Octagon March, 2016


Official Journal of the MG Car Club of Queensland Inc.



No. 2 March 2016

Ken Wasley’s rare and recently purchased MG XPower SV on its

first track outing at Morgan Park. Read the full story inside in

‘Stories from the Stables’.

Photo by Ian Welsh of Shifting Focus

The Octagon - March 2016 1


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Richard Mattea (Carly) 3325 0409 0488 224 105 richard.mattea@yahoo.com




Malcolm Spiden 3266 6350 spidenm@yahoo.com.au


Carly Mattea (Richard) 3325 0409 0410 310 452 moffmat@bigpond.com


Don Webster (Ann) 3379 2566 0439 526 060 donweb@bigpond.net.au

Ken Wasley (Barbara) 3378 6202 0423 152 723 wasmg11@gmail.com

Neil Lewis 3807 6273 0417 773 425 neil.lewis@clarkslogancity.com.au

Dean Tighe 0419 774 441 sales@tighecams.com.au

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Richard Mattea 3325 0409

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National Meeting Noeline Johnson 0427 220 602



Chapter Liaison David Miles 3892 2699

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Wide Bay Chapter David Hall 4125 8436

Darling Downs Chapter Gary Lawrence 4696 8314

Capricorn Chapter Gurney Clamp 4939 4760

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All enquiries to the secretary:

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The Octagon - March 2016

Headquarters: 8/16 Collinsvale Street, Rocklea

E & OE Hillclimb: Gramzow Road, Mt Cotton

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President’s Report

It seems like only a few weeks ago that

I was writing my last President’s report,

but it must be somewhat longer than that

as Elaine is again reminding me of the

deadline that I need to attempt to keep so

that the Octagon will reach you when it


Much has happened within the club since

my last report, with the club has returning to

its usual high rate of activity.

Both weekend and midweek day runs have

taken place (by all Chapters and those

based in SEQ), along with the first round

of the 2016 Carric Accounting & Business

Services/Tighe Cams Mt Cotton Hillclimb


By the time you are reading this the club

will have also run the first round of the Qld

State Motor Racing Championship. A pretty

big start to 2016.

The support for all the events run this year

has been fantastic, with reports of excellent

numbers participating in the day runs and

a particularly good entry list for the race

meeting despite three race categories not

participating as a group. We had a total

of 10 club members competing at Morgan

Park which is the largest number we have

had for several years. The interest in this

year’s hillclimb series has also been strong

with 88 competitors entering the first round

of this year’s series.

On the committee front we have suffered a

blow after getting our numbers up to nine

with the committee having to reluctantly

accept the resignation of Richard Higgs.

Richard has thankfully indicated that he

will be able to continue to assist with the

organisation of All British Day and the club’s

annual Concours event. We are sorry

to see Richard go and will miss his input

during committee meetings.

With Richard’s departure we are on the

lookout again for two people to fill the

current vacancies on the committee. It

would be great if you could consider taking

on one of these positions. The work

involved is not overly onerous and meetings

occur only once a month.

I’m not sure if this will reach members

before or after the 2016 MG National

Meeting but, at the time of writing, several

groups of members have already started

the long trek west and many will be leaving

in the coming days and weeks. We wish all

members a safe journey.

I’m sure we will do well in the competitive

events given our numbers attending and

the distance they will have travelled.

Congratulations to the various WA based

MG car clubs who have worked so hard to

return the event to the west after 21 years.

I’m sure it will be/was a great event.

We are still very much in need of assistance

in the canteen at Mt Cotton. And we will be

down a few of the regulars at the next event

in April as many of those who do help will

still be returning for the National Meeting.

If you are able to help could you drop me an

email to let me know what day and time etc.

would suit?

- Richard Mattea

Ross Kelly 3352 4151

0407 364 543

MG ZR, ZS, ZT Ken Wasley 0423 15 27 23

The Octagon - March 2016 3

Some words from Elaine

Here’s another great cover photo for you.

Our thanks go to Ian Welsh of Shifting

Focus who made a special effort at Morgan

Park recently to get a cover-worthy photo of

Ken Wasley in his recently acquired MG at

its first ontrack outing. Read all about it in

‘Stories from the Stables’. There is a second

‘Story from the Stables’ which takes us back

in the historical spectrum of MGs with Ross

Kelly’s tale of the fascinating history of his


provided a moving tribute to their member,

Tony Gubbins, who died suddenly earlier

this year. His loss had extra impact for all

of us as he had just taken on the job of

being the Chapter’s scribe for their Octagon


Part 3 (of 4) of Dan Casey’s documentation

of the ownership of MGAs is included here

and is followed by an incredible story of

coincidences relating to MGAs.

I know that there are plenty more stories of

cars in your stables out there. Please don’t

be shy about coming forward with yours.

About 1500 words along with up to 8 photos

is a ‘rule of thumb’ for the length of your

story. Your car does not need to be special

in that it might be different to everyone else’s

like the two in this issue but there probably is

something special about it for you.

It’s a pleasant surprise to have three letters

to the Editor in this issue. You will find them

on page 62, just inside the back cover. The

first one contains a plea for help at the

Queensland Hillclimb Championships at the

end of May. Please check your calendar to

see if you will be able to help. Another is a

brief account of the only member of our Club

to make the journey to WA for last year’s

Australian Hillclimb Championship. The

third arrived just in time for inclusion and

give us an update on the trip to WA being

undertaken by the Rayments. I thank them

all for taking the initiative of writing these


Letters to the Editor can also be used as

a vehicle for you to express your opinion

of what is happening in the Club -- maybe

some praise is due, maybe you have

suggestions to make. Use the Letters to the

Editor as your forum to open up discussions.

Remember, too, your contributions to ‘Bits

and Pieces’ are always welcomed.

Members of the Wide Bay Chapter have

A number of our members will be making

their way to WA for the National Meeting at

Easter using different methods of getting

their MG there. Peter and Delia Rayment

are travelling in their MGY and Peter has

documented the changes he has made to

the car to make the trip more comfortable

for them. Hopefully we’ll get some followup

from them after the event.

While the Chapters have been well

underway with events already this year the

first Brisbane run was held on 25 Feb and

attracted a large group of runners. The other

social event of the year was the annual

dinner and presentation of trophies. There

are reports of both of these inside.

In lieu of reports of competitive events

by the absent Ace Reporter, a number of

competitors from the various activities have

given their perspective on the event. Our

thanks go to them for their contributions.

The keen-eyed may notice that we have a

new advertiser -- an auto-electrician with a

liking for working with older cars who works

as a mobile business, visiting the home of

the needy vehicle.

Please note the closing date for the next

Octagon, the May issue, is the last day

of April. Please also note that this March

issue will be the last you receive if you do

not renew your membership by the end of



The Octagon - March 2016

Notice Board

The Clubrooms are open on the first and third Friday nights of each month with hot food starting at 6.30

pm priced as low as $3. The goal will continue to be to have something special happening on the first

Friday of each month. Your suggestions are welcomed.

(P) indicates that the event is pointscoring for Club trophies. The rules for pointscoring for trophies can be found on the News page

of the Club website. The pointscore is updated throughout the year by Ian Fettes so you can see how competitive you are. Please

contact Ian with any queries you may have.


In addition to the events below, working bees are held at the

hillclimb on most Wednesdays. For further information, contact

Malcolm Spiden.

1 Friday Noggin ‘n’ Natter

9/10 Sat/Sun Mt Cotton Hillclimb series Rd 2 (P)

15 Friday Noggin ‘n’ Natter;

24 Sunday Queensland Motorkhana Championships Round 3

HSCCQ (P) Driver Training Centre Willowbank

27 Wed Mid week run

The April Mid-Week Day Run will include a visit to

the Madura Tea Plantation and processing facility near

Murwillumbah in Northern New South Wales, and

will also add an overnight option. Cost of the

Madura tour is just $6.00 per person, details of

overnight accommodation to be advised. Organised by

David Miles


6 Friday Noggin ‘n’ Natter;

14 Saturday MGCCQ Interclub Hillclimb Mt Cotton (P)

15 Sunday MacLeans Bridge at Belmont Rifle Range (P)

Triumph Owners club (P);to be confirmed

20 Friday Noggin ‘n’ Natter

New members

We welcome the following new members and wish

them a long and happy association with the Club.

Lynn Jones

Christopher Muir

Therese Wade

Kenneth E Brieschke

Wayne Morgan

Richard Taylor

Pat Walker

Kenneth E Brieschke

Christopher Muir Therese Wade

Richard M Taylor James Dragona

John R Stuckey

Steven Woodbridge

Welcome back to Brad Smith

25 Wed Mid week run organised by Trevor Jones

28/29 Sat/Sun CAMS State Championship races Rd2

Morgan Park QRDA (P)

Mackay ‘Away’ Weekend

The first ever “away” meeting of our

regional chapters, together with members

from our Brisbane centre, will be held in

Mackay over the weekend of August 19,

20, 21 to give MGCC members State wide

the opportunity for a weekend of typical

MG fun and fellowship. Participants from

each of our Chapters, and from Brisbane,

will travel to Mackay, where our activities

might include MG owners and enthusiasts

from the region to join with us and, perhaps,

consider the formation of a Chapter in their


The format for the weekend is still in the

planning stage, but a day run, display and

lots of MG fellowship is being considered.

Suggestions and offers of help can be

directed to David Miles (07 3892 2699) or


The Windmill Motel and Reception Centre

will be the home base for the get together.

Please make your own bookings with them

but be sure to mention that you are part of

the MG Car Club of Qld group to get your

discounted price. Their phone number

is 07 4944 3344; their website is http://


The Octagon - March 2016 5


Many thanks to Vince Jordan who came

across this great photo from the past and

thought to share it with us. It was taken at the

race meeting held at Strathpine on 10 March

1955 and shows Joe Bonenti and Vince (No

8) in a close battle in their MG TFs.

Earlier this year, Max Johnson and David

Robinson presented cheques for $5000

each to the Berghofer Medical Research

Institute and RACQ Careflight, the money

being the proceeds from the 2015 All British


And another photo from the archives. This

one is from the Brier Thomas collection

and shows Brian Pettit in an Austin Healey

leading a field including an MGA driven by F

Ausina of NSW at Lowood on 3 September

1961. Fifty five years on, Brian can be seen

at almost every motorsport event in SE Qld

competing in one of his fleet of cars. At Mt

Cotton we are most familiar with him in his

Westfield in which he came third in the 2015


Club members Brad and Berenice Stratton

were recently officiating at the Liqui-Moly

Bathurst 12 Hour in their role as part of the of

Safety Car crew. The official safety car for the

event was a Mercedes AMG C63s and was

deployed 13 times during the 12 hour race

with 43 laps under yellow flag conditions.

Marques such as McLaren, Bentley, Audi,

Nissan and Porsche competed with the

winning team Tekno McLaren driven by

Shane Van Gisbergen, Jonathan Webb and

Alvaro Parente taking the chequered flag.


The Octagon - March 2016

The reason why the January Octagon was

late getting to you was that Craig Winter who

publishes the Octagon was in the USA for a

month. One part of his trip included a 30 lap

drive at Las Vegas Motor Speedway where

he managed to put in a better time than the

other nine locals who were competing - and

this on Australia Day! That’s Craig in the

number 16 Dodge.

He was also taken by this

image on the front of a

Kentucky visitors’ guide...an

MGB with a barrel of bourbon

on the boot...


MGTD Restoration is complete. Must make

room in my shed. Lots of Parts available

including chassis, front & rear suspension,

bonnet, radiator, full set black mats.

All in good condition. Other accessories also

available. Pls Phone John 0409644383.

Email: rosehill4@bigpond.com

Mk11BL Roadster 1971. Have current

safety certificate label issued by Grace

Automotive,Blunder Road, Oxley. Mechanic

commented that it was in excellent

condition. $13,000. Valerie: valeriebrown5@


MGB 65 Mk I Green

5 bearing crank; Mk 2 gearbox; Owner for

14 years; Good all round roadster regularly

serviced and maintained. Contact Chris

Cornish for more information. 0432454724

“The biggest thrill for Brad and me this year

was doing the rolling start to start the race.

Coming over Skyline at dawn with 40 exotic

GT cars snarling behind us was an absolute

thrill” Berenice said.

Photos by Ross Gibb photography.

The Octagon - March 2016 7

Vale - Tony Gubbins

Tony Gubbins - A Man of Passion

by Marilyn West (Tony’s partner),

David Carter and John London of the

Wide Bay Chapter

Tony Gubbins passed away suddenly on

Saturday 16th January.

Tony was a passionate MGCC member, he

loved the comradeship, the long runs where

he could give his MG a good run and of course

the procession of all the vehicles creating a

lot of attention where ever he went. It was his

dream car after a lifetime of loving cars, his

passion came to the fore when often teased

that his 2004 MG TF wasn’t really a TF.

Tony bought his MG TF about five years ago

while he was in Rockhampton and staying true

to his showman ways he loved to drive it with

the top down. He joined the Capricorn and

then the Wide Bay Chapter. He participated

in many runs, enjoying numerous great times

with them both. He was ecstatic to go to the

MG nationals in Toowoomba and rub shoulders

with the MG fanatics from around the country.

He made many special friendships that he

treasured in both Chapters.

A member of a pop band in his younger days,

he was a passionate member of Hervey Bay’s

ukulele group, the “HUMPS”, being first to the

microphone, out the front, centre stage, singing

along in fine voice often playing his bodhrán

(Irish drum). Passionate in his political beliefs,

as a long time Australia Labor Party member,

he stood as a candidate at a State election.

Tony attended university late in life obtaining

two degrees. He was passionate about being

a teacher and trying to instil in his students

his love of the English language, reading and

writing poetry.

He was passionate about great coffee (lots

of coffee), dining out (lots of dining out) and

reading the papers every day to keep up with

the news.

Tony had a strong sense of community, was

always willing to help others, he was a great

conversationalist, always easy to talk to, a

friend, a mate. He will be sadly missed.

Our sincere condolences go to his partner

Marilyn (Maz) and families.


The Octagon - March 2016

Annual Dinner And

Presentation Of Trophies

- by Don Webster

Our venue for the Annual Dinner held on Saturday

6th February 2016 was Boulevard Gardens at

Indooroopilly. The event was well attended,

principally I believe to hear our guest speaker

John Fraser’s presentation on “The Early Days

of the MG Car Club”. Unfortunately, John was

unable to attend due to ill health, although I hope

that he will do the presentation at one of our

regular Noggin and Natters at the Clubrooms.

Despite your organiser having just moved house

with all the attendant churn and loss of Internet,

the evening seemed to survive this personal


But on to the event. President Richard

Mattea welcomed those attending, and started

proceedings with the awarding of certificates to

those who had broken records at Mt Cotton in

2015. Unfortunately, of the seven individuals

who had broken records, only Dean Tighe, Steve

Riley and Ken Graham were present to receive

their awards. Others who broke records were

Brian Pettit, Geoff Cohen, Chris Johns and Ray


This was followed by the Appleby trophy for the

Top Six Challenge. The winner was Warwick

Hutchinson, with the runners up being Neil

Lewis, Jim Milliner, Dean Tighe, Rod Johns and

Dean Amos. To celebrate his joining the “Under

40 second” club, and to thank his pit crew, Jim

Milliner had booked a whole table for his support


Then on to the Club trophies with the first one

being the Geary Sportscars Concours Trophy.

