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The Sheepwash Chronicle is a magazine for and about the residents of the little village of Sheepwash in Devon.

Dogs, for which she is an ambassador. They help humans in the detection of disease, and are just

incredible. Some medical detection dogs might visit Sheepwash on the weekend after Valentine's Day, so

watch out for notices around the place!

Praise for Till the Fat Lady Slims – 2017 edition

"When I first started reading it, I was truly amazed - it was like reading my

own story. Fast forward a couple of years and, to my surprise

(conventional diets never worked for me!) I'm slowly and effortlessly

approaching my goal of getting below the 11 stone mark - nearly 3 stone

lighter. It's not hard either, now, as eating sensibly has become second

nature! I love my new way of being around food and my new shape. But

most of all, feeling normal around food."


Being on crutches after always being a very active person all my life, was

quite a shock. Weight had piled on. Then I read Till The Fat Lady Slims. It

just clicked. No need to clear my plate, just stop when satisfied. Don't

start until I am at number 6 on my hunger scale. I lost two stone last year

even though I was fairly immobile. It's brilliant!


Till The Fat Lady Slims has changed my life so much, down from a size 30 at my biggest to a 12-14. Debbie's

Freedom Eating system means I no longer have to panic-diet if I put a bit on, like when I disastrously went

on hormones briefly. I just carry on with the basic principles from TTFLS and it slowly comes back off. The

ground-breaking difference is that in the bad old days it would have ALL gone back on, as I beat myself up

for being bad. This is such a life change for me, people who haven't seen me for a while don't recognise me,

and I have to say I love it when that happens. LOL!


Sheepwash Rainfall

Rainfall in inches November December Yearly Total


Charles, East Street




Graham, Middlecott





Charles, East Street

Graham, Middlecott








The rainfall in November and December was less than half that during the corresponding two months in


In fact it has been the driest year since 2011, with 41 inches, compared to the long term average of 45

inches, and almost 50 inches in 2015. Indeed, for the nine months since 1 st April there were only 23.5

inches, which is two-thirds of the long term average.

This winter the river has only been in full spate once - on 20 th November, when the road at Sheepwash

Bridge was flooded for a short while. Compare that with the last three winters, when the water was lapping

into the fields for weeks on end!

Not surprisingly, the reservoirs are unusually low for this time of year – for example, Roadford is only 64%

full, when in most years it is more than 90% full.

But no doubt nature will right itself!

Charles Inniss and Graham Tidball

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