bundle of cash and avoid

disappointment when you are later advised of the history

of your new acquisition. (That is heart attack or stroke


Original Engine Numbers should be 250-400 lower than

the Chassis Numbers according to the experts and this

is verified by the following current Queensland based

Twin Cams I have worked on or own/owned.

YD2 #1679 Ross Kelly Eng. #1327 Variation 352

YD1 #1834 (Coupe) John Vonhoff Eng. #1510 Variation


YD2 #2147 Dan Casey Eng. #1812 Variation 335

YD2 #2259 Peter Graham Eng. #1900 Variation


YD1 #2415 (Coupe) Dan Casey Eng. #2137 Variation


The prefix before the Chassis Number denotes the


YD1 English Home Market

YD2 Right hand drive Exports – Australia, New Guinea,

New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.

YD3 Left hand drive Exports – Europe and America

YD4 Right hand drive Exports for assembly – possibly


YD5 Right hand drive Exports for assembly – South


ITEM 12 General Information

The Twin Cam acquired a bad reputation for burning

The Octagon - May 2016 15

holes in pistons etc. A $20 fix was identified/published

after the production ceased in 1960.

No Twin Cam fitted with Weber Carburettors ever had a

problem and a number of motors fitted with Webers were

run on a test bench for 24 hours at 7000 rpm with only

minimal wear on bearings. The solution being – fit soft

mounts between SU Carburettors and inlet manifold to

avoid vibrations in fuel bowls which caused fuel leaking

out in the rear carburettor. There was seldom a problem

with a burnt piston on No. 1 or No. 2, but the majority

was either No. 3 or No. 4 (rear carburetors).

In order to maintain reliability, performance (and peace

of mind), I undertake as a minimum the following checks

and or modification.

1. Original exhaust valves were sodium filled. If in

doubt about what you have installed or their age and

condition, then replace with modern type valves (Nissan,

etc.) or stainless steel (Harley Davidson motor bike

manufactures blanks). Any modern blank valves can be

machined to your requirements. The seats in your head

should be OK as they were hardened type originally

installed, but should be checked.

2. The distributor should be the later non vacuum

advance type (similar to those in Mini Coopers and

Lotus Cortinas). Ross Kelly’s 1679 still had the original

vacuum advance type before I replaced it when restoring

same. Have this regraphed to avoid advancing past 32

degrees at 6800 rpm. Performance Ignition Services in

Melbourne is my recommendation for this work. This

now allows you to set the timing at 10 degrees before

top dead centre on both 8.3/1 and 9.9/1 pistons installed

in engines. While you are at it, install a Pertronix LU-148

Electronic Ignition and, for your peace of mind, install

a Rover 2000 or Lotus Cortina rev.limiter rotor button

which will not let you rev the motor past 6500 rpm

3. Overhaul carburettor and install soft mounts from

Weber Carburettor. I prefer the Swedish made Misab

which you can reuse a number of times (cheap skate)

over the American Red Line type which fall apart after 1

use. (My view and experience only.)

4. Replace Low Compression 8.3/1 Pistons with 9.5/1

forged “Aries” American Pistons. This is the only way

you may be able to show those pesky MGBs what you

are made of. A good warmed-up MGA could outperform

them anyway.

5. Ensure the tolerance of value timing of both inlet

and exhaust cams are between .072 and .083. This is


6. Soft mounts on carburetors.

7. There are many other improvements/modifications

that can be carried out but we will leave that out for now

until you purchase your Twin Cam and then you can put

your money on the table and all will be disclosed. (I drink

full strength beer.)

ITEM 13 Current known Queensland

Twin Cam Owners

YD3 #1035 (Coupe) Eng.No.1044 (?) Orient Red

Mark Wellard (Bardon) acquired it in 2009 (?)

YD2 #1672 Eng. No. 955 (?) Old English White now

Orient Red Bob Inghram (Cairns) acquired it in 2008 –

refer Item 2 for further information

YD2 #1679 Eng. No. 1327 Old English White now Ash

Green Ross Kelly (Ashgrove) acquired it in 2011 – refer

Item 1 for further information

YD2 #1738 - Stuart ????.(Gold Coast) acquired it

in 2008 – refer Item 2 for further information and


YD1 #1834 (Coupe) Eng. No.1510 Old English White

John Vonhoff (Cleveland) acquired it in 2012 – refer Item

2 for further information

YD2 #1911 Eng. No. 1594 Orient Red now Green

George Lecies (Hervey Bay) acquired it in 2008 – refer

Item 2 for further information

YD2 #1977 Eng. No. ???? Old English White Barry

Evans (Brendale) acquired it in 2013 – refer Item 2 for

further information

YD2 #2090 Eng. No. 1524 Glacier Blue Barry Van De

Burg (Ipswich) acquired it in 1972 – refer Item 2 for

further information

YD2 #2122 Eng.No.2122 Glacier Blue Mal Cumes

(Hervey Bay) acquired it in 1963 – refer Item 2 for further


YD2 #2147 Eng. No. 1812 Ash Green now Old English

White Dan Casey (Clontarf) acquired it in 1998 – refer

Item 2 for further information

YD2 #2259 Eng. No. 1900 Orient Red Peter

Graham (Biloela) acquired it in 2013 – refer Item 2 for

further information

YD2 #2260 Eng. No. 1910 Chariot Red Frank Hiscock

(Noosa) acquired it in 1995 – refer Item 2 for further


YD2 #2415 (Coupe) Eng.No.2137 Iris Blue Dan

Casey (Clontarf) acquired it in 1989 – refer Item 2 for

further information

YD ????? Refer Item 4 Wayne Kleinschmidt (Brisbane)

YD ????? Refer Item 4 David Willaby (Gold Coast)

YD ????? Refer Item 4 Unknown (Gold Coast)

Clarification of YD2 #1738

Even though this is currently running with a 1500 Push

Rod MGA motor, instruments, gear box, front suspension

and rear diff assembly as well as drum brakes all round

and wire wheels, I consider that it should be in the Twin

Cam category as the body and chassis are still united


The Octagon - May2016

and have the original factory numbers visible. I have

the motor, instruments, front suspension, rotors, brakes

and knock-ons originally from this car and I also have

5 wheels and all other parts necessary to put this Twin

Cam back to its original state. I also have a 1600 Push

Rod Body and Chassis under current restoration which

could utilize these parts to put another “Twin Cam” on

the road.

Would I do that? The answer is NO as I would

consider it a “Fake” as you would also know, following

my disclosure in this article. What makes it more

complicated is when the major components of a Twin

Cam or other MGs for that matter, such as body, chassis,

instruments, gearbox, suspension, brakes, etc. are

spread over a number of owners/collectors. Who then

can claim ownership of the car? Now we know why

Solicitors, Barristers and Judges are amongst the richest

10% of the country.


I have enclosed a copy of the Howards Ltd.

Advertisement announcing the arrival of the Twin Cams

in Queensland. I have kept the original of this for the

past 56 years as it still brings back the memories and

aspirations of a skinny 19 year old chap from the bush

(well, I was skinny in 1959 and 7 stone wringing wet).

Words of advice to anyone who would like to own a Twin

Cam – unless you are prepared to drive it between its

optimum rev range of 3000-7000 rpm and experience its

performance and sound, then do not bother. Save your

money and buy a push rod MGA or maybe a T type (if

you are not afraid of being run over by a truck or worse

still, being passed by a school bus).

An alternative is a Magnette, which could serve well

as transportation to Church, School runs or Shopping

Centres and you won’t lose your hat and/or toupee. On

the subject of Church, we of the hairy chested brigade,

seldom made it to Mass/Church on Sunday mornings in

those golden olden days, as we were always delayed

trying to remember where we had left our trousers. (I

can sympathise with Malcolm Fraser (ex PM) when he

experienced this embarrassing situation.)

If the above proper MGs are not available, then as a

last resort, God forbid, buy an MGB or later production.

Those bloody MGBs have a lot to answer for - and I will

forgive them because – had the Abingdon management

not spent so much of their time, money and resources

planning the forthcoming modern Sports Car of the

century, “the MGB”, the MGA Twin Cam would have

been properly developed and the initial engine problems

identified and rectified with a $20 fix – that of the

Carburettor soft mounts. This would have seen all future

MGs running with 1800 or 2000 cc Twin Cam engines

before the Alfa Romeas and the Fiats. Yes, even in

Magnettes and MGBs (what a waste).

Then, those wonderful Mazda MX5s that never break

down, would not have taken over the undisputed title

of the Peoples affordable and reliable Sports Car. “Life

wasn’t meant to be easy” said Malcolm Fraser, but, that

was easy for him to say as he was born rich and I wasn’t.

If I was born rich, I would have a very small brick house

that required no maintenance, no lawns or gardens and

a massive garage big enough to accommodate 22 MGA

Twin Cams, a coupe and a roadster each painted in the

following factory Twin Cam colours -- Black Chariot

Red Orient Red Iris Blue Mineral Blue Glacier Blue

The Octagon - May 2016 17


The Octagon - May2016

Alamo Beige Dove Grey Ash Green Old English

White and Tyrolite Green. These were the standard

colours available.

There would also be other special colours requested

by Owners such as our Harry Cape (refer Item 2, YD2


However my dreams and aspirations from 1959 have

not yet been achieved or fulfilled. But, look on the

bright side, there is always Gold Lotto if only I could

afford a ticket. No, my Twin Cams are not for sale as

my Grandson wants the Roadster (good choice) and my

Granddaughter is keen on the Coupe – The Crocodile -

(it won’t blow her hair around too much) providing that I

restore or at least repaint it for her. Maybe the Nursing

Home that has my name on the waiting list for 2040 (I

will be 100 then), will at least let me keep my spare Twin

Cam motor in the corner of the room (prison) if I promise

then that I won’t eat too much, wet the bed or chase the


Those nurses, now Grandmothers, used to love going

out in an MGA (you never told or showed them how to

open the door – the pull escape cord which was hidden).