There were three finalists, Bernie Pereira’s

MGTD, Rodney Lapworth’s MGA 1600 and Ken

Wasley’s MGZT 260 V8. It was won this year

by Ken Wasley. Unfortunately Denis Geary

was unable to attend, so this presentation was

capably handled by Vern Hamilton. This was

then followed by the award of the Ladies’ trophy

to Kristy McAndrew, who was unable to attend

because of a prior commitment to the Bathurst 12


Unfortunately there were only three Night

Navigation runs held in 2015 due to bad weather

and competing events which made it difficult to

earn points. However there was sufficient for the

G.C.Reid trophy for CTA Driver to be won by

Chris McMahon, and the M.E.Hunter trophy for

CTA Navigator by Bernie Pereira.

The next trophy was the Peter Uscinski trophy

for Marque Speed with 33 contestants, In third

place was Andrew Lake, second was Brad

Stratton, with the winner being Flavio Paggiaro.

The Racing Driver’s Trophy was won by Ted

Sibley with John English second and Gary

Goulding third.

A very significant award is The Miles E Hunter

Trophy For Centre Achievement which

is presented to the Club member who has

contributed greatly and selflessly to the Club’s

success over the past year. Committee members

look around them at members at work, ask subtle

questions of others and then submit nominations

for this prestigious award. Voting is then by the

Club Committee. The winner was Max Johnson

who has been instrumental in the reconstruction

and maintenance of the clubrooms, is a major

organizer of All British Day, and still finds time

to work behind the bar on Friday nights. Max

was unable to attend, however his award was

collected by his son Matt.

Following a short break while dessert was served,

we moved on to the second session of trophy


The second significant trophy for contribution to

the club by working for and at Mt Cotton Hillclimb

throughout the year is the Brian Tebble Award,

and this was won by James Heymer. This award

recognises particularly outstanding efforts made

by individuals who tirelessly work, sometimes

behind the scenes, to ensure that the facility’s

magnificent grounds are always looking their best

and that events function smoothly. Nominations

for this award are sought from all club members

before the decision is made by the Committee.

Jim has been a stalwart of working bees at Mt

Cotton, as well as arriving early each meeting

to clean the track before competing . Andrew

Willesden, who is Brian Tebble’s nephew, outlined

the history of the award, but unfortunately, Jim

could not attend to collect his award.

The Octagon - March 2016 9

David Robinson donated a trophy to encourage

young members to compete in the great training

ground of motorkhanas, and this year’s winner

was a very excited Anthony Simmers. Anthony

was accompanied by both parents to the

presentation night.

David Miles was called to present his Perpetual

Shield for Pre-War MGs. There were five

members competing for the shield this year

with Colin Schiller in third place, Ross Letten in

second, and the winner being Dino Mattea.

The next award was the Viscount Nuffield

Speed trophy which is based on competition in

Hillclimbs and sprints as well as points gained

by working at Mt Cotton working bees. There

were 42 participants vying for this award, with

Ken Graham in third place, Brian Pettit and Geoff

Cohen in equal second, and the winner being Jim


The M.E.Hunter motorkhana trophy had 25

members competing with Alan McConnell and Mal

Spiden in equal third place, Pauline Graham in

second, and the winner being Ken Graham.

The McConnell motorkhana trophy for MG’s

was won by Malcolm Spiden, with Don Webster

and Matt Johnson being the runners-up.

Photos top to bottom:

...and where a lot of

trophies ended up, Ken

Graham with his Speed

certificate for breaking a

hillclimb record, Three of

the Top Six winners -Neil

Lewis (2nd), Dean Tighe

(4th), Jim Milliner (3rd),

Malcolm and Don collect

trophies for Bernie and

Chris, Flavio Paggiaro

claimed the Marque Speed

trophy as his -- again!

The T-series trophy, Best MG trophy and

Howard trophy for Best All-Round were again

won by Don Webster. In his acceptance speech,

Don bemoaned the lack of competition and

entreated more of the members to “have a go”.

Of the 29 trophies and certificates that were

presented, over half were able to be accepted by

the lucky recipients.

Following the completion of the official

presentations, tea and coffee were served and the

lucky ticket prizes drawn.

Overall, a pleasant evening enjoyed by all those

who attended, and I encourage you to attend next

year to support your club and the individual trophy


Where the trophies

started the night...


The Octagon - March 2016

Gary Goulding

give the Racing

Driver Trophy to

Ted Sibley while

wishing he had

won it



the Junior


Trophy to



on David



David Miles

presents the Miles

Trophy for best

Pre-War MG to

Dino Mattea

Matt Johndon

substitutes for his

father, Max, in

accepting the Miles

Hunter Trophy for

service to the Club

Vern Hamilton

deputised for

Denis Geary and

presented Ken

Wasley with the

Geary Concours


Malcolm Spiden

receives his MG

Motorkhana trophy

He then collected

the Brian Tebble

Award from

Andrew Willesden

on behalf of

winner, Jim


Ken Graham

was present

to collect the


Trophy for


...and then

substituted again

for Jim Heymer

in accepting the

Speed Trophy

Gary checks

to see who

else has won

the Howard

Trophy for

best allrounder

which Don

is about to


The Octagon - March 2016 11


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The Octagon - March 2016


Part 3 by Dan Casey



YEARS (does not include 5 without record, Item

3 and 3 not yet verified in Item 4)

Ed: The first 11 of the 26 were published in the Jan

2016 issue.

CARS 12 - 26 and Item 3

YD2 #1977 (Roadster) Old English White. Ian

Foran (Beenleigh), Barry Evans (MG Automotive,

Brendale). This Twin Cam has been off the radar for

a number of years and its history is mostly unknown

other than it was sold new on 26th May, 1959 by

Sydney Sub Dealer W. Yates. I saw this Twin Cam at

The House of MG (Woolloongabba) in 1985, painted

Red and it had a factory hardtop which I now have

on my YD2 # 2147 (Barry will undertake restoration


YD2 # 2172 (Roadster) Glacier Blue. Mal Cumes

(Hervey Bay).

Way back in 1963, a young 21 year old Mal went

into a well-known sport’s car dealer’s yard at

Windsor and fell in love with this Glacier Blue

Roadster. YD2 #2306 was also in the Show Room

(Refer information on same under Item 1) Mal and

Elizabeth went on their honeymoon in this and used

it as their daily drive in Grange until their daughter

arrived a few years later. Mal knew what his priorities

were and kept the Twin Cam as well as wife and


In 2006, Mal had it restored by Abingdon Motors

and won the Twin Cam Concours at the National

Meeting in Tamworth which was also attended by

Patrick Reed from Perth in his Ash Green Twin Cam

(Refer information in Item 6). Mal still enjoys driving

this Twin Cam with gusto. Mal has the distinction

of having had a Twin Cam for the longest period of

52 years in Queensland and possibly in Australia.

(Refer information in item 7)

Tamworth is where I first met “That Lot” - the MG

Mob from the North Queensland Region who

certainly know how to party long and hard. On the

upside, three from this mob and I own MGAs and the

other is thinking of changing from owning an MGB

to that of a MGA with a V8 motor conversion (How

can I be of assistance?) Modify with my blessings,

Jim, as I have a habit of installing foreign motors

in MGAs (trying to keep in front of those MGBs). A

fine example of this is the MGA with a Honda S2000

fuel injected motor, 6 speed gear box, front and rear

independent suspension with big disc brakes on all

4 corners. I built/restored/modified this for Gary Lock

from the Gold Coast. What a weapon to drive and

with a story for another day.

YD2 #2090 (Roadster) Glacier Blue. Barry Van De

Burg (Ipswich). Barry has had this car since 1971

and was/is a member of this Club. The car has been

in storage for the past 30 years to my knowledge.

Ross Kelly, Norm Goodall, Ian Kirkpatrick and I

called in to see Barry in February 2014 following our

return from the Toowoomba Swap Meeting. Barry

advised us that the Twin Cam was not for sale and

that he will restore it shortly when he retires. He will

need a lot of help and a win on Gold Lotto won’t go


YD2 #2135 In 2014, Ross Kelly, Ian Kirkpatrick

and I heard of a Private Collection coming up for

sale at Mt.Cotton (not far from the Club’s Hill Climb

property). This collection consisted of 11 Classic

Cars and 3 Motor Bikes. (You never know what’s in

your own back yard!) Amongst the collection was

this Twin Cam which had dropped off the radar

following its sale at Shannon’s Auction in Sydney for

$43,000 in 2006.

To cut a long story short, I offered the late collector’s

widow (Mona) $38,000 after informing her that her

late husband had paid $43,000 for it of which she

had not been aware. She said that $39,000 was her

lowest figure. I told her I would think about it and

get back to her shortly. The following week I had put

the money together and phoned Mona only to be

told that the Twin Cam and three other cars from the

collection were on their way to Shannon’s for sale in

Sydney. (Hesitation is a fool’s friend). The Twin Cam

sold for $48,000 plus their 10% fee of $4,800 which

cost the current Sydney owner $52,800. There is a

moral to this story – Strike while the iron is hot, do

not hesitate, sell/mortgage the house if you have to.

The Octagon - March 2016 13


The Octagon - March 2016

YD2 #2147 (Roadster) Ash Green. Rod Hiley

(Abingdon Motors), Phil Redding (Gold Coast) Dan

Casey (Clontarf).

There is some doubt as to whether this was actually

delivered in Australia or straight to New Guinea

where it spent a few years. Max Henderson recalls

seeing it there. Following its return to Newcastle in

Australia Rod Hiley (Abingdon Motors) purchased

it in 1971. Rod did not use it much as he had many

other toys in his sand pit (familiar car story). Phil and

Julie Redding (Gold Coast) purchased it in 1986

and competed in a number of motoring events, Hill

Climbs and Sprints and a number of MG National

Meetings. After Phil and Julie “split the sheets” I

purchased it from Phil in 1998 for $23,000 with

the freshly reconditioned original engine. I had

previously walked away from it in 1985 when Rod

Hiley wanted $20,000 for it. (Good move, engine

cost $4,500 to recondition)

I installed deluxe seats, heater demister, power

brakes, a Nissan 5 speed gear box and another

factory hard top as well as soft Carburettor mounts

and electronic Ignition.

Following my banishment to the Modified Class

at the Maitland National Meeting because of the

Nissan 5 Speed Gear Box and not being allowed

to park with the other “Pucka Puckas” Twin Cam

Group, didn’t I cop an ear full over the PA system

from the “Mouth from the South” when I won the

motorkhana event – by default, I must add as the

other car broke an axle. A few years later, the

“Mouth from the South” purchased an MGA and the

first thing he did was install a 5 Speed Gear Box and

was allowed in the standard MGA Class. Now you

know why I no longer participate in Concours either

as an entrant or as a Judge.

I think this also may be a mutual agreement

because the last time I was coerced into judging, I

was banned when I brought out my crank handle to

ascertain which 3 of the 12 MGAs on display were

worthy of being judged. This raised the hair on the

back of the necks of 8 owners whose cars did not

line up for the crank handle to enter and/or engage

the engine’s starting dog. In the old days we had to

rely on the crank handle to get us going when those

pathetic old 6 volt batteries fizzled out and left you

high and dry. still enjoy this banishment and selfimposed

exile. (To hell with the Pucka Puckas, spit

and polish brigade who never exceed 2500 rpm.

YD2 #2232 (Roadster) Iris Blue. Peter Pollard

(Toowong) (Information is provided in Item 1)

YD2 #2259 (Roadster) Orient Red. Steve Truscott

(Moorooka), W. Kleinschmidt (Brisbane) Peter

Graham (Biloela).

Wayne Henman (House of MG) had this Twin Cam

for sale on consignment in February, 1985. It had a

faulty clutch which turned out to be a faulty pressure

plate. I had a new one, so I sold it to Wayne to effect

repairs. (There is a reason for this madness on my

part). It was for sale for $12,000 and I wanted to buy

it. However, I had just restored a black 1600 with

a black hard top and all leather red seats and the

proposed new owner, Julie Godfrey, could not pay

me until she sold her MGB. So, we went off to the

Newcastle MG National Meeting. On our return, and

now with $12,000 from the sale of the MGA, I hot

footed it up to Wayne’s with a brown paper bag full

of cash (learnt that from “Joh”, our Premier). Then,

once again, my world fell apart, or so it seemed at

the time when Wayne told me that the owner had

taken the car up to Rod Hiley (Abingdon Motors)

who immediately sold it to the Kleinschmidts to add

to their impressive collection of MGs and others.

Moral of this story is once again “strike while the iron

is hot, do not hesitate, and sell the wife and kids if


The car then went to Bert Batemen at Byron Bay

during a period while I was in England and Ireland

and was not aware that it was coming on the

market; otherwise I would have stayed home and

acted accordingly. (Drats, Batman! Comic curse

word from childhood, Foiled again!)

A school friend of Rod Hiley, Peter Graham,

introduced himself to me at Toowoomba MG

National Meeting in 2013 and asked my opinion of

this Twin Cam which was parked outside on a trailer

for sale and of which I was not previously aware.

Without hesitation I told him if he did not buy it then

I would. Peter is now the new custodian and bought

it down from Biloela for our local Club Concours

this year at St. Lucia. Peter likes driving his DB9

bulldozers, so at this stage he does not have a lead

foot. I am trying to rectify this. Just give me/him time.

If gentle persuasion fails, I will resort to threats of

physical violence. (Just kidding, Peter)

YD2 #2250 (Roadster) Old English White. Russ

Howard (Clayfield) - Information supplied in Item 1.

YD2 #2260 (Roadster) Orient Red. Frank Hiscock

The Octagon - March 2016 15

(Noosa). This car has a very interesting history

in that it was originally owner by Robin Orlando

(Orlando Wines?) and raced for him for a number

of years by Ralph Sachs. It was clocked on the

Bathurst straight at 125 mph. The full history was

in an article of MG World and Thoroughbred and

Classic Magazines, so I will not cut across their

bows with any of its racing history and story. When

Frank purchased it from Robin’s daughter, it only

had 5000 miles on the speedo and not much of that

would have been road use. Frank won the Club’s

Concours with it at the 2014 event at St. Lucia. I

did not know that he was/is a member of our Club.

Frank does have a lead foot. He also has a V8

powered MGA and a collection of other interesting


• Competition Seats *

• Sway Bar *

• Adjustable lever arm rear shock absorbers

(very rare)

*available as optional extras at a price

Harry was clocked at 130 mph down the back

straight of Bathurst and he also competed at

Lakeside and Lowood. I was in a number of races

at Lowood with him and Bev Fleming. Once again I

was way back in the field thinking to myself “I have

to get one of those Twin Cams.” What was stopping

me? Money, by that I mean the lack of it.

