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The Sheepwash Chronicle is a magazine for and about the residents of the little village of Sheepwash in Devon.

Flint’s New Year Revelations

And timely help with that resolution?


Debbie Flint is a new resident in Sheepwash.

She spends half the week here and the

other half in Chiswick.

She has two grown up children and two

Labradors and she is now to be found

helping to run Retreats for You (a venue for

writers) in Sheepwash.

Debbie will be known to many as the face of

QVC, the home shopping television channel.

She started her career as the first girl in the

hot seat on children’s BBC TV, replacing

Phillip Schofield in the Broom Cupboard.

Then she shared a couch with Eamonn

Holmes to help launch BBC Daytime TV.

Years later, she hosted her own BBC1 game show (Meet The Challenge) and has co-presented and reported

on numerous other live magazine and entertainment shows.

She is the author of short stories for children’s TV (Buena Vista, Rise and Shine), and has also self-published

novels on Amazon. Another contemporary novel, Take A Chance on Me, was published by multi-awardwinning

publishers Choc Lit in 2015.

Debbie might be able to help all of us with the resolution to – yet again – lose weight this New Year. In her

latest book, Till the Fat Lady Slims, she speaks openly and honestly of her life, stresses and

disappointments, and decades-long battles with her weight, in this semi autobiographical, weight-loss and

lifestyle book.

Alongside stories of her fascinating but often stressful life, she introduces readers to the concept of

Freedom Eating and how it helps to escape Food Prison. Debbie shares, in her very own personable way,

how she managed to break free from the habits of a lifetime - habits that so many readers will be able to

identify with. Her tale of regaining control is heart-warming and above all, inspirational.

Speaking from her home in Sheepwash, Debbie confides, “The last decade was particularly tough on several

fronts, and I share my experiences in this book. Some parts were not the easiest thing to admit to, but the

feedback I get is that letting others in on the ups and downs is what makes people realise they are not


“After managing to take back control and finding the secrets to my own success, I was asked to share those

secrets and Till the Fat Lady Slims was born.

“This book isn't really about weight. It's about listening to our own instincts and once we are back in touch

with what our bodies are telling us, we can start living again instead of being controlled by food. I'm

delighted so many people have experienced their own success having read this book.”

Till The Fat Lady Slims – 2017 edition was released in paperback in January and is available at all good book

shops and online retailers.

Debbie is planning some personal appearances at bookshops around Devon, and, of course, you’re likely to

see her walking her dogs around Sheepwash.

In Sheepwash Debbie is looking forward to expanding on Deb's legacy, creating a little tearoom - you’ll

probably recall Deb’s pop-up cafe was popular in previous summers. You never know, it may even become

a vintage tearoom destination and a good reason for visitors to travel to Sheepwash in years to come!

Initially, Debbie’s hoping to put on a couple of fundraisers for the well-known charity, Medical Detection

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