Octagon January, 2016


Official Journal of the MG Car Club of Queensland Inc.



No. 1 January 2016

Five MGs in Monument Valley, Arizona, USA as they neared the end

of their marathon journey.

This photo, taken by Shez Letten, with its striking desert beauty is in stark contrast

with the photos on the covers of the issues of September (the cold beauty of the very

south of Sth America) and November (the lush beauty of the North Qld rainforest).

The Octagon - November 2015 1


Name Phone Mobile Email


Richard Mattea (Carly) 3325 0409 0488 224 105 richard.mattea@yahoo.com




Malcolm Spiden 3266 6350 spidenm@yahoo.com.au


Carly Mattea (Richard) 3325 0409 0410 310 452 moffmat@bigpond.com


Don Webster (Ann) 3374 4474 0439 526 060 donweb@bigpond.net.au

Ken Wasley (Barbara) 3378 6202 0423 152 723 wasmg11@gmail.com

Neil Lewis 3807 6273 0417 773 425 neil.lewis@clarkslogancity.com.au

Richard Higgs (June) 3385 5312 0447 387 751 the.bods@bigpond.com


Position Name Phone Position Name Phone

Event Secretary Fred Sayers 3359 2623

Annette Truscott 0407 494 867

Ev. Sec. Asst. David Robinson 3255 9037

Richard Mattea 3325 0409

CAMS Delegate Gary Goulding 3351 3506

(Alternative) Ann Thompson 3378 1368

Chaplain Ken Trudgian 3886 3409

Club Captain Don Webster 3374 4474

Canteen Convener (Mt C) Vacant

Special Interest Vehicle Paul Strange 3398 1993

Concession Contract pstrange@bigpond.com

Webmistress Glenda Crew 3341 4397

Clubrooms Max Johnson 3201 5826

Regalia Meryl Miles 3892 2699

Library David Robinson 3255 9037

Point Score Ian Fettes 3803 3858

Membership Sec. Peter Rayment (Delia) 0407 693 947

National Meeting Noeline Johnson 0427 220 602



Chapter Liaison David Miles 3892 2699

Far Nth Qld Chapter John Fransen 0458 658 830

Wide Bay Chapter David Hall 4125 8436

Darling Downs Chapter Gary Lawrence 4696 8314

Capricorn Chapter Gurney Clamp 4939 4760

Octagon Editor Elaine Hamilton 3893 2438 0418 870 782 vprojects@internode.on.net

All enquiries to the secretary:

C/o GPO Box 1847 Brisbane 4001


The Octagon - November 2015

Headquarters: 8/16 Collinsvale Street, Rocklea

E & OE Hillclimb: Gramzow Road, Mt Cotton

The opinion of the editor, correspondents and advertisers expressed in this magazine are not necessarily those of the management

committee of the MG Car Club of Queensland Inc. and as such the club accepts no responsibility. Published six times a year members

personal advertisements are free. Club constitution available in clubrooms. Copyright 2013 MGCCQ.

President’s Report

Firstly I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all

members a happy New Year. I hope that 2016 brings

you and your families much joy and happiness. For

those of us who are involved with the running of the

club we have had little respite over the Christmas

and New Year period, with membership renewals

due and the first of the Hillclimb and Race Meeting

entry forms to be sent to CAMS for the start of the

competition year.

I mentioned in my last report that I was hopeful of

acquiring some additional committee members to

lift our numbers and share the load somewhat. I’m

happy to report that I have been successful in this

area with Dean Tighe and Steve Price agreeing to

join the committee in December. Thanks to both

Dean and Steve for agreeing to come on board.

Once again the committee and others have been

working hard to provide what should be a great

year of activities for the club. There is well and truly

something for everyone. We have an extensive

social programme, with the major event being the

annual presentation of trophies. This year the event

is being held Boulevard Gardens in Indooroopilly

on Saturday the 6th of February and features long

time club member, driving instructor and the 1982

Qld Sports Car Champion John Fraser. John is an

outstanding speaker, I encourage you to attend as

I’m sure you will be well entertained and informed.

Soon after receiving this edition some of our

members will be beginning their long journey to this

year’s MG National meeting, which is being held in

Perth. This is the first time that the event has been

held in WA since 1995. Unfortunately with four

school age children and the tyranny of distance the

Mattea family will not be represented at this year’s

event. National Meetings are an event that I believe

demonstrates the best features of MG ownership.

It caters for all who have an interest in the marque,

from those who simply enjoy the social activities

associated with the event on to those who enjoy

displaying their car, through to those who enjoy

driving their car in a sporting fashion, a National

Meeting has it all. Good luck and safe travels to all of

those participating and make sure you don’t forget to

return with both the Wratten and Nuffield Trophies.

With a change of year we generally encounter a few

changes in those who offer their time and expertise

to organise and run events, even more so now with

the Chapters that operate throughout the state. We

have one Chapter Coordinator and one “Sub Branch”

coordinator who have recently stepped down from

their roles. I’d like to thank David Carter (Chapter

Coordinator - Wide Bay) and Allan Dansie (Wide

Bay “Sub Branch” Coordinator - Bundaberg) for their

contributions in the time they have filled these roles.

I’d also like to thank David Hall (Wide Bay) and Eric

Beckman (Bundaberg) for agreeing to take on the

responsibility of the above mentioned roles for 2016.

Towards the end of 2015 the club celebrated 60

years continuous affiliation with the Confederation

of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS). Recognition

of this achievement will take place at the CAMS

Evening of Champions event to be held on the 22nd

of January at The Pavilion Function & Conference

Centre which is located at Allan Border Field. You

might remember the venue as we have held a

number of our presentations evenings there in the

past. I’d encourage members to attend this event if

at all possible. There wouldn’t be many car clubs in

Australia who would have been involved with CAMS

continuously for such a long period, nor that could

lay claim to have provided so many and various

opportunities for members to enjoy their motorsport.

The club has produced many talented officials and

competitors alike as well as being the owners of the

only permanent CAMS licensed motorsport venue in

SEQ, thus we have many reasons to be proud of our

achievements over the past 60 years.

Congratulations to Max Johnson and his small group

of helpers in making All British Day such a great

success that the club has had the ability to donate

$5000 each to the RACQ CareFlight and QIMR

Berghofer Medical Research Institute charities. A

great deal of time and hard work goes into the

organisation of such an event so it’s really pleasing

for it to turn out to be such a financial success.

One thing that has been troubling me for some time

is the aging of the club membership and what we

can do to attract younger members. It’s now been

over 20 years since MG built its last sports car.

The club did see an increase in younger members

during the years that the MGF and MGTF were

produced. Since that stopped we have struggled

to attract younger ‘MG’ members. We still have a

number of new younger members who are attracted

to hillclimbing and motorsport in general coming

through but few, if any, have an interest in MG cars.

Let’s hope that MG can sort itself out in Australia

soon and that we can at least see a few new sedan

cars on the road. If anyone has any ideas about how

to attract and keep young members the committee

would be pleased to hear from you.

- Richard Mattea

The Octagon - November 2015 3

Some words from Elaine

Welcome to the New Year and to the first

issue of the Octagon for 2016. There are a

few aspects of it to bring to your attention.

The cover ... One of the ‘privileges’ of

holding the Editorial pen is that of choosing

the cover photo. As I mentioned with the last

issue, sometimes the decision is easy, other

times it is very difficult. This is another one

of those times when the decision was easy

- in fact, I have had to hold off on this one

until the Lettens’ article had them arriving in

the USA.

Dan’s article is very long and it will take

several issues for it all to be published but it

will make a good reference tool for anyone

either with an MGA or contemplating buying

one. After publication, it will be added to the

website and will be permanently accessible.

There is a great article on Goodwood in

here by Russ Geraghty which Goodwood

might consider using in their future

advertising! The Geraghtys’ recent overseas

trip has resulted in a few more articles for

us. Watch for them in coming issues.

While I know they have reservations about

being featured on the cover twice so quickly,

I have to admit that I overrode them in order

to indulge myself. Monument Valley is one

of the most beautiful and startling places

we have ever been. Before going there,

scenery like that seemed to be fictional,

appearing only in western movies and


That the people in these 5 MGs managed to

take their eyes off the scenery long enough

to line up the MGs for this iconic photo

almost defies belief but isn’t it wonderful that

they did. I hope that your enjoyment of it

equals mine.

There is no calendar supplement as the

calendar is not yet ready for publication.

However, a list of events, by type, is

published. As the calendar evolves the

changes are made on the online calendar

where the Chapter events are also included.

The Chapter calendars are also available

on their individual webpages and can be

downloaded from there.

I put out a request for typing assistance

with Dan Casey’s major undertaking of

recording ownership of MGAs. I thank Pat

Walker who was the first to offer to help and

consequently got the job. Thanks also to

David Robinson for his offer which came a

bit too late.

The new feature ‘Stories from the Stables’

continues in this issue .... don’t miss it.

There is only one stable this time but it

houses three interesting cars.

As always, there are interesting and

envy-inducing reports from the Chapters.

The Darling Downs Chapter has two as

they provided the only long trip away for

the year. This coming year, 2016, will

see a longer trip as our National Meeting

members make their way - and back -

across (or around) Australia.

In conclusion, material for the next Octagon

(the March issue) needs to be with me

before the end of February to ensure that

the magazine reaches you before the end

of March.

This January issue will have arrived a little

later than you expected. Craig Winter who

does the production of the magazine has

been in the US during January and, while

he has been able to prepare it for printing

and organise the printing prior to his

departure, the mailing has had to wait until

his return at the end of January.


The Octagon - November 2015

Notice Board

The Clubrooms are open on the first and third Friday nights of each month with hot food starting at 6.30

pm priced as low as $2.50. The goal will continue to be to have something special happening on the first

Friday of each month. Your suggestions are welcomed.

(P) indicates that the event is pointscoring for Club trophies. The rules for pointscoring for trophies can be found on the News page

of the Club website. The pointscore is updated throughout the year by Ian Fettes so you can see how competitive you are. Please

contact Ian with any queries you may have.


Fri 5 - Noggin ‘n’ Natter

Sat 6 - Annual dinner and presentation of Club trophies

Sun 7 - Come and Try Motorkhana at Driver Training Centre,

Willowbank (P) - Contact Malcolm Spiden for more information

Fri 19 - Noggin ‘n’ Natter

Sun 21 - Interclub khanacross at Willowbank organised by

HSCCQ (P) - contact Malcolm Spiden for more information

New members

We welcome the following new members and wish

them a long and happy association with the Club.

Welcome to all of you who have joined the

Club since the publication of the last ‘Octagon’.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been possible to publish your

names in this issue but they will be next time.

Our apologies go to Craig Templeman for the

misspelling of his name in the last issue.

Wed 24 - Midweek run to Cobb & Co and Laidley Farm Museums.

Organiser: Bruce Mutch. Check Club website for updated


Sat/Sun 27/28 - Mt Cotton hillclimb series Rd 1


Fri 4 - Noggin ‘n’ Natter

Sat/Sun 12/13 - CAMS Qld Championship Race meeting

promoted by MGCCQ at Morgan Park (P)

Fri 18 - Noggin ‘n’ Natter

Sat/Sun 19/20 - Rds 1 and 2 of Qld Motorkhana Championship

at Gracemere (Rockhampton) - Contact Malcolm Spiden for more


Wed 24 - Midweek run organised by Denis Thomas

25-28 (Easter weekend) - MG National Meeting in Perth

The National Meeting

of all MG Car Clubs of

Australia is a major event

on our calendar and

this year is being held

in Perth. This means

a long trek there and

back for our enthusiastic

members and partners

who have already committed

to attending -- and

this number is approximately 50! Some will be driving

their MG there (irrespective of its age), others will be

trailering theirs while others will have taken advantage

of all the work done by Paul Lupton to get their MGs

safely delivered by truck transport.

If you are curious to know more about the National

Meeting, you can find a link to the website for it on

the National Meeting page of our Club website. If you

have any questions about it, contact our Club Coordinator

for the event, Noeline Johnson; her contact

details are on page 2 in the Officials section

Ross Kelly 3352 4151

0407 364 543

MG ZR, ZS, ZT Ken Wasley 0423 15 27 23

The Octagon - November 2015 5

2016 Dates by event type

All of these events are open to members including members of all Chapters. All four

Chapters put on a big program of events and these are listed in the centre calendar. These

are open for any members visiting their area so check their programs of events if you intend

travelling throughout the year.

(P) indicates that the event is pointscoring for Club trophies

in the weekly email for those within easy

driving distance of Brisbane.