YD2 #2270 (Roadster) Iris Blue. Frank Moore

(Brisbane) recently sold to a club member in

Melbourne. Queensland history scratchy and


YD2 #2306 (Roadster) Old English White . Bev

Fleming (Gympie), Dan Casey (Clontarf) and

possibly Kay Hawley (Information supplied in Item 1)

YD5 #2325 (Coupe) Orient Red then restored in a

Ford Blue by Brian Barford (Gold Coast). This Twin

Cam was purchased by Brian from a South African

who had just settled on the Gold Coast hence the

YD5 number. Brian installed Engine No. 636 into this

coupe from YD2 #1717 (refer information in Item 2)

and won a number of National and Local Concours

with it before selling it to a private collector for

$62,000. This car is now somewhere in NSW.

YD2 #2414 (Coupe) British Racing Green. Harry

Cape (Bardon) Rodney Ireland (Oakey) This car

also has a very interesting history. Harry ordered this

coupe from Australia (refer Item 7) to be collected,

driven and raced in England before returning it to

Australia on 26th February, 1960. Harry contacted

John Thornley at Abingdon Factory and requested

the following extras which were not standard and not

available for all and sundry.

• 1762cc Motor (competition factory motor for

serious racing)

• Close ratio Gear Box *

• H.55 Diff *

• British Racing Green paintwork (the only one

factory painted)

• Green Carpets which were fully bound in leather

• Oil Cooler *

Bev Fleming, Harry Cape and Dan Casey at Lowood in 1961/2.

(Photos from the Brier Thomas archive)


The Octagon - March 2016

Harry later sold this car to Rodney Ireland from

Oakey as I was married at that time and still with

a bent wallet. Rodney was a friend of current club

member, Bill Heraghty, who was also in Oakey at

that time.

John Von Hoff (club member) also had a Twin Cam

in 1968 (refer Item 3) and at present has Twin Cam

YD1 # 1834. He was also a friend of Bill’s. John

was a BMC trained mechanic in Toowoomba in

those days. We must get Bill on the red wine one

of these nights and see what information (gossip)

can be extracted regarding these young men (well,

they were young then) from the Darling Downs area

which had miles of good roads and few Police.

Max Freeland from Tasmania (current owner of 4

Twin Cams) is the owner now of this coupe. I took

Max up to Buderim after the Gold Coast National

MG Meeting in 1998 to meet up with Harry, but

unfortunately Harry was out on a Rally in a 1932

Ford Doctor Coupe. You can’t keep a good man

down or at home, even an old man.

YD2 #2415 (coupe) Iris Blue. George Graham

(Eight Mile Plains) Dan Casey (Clontarf). I have

some of the original paperwork relating to this

Twin Cam including Registration Plates and a

Registration Certificate which lists a number of

owners in England.

George located the car in a factory under crates

of indoor cricket nets in Herts when he was there

to collect a consignment of nets to bring back to

Australia. He had an MGB at the time so he decided

to purchase both the nets and the Twin Cam (wise

man). He had it re-registered and drove it in England

and Europe before shipping back to Australia in

March 1985.

While he had it here in Brisbane, his wife refused

to drive it (good show – wise woman) as the coupe

was too hot for her. He took an angle grinder (brutal)

and cut out 2 sections in the bonnet to install made

up louvres and at the same time, installed Mercedes

Truck Air Vents inside of the front guards (best thing

he could have done if you want to use it as a daily

drive here in Australia as I do). He really loves his

wife. It has had at least 20 coats of paint of various

colours – blueish.

Wayne Henman (House of MG) phoned me at

work in August 1989 and asked if I wanted to buy

this coupe (is the Pope a Catholic?) as the owner,

George, wanted $18,000 and Wayne was only

prepared to pay him $12,000. Rod Hiley (Abingdon

Motors) had offered George $10,000 a few days

beforehand. To cut a longish story short, I paid

$16,000 and George supplied a good bonnet

previously purchased from Rod Hiley (Abingdon

Motors) .

The louvred bonnet is still on the coupe after 27

years, as are the air vents in the front guards (don’t

think I will ever do away with them). The paint work

was not real good then and is now shot after driving

it to work for 10 years and leaving it out in the sun.

The paintwork has given the car a nickname of “The

Crocodile”. I installed a Toyota MR2 4AGE Twin

Cam Motor and a 5 speed Gear Box from a Toyota

rear wheel drive Sprinter for our trip up through the

centre of Australia after the Adelaide MG National

Meeting in 2002. I purchased this motor and gear

box from All Jap Wreckers for $600 (The MG Pucka

Puckas hate me) but this motor will not die, it does

not leak oil, starts first turn of the key and returns

42 mpg.

The Twin Cam original motor was rebuilt in 2013 by

club member Norm Goodall who is a specialist with

Prewar MGs. The motor is in a cradle in my garage

awaiting fitting back in its original place. (When will

The Octagon - March 2016 17

that Toyota Twin Cam motor wear out?) This coupe

has over 360,000 miles on the clock with 250,000 of

them under my ownership.

YD2 #2422 (Roadster) Iris Blue. R. Pullar (Aspley)

in 1971. This Twin Cam is in Melbourne and has

recently changed owners.

YD2 #2491 (Coupe) Black. Rod Hiley (Abingdon

Motors), Max Henderson (New Guinea and

Brisbane). The real early history is still unknown,

but it is known that a bank employee, David Fryer,

purchased it in Newcastle in July 1967 with 53,000

miles on the speedo.

Rod Hiley and Max Henderson owned it between

1975 and 1992. Rod had installed an MGB

Overdrive Gear Box in it in a vain hope of reducing

the heat these cars produce (does not reduce heat).

I copied this idea from England and have had this

setup in 3 Twin Cams over the years. Both of my

current Twin Cams have them.

The coupe went to Max Mulligan (Maclean, NSW)

in 1992 and after 12 years ownership, Max asked

me to do some repairs on it and sell it on his behalf

for $40,000. Following repairs, I took it to the 2004

Warwick MG National Meeting and subsequently

sold it to Melbourne MG Club member, Frank

Burke. I ran into David Fryer at the last “Speed on

Tweed” Meeting. He had heard that I had sold his

old Twin Cam and wanted me to try to buy it back

on his behalf. Frank, in the meanwhile, had sold it

to another Melbourne MG Car Club Member who

does not want to sell it and if he did, he was thinking

$55,000 was a reasonable price – but that was

before the current stock market crash.

YD2 #2607 (Coupe) Old English White Robin

Godfrey (Gold Coast).

Robin was a BMC trained Engineer at Abingdon in

the UK and took up a job in Malaysia in 1970 where

he was able to purchase the abandoned Twin Cam

with the motor out of it on the road beside the car.

(Burnt piston – 89 octane fuel only available.) Robin

was posted to various countries over the years so

his Twin Cam has travelled more miles on a boat

than on the road. When he moved out here in 2001,

I was asked by the Customs Department to do a

valuation on it for Import Duties, etc. I thought I may

be able to buy it if I was lucky, but I already had 2

Twin Cams coupes at home. In 2002, Robin asked

me to fit retractable seat belts to the car as Linda

would not ride in it without belts. In 2012, Robin and

Linda decided to go back to England. I tried to talk

him out of taking the Twin Cam back to England with

them (seriously) without success. Robin was not

afraid of wearing his Twin Cam out as he drove it on

a number of long trips – Kurumba (Gulf Country),

Cooktown and the Perth trip to name a few. (I was

not on the Perth trip as I was away in China doing

the MG Factory in China to the MG Factory in

England trip with David Godwin in an MGA that I had

restored for him – Now, that’s an interesting story.

Rod Hiley (Abingdon Motors) either owned or sold

a number of Twin Cams as well as hard to obtain

parts over the years. However, Rod’s real passion

was for Prewar MGs. He started out acquiring TCs

(no, not Twin Cams) in 1958. I first met him in 1960

as well as another TC nut, George Diggles. With

his passing away in 2014, Rod’s presence will be

missed by all MG Owners and not only by us, The

Die Hard Twin Cam Odd Bods.

ITEM 3 Queensland previous owners (known to

me) without record of their Twin Cam Chassis/

Motor numbers.

Trevor Basset had a Black Roadster with green

upholstery. Trevor is presently living in Noosa and is

in the market for another Twin Cam (to relive his lost

youth?) If you know of one for sale that has escaped

my knowledge, please advise.

Lee Vine (recently passed away) also was a Club

member. He also had a black one with green

upholstery. Lee found out the hard way back in 1963

that his poorly maintained/tuned Twin Cam was no

match for a hot 1500 push rod MGA. Took $20 off

him to prove a point. This was a week’s wages in

those days. We had a laugh about this a few years

back over a drink.

Kay Hawley and her husband, Geoff, had a white

roadster in 1966 and 1967. Could this have been

the ex-Bev Fleming #2306 which I owned for 4

weeks (refer to section 1 for this drama). I am now

convinced that this is correct following Kay’s supply

of the MRD Registration Number. (Refer Item 1)

John Von Hoff (current owner of my ex coupe

#1834 – refer to Item 2 for its history. John had an

Orient Red roadster in 1968 while he was living

in Toowoomba and was a BMC trained mechanic


The Octagon - March 2016

at that time. He has a photo of this Twin Cam, but

has lost his record of same. Kay Hawley recently

gave John a colour photo of his car when he was

competing at a sprint meeting at Lowood.

Wilf Berg had an Old English White Roadster in

1972. His mother had the Golden Fleece Service

Station on Stanthorpe Road, Warwick. He pulled the

Twin Cam motor out and replaced it with an MGB

one (silly boy). He left the motor under the house

and the Twin Cam was sold to someone in Sydney.

I have checked under every house on both sides

of this road, last time in 2014, trying to locate this

motor. No success to date, but will keep trying next

time we go up to Warwick for a race meeting.

IT’S A SMALL WORLD (of three MGA coincidences)

by John Walker

One Sunday evening as I was delivering

the rubbish bins to the footpath, I was

approached by a man who enquired if I was

the chap who owned the old MG cars.

He asked if I would be interested in taking

his old father (he is only 3 years older than

I) for a run in my MGA as he used to own an

MGA Twin Cam in his youth.

His name was Bernard Hotston and

incredibly, he was the previously

unknown person who purchased the Bev

Fleming MGA Twin Cam (YD2 #2306) in

Rockhampton (see The History of the MGA

Twin Cam by Dan Casey in the Christmas

edition of the Octagon)!

I took Bernie for a ride one afternoon and

called past Ross Kelly’s home. Ross

happened to have his MGA Twin Cam

parked in the street (a rare occasion), so

we went in to meet Ross and have a closer

look at his immaculate MGA Twin Cam as

well as the rest of his exotic vintage stable of

cars. Ross Kelly’s Twin Cam was another

described in Dan Casey’s article.

Another car (YD2 #2135) was one that Ross

and Dan had made an offer for when it came

up for sale from a deceased estate.

This brings up another coincidence – At a

New Year’s Eve party I happened to meet

a woman named Monica who turned out to

be the wife who sold this car at a Shannon’s

Auction before Ross and Dan could return

with a better offer in the hope of acquiring

this Twin Cam.

Coincidence No. 3 – On Sunday, 31st

January I went to the Test ‘n’ Tune at Mt.

Cotton Hillclimb with my MGA (not a Twin

Cam). A man came up to me and said

that he remembered me and the red MGA

number 2 from Lakeside many years ago.

His name was Norm Phillips and he ran

a Lotus Elite in the same 1990 Historic

Meeting at Lakeside. IT’S A SMALL


John on and off track at the January Test ‘n’ tune at Mt Cotton (Photos by Steve Johns) (Ed: There is a fourth

coincidence here which hasn’t been mentioned. If Pat Walker had not offered to type Dan’s article for me, she and

John may not have been aware of some of the history of the cars which lead to these revelations.)

The Octagon - March 2016 19


The Octagon - March 2016

February Mid Week Run

by Bruce Mutch -- followed by a newcomer’s perspective on the run. Photos by Lyn Geraghty and Elaine Hamilton

Mid Week Run 25 Feb following COBB & Co

route to Pioneer Village, Laidley

On a bright and sunny morning a big mob of

members and guests - 65 in all - left “The

Rocks Riverside Park “ and ran up the M5

through Springfield Lakes to Yamanto and on

past Amberley to Rosewood. This was where

we had our first glimpse of Cobb & Co as a

replica of a coach is housed in the village for all

to see. Drawn by four horses and carrying 14

passengers (inc The Driver) the coach would

travel18 miles at a trot before a change of horses

at the next staging post.

Morning tea venue was Biggie’s Camp near

Grandchester where a most enlightening

address was given to the folks by our invited

guest Paul Blake (Current President of the Austin

Healey Car Club). He had spent his childhood

in Grandchester so who better to give the talk

in which he described how the travellers from

Brisbane would travel to Ipswich by River

steamer then by train to Grandchester and

from there to Toowoomba and west by Cobb &

Co Coach. The “Victoria” Railway tunnel was

built through the Little Liverpool Range and

opened in 1866. It was 537 metres long and is

still used today . A great deal of drama occurred

with the tunnel as the centre was soft rock and

had to be lined with 3 layers of bricks. The floor

was lowered in 1985 by 150mm to improve

the situation . We were told of the progress of

steam locos through the years and introduction

and demise of the Garrats in 1950’s until the

introduction of the diesel/electric locos of today.


John & Tricia Cranley

Honda NSX

Elaine & Vern Hamilton MGB GT

Tony & Helen Best


Errol & Wendy Hoger


Allan & Joyce Tebbutt


Denis Thomas


Kerry & Dane Horgan


Brian Cranley & Joe Binder MGB GT

Andrew Scott


John Davidson


Ian & Karen Fettes & Diane Davies Honda CRV

John & Glen Boyce MG F 50

Bruce & Gail Bayliss

Volvo 242 OGT

Aubrey Ross


David & Meryl Miles


John & Pat Walker


Craig Templeman


Marie & Cyril Bennett


Ross & Shez Letten


Dave & Ann Ferro


Ian & Kay Wells

Jensen Healy

Barry Smith


Russ & Jenny Geraghty Honda HRV

Bruce & Tipp Ibbotson BMW

Geoff & Glennis Anderson Jeep

Val Horgan


Bryan Ponting &Carmen Daly BT 50

Kevin Trower


Jan Burke


Gary & Dawn Lawrence MGB GT

Rob & Dawn Grant


Tim & Lynne Bateman


Neil & Jenny Summerson Jaguar

Ray & Susanne Edwards Outlander

Trevor & Anne Mills

Kia Sportage

Bruce Mutch & Ross Brunckhorst Forester

Everyone was enthralled.

At the Pioneer Village at Laidley we were taken

back in time to farming in yesteryear in all its

glory. The massive Lynn Traction (Half Track

) pulled 30 tonne logs out of the forest for

Hancocks sawmill in Ipswich.

Lunch was a sausage sizzle with snags, eggs &

The Octagon - March 2016 21


The Octagon - March 2016

onion followed by scones and Billy Tea.

Gary and Dawn Lawrence’s car broke down

along the way but Ross Letten and John Walker

were able to fix the problem.


MG CAR CLUB. by Jenny Geraghty

Due to other commitments, either family,

appointments or work related, last week was the

first time we had participated in a mid-week run.

I was not sure just what was expected or indeed

who was expected to attend. My husband

having been a member for some time was sure it

would be as much fun as the night run we were

involved in.

