Derry 15th-19th h March, 2017

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We are delighted to be funded by (TBUC )

Strategic Interventions Programme 2016/17

“Nothing is so beautiful

As spring - when weeds,

In wheels, shoot long

And lovely and lush;

Thrush’s eggs look

Little low heavens,

And thrush through the

Echoing timber does so

Rinse and ring:”

From, Spring, by

Gerard Manley Hopkins.

Communities United Spring Arts Festival


The first days of spring, finally the long nights and the winds of winter have lost their bite. And with the

arrival of buds and blossoms come green shoots and new possibilities. Welcome to the first Communities

United Spring Arts Festival. An exciting five day celebration of art, youth, diversity, community, shared

spaces, safer communities, cultural expression and new friendships.

Our festival will be a showcase for the budding talents of children, young teenagers and people of all ages,

from all cultures and all backgrounds, working with professional artists, local, national and international. Our

festival seeks to create new dance, drama and music complimented by the culinary arts and the cultures of

others. We want to bring the spirit of spring to our city and to our communities.

There will be workshops, plays, dance performances and Irish traditional arts & music all mixed in with

culture from India, China, Syria, Spain, Africa and Japan combined with exhibitions and city-centre events.

We, at Greater Shantallow Community Arts would like to take this opportunity to invite all communities to

take part in our celebration whether as direct participants or as audiences and to harness the spirit of spring

to nurture new talents, and forge new beginnings.

Oliver Green: Festival Director


Communities United Spring Arts Festival

Arts Council of Northern Ireland Foreword

“The Arts Council would like to commend Greater Shantallow Community Arts on this creative and inspiring

Spring programme, particularly its valuable intercultural focus. We can look forward to the celebration of

difference that the Multicultural Party event provides, giving opportunity to the city’s oldest and newest

residents and artists to showcase the richness of cultures from Syria to Spain and from Derry to China. As

principal funder of GSCA, the Arts Council recognises how high a standard of excellence in community arts

practice they set, not just in Derry city but across Northern Ireland.

The sumptuous array of music in this Spring programme, from musicians as distinguished as Uilleann piper

Brian Stafford and world renowned box player Martin Donohue, is bound to delight audiences. I hope many

people across this great city are encouraged to get involved in this programme and to experience, at first

hand, the amazing benefits and sense of wellbeing the arts bring to all. The Arts build confidence and pride

within communities, they are enriching, letting us share our cultural and social lives with each other in a

joyous way. No better place to experience that joy than here, do please enjoy.”

Roísín McDonough,

Chief Executive, Northern Ireland Arts Council.


About Us:

Greater Shantallow Community yArts

Situated at the heart of community, in the Outer North Area of Derry, Greater Shantallow

Community Arts (GSCA) aims to provide direct access to the arts within disadvantaged

communities and to bring communities from “edge to centre”

into the arts locally, regionally and nationally.

By providing a community arts facility within communities of need, GSCA seeks to

bring the arts, and the potential benefits they represent, much closer to those communities

throughout the city and beyond.

Our aims are: To promote artists and cultural activity, grow audiences, increase

participation in the arts and provide opportunity for communities and individuals to

develop skills and provide showcases for talent using a wide range of art forms and


GSCA also acknowledges the transformative power of the arts to assist with problems such

as: social exclusion, isolation, lack of opportunity and poverty and is committed to equality

regardless of cultural background, age, disability, sexual orientation or economic status.



Communities United New Light Film Festival

Events 1 & 2

Wednesday 15th March

Studio 2,

The Wee Theatre

10.30 am -11.30 am

& 1.30 pm - 2.30 pm


Emma & At theTouch of A Button

Film Workshops and Screenings

Followed by an Issue-Based Panel Discussion

Workshops by Marty McGranaghan

It’s Springtime. New life is emerging and Communities United is shedding new positive

light with its informative and educating New Light Film Festival’

Emma: 10.30 am -11.30 am

Emma is such a film on self-harm. Produced by GSCA and starring a young cast Emma, also

features advice from experts highlighting the effect on the young person, their families and

their communities and where help can be obtained.

At the Touch of a Button: 1.30 pm - 2.30 pm

At the Touch of a Button takes a look at the current craze of social networking sites such as

Facebook and Twitter, hugely popular with young people. Claire, a young teenage girl lies

about her age when meeting David online. They develop a cyber-relationship, but when it

comes to meeting in person, she finds things are not quite what they seem. How much can

you really believe when meeting people online? This short film will be followed by an

information workshop and participants will have the opportunity to speak with

professionals on best practices for keeping safe online.



The World Premier of


What happens when you put six heavily pregnant women in a room with a narcissistic baby-boomer,

an underachiever, a cheating spice-boy, an unhinged street performer and a henpecked husband?

A play by The Mahoods Theatre Group

Written by Christopher Coyle

Directed by Jean Dunn

Produced by Greater Shantallow Community Arts

Wednesday, 15th March, Studio 2 @ The Wee Theatre Showing: 7:30pm

Event 3

Wednesday 15th March

Studio 2,

The Wee Theatre

7.30 pm


£5 (concessionary)

Communities United Spring Arts Festival


Greater Shantallow Community Arts Presents:

The World Premier of Bumps

What happens when you put six heavily pregnant women in a room with a

narcissistic baby-boomer, an underachiever, a cheating spice-boy, an

unhinged street performer and a henpecked husband? What you have is Bumps,

a powerful comedy drama about the women and men who attend

a “pre-natal” (not antenatal) class at a community centre in Derry.

Bumps...The output of an interactive multicultural performance and engagement

programme, improving attitudes between young and old from different

backgrounds targeting directly small minority interest groups from ethnic

backgrounds, young people who are socially and economically excluded and

isolated continuing to improve attitudes amongst our young people and to build

a community where they can play a full and active role in building good relations.


Events 4 & 5

Thursday 16th March

Studio 2,

The Wee Theatre

1. 00 am -12.30 pm

& 1.30 pm - 2.30 pm


Communities United Spring Arts Festival

Waving Not Drowning

The Mental Health Roadshow

Workshops by Anne Gallagher, Playwright

11.00 am - 12.30 pm

Scene 1: Alarm Clock

A physical theatre piece highlighting the cumulative impact of negative thoughts, doubts and worries, and how this

can have a knock on effect on all of our lives.

Scene 2: One Step at a Time

Explores depression and self-imposed social isolation and the growing disconnect that older people can feel from their

immediate family and the wider community.

Scene 3: Five Words to Change Your World

An observation on how our lives can change in an instant, and how the actions of others, in this case the suicide

attempt of an elderly father, impacts on the family and wider community. Entertaining and flexible, Waving Not

Drowning aims to challenge stigmas and stereotypes and ensures that the voices of those who experience mental

health problems, and those who care for them, are heard.

1.30 pm - 2.30 pm

Scene 1: Daughter

Examining the shadow cast upon a daughter by her Mother who’s self-taught destructive behaviour impacted not only

on herself but on her daughter. And how the daughter’s growth and development through counseling, has enabled

her to have empathy for her mother.


Scene 2: Navy Blues

Exploring the impact of Post Natal Depression on the mother and her family and wider community.

Followed by: Question and Answer Session



Events 6 & 7

Thursday 16th March

Studio 2,

7.00 pm - 8.00 pm

Exhibition launch

8.00 pm - 9.00 pm

Painting Trauma

A discussion on the experience of artists

during the Northern Ireland conflict,

with a panel of special guests.

Booking Essential


Communities United Spring Arts Festival Presents:

Recreational Rioting

Joe Campbell Solo Exhibition

Joe Campbell was born in Derry where