We of the hairy chested brigade who had an MGA,

Austin Healey or TR3 (none could afford an E type)

never had that much competition from other MG owners

when it came to taking these nurses out because –the

“T” Types either boiled, broke down, ran out of petrol or

ran out of puff trying to get up the steep hill on Herston

Road to the Nurses’ quarters. I must admit that some of

them eventually did make it, but by then the “Brisbane

General” Nurses had given up waiting for them and had

gone back into the quarters to paint their toenails or

other more important and enjoyable tasks whilst drinking

“Porphyry Pearl” wine. They were not worried about

the drivers but by the amount of oil splattered on their

clothes from these “T” Types.

The Magnette Owners were not much competition (as

previously mentioned). They were either family men,

older business men or young Doctors trying to keep up

appearances because they, like me, could not afford to

own a 3.8 Jaguar 4 door sedan – the real Sports Sedan

with plenty of room in the back seats.

MGBs were scarce and those that had just arrived on

the scene were always occupied being polished by their

owners when they had the time after polishing their

fingernails or combing their hair. (Yes, most of them and

also the hairy chested brigade had plenty of hair in those

exciting days.)


In 1964, a friend and I purchased a wrecked, well a

damaged, 2 door MG Sports Car (another brain fade),

which I later remembered as a Pre War TA (Stone Age).

But Ross Kelly and George Diggles have recently told

me it may have been a VA (worse still). Whatever it was,

we had a tough time selling it for what we had paid for it

from a wrecking yard (second hand car dealer’s yard) in

Grafton. Once bitten, twice shy.

Jill, my wife, had a 1972 MGB GT for a number of years

after our daughter grew up and flew the nest. I airconditioned

it for Jill but could not install power steering

at that time. End result was purchase of a WRX, fastest

shopping trolley in Redcliffe. Our eldest daughter, Lisa,

purchased an MGB GT from Wayne Henman (House

of MG) which she drove to University and later as a

daily hack. Fellow Uni students kept pinching her MGB

badges (good show). Following marriage and family

plans I restored it for her, together with badges, and

sold it to Club Member, Owen McNeill.Owen owned an

MGA Coupe in 1958/59 (smart chap) then later a J2

(dinky toy) and worse to come, a Magnette and then this

current MGB GT. I think Owen lost direction after he

sold the MGA Coupe and was still in shock after this rash

decision. He should have gone forward and purchased

a Twin Cam, not backwards with his following purchases

of MGs.

Yes, I owned an MGB (how am I ever going to live that

down). I had accepted it as part payment (no, no, not a

swap!) on an MGA I had for sale (another brain fade). I

drove this for a few months while I was repairing it prior

to on selling. No, I did not make any money on it.

Our youngest daughter, Nicole, had more sense in her

choice of cars as she elected to purchase a Toyota

Corolla (wise girl). I love those Toyota Twin Cam motors.


Remember; Keep your Revs High, your Blood Pressure

low and Do Not drive below the speed limit. Enjoy your

MG by driving it every day at not less than 3000 rpm as

you will wear out or drop off the perch before it does.

Cheers, see you in my rear vision mirrors.

Dan - The one eyed, hairy chested, not so skinny odd

bod with thinning grey hair and a lead foot with writers’

cramp or RSI following the writing of this 28 page article.

Yes, I agree with Malcolm Fraser (ex PM) “Life was not

meant to be easy” but I think you should have added the

following “especially if you do not own or drive a MGA”.

The Octagon - May 2016 19


Thanks to good organisation by our National

Meeting Coordinator, Noeline Johnson, and

Maestro of MG Transport, Paul Lupton - plus

many individual efforts - the MG Car Club

of Qld was well represented at the National

Meeting in Perth.

can be found at http://www.mg2016natmeet.

com.au/index.php/results .

Major trophies were in short supply for us

- fewer even than first indicated on trophy

presentation night - with only the Wratten

Trophy returning to Qld. Malcolm Spiden

accepted the trophy on behalf of the Club.

The other outright award to make its way

to Qld was the one for the Best Novelty

Photograph which was won by Tony Slattery

for his ‘Damsel in Distress’ photo which

featured his wife, Debbie, as the Damsel

and George Diggles as either hero or villain!

Full results of the Perth National Meeting


The Octagon - May2016

Three of our members who made major

contributions to our pointscore. L to R: Steve

Riley, Matt Johnson and Flavio Paggiaro.

The following report on the National Meeting

is from Peter and Delia Rayment who are

long time and frequent attendees at National

Meetings having rarely missed a meeting.

An article on preparing to take their MGY

across to Perth was in the March issue of

the Octagon. The July issue will hopefully

include the account of their trip across and


2016 MG National Meeting – Perth

by Delia & Peter Rayment

The 47th MG Car Clubs National Meeting

held in Perth over Easter was hosted and

organised by the 3 MG Clubs of Western

Australia, the MG Owners of WA, the

TC Owners Club and the MG Car Club

of WA. They worked long and hard to

bring this event to fruition and need to be

congratulated on a very enjoyable weekend.

This is the first time in 21 years since the

National Meeting has been held in WA. A

lot of our members were very excited in the

build up to this national meeting as people

discussed how, when and where they would

be going to get there and back again.

Travelling to and from the Meeting for Easter

this year, in our wonderful little MGY, has

been a tremendous adventure, something

we will always remember, but this report

is simply about Easter itself. More on our

adventure crossing Australia from the East

to West and then back again, in the next

issue, hopefully.

We personally arrived in Perth on the

Tuesday before Easter but come the

Wednesday and Thursday we saw more

and more of our club members arriving at

our Motel. Much cleaning took place and

many stories were told on how people got

to the meeting during these days with BBQs

around the pool, at night for more catching

up with friends. The place buzzed with MGs

not only from our club but from Newcastle

Centre, plus a couple of Kiwis as well.

Staying all together is fun.

Good Friday - Registration

The week-end proper started with us all

travelling just around the corner from our

digs to the Registration on Good Friday at

the Ascot Racecourse. Noeline Johnson our

National Meeting co-ordinator had again

done a wonderful job in organising the

Club’s accommodation, as most of us chose

to stay together.

What a wonderful venue the Ascot

Racecourse proved, as we not only

used it for Registration but also for the

Noggin’n’ Natter, the Concours, the Theme

Night, Presentation Night and the Farwell

Breakfast as well.

As was said in the Event Handbook, there

was plenty of room for parking and the

area for Scrutineering of the cars was

undercover, which was much appreciated

by all. Once registered registrants were able

to stay awhile in the little café and catch up

with ‘old’ friends and acquaintances from

other states and overseas. Overseas visitors

this year were from the UK, USA South

Africa and New Zealand that we got to

reacquaint and meet up with.

Good Friday Night – Noggin’n’Natter

People mingled, people talked with more

stories on how one got to the meeting

and there was plenty of food with plenty

of variety – well done. The Rocker Cover

racing was held at one end of the huge area

– thus enabling people, who just wanted to

talk and catch up, to do so without too much

noise to annoy them.

Concours - Saturday

The morning dawned overcast and drizzling.

Our hopes were not high for a fine day. But

then no one has any control over this. The

venue was superb. Lovely grassed areas

interspersed with shady trees - and with the

added bonus of a huge Octagon shaped

rotunda where we could all shelter, eat and

congregate in full view of the Concours.

Conditions for judging were not ideal, but as

one of the main orgainsers said, everyone

took this in their stride and got on with the

day. And if you wanted to have a little flutter

on the gges you could do likewise, as this

was a race day at Ascot Racecourse.

One problem though when the cars in wrong

classes started to show its ugly head and

this affected some of our members. They

The Octagon - May 2016 21


The Octagon - May2016

didn’t know whether their cars that been

judged or not as they were informed that

they were in the wrong class!!

Some trophies for the Concours were

awarded in the afternoon. But a lot of the

competitors had already left because of the

inclement weather. What a shame.

Saturday afternoon saw a lot of MG nuts

set up some replica motorkhana tests in the

motel grounds (using empty cans for posts)

for the real event to be held the next day,.

We all had practice “runs”, and after much

frivolity and many WDs (wrong directions

for the uninitiated), we all then went off to

the motel restaurant for dinner as this was a

free night. We all enjoyed the comradeship.

Sunday – Motorkhana or the Kimber Run

We chose to enter the Motorkhana. This

was held at the excellent venue of the

RAC Driving Complex. What a complex,

very civilized. Not like most motor sporting

venues. There was green grass, shades,

clean toilets, food to buy and tables and

chairs to sit at to eat it. Free coffee and

tea making facilities and you could see the

events from a shaded chair.

The event was timed by the very efficient

Mini Car Club and consisted of 4 tests

with two goes at each test. These were (a)

Reverse Lazy Eight (b) Crazy Square (c)

Eccentric and (d) Gate Slalom, all on a very

constant surface. The weather by now had

cleared, thus meaning that the track was dry

all day.

Just as we left the complex for our motel,

as Peter changed gears, there was a hell

of a screeching noise. “What has gone

wrong with the gearbox?” he yelled. Then

the noise landed! The complex is right next

to the airport! It was a jet aircraft landing.

Its wheels almost touching our roof or so it

seemed like at the time.