Having arrived at the riverside park, the starting

point of the whole day run where we saw some

30 – 40 cars assembled, I ran into Elaine

Hamilton who knew it was the first time I had

been involved and she assured me it would be

a great day and one I would want to repeat time

and again. Time would tell.

There was what I would call a pow-wow with the

group who were participating and instructions

given about route, which were handed out

already marked, but further instructions were

discussed and then it was “Westward ho the


Russ and I decided, because it was such a

terribly hot day, not to take the MG, (Christened

the Babe, for the amount of money spent on her

to keep her running and looking glamorous).

She is still to be air conditioned/or heated,

depending on the weather, so the Honda HRV

was called into action and the air-con ramped


As far as the run went, I found the directions a bit

of a challenge. Yes, I know I can get lost going

to the bathroom, but the comment “at the top of

the street” proved a bit of a challenge not only to

myself but also to others.

We were in search of the Cobb and Co Coach,

in Rosewood, which had been restored and

resided in splendour in a glass case in the centre

of town. I was looking forward to seeing it and

renewing our acquaintance with the coach, be

it a totally different Cobb and Co coach, as we

had ridden in one in Longreach. It is funny but

it did look elegant sitting there tarted up and

shining but riding in the one at Longreach, be

it many years ago, was anything but splendid.

How the people (ladies more particularly)

travelled those many miles sitting upright back

against a slimly padded seat as you bounced

over every rut, they have my absolute wonder

and awe.

From there we travelled to a park called Bigge’s

Camp Park near Grandchester for smoko which

was very welcomed. Bruce Mutch, the organiser

of all things mid-week tripping, had arranged

a very pleasant spot for a stop with ample

undercover places to sit and had even arranged

a gentlemen from the local historical society to

give a bit of a talk on the important relationship

of the trains and the Laidley area. Even as a

non train-ee, I found this very interesting.

Then onto Laidley to the Historical Village which

proved an absolute winner. The work which has

been done there is amazing, and considering it

is staffed by volunteer labour they have done an

amazing job. For the princely sum of $10.00 we

were able to wander at our hearts content and

then gather at a mid point, under an iron roofed

pergola, but even in the heat, the staff had taken

the precaution of attaching a sprinkler system to

the roof to have a never-ending supply of water

running over the roof to cool it the best they

could under the onslaught of our horrendous

summer heat. It was here that a sausage sizzle

was arranged and then as an extra treat fresh

cooked scones with jam and cream to keep the

crowd well fed. Stirling effort.

The crowd (and there was a very large crowd of

MG-ers), were gathering and talking about the

displays at the Village, it certainly brought back

a lot of memories of “Grandma and Dad’s old

The Octagon - March 2016 23


The Octagon - March 2016

place”. It is amazing to see just how much an

inanimate object can bring back memories be

they nice or not so, and many a person praised

the Pioneers for the “waste not want not” mantra

they seemed to live by.

Elaine was right - it was a lovely day, the only

mar on the horizon was I think the heat which

could not be helped. Everyone seemed to enjoy

the day and there was a lot of catch up talks

about the MGs. A huge amount of effort had

gone into the arranging of the day and all thanks

must be made to Bruce for the management of

the logistics even if I got lost and happily sailed

up one road and down another to find the elusive

Cobb and Co.

Looking forward to the next mid-week run.

Thanks so much for the lovely day.

The Octagon - March 2016 25

Yeee ha! Perth H

by Peter Raymen

With Easter fast approaching

we are slowly sorting out our

70 year old MGY for the trip.

As we are driving our (Delia’s)

MGY we thought we might

make it a bit happier for the car

and us by doing a couple of



This has been done by the changing of the

diff centre from a 5.14 to a 4.44 ratio. What

difference does that make? At 3500 rpm the

speed changes from 51 mph to 59 mph. With

the distance we have to cover, about 5000

km / 3000miles each way, the drop in revs

will make it much easier on our ears and on

the Y. I would like to keep the revs below

3500 rpm for the trip so about 55 mph should

be good. Hopefully we may get a bit better

economy also.

‘Where did the diff centre come from?’

you may ask. It is from another MGY that I

bought from my brother Boyd in the late 60s.

Why have you not seen it before? It was

badly damaged in Melbourne when a drunk

ran into the front of it. What was it doing in


The Octagon - March 2016

Melbourne? It was where Boyd lived at the

time. I only had had the Y up here for a short

time when Boyd’s Renault R8 Gordini (It

went like a rocket. Good for about 120 mph)

was badly damaged by a drunk running

up its rear end and pushing it into the car

in front. So the Y went back to Melbourne

whilst the Gordini was repaired. More

damage was caused with an incident when

Boyd was pushed off the Newell Highway

and the trailer rolled causing more damage

to the Y. This was Easter 1970. Luckily

the 1st National Meeting in Sydney was in

January so that did not clash.

The Y had 15x5” wheels instead of the

16x3½” wheels that were standard. The big

difference was the 165 x 15 radial tyres that

totally improved the handling. The diff centre

came out of a Simca Aronde and it maked

the Morris diffs look puny. Boyd swapped

the planetary gears for the MG ones so the

standard axles still fitted.

Anyway I swapped the centre. Some new

holes had to be drilled and tapped to suit the

new centre. This still lets the diff be returned

to standard if one wants.

One problem showed up. The old Y which

was a bit rough didn’t have the body really

well bolted to the chassis and so the

tailshaft didn’t rub on the tunnel. In ours

where the body is well bolted down, the

tailshaft rubbed badly. This was caused by

the diff flange being slightly further to the

right offside. How to overcome the problem?

Ended up having to shift the axle housing

to the left nearside about 1/8”. No more

rubbing. What a lovely quiet diff. NB.The

Simca is a hypoid and not a spiral bevel.

With that now working, the next change

was what I had fitted to our old Jeep. A

cruise control! About 20 years ago Kmart

had them for sale and I fitted one to the

Jeep. It was great! It took the pressure off

ere we come!


the knees - it was needed as both of mine

are not too good. The other thing is you

tend not to have your speed increase over

time and with all the radar traps around

ends up saving money. This “Commander”

cruise control is better that the modern

one in our new Jeep. If you are held up

and you operate the brakes (or the clutch

on a manual) the cruise control drops off

and goes back to coasting. If you touch the

Resume button, the vehicle gently picks

up speed until it reaches the previously set

speed. On the new Jeep, you touch Resume

and the vehicle kicks down and accelerates

hard to get back to your previous speed. Not


Fitting the Cruise Control

First of all I had to fit a magnetic sensor to

the tailshaft. This gives a pulse to the unit

every time the tailshaft turns a revolution.

The sensor has to be fitted so it stays close

to the magnet as the tailshaft moves up

and down over bumps. On the Y, I used an

old MG principle that heavy objects need

to be held together. This was achieved by

mounting the magnet on the shaft just in

front of the tailshaft flange and mounting the

sensor to the gearbox casing. No movement

and reliable pulses.

The Octagon - March 2016 27

Now, how to fit the vacuum actuator to the

throttle. On the Jeep I had to fit this to the

accelerator pedal as it was a “fly by wire”

with electronics working the throttle. I had

thought about this for the Y, so you couldn’t

see it, but there wasn’t much room so I

abandoned that idea and decided to make a

new throttle lever.

On the Y it is the outer cable that operates

the throttle linkage and the inner flexible

cable is fixed to a stationary fitting. So I

made a new throttle lever - one side pushing

and one side pulling. The cruise control

works well and one can hardly see it when

fitted. The actuator fits in the cabin up under

the dash.

Two Way Radio

Wanting to have a two-way in the car, I

made a bracket that attached to 2 holes

existing in the firewall.

I was going to put some screws in these

holes anyway to stop some of the noise and

fumes from the engine bay getting into the

cabin. The bracket then attaches to another

bracket attached to the back of the dash

panel. On top of this bracket, I fitted the

electronic module for the cruise control (tight

squeeze). The two-way was fitted to the

bottom with some more made-up brackets.


With the change of diff centre and the

resultant change of ratio, I was worried as

to what speed I would be travelling - so I

bought a Navman whose name is Karen.

When trialling Karen, I had a disagreement

with her and started swearing at her. Delia

clapped her hands together and started

calling out “Hal-a-Lulah! He is not swearing

at me but at Karen! That’s a change!”

This made Delia very excited after being my

navigator and telling me where to go for the

last 40 years. She has quite a few trophies

for navigating for me in that time. Now she is

happy that I am now cursing someone else.

If the directions might drive one mad - the

speed readout is great! Most interesting, I

now find that the speedo reads the correct

speed in mph - instead of one that was

about 15% optimistic. It will be interesting to

see what the odometer is like.


I have now fitted the smaller battery (and not

flat) from the Midget into the battery box but

over to one side. This now gives me some

storage room in the battery box under the

bonnet for stuff like Lead replacement fluid

that I will need every fuel stop etc..

Now, we have to sort out Water, Spare Parts

(fanbelt, points etc) Camping Gear, Food,

and clothes I suppose.

The original bracket went to Valhalla with the

old Jeep. On to the bottom of the two-way

I fitted a couple of power sockets to charge

phone, camera etc.

The use of “pop rivet nutserts” (metric

threads though one fitted in the battery box

was rethreaded to ¼” BSF the same as

the original holes.) not sure the real name,

made this much easier to fit and remove.

After Easter, we will let you know how the

modifications worked out.


The Octagon - March 2016


by Russ Geraghty

Last issue I reported on my first ever visit to

the Goodwood Revival in the UK but this was

the culmination of some very memorable face

to face encounters with MG in England. You

may be interested in my travels.

The British Motor Heritage located in an

Industrial Estate in Witney in Oxfordshire is just

a few minutes’ drive from the Cotswold region.

BMH is well known to most in that this is where

original MG bodies are assembled ready for

customer shipment. The company has been

in operation for what seems ages but in 2001,

when BMW decided to offload anything not

carrying the MINI badge, David Bishop and

some other forward thinking executives saw

the opportunity to buy everything else out.

Since then, the business continues to grow.

The day we turned up unannounced, I spotted

four MGs parked in a semi-circle in the

forecourt of the factory. A number of painters

were there repainting the entry, offices and

more – oh no, bad timing I thought. Not so, as

my first stop were the cars where an older man

who was unloading some wheels from an early

Land Rover nearby greeted me and asked

“What was my interest?” Of course I explained

my own MGB GT and whilst in the UK, I

wanted to see for myself what was happening

with MG parts. To my surprise, this man was

none other than David Bishop (the owner with

the foresight to buy the business in 2001) and

the four cars were all his. He explained he was

semi-retired but he was always tinkering and

developing ideas for his MGs.

David explained the opportunity the BMW

presented some 14 years ago and it was an

easy decision to buy the company, the tools

and all equipment. The business has continued

to grow so much that all body pressing has

now been shifted to Coventry and assembly,

storage and shipping now happens in Witney.

They produce for most British brands and

supply worldwide through agents and the

replica car industry (he named the MG Owners

Club and Frontline amongst others). A typical

new Roadster shell will set you back a shade

over £8,000 whist a new GT shell over £9,000.

They also press Triumphs, Austins and more.

He explained that they will also enhance

a shell to order especially for competition


He then turned his attention to his four cars,

one a racing later

model Sprite (his toy

that he still races from

time to time), an MGB

Roadster and two MGB

GTs all in Heritage

Body Shells. He was

particularly animated

and excited over his

red GT. I saw a laptop

on the floor of the passenger’s footwell and

a tangle of wiring that looked like coloured

spaghetti that had escaped the colander.

He explained this is his project car and

he opened the bonnet to continued the

explanation... he went so fast that I had to

pull him up at stages to get some details ...

‘we started with an MGB GT Chrome Bumper

Shell, in went a Stage II road/race motor taken

out to almost 2 litres, a cross flow alloy head

with Webcon manifold and I am developing

the fuel injection system myself hence the

reason for the laptop connected in the car’...

the four injector trumpets and filters looked

the part along with the alloy radiator and a

mini-lightweight battery on the passenger’s

side. David explained that the space under the

back seat is now occupied by some of the fuel

injection gear necessary for the conversion.

What started out as a 5 minute drop-in ended

up a half hour discussion with a most pleasant

man who clearly loves his British cars. David

apologised for not giving me a tour today but

in the next breath thanked me because whilst

we were chatting cars, his staff had not just

unloaded all of the wheels and the toolboxes

as well from his Land Rover... it was a win

win situation, a win for him as my distraction

saved him a heavy job and particularly for me

meeting David Bishop and hearing his story.

Russ chatting with David Bishop

The Octagon - March 2016 29


The Octagon - March 2016

MGCCQ 2016 Calendar

Affiliated with the Confederation of Australian Motorsports

GPO 1847, Brisbane Q 4001


1 Friday MG Noggin N Natter;

3 Sunday WB/B EMR, M/T at Paradise Dam and Lunch at Biggenden, Duncans, Wallets ##;

6 Wednesday WB/H MWR, Coffee Run at Muddy Waters Maryborough, P Overton, Wallets ##;

9 Saturday Mt Cotton Hillclimb series Rd 2 (P)

10 Sunday Mt Cotton Hillclimb series Rd 2 (P)


Picnic – Dalrymple Park Allora, Lunch run, Ron and Judy Gillis;

15 Friday MG Noggin N Natter;

16 Saturday WB/B TLR, BYO to Ten Mile Road and Music Festival that evening, Games, BYO;



Capricorn Coast, Social Observation Run;

Oakey Aircraft Museum, Gary Lawrence;

WB/H EMR, Lunch Run to Theebine Pub, Volunteer, Wallets ##;

24 Sunday Queensland Motorkhana Championships Round 3 HSCCQ (P) Driver Training Centre Willowbank

27 Wednesday Mid week run

28 Thursday WB/H EMR, BYO Coffee Run to Burrum Heads, Martins, BYO everything;

30 Saturday CC Mount Morgan, Golden Mount Festival;


Airlie Beach, Long Weekend Tour;


1 Sunday CC Airlie Beach, Long Weekend Tour;


Toowoomba Airport, David Hack Day, Gary Lawrence;

2 Monday CC Airlie Beach, Long Weekend Tour;

6 Friday MG Noggin N Natter;

8 Sunday WB/H EMR, Lunch Run to Rainbow Beach Surf Club, D Hall, Wallets ##;

10 Tuesday DD Granite Belt/ Stanthorpe, Overnight run 2 nights, Ron and Judy Gillis;

11 Wednesday CC TBA Lunch Run;


Granite Belt/Stanthorpe, Overnight run 2 nights, Ron and Judy Gillis;

12 Thursday DD Granite Belt/Stanthorpe, Overnight run 2 nights, Ron and Judy Gillis;

14 Saturday MGCCQ Interclub Hillclimb Mt Cotton (P);

15 Sunday:



Mount Morgan, Lunch – Leichhardt Hotel Mount Morgan;

EMR, Nature Trek – Details TBA, Kellys, BYO;

18 Wednesday WB/H MWR, Lunch Run at Westside Tavern Tinanna, Carters, Wallets ##;

20 Friday MG Noggin N Natter;

22 Sunday HSCCQ Khanacross at Driver Training Centre Willowbank

The Octagon - March 2016 31

INTERCLUB MacLeans Bridge display at Belmont Rifle Range Triumph Owners club (P) TBC