24 February Bruce Mutch

23 March Denis Thomas

27 April David Miles

25 May Trevor Jones

22 June Bruce Bayliss

27 July Barry Lutwyche

24 August Jeff Heslewood

28 September Gary Lawrence

26 October Allan Tebbutt

23 November Trevor Mills


All pointscoring

If you would like to assist by organizing one

of the runs please contact the Club with your

offer, email mgccq@mgccq.org.au

Dates to be advised


Bruce Mutch is the coordinator of these

runs. His email is bmutch@bigpond.com

and his phone is 3376 1384. He already

has volunteers (names below) to organise

each of the monthly runs which are held

on the 4th Wednesday of each month from

Feb to Nov. Full details will be added to the

online calendar as they become available

throughout the year and will also advised



(including hire-outs at Mt Cotton)

P indicates pointscoring events for

Club trophies

31 January Come & Try/Test & Tune

27/28 Feb Hillclimb series Rd 1 (P)

9/10 April Hillclimb series Rd 2 (P)

14 May Interclub Hillclimb (P)

4/5 June Qld Hillclimb Championships

25/26 June Hillclimb series Rd 3 (P)


The Octagon - November 2015

27 August Come & Try/Test & Tune

10/11 Sep Hillclimb Series Rd 4 (P)

1/2 October Hillclimb Series Rd 5 (P)

3/4 Dec Hillclimb Series Rd 6 (P)

**28-30 Oct Australian Hillclimb

Championships at Morwell,


20 March Come and Try Khanacross at


24 April Queensland Motorkhana

Championship Rd 3 at

Willowbank (P)

22 May Khanacross at Willowbank

7 August QMC Rd 4 at Willowbank

4 Sept Interclub Motorkhana at

Willowbank (P)

25 Sept Australian Motorkhana

Championships in Perth

6 November Khanacross at Willowbank

27 November Come and Try Motorkhana at

Willowbank (P)



all pointscoring for Club trophies

Dates in July/August or September/

October to be advised



All are pointscoring for Club trophies and all

events will be held at Morgan Park

12/13 March Promoted by MGCCQ (P)

28/29 May Promoted by QRDA (P)

3/4 Sept Promoted by WDSCC (P)

19/20 Nov Promoted by WDSCC (P)



Pointscoring events are identifed with (P)

7 February Come and Try Motorkhana

at Willowbank (P) and


21 February Interclub Khanacross at


19/20 March QMC Round 1 & 2 at

Gracemere, Rockhampton

Every 1st and 3rd Friday of each month

starting on Jan 16 and excepting Good



6 February Club dinner and presentation

of trophies for annual


25-28 March MG National Meeting at Perth

16 Sept AGM

18 Sept All British Day (P)

Concours and Car Display (venue and

date to be decided) (P)

The Octagon - November 2015 7


At the last hillclimb of the

year, this wallaby was

found in the spectator area

apparently wondering where

all the other spectators

were! Or maybe it was

looking for the koala which

had taken up residence in a

nearby tree at the previous

hillclimb. Our beautiful venue shows how nature and

motorsport can blend very comfortably together.

A few gremlins slipped their way into the November

issue of the Octagon but, despite that, there were

more positive responses to an Octagon for a long


The last issue was No 6 - not No 7; we have only 6

issues per year though there is more than enough

material for more!

The photograph here of Mike Anderson in the

Charade should have been published in the hillclimb

report but, instead, Roy Davis’s Triumph GT6 got

double exposure.

When Mike was contacted with an apology, he

advised that he won’t be seen in the Charade again

as it has gone to a new owner in Melbourne who

intends to use in on Targa Tasmania among other

races/rallies. Mike assured us that we’ll still see him

at Mt Cotton in his MG.

At the last hillclimb Ann Thomson handed me a

printout of an article about the ‘Dumbest Guy on

the Planet’ which she thought worth sharing. I can’t

reproduce it here but if you do a Google search on

“Dumbest Guy on the Planet - Home Depot”, you

will see why she thought it worth sharing! Thanks,


There has been some focus on the MGA in 2015

with the celebration of its 60th birthday and Dan

Casey’s research into ownership of MGAs in

Queensland. Coincidentally BMC

Experience magazine has

also been looking at MGAs

and has an article on an

ex-Sebring MGA in its latest

issue keeping up its record

of including MG stories in

most, if not all, issues which,

in case you don’t know, are

now available in both print and

digital format.

Congratulations to two of our regular hillclimb

competitors, Steve Purdy and John Gilbert who

made the long trek to WA for the 2015 Australian

Hillclimb Championships. Both came home with

very interesting looking trophies. With the 2016

Australian MG National Meeting also being held in

WA, a lot more of our members will soon be heading

westwards - and hopefully also bringing back some

trophies. Many thanks to John and Glen Boyce who

were spectators at the event and thought to take

some photos for us.

WANTED: A copy of the Centaur book written

and published by John Campbell. Please contact

Dino Mattea by email to margdino@bigpond.com,

or by phone to 07 3263 2625, or 0447 369 675.


The Octagon - November 2015

Book Review

How To Give Your MGB V8 Power

(Double your MGB’s power!) 4th edition

by Roger Williams

Another publication of the SpeedPro Series

About 12 years ago Roger Williams scribed his

first edition on giving V8 power to your MGB. This

edition updates this information with increases

in engine power from 200bhp engines up to 300

plus outputs and the need to update gearbox,

suspensions and braking systems.

Williams takes us through the process of

converting the 4 cylinder MGB into a more lively

accelerating machine. However before one

starts such a process one needs to know what

degree of performance is sought. To assist he

provides a matrix for moderately powered cars

(up to 200 bhp), medium powered conversions

(200 to 250 bhp), high powered cars (250 bhp

and more). With this are the option selections for

gearbox, clutch, front suspension, rear axle, rear

suspension, front brakes, wheels and tyres.

Engine types discussed are Buick/Rover 3500ccs

215 cu in, Oldsmobile 215, Ford 302, Chevrolet

302, Rover 4600 cc 282 cu in, Toyota twin

overhead cam 32 valve SC400 ex-Soarer. Another

matrix of engine sizes (width x length x height x

weight with weight per BHP) to assist in selecting

a unit to ensure it will fit into the engine bay

without an extreme amount of body modifications.

Williams spends a chapter on the Buick/Rover

aluminium engine including modifications to

ancillaries then a chapter on small block iron V/8

and information to clear the cross-member where

necessary as well as the bonnet fit.

Next discussed is which gearbox to select for a

moderately powered engines (Rover LT77, ex SDI

Rover, Ford T5, GM Tremec), medium powered

(previous examples plus the R380 Rover) to a

high powered engines (maybe Toyota Supra).

Subsequent chapters on cooling (radiator,

coolant flow, various fans, routing of the exhaust

pipes either inside the engine bay or through

the inner wings of the engine bay and louvres

in the bonnet), wheels and tyres (upgraded for

bigger BHP), suspension upgrades (suitable to

your engine conversion and the front suspension

should be compatible with the rear), bodyworks,

brakes, induction and exhaust (carburettors and

manifolds, electric fuel injection, aftermarket

EFI, Exhaust


ignition and

tuning (points

distributors, retrofitting


systems), and

electrics (battery

charging and


- by Malcolm Spiden

In all chapters Williams has included many

helpful photographs mostly colour, diagrams for

modifying various componentry and creating

bracketing plus a useful matrix for ease of


Final suggestions from the author - ensure all

parts of your conversion are compatible with the

power you are planning; he believes the 3500cc

or 4000cc is an ideal performance engine for a

MGB; you do not have to carry out all proposed

changes simultaneously for the conversion can

occur over a period of time; however, safety

related modifications need to take priority over

power; purchase related parts from one supplier

simultaneously, if using kits buy from the same

supplier, shop around for the best prices.

This book has been donated to our library by

Capricorn Link for which the club is most grateful.

The Club library hosts a large collection of

wonderfully interesting and useful books. It’s a

shame that it is not used by more members. Next

time you are at the clubrooms, wander up and

stairs and have a browse - you may find some

items you’d like to borrow. Listings of material in

the library can be found on the NEWS page of

the Club website, one listing by title and one by

author. David Robinson is the person who had

the dream of the Club having a great library of

motoring books and is the person responsible for

the purchase of the collection. Elaine Hamilton

did the initial work of cataloguing and processing

the collection and setting up the computerised

catalogue. Peter May has been processing

David’s purchases and getting them ready for

borrowing for the past few years.

The Octagon - November 2015 9

Stories From The Stables


Chris Johns with his

trophy for winning the

2015 Hillclimb series.

The MG Car Club, as you know, is not

an exclusively-MG Club as competition

members make up a significant proportion

of our membership and have done since

the formation of the Club in 1954. Thus,

not every Club stable is home to an MG.

The one Stable featured here, rather

remarkably, features three (!!!) competition

cars - one sedan, one sports car and one

openwheeler. Two of these were at each

round of the 2015 hillclimb series and

brought in an outright first, a best sedan

and two class awards. The third has been

seen at the hillclimb previously but is now

in new ownership and should be seen at Mt

Cotton in these new hands quite soon. So,

whose stable is this? That of Chris Johns,

winner of the 2015 Hillclimb Series.

motor. The car was imported from Japan

and was destined to be dismantled for parts

but Chris’s son, Tony, and Chris saw other

potential and a couple of years later the

car ended up in Chris’s hands. He put the

spare parts together and logbooked the

car in 2008 with it having its first run at Mt

Cotton on 9 March dual entered by Chris

and son, Terry. This evolved into some

interesting and close family competition with

the two of them recording equal best times

on more than one occasion.

In 2010, Terry was invited to drive the

Esprit Sports 1300 sports car owned by

Chris’s brother, Steve, also known for his

photography. Terry had great success in

this car ultimately going on to win the 2011

Hillclimb series. For the next couple of years

the Cappucinno often had a second driver,

usually Anthony Toft. Life has not always

been easy for the ‘Cappu’ as various drivers

tested their limits (and were sometimes

found wanting) on more than one part of the

circuit but it has always returned ready to go

and better than ever.

The ‘Cappu’ and Escort in the pits at Mt Cotton

The mighty ‘Cappu’ in action.

Until the last couple of years, the car with

which we have most associated Chris is

his sports car, the mighty Cappuccino,

the car with the big 657cc turbocharged

For 2015, the ‘Cappu’ shared pit space with

another from the Johns’ stable, a Group U

Sports Sedan with Chris jumping from one

to the other for each run at Mt Cotton. For

2016, there’s a strong prospect of seeing a

new driver in the ‘Cappu’ competing under

the watchful eye and tutelage of Chris - and

possibly giving an opening for more

coffee jokes!


The Octagon - November 2015

Photos by Ian Colley, Steve Johns, Steve Ivanovich and Jim Heymer

The car was purchased from Gary Goulding

by Shaun Marshall who was competing at

Mt Cotton in an Empire formula libre car. Not

long after, Shaun decided to move overseas

and the two cars were sold as a package

deal to Chris Johns - and thus Chris’s stable

suddenly became home to three competition

cars of such varying types.

Chris on one of his record breaking runs

Talking of coffee, the ‘Expresso’ of the fleet

at the moment is the Group U Ford Escort

in which Chris won the 2015 Hillclimb series

as a result of an incredible run of five record

breaking runs on the one day which was

halted only by the arrival of a severe storm

which sent everyone scurrying for home. He

also made history with becoming the second

member of the one family to win the series -

beaten in that ‘race’ by son, Terry four years

earlier - JFR (Johns Family Racing) at its


The name prominently displayed on the

windscreen of this car is that of Terry

Corbett who, until now, was the driver most

associated with it though it had seen a

number of owners prior to its purchase by

Chris. The car began life as a 1970 Mk 1

Ford Escort but was converted to a sports

sedan by Terry who began competition in it

in 1983. He then competed in the car from

1983 to 1996 at events including circuit

racing and hillclimbs in Qld and NSW. It had

a bit more competition in other hands before

lying idle from 2002-2007 when it was

purchased in 2007 by Gary Goulding who

got it logbooked as an Historic Sports Sedan

(Group U) to 1985 specifications. As can be

seen from the photo, another well known Mt

Cotton name - that of Gary Cossor - appears

on the car as he did a significant amount

of work on the car over the years. Another

person with close association with the car is

Lyndon Cooper who was sometimes a dual

entry in the car.

Shaun Marshall in the Empire at the 2013 AHC

The Empire is yet to be seen on track

in Chris’s hands but hopefully will have

made its first appearance by the time you

read this. The car is British-built and saw

competition at hillclimbs in the UK before

being brought to Australia. Shaun Marshall

purchased it in late 2013 and competed in a

few events at Mt Cotton including the 2013

Australian Championships.

Chris has well demonstrated his skill at

getting the Cappu and the Escort around the

hill quickly and in spectacular fashion. We

are now waiting to see how he goes in the

‘saddle’ of this new English thoroughbred.

The Empire getting readied for action

The Octagon - November 2015 11


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The Octagon - November 2015

November Mid Week Run

by Bruce Mutch. The run was organised by Denis Thomas “ The Leprechaun”

Photos by Malcolm Campbell. With MGs hardly

in sight on this run, the photo focus is on the

happy faces of the participants.

A fine hot day with more of “The Other A/C Cars”

being used for all various reasons and the drive

to be enjoyed by all.

We finally found the Coomera Community Centre

where all the 39 members and guests were

assembled for takeoff. From there we made our

way on to the beautiful Numinbah Valley which

is always a picture then down into Tweed Heads

and the “Concrete Jungle” to find the ever

pleasant Coolangatta/Tweed Golf Club for an

amazing 50 course Smorgasbord luncheon.

Truly something to see. Mirth and merriment

then off home along the M1 in all its glory. Hope

you enjoyed it. I did .

Participants Were:

Alan & Joyce Tebbutt

Denis Thomas

Errol & Wendy Hoger

David & Meryl Miles

Dennis & Diana Kelly

Val , Kerry & Dane Horgan

Trevor & Joy Jones

Malcolm Campbell

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Fred & Barb Enever

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The Octagon - November 2015 13


The Octagon - November 2015

The Octagon - November 2015 15



by Don Webster; photos by Malcolm

Campbell and Elaine Hamilton

The final event for the year was

the Christmas function held at the

Clubrooms on Sunday 6th December.

The clubrooms were full and all

appreciated the hard work done by those

who made it so successful, particularly

Pat Walker and Bev Clydesdale who

stepped in at the last minute to ensure

the event was held. They were ably

assisted by husbands John and Ron,

and others in the decoration and

preparation of the Clubrooms – and then

the cleanup afterward!

This year the catering was “bring a plate

to share” and there was a wide range of

food available to start the annual festive

tradition of over eating! Next year we

may try a different approach, and I am

open to suggestions as to its form.

Although the day was quite hot, our

newly installed ceiling fan coped well

with the heat and the cooling breezes

it created ensured a comfortable


The traditional “Cent Auction” initiated

by Elaine Hamilton was an unqualified

success with donated prizes ranging

from the highly sought after Christmas

cakes and puddings made by Dianne

Davies to a range of broken tools and

toys found by Don Webster as he was

cleaning out his shed. Max Johnson

performed the role of MC as the prizes

were drawn. All lucky winners seemed

happy with their prizes and thanks go to

the donors of the other items.