The Kimber Run was a relaxed, noncompetitive

social drive of around 140

km up into the foothills of Perth and from

the reports of registrants who went, very

enjoyable. Places visited included the West

Coast Motor Museum.

Sunday Night – “A Day at the Races”

And it was back to the Ascot Racecourse

restaurant. Our club had decided to dress

up in similar gear so as to present a unified

front. The ‘boys’ were in black t/shirts with

printed tucs, and a black top hat made by

Pat Walker. And the ’girls’ were in white tops,

black bottoms and something red in their

hair. The girls’ outfits were complemented

with a red sash, silk screened with MGQ

and made by Lyn Rushby. We would have

made a fairly impressive group if we would

have all sat together but it wasn’t meant

to be.

When we arrived we were asked to look

at a list to see which table we were meant

to be seated at! We personally ended up

seated with a couple from Victoria, and two

couples from Western Australia. We were

friends already with two of the three couples

and the ones we didn’t know we saw a

lot more of as the week-end continued

and became quite good friends with in the

end. The couple from Victoria Wal & Anna

Robinson with whom we have shared two

major expeditions in our MGs, firstly up the

Birdsville Track in 1993 after the Adelaide

National Meeting and then in 1995 across

Australia via places like Giles, Ayers Rock,

Innamincka etc after the last Perth National

Meeting. But they are other stories. We have

written articles on them and have appeared

in The Octagon years ago after each event.

The dinner was a buffet and there was,

again, plenty to choose and eat. Another

good night chatting.

Chris Farrar (TCOC), who was at our table,

won the best dressed lady award. Chris was

dressed a little bit differently when we saw

her several more times over the week-end

as she was co-driving a supercharged J2

and was dressed in driving overalls for that

job of course.

Raffles and the sales of quilts were held

during the night to raise money for the Bush

Fire Appeal. A very worthy cause. We had

passed through that area coming to the

meeting. Very tragic.

Much fun was had by all -as Jockies were

The Octagon - May 2016 23


The Octagon - May2016

seen trying to mount horses and people were

trying to get their pants back from SP Bookies

after they had lost them to the ‘horses’ etc.

Monday – Circuit Sprint or

Observation Run

We chose to do the Circuit Sprint. So it was

back out to the RAC Driving Complex again

and this time, the Montacuta 4.3 km long

and used for WA Sprint Championships like

Morgan Park here in Qld. Even though it was

flat it was still quite a challenge as there were

plenty of unusual corners, small, big, left, or

right where one could run amuck. All good

fun. Several of the officials were smiling as

we came in from our runs as they enjoyed

seeing the Ys out there together fanging

around. After all they were really built to go

touring in you know, not racing.

After a couple of runs we decided to check

our times. This proved a little disappointing

though as several problems had arisen just in

our class. Firstly we had a TC special in with

the Ys. Then one of our competitor’s times

had his fastest time up even before he had

had his run!!

To us the cars in the wrong class should

have been sorted out at Scrutineering on the


From what we can see, the program used still

had data in it from another event and it had

not been removed, it just showed up as our

opposition’s time. It has been such a shame

as it has left a sour taste in some people’s

mouth, as it still hasn’t been sorted.

The Observation Run covered a distance

of about 121 km with comfort stops at

Mundaring and ending up at Bassendean with

a full catered lunch provided. After this the

registrants were given directions to go to the

Circuit Sprint event, which some did and was

a good thing.

Monday Night – Presentation Night Dinner

Back to the Ascot Racecourse for a 3 course

a la carte meal. Posh. One must say that for

the whole week-end we could not fault the

staff at the Racecourse. They were extremely

thoughtful, attentive, efficient and friendly.

Owing to a computer glitz that afternoon the

presentations did not go as well as could be

expected. What a shame for the organisers,

as for the competitors this is an important

part of the meeting when they receive the

accolades they so just fully deserve. The PA

at all the Ascot dos left a lot to be desired.

Everything, we are afraid, went a little flat

as 1st place only was given out for most

classes. In the program of the event and in

their original draft supplementary regulations

which most entered the event after reading,

the organisers had stated that they were

going to give 1st, 2nd and 3rd in class for the

competition events, but not so on the night!

Anyway, despite that, MG Car Club of

Queensland did well overall and we bought

home the Wratten Trophy. The John Wratten

Memorial Trophy is presented to the MG

Centre obtaining the most points over the four

competition events, adjusted by the ‘Fudge

Factor”. Well done Queensland members!

For a full report on class winners etc look at

the National Meeting website.

Tuesday Morning - Farewell Breakfast

One could say that one did not go hungry

all week-end and again, the staff were very


Then it was time to find friends in the throng

and wish them safe travels until we saw

them next year again when we’ll do it all

again in South Australia. We can thoroughly

recommend this event each year.

P.S. South Australia 2017

Noeline Johnson has booked out the Motel

we used last time we went to Adelaide for the

National Meeting. So if you want to go book in

with Noeline for a full, fun filled, long


First timers. We had 2 couples who had not

been to a National Meeting before and they

were Sue & Flavio Paggiaro and Dianne &

Peter Andrews. We know they were having

a good time because each time we saw them

they had big smiles. Perhaps Elaine could

persuade them to write a few words on their

impression of the event. (Ed: Yes, please!)

The Octagon - May 2016 25

The following is a summary of results of our members who took part

in competition events.

Thanks go to Matt Johnson, Flavio Paggiaro

and Lyn Rushby for providing photos from

the event. Some of these are included in

the following collage. Other photos included

have been taken from the National Meeting

website - http://www.mg2016natmeet.com.

au/ - where there are lots of photos of all

events available for anyone to download.

We thank them for their generosity.

Unfortunately I don’t have enough details

to be able to add accurate captions to the

photos so I have taken the safe course and

added none - but I did try to identify Qld cars

where possible.

26 The Octagon - May2016

The Octagon - May 2016 27


The Octagon - May2016

Russ chatting with David Bishop

The Octagon - May 2016 29


The Octagon - May2016

MGCCQ 2016 Calendar

Affiliated with the Confederation of Australian Motorsports

GPO 1847, Brisbane Q 4001


1 Sunday CC Airlie Beach, Long Weekend Tour;


Toowoomba Airport, David Hack Day, Gary Lawrence;

2 Monday CC Airlie Beach, Long Weekend Tour;

6 Friday MG Noggin N Natter;

8 Sunday WB/H EMR, Lunch Run to Rainbow Beach Surf Club, D Hall, Wallets ##;

10 Tuesday DD Granite Belt/ Stanthorpe, Overnight run 2 nights, Ron and Judy Gillis;

11 Wednesday CC TBA Lunch Run;


Granite Belt/Stanthorpe, Overnight run 2 nights, Ron and Judy Gillis;

12 Thursday DD Granite Belt/Stanthorpe, Overnight run 2 nights, Ron and Judy Gillis;

14 Saturday MGCCQ Interclub Hillclimb Mt Cotton (P);

15 Sunday:



Mount Morgan, Lunch – Leichhardt Hotel Mount Morgan;

EMR, Nature Trek – Details TBA, Kellys, BYO;

18 Wednesday WB/H MWR, Lunch Run at Westside Tavern Tinanna, Carters, Wallets ##;

20 Friday MG Noggin N Natter;

22 Sunday HSCCQ Khanacross at Driver Training Centre Willowbank

INTERCLUB MacLeans Bridge display at Belmont Rifle Range Triumph Owners club (P) TBC


Raglan, Old Station Fly – In, Raglan;

25 Wednesday Mid week run

WB/B Display, Bundaberg Show Display and Grand Parade, Beckmans, ##;

WB/H Display, Bundaberg Show Display and Grand Parade, Beckmans, ##;

28 Saturday CAMS State Championship races Rd2 Morgan Park QRDA (P)

29 Sunday CAMS State Championship races Rd2 Morgan Park QRDA (P)




Old Time Movie run to Clifton, Phil and Marilyn O’Brien;

EMR, Fun Run Lunch at Queens Park Maryborough, D Hall, BYO everything;

EMR, Planning Day at Alexander Park and M/T at 9.30 am, Beckmans, BYO;


3 Friday MG Noggin N Natter

4 Saturday Queensland Hillclimb Championships Mt Cotton

5 Sunday Queensland Hillclimb Championships Mt Cotton

8 Wednesday DD Plainlands Hotel, Lunch run, Ron and Judy Gillis;

9 Thursday WB/H MWR, Coffee Run at Homemade Café Point Vernon, P Overton, Wallets ##;

12 Sunday Club run organised by Tim and Lyn Bateman. Meet at Clubrooms at 9 for a 9.30 start.

The Octagon - May 2016 31


EMR, Run to North Wide Bay and Lunch at Tirron Hotel, Woods, BYO and Wallets;

13 Monday CC Northern Tour Day 1, Rocky – Clermont;

14 Tuesday CC Northern Tour Day 2, Clermont – Charters Towers;

15 Wednesday CC Northern Tour Day 3, Charters Towers;

16 Thursday CC Northern Tour Day 4, Charters Towers – Townsville;

17 Friday MG Noggin N Natter;


Northern Tour Day 5, Townsville;

18 Saturday CC Northern Tour Day 6, Townsville – Bowen;

19 Sunday Interclub Regularity Sprint BMW & Alfa club;




Northern Tour Day 7, Bowen – Sarina;

Capricorn Coast, Lunch – Byfield General Store;

Run to Gympie Mining Museum BYO BBQ Lunch, Martins, M/T BBQ Chairs;