Raglan, Old Station Fly – In, Raglan;

25 Wednesday Mid week run

WB/B Display, Bundaberg Show Display and Grand Parade, Beckmans, ##;

WB/H Display, Bundaberg Show Display and Grand Parade, Beckmans, ##;

28 Saturday CAMS State Championship races Rd2 Morgan Park QRDA (P)

29 Sunday CAMS State Championship races Rd2 Morgan Park QRDA (P)




Old Time Movie run to Clifton, Phil and Marilyn O’Brien;

EMR, Fun Run Lunch at Queens Park Maryborough, D Hall, BYO everything;

EMR, Planning Day at Alexander Park and M/T at 9.30 am, Beckmans, BYO;


3 Friday MG Noggin N Natter;

4 Saturday Queensland Hillclimb Championships Mt Cotton;

5 Sunday Queensland Hillclimb Championships Mt Cotton


Plainlands Hotel, Lunch run, Ron and Judy Gillis;

9 Thursday WB/H MWR, Coffee Run at Homemade Café Point Vernon, P Overton, Wallets ##;

12 Sunday WB/B EMR, Run to North Wide Bay and Lunch at Tirron Hotel, Woods, BYO and Wallets;

13 Monday CC Northern Tour Day 1, Rocky – Clermont;

14 Tuesday CC Northern Tour Day 2, Clermont – Charters Towers;

15 Wednesday CC Northern Tour Day 3, Charters Towers;

16 Thursday CC Northern Tour Day 4, Charters Towers – Townsville;

17 Friday MG Noggin N Natter;


Northern Tour Day 5, Townsville;

18 Saturday CC Northern Tour Day 6, Townsville – Bowen;

19 Sunday Interclub Regularity Sprint BMW & Alfa club;




Northern Tour Day 7, Bowen – Sarina;

Capricorn Coast, Lunch – Byfield General Store;

Run to Gympie Mining Museum BYO BBQ Lunch, Martins, M/T BBQ Chairs;

20 Monday CC Northern Tour, Sarina – Rocky;

22 Wednesday Mid week run

25 Saturday Mt Cotton Hillclimb series Rd 3 (P)

26 Sunday Mt Cotton Hillclimb series Rd 3 (P)



Details TBA, TBA;

EMR, Run to Buxton BYO Barbeque, Kellys, BYO everything;

29 Wednesday WB/H MWR, Coffee Run to The French Bakehouse, D Hall, Wallets ##;


1 Friday MG Noggin N Natter;

9 Saturday Interclub Sprints - Morgan Park (Porsche Club) (P)


The Octagon - March 2016

10 Sunday RACQ Motorfest (P)

13 Wednesday CC TBA, Lunch Run;


Cabarlah Hotel, Lunch run, Ron and Judy Gillis;

15 Friday MG Noggin N Natter / poss Night Observation Run Interclub TBC (P) if not then August;

17 Sunday CC Many Peaks, Lunch – Ubobo and Ulysses Motorcycle Club;;

24 Sunday DD Warwick Jumpers and Jazz car Display, Greg Newey;

30 Saturday INTERCLUB Weekend observation run - MGCCQ (P)

31 Sunday DD TBA, Ron Fraser;



Travel before and after Combined Weekend at Mackay, Wednesday of first week to Saturday of the following week 10 nights;

5 Friday MG Noggin N Natter;

6 Saturday Noosa Hillclimb

7 Sunday Queensland Motorkhana Championships Round 4 Driver Training Centre Willowbank /poss Denis Cotton Club Display with Denis Geary Concours (P) venue TBA

10 Wednesday DD City Golf Club Toowoomba, Lunch run, Ron and Judy Gillis;

17 Wednesday Brisbane Exhibition Public Holiday

19 Friday MG Noggin N Natter / poss Night Observation Run Interclub TBC (P) if not July TBA;

21 Sunday CC Baralaba/Banana, Morning Tea Baralaba, Lunch Banana;

24 Wednesday Mid week run /

27 Saturday Come N Try Test N Tune Hillclimb at Mt Cotton

INTERCLUB Sprint at DTC, Lakeside - Lotus Club

28 Sunday DD Details TBA, TBA;


2 Friday MG Noggin N Natter;

3 Saturday CAMS State Championship races Rd 3 Morgan Park WDSCC (P)

4 Sunday CAMS State Championship races Rd 3 Morgan Park WDSCC (P) / HSCCQ IMotorkhana (P) Driver Training Centre Willowbank / Pittsworth Sprints;

10 Saturday Mt Cotton Hillclimb series Rd 4 (P)

11 Sunday Mt Cotton Hillclimb series Rd 4 (P)

14 Wednesday CC TBA Lunch Run;


Picnic - Peachaven Gardens, Highfield, Lunch run, Ron and Judy Gillis;

16 Friday MG Annual General Meeting Noggin N Natter;

17 Saturday All British Day setup


Queens Park, Toowoomba, Carnival of Flowers Car Display, Gary Lawrence;

18 Sunday All British Day at St Josephs Sportsground Tennyson


All British Day;

25 Sunday DD TBA, John Gosper;

28 Wednesday Mid week run


1 Saturday Mt Cotton Hillclimb series Rd 5 (P)

The Octagon - March 2016 33

2 Sunday Mt Cotton Hillclimb series Rd 5 (P)

3 Monday CC Mystery Tour, A short but interesting trip to somewhere!!!;

7 Friday MG Noggin N Natter;


Mt Tamborine, Weekend Overnight run 2 nights, Gary Lawrence;

8 Saturday DD Mt Tamborine, Weekend Overnight run 2 nights, Gary Lawrence;

9 Sunday DD Mt Tamborine, Weekend Overnight run2 nights, Gary Lawrence;

12 Wednesday DD Rudds Pub Nobby, Lunch run, Ron and Judy Gillis;

14 Friday poss MR2 club Interclub Observation Run (P) TBC;

15 Saturday poss MR2 club Mid afternoon to Mid evening Interclub Observation run (P) TBC;

16 Sunday CC Capricorn Coast, Option 1 – Day trip to Great Keppel Island, Option 2 – Lunch – Keppel Bay Marina;

21 Friday MG Noggin N Natter;

26 Wednesday Mid week run

29 Saturday Australian Hillclimb Championships at Haunted Hills, Morwell, Victoria;

30 Sunday Australian Hillclimb Championships at Haunted Hills, Morwell, Victoria;


TBA, John Boland;


4 Friday MG Noggin N Natter;

6 Sunday HSCCQ Khanacross at Driver Training Centre Willowbank

9 Wednesday DD Leyburn Hotel, Lunch run, Ron and Judy Gillis;

18 Friday MG Noggin N Natter;

19 Saturday CAMS State Championship races Rd 4 Morgan Park WDSCC (P);

20 Sunday CAMS State Championship races Rd 4 Morgan Park WDSCC (P)


Capricorn Coast, Breakfast at Deganis Bakery, Emu Park;

23 Wednesday Mid week run

27 Sunday INTERCLUB HSCCQ Motorkhana (P) Driver Training Centre Willowbank;


TBA, Breakfast run, Guy and Pam West;


2 Friday MG Noggin N Natter;

3 Saturday Mt Cotton Hillclimb series Rd 6 (P) / Interclub Presentation at Cars and Coffee Coorparoo 7am – 9 am Z Car Club;


Capricorn Coast, Christmas Dinner TBA;

4 Sunday Mt Cotton Hillclimb series Rd 6 (P)

7 Wednesday DD Picnic Point, Breakfast run, Ron and Judy Gillis;

9 Friday Hillclimb Series presentation;


More details and information on

our website mgccq.org.au

Working bees are held every Wednesday at the

hillclimb plus others as per the calendar and on

Wednesdays as needed at the clubrooms. Contact

Malcolm Spiden re hillclimb and Max Johnson re

clubroom working bees.

The Octagon - March 2016

CC = Capricorn Chapter of MGCCQ DD = Darling Downs Chapter

FNQ = Far North Queensland Chapter

WB = Wide Bay Chapter; HB = Hervey Bay Section of Wide Bay Chapter

B = Bundaberg Runs - meeting place Public Car Park Quay Street, Rowers Club

end opposite Walla Street

EMR = Early Morning Run – Sundays 9 am start D = Display event

MWR = Mid-Week Run –Wednesdays 9 am start unless otherwise advised

# # = Attendance Numbers will be needed

TLR = Twilight Run – 5 pm start LTA = Long Trip Away

TBA = To be advised P = Towards Annual MGCCQ Point Score

2 Trade Street

Ormiston Q 4160

The Octagon - March 2016 35

Stories From The Stables

The Chequered History of MG J3 3763 – “The Australian J4”

I have always had an interest in British

sports cars, in particular the early overhead

cam engine MGs. They are small cars in

terms of size and engine capacity that beat

the best of British and European marques on

the race circuit. They live up to the “Win on

Sunday, Sell on Monday” sales slogan.

My first MG was a TF 1250 purchased

with a loan of four hundred dollars from

my girlfriend at the time. I now was in dire

straits, limited income, an MG (Money

Grabber) and a debt that looked very large

on my meagre twenty seven dollars a week

before tax.

in Australia in the nineteen thirties and forties

before suffering the fate of many of these

cars – a blown engine replaced with a Ford

engine substitute, a cracked chassis and the

final resting place in a chook yard.

The J2/J3 as purchased


The start of the obsession

I decided that the best way out was

to propose to the girl and therefore

hopefully cancel the debt and live with the

consequences – one of the best investments

my first wife ever made!

In late 2003 I was perusing “The Book of

Dreams” as my current wife Georgia likes to

describe Unique Cars magazine. There was

the car of my dreams, a red MG J3 for sale

in Geelong. I purchased the car and bought

it back home thus starting the lessons in not

doing due diligence when buying old cars.

My subsequent enquires revealed the car

had a very chequered past both on and off

the track. It had a successful racing history

The Octagon - March 2016

The J3 3763 chassis and an F Type chassis

(F1254) were acquired by Bill Atherton from

an old garage in Sandringham in 1968. In

1973 the J3 chassis was then given to Gary

Grant who intended to restore the car. At this

point after assessing the state of the chassis

Gary decided to remove the identification

knuckle from the chassis and rebuild the car

using the chassis and some parts from the

J2 (Chassis J4281). The ID knuckle was

removed from this chassis and the numbered

knuckle J3 3763 riveted in its place.

Gary Grant’s brother then sold the chassis

frame to Peter Callaghan in Perth who

at some stage realized that he was in

possession of a J3 chassis but without the ID

knuckle. Meanwhile the J2/J3 was restored

by Gary Grant and on sold to Bill Andrews.

There was subsequent discussion between

the interested parties about where the real

identity of the J3 lay, with the ID knuckle or

with the chassis frame.

This was resolved when Peter Callaghan

sold the chassis frame and the J-type bits

he had collected to Paul Latham of HVR

- By Ross Kelly

in Victoria. The major components of the

original chassis frame were then passed onto

Bill Andrews whilst the collection of J-type

bits was sold to Graeme Jackson.

At this point muggins enters the story with

the purchase of the “J3” from Bill Andrews

together with a spare chassis frame and

some parts. Sometime later I pieced

together the history of my purchase with the

help of the MMM Register in the UK and

members of the Victorian Pre-war Register.

I thoroughly enjoyed my J2/J3 driving the

car at MG National Meetings, Speed on

Tweed and two long distance jaunts. In the

company of the Matteas’ 1933 L type and the

Lettens’ MG TD we toured Europe in 2010

starting with the MG European Event of the

Year in Italy and finishing with the MG MMM

Summer gathering in the UK.

In 2011 we joined Trevor Watkin’s Outback

Tour, travelling from Brisbane to Lighting

Ridge and north to Longreach before

returning home. I wish I could say that this

was trouble free motoring, but this was an

MG! We met and were helped by many MG

enthusiasts and friends when troubles struck,

usually with the supercharger drive.

Outback Repairs

Always in the back of my mind were the

issues surrounding the chassis and ID

knuckle. I had resolved to tackle the task of

rebuilding the J3 3763 back to how it looked

when owned by George Martin and Derry

George in the 1930’s.

Fortunately I had obtained some early photos

of the car showing its distinctive features

that set it apart from other J3s. In 1933 and

1934 whilst in England the car was upgraded

with the following modifications, outside

exhaust, larger brakes, cutaway driver’s

door, ENV crash gearbox and larger Marshall

supercharger. Period photographs of the car

at Brooklands and Shelsley Walsh detailed

these changes as its then owner K.H. Perry

was developing the car for racing.

MGs in Italy

The Octagon - March 2016 37

K. H. Perry at Shelsley Walsh

Tim Jackson was researching J3 history

including reviewing photos of J3s competing

at Brooklands and other race events and

trials in England. Tim noticed the similarity

between a J3 racing in the UK during 1933

and 1934 to a J3, which raced post 1934 in


When examining the photos it became

obvious that the cars were identical and that

the car raced by Perry was in fact the car

subsequently raced in Australia by George

Martin and Derry George – J3 3763. (Ref:

Tim Jackson article “Which J3 did Perry


These modifications lead to the J3 being

referred to as a J4 in entry and results

published in Australian newspapers in the

1930s and 40s.

George Martin at Phillip Island 1936

My search for this did elicit from one UK MG

collector/dealer a photo of eight or so of the

required gearboxes lined up in his driveway

but none were for sale. The late Bob Hudson

(C type) offered me one at a very reasonable

price so that item was ticked off the list.

The Marshall 100 supercharger was sourced

from Barry Walker who has helped me out

over the years with many hard to source

parts for my pre-war MGs.

The first work to be done was to have the

original chassis repaired, straightened and

then have the cross tubes riveted to the

chassis. Pre-assembly revealed that the

outside plates were missing and these are

needed to hold the cross tubes in place.

I mentioned this to Tim Jackson another J3

owner and J3 historian.

“No problem Ross, when Dad purchased the

J-type bits from Paul Latham included in the

collection of parts were the outside chassis



Extract from The Recorder 2.11.1935.

I decided to leave the rebuild until my

retirement but started collecting the various

parts that I knew I would need. One item

I knew that would be difficult would be the

ENV cross tube manual gearbox that was

fitted to C Types and J4s.

The Octagon - March 2016

A phone call to Graeme Jackson confirmed

that he did indeed have the plates and he

kindly delivered them to Historic and Vintage


HVR in Melbourne carried out the chassis

repair work including reuniting the ID

knuckle J3 3763 with the original chassis.

Subsequently they also did the work to fit the

doors to the body tub.

With retirement looming I started to brush up

on my barista and baking skills, as I knew

that this was my important contribution to the

skill set required for the rebuild of the J3.

Pre-war Event. Jeff came up periodically to

help with the attention to detail needed to

complete the car.

Repairs & Modifications at HVR Melbourne.

My technical ability is limited to taking photos,

dismantling cars and misplacing parts. I can

manage brass brackets and a reasonable

engine turned J type dash after imbibing

medicinal quantities of whiskey.