The Octagon - November 2015

The Octagon - November 2015 17


Part 2 by Dan Casey




(does not include 5 without record,

Item 3 and 3 not yet verified in Item 4)

Ed: The first 11 of the 26 are detailed here. The

remainder will be published, as space permits, in

coming issues along with ITEM 3 (Qld previous

owners known to Dan without record of their TC

chassis/motor numbers), ITEM 4 (Current Qld based

Twin Cams with chassis/engine numbers that have

yet to be verified) and a number of brief items 5 - 11.

YD3#1035 (Coupe) Orient red. Mark Wellard


YD2#1672 (Roadster) Orient red. Trevor Blaney

(Gold Coast), Bob Ingham (Cairns). Neil Wilson,

the previous owner to Trevor Blaney, Neil Wilson

transferred from Tasmania to the Gold Coast. I met

him at the Gold Coast National Meeting in 1997

and he asked me to sell it on his behalf. I agreed

as he was recommended by an acquaintance, Max

Freeland, of Tasmania (owner of 4 current Twin

Cams). I was tempted to purchase it myself but

YD2#2147 came up for sale and I purchased it for

$23,000 as it had its reconditioned original engine.

At $25,000 I could not sell TD2#1672 at that time as

we were headed away on holiday to Keppel Island.

The car was handed over to Rod Hiley (Abingdon

Motors) who eventually sold it for a slightly reduced

price to Jim Bennett in Sydney from whom Bob and

Patty Ingram purchased it in 2008.

YD2#1679 (Roadster) Old English White. Eric

Dudgeon (Landsborough), Reg Upton (Nambour),

Ian Pettigrew (Samford), Ross Kelly (Ashgrove).

Detailed information supplied in ITEM 1.

YD2#1693 (Roadster) Black with green upholstery.

Mal Sheppard (Chermside), Terry Risby (Aspley).

Twin Cam is now in England.

YD2#1717 (Roadster) Glacia blue. Ian Sinclair

(Hamilton), Rod Hiley (Abingdon Motors), Max

Henderson (PNG), Bruce Croft (Carol Park), Roddy

Abbott (Clayfield), Max Henderson (Maleny). Twin

Cam is now in Japan.

Ian Sinclair (a Victorian) was living at Hamilton in

1982 when he advertised this Twin Cam for sale in

the Courier Mail for $8000. I responded to his ad

and took it for a test drive on Sunday afternoon but

could not put this amount together by 5pm Monday.

Ian sold it to Rod Hiley (Abingdon Motors) Tuesday

morning for $6000 and he flew back to Melbourne

that afternoon. I had just purchased a very original

2600 Mk2 MGA for $5000. This information is

supplied for comparison of prices only. Rod had this

Twin Cam in his showroom for a number of years

and at one stage its stable mates were YD2#1672,

YD2#1717, YD2#1834 and Coupe YD1#2491.

What a sight for us odd bods. Rod sold it to Max

Henderson (Maleny) and then on to Bruce Croft

(Carol Park) who then had it restored at Abingdon

Motors. A Waggott Engineering developed Twin

Cam motor that Rod had on display for a number of

years was installed. This motor had to be detuned

as Bruce could not manage it and as he had just

purchased a 1934 K3 (the ex-Frank Bett's car).

He sold the Twin Cam to my friend Roddy Abbott.

The motor was onsold to Brian Barford, then owner

of YD5#2325 (South African Coupe). Years later,

Brian on sold this motor to a Twin Cam owner in

Switzerland for $10,000.

Roddy was a big man as well as being tall and was

not comfortable in this car so he back traded it on

an E type that Rod Hiley (Abingdon Motors) had for

sale. The car then passed again to Max Henderson

(Maleny). At his daughter's wedding reception, which

was attended by Rod and Di Hiley and yours truly as

Max's daughter had married by nephew, Max offered

the Twin Cam to me for $42,000 as he was sure he

would get more at the upcoming Shannons auction

in Sydney. The car sold for $42,000 at auction so

it looked like my offer of $38,000 - which he had

rejected - was on the low side. Max did not take into

consideration $4200 (10% commission), detailing

etc $400 and transport cost of $900 to get the car

to Sydney. He received $36,500 in hand. There is

an old saying 'a bird in the hand is worth two in the

bush' which I reminded him of next time I saw him.

Unsurprisingly, this did not go down well with Max.


The Octagon - November 2015

This car is now in Japan and will never be seen

again in Australia - well, not in my lifetime.

YD2 #1737 (roadster) Old English White George

………….(George?). This is the Twin Cam I was

tempted to buy from Glen Renshaw in Melbourne

in 1986 following a trip south for this reason (Refer

Journey and Twin Cams outlined in Item 1 under

YD2 #2306).

Glen had purchased it at the 1985 National MG

Meeting prior to the results of the Concours being

announced. He paid $18,000 and the car then won

the Concours. He wanted $22,000 when I inspected

it. I offered $20,000 which he rejected. I returned

to Sydney and purchased Coupe YDI #1834 for


YD2 1738 (Roadster) Old English White - Frances

Love (Gold Coast). This Twin Cam came up from

Sydney in 1985 without its engine #1385. The car

was purchased by Rod Hiley (Abingdon Motors)

in 1992. He then stripped it of all the remaining

Twin Cam components including the deluxe seats.

Rod had it rebuilt with 1500 push rod motor and

running gear then sold it on to someone at Mt.

Gravatt. Rod advertised the twin cam parts for sale

and I purchased the Gear Box, Instruments, Front

Suspension with Dunlop Brakes, Rotors and Knockons

(Spinners) from him. The Deluxe seats he

kept and later installed in YD2 #1717. The original

engine #1385 out of this twin cam was purchased

from a Dealer in Sydney in 1982 by John McCabe

of Tweed Heads. John then had the “Super B”

previously owned and raced by Iain and Carole

Corness (members of the Leyland Australia Young

Lions Team). Iain kept the 1800 Twin Cam Engine

# ????. he had had developed for the “Super B”. I

understand these engines were fragile and a few

were destroyed while racing at 8000rpm.

I also understand the “Old Genius”. Ivan Tighe

was the brains and engineer behind this major

modification/development. Following his purchase

of engine #1385, John intended to develop it for

installation in the “Super B” which was running

a MGB engine with twin H5 Webers with 1 tube

blanked off in each so it had direct injection (smart

idea). John never got around to it because his

younger brother was killed in a MGB at Lakeside

and he promised his Mother he would not continue

racing while she was alive.

Unfortunately, John later developed cancer and

died before his Mother. As I had known John from

the racing days of old, I kept in touch with him over

the years because there was always the chance he

might sell me the Twin Cam engine. While John

was in hospital, his mechanic from the racing days,

(cannot remember his name just now), came up to

me at Speed on Tweed and asked if I was interested

in purchasing the “Super B” with also the spare Twin

Cam engine (which was in pieces and missing some

parts) for $22,000. I contacted a chap whom I knew

was after a Racing Type MGB and he purchased the


Due to a misunderstanding, he sold the engine

#1385 to Bob Bazzica of Emgee Spares in

Adelaide. In 2014, I purchased this incomplete

engine from Bob while David Godwin and I were

down in Adelaide with his “Birdcage” MGA for

another race meeting. I have now acquired all the

missing parts to rebuild this engine – parts obtained

from Australia, England, Canada and America.

“Where there’s a will, there’s a Way” (thank God for


YD2 #1738 changed owners a few times and ended

up with Frances Love (Gold Coast) who had Rod

Hiley (Abingdon Motors) repaint the car. This is

where I saw the car being repaired and took the

details and contact number. A few years later the

car was advertised for sale at $18,000. I drove

down to Broadbeach, inspected this now neglected

car and offered $12,000 which he rejected but kept

my calling card, or so I thought.

He must have lost same because later he sold the

car to Jason ????? for $10,000. Jason had the

car repaired and repainted and uses it on a regular

basis. During his repairs/rebuild, I lent him some

parts and gave him others. Sometimes it pays for

me to keep on the right side of MGA and Twin Cam

owners. (Refer to Clarification under Item 13)

YDI #1834 (Coupe) Old English White. Dan Casey

(Clontarf), Lex Franks (Toowoomba), John Von Hoff


This Twin Cam Coupe came out to Australia from

Northern Ireland with Dr. Strathern in 1966. Ian

Bishop of Melbourne purchased it in 1968 and at

some time acquired a spare engine #1773 (Refer

Item 4 – W. Kleinschmidt). Ian advertised this

The Octagon - November 2015 19


The Octagon - November 2015

coupe and spare engine #1773 for sale in 1981. I

heard about this advertisement a few weeks later

and was told by Ian that he had sold both to Tony

Enriquez of Sydney. Tony restored the coupe and,

as he was getting married, he advertised it for sale

in 1986. I saw the advertisement and went south in

pursuit of a Twin Cam (Refer information under Item

1 YD2306).

I purchased this coupe for $20,000 on the

understanding that the pistons were replaced as

it had a noticeable noise of piston slap. I retained

this coupe for 18 years and made a number of

improvements such as Heater/demister, Overdrive

Gear Box and later, soft carburettor mounts. This

coupe also caused me heartache when it burnt a

hole in piston No. 4 while keeping an Austin Healey

behind me on our way to a National MG Meeting in


Rather than leave the coupe on the roadside, I

identified the problem, not the cause at that time,

changed the spark plugs (No. 4 plug was filled with

aluminium from the burnt piston) left the lead off

No. 4, and, as it would not start, took off my singlet

and stuffed it up the exhaust pipe and it fired up on

3 cylinders and ruined my singlet. Drove 100 odd

miles into Newcastle with a smoke screen bellowing

out behind us.

I sent the motor down to the Penrite Oil Racing

Team in Melbourne. Motor was re-installed and

once again a smoke screen. Motor came out again

and problem identified, so I had the bores honed

and a new set of 9.9/1 pistons and rings installed.

Problem solved (another bent wallet).

As I now had 3 Twin Cams together for a number

of years (1834, 2147 and 2415) it was decided that,

as I could not drive 3 at the same time, I should

downsize (Bad move, but there is logic in that

somewhere). In July, 2003, I sold this coupe to Lex

Franks in Toowoomba for $42.000. (Lex had a fine

MG Collection including a 1934 K3 replica which is

now in England.) He retained it a number of years

and then it ended up with “The Pit Stop” dealers

in Sydney and advertised for sale at $64,000.

Eventually John Von Hoff, of our Club, purchased

it (at a lower figure) and drives it with gusto, like it

should be driven. We must remember John had

a Twin Cam Roadster back in 1968 when he was

young and was a BMC trained mechanic with a

lead foot. (Old habits are had to break –

Thank goodness!)

YD2 #1911 (roadster) Originally Orient Red now

BRG. Early history is scratchy. A.M. Davis acquired

it in 1984 from someone named Paterson who had

raced it in Sydney and at Bathurst.

Graham Slade acquired it in 1990, later restoring

it and painting it BRG. Following that, he later

retired to Hervey Bay in approximately 1999 and

passed away there in 2005. His widow approached

George Leciej of BP Workshop (Hervey Bay) to

effect repairs for a roadworthy so she could sell

it. George, being not only a mechanic but also an

MGA owner, was so impressed with it that he bought

it on the spot. No hesitation (wise man) as I was

sniffing around trying to locate it. George initially

thought this was an American import (YD3 Series),

but records show it as an Australian delivered car.

(Does not bother me if they are L/H or R/H Drive

cars). Abingdon factory normally dispatched cars to

various locations (Agents) in batches of consecutive

numbers wherever possible, but not always. Eg,

YD2 1911, YD2 1912, YD2 1913, YD2 1918, YD2

1919 and YD2 1920 are on the Australian records as

are YD2 1928 and YD2 1929 to name a few .

YD2 #1912 (roadster) Originally Orient Red now

BRG. Lance Jolly (Kenmore) Bill Mann (Harvey


Back in 1990, I had a call from Wayne Henman

(owner of House of MG) whom I consider a good

friend, to tell me that a green Twin Cam Roadster

had just come into his workshop on the back of

a truck from Blackwater (Central Queensland)

and was for sale as it had been traded in as part

payment on a Unit at Hervey Bay. I went over as

the Driver agreed to wait for me to check it out. It

previously had a racing history in NSW and came

with a hard top and 4 extra wide Twin Cam Wheels

(every improvement helps). He wanted $18,000

for it there and then. As neither Wayne nor I could

come up with such cash on short notice, he then

took it over to Rod Hiley (Abingdon Motors) who

paid him $15,000.

Rod later sold the car to Lance Jolly for $20,000,

and then sold off the hard top and wide wheels at a

later date. Lance sold the car to Bill Mann (Hervey

Bay, now) who in turn sold it to a young friend of

mine in Melbourne, Ben Rollo, who is presently

restoring it. (Ben is presently the only Australian

Twin Cam Owner under 40 years of age.)

To be continued next issue.

The Octagon - November 2015 21


The Octagon - November 2015

1953 Jaguar C Type racing in the

Freddie March Memorial Trophy

Many Club Members have had the

opportunity to make Goodwood a must see

when visiting the UK.

2015 was my year to get to the September

Goodwood Revival and planning started

in 2014. You buy your tickets online but

only after the F1 circus has announced its

rounds so that Goodwood does not clash

with any dates. Due to travel plans, we

selected Friday 11 September to make our

pilgrimage. I sought help from a few who

had attended previous Revivals and found

accommodation in the area very difficult

to obtain, expensive or both – several

locations have bookings years in advance

in anticipation of the dates... I found a lovely

little Hotel/B & B outside of Winchester less

than 2 hours heavy traffic drive to the track

and for just £95 per night B & B for us both.