20 Monday CC Northern Tour, Sarina – Rocky;

22 Wednesday Mid week run organised by Neil Summeson 0419 273 196

25 Saturday Mt Cotton Hillclimb series Rd 3 (P)

26 Sunday Mt Cotton Hillclimb series Rd 3 (P)



Details TBA, TBA;

EMR, Run to Buxton BYO Barbeque, Kellys, BYO everything;

29 Wednesday WB/H MWR, Coffee Run to The French Bakehouse, D Hall, Wallets ##;


1 Friday MG Noggin N Natter;

9 Saturday Interclub Sprints - Morgan Park (Porsche Club) (P)

10 Sunday RACQ Motorfest (P)

13 Wednesday CC TBA, Lunch Run;


Cabarlah Hotel, Lunch run, Ron and Judy Gillis;

15 Friday MG Noggin N Natter / poss Night Observation Run Interclub TBC (P) if not then August;

17 Sunday CC Many Peaks, Lunch – Ubobo and Ulysses Motorcycle Club;;

24 Sunday DD Warwick Jumpers and Jazz car Display, Greg Newey;

27 Wednesday Midweek run co-ord by Barry Lutwyche 0414740672

30 Saturday INTERCLUB Weekend observation run - MGCCQ (P)

31 Sunday DD TBA, Ron Fraser;



Travel before and after Combined Weekend at Mackay, Wednesday of first week to Saturday of the following week 10 nights;

5 Friday MG Noggin N Natter;

6 Saturday Noosa Hillclimb

7 Sunday Qld Motorkhana Championships Round 4 Driver Training Centre Willowbank /poss Denis Cotton Club Display with Denis Geary Concours (P) venue TBA

10 Wednesday DD City Golf Club Toowoomba, Lunch run, Ron and Judy Gillis;

17 Wednesday Brisbane Exhibition Public Holiday


The Octagon - May2016

19 Friday MG Noggin N Natter / poss Night Observation Run Interclub TBC (P) if not July TBA;

21 Sunday CC Baralaba/Banana, Morning Tea Baralaba, Lunch Banana;

24 Wednesday Mid week run organised by Jeff Heslewood 0408799611

27 Saturday Come N Try Test N Tune Hillclimb at Mt Cotton


NTERCLUB Sprint at DTC, Lakeside - Lotus Club

28 Sunday: Display at Peak Crossing. Full details are on MGCCQ website


Details TBA, TBA;


2 Friday MG Noggin N Natter;

3 Saturday CAMS State Championship races Rd 3 Morgan Park WDSCC (P)

4 Sunday CAMS State Championship races Rd 3 Morgan Park WDSCC (P) / HSCCQ IMotorkhana (P) Driver Training Centre Willowbank / Pittsworth Street Sprints;

10 Saturday Mt Cotton Hillclimb series Rd 4 (P)

11 Sunday Mt Cotton Hillclimb series Rd 4 (P)

14 Wednesday CC TBA Lunch Run;


Picnic - Peachaven Gardens, Highfield, Lunch run, Ron and Judy Gillis;

16 Friday MG Annual General Meeting Noggin N Natter;

17 Saturday All British Day setup


Queens Park, Toowoomba, Carnival of Flowers Car Display, Gary Lawrence;

18 Sunday All British Day at St Josephs Sportsground Tennyson


All British Day;

25 Sunday DD TBA, John Gosper;

28 Wednesday: Mid week run organised by Gary Lawrence 0409576231


1 Saturday Mt Cotton Hillclimb series Rd 5 (P)

2 Sunday Mt Cotton Hillclimb series Rd 5 (P)

3 Monday CC Mystery Tour, A short but interesting trip to somewhere!!!;

7 Friday MG Noggin N Natter;


Mt Tamborine, Weekend Overnight run 2 nights, Gary Lawrence;

8 Saturday DD Mt Tamborine, Weekend Overnight run 2 nights, Gary Lawrence;

9 Sunday DD Mt Tamborine, Weekend Overnight run2 nights, Gary Lawrence;

12 Wednesday DD Rudds Pub Nobby, Lunch run, Ron and Judy Gillis;

14 Friday poss MR2 club Interclub Observation Run (P) TBC;

More details and information on

our website mgccq.org.au

Working bees are held every Wednesday at the

hillclimb plus others as per the calendar and on

Wednesdays as needed at the clubrooms. Contact

Malcolm Spiden re hillclimb and Max Johnson re

clubroom working bees.

CC = Capricorn Chapter of MGCCQ DD = Darling Downs Chapter

FNQ = Far North Queensland Chapter

WB = Wide Bay Chapter; HB = Hervey Bay Section of Wide Bay Chapter

B = Bundaberg Runs - meeting place Public Car Park Quay Street, Rowers Club

end opposite Walla Street

EMR = Early Morning Run – Sundays 9 am start D = Display event

MWR = Mid-Week Run –Wednesdays 9 am start unless otherwise advised

# # = Attendance Numbers will be needed

TLR = Twilight Run – 5 pm start LTA = Long Trip Away

TBA = To be advised P = Towards Annual MGCCQ Point Score

The Octagon - May 2016 33

2 Trade Street

Ormiston Q 4160


The Octagon - May2016

April Day Run

by Allan Tebbutt; photos by David Miles and Bruce Mutch

What great Queensland weather - we had not

a cloud in the sky. We had 24 cars including 20

MG of various models and 44 participants. It was

a very quiet steady run and only a couple of the

older cars had heating problems climbing the

mountain but every car made the cafe car park.

With a beautiful breakfast and fabulous views,

everyone had a good morning. With the numbers

attending it is clear this type of Sunday run is


Thanks to all who attended we even had some

new members attending their first run hope to

see you all on more runs.


A & B Woods

A & J Tebbutt

G & R Hannant

J & P Heslewood

D Webster

B Mutch

N & N Mills

R & J Geraghty

D & D Kelly

J & P Walker

M & D Miles

E & W Hoger

K & V Horgan

G & W Amy

G & M Hoyes

G & M Taylor

D & A Ferro

F & A Corbett

M & J Upton

G & A Barringer

J & L Bateman

B Lutwyche

J Burke

C & J Muir











MG Magnette













MG Midget

The Octagon - May 2016 35

April Mid Week Run

by David Miles; photos by Malcolm Campbell

The bright sunshine which heralded our

departure from Rocks Riverside Park gave way

to overcast conditions as we journeyed along

the Western Freeway, Logan Motorway to join

Beaudesert Road, thus dodging the myriad of

red traffic lights which highlight the journey from

Rocklea to Park Ridge. We also chose to bypass

Beaudesert by travelling through Mundoolan,

thus arriving at morning tea at Sharp Park just

a few minutes late. Unfortunately, Brian Purvis,

topless in his TF, lost his instruction sheet

(whisked away by the fresh air), but continued

directly to Madura Tea Estates to re-join us there.

Refreshed by coffee / tea and a few “Nibbles,”

our convoy headed up to Beechmont where light

drizzle with low cloud provided unique vistas as

we wound around the lush green country-side.

As we descended towards Hinze Dam, a group

of intrepid cyclists were seen labouring up the hill

– more of them later!

More light rain and mist joined us down the

Nerang-Murwillumbah Road – one often

travelled, but always enjoyed – until our

directions took us towards Tumbulgum, when the


David Miles


Bruce Mutch


Geoff & Glennis Anderson Jeep

Jeff & Rosemary Turner

John & Pat Walker


Joy Jones & Robyn Jenvey MB

Barry Lutwyche & Jan Burke MGB

Ray & Sue Edwards


Jeff & Pat Heslewood


Nick & Gwynne Holman MG TF

Malcolm Campbell & Kathy Burford Golf

Tim & Lynne Bateman


Kerry & Dane Horgan


Bruce & Gail Bayliss


Greg & Rhonda Hannant MGB

Ian & Kay Wells

Jenson Healey

Dino & Margaret Mattea MGA

Errol & Wendy Hoger


Rob & Carolyn Grant


Val Horgan


MGs in Italy


The Octagon - May2016

drizzle became a downpour and a slow

moving truck saw the hardy “topless”

MG diehards finally get a little wet.

Lunch was at our favourite fish and

chip shop at Chinderah, where the

takeaway was, as usual, excellent, the

seagulls ravenous and the toilet closed

for repairs. Fed, and relief sought at

alternative conveniences, it was down

the Pacific Highway to Clothiers Creek

Road and Madurah Tea Estates.

The very knowledgeable Robyn provided

a tour of all the aspects of growing,

blending and packaging their product, and

the subsequent visit to the well-stocked shop

provided each of our 32 participants with a

shopping bag containing some samples. Armed

with more knowledge of the various types of tea

available, we purchased enough tea to keep us

supplied for some time.

Happy Hour began at the Tweed River Motel

as soon as we could unload our cars, and the

excellent BBQ dinner was served around six pm.

The hardy participants enjoyed more festivity

and a quiet (?) chat, while others retired for a

well-earned sleep. Unfortunately, Ian and Kay

wells had to depart in a most inglorious way on

the back of a tow truck, the Lucas smoke having

escaped from their Jensen Healey’s steering


The Octagon - May 2016 37

Thursday, some of our company departed for

home or special purposes, but those remaining

journeyed to Uki via Stokers Siding (some

missed the turn) for coffee and, for some, a pie!!

A quick stop was held at Clarrie Hall Dam, where

we found out who, in fact, Clarrie Hall was,

before some enthusiastic motoring to Kyogle,

the Lions Road and on to Rathdowney for lunch.

Here we again came across the cyclists from the

previous day, one of whom introduced himself as

a member of the Gold Coast MG Car Club!