Fortunately I was able to convince Norm

Goodall and Jeff Newey to assist who, when

bribed with good coffee and my excellent

biscuits, provided the technical skill and

attention to detail required for the rebuild.

Most Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

Norm and I would be found working away

in the garage with an aim to finish the car

by November 2015 for the Australian MG

Restoration in progress.

The car was finished several days prior to our

leaving for the Bathurst event; road testing

around the local streets went well, so the car

was ready for its first outing.

The effort was well rewarded by the car

being selected for the Peter Harper People’s

Choice trophy.


The original J2 chassis J4281 has been passed

onto Graeme Jackson who has since obtained

the identification knuckle from Gary Grant. The

F type chassis F1254 has been restored and is

now owned by Tim Shellshear.

Completed finally. Alexander

Gastaldon, Norm Goodall, Ross

Kelly and Jeff Newey.

The Octagon - March 2016 39

Stories From The Stables


In May 2000, when BMW sold the car

manufacturing assets of the original Rover

Group to the Phoenix Consortium, the MG

Rover range consisted of only five cars: the

Classic Mini (about to end production), the

Rover 25, 45 and 75 and the MGF.

build and sell the proposed MG halo model,

lead the group’s motorsport activities and

to create a range of non-vehicle products to

extend awareness of MG and MG XPower

brands. The halo model idea lead to “Project

Icon” which at first was perceived as a Lotus

rivalling mid-engined car.

Phoenix’s short-term plan was to expand

the MG range with sporting versions of the

existing Rovers. These became the MG

ZR hatchback and MG ZS mid-sized sedan,

sports variants which proved popular from

their launch in 2001. The Rover 75 and its

MG ZT sports variant enjoyed even more

popularity. Phoenix also planned to reengineer

and redesign the MG F to become

the MGF TF, and eventually replace the

entire model range with new cars developed

through joint venture. They also felt they

needed a performance arm and a special

halo model to emphasise the sporting nature

of MG in an attempt to generate excitement

and publicity for the successfully revived MG


MG Sports & Racing Limited was

formed in 2000 as the motorsport and

performance subsidiary of MG Rover. Their

responsibilities were to be the custodian

of the new MG XPower brand, develop,

Through approaches about distribution

rights from the American Qvale family, who

had financed the design and production of

the proposed new De Tomaso Mangusta, it

was realised that this well advanced project

could be an easier and cheaper path to the

realisation of the halo model idea.

The MG XPower SV

Although the basic engineering of the

Mangusta was impressive with a very

professional approach to suspension,

chassis, powertrain and interior, beauty was

not one of it’s strong points. Well respected

British designer Peter Stevens had joined

MG Rover as design director and he took

on the task of restyling the car with a more

aggressive theme. The result was revealed

at the Birmingham Motor Show in October

2002. Peter Stevens declared it to be his

vision of what an extreme MG should be. It

was the third prototype (XP3) of the new MG

XPower SV. MG announced that by the end


The Octagon - March 2016

- By Ken Wasley

of the show they had taken 29 orders for the

new Ford V8 powered SV.

Photo supplied by GoAuto.com.au

The entry level model is powered by a 320 hp

4.6 litre all aluminium quad cam V8 engine

which propels the MG XPower SV to 60 mph

in 5.3 seconds and on to a top speed of circa

165 mph followed by higher powered SV-R


Enters Production

A year later, and although a few production

cars had been built, these were all delivered

to MG directors, executives and senior

personnel. The production process was

complex, partly caused by the use of carbon

fibre to make the body panels, but also due

to the fact that the basic body parts were

made in the UK by SP Systems and then

shipped to Turin for assembly onto rolling

chasses with the running gear installed. The

cars were then sent back to the UK where

the cars were painted by QCR Motors Ltd,

then sub-assembly of the lights, windows etc

was undertaken by XK Engineering and the

interior was trimmed by KJ Ryan of Coventry.

Final fit, finish and quality control were

completed at MG Rover’s Longbridge factory.

Also in October 2003, prototype XP4, finished

in bright yellow, was displayed at the Sydney

Motor Show and it was announced that it

would go on sale here in April 2004 priced

around $250,000 for the SV-R powered by

a 5.0-litre Ford Winston V8 with 283kW and

522Nm of torque. MG Rover Australia stated

that they already held deposits for eight SV-

Rs (two in New Zealand), which would be

built to order in numbers of 300 per year.

In reality, according to the data held by the

MG XPower SV Club, approximately 82 cars

were produced before MG Rover entered into

administration in April 2005. This excluded

the 4 ‘XP’ pre-production prototypes but

included a few pre-production and show

cars which were later dismantled, before

production was stopped. The first external

customer car (chassis 112, the 12th car) had

been built in late 2003 but wasn’t delivered

until March 2004. Dealer cars followed and

the next external customer car was the 33rd

(Chassis number 133). Most cars held in

stock when production stopped, were sold to

private owners, with the final ones being sold

to customers in early 2008. Some additional

cars, possibly up to five, or possibly even

more, were completed by others in later

years. The MG V8s book by David Knowles

lists a total of 86 cars excluding the 4

prototypes so there may have been a total of

90 cars produced.

In the wake of the closure of the factory and

sale of assets, William Riley, a scion of the

Riley motor car dynasty, bought many of

the assets of MG Sports & Racing and set

himself up as MG Sports & Racing Europe,

establishing a small factory at Tenbury Wells

The Octagon - March 2016 41


The Octagon - March 2016

UK. Claims of restarting production of the

MG XPower WR abounded but unfortunately

Riley did not own the MG name and against

a backdrop of litigation, Riley continued to

speak ambitiously of further variants of his

SV WR. Few, if any of these ideas came to

pass and his workshops were repossessed

due to unpaid debts.

My Collection

I purchased my first modern MG in 2006, a

beautiful black MG TF 160. By 2010, as the

mining boom had kicked in and I was working

in that area, I’d also managed to assemble a

collection of one of each of the modern MG

models sold in Australia in early 2005 but it

always seemed like a complete collection

should include an MG SV.

I first became aware of it being in Australia, in

early 2013 when I saw it advertised for sale

on My105 but it was then located in Broken

Hill. After some correspondence with the

young man who owned it, I decided to fly

down to have a look at it in June of that year.

I was impressed and negotiated hard but I

still wasn’t able to put together the amount he

was asking for it. We kept in touch and late

last year Chris offered me a deal I couldn’t

refuse. He was still working in Broken Hill

and wasn’t able to use it but wanted to see it

being enjoyed. By then he had taken it back

to his mother’s place in Adelaide so in early

October 2015 I drove down with an empty

trailer and brought it back to Brisbane.

There were a few coming on the market

in the UK but still at prices out of reach,

especially after paying all the freight and

import duties. I did see one that looked

special and interesting at an almost

reasonable price but I still wasn’t in a

position to do anything about it. Unbeknown

to me, it was purchased by an Australian

and imported in 2011, initially to race in the

Victorian MG race series.

The Octagon - March 2016 43


The Octagon - March 2016

This Car

This car, MG XPower SV-R No.114 (or

the 14th car) was built in 2004 for Nick

Stephenson, one of the ‘Phoenix Four’ group

of directors. It was still part of the assets

of the factory when they were purchased

by William Riley in 2006 and he used it as

one of his development cars, re-engined

it as a supercharged SV-S and lightened

it as a track day car. The photo included

here shows William Riley with the car at

Silverstone. It was also displayed by him at

the NEC Classic Car Show in Birmingham

and at a number of other venues that I have

photos of.

were missing and some details were showing

wear and tear although it only had 2,460

miles on the clock. The original Recaro

seats had been replaced with larger Corbeau

sports seats. William Riley was a large man.

I’ve been able to buy a pair of the original

Recaros and I’m slowly working though the

other detail problems. By the end of October

it was ready for an unveiling for the MGCCQ.

This took place at the first Noggin’ and Natter

for November and the details are on the club

Website News page or Facebook.

The car will have its first track outing at

Morgan Park in February 2016. I believe it is

still the only MG XPower SV in Australia.

Once I had got it back to Brisbane, I spent

some time inspecting what I had and

planning it’s resurrection. A few small fittings

(Ed: The car had its outing at Morgan Park and there was

a photographer there to capture it on track. Thank you,

Ian Welsh of Shifting Focus for the following photo.)

The Octagon - March 2016 45


Capricorn Chapter Report

by Gurney T Clamp

Sun 17 Jan - Mt. ARCHER BBQ

Many thanks to those members new and

old who braved the warm conditions of

Rockhampton to do the annual BBQ tour up Mt.


The coastal members Jim & Sandra Armstrong,

Gurney & Gloria Clamp, Phil & Margaret Henry,

Rodger & Phyllis Warne, Jenny Hill with her

mum Rosemary all welcomed new members

Rick & Michelle Taylor in their 1975 Corvette,

before starting the day off at Beaman Park in

Yeppoon. Under overcast skies and strong

winds and after New Year greetings we all

headed to Rockhampton, some having to fuel

up en-route while the others toured past the

Carleton’s residence to see if they were OK.

On arrival at the Vince Lester car park on

Frenchville Road the group was greeted by

Stuart & Ada Clark, Robert & Yvonne Holbeck

and their granddaughter, Neville Funch, Trevor

Andersen & Glenis Benson, Rosco James,

Butch Bambrick and Ian McKeague, who

reported that his MG N is in good condition and

ready to roll but unfortunately not to-day.


At 5.00 p.m. we all headed up Mt. Archer,

to be held up twice by the ongoing road

repairs works being carried out on the range

road while keeping an eye out for the large

number of walkers trekking up the mountain.

On arrival at the top everyone reported that

their cars performed well up the range with no

breakdowns being reported. This was a better

result that in 2015. We were also met by John

& Margaret Horton, Daryl & Joy Penridge and

David & Anna Tempest who decided to travel

up earlier to discover what was to offer on top

of Mt. Archer and also to reserve setting for us

all. As usual our cars attracted a lot of attention

while parked up top. After a celebration drink a

large number of members were seen pulling on

their jackets to protect themselves against the

cool coastal wind coming up the mountainside.

Whilst the men cooked the dinner on the council

BBQs, Neville Funch produced a portable gas

B.B.Q, that proved to be popular with its speed

of cooking all that was placed on it.

While members were enjoying dinner two

potential new members arrived at the top in

a Light Blue Mazda MX 5. They were lucky

enough to already know our two new members

Rick & Michelle. Gurney addressed all present

bringing them up to date on what will be

happening over the next couple of months and

the possible changes to the yearly program.

Trevor Andersen and Glenis Benson won the

Rockhampton poker run with three sevens, and

as luck would have it Gurney & Gloria Clamp

won the Coastal game with a pair of fours


The Octagon - March 2016

making it their fourth win in a row.

APOLOGIES: Don Madden, Garth & Leslie

Barnes, Terry Dwyer & Anne Burbidge, Gordon

& Robin Kelsey, Phil & Pam White, Brian &

Glenis Russell, Ian & Rosemary Carleton, Gary

& Julie Kunst.



As a result of numerous communications

between Bill, Bernie & the events committee the

preferred starting times for this tour were finally

sorted out. It resulted in a great day out with

the Coastal group of Jim Armstrong & Sandra

Armstrong, Martin & Narelle Adamson, Trevor

Andersen, Ian & Rosemary Carleton Gurney &

Gloria Clamp, Phil Henry, Gary & Julie Kunst,

Don Madden, Robert Sodito & Beverley Lay

all arriving at the Oakes on the Yeppoon road

on time to allow them to get away to meet up

with the Central group of Terry Dwyer & Anne

Burbidge, Gary & Robbie Galloway, Robert &

Yvonne Holbeck on grandparent duties, John &

Margaret Horton, Rosco James, Gordon Kelsey,

Daryl & Joy Penridge, Allan & Trudi Stacey, with

Brian & Glenis Russell who arrived at the River

side car park in their 1963 white MG B sporting

a different top that was kindly donated to them

by Gary & Robbie Galloway. It gave their car a

modern day fastback appearance and one that

created a lot of interest for members

cheered on by members as he had to make an

unaccustomed dash across the car park to be

included in the photo shoot.

The trip to the Botanical Gardens restaurant

was uneventful with no break downs being

reported. During breakfast Gurney gave all

present a brief ou line on a couple of the major

tours that are due in June, the Great Northern

Tour to Townsville and in August the MG Car

Club chapter meet in Mackay.

After breakfast the majority of members headed

off to Glenis Benson’s residence via Yeppoon

and Artillery roads to accept her invitation of

a guided tour of her award winning garden

followed by morning tea, with some members

also accepting a couple of plants that they

admired. For some members the next stop was

at the Caves Hotel for lunch.

After the usual chatter between members until

the late arrival of Ian Wilhelmsen who was

The Octagon - March 2016 47


Darling Down Chapter

by Gary Lawrence

So what happened to the first two months of 2016?

It seems like yesterday that we were doing our end

of 2015 social activities.

By tradition, January is a quiet month on the

Chapter front with many of our members away on

annual leave or otherwise occupied with family

and other social activities. However this year, just

for something different, on 13 January, we held

a Twilight Run which proved to be popular and


For 2016, we have ‘elected’ the same leader group

as we have had for the past three years; Gary

Lawrence (Chapter Coordinator and Toowoomba

Convener), Bob Marsh (Warwick Convener) and

Ron & Judy Gillis (mid-week Conveners).

Our 2016 calendar has been published. In addition

to our usual monthly social events, it contains

a ‘long’ tour to Mackay as well as a couple of

overnight runs; the first in May to the Granite Belt

and the second in October to Mt. Tamborine.

Our ‘long’ tour this year will blend with the

combined Chapters meeting in Mackay being

organised by David Miles for August 19, 20 and 21.

Twilight Run 13 January

A Twilight Run followed by dinner at a local

Toowoomba hotel was something a little different

and a very enjoyable event for our group.

The run commenced at the Toowoomba TAFE /

Cobb & Co Museum parking grounds in Campbell

Street. Travelling through some of the historic

areas of east Toowoomba we looped around

Prince Henry Drive (which in days gone by was a

hill climb circuit having close affinity with the MG

Club) then followed the eastern escarpment before

proceeding down the Range highway into the

Lockyer Valley. Despite the recent improvements

to the downhill grade on this road, it still tests the

braking capability on our much-loved MGs.

Leaving the main highway, we branched on to

Murphy’s Creek Road. This is a relatively quiet

country road with a couple of good straights on

which to clear the cobwebs as well as some great

‘MG curves’ to test the handling.


The Octagon - March 2016

A number of our participants took full advantage of

the balmy evening and enjoyed the pleasures of

open top touring.

The run was followed by an enjoyable and social

dinner gathering at the Blue Mountain Hotel on the

northern outskirts of Toowoomba.

Participants: Rob & Narelle Fraser, Rob & Fern

Callow, Allan & Deb Maskill, John & Marg Boland,

Brian & June Phillips, Ben & Angie Cain, Gary &

Janis Lawrence.

It was great to a welcome new members Glen and

Bev Hadfield. The Hadfields are the proud owners

of a recently acquired red MGB Mk1 Roadster.

We hope to see them at many more of our events.

