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The Sheepwash Chronicle is a magazine for and about the residents of the little village of Sheepwash in Devon.

Open Friendly Back Gardens

For St. Lawrence’s Roof

You might remember that the last time we had an opportunity to welcome all comers to our gardens was in

2015, when the funds were collected for helping the village in Nepal which had suffered the devastating

earthquake. I hope to organise another similar and even better event this summer.

I write now so that you have plenty of time for planning. The Friends of St. Lawrence’s Church are meeting

very soon to plan several fund/funraising events at various times during the year.

My intention is to encourage as many folk as possible to let visitors into their gardens towards the middle

of June, when gardens and vegetables can be at their most interesting or attractive.

Again, like the last time, the idea is to see not parks and ornamental gardens all prim and proper

necessarily, but work in interesting progress, the struggles and fun we have, the crops we grow and their

pests, the views of the village from normally unvisited places, and to raise more funding for the roof repairs

for St. Lawrence’s Church. (Our fund at the time of writing is more than half way to the goal of £25,000,

including great generosity from Sheepwash people and grants raised externally.)

So let’s plan a bit, grow a lot, and be ambitious for the gardening year in our gardens. There will

undoubtedly be plant sales, swapping of seedlings, offers of help from friendly villagers, chittings and

germinations, transplantings and trimmings, but the main aim is for fun and fundraising!

Mike Ritson

Mobile Library

The mobile library now calls once a month. It arrives in the Square on a Tuesday at 1.55 p.m. and

departs at 2.40 p.m.

The next dates it will call are 7 th February and 7 th March.


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