This was where the run officially ended; the

route home for many required the use of

Beaudesert Road, where the traffic lights took

revenge for our dodging them on the outward

journey. Twenty-two cars, thirteen of which were

MGs, took part in this most enjoyable run.

March Mid Week Run

by Denis Thomas

After navigating the roadwork at exit 54 all

arrived at our starting point except Kerry H

who, in his new Mustang. drove a little further

towards the Gold Coast I am sure to show off his

magnificent machine.

After the normal welcomes etc we proceeded

towards Canungra watching at all times for the

local police who love to set up at the 50kmh

zone. We passed through Beaudesert and on to

Darlington Park where we enjoyed our morning

tea along with the campers setting up for Easter.

Leaving the Park we travelled through the area

of Kerry and on through the horse stud area to

Rathdowney. It was great to see the country so

green ready for the frosts to come in a couple of


We turned toward Maroon and Boonah then

into Upper Logan Road and travelled around

Mt Barney which is always a beautiful view.

After this we returned through Rathdowney to

our normal lunch spot in Beaudesert. I must

apologise to one of the flock who phoned lost

at lunch but as the call was received half way


The Octagon - May2016


Bruce & Tip Ibbotson


Ray & Susanne Edwards Outlander

Bruce Mutch & Ross Brunckhorst Forrester

Denis Thomas


Errol & Wendy Hoger


Gary Lawrence & Mike Gibson MGB GT

David & Meryl Miles

MG Magnette

Grahame and Wendy Amy Proton Ute

Jeff & Pat Heslewood


Greg & Rhonda Hannant MGB

John & Jan Hennessy & David Suzuki

John & Tricia Cranley

Honda NSX

Rob & Carolyn Grant


Ian & Kay Wells

Jensen Healey

Malcolm Campbell & Kathy Burford VW Golf GTI

Graham Barringer


Will Charlton


Val Horgan


Kerry & Dane Horgan Ford Mustang

home I did not return the call at 2.30 pm which

seemed a little pointless. Sorry Will but I hope

you enjoyed your lunch wherever you were.

The Octagon - May 2016 39

Wide Bay Chapter – Bundy Crew

Run Report for 3rd April 2016.

By Gary Duncan.

Although it was never officially named as

such it seems that during the promotion

leading up to this run most of those who attended

had been thinking of it as something

of a “Magical Mystery Tour.” For reasons

which will become obvious, they later found

that it was more of a “Magical History Tour.”

The four cars and eight people from the

Hervey Bay Mob and the eight cars and

fourteen people from the Bundy crew all

travelled to a prearranged location at Booyal.

There they met up with The Duncans

from Biggenden who were the organisers of

the day’s run, waiting there with new members

Keith and Mary Ross and their new,

ahhh, old, ahhh, well beautifully restored

and looking like new, MGA

The heart-stirring procession of fourteen

cars then snaked its way through some

beautiful undulating countryside on good

bitumen roads with hills and bends just

designed for a gentle, cruisy, and scenic

Sunday MG or sports car drive, arriving at

Paradise Dam.

Without exception all participants were truly

ready for the cups of tea and coffee which

they sipped while overlooking, from above,

the beautiful vista of the Burnett River and

the dam wall, made even more attractive by

the spectacularly great weather.

It was here that the next section of the run,

which had at first been billed as a “Surprise

Interlude” but had somehow since become

“Gary’s Secret Run” was explained and

where the Magical Mystery Tour” was transformed

into a “Magical History Tour.”

Everyone was reminded of an article written

by Tony Slattery for the September 2012

edition of the Octagon, where he outlined

his findings during an investigation into the

origins of numerous trophies belonging originally

to one Charles Nelson Jackson. The

trophies are located in a trophy cabinet at

the Brisbane Club Rooms. Tony explained,

among much more information, that Charlie

Jackson and his first wife Eva had been the

first recorded participants in motor sport

in Australia to use an MG as their chosen

competition car. He had also mentioned

that Charlie had passed away in 1957 at the

Apple Tree Creek Hotel and was later buried

at the Degilbo cemetery, as had been his

first wife Eva some twelve years earlier. We

would be visiting them on our way to lunch.


The Octagon - May2016

Charlie Jackson with his

trophies and (above) his

daughter, Margaret, with

them at the MGCCQ

Clubrooms where they are

on permanent display.

Before we left the dam the obligatory visits

to the amenities of course took place and it

was heard that some of those visiting them

were advised not to bend over the long drop

dunnies with their phones in their top pockets

for obvious reasons. They are quite

deep and it was unlikely that any dropped

phone could be reached at arm’s length by

anyone unceremoniously dangled down

from above by the ankles.

Some more driving on MG/sports car

friendly roads, although much narrower and

tighter than before, with even better scenery,

took us to Degilbo cemetery. A group of

farmers in the process of repairing a fence

looked amazed as our fourteen car parade

passed them on a road where it’s rare for

more than a few cars a day to interrupt their

peace and solitude.

The cast and crew were:-

Eric & Janelle Beckman MGB

David Hall & Lyn Haywood MGBGT

Leigh & Jacki Noll


David & Sonja Carter MGF

Selwyn & Sue Prasser Mercedes

Peter & Margret Elson MGF

Ian Games & Jan Grigg VW Golf

Teena Johnson


Judy O’Donohue


Keith & Mary Ross


Warren Innes & Margaret Johnston MGRV8

Jim and Raye Vanderkyl MGA

Tracy and Steve Gable MGF

Gary & Meryl Duncan MGB

It’s likely that Charlie and Eva had never

had so many visitors at their final resting

places and it seemed a fitting tribute to the

pioneers of MG motor sport in Australia, that

so many had turned up to visit their graves

on this occasion and also that the majority

of the cars were MGs. Of course the other

makes involved were equally as welcome.

As would be expected lots of photos were

taken and a sample will be accompanying

this report.

After another pleasant drive through the

area we were all pleased to arrive at the

Commercial Hotel in Biggenden for our

prearranged lunch. The publican had

previously requested that we park our cars

all around the corner location of the hotel so

that he could have photos taken. Naturally,

we reluctantly complied with his wishes after

our meals and as a result 71 photos were

later uploaded to the hotel’s Facebook page.

But for the remaining drive home another

great day of enjoyment of our cars and

The Octagon - May 2016 41

Enhance Improve


Air conditioning, Brakes, Gearboxes, Suspension, Alloy heads, Wheels,

Electronic ignition, Electric power steering, Alloy radiators, Fuel injection systems,

Roll bars, seats, Exhaust, Gauges, Limited slip differentials,

Engine conversions, Complete car builds

MODERN www.modernclassiccars.com.au


Email : sales@modernclassiccars.com.au Tel : 02 9774 2169 2A Arab rd Padstow NSW 2211


The Octagon - May2016

TICKING OFF THE BUCKET LIST Frontline Developments In Oxfordshire Uk

by Russ Geraghty

Some years ago, the British produced TV show

Fifth Gear ran a comparison between a 1960’s

MGB GT and a Frontline LE50. I remember

the show well with Tiff Needell hosting the


During a trip to Bath in the southern extremes

of the English Cotswold region on a chilly

August day, I spotted what I thought may

have been that Frontline LE50 parked near

the centre of town. After a few camera shots, I

waited hoping to meet the owner but it wasn’t

to be. Two weeks later on a very rainy day

I made the trek to Frontline Developments

factory at Abingdon-on-Thames in Oxfordshire

and not too far from the British Motor Heritage

operation. The premises were once those of

the former Benetton F1 team, hard to find but

appear ideal for the purpose.

Through the rain on the windscreen I spotted

number plate LGY220K, that same Frontline

LE50 I had spotted in Bath... this is the place

alright. Maggie greeted me at the door but it

was happening... all staff had been called to

the carpark to ensure every car was water tight

as the rainclouds were opening up. Roadsters

were moved in and coupes ensured they were

watertight. She introduced me to Tim Fenna,

Frontline’s owner who immediately offered me

a factory tour...wow, what luck.

“Tim, may I take photos please,” I ask...

“Sorry. These are customer cars and I would

appreciate their anonymity is respected.”

He said I could photograph his car to which

I promptly responded I had already done so

in Bath two weeks earlier... Tim was there

showing a prospective customer. “My car is our

development hack where I try out my ideas”...it

did not appear to be a hack to me.

We spotted two near identical Sprites both in

racing livery and running K-series engines. Tim

explained he commenced Frontline years ago

to market his 5 speed gearbox conversions

and it has taken off from there. Frontline now

has agents worldwide and they sell their own

gearbox, suspension and in fact complete cars

to all continents... he said that there are a few

in Australia. The factory is surgically clean,

no dirt or dust, no oil, no grease, the team in

spotlessly clean coveralls... the dirtiest things

are actually the customer cars.

It was time to talk MGBs. He not only showed

me a red LE50 they are just completing for a

customer order but we virtually climbed all over

it inside and out. Tim is passionate about his

cars and the brand and he started throwing

a plethora of facts at me... whoa Tim, I am

not a reporter... can you show me what you

mean. “This (GT) started as a Heritage Shell

specially prepared for Frontline.” He went on

(Above left) The silver GT (known as the LE50) is Tim’s own prototype testbed. I first saw it parked in Bath (when I

later met Tim Fenna – the owner of Frontline and the brains behind the development and engineering at Frontline). I

told him I saw the car a couple of weeks before and he told me it was there to demonstrate to another future customer

(they signed up for one which they are having specified to their liking.)

The next time I saw it (the silver GT type LE50 in the partly obscured photo) was outside of their factory on the day I

turned up unannounced...it was in pelting rain...the staff were busy pulling customer cars undercover so no leaks.