David Miles from Brisbane also joined us for the


Following lunch, the Toowoomba group opted to

travel via Clifton, Nobby and Greenmount for their

return to home base.

Participants: Gary & Janis Lawrence; Bob &

Mavis Marsh; Ron & Judy Gillis; Greg & Beth

Newey; John McLean; David Miles; Guy & Pam

West; Helen Goodfellow & Imelda Logan; Helen

& Odeh Habash; Phil & Marilyn O’Brien; Brian &

June Phillips; Glen & Bev Hadfield, John & Betty

Gosper; John & Marg Boland.

Lunch Run 10 February

WOW!! – 26 people at the lunch today at the

Leyburn Hotel.

The Leyburn Hotel is always a popular venue for

our members, even the flies like to join us.

It was wonderful to see so many bright cheery

faces return again for the trip to one of our

favourite places, with a great mixture of Warwick

and Toowoomba members.

We have set the bar very high now so we hope we

will have more great attendances at each of the

runs .

The Octagon - March 2016 49


Far North Queensland Chapter

by John and Cherie Fransen

Sunday, 24 January 2016 – ‘Meet and Greet’

Trinity Beach Sports Club

Well a very Happy New Year everyone, from all of

us up here in the tippy top of Queensland. Hope

everyone had a great Festive Season, including

those that are involved in the Club state wide.

A great turnout for the first get together, about

34 people showed. We met a few potential new

Members which was really nice to see, just goes

to show when you are having fun, word gets


So today’s event was more just a social gathering,

and time to get some tucker while we discussed

what we might like to do for the rest of the year.

Sheets were handed out for ideas, if people

wanted to contribute to suggestions for places

to visit, roads to drive and places to eat, not to

mention events we already had to add to our

draft calendar; some had already sent in ideas

via email what they thought might be worthwhile

doing in the coming months, so that was also


From previous years, we know what motoring

events ie: show and shines, swap meets etc

generally select the same dates on the calendar

annually, so we pencilled those in first, then add

in what the FNQ club Members think would be

fun to do. We continue to add suggestions, even

throughout the year, as nothing is really set in

stone until a week or two before (as we need to

get our organising permit), just because we are

a pretty ‘laidback’ mob and sometimes things

change depending on weather, road conditions or

even numbers for the day (as we get bigger we

are always on a search for new eating spots that

can seat a larger group). But that said, we seem

to have a rough idea now, well probably better

than rough, of what we are doing from January

through to December and as local or even state

wide events arise we add them to the diary and

juggle other things in to fit better.

So essentially, a great lunch was had, most

drove their regular drives today as there was no

planned run on the road. Once we had been fed

and watered, jotted some things down on paper it

looks like we have some really fun things to look

forward to this year, we bid each other adieu’ until

we meet again, which pretty much meant ‘see ya

next time’ on the 7th of February.

Sunday, 7 February 2016 – Bluewater Trinity

Beach Grill / Highlander Hotel Julatten run

Attended – John and Annette Collet Silver

Mercedes (MGA in the garage), John and Cherie

Fransen ASX (Midget in the garage), Lyn and

Wayne Morgan Red MGB, Brendon and June

Hammersley Black MX5 (MGB having a paint

job plus some extras), Leon and Llorien Johnson

White Suzuki, Tony Boland and Cevita Green

TD, Bob and Patty Ingram White Hilux (need

aircon today!!!) Chris and Valmae Millar Green TF,

Cynthia and Derek Bevan Silver MX5, Graham

and Pauline Hepburn Red Bugeye Sprite, Paul

Lyons Red MG, Alan and Aileen Bielefeld Maroon

MGF, John and Helen Honan Mustard MG, Tony

Basham Red TD and Steve and Maureen Girardi

,Kay and Harvey Williams Mini.

First official ‘back to the road’ run for 2016 for our

FNQ Chapter, we were all really looking forward

to taking advantage of our summertime weather

and hitting the bitumen. However, in saying that,

boy was it a sweltering hot day today, but that

didn’t put anyone off, we had a great turnout with

some new Members joining the group. Interesting

to see what the day would hold and hopefully

the weather would not affect any of the vehicles’

performance, must admit though there was a

few that didn’t come in their Club cars due to the

heat (need aircon) and others still had them in the

garage needing repairs, upgrades, paint etc which

a couple took advantage of, trying to get done

over the festive season break.

This morning our initial meeting point was a new


The Octagon - March 2016

place that some of us had not been to, Bluewater

Bar and Grill at Trinity Beach, it is located right on

the Marina and situated amongst some amazing

high end real estate, overlooking the water and all

its boats, big and small, bobbing up and down. As

it was a later than usual start, mainly a coffee/tea

for most and for some a cold drink, just what was

needed before heading out again in the scorching

midday February sun. A number of men from

the group disappeared outside and when we all

eventually left the Tavern to return to our cars, the

red TD had a large group surrounding it with ideas

being tossed around regarding the problem lying

beneath the bonnet. Turned out some problems

with the points, but nothing the ‘ready for anything’

Tony Basham couldn’t handle, spares kit on

hand it was sorted and time for everyone to be

getting on the road for our trip north, then inland

to Julatten.

Travelling northward is an all-round favourite, as

said many times before, it is a trip worth taking

and if you haven’t done it before, with the roof

down, breeze in your hair, beach lines coastline

with the sparkling blue ocean to the right, it needs

to be on your bucket list! We headed up the

Captain Cook Highway along the beach suburbs,

past Palm Cove, Oak Beach then on past Port


The trip by now was not without incident, there

may have a been a brief stop for the other Tony’s

Green TD which needed a fan belt replacement.

Might be time for everyone else to think about

what spares they have in the ‘on board toolkit’,

even the slickest little machine might need

a handy ‘this or that’ now and again……….

chuckle. Like a well oiled machine, those that

stopped to help, were back in their drives ready to

move on with a couple of minutes. We reached

Shannonvale not long after the Port turnoff and all

turned west, heading up the Mossman / Mt Molloy

Road and taking in the views of various stages

of crops fields bordering the road and then into

the rainforest, a welcome relief to enjoy, ducking

in and out of shade now and again below the

towering trees.

We wound up the range and it was not long

before we arrived at one of the Club’s favourite

spots, The Highlander Tavern in Julatten. A

popular local watering hole and oh gee whizz

could we do with some cool beverages by then!

Didn’t take us long to all order a drink or two, and

some reasonably priced, not to mention delicious

lunches and all were happy.

The Octagon - March 2016 51

Lots of discussion and laughs of every topic you

could think of was had and then it was time to get

back on the road to finish the day. This is when a

few head in different directions, as far as the road

goes, some heading back to the Tablelands but

the majority down the highway and onto Cairns.

A really great day to start the year, really looking

forward to what else we have planned for 2016, it

should be a great 12 months.

Annette and Wayne on the road

and three members’ cars at the Bluewater Cafe.


The Octagon - March 2016


Wide Bay Chapter

by David Hall and Lyn Hayward

Another year has passed and a new one just

beginning. Well here in the Wide Bay we have a

new coordinator and that’s me! Firstly I would like to

take this opportunity to thank David Carter, Darrell

Martin and Allan Dansie for their contribution to the

Wide Bay Chapter and the MGCC of Qld. Their

work for us all has been constant and of a very high

standard. Looks like I will have to get my act into

gear to carry on our chapter with the assistance of

Eric Beckman in Bundaberg.

7th January - Contributed by Paul Overton

Our first run of the year on 7th January was

organised by Paul Overton taking the Hervey Bay

Mob on an early morning run. As the sun rose at

5:15am and the birdies were singing, there was

a hush all over The Bay! Most of the MG folk are

sleeping in whilst their MGs collect cobwebs.

However there was a small group of six MGs

preparing for an early morning breakfast run. As

they gathered all they could talk about was their

Christmas goodies. David Carter couldn’t stop

boasting his mini power pack, enough to power a

fleet of MGs with flat batteries!

They were lead out by Paul Overton towards

Toogoom when Warren Innes took over the lead.

He proceeded to show us the delights of his small

town. With Paul back in the lead the run continued

to Torbanlea. Only these early MGs could feel the

exhilarating fresh cool air with sounds of cicadas in

the eucalyptus. Five minutes late we arrived back

at our departure point, only to find three more MGs

and their drivers chomping at the bit for breakfast.

With nine cars and seventeen hungry tummies

we proceeded along the Esplanade to Point

Vernon and our favourite Homemade Café. Over

breakfast we enjoyed the pristine views across

the blue waters of Hervey Bay. I overheard heard

someone say “It’s a difficult life here when you live

in paradise!”

Sunday January 10th The Bundy Crew led by

their new coordinator Eric Beckman accompanied

by his good wife Janelle took 10 Cars and 17

members on a run around the area to finish at the

Bundy RSL for breakfast. They all participated in an

informative discussions about their MGs and what’s

on the agenda in 2016.

Sunday January 17 was the Luggi Bryant

Memorial Run. Both groups consisting of 7 Cars

and 11 members from Bundy and 12 cars and 22

members from Hervey Bay joined in a combined

run meeting at Teddington Weir where we enjoyed

a BYO morning tea. For our new members Barbara

Shields explained the significance of this run being

the Annual Memorial Tribute to Ian Bryant (Luggi

Emgee). Ian was the inspiration behind forming the

Wide Bay Chapter and was the Coordinator from

its formation until his passing. Our chapter is now

in our 11th year and our memories Luggi Emgee

will live on in our hearts and minds forever. Thanks

Barbara for your tribute that was complete with

a large portrait of Ian and memorabilia including

photo’s of his TD that John and Barbara Shields

purchased and now John is restoring it to a very

high standard.

After morning tea we crossed the Teddington Weir

and travelled through the scenic cane fields of

Bidwell and back over the Granville Bridge into

The Octagon - March 2016 53

Maryborough. Somehow in Maryborough David C.

our leader and the Hervey Bay mob lost the Bundy

crew and myself as tail end Charlie. Apparently they

travelled back down the Hervey Bay Maryborough

Road to turn left at the roundabout to head for

Torbanlea to the Miners Arms Hotel for lunch. Eric

of the Bundy crew lost sight of the leaders in M’bro

and headed back along the Bruce Highway to the

same destination. There was plenty of parking so

we parked with ease and strolled in and ordered

our cool drinks and lunch when a breathless Paul

and Yvonne rushed in and looked around and

exclaimed where are the HB Mob haven’t they

come yet! He had been sitting at the roundabout

waiting to meet them. We were all sitting at the bar

looking as cool as cucumbers when the HB Mob

arrived. The moral of the story is to keep the car

behind you in your mirror. We all had a great meal

day and a good fun day out together. It is our aim

for the Bundy Crew and the HB mob to meet up for

many more combined runs.

The Bundy Crew had been invited to join other Car

Clubs in the Bundy area for their celebrations with

10 Cars and 18 members participating in the event.

I believe it was a show ‘n’ shine for Charity. Well

done Bundy!

As usual the HB Mob was to have the Australia Day

BBQ in the grounds of Legacy House. This was

cancelled due to lack of interest. We then decided

to join the River Heads Progress Association

Celebrations for the day with an 8.00am start to

travel to their Reserve where the day was to be

kicked off with a Sausage Sizzle for breakfast and

a cricket match. The idea was for us to display

our cars until 11.30am and then travel to the

Community hall for the Flag raising ceremony,

lunch, fun and Aussie music. However the heavens

opened up and the rain bucketed down causing

localised flooding. It was decided that we would

cancel the display and the 4 very wet members

would have coffee and chat at the Water Park Cafe.

It turned out to be a very informative morning.

(Please insert photo 02 here)

Wednesday 27th January Members attended the

funeral of Tony Gubbins in their

MGs. Tony passed away unexpectedly aged 68. He

will be sadly missed by us all.

Sunday the 7th February 2016 - Written by Eric

and Janelle Beckman

The Bundy Crew had a run organised by Bill and

Cheryl McCollum. Four MGs, one BMW and one

MX5 headed out of Bundaberg with Bill McCollum

in his MX5 in the lead and Eric Beckman as tail end

Charlie in his MGZR.

The Plan was to have BYO Smoko at South Kolan

Picnic Area just across the road from the Hotel

and to have lunch at the Rowing Club at Bucca.

We came to the Cedars Bridge but, because of

the Burnett River being in flood, we stopped at the

single lane bridge to check the water level and

found it was lapping the bottom of the bridge. We

decided it was safe to traverse the bridge.

Tuesday 26th January Australia Day was the

Wide Bay Chapters 11th Birthday.

Our next stop was at South Kolan picnic area a little

grassy area on the edge of Gin Gin Road. After

a cup of Tea/Coffee and a bun we headed off to

Bucca for lunch travelling along a narrow road in

the lush green countryside. On our arrival at Bucca,

Bill arranged with the caretaker to open the area

and at the same time Judy O’Donoghue parked her

car undercover as clouds were threatening. (Sailing

people don’t require a hood.) Some of us set up

our BBQ overlooking the Kolan River. After lunch

we packed up all our goodies and proceeded back

to Bundaberg via the Rosedale Road. A good day

was had by all thanks for the organisation of Bill &

Cheryl McCollum.


The Octagon - March 2016

Sunday 7th February

Eric Beckman as tail-end Charlie. Next stop was the

Port of Bundaberg via a bling and fashion shops for

the ladies where all the boys sat around outside like

seagulls around a packet of chips. After this, Judy

rounded up all the participants and we departed for

Baltimore’s Restaurant at the lovely surrounds of

the marina where we enjoyed coffee and cake.

(Please insert photos 05 and 06 here)

The same day Paul Overton organised a coffee run

for the HB Mob to travel through the country side

and end up at Arkarra Tea Gardens Dundowran.

Paul announced it was time to start our engines

and there was a throaty burble from 9 MGs varying

from Graeme and Chris Scotts’ Red TD to Margaret

and Warren Innes’s Woodcote Green RV8 along

with various other colours, makes and models all

gleaming in the sunlight. We proceeded along the

Esplanade and turned right travelling out of town

into the lush green fields of sugarcane and small

crops all lovely after the recent rain.

Fish and chips at the pier in Hervey Bay was

calling on this balmy February evening. 10 Cars

and 19 members enjoyed a twilight run along the

Esplanade to our destination. The fish and chips

were a good excuse for us to get together and chat

about all sorts of things including our cars. Kevin

and Linda Fairhall arrived in their newly acquired

red Toyota Celica and Bill and Liz Manns in their

latest addition - a Porche Carrera. Hey I thought

this was the MG Car Club! Just as well we had a

GT and MGA Coupe to fly the flag.

Wednesday 17th February - the Bundy Crew -

Contributed by Judy O’Donoghue

Judy O’Donoghue organised a Mystery Coffee Run

for the Bundy Crew. There were six MGs and 11

members that took part in the first mid week run

-- a group of unemployed, unemployable, retired or

just plain wagging it!! Also we welcomed two new

members - Peter and Margaret Elson who have

transferred from the Hervey Bay Mob. We then

headed off with Judy O’Donoghue in the lead and

We arrived at the tea gardens and enjoyed this

beautiful piece of paradise with top coffee and

luscious food all prepared with passion for our

enjoyment. The tropical landscaped gardens were

filled with chit chat and laughter after solving the

worlds problems until, being satisfied with our

lunch, we made our way home thanking Paul for a

lovely morning.