Getting to the circuit is an experience in

itself...simply follow the hundreds of classics

who know the best way but take my advice,

get there early as the gates open at 7.00am;





by Russ Geraghty

after that, the traffic simply builds and

builds. My loan BMW seemed very out of

place in the car park with a new 488 Ferrari

pulling up next to me, left hand drive and

father and son hurrying each other along in

Italian. Ahead is one of those new orange

McLarens and there are dozens of Porsche,

more Ferraris, Jaguars scattered all through

this car park...and this was carpark C, there

are many more.

Goodwood is multiple events all rolled into

one. Before you get to the circuit, you pass

through the section titled “Over the Bridge”.

I met a chappie sitting happily in the back of

his MGB GT, sipping a glass of Champagne

with his mate, sharing a cheese platter. He

told me he has been coming here for 15

years and not made it to the track yet as

there is so much to see on this side of the

Bridge...and he is so right. Let me call this

side ‘Car Candy’. I went wandering through

the carpark for an hour and spotted cars

I have only heard about and here they all

The Octagon - November 2015 23


The Octagon - November 2015

were and driven there by their owners...

Nash, Bentley Blowers, MG of every shape

and size, early Rollers, Fiats, Alfas, early

Lancias and more C and D Type Jaguars

than I ever knew existed.

Leaving the carpark opens up into a

Carnival atmosphere with rides like the

daredevil motorcycle Wall of Death where

riders in old age leathers ride their puny

engined motorcycles (look Mum, no hands)

round and round hoping gravity does not

take hold too quickly. It is also where there

are hundreds (yes hundreds) of stands/

marquees set up to sell you anything from

a hand crafted piece of furniture to an

Italian made Aston Martin replica running

Jaguar mechanicals. MG followers were

not overlooked and I took time to meet the

team from Frontline who manufacture the

gorgeous Frontline LE50 GT Coupe and the

wickedly quick Frontline Abingdon roadster

(there is another story on Frontline in a

coming issue). The girls were well catered

for as well with literally dozens of stalls with

fashion items and antiques... all for the well

heeled mind you.

So enough of this, show our tickets, have

them scanned then over the Bridge to the

circuit proper. The place is packed and I do

mean that. I spoke to one official who told

me the event has been sold out for weeks

and that is why there were people outside

of the circuit trying to buy tickets for any day

and the price was very negotiable.

Now it’s customary to dress for this

event and that means anything pre-

1966. Goodwood was awash with military

uniforms... Squadron Leaders, Sailors,

Sergeants and some really went over the

top with a team wearing German Afrika

Corp uniforms and another in tropical British

uniforms complete with Pith helmets and

rifles (yes rifles). If you weren’t in a military

uniform, it was company overalls (Castrol

complete with appropriate oil and grease

stains worn over shirts and ties) or cravats

and sports coats. The Ladies were all

decked out in fashions from several eras...

but what about the motor racing.

The Goodwood Revival is an experience

of the senses... it’s almost an assault on

all of your senses, the smell of the fuel

and the leaky oil, the blatt blatt blatt of the

non-muffled cars and bikes, the hussle

of the mechanics racing through the pits

with another trolley of Dunlops for the C

Type Jag, the roar of cars at maximum

revs downshifting for the chicane and then

overhead, what are they? Spitfires!

This is another highlight of Goodwood,

the Battle of Britain flypast. These are not

replica WW2 aircraft, they are the real thing.

At some stages I am told there were 12

Spitfires doing circuits at one time... I was

there when the P51 Mustang and a Mk VIX

Spitfire and a Hawker Hurricane battled out

in what appeared a ½ hour air-race with a

Curtis P40 Kittyhawk and a Curtis Hawk

75... circulating lower and lower every circuit

until one could not see the aircraft as they

passed behind the Aerodrome Marquees

... Goodwood is an ex-RAF WW2 base

so these aircraft are right at home here.

And just for something different, a Junkers

Tri-Motor restored from WW2 lumbered

across the sky at a ridiculously slow rate

(making one question how they stayed up).

The static display spanned Bristol Blenheim

Bombers complete with oil leaks, Spitfires,

Seafires (the carrier version), Hurricanes

and a replica of the very first Supermarine

Spitfire flown in its original sky blue livery.

So what about the track, what about the

racing? Just standing on the grassed

mound near the Grandstand watching the

motorcyclists competing in the Barry Sheene

Memorial Trophy drop a knee through the

chicane whilst throwing their Nortons, BSA’s,

Matchless and so many other brands from

right to left was fantastic to see... these

guys climbed all over these old bikes like

monkeys. One rider went so close he

took out the hay-bale barrier signage and

had to pull the material off himself whilst

accelerating down the straight... the rider

behind was being peppered by signage as

they fought for position. And what do you

think of the remaining 6 Daytona Cobras

joined by several of Carroll Shelby’s best

427 Cobras sprinting away at what seemed

full-chat, oh what a sight, what a sound, you

The Octagon - November 2015 25

felt the roar in your chest. And Ford Galaxies

fighting it out with Cooper S Minis and Lotus

Cortinas and an amazing Ford Anglia that

went far quicker than any Anglia should.

This year’s event was a tribute to Bruce

McLaren. There were numerous cars either

driven by or designed by the great Kiwi

and the tribute was joined by McLarens

colleagues who reinforced the tribute to him.

But to me the real action is trolling the pits.

My daughter drew my attention to the line-up

of C and D type Jaguars all lined up (12 of

them) and many street registered including

one I photographed outside earlier parked

in the carpark...they looked identical right

down to the aging in the seat clad leather.

And where else will you see six 8C racing

Alfas all lined up.

My tiny digital camera was in overdrive...my

brain was in overdrive, could I stay the night

please? For anyone who intends to go to the

Goodwood Revival, here is my advice how

to get the best out of it.

There are nearly as many stalls/marquees

inside the track as there are outside. Beside

the aforementioned aerodrome, there

are auctions being conducted with rare

machinery to gaze over and dream “what if

I sold the house, the car and my first born,

could I afford that Ferrari”? Many have

continued the pre-1966 theme and I even

spoke with the guys at the SU tent who were

previewing the release of the DU6 (1 ¾")

and DU4 (1 ½") dual choke SU carburettors

last used on Climax racing cars... there

appears a big demand from Jaguar and

other British makes who are looking for this

for race and fast road applications...check

out SU’s website for the 2016 release.

Goodwood closes at 10.00pm nightly.

When we were leaving near 6.00pm, many

were arriving so you get value out of a 12

- 15 hour day but make sure you put the

Goodwood Revival on your Motoring Bucket

List... I have just put another visit back into

my bucket.

1. Plan well ahead and don’t discount going

on Friday because it’s a great day to get a

good lay of the land...better still, go for the

three days.

2. Go early and beat the long traffic

queues or you can train down from London

early and catch the period bus from the

Chichester station into the track for just £5

for the bus each way. If you drive, parking

is free.

3. Buy your tickets as early as you can...you

can collect them at the track I believe.


4. Dress the part... it’s fun but be aware that

if you want to enter some areas, coat and tie

is essential for gentlemen.

5. You don’t need to buy Grandstand seats

or reserve expensive lunch packages and

there are plenty of viewing spots around the

track and food stalls are well located but

some private entry areas look pretty damn

good – ah, maybe next time

6. Don’t be afraid to approach many in the

pits, most will stop for a chat.


The Octagon - November 2015


‘Just a few of the MGs in the car park.




I have selected my best picks and share

these photos with you...

1. My favourite, 1929 Mercedes Benz 710S

– simply magnificent

2. 1953 Fiat 8V Zagato entered in the

Fordwater Trophy

And my favourite MGs

3. 1947 MGTC also racing in the Fordwater


4. 1954 Jacobs – MG Coupe also In the

Fordwater Trophy (I had never heard of this

one before)

5. 1934 MGNE Magnette entered in the

Brooklands Trophy

The Octagon - November 2015 27


Capricorn Chapter Report

by Gurney T Clamp

Sunday 15 November - BREAKFAST ON THE

COAST (Keppel Bay Sailing Club)

Thunder sounded and lightning lit up the skies

in both Rockhampton & Yeppoon waking

members from a restful sleep in preparation

for the day’s adventure for breakfast at the

Keppel Bay Sailing Sailing club, on the beach

at Yeppoon.

Rain continue to fall as members Garth & Leslie

Barnes, Trevor (Butch) Bambridge, Stuart &

Ada Clark, John Hinton & Inga Cotton, Robert

& Yvonne Holbeck, Daryl & Joy Penridge,

Alan & Trudi Stacey, Phil & Pam White, Terry

Dwyer & Anne Burbidge prepared for the day’s

events. Just prior to departing Rockhampton

the clouds cleared allowing them to head off

to Beaman Park in Yeppoon to meet up with

fellow Rockhampton member Ian Wilhelmsen

who spent the night in Yeppoon. Other Yeppoon

members Trevor Anderson & Glenys Benson,

Ian & Rosemary Carleton, Gurney & Gloria

Clamp, Phil & Margaret Henry and Jenny

Hill began arriving at Beaman Park. After the

normal chatter we all headed off to the sailing

club to find the club had set tables up for us

allowing us all to enjoy the beautiful ocean

view and view of the Keppel Islands while the

sunlight danced on the top of the ocean.

After an enjoyable breakfast and more chatter,

Rosco James arrived at to find some members

departing and others continuing the rest of the

organized tour to the Cawarral beer garden,

where they were met by Neville & Barbara


Saturday 5th December - Christmas dinner

at Jo’s Restaurent, Central Park Motel

Saturday nights Christmas party would have

to go down as one of the best Christmas

celebrations that our Chapter has ever had.

The evening started at Rockhampton’s

Kershaw Gardens before we headed off to Jo’s

Restaurant where on arrival everyone made

their seat reservation before buying a drink prior

to moving outside to the swimming pool. The

staff served us with a variety of nibbles while

listening to our talented member Phil Henry

entertaining us with his guitar and a variety of

songs. The usual MG chatter took place while

Katie Emmert kept her cool by sitting on the

side of the pool with her legs dangling in the


After moving into the restaurant the lady

members took a close look at an MG Quilt

made up of over 1,000 patches that took

Barbara Funch four months to put together and

proudly displayed on the restaurant wall.

Members viewed the projected photo

presentation whilst Gurney welcomed members

Jim & Sandra Armstrong, Martin & Narelle

Adamson, Trevor Anderson & Glenis Benson,

Gloria Clamp, Phil & Margaret Henry, Don

Madden, Garth & Leslie Barnes, Stuart & Ada

Clark, Jo & Katie Emmert, Neville & Barbara

Funch, Gary & Robbie Galloway, Bob & Yvonne

Holbeck, Daryl & Joy Penridge, Alan & Trudi

Stacey, Ian Wilhelmsen and Brian & Glenis

Russel to this year’s Christmas function. A

special welcome to David Miles (MG Car Club

of Qld, Chapter Liaison officer) who travelled up

from Brisbane to attend. Gurney also welcomed

guests Bill & Beth Hegarty also from Brisbane,

friends of Jim & Sandra Armstrong, Gloria’s

brother Paul Williams and Yvonne Holbeck’s

sister Sonya Hogan, visiting from Gladstone.

This year we lost Ted & Margaret Pidcock,

Kevin Brown, Harry Haug, Bronwyn Boundy

Tom & Kathy O’Dea from the Chapter while

Trevor Anderson, Trevor (Butch) Bambrick,

Neville & Barbara Funch, Alan & Trudy Stacey,

Neil & Jenny Grother, John & Angela Rowlands,


The Octagon - November 2015

Gary & Rosalyn Behrendt all joined the club

throughout the year.

A number of members displayed new additions

to their garages including, Stuart & Ada Clark

MGA, Garth & Leslie Barnes MGB and Don

Madden’s MGB.

This year we were able to discover new places

to visit, Afisiandos, Degani Bakery, Mount

Perry, Gladstone Harbour and the introduction

of a Melbourne Cup Sweep. The poker run

continues to be a popular part of our tours

which provided funding for several table wines

on the night. Many thanks to Gloria Clamp on

her efforts throughout the year.

David Miles was invited to address the

members bringing us all up to date what has

been happening at the head office and a brief

outline on what was on the drawing board for

all chapters that will hopefully see all chapters

come together in 2016. David invited us all

to approach him with any ideas that they may

have for this exciting intended project.

Ian Wilhelmsen gave a presentation on the

2016 tour calendar that the drive committee had

drawn up giving a brief explanation on each

monthly event that comprises of a number of

new adventures and also advising everyone

that at this point of time it was not set in

concrete as we have to take in account what

David Miles has in mind.

All members were invited to take part in the

Chapter voting for the Best Food Award, Janelle

Thomasson Club Member of the Year award

and The Broken MG Award. Yeppoon’s Fish

N Chips Afishiandos won the “Best Food”

Award for their quality of food, presentation

and friendly staff. Stuart & Ada Clark won the

Janelle Thomasson’s Chapter Club member of

the Year as they have always done their best to

attend our tours, whereever it may have taken

them and always with a smile. Gurney Clamp

won back to back Broken MG award under the

new points system. Gurney gained 4 points for

a breakdown in January, with Jenny Hill giving

him a scare with 3.5 during the same tour. Phil

Henry gained 2 points, as did Jo Emmert, with

Jim Armstrong and Ian Carleton picking up 1

point each throughout the year.

Photos from top: Barbara Funch with her Patch Quilt.

Ada Clark, David Miles and Stuart Clark receiving Janelle

Thomasson award. The girls - Glenis Benson, Katie

Emmert, Leslie Barnes, Joy Penridge, Yvonne Holbeck,

Sonya Hogan. The boys.