The Octagon - May 2016 43


The Octagon - May2016

The Frontline display at Goodwood. The silver Abingdon roadster looks simply stunning (that’s an Aston Martin silver

and it suits the Abingdon perfectly). Another version has an Aston Martin type wide hoodscoop which really tells you

something is happening under there.

The even more stunning deep metallic green is the LE50 (their version of an MGB GT). You can just make out Tim

Fenna seated in the background between the two mechanic attired gents in white overalls.

to explain the engine is a 215bhp fuel injected

worked 2 litre Mazda unit (brand new) along

with a 5 speed manual, Frontlines own 5 link

rear-end with coil overs and Frontline’s own

Independent front-end, big stopping discs all

round and those glorious 15” Dunlop Alloy

wheels. They have even worked hard on the

exhaust note to make it very distinctive (later

in my trip on the way to Goodwood, I was

passed by what appeared to be another LE50

and that sound was oh so close to the old BDA

Escorts... very distinctive indeed.)

Inside is bespoke red leather to the client’s

wishes, a custom sound system and all of

the power options the client wishes. He took

time to point out the extra ¼ kilometre of extra

wiring carefully concealed under a false floor

on the passenger’s side. Tim explains this

model delivers 215bhp and will hit 62mph

(100kph) in 5 seconds with no trouble. The

rear side windows are bonded in (do not

open) for added body rigidity. Over to a nearby

suspension jig and he took time to show me his

Frontline 5 link Rear-end setup being readied

for another car. This is why the LE50 starts off

from £54,000.

But this was just the start of the tour. Next up

was a silver MGB Roadster being prepared for

the Goodwood Revival. Tim explained this car

was not for the fainthearted (my interpretation)

as 0-62mph comes up in 3.8seconds and

it will wind out to 170mph... Now that’s one

very quick road car. Tim grins when he says

that some late model Porsches can’t shake

this car whether that is in a straight line or

cornering when they are wound up. This is a

2.5 litre Mazda motor well modified with more

development than the coupe and so far we are

getting about 305bhp in the Roadster with an

all-up weight just less than 1,000kg. It’s called

the Abingdon and £80,000 will get you one.

I ask, “Tim, do you make the LE50 coupe in

an automatic?” “Why yes, we have done a

few and that pale blue Morgan outside has

had the full Frontline treatment and it is an

automatic... Frontline make to order.” They will

even take your car and turn it into what you

want... it simply takes money. I admit to Tim

that I have not won Lotto but who knows what

may happen in the future... but I do admit to

having a love-affair with those Dunlop Alloys

with the spinners... now I wonder if my budget

will extend that far?

I thanked Tim for an intriguing hour and his

one-on-one attention. I met Tim later in my trip

at Goodwood, he remembered me by name

and showed me his other demonstrator green

LE50 and the finished silver Abingdon... so

sweet both of them. “If it hadn’t been raining

so much, I would have taken you for a quick

run in my LE50,” Tim said ...damn that English


The Octagon - May 2016 45


by Gurney T Clamp

Friday 4 March - Dinner at AFISHIANDOS

Yeppoon’s strong winds assisted members

move in through the front door of the

Afishionados restaurant on Yeppoon’s beach

front on Friday night. When everyone settled

down in their seats the restaurant manager

Madeleine Friedrich presented foundation

member Don Madden with a surprise

miniature birthday cake. After Madeleine gave

Don a surprise kiss on the cheek she then

started singing Happy birthday to Don backed

up by members Jim & Sandra Armstrong,

Gurney & Gloria Clamp, Phil & Margaret

Henry, Richard & Michele Taylor, Garth

Barnes, Stuart & Ada Clark, John & Margaret

Horton, and Ian Wilhelmsen followed by the

usual three cheers. I have to report Don had

no trouble in blowing out the single candle on

top of the cake.

Following the usual enjoyable sea food dinner

members moved across to the Coffee shop

for an enjoyable cup or mug of coffee and to

continue the usual club chatter that allowed

members to catch up with Garth Barnes on his

and Leslie’s recent trips overseas and to wish

Jim and Sandra Armstrong a safe journey on

their forthcoming trip to the MG Car Club’s

National Meeting in Perth over the Easter


Sunday 20 March - Laurel Bank & The


Coastal members woke to threatening

overcast skies along the Yeppoon coast which

disappeared as they gathered at Beaman


The Octagon - May2016

Park ready for the day’s outing. Don Madden,

Phil Henry, Gurney & Gloria Clamp, Jenny

Hill with mum Rosemary, Ian Carleton,

Rodger Warne & Phylis Davies headed off to

Rockhampton’s Kershaw garden at 8.05 a.m.

to meet up with the Central members Garth &

Leslie Barnes, Terry Dwyer & Anne Burbidge,

Stuart & Ada Clark, John & Margaret Horton,

Rosco James, Daryl & Joy Penridge, Ian

Wilhelmsen, Gordon Kelsey, Brian & Glenis

Russell and guest Robert Sidoti in his blue

fully imported Mazda MX 5.

Prior to departure the coordinator gave a brief

outline on the day’s tour to the Rockhampton

Water Ski club at Laurel Bank for morning

tea, then onto The caves Hotel followed by

a visit to Don Madden’s daughter’s property

near the Caves. New member Robert Sidoti

was also welcomed in the club. It was then

announced that Terry Dwyer would head the

tour to Laurel Bank, while Gurney & Gloria

waited for the late arrival of Ian Carleton who

did not know where Rockhampton Ski club

at Laurel Bank was located -- and Gurney

thought that he did.

before were pleasantly surprised to find that

the club had a grassed area that was well

maintained by club volunteers with beautiful

camping grounds and a well designed club

house to suit their needs, their own boat ramp,

pontoon with their power boat waiting in the

water for people wishing to take the challenge

of skiing behind. No takers came forward, but

for several members who are members of the

club it brought back memories of their younger

days on skis behind a boat, complaining that

their wet suit may be a bit tight nowadays.

After enjoying the hospitality of Dave Ruff, the

caretaker, who informed the events committee

what was available there for clubs such as

ours, made us decide that we should look at

either this for a return visit next year. After our

The main group departed on time for the

Rockhampton Water Ski Club at Laurel Bank

and, after an unplanned detour, finally made it

there safely. Shortly after arrival Terry Dwyer

received a phone call from Ian Carleton asking

for direction as he and the Clamps were lost

and were at the Rockhampton trail bike club

grounds. They, too, eventually arrived safely

at the Ski club.

The members who had not visited this location

The Octagon - May 2016 47

usual morning tea while enjoying what this

beautiful area had to offer, we all headed to

the Caves Hotel via Rockhampton for lunch

where we caught up with Gary & Robbie


see so many MGs. After spending a relaxing

hour over morning tea and watching a small

water craft travelling around the dam powered

by a small outboard motor that seemed to

eventually fail.

The planned trip to Don Madden’s daughter’s

property was postponed due to the heavy

down pour or rain during the night.

Sunday 17th April - Mt Morgan

Overcast skies in Yeppoon did not deter the

Coastal members at Beaman Park as the

prepared to travel to Kershaw Gardens to join

up with the Central Members to find that the

car park was beginning to fill up with members

of the all Classic car club. They were also

gathering for their trip to Mt. Morgan.

We headed off to the Mt. Morgan dam via

the Mt. Morgan range road, a journey that all

enjoyed specially the drivers taking on the

tight twist and turns on a road that is still in

really good condition and a pleasure to drive.

On arrival at the Dam car park we enjoyed the

usual attention that we got from the general

public excited about having the chance to


The Octagon - May2016

As plenty of time was available it was decided

to stop and experience a walk across Mt.

Morgan’s Swinging bridge river that was once

used by the mine workers to get them over

the Dee River to the nearby open cut gold

mine. From there we toured up to the Mt.

Morgan Lookout with Phil Henry giving us a

history lesson on the mine and how the water

in the dam is kept at a safe level. Next stop

was tthe Leichardt Hotel for lunch in their

cool and pleasant beer garden dining area.

After lunch members went in all directions

with some taking a trip home via Dululu with

a refreshing stop over at the Westwood pub.

Others headed home via the Range road or

the famous razor back.

Members who attended: Martin & Narelle

Adamson, Ian & Rosemary Carleton, Gurney

& Gloria Clamp, Phil Henry and Gary Kunst,

Trevor ( Butch ) Bambrick, Terry Dwyer &

Anne Burbidge, Stuart & Ada Clark, Robert

& Yvonne Holbeck, Rosco James, Daryl

& Joy Penridge, Allan & Trudi Stacey, Ian

Wilhelmsen, Ron Atwell Invited Guests: Kevin

Wright & Frazer Kuhl


Our first mid-week lunch tour was not without

incident. The day started for the Yeppoon

members Gurney & Gloria Clamp, Gary &

Julie Kunst as, on arrival at the Oaks, they

were informed that there had been a serious

accident on the Rockhampton to Yeppoon

road and thus were advised to detour to

Rockhampton via Cawarral or Arterial road.

The Clamps & Kunsts decided to go via the

Arterial road and contacted Jim & Sandra

Armstrong of what had happened so they

decided to go via Emu Park. At the Gardens

they met up with Terry Dwyer & Anne

Burbidge, Stuart & Ada Clark, Robert Holbeck

and Gordon Kelsey. After the usual chatter

and updates the group headed off to the C

Q University’s Willby’s Training Restaurant

for lunch where we met new member Ian

Henderson who recently became the owner

of a Cream coloured 1948 MG TC, a car that,

after lunch, the Clamps, Clarks and Gordon

Kelsey got to view at Ian’s house to find

that the TC was show room condition with a

smooth running engine and once registered

will be joining us on our tours.