Sunday 28th February We are having a

combined run planning to meet up with the Bundy

crew ending up at Goody’s on the beach Toogoom

for lunch.

For those who are not familiar with the Wide Bay

Chapter it is split into two groups one in Bundaberg

known as the Bundy Crew and one in Hervey Bay

known as the Hervey Bay Mob or shortened to HB


Safe and Happy Motoring

The Octagon - March 2016 55

Phone or fax for a





The Octagon - March 2016

Competition Corner

There have been a variety of competitive

events of varying types since the beginning

of the year - a night navigation run, a

Come and Try/Prepare for the National

Meeting Motorkhana, an Interclub

Khanacross and the first round of the

hillclimb series at Mt Cotton. Thanks go

to those who have provided reports and

photos of most of these events.

Come and Try/National Meeting

preparation motorkhana - by Flavio

Paggiaro; photos by Pauline Graham.

Flavio has his first try at a motorkhana test.

I attended my first Test & Tune and Come

and Try Khanacross & Motorkhana at

the Willowbank Raceway on Sunday 7th

February. I have been really happy with

the Hillclimbs at Mount Cotton and Noosa,

but with lots of promotion from Pauline

Graham and Malcolm Spiden, I was

happy to try something different like the


At the Noggin ‘n’ Natter prior to the

event, Malcolm was advising me on how

to position my car for Gate Slalom and

Serpentine Test Layouts. On the day, Ken

Graham jumped in the car and advised on

how to place the car and accelerate around

the flags. I realised that I had to turn before

the flag rather than at the flag.

Unfortunately I had my road tyres not my

racing tyres and they would have made a

difference. This was good practice for the

upcoming Perth National Meeting.

I want to thank Ken and Pauline Graham,

Malcolm Spiden, John Walker, Brant

Rayment and Don Webster for their

encouragement and advice.

It was good to see youngsters, Alex and

Ashleigh Mattea, being tutored in their

driving skills by Richard. The event was

well run by HSCCQ and I look forward to

doing it again.

Alex Mattea about to experience a motorkhana drive with

Ken Graham

Interclub Khanacross hosted by

HSCCQ 21/02/2016 - by Brad and

Berenice Stratton

The day dawned hot and humid and 46

participants from 9 different car clubs

geared up for the 2 different tests run twice

in forward and reverse directions. Clubs

represented were MGCCQ, Lotus, HSCCQ,

ZCCQ, 86 Drivers, Porsche, NDSCC,


The longer bitumen khanacross track gave

everyone a chance to get some speed up

before the tight chicanes and turns. The

2nd test which was a simple set of figure

8’s proved the most challenging with many

WDs after losing count of the number of

times round the flags but giving some good

old tyre tearing action.

The Octagon - March 2016 57

Outright winner was Martin O’Brien in a

Lotus Elise. Top running MGCCQ members

in outright order were Ken then Pauline

Graham followed by Brad Stratton, Gary

Pitt, Malcolm Spiden, Matthew Johnson,

Chris McMahon and Berenice Stratton.

Their combined points put MGCCQ third in

the Club placings.

Chris McMahon (MGB) waits his turn.

Matt Johnson takes a turn.

28/28 February - Round 1 of the 2016

Carric Accounting & Business Service/

Tighe Cams Hillclimb series - by Elaine

Hamilton; Photos by Steve Johns

Despite the heat of the weekend,

enthusiasm and competition was keen as

close to 100 competitors in a wide variety

of vehicles took to the track in the hunt for

good results in front of a good crowd of

enthusiastic spectators. Three of these

cars could be described as fastest, most

exotic and most basic but functional.

Fastest for the weekend was Dean Tighe in

his superb hillclimb special who put in the

fastest time for the event before the failure

of a small but essential part of his steering

put an end to his weekend. (photo on p61)

The Lotus Exige of Zaid Latif was not only

spectacular in its exotic beauty but also

efficient on track taking out second place in

its class with a time of 50.51s. (photo on p61)

Local Mt Cotton resident, Mitchell Allwood

had possibly the most basic of all cars with

his self-built 600cc Energy Corse special

and managed a 4th place in a class of 8

Formula Libre up to 1300cc cars with a

best time of 45.25 on its first outing. (photo

on p61)


The Grahams car ready to go.

The MX5 of Brad & Berenice Stratton.

The Octagon - March 2016

Times were not particularly fast over the

weekend maybe because of the heat and

a track that hadn’t been used for a few

months. Only two records were broken and

these were in new classes where record

times have yet to ‘settle’. And maybe

another record was broken for the most

female competitors at the same hillclimb


There was a significant delay in the event at

one point when an unnamed BMW dropped

oil on the racing line around the greater part

of the track. A call for help in cleaning up

the spill resulted in the quick assembly and

deployment of an ‘Oil Army’ of many willing

helpers coming from all directions. Huge

thanks go to them for allowing the event to

get back underway more quickly than would

otherwise have been possible.

The Regularity class attracted 8 entrants

but sadly last year’s series winner for this

class, Flavio Paggario, was unable to run as

he had broken a hand in a work accident.

The remaining seven had close battles for

first place with Lindsay Derriman (Toyota

Paseo) on 11 points just beating David

Dumolo (Triumph TR 3A) on 12. Stephen

Callaghan (MGB), Shaun Rankin (MGB GT)

and Andrew Willesden (VW Polo GTi) were

close for third place with 23, 27 and 28

points respectively.

Class winners for the other classes with

results based on fastest times were:

Prod & Inv cars incl road reg 1601-2000cc:

Don Milner (Dolomite Sprint) 51.01 won

the smaller class while the bigger capacity

class, Prod & Inv cars incl road reg 2001cc

and over was won byPaul Buccini (BMW


HQ Holden saw the first competitor in this

class for some time - Anthony Toft who

did a 55.92 will be seeking to break Geoff

Anderson’s 1997 record of 53.34.

Formula Vee - 1600: Craig Hughes broke

the previous record very easily and quickly

and then settled into a ‘let’s break it again’

pattern to end up with a new record time of

49.30. Formula Ford 1600: Gary Goulding

ran only three runs on Sat and set a best

time of 48.03.

Group Q - Sports: This was a new class

and sole competitor, Alan Telfer, set a best,

and record breaking, time of 59.61. Group

V: Geoff Cohen was only 0.3s off his class

record with his time of 52.34. Group U:

Chris Johns (Ford Escort) did a best time

of 47.39, half a second slower than the

record he set last year. Group N - 2001cc

and over: Noel Wicks ran only on Sunday

in his Torana GTR XU-1and set a best time

of 49.95.

Circuit Excel: Sporting its new name, this

class attracted five entrants, the fastest of

them being Mark Pryor (51.61). Having left

his Formula Ford at home, Gary Goulding

changed ‘horses’ and added a second

place to his haul with a 54.94 - though most

satisfying was probably being 0.26 ahead of

the third placed competitor, surname of M.

Someone should tell him that M becomes

before G in MG. Gloria Mc Andrew was

fourth (55.97) ahead of newcomer to the

class, Brad Smith (56.58).

Mod Prod, Road Reg - up to 2000cc was

won by Shane Merrick (Datsun 1200) 47.86,

a bit slower than his record of 47.12. In the

higher capacity class Mod Prod, Road Reg

- 2001cc and over, with three ‘no shows’

it was left to Noel Preston (Commodore,

50.15) to take the class from Brendan

Merrick (Datsun 120Y, 50.41) and Paul

Milevskiy (Ford Falcon XR6,53.28).

Marque Sports - 1601-2000cc: Brad

Stratton (Mazda MX-5, 49.03) triumphed

over the beautiful but functional Lotus Exige

of Zaid Latif whose best time was 50.51.

Berenice Stratton had her turn in the MX-5

to come third in class with a 53.52 ahead of

Andrew Lake (MGF, 54.89) who also took

out the award for Best MG for the weekend.

Marque Sports - 2001cc and over: Dave

Roberts was the sole competitor in this

class and in his striking Datsun 260Z did a


Improved Production up to 1600cc: Gavin

Taylor took the win in this class in his VW

Golf with a best time of 52.40 from the dual

entered Suzuki Swift Gti which filled 2nd

and 3rd placings from the two Brysons.

Randall’s time was 54.95 and Russell’s

was 56.15. Another VW Golf took out

fourth place in the hands of early MG Car

Club member, Grahame Rumballe, whose

best time was 57.02. The 1601-2000cc

division was won by Karlie Buccini (Proton

Satria, 51.94). Wayne Ferguson (VW T3

Fastback) was second with 57.17 from his

relief driver, Chelsea Mills, who drove only

on Sat and had only two runs but showed

great improvement by being 6 secs faster

on her second run. Pauline Graham topped

the table in the 2001cc and over division,

just pipping husband Ken by 0.06s. Third

placegetter, Troy McGrogan (Mitsubishi

Lancer) did a best time of 47.89.

The Octagon - March 2016 59

Sports Sedans 2001cc and over had seven

very competitive competitors with only

2.7 s separating first and last. First was

Alex Daniels (Ford Escort) with a 45.04, a

time he bettered in the Top Six with a time

of 44.57. Pierz Harrex (BMW E30) was

second with a 45.97 and David Malone

(Holden Torana) was third (46.23). Sports

Sedans up to 2000cc was won by Tyson

Cowie (Ford Escort, 47.71).

This car is featured on the cover of the 2016

CAMS Manual; the photo was taken by Ian

Colley who was present on the day taking

more photos. The Minis of Daryl Morton and

Jeffrey Bird filled second and third places

with very close times of 48.09 and 48.39


Terry Johns debuted his Nissan JFR S15 (a

name almost as long as the car particularly

if you expand the JFR) and quickly adapted

to it with a 49.10 to just take the Sports

Cars (Closed) - 2001cc and over class

from Steve Torpey (Mazda RX-7) who did a

49.36. Jeffrey Graham had the Sports Cars

(Open) - 2001 and over class all to himself

and did a best time of 48.87.

Ainsley Fitzgerald at one stage of the

weekend had the upper hand on Brian Pettit

who surged across the line to finally take

the Clubman Sports Cars - up to 2000cc

class with a 45.56 leaving Ainsley in 2nd

with 47.00. Third was Daryll Searle in the

Farrell L Clubman which has seen earlier

service at the hill in the hands of Geoff

Cohen and the late Steve Austin, to name

just two.

Daryll who has been around the hill many

times in many different cars did a 47.95

ahead of Jason Mc Garry (Caterham Super

7), 49.38. Next was newcomer to the hill,

Greg Fairbrother (Westfield SEiW), 51.10

followed by Jon Young (Caterham Super 7),


Four Superkarts buzzed quickly around the

track, the fastest being Mark Maczek (PVP)

with 44.75 just ahead of Brian Wild (PVP)

on 45.33. Third was Nathan Quelch (Honda

Arrow, 45.41) while Gary O’Mullane wasn’t

far behind on 46.75.

There was a promising entry of 8

competitors in the Formula Libre - up to

1300cc but with two ‘no shows’ and only a

couple of runs completed by Neil Lewis in

his first outing with his Fly-001 it was left

to Jim Milliner and David Homer to fight it

out at the top of the field with Jim taking

1st place with 40.50 from David’s 41.21.

Neil Lewis came in third with a best time

of 44.45 from Mitchell Allwood in his 600cc

Energy Corse with a 45.25. Mitchell has

competed at Mt Cotton in the past in his

Ford Falcon.

He decided that, living so close to the

hillclimb, he really should also be competing

there, thus the development of the Energy

Corse. David Quelch (Honda Black Arrow)

and Chris Lake (Suzuki Escargot) had their

own battle for 5th and 6th with Chris taking

the honours with a 45.49 to David’s 46.02.

There were four entries in the Formula

Libre - 1301cc and over class but with Stan

Pobjoy being a ‘no show’ and Harold von

Rappard deciding to leave all the driving

to son, Michael, it became a case of ‘then

there were two’. But gremlins got into the

Dallara F392’s electrical system and slowed

him down to a best time of 42.03.

Good news/bad news story was that of

Dean Tighe who posted two 38.71 times on

Sat which ultimately became fastest time of

day as a break in a steering bracket brought

a premature end to his weekend.

Top Six saw an interesting line-up of a mix

of car types. Jim Milliner won the shootout

with a 40.39 from David Homer (42.09),

Neil Lewis (43.10), Michael von Rappard

(44.09), Alex Daniels (44.57) and Brian Wild


The Most Improved award for first-timer

at the hillclimb went to Gavin Taylor in the

electric blue VW Golf who reduced his times

from a first run of 65.67 down to a class

winning 52.40.


The Octagon - March 2016

Fastest - Dean Tighe’s Fl powered DaIlara-Judd

Most basic - Mitchell AI’wood’s self built hillclimb special

Most exotic - Lotus Exige of Zaid Latif

Anthony Toft introduces HQs back to Mt Cotton

Neil Lewis debuted his Fly 001

Gavin Taylor won his class at his first outing

GG in his FF

The Oil Army sets off...photo by Cristy Moxly

The Octagon - March 2016 61

Letters to the Editor

Dear Elaine

I have an update for you on the early

progress of the Rayments who are driving

their 1949 MG YA Saloon to Perth on the

other side of the continent for the MG

National Meeting at Easter.

They left their home at Mt Tinbeerwah near

here in Queensland on Sunday morning (6th

March) at 6am. Attached is a photo I took,

moments before their departure.

I received a phone call from Peter a few

minutes ago (Wed 9 March) – they are now

in Broken Hill and have completed 1/3rd of

the trip in only 4 days.

The road conditions are limiting their

cruising speed to around 50 mph (80km/h),

and they are having a few problems with

the fuel boiling between the pump and the


They are also filling up at every fuel stop, as

the safe range is only about 280km

between fills.

- Octagonally, Tony Slattery

Dear Elaine

John Gilbert was the only Qld competitor

at WA Barbagallo Raceway Hillclimb

Championship 2015. John towed his car for

5 days there and 5 days back to Qld.

Arriving in WA on the Friday morning, he

went straight to Barbagallo Raaceway for

circuit practice and on the Saturday he

competed in the Circuit Regularities. He was

very pleased with himself and his beloved

car on their performance and gained a 4th


John then had 2 weeks break with his

WA family before the 3 day Hillclimb

championship. The hillclimb was on a

different area of the impressive Raceway.

John did very well to win his class at the

2015 Hillclimb Championship.

John had a very anxious drive home as his

gearbox was packing up and on the last leg

coming down Cunningham’s Gap he found

he had no brakes on his trailer. He arrived

exhausted, happy and safe back home with

a lot of tales to tell of his adventures.

- Elaine and John Gilbert.

Dear Elaine

I have agreed to be the canteen coordinator for the QHC again and will

be needing helpers to assist over the weekend of 3-5th June 2016. I

would appreciate hearing from anyone willing to help at any time over

that weekend.

I can be contacted on mob 0414 733 614 or by email

to berenice@stratton.net.au - Berenice Stratton


The Octagon - March 2016

The Octagon - March 2016 63


or by email to vprojects@internode.on.net

The Octagon - March 2016

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