The Octagon - November 2015 29


Far North Qld Chapter Report

by John and Cherie Fransen

Participants – John and Annette Collet (MGA),

Tony Basham (TD), Brendon and June

Hammersley (MX5), Allan Wardlaw (Alfa Mito),

John and Cherie Fransen (ASX), Kim and Fiona

Halloran (MX5), Steve and Maureen Girardi

(MGB), Harvey and Kay Williams (JAG), Bob and

Patty Ingram (Hilux), Cynthia and Derek Bevan

(Jeep), Lyn and Wayne Morgan (MGB), Leon

Johnson (Mini) and Graham, Pauline and Rob ‘the

mechanic’ (Daimler)

The morning was looking very dismal and the

possibility of it clearing as we gathered at our

meeting point, Tjapukai carpark, was not looking

positive. But with a cheery bunch and an ‘it’ll be

right’ attitude, we were ready to hit the road.

Fingers crossed for an improvement in the

weather seemed to do the trick because, as we

headed up the Kuranda range road, it proved a

most pleasant drive for our big group. Some were

not in their club cars due to either the weather or

the car undergoing repairs, but that never reduces

the enthusiasm of going for a nice Sunday drive

and getting together for some chatter and yummy


was planned over the festive season with family

and friends. Jaques also has ultralight joy flights

and it was interesting to see a craft come in across

the coffee trees as we sat and enjoyed our local


Lunch was planned for the Tolga Hotel, which we

had been to previously and really enjoyed, so it

was a leisurely drive along through a few of the

little towns with farming views on both sides. The

Hotel was extremely busy but the food was served

quickly and met expectations, being fresh and

plenty of it.

After all our bellies were full and we had caught

up on all the latest chit chat, everyone headed in

their own directions for the trip home, some via the

Kuranda range others the Gillies Highway.

Today was our last road run of 2015 and it made

for a nice year end trip. No mechanical issues

and with the weather turning out really pleasant, it

proved to be a successful day. Next time we catch

up will be our Christmas evening get together, to

toast the Festive Season and wish everyone a

Merry Christmas.

First stop was at a Tablelands popular coffee

plantation called Jaques where they have recently

extended their café and it proved an ideal size

for the numbers we booked for today. It was late

breakfast for some, morning tea for others as

everything was discussed from car issues, to what


The Octagon - November 2015

that were on for Members leading up to Christmas.

A nice casual dinner seemed the best option, no

car run today.

For convenience to all Members travelling from

north, south and west we chose the Red Beret

Hotel, a nice modern location at Redlynch suitable

for a large group celebration.

We had a really enjoyable evening discussing the

year past and the opportunities for 2016, as well

as what everyone had planned with their family

and friends for Christmas in coming weeks.

The night closed with a thank you from the FNQ

members to the chapter co-ordinators, which was

a lovely surprise, unexpected but appreciated.

To summarise, no doubt we would all agree our

FNQ Chapter is a really nice group – everyone

gets along great and have lots of laughs every

month, never really running out of things to chat


Members are also known to contact each together,

help/advise and support as needed in anything

mechanical, including outside the scheduled runs.

This is really lovely to see that the networking

continues, long after the runs are over. Taking this

opportunity to thank you all for your friendship,

looking forward to our trips in 2016, travel safe and

a Happy New Year.

Saturday, 12 Dec - End of year celebration

dinner – Red Beret Hotel

Attending – John and Annette Collet, Tony

Basham, Brendon and June Hammersley, John

and Cherie Fransen, Kim and Fiona Halloran,

Steve and Maureen Girardi, Harvey and Kay

Williams, Bob and Patty Ingram, Lyn and Wayne

Morgan, Graham and Pauline, Ken Freeburn and

Julia, Mel Sprague and Roland Nancarrow.

Being a busy time of year, we squeezed our end

of 2015 get together in between a few other things

The Octagon - November 2015 31

34,600 kilometres, 1

by Shez and Ross Letten

The team

The camaraderie of the group was

absolutely exceptional. With most of us

knowing each other from the Africa trip

and with cars that were generally better

prepared the whole atmosphere was more

relaxed and supportive. And of course

Dave, affectionately known as The Dear

Leader, was infectious with his enthusiasm.

The people we met

the trip. Three pre-war MGs (two pictured

here) from the MG Car Club of Argentina

drove 1,200 kilometres from Buenos Aires

to meet us and travel with us to climb the

foothills of Cerro Aconcagua, the highest

mountain in the southern hemisphere, to the

Cristo Redeemer statue at 3,850 metres. A

brilliant effort.

Giles Cooper of Lotus Elise in Alaska fame

drove over the border from Chile in his

troop carrier especially to meet up with us

and offer his advice and we were joined

and assisted by enthusiastic groups from

Quito, Lima, Bogota, Costa Rica, USA and


Giles and Ross with Troopie

Two of the 3 Pre-War MGs

It was also a pleasure to meet up with fellow

MG and classic car enthusiasts throughout

Calvin from the Whitworth Nuts Motoring

Club and the owner of a very pretty Spitfire

was travelling with us for a few days when

he witnessed our only break down in the first

world at a very inconvenient spot on a pass

in Colorado. An unmistakable shriek from

under the bonnet announced the seizure of


The Octagon - November 2015

4 countries, 17 border crossings, 130 days

Part 3 - The best bits of the trip!

the bearings in Blue B’s alternator but in no

time at all the offending unit was replaced

with a spare alternator from Red Car (which

had previously been transplanted a couple

of times on the trip and so acquired the

nickname, the Christiaan Barnard).

amazing picture is being painted for us…”

Northern Argentina

The ‘Christian Barnard of alternators’

Calvin was so impressed with the MG bush

mechanics at work that he filmed a You

Tube clip. Worth looking at and here’s the

link...Blue B in the Cactus – You Tube



Also the Whitworth Nuts in Fruita Colorado

courtesy of LaVerne Downey

Pan American Group – You Tube



Epic scenery - Argentina

The clip tells the story of our delightful

morning with them but unfortunately there

was apparently a copyright problem with the

music so no audio.

The places we visited

Even with the hiccups and challenges

mentioned earlier the scenic vistas virtually

every day were amazing. To quote Shez

in the Yukon “ Yet another day when an

More Argentina scenery

The Octagon - November 2015 33


The Octagon - November 2015

Our itinerary was structured in order

to spend a couple of nights at the key

attractions and we frequently enjoyed

guided tours which helped us to understand

the area and its history. This provided a

welcome relief from the driving.

Torres Del Paine , Perito Moreno and Lago

Grey Glacier in Chile , Nazca Lines, Machu

Picchu and the Uros People living on the

reed islands on Lake Titicaca in Peru were

the highlights of our time in South America.

Los Uros People, Lake Titicaca

Torres Del Paine

The team at Machu Picchu

Lago Grey Glacier

Perito Moreno

Costa Rica was our favourite place

in Central America – very gracious

people, good food and accommodation,

environmentally friendly – what’s not to like?

Leaving South and Central America and

entering first world North America was an

emotional moment for some of us (Shez and

Sue Slater to name but two!)

As far as Shez was concerned the USA was

meant to be a two week transit journey to

Canada. However travelling through Arizona

via the amazing Grand Canyon and into

Utah and stumbling across Monument Valley

in the Navajo Indian Reservation changed

that perception. This was real John Wayne

country and pretty spectacular.

The Octagon - November 2015 35

The equator!

MGs at Grand Canyon

Finally into Canada where we were met at

the border by Peter Tilbury and Tony Cox

from NAMGAR Northwest. Peter has a

home garage to die for in Vancouver and

a very enthusiastic group of mates who

pitched in to help us change oil, grease and

fettle the five cars spread over a couple of

days. Thanks guys.

Iconic moments along the way

At Peter Tilbury’s home

Eight MGs make it to Cartagena

All along Goldie had planned to leave the

convoy on reaching Cartagena since Ros

and John had previously visited or lived in

many of the places further north. So sadly

our numbers reduced to seven for the

Caribbean crossing and reduced further to

five when Casper split off in Arizona to visit

long standing friends and when Simon in

Navy Car, after delays in Mexico involving

paperwork for the car, headed for his son’s

home in Los Angeles as planned.

The photo below records a huge emotional

moment when the remaining five cars

arrived at the Canadian border and

completed the trip.

We had made it!

The eight MGs about to leave Ushuaia at the start of

the northbound journey:

Five MGs arrive in Canada


The Octagon - November 2015

The Alaska sequel - the icing on the cake

The Canada/Alaska route

Although the Pan America Highway trip

formally finished in Vancouver, we were

fortunate to have the irrepressible Mike

Herlihy with us who had long nurtured the

childhood dream to one day travel from one

end of the Americas to the other. Initially

sceptical about whether we would still

have the appetite for driving long distances

after completing the 30,000 kilometres to

Vancouver, we equivocated. But then as

we got closer to Vancouver we both realised

we didn’t want the adventure to end. So

RIP and Blue B were easily seduced into

following Shiraz on a magical drive along

the Alaska Highway, through the Yukon and

eventually to arrive in Skagway, Alaska.

Arrival in Alaska

When it comes to claiming bragging rights

for having driven from bottom to top of the

American continent, we are on very thin ice

(pun intended) because we only managed a

handful of kilometres into Alaska itself.

But of course that won’t stop us . . .

Canadian scenery

Goodbye Blue B until next time ... 2016

The Octagon - November 2015 37

2 Trade Street

Ormiston Q 4160


The Octagon - November 2015


Wide Bay Chapter Report

By Darrell Martin

Just don’t do it ! I did and look what happened !

I blinked once and another whole year had gone!

Strange that, yet I still remember most things that

happened. Like Mack trucks almost parking on

top of us, joint runs here, there and everywhere,

big lunches, tall tales and early morning dashes.

But I honestly don’t remember any one of our

delightful cars ever, ever, ever breaking down

(hope Father Christmas will still come to me after

that one!).

Having said that, even though our last two months

for the year had a fewer runs than normal, we still

managed to keep very busy.

1 November

This was our first run for the period with the

Bundy Crew maintaining its reputation for finding

great restaurants.

There were a few clouds overhead as seven cars

prepared for another adventure, leaving Quay St

and heading for a short drive to the Hummock,

Bundaberg’s only hill, for morning tea . The

Hummock is actually part of an extinct volcano

with a much used park and lookout situated on its

peak. (Here thanks should be given to the RACQ

which acquired the land in 1930 to create a park

for MG drivers and other motorists to enjoy the


refreshments. After about only two and a half

hours (not a bad lunch break!) it was decided

that perhaps the group should leave the air

conditioned comfort and head for their respective

homes . As always, another great outing for the

Bundy Crew.

15 November

This time it was a joint run with the Bundy Crew

and the Hervey Bay Mob meeting up at Childers

for lunch. The long range weather forecast hinted

at showers but being the brave souls we are it

was decided to risk it. And talk of famous last

words! One of our flyers said “However ... should

an ongoing torrential downpour set in for Sunday

(it won’t) we’ll cancel”. I’ll get back to that later...

The Bundy Crew left Bundaberg at 9:30 am

and headed for Gin Gin with seven cars and 12

members. After morning tea the group headed

on to Childers, calling in to Figtree Treasures for a

short visit (read “Icecream”).

Meanwhile, the Hervey Bay Mob had driven to

Buxton on the banks of the Burrum River to have

a relaxed morning tea and chin wag. All sorts of

important matters were discussed, right down to

the difference between “ignorance” and “apathy”

... which was summed up beautifully by one

participant when she remarked “I don’t know and

don’t care”.

At about 11 ish (not a bad morning tea break!) the

happy group left the Hummock for a short coastal

drive to Money’s Creek and then to Bargara

Beach to admire the beach and see the sea yet

again. Here it was noticed that one of the group

had gone missing but after a few phone calls the

errant MG was located .

With appetites now properly primed it was back

into Bundaberg to the Spotted Dog for lunch and

liquid refreshment. This spot is a fabulous Tavern

with amazing Waygu steaks, more sporting TV

screens than you could ever watch and ice cold

The Octagon - November 2015 39


The Octagon - November 2015

With our normal meticulous planning , both

groups arrived at the lunch destination within

minutes of each other and quickly settled in. In

spite of a kitchen mixup which saw a couple of

meals lost, overall it was a good time. Then

came the drive home ...

The Bundy Crew left just before 2 pm, drove

through the farm field areas and arrived in

Bundaberg just after 3:00. That was the easy bit.

The Hervey Bay Mob though had to head in the

opposite direction, straight towards rolling black

and green clouds, sheet lightning and torrential,

waterfall like rain. While experiences varied,

for some it was approaching that horrible point

where the wipers couldn’t cope, you couldn’t see,

there was nowhere to pull over and it was far

too dangerous to stop. And then the downpour

stopped, as quickly as it had started.

Overall, an interesting outing for the 38 people

who were brave enough to attend in their 21 cars

... a good rollup!

25 November

Throughout this year the Hervey Bay Mob has

been tracking the progress of our local cane

industry, using some of its runs to check on the

planting, growing and eventual harvesting. This

run, headed by Paul Overton, went out to smell

the sweet success of the harvest.

Travelling the routes taken by many an exuberant

cyclist in the far too early hours, 18 cars with 27

people drove out behind Hervey Bay to inspect

the harvested cane fields and look for new shoots

emerging for the next season.

At this stage I should point out that the Wide

Bay Chapter has a very strict policy of not

disclosing identities when something untoward

happens. And as you no doubt know, some of

our cars (Mazdas and Peugeots for example)

have automatic roofs which silently glide closed

on very hot days so we can enjoy the benefits

of cool, refreshing air conditioning. Let’s just

say that one such car had a slight, intermittent

malfunction. With its roof half closed (or open

for the optimists out there) it just stopped, giving

a good impression of an air brake on a Bugatti

Veyron. So while the remainder of the group

moved on it had to remain where it was, along

with the valued assistance of our Chapter’s

dedicated Air Brake Malfunction Crew.