The Octagon - May 2016 49


Darling Down Chapter

by Gary Lawrence

So what happened to the first two months of 2016?

It seems like yesterday that we were doing our end

of 2015 social activities.

By tradition, January is a quiet month on the

Chapter front with many of our members away on

annual leave or otherwise occupied with family

and other social activities. However this year, just

for something different, on 13 January, we held

a Twilight Run which proved to be popular and


For 2016, we have ‘elected’ the same leader group

as we have had for the past three years; Gary

Lawrence (Chapter Coordinator and Toowoomba

Convener), Bob Marsh (Warwick Convener) and

Ron & Judy Gillis (mid-week Conveners).

Our 2016 calendar has been published. In addition

to our usual monthly social events, it contains

a ‘long’ tour to Mackay as well as a couple of

overnight runs; the first in May to the Granite Belt

and the second in October to Mt. Tamborine.

Our ‘long’ tour this year will blend with the

combined Chapters meeting in Mackay being

organised by David Miles for August 19, 20 and 21.

Twilight Run 13 January

A Twilight Run followed by dinner at a local

Toowoomba hotel was something a little different

and a very enjoyable event for our group.

The run commenced at the Toowoomba TAFE /

Cobb & Co Museum parking grounds in Campbell

Street. Travelling through some of the historic

areas of east Toowoomba we looped around

Prince Henry Drive (which in days gone by was a

hill climb circuit having close affinity with the MG

Club) then followed the eastern escarpment before

proceeding down the Range highway into the

Lockyer Valley. Despite the recent improvements

to the downhill grade on this road, it still tests the

braking capability on our much-loved MGs.

Leaving the main highway, we branched on to

Murphy’s Creek Road. This is a relatively quiet

country road with a couple of good straights on

which to clear the cobwebs as well as some great

‘MG curves’ to test the handling.

A number of our participants took full advantage of

the balmy evening and enjoyed the pleasures of

open top touring.

The run was followed by an enjoyable and social

dinner gathering at the Blue Mountain Hotel on the

northern outskirts of Toowoomba.

Participants: Rob & Narelle Fraser, Rob & Fern

Callow, Allan & Deb Maskill, John & Marg Boland,

Brian & June Phillips, Ben & Angie Cain, Gary &

Janis Lawrence.


The Octagon - May2016

The Octagon - May 2016 51


and Fiona (Prado), Steve and Maureen (MGB),

Harvey and Kay (Prado), Bob and Patty (Hilux),

Cynthia and Derek (Jeep), Lyn and Wayne

(White), Leon (Mini), John and Helen (White),

Sam (MGF), Graham and Pauline (Daimler).

Far North Qld Chapter

by John and Cherie Fransen

This photo was taken on an earlier run which went

to Julatten and is being run because it records a

significant moment for this TD and its owner Tony

Boland. Tony can be a bit cheeky when we have

car troubles, as due to his car’s condition it is the

least likely to ever breakdown..... except on this


Sunday, 6 March - Babinda / Flying Fish

Point Run

Participants – Tony B (TD), Chris & Val (MGF),

Brendon and June (MX5), John F (Falcon), Kim

Our starting point was at the DFO / Hungry Jack’s

carpark, it was a little rainy today, on and off, so it

was nice to still have a good size group despite

the weather.

We headed south to Babinda, a little township

on the Bruce Highway, where we planned to go

to a particular spot, however they were closed

today, so we chose another one across the road

called Munchies Cafe, good for some coffees,

milkshakes and sweet accompaniments. Once

everyone was refreshed, we leisurely drove

further south, then east via Innisfail, to end up at

Flying Fish Point Cafe for lunch and a chat. This

is a popular stop for us, with a beautiful outlook

over the beach, and the food ain’t bad either.

This trip might have to be called the ‘alternate


The Octagon - May2016

un’, as there was probably more everyday

drives (majority SUVs) this Sunday than usual,

a few different reasons including a really late

wet season up here in the North, and some with

mechanical issues, but hopefully most of us will

be back in our Club vehicles the next run or two.

had a wonderful turnout today - 16 cars, very

impressive. Same as last month, the weather

has been on and off, but the day ended up being

a beauty.

Leaving the carpark meeting point at Westcourt,

we drove south past Gordonvale and turned right

at the base of the Gillies Range. We attempted

a co-ordinated photo stop before heading up the

hill, but as any experienced farmer knows, it was

like herding brown’s cows getting us all in some

type of formation, chuckle!

Flying Fish cafe and North Qld road obstacles

Sunday, 3 April - Lake Barrine / Tarzali

(Tablelands) Run

Participants – Alan (MGB), Chris and Val (TF),

Tony (TD), Cynthia and Derek (MX5), John and

Helen (MGB), Roland (Austin Healey), Tony and

Yanti (TD), John and Cherie (Midget), Ken and

Julia (MX5), Graeme and Robyn (MGF), Leon

(Mini), Kim and Fiona (MGB), John and Annette

(MGA), Graham and Pauline (Daimler), Bob and

Patty (MGB), Rod and Gill (MGB).

Considering we had a few of the regulars

away at an Austin Healey event in Adelaide we

The Octagon - May 2016 53

Up the winding range is a dream run for any car

enthusiast, everyone enjoying the many curves.

Lake Barrine was our next point, a really lovely

outlook sitting on the verandah bordering the lake,

with fresh out of the oven scones, jam and cream.

the older style safety glass so the break which

made for a bit of a mess. Thank goodness though

for ‘Shannon’s windscreen free policy’ which

came in handy on our return to Cairns.

Following this, we headed further into the

Tablelands, turning before Yungaburra heading

along the Millaa Millaa Malanda Road before

stopping at Tarzali Lakes Aquaculture Centre.

Here they have a little smokehouse cafe, platypus

park and fishing, as well as bird watching and

camping. With our good size group and their

being a small business, they catered to us very

well and we had our meals as quickly as they

could get them to us. Supporting locals spots

such as these is what we like to do - they make

flavoured honeys, smoke their own produce, as

well as serving some impressive fresh red claw as

part of the lunch menu. Tarzali Lakes were very

excited to have us visit and images of the cars

ended up on their Facebook page.

Today nearly finished without incident, until John’s

little red Midget turned back on the road heading

home and was caught by a large vehicle hitting

a rock and it ending up in the windscreen. It was


The Octagon - May2016


Wide Bay Chapter

by David Hall and Lyn Hayward

28th February Combined Run - Twenty of the

Hervey Bay Mob enjoyed a run through the country

side to meet with 20 Bundy Crew at Childers for

morning tea and lunch at Goody’s on the beach at

Toogoom. The combined Chapter meet was very

well supported by both groups and a great time was

had by all. We also welcomed new members Keith

and Mary Ross in their newly acquired Iris Blue

MGA. Also Ian and Karen Fettes, members from

Brisbane, came along in their Toyota Motorhome

making a trip to Bundaberg before setting off to

2016 Nationals in Perth. Thanks to Alan Dansie and

David Carter for organising this great day.

13th March - The Hervey Bay Mob set off with

7 vehicles and 14 members to meet the same

number from Bundy and had a wonderful get

together for morning tea at Childers after a cuppa

and a lot of exuberant chatter. The focus turned to

David Carter’s MGB bonnet up and inspection time.

A new set of SU Carby’s brightly polished! What a


It was then time to move on for a very enjoyable run

to Woodgate Bowls Club for lunch. The blue sky

disappeared and the rain came down, tops went up,

and towels came out. After a few hours of eating,

talking and laughing with everyone happy with

their day out, it was time to say our goodbyes and

head home our separate ways to face the dark and

threatening clouds. Thank you to the Carters and

the Johnsons for a great day out.

The Octagon - May 2016 55

Phone or fax for a





The Octagon - May2016

23rd March Brooklyn House Well ... was this one

fun! Really, how often can you lose 6 MGs while at

the same time finding a hidden airport? And all on

the way to a 90 square restored colonial mansion

for Devonshire Tea!

This run started off with 9 cars gathering at our

meeting place on the Hervey Bay Esplanade.

From there a spirited drive in completely the wrong

direction had some worried before we finally turned

towards Howard, a small township which was once

the centre of the coal mining industry in the Wide

Bay area. In Howard we were joined by Mary and

Keith Ross in their Blue MGA (yet another Dan

Casey creation), Warren Innes, Jocelyn and Peter

Gardener and Bev and Fred Sheavils. Most of

this group of 13 then headed off to find the Pacific

Haven Aerodrome, a private air park with housing

(and hangars) down one side of the sealed strip. It

seemed a good idea at the time, but this is where

we lost (or misplaced) a few cars. Having found

the strip and pulled up to have a closer look, it

was immediately obvious that our numbers had

shrunk rather dramatically. A few anxious minutes

followed while we discussed whether to retrace

our steps and find them ... or just let them find us.

Sure enough, it wasn’t long before they sheepishly

came into view, but not from behind us, rather from

in front, the direction we were going to head to!

Happily together again, we hotfooted it back into

Howard for morning tea at Brooklyn House.

You all know that in the Wide Bay Chapter we do

not have breakdowns ... ever! But I will mention

that on returning to Brooklyn House we found our

Tail End Charlie sitting beside the road with bonnet

up. Not actually broken down, it was just a little

tired from the run and so wisely hitched a ride to its

home on the back of a passing breakdown truck.