The rest of the Mob then eventually paraded

our other fine machines along the Esplanade

to the “Homemade Café” (and yes the food is

homemade) where we all enjoyed a value packed

morning tea while once again solving the world’s


29 November

It was time for the Hervey Bay Mob to again swan

along the Esplanade to our last Fish ‘n’ Chips get

together for 2015 at Urangan. The weather was

good so we met at our normal rendezvous (the

All Abilities Playground car park) for a 5.00 pm

departure to the Urangan Pier.

The 18 folks who attended in 7 different makes

of cars ate well, talked much and then quickly

headed off before the low flying target bombers

(fruit bats) started to appear overhead.

6 December

Just before Christmas descended upon us with

our parties and shopping, the Hervey Bay Mob

ran a twilight drive out to Burrum Heads for

an evening BBQ. Twelve cars and 19 people

turned up for this one, following the somewhat

convoluted start instructions which in part said “ ...

this earlier start is late enough to avoid the worst

of the heat but still be late enough for an early

dinner ...”.

Those who attended included visitors Deb and

Tony Slattery on one of their many sojourns north

to visit Ellen Wilson. And the list of cars made

for interesting reading with an SA, Y type, A, Bs

and Fs (sorry, and tFs). I’m still scratching my

head though at the entry on the Attendance Sheet

which simply said “Very big yellow van and long


13 December - Christmas Parties

Just check out the happy snaps on the Web site.

The Bundy Crew held theirs at Penny Lane

Gardens with 23 happy , hungry folk attending for

The Octagon - November 2015 41


The Octagon - November 2015

a “great nosh up” as one person said. Of course

no Christmas party is complete without those Bon

Bons and their corny jokes. One of which said

“why can’t sports cars play football ... ‘cause they

only have one boot!”. Just think ... somebody

probably gets paid to think these jokes up. At least

the 3cm orange plastic spanner was better value!

At the same time 34 of the Hervey Bay Mob went

to the Sticky Fig Café in Hervey Bay for a happy

buffet lunch. Our thanks go to Peter Worland and

to Jocelyn Gardener who provided many of the

prizes for the Lucky Door draws and for the raffles

which helped defray the venue hire. Here I must

mention that the major prize of the day (donated

by Repco) was won by Joy Batchelor ... and we

are all still waiting to see her use the rather flash

oil change kit, complete with its undercar trolley for

her to lie on! Both events were highly successful

and capped off another busy year for the Wide

Bay Chapter.


Next year we have a few changes to our Chapter.

After a couple of years in the saddle, David Carter

is stepping down as Coordinator. Our thanks go to

him and to Sonja for leading us and for all the time

and energy they have both devoted to making the

Chapter successful.

Our new Coordinator is David Hall whom many of

you would know from his successes at Club and

National Concours meetings. His partner, Lyn

Hayward, will be taking on the responsibility of

organising our CAMS Permits for our runs.

At the same time, Allan Dansie will be stepping

down as organiser of the Bundy Crew, a position

he has filled since ... well ... always! From all

in our Chapter, a huge “Thank You” to Allan

for looking after the Bundy Crew so capably

for so many years. The new organiser for the

Bundaberg group will be Eric Beckman, long an

integral part of the planning team.

To all those who attended our many runs ... the

Chapter would not be as great as it is without your

participation. And finally, my thanks to all who

have helped in supplying photos and words for

these Octagon and Web updates of our activities.

They have all helped prove the wisdom of that

old adage “ A wise person does not keep sledge

hammer and slow computer in same room”.

Safe driving all ...

The Octagon - November 2015 43


The Octagon - November 2015


Darling Downs Chapter Report

by Gary Lawrence

2015 has come and gone, and once again I, like

many others, stand reminiscing, scratching our

proverbial heads, and saying ‘where did that

year go?’

I suppose I could use the excuse I have been

so busy this year, time has raced by, days have

blended into one another blurring the memory

and overloading the human computer we call

a brain… or I could just accept that one of the

opportunities in retirement is living the dream

and not having to keep the diary folder in that

human computer up to date!!

Once again, our Chapter had a busy year with

members participating in a variety of events

including our regular social mid-week and

monthly runs, local car displays such as the

David Hack Day, Jumpers and Jazz Festival,

Carnival of Flowers, the HRCC Racing at

Morgan Park and the MGCCQ concours and car

display at University of Qld campus.

Our May overnight run and the November Long

Run were down on numbers this year compared

with previous years’ events, but were enjoyed by

those who participated.

We continue to see a regular core of participants

in our events with other members joining us

on an adhoc basis when personal and work

commitments permit.

Bob Marsh (Warwick convener), Ron & Judy

Gillis (mid-week run conveners) and Gary

Lawrence (Chapter Coordinator) will continue in

these roles for 2016.

The 2016 Event Calendar has been developed.

A mid-week overnight run to the Granite Belt in

May, the Combined Chapters run to Mackay in

late August/early September and a weekend

overnight run to Mt Tamborine in October will

give us the opportunity to stretch the MG’s legs

and enjoy a few happy hours. It is gratifying

to see a number of our members volunteering

again this year to convene the monthly runs.

November Long Run 09 to 15 November 2015

Our extended runs are usually held in late

August or early September, but this year, for

a variety of reasons it was rescheduled to

November. Our numbers were few but our

adventures were many…read all about it in the

separate report.

WBW Airport Run 23 November 2015

This run was a last minute addition to our 2015

Calendar as the opportunity to have another MG

drive and be a part of an historic event for the

Toowoomba Region seemed too good to miss.

The West Brisbane Wellcamp (WBW) Airport,

constructed and owned by local business

The Octagon - November 2015 45

entrepreneurs, the Wagner family, was hosting

the landing of its first Cathay Pacific 747 Cargo

flight after 12 months of operation. The Cathay

Pacific flight is the first of a planned regular

service that will transport regional freight and

produce direct to Hong Kong.

This was certainly a milestone for the new

airport and an opportunity for the DD Chapter

to schedule a run to see the event first hand.

Participants were Brian & June Phillips, Gary &

Janis Lawrence, Rod & Aud Pugh with Phoebe

the dog.

west. The call eventually went up that it might be

prudent to make a move and sadly our last day

run for the year came to a close. In hindsight, it

was a very good call, as the Warwick members

made it home safely before a very destructive

storm hit their area.

Participants were Ron & Judy Gillis, John &

Marg Boland, Gary & Janis Lawrence, Helen

Goodfellow, Rob & Narelle Fraser, Delia Morey &

Judith Morey, Tony & Leigh Wright, Gene & Fay

Lucas, Brian & June Phillips, Jim Carstens, Guy

& Pam West.

Monthly Run 29 November 2015

Our last day run for 2015 was a breakfast run

which began at the City Golf Club, Toowoomba.

In the pleasant restaurant, with views over

the fairways, most members opted for the

sumptuous Buffet Breakfast that was on offer.

It was a great venue to sit back, relax & swap

travel stories for those catching up after an

extended absence.

After breakfast, with run sheets at the ready, we

headed off on the short, scenic drive through

Darling Heights & Top Camp to our morning

tea venue at Preston Range Park, to the south

of Toowoomba. Only one car followed the run

sheet. The rest followed the organiser who

unintentionally did an extra block. The last part

of the run was very steep & wound through a

housing estate which literally clings to the side of

the range. You wouldn’t want to live there & be

prone to sleep walking.

The view from the park was spectacular and

had the local members, many of whom had

never been there, trying to get their bearings.

That sorted, the men got down to the business

of doing what they do best - looking under

the bonnets of cars, while the women set out

a Christmas themed morning tea, not that

anyone was particularly hungry after such a big


Although we had a chance to walk it off along

a scenic walking path that skirted the top of the

range, there were no takers, everyone preferring

to continue lively conversations & keep an eye

on the sky and some on the BOM weather site.

Yes, you guessed it; severe storms were once

again building and moving in from the south

Breakfast Run 09 December 2015

The second Wednesday of the month is usually

our mid-week lunch run…but something a little

different for a lunch run ....it morphed into a

breakfast run.

To mark the last get together for the year we

decided on an early start to enjoy breakfast in

Lions Park at Hodgsonvale in the cool of the



The Octagon - November 2015

In preparation for the impending cooking

frenzy of bacon and eggs, Ron raced around

and switched on all the electric BBQs proudly

announcing to the group they were hot and

ready for use. Imagine the chagrin when the

BBQs suddenly went cold and would not reignite.

Step in Murphy!!

Would you believe the council had decided to

upgrade the main power board that very day and

at that very time, and had cut the power supply?

Ron took the bit between his teeth and, with

utmost diplomacy, suggested to the electrician

it would be nice if he reconnected the power

supply for a half hour or so as he had bunch of

hungry MG members hanging out for breakfast.

With power reconnected and BBQs again

sizzling, we settled down to our various meals.

A few members brought along their own gas

gadgets for cooking and boiling water etc., which

relieved congestion at the BBQs…. no waiting

until others were finished.

This was a very relaxed morning where

everyone discussed their various Christmas

plans. It sounds like all members will be having

a great time.

Participants were Gary & Janis Lawrence; Rob

& Narelle Fraser; Brian & June Phillips; John &

Marg Boland; Imelda & Denis Logan; Ron & Judy

Gillis, Guy & Pam West, Shayne & Di Baker.

Darling Downs Chapter, Long Tour 9-15 November

by Gary Lawrence

(Ed: Space has not permitted the use of all photos or text. The full version is available on the DDC page of the Club website.)

Our annual Chapter tour this year took us

through south-east QLD with overnight stays

in Maleny (1 night), Tin Can Bay (3 nights) and

Wondai (2 nights). Tour participants were Rob

& Narelle Fraser (MGB Roadster), John & Marg

Boland (MGB Roadster), Ron & Judy Gillis

(MGB Roadster), Gary & Janis Lawrence (MGB

Roadster). Our numbers were less this year than

for previous annual tours.

Day 1 to Maleny

Cloudy skies welcomed the start of our tour at

the Visitor Information Centre in Toowoomba.

With four MGB roadsters departing from the

centre in James Street we headed east, down

the Toowoomba Range to Gatton and Esk for our

morning tea stop at Lions Park in Toogoolawah

where the wind was so strong that it blew the

coffee granules off my spoon as I attempted to

brew my first cuppa of the day.

From Toogoolawah, we travelled via Gregors

Creek Road to Kilcoy, Commissioners Flat Road

to Peachester and Bald Knob Road to Maleny.

Each of these roads took us off the beaten track

and provided a variety of stunning scenery, with

The Octagon - November 2015 47

whereby I had phoned ahead to ensure the

closed sign would be prominently displayed

while our tour group was in town. If only I had the


tall timbers, small creeks and extensive views

across rolling hills and iconic landmarks such

as the Glasshouse Mountains. Following lunch

at Mary Cairncross Park in Maleny, we took the

opportunity to explore the area around Montville,

Flaxton and Mapleton.

Our accommodation for the night, the Morning

Star Motel, has fantastic hinterland views

across to the coastal environs of Caloundra

and Mooloolaba and an outdoor area that takes

advantage of these views. What a setting for our

first happy hour of the tour.

Day 2 to Tin Can Bay

Day 2 and beautiful sunshine greeted us as

some of the more energetic engaged in a

morning walk. Unfortunately, due to a prior

engagement back home, Ron and Judy Gillis left

the group this morning to return to Toowoomba.

And then there were three!!

With only 150km to travel to Tin Can Bay, a

very relaxed breakfast was followed by window

shopping in Maleny village before moving on to

Kenilworth where the men in the group visited

the locally renowned Cheese Factory for tasting

and coffee while the ladies targeted the shops….

Or more correctly a particular dress shop.

Imagine the consternation when the ladies

arrived at the ‘particular’ dress shop only to

find the doors securely locked for the regular

Tuesday closure. Yours truly copped quite a

lambasting for this oversight in tour planning…..

even some mention of clandestine actions


The Octagon - November 2015

Dress shops were soon forgotten as we

continued our tour north to Kandangah for lunch

at the local pub. The Kandangah Hotel is an icon

and a community social point in the Mary Valley,

having been established in 1914. (As I was

compiling this report, the news came through

that the Kandangah hotel had burnt to the

ground on the morning of 12 December 2015.

What a tragedy for our history and the local


En route to Kandangah, we visited Imbil, where

the lookout to the west of the town provided a

stunning vista across Yabba Creek and the fertile

flats of the adjacent Mary Valley.

Following the Mary Valley Road, Gympie was

soon on the horizon and then disappeared

quickly in our rear view mirrors as we picked up

the road to the Tin Can Bay Motel, our home for

the next 3 nights.

Day 3 in Tin Can Bay

Day 3 and another early morning walk…. if this

keeps up we will be much fitter by the end of the

week… or more likely it will provide a balance for

the happy hours and food consumption that are

synonymous with these tours.

A slow loss of coolant from Rob Fraser’s MG

occupied the combined mechanical knowledge

of the group for a period of time… diagnosis,

a leaking top radiator hose… good, but where

to you get one of those in Tin Can Bay. Well it

just so happened I had a spare that was quickly

fitted. Did we solve the problem? As you will see

later there is much more to this story!!

With a yen to explore the area and do a spot of

fishing, we headed to Norman Point for morning

tea followed by the wetting of a line or two.

We were informed by locals this is definitely

the place to catch bream….. ‘Get there on

the turning tide and just cast out amongst the

adjacent mangroves…..caught a stack yesterday

doing that.’

Fishing done and dusted, it was off to Poona, a

100 km round trip north of Tin Can Bay, for an

afternoon run and the obligatory coffee. Poona

is one of those sleepy seaside villages that is off

the beaten track but is well worth a visit.

The Tin Can Bay Motel has an excellent BBQ

area, so the decision for the evening meal was

fairly easy. Given that fishing was on the agenda

today, the meal choice was easy. Fish and

salad with an entree of freshly cooked prawns,

complemented with a fine white wine; sounds

good doesn’t it? Was the fish freshly caught?

Of course it was. Did we catch it? Of course we


Day 4 in Tin Can Bay

Day 4 and yet another morning walk!

While the ladies indulged in some retail

therapy…even though the shop range was

limited…. the men headed back to Norman Point

to drown some more bait. We were confident

we would improve on the catch of the previous

occasion and enjoy a quiet, relaxing and

uneventful day. What is that old saying about

living in a fool’s paradise?

cold coffee consumed, it was back to the motel

to relate the story. Speaking of relating stories, I

must tell this one.

It just so happens that the owner (female) of the

motel has a 1973 left hand drive Mustang Pony

which is her pride and joy. She offered us the

opportunity to take it for a run down the highway.

Rob Fraser put up his hand as the pilot, John

Boland volunteered to ride in the passenger seat

(right hand side remember) and I decided that

discretion was the better part of valour and opted

to stay at the motel. I was soon to discover this

was a very wise move.

It appears they were both enjoying the

experience of the ‘big yank tank’ until John

realised that he was actually in the same lane

as the oncoming traffic. While I cannot quote

the conversation verbatim, I understand John,

with eyes like dinner plates and white knuckles

gripping the dash, turned to Rob and politely

asked ‘would you mind putting me on the same

side of the #@$ centreline as you are?’, to which

Rob replied as he slowly acceded to John’s

fervent request, ‘it’s all under control; don’t know

what you‘re worried about; you can’t see the

whites of their eyes yet can you?’

As you can well imagine, as we sat around the

BBQ that night enjoying dinner and beverages,

John’s car experiences for the day were high on

the conversation list.

The strong winds and rain scuds soon chased

us to a local coffee shop; and that is when the

day went downhill. We were sitting peacefully

sipping a nice hot coffee when a voice from the

adjacent table says ‘I am sorry to have to tell you

but a lady has just reversed into the side of one

of your MGs’.

If you have ever wanted to see grown men about

to cry, this was certainly the moment!

As it turned out, John Boland was the only one

who approached this outpouring of human

emotion with the realisation it was his MG that

was now sporting a modified driver’s door and

mudguard. Luckily the damage was not severe

enough to have to call in the tow truck.

With the formalities of the accident sorted and

Day 5 to Wondai

After the excitement of the previous day, the

run from Tin Can Bay to Wondai via Gympie,

Glastonbury, Widgee, Kilkivan, Goomeri and

Murgon, with stops in Gympie for morning tea

and retail therapy for the ladies and Goomeri for

lunch was incident free.

The Octagon - November 2015 49

The one thing I did notice was the forlorn look

on John’s face each time we stopped. He just

could not take his eyes off the rearranged door

and guard.

After checking into the Wondai Colonial Motel we

visited the Wondai Historical Museum. This is a

typical collection of old and rare things that link

to the history of the area. The hospital museum

with its replica operating theatre and collection

of medical instruments that reminded me of

medieval implements of torture was of particular

interest to ex-nurse Narelle Fraser.

Day 6 in Wondai

Day 6 and the Wondai Timber Museum was

our first stop before heading off to tour the local

wineries. The Museum, opened in November

2001, showcases the history of the South

Burnett’s timber industry and is certainly worth

a visit.

The winery cellar doors were next on the hit list,

starting with Moffatdale Ridge and Clovely Estate

before heading to Dusty Hill for more tasting and

a very enjoyable lunch.

And then there were two! After lunch Rob

and Narelle left the tour and headed home to

Toowoomba for pre-arranged grandparent duties

while the rest of us did a quick tour of Bjelke

Petersen Dam before we returned to Wondai.

As we settled down to happy hour, a precursor

to our BBQ dinner, we reflected on what had

been a relaxing and uneventful day. And then it

happened; the skies began to darken rapidly as

an approaching storm turned day into night with

the green clouds confirming the presence of hail.

Unfortunately the motel has a shortage of car

cover so we found what shelter we could under

the verandahs, and borrowed motel blankets to

cover the ‘protruding bits’. Luckily for us the hail

did not eventuate but the torrential downpour

certainly made our BBQ dinner quite interesting.

Our issues were insignificant compared with

what Rob and Narelle were experiencing on their

run back to Toowoomba. Caught in the torrential

downpour, a massive lighting strike just to the

side of the road immediately adjacent to their car

was almost enough to require an immediate visit

to the shower. And it still wasn’t over…. the ‘new’

radiator hose we fitted in Tin Can Bay split wide

open ejecting coolant up and around the bonnet

and all over the windscreen. Just as well the

old radiator hose was thrown in the boot at Tin

Can Bay and not in the rubbish bin. A usable if

somewhat perished hose was available.

Meanwhile back at the motel the torrential rain

had caused an interesting situation with our BBQ

dinner. The men were stuck at the BBQ with the

food and alcohol while the ladies were stuck in

the motel room without any form of sustenance. I

must admit I couldn’t quite see the problem.

Day 7 to Toowoomba

Now we were down to two cars, getting

organised for an early start was easy, with a

target for breakfast in Maidenwell. Heading

south through Kingaroy onto the Kingaroy

Cooyar Road, the local knowledge of John

and Marg Boland came to the fore as they

took us on another ‘road less travelled’, with

fantastic scenery and excellent MG curves,

between Brooklands and the Bunya Mountains

Maidenwell Road.

With breakfast at the Maidenwell Trading Post

Café under our belts…very enjoyable by the

way… we headed for Toowoomba for the final

couple of hours of our trip.


Some vital statistics from a very successful and

enjoyable tour:

• Participants: Started with 8 people in 4 cars,

finished with 4 people in 2 cars

• Distance travelled: 602 miles (963 km)

• Duration: 6 nights, 7 days

• Fishing expeditions:3

• Fish caught: zero

• Coffee and food consumed: Enough to add a

few extra kilos

• Happy hour beverages consumed: Just right

(and had nothing to do with the extra kilos)

Rob Fraser found two new radiator hoses

amongst his stock of spares in his garage when

he arrived home. There is now a spare one in

the boot of the MG.

John Boland’s MGB has been repaired and is

back on the road with a new heritage mudguard,

door skin and chrome strips.


The Octagon - November 2015

The Octagon - November 2015 51

Competition Corner



by Ace Reporter


KHANACROSS 15 November 2015

Final HSCCQ event for each year is the

President’s Khanacross and the Vice

President’s Motorkhana which is always

an enjoyable day. The tests chosen

for the Motorkhana were from the non-

Championship section of the Motorkhana

Handbook being Happy Birthday event

plus Boogie, Mickey Mouse, Dragon Fly,

Tri Peaks, and Jellyfish test layouts which

are not normally selected.

Noel Caplet proved quickest over the day

in his Paris Renault Motorkhana Special

with second quickest being Ken Graham

(as well as first of sedans in his Datsun

1600) then Ashley Tyson (Datsun 240Z)

and Stewart Bell (Mazda MX5). Other

runners included Pauline Graham (Datsun

1600), Alan McConnell (Skyline), John

Simmers (MGBV8), Elizabeth Simmers

(MGB V8) and Malcolm Spiden MGBGT.

The President’s Khanacross was the

cumulative total over the 4 runs from which

counted towards the order. Top of the order

was Ken Graham (Datsun 1600) who was

0.03 seconds quicker than Scott Doyle

(Escort) after the 4 runs with Ashley Tyson

(Datsun 240Z), Pauline Graham (Datsun

1600) and Alan McConnell (Skyline) filling

the top five places.

MG drivers were John Simmers (MGB

V8), Elizabeth Simmers (MGB V8) and

Malcolm Spiden (MGBGT). Pauline

was fastest on the first run some 1.03

seconds ahead of Scott Doyle then Ashley

Tyson, Ken Graham and Alan McConnell.

Unfortunately Pauline sort of messed

up her second run giving away some

11 seconds to the blokes, thus Ken was

fastest on the second run from Scott then

Stewart Bell (Mazda MX5), Alan and Ross

Baker (Nissan Silvia). Ken continued with


The Octagon - November 2015

a fastest time on the third run just 0.07

seconds from Scott, Pauline, Ashley, the

Trevor King (Corolla Sprinter), Mike Jones

(Toyota 86) and Alan McConnell. Pauline

claimed glory on the last run being 0.89

seconds quicker than Ken, then Scott,

Ashley and Mike Jones.


SERIES Round 6

Prior to the start of the final round the Award

presentation for the class winners from

the October meeting was held. This was

scheduled as the heavy rain on the Sunday

afternoon had persuaded most competitors

to depart early in order to seek shelter

before the awards could be presented.

Weather conditions for this final round were

very hot and uncomfortable for all however

no rain fell during the weekend. This final

round for 2015 saw 2 class records broken

plus a new class record established.


Drivers in this class nominate a time which

they believe they can drive accurately

achieve. They can adjust their nominated

time before each run if they so choose.

Points are lost where the driver records

a time either quicker or slower than their

nominated time so you only lose points in

this class of competition, never gain points.

After the first competition run Shaun Rankin

(MGBGT) and Lindsay Derriman (Toyota

Passeo) were both in the lead each having

lost 2 points followed by David Dumolo

(Triumph TR3A) on minus 4 then Flavio

Paggiaro (MGBGT V8) with Bill McCollum

(Holden Commodore) both down 6 with

Andrew Willesden (VW Polo GTi, down

20) as he was 2.1 seconds faster than his

nominated time.

The second run had the order with Shaun

and David (-6) then Flavio (-8), Lindsay

(-10), Bill (-12) and Andrew (-22). Run 3

saw David out ahead (-6) from Flavio (-8),

Shaun and Lindsay (-12), Bill (-13) and

Andrew (-29). Climb 4 resulted with Flavio

ahead (-13) with Shaun and Lindsay (on

-14), Bill (-15), David (-16, a result of being

1.06 seconds faster than his nominated

time) and Andrew (-34 points). From the

final climb Lindsay claimed victory with 17

points from Shaun, Bill and David all on -18

points as Flavio dropped to -29 by recording

a time some 3.34 seconds slower than his

target time and followed by Andrew with a

score of -36).


In the Production and Invited Cars up to

1600 cc Peter Rekers won the round with a

54.22 seconds run in his Suzuki Swift GTi,

from Daniel Zeimer (Toyota Corolla, 55.04)

whilst the 1601 cc to 2 litre class went

to John Jones in his Toyota 86 in 50.22

seconds. Paul Buccini (BMW 135i turbo) set

a new class record in the over 2 litre class

by bettering his record set last meeting from

46.85 to 46.70. Next in the class was Martin

Egglesfield (Ford Fiesta ST turbo, 49.62),

followed by Allan Ridgewell (Skyline R33

GTS Turbo, 51.00), David Jackson (Mazda

RX-7, 54.34), Chris Balhatchet (BMW 325i,

58.20), Chris Balhatchet (Nissan Skyline

turbo, 58.38), Ray Balhatchet (BMW 325i,

58.64), Jan Bucifal (VW Passat, 59.61) with

Steve Blake (Nissan Skyline turbo, 60.76


Doug Tapper won the Modified Production

over 2001 cc cars with a 47.56 time in his

Nissan Skyline R32 turbo with the next

four in the class covered by 1.01 seconds.

These were Cameron Hurman (Mazda RX

7 turbo, 49.58), David Mowles (Mazda RX

7 turbo, 49.82), David Jones (Suzuki Swift

GTi turbo, 49.94) and Noel Preston (Holden

Commodore, 50.59). David Jones had

broken 2 drive shafts in his Suzuki Swift this

year so his starts are a little easier than in

“launch mode”.

Shane Merrick took the under 2 litre class

in his Datsun 1200 Coupe with a 47.76,

followed by Duncan Harrison (Toyota

Corolla, 49.95), Dave Sidery (VW Beetle,

50.70), Andrew Tuite (Holden Barina,

55.58), Richard Taylor (Hyundai Excel red,

56.01), Georgina Taylor (Hyundai Excel

red, 59.73), Karl Reinke (Hyundai Excel

green, 61.48), with Joanne Reinke (Hyundai

Excel green, 62.23). Dave Sidery did not

have a happy Saturday with a couple of

non-finishing runs. The problem was traced

to him installing a new alternator which

upset or interfered with the ECU by sapping

performance; however, some repairs

overnight restored the usual zing to the

German power plant.

Mark Pryor lowered the class record for

the Hyundai X3 Series which he set in July

from 51.53 to 51.51 seconds with Gloria

McAndrew recording a 55.56 second run

from Ross McAndrew in 56.10 seconds.

PRC Rally Cars went to John Gibson

(Mitsubishi Lancer, 51.55) who took the

class win from Ray Evans (Ford Escort,

53.58) whilst the All Wheel Drive Forced

Induction class went to Stewart Reid in

the Audi Quattro turbo (44.65) with Greg

Rekers recording a 51.66 time in his Audi

TT turbo.

The Improved Production classes saw

Jonathan Manning (Leyland Mini, 55.81)

take the under 1600 cc class ahead of Paul

Selimovic (Hyundai Excel, 57.65), Karlie

Buccini won the 1601 to 2000 cc class

(Proton Satria, 53.14) from Ian Dalgliesh

(VW T3 Fastback, 58.18) with Ken Graham

(Datsun 1600 SSS) winning the over 2

litre class in 46.04 from Pauline Graham

(Datsun 1600 SSS, 46.39).

Tyson Cowie (Ford Escort, 47.45) was

quickest in the Sport Sedans under 2

litre engines from Daryl Morton (Morris

Cooper S, 49.77), Craig Harrison (Daihatsu

Charade, 52.28) and Jason Martell (Ford

Escort, 52.39). Mark Trenoweth (Jaguar

XJS, 44.16) won the over 2 litre class with

Garry Ford (Ford Escort V8, 44.47), Alex

Daniels (Ford Escort turbo, 45.58), David

Malone (Torana GTR XU1, 46.84), Michael

Crowe (BMW M3, 47.18) and Dylan Mazzer

(Triumph Dolomite Sprint, 54.79) filling the

other placings.