We finished the morning with 15 cars and 24

people, a great rollup. Morning tea was fabulous,

the surroundings delightful, the conversations loud

and it was all topped off with a surprise visit from

Eric Beckman from Bundaberg. So if you are ever

near Howard, Brooklyn House (once the home

of Dame Annabelle Rankin, Queensland’s first

woman Senator) is well worth a visit ... 90 squares

of heritage listed grandeur, complete with 14 foot

ceilings, period furniture, a resident ghost and MG

oil stains on the gravel driveway.

Contributed by Darrell Martin

The Octagon - May 2016 57

6th April Muddy Waters Eight Cars and sixteen

Members from Hervey Bay had a nice run to

Maryborough which included a very scenic run

over Teddington Weir. The run then went through

the beautiful cane fields of Magnolia and Bidwell

to Muddy Waters Café in Historic Wharf Street

Maryborough for homemade scones and coffee.

After solving the world’s problems we had a nice

leisurely drive home thankful that we could enjoy

such a lovely day out in our Sports Cars. Thank you

to David Carter for a lovely morning outing.

April 16 - Bundy Crew Social Music Festival

- Well, another Great MG outing which was

organised by Ian Games on Saturday at his

10 Mile Road Property. Thanks to Ian for great

afternoon and night. Contributed and photos by Eric


17th April RUN to DICKABRAM BRIDGE and


The sun was glistening on 8 sports cars all waiting

and ready for a trip to the Theebine Historic Hotel.

19 members and 4 visitors travelled to Petrie Park

Tiaro for morning tea. This nicely appointed Park

on the bank of the Mary River was a relaxing stop

enjoyed by all.

Time to start our engines and travel through some

beautiful countryside to the Historic Dickabram

Bridge an old Road and Rail bridge built in 1886

where a photo of the cars crossing the bridge was

taken. We then proceeded to nearby Theebine

Historic Hotel awaits. All enjoyed a nice cold drink

taking in the atmosphere of a different world of

antiques and collectables. Our hosts cooked us

a lovely BBQ with salads for lunch which was

thoroughly enjoyed by all. On setting off for home

dark clouds once again threatened.

By David and Lyn (Photos by Lyn Hayward)


The Octagon - May2016

ANZAC DAY Hervey Bay - David Hall in his MGTC

and Sharyn Seirs in her MGB enjoyed flying the MG

Flag directly following the two lead Army Vehicles

in the parade. Their Red MGs looked impressive on

our Local Channel 7 News that evening.

28th April Zig Zag Run to Burrum Heads

18 Members 11 cars 1 Motor Bike and 1 dog did

the Zig Zag Tour finishing at a delightful little Park

on the foreshore at Burrum Heads for a BYO

morning tea. It was so good the Peakers and Hall/

Haywards cranked up the BBQ and stayed for lunch

finishing off with a nice coffee at a local café. A

great time was enjoyed by all a big thanks to Darrell

for organizing the day.

The Octagon - May 2016 59

Competition Corner

Night Run 5th February 2016 - by Don

Webster (who was modestly trying to

remain anonymous)

MG Car Club was invited to participate in a

night run organised by Brisbane Sporting

Car Club. There were four representatives

from MG – Brian Krieger in his trusty

Barina (with Tony Best as Navigator), Chris

McMahon navigating for a change (for

Peter Stringfellow in Peter’s Sprite) and

Don Webster in his TD special with Bernie

Pereira as navigator.

Overall, 15 teams started from Ferny

Grove Railway Station car park and

headed out through Ferny Hills and the

wilds of Camp Mountain before passing

through Samford Village. Most continued

on the way to Draper and Clear Mountain;

however, the Webster/Pereira team found

themselves again entering Samford

Village. A short break was called for,

street directories consulted, and the run

restarted. Presumably a different mistake

was made this time; however, when they

again began approaching the lovely

Samford Village, they decided to call it a

night and phoned their withdrawal to the

organiser. Apparently most of the other

crews found their way through the northern

parts of Brisbane to the BSCC clubrooms

at Banyo where a sausage sizzle awaited

them. It was a perfect night to be out in an

open car, and the TD team enjoyed a pizza

on the way home.

Results are a bit sketchy, but Chris

McMahon’s team came 9th, Brian Krieger

11th, and Don Webster/Bernie Pereira


CAMS State Racing Championships Rd

1, Morgan Park - 12/13 March

There is no indepth report of this race

meeting which was organised by our Club

but it is pleasing to report that ten of our

Club members were competitors. They



The Octagon - May2016

Bradley Smith

Richard Mattea

Robert Gooley

John English

Gary Goulding

Rick Miles

Brian Pettit

Bruce Cook

Geoff Kingston

Ted Sibley

Ed: Race meeting competitors are invited to send a

brief account of their racing at each of the rounds of the

CAMS State Championship meeting to me by email to


Rd 2 of the Carric Accounting &

Business Service - Tighe Cams Hillclimb

Series - 9/10 April by Elaine Hamilton

With some of our regular MGCCQ

competitors still making their way back

from the MG National Meeting in Perth, this

hillclimb probably set a record of being the

first in the history of MGCCQ events at the

hillclimb not to have an MG in the entry list.

The timing of the event also meant that a

number of the usual helpers and officials

had also not returned so there was a fear

that there may be difficulties in manning the

event. But, not to worry - a call went out for

help and it was answered! Many thanks to

all of you who came along to work in the

canteen, on flagpoints and wherever else

you were needed. Come back again .... and


The absence of the MG cohort was very

visibly noticed in the entry list for Regularity

where there were only two competitors -

Andrew Willesden in his VW Polo GTi (he

left his beautiful MGB at home) and his

cousin Greg Tebble in his self built Clubman

roadster which boasts a rampant Moose as

its badge. Greg asserted the extra maturity

with comes with age (he was born on the

same day as Andrew but a little earlier in

the day) and won the Regularity class by 20

points to 31.

A feature of the event was the entry

of members of the HRCC and their

competition for HRCC trophies. Their

attendance and participation was greatly

appreciated and we hope that they combine

with us again.

Highlight of the weekend was the setting

of a new outright record for Club/Closed

events by Dean Tighe when he took

0.01 off his old record with a 37.93 and

consequently won Fastest Time of Day. Not

far behind him was Michael von Rappard

who achieved four sub 40s runs for the

weekend, the last one giving him a win

in the Top Six shootout at the end of the


The trophy for Most Improved (given for the

best rookie performance) went convincingly

to Therese Wade in Chris Johns’


Class winners were:


Regularity Gregory Tebble Clubman Roadster

Prod. & Inv. Cars, incl. Road Reg. - 1601 to 2000cc Jan Bucifal Hyundai Coupe

Prod. & Inv. Cars, incl. Road Reg. - 2001cc & over Martin Egglesfield Ford Fiesta ST

Mod. Prod, Road Reg. - Up to 2000cc Shane Merrick Datsun 1200

Formula Ford 1600 Gary Goulding Vector TF94

Formula Vee - 1200 James Heymer Hornet Formula Vee

Formula Vee - 1600 Craig Hughes Hughes VWMA

All Wheel Drive - Forced Induction John Stuckey Subaru WRX Impreza

Group K John Anderson Triumph Wolsley Spl

Group M - Sports Alan Telfer Lotus Super 7

Group R - Sports Michael Gehde Lola T590 S2000

Group U Chris Johns Ford Escort

Group T Steve Purdy Turner Mk 2

Circuit Excel Brad Smith Hyundai Excel X3

HQ Holden Anthony Toft HQ Holden

PRC Rally Car John Gibson Mitsubishi Lancer

Mod. Prod, Road Reg. - 2001cc & over Paul Buccini BMW 135i

Marque Sports - 1601 to 2000cc Brad Stratton Mazda MX-5

Marque Sports - 2001cc & over Dave Roberts Datsun 260Z

Improved Production - Up to 1600cc Grahame Rumballe Volkswagen Golf

Improved Production - 1601 to 2000cc Karlie Buccini Proton Satria

Improved Production - 2001cc & over Ken Graham Datsun 1600 SSS

Sports Sedans - 2001cc & over David Malone Holden Torana

Sports Sedans - Up to 2000cc Tyson Cowie Ford Escort

Sports Cars (Closed) - 2001cc & over Terry Johns Nissan JFR S15

Sports Cars (Open) - Up to 2000cc Peter Stringfellow AH Sprite

Sports Cars (Open) - 2001cc & over Jeffrey Graham Mazda MX-5

Clubman Sports Cars - Up to 2000cc Brian Pettit Westfield SE

Superkarts Mark Maczek PVP

Supersports/Sports 1300 Travis Johns Esprit Sports 1300

Formula Libre - Up to 1300cc Jim Milliner OMS 2000M

Formula Libre - 1301cc & over Dean Tighe Dallara-Judd 4.0

The Octagon - May 2016 61

After Round 2, the leaderboard for the Series is ...

Photos from the event. Our thanks to Steve Johns and Rob Talbot for supplying them.

(Photos from top to bottom) Brad Smith trying to take a cross country short cut, Dave Roberts - Datsun 260Z, Greg King - Toyota MR2, Jason

Martell - Ford Escort, Peter Stringfellow - AH Sprite, Alan Telfer - Lotus Super 7 - ready to go and break his record (photos by Rob Talbot)

Steve Purdy in his beautiful Turner Mk 2, Travis Johns caught in aciton by his father, Steve Johns, Dean Tighe on his way to setting a new

outright Club record, Chris Johns checks that the Cappu is ready for Therese Wade, winner of the Most Improved (Photos by Steve Johns )


The Octagon - May2016

The Octagon - May 2016 63


or by email to vprojects@internode.on.net

The Octagon - May2016

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