Class wins went to Barry Smith (Ford

V8 Special, Group K, 61.70), Stephen

The Octagon - November 2015 53

Callaghan (MGB, Group S, 57.95), Roy

Davis (Triumph GT6, Group T, 47.06), Geoff

Cohen (Malmark Elfin, Group V, 52.04),

Chris Johns (Ford Escort, Group U, 47.10),

Paul Shergold (Ford Cortina Mk11, Group

N up to 2000, 53.33), whilst in the Group N

over 2000 cc Glen Wesener (Torana GTR

XU1, 48.47) took the class from Noel Wicks

(Torana GTR XU1, 50.07). Geoff Cohen

lowered the Group V class record which

he set in April this year from 52.07 to 52.04



Brad Stratton won the Marque Sports class

in his Mazda MX5 (48.41), from Ray Pearse

(Mazda MX5, 52.19), Peter Andrews (MGF,

52.59), Kristy McAndrews (Mazda MX5,

52.85), Andrew Lake (MGF, 55.16), Chris

McCarthy (Mazda MX5, 56.22), Paul Mercer

(Mitsubishi FTO, 57.76) and Jonathan

Manning (Mitsubishi FTO, 60.99. The

weather conditions on the weekend were so

uncomfortable that Peter Andrews ran with

the air conditioning on and still recorded a

53 run – it was a very warm day.

Clubmans up to 2000 saw Brian Pettit now

with the repaired gearbox installed (the

one with ratios more suited to the hill) in his

Westfield SE to take the class with a best

run of 44.66 seconds from Paul Masterson

(Maxim, 46.66), Ainsley Fitzgerald (Arrow

clubman, 47.64) and Daryll Searle (Farrell

Clubman Sports 1300, 63.50 seconds).

Sports Cars classes went to Chris Johns

(Suzuki Cappuccino turbo, 48.24) in the

under 2 litre category with Steve Riley

(MGB V8 S/c, 47.99) taking the larger

engine capacity class from Jeffrey Graham

(Mazda MX5) with a best run of 48.75



Nathan Quelch took the Superkarts class

in his Honda Arrow (47.50) with Gary

O’Mullane next in his Kinsella with a best

run of 48.82 seconds. The Formula Vee

1200 class went to Jim Heymer (Hornet

F/V, 52.16). This meeting Jim accelerated

from the hairpin to the finish without lifting

off which is what he had never done over

previous meetings. He reported that he

“made the time but did not survive the

journey” as he spun after the finish line

and backed the Hornet into the earth bank.

This unplanned manoeuvre broke the gear

selector rod as well as somewhat bending

the exhaust pipe so the Hornet was retired

for the year. Warwick Gifford established a

class record for Formula Vee 1600 with a

best run of 60.48 seconds in his Jabaru Vee

whilst the Formula Ford class went to Rick

Miles (Kookaburra FF91, 46.14) chased by

Gary Goulding (47.25) having his first run at

Mt Cotton in the ex Hayden Cooper Vector


Formula Libre up to 1300 went to Neil Lewis

(DBF, 40.09) from David Homer (Group A

GAE 001, 42.15), Jim Milliner (OMS 2000M,

44.47), Chris Lake (Suzuki Escargot

Mk111c, 45.33), David Quelch (Honda Black

Arrow, 46.48) with Simon Lake (Suzuki

Escargot Mk 111c) recording a best run of

46.79 seconds. From round 5 David Homer

had installed a new engine which reportedly

felt good however it needed to make a new

chain tensioner overnight to run on Sunday.

On his first run on Sunday the engine lost

oil pressure with some engine noises which

could be a damaged bearing.

Jim Milliner OMS 2000M dropped oil

pressure on his first run again with some

engine noises. The Suzuki engine was

selected from the wreckers about 2 years

ago and was certainly not a “million dollar”

engine. Jim reported his Suzuki engine

recorded about 130 bhp when compared

with more developed engines giving about

230 bhp so his sub 40 second time set

during the July meeting is impressive. This

he reports was achieved through steady

improvements in the suspension set up of

the OMS 2000 car.

Dean Tighe (Dallara Judd) held the lead

in the 1301 cc and over class on Saturday

evening with a 38.31 second run from

Warwick Hutchinson (Van Diemen RPV02

turbo, 39.06) then Dean Amos (Gould

GR37, 40.26), Michael von Rappard

(Dallara F392, 40.26) and Vikki Paxton

(Dallara F301) recording a 45.82 timed run.


The Octagon - November 2015

Unfortunately the first gear in the gearbox

had broken just after Vikki’s start on the

second run with the gearbox not able to be

repaired before Sunday.

Sunday times saw Dean Tighe hold his

lead with a best run of 38.12 seconds from

Warwick Hutchinson (38.94 secs), Dean

Amos (39.49), Michael von Rappard (after

repairing a gear selector issue, 39.55),

Stan Pobjoy, up from Grafton to run his VW

Special S/c for a best time 43.48 seconds

and Vikki Paxton.


The top six drivers will come from the 10

fastest times set during the meeting. For

this meeting we saw a couple competitors

who could have qualified encounter engine

problems thus 4 drivers were eligible for this

final round.

1 Dean Tighe 38.80

2 Warwick Hutchinson 38.83

3 Garry Ford 45.19

4 Neil Lewis DNF

Best MG: Steve Riley

Fastest Time of Day: Dean Tighe

Top Six winner: Dean Tighe

2016 Season

The 2016 season will commence with

a Come and Try with Test and Tune on

Sunday 31 January, followed by events

on 27-28 February (series round 1); 9-10

April (round 2); Saturday 14 May (Interclub

Hillclimb); 3 to 5 June Queensland Hillclimb

Championships; 25-26 June (round 3);

Saturday 27 August Come and Try with Test

and Tune; 10-11 September (round 4); 1-2

October (round 5); 3-4 December (round 6).

The Australian Hillclimb Championships

are scheduled on 27-30 October at the

Haunted Hills complex at Morwell Victoria

using the clockwise circuit. More information

via Gippsland Car Club or AHC link on the

MGCCQ website when more information

becomes available.


FAMILY FUN DAY - 6 September

by Malcolm Spiden who competed

in the event with Bevan Harris

Some 50 years ago the Queensland Rally

Championship commenced. For those with

long memories or those who participated

or those with interest in the many forms of

the sport will remember these events during

the 1960’s 1970’s were in a map navigation

format held on unsealed country roads

between Dusk and hopefully to finish before

Dawn rather than the daylight special stage

format in the forests as they are today.

Some who reminisced of this era at the

Queensland Rally Reunion Dinner set about

to recreate a fun style run using some of the

old rally roads and as a mapping event.

Today the majority of these roads that were

commonly traversed are sealed rather than

the unsealed surfaces of yesteryear.

Decades ago the navigator member of the

crew (that is not the driver) was given the

set of instructions (mostly grid coordinates

with entry compass directions plus any

Out Of Bounds information i.e. you cannot

use that road) at the start of each division

(that is the event) who then had to map the

course on the topographic survey maps.

The navigator then had to direct their driver

from the start of each section to the end of

section. The enjoyment of this activity was

for the Director to outwit the crews and for

the crews to be able to stay on course so as

to foil the Director’s little traps. Thus, to join

in the fun, all you needed was an ordinary

road vehicle, a couple of extra spot lights,

Halda or some mileage measuring device,

some type of sump protection therefore you

could take your Bellett, HR Holden, Morris,

Corolla Sprinter, Volkswagen 1200, Mazda

1200, Peugeot 403, Cortina on a night’s


For this Rally Re-run event all those plotting

the course were able to access all but the

final section instructions in the week prior to

the event as it is a fun event. The final short

section instructions would be available after

lunch. Unlike yesteryear this event was held

The Octagon - November 2015 55

Phone or fax for a





The Octagon - November 2015

in daylight hours.

This re-run commenced at Greenbank with

instructions for both mixture of bitumen/dirt

sections and those driving the all bitumen

travelling through roads intertwined through

New Beith to Jimboomba, the Brisbane-

Sydney rail line crossing Undullah Road at

Cedar Grove, through Gleneagle, to the rail

overpass on Sandy Creek Road outside


From Sandy Creek Road onto Round

Mountain Road at Josephvile, using Rudd

Lane and Tramway Road at Christmas

Creek, then Oaky Creek and Innisplain

Roads around Round Hill to Rathdowney

for a break if required. These are good

touring roads for both car and motorbike

enthusiasts where plenty of bikers were out

for their club ride.

Out of Rathdowney it was to travel up

Barney View Road and heed the unofficial

‘slow down’ warning if not you may end up

visiting the farmer’s paddock without first

opening the gate. Nor you may not pass

“Le Shack” en route to the summit before

joining Boonah-Rathdowney Road near

Burnett Creek. The smooth dirt section

ventured via Newman Road onto Burnett

Creek Road near Lake Maroon before

joining the main road to Boonah.

So to Boonah with the dirt path using

Cannon Creek Road near Mt Sugarloaf to

join the bitumen group at the Ganthorpe

Road/Mount Alford Road intersection into

the township of Mt Alford. The break for

lunch followed at Flavours Café owned by

Graham Neilsen in Boonah.

intersection before the end finish at Peak


No prizes just enjoying the roads and

exchanging experiences from the run.

There were a few groups of relaying tales

from yesteryear when those unsealed

country roads at night would have been

very interesting.

Certainly a lot of work by Laurie Garth and

the Northern District Sporting Car Club

with Dan and Rosie White to have the two

sets of instructions intertwine to have all

travelling in a similar general direction

Laurie Garth and Bevan Harris are both

navigators of the era and both had set

rallies. In 1967 Ipswich West Moreton

Auto Club organised the Dusk to Dawn

Rally (round 2 of the Queensland Rally

Championship –QRC- over 350 miles)

which was set by Jim Wood and Bevan

Harris while the final round of the QRC (the

Interclub Rally over 250 miles) again set by

Jim, Bevan and Peter Lettuce.

Again in 1968 the Interclub Rally over 220

miles was set by David Potts and Bevan. In

1971 Queensland State Council introduced

the Queensland Novice Rally series.

This series was to encourage new

competitors along with less experienced

crews to enter rally events which were not

of championship difficulty for both car and

crews. The inaugural event in February

1971, the IWMAC Summertime Rally was

set by David and Bevan with Lorell Harris

as Event Secretary. (Queensland Times,

21/0101971 p9).

After lunch the final section the final section

instructions were given at start just as in the

60s and 70s just for a bit of nostalgia. Out

of Boonah first was a map trace through

Hoya, Teviotville, and Kulgun, then travel

via a section of road near some ruins

near Roadvale, use map coordinates via

a road junction at Wilsons Plains leading

to Harrisville, find the intersection from

given distances from both Harrisville and

Mutdapilly as coordinates to travel via an

This John Campbell cartoon was first published in a 1972

Octagon; this article has opened up an opportunity to re-use it.

The Octagon - November 2015 57


This was held at the Clubrooms on Friday 4th December. just a few days after the last

hillclimb. Pointscorer, Ian Fettes, and the committee responsible for organising the event

and having trophies all prepared worked hard to have everything ready on time. Gary

Goulding took on the job of MC while Club President, Richard Mattea, presented the

trophies ably assisted by son Jeremy.

Not all trophy winners were able to attend

so for those competitors there is only an on

track photo in the trophy list below. Thanks

go to all photographers for the use of their

photos - Steve Johns, Steve Ivanovich, Ian

Colley and Rob Talbot.

Richard Mattea with 1st and 3rd in the series - Chris Johns (left) and Brian Pettit (right)

Thanks also to Jim Heymer for taking the

photos of the presentations whilst Elaine

Hamilton provided and worked the photo

display of each winner as their trophy was

announced and presented.

Chris Johns - 1st outright, Best Sedan and Group U class winner

Brian Pettit - 3rd outright, Best Sports Car and class winner Clubman cars

Rick Miles - Best racing car and Class winner Formula Ford


The Octagon - November 2015

Mark Pryor - 2nd outright, class winner Hyundai X3 Series

John Price - Russell Crew Memorial Trophy for Best MG

Joanne Reinke - Kay Hawley award for Ladies

Greg Rekers - MGCCQ award for Males and class winner, AWD Forced Induction

Formula Libre 1301cc & over, Warwick Hutchinson

Ken and Pauline Graham with their trophy for Michael.

Michael von Rappard - Accurate Suspension Best Young Driver Award

Formula Libre up to 1300cc, Neil Lewis

The Octagon - November 2015 59

Group K, Barry Smith

Group N up to 2000cc, Paul Shergold

Group S, Stephen Callaghan

Improved Production up to 1600cc, Robin Manning

Improved Production 2001cc & over, Ken Graham

Mod Prod & Inv Cars, incl. Road Reg 2001cc & over, David Jones


The Octagon - November 2015

Marque Sports 2001cc and over, Mark Crespan

Mod Prod & Inv Cars, incl. Road Reg up to 2000cc, Shane Merrick

Marque Sports 1601 to 2000cc, Ray Pearse

Prod & Inv Cars, incl. Road Reg 1601cc to 2000cc, Chris Balhatchet

Production Rally Cars, Ray Evans

Prod & Inv Cars, incl. Road Reg Up to 1600cc, Peter Rekers

Prod & Inv Cars, incl. Road Reg 2001cc & over, Martin Egglesfield

The Octagon - November 2015 61

Regularity, Flavio Paggiaro

Sports Cars Open up to 2000cc, Chris Johns

Sports Cars Open 2001cc and over, Jeffrey Graham

Superkarts, Gary O’Mullane

Sports Sedans 2001cc & over, Douglas Anable

Sports Sedans Up to 2000cc, Tyson Cowie


The Octagon - November 2015

The Octagon - November 2015 63


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The Octagon - November 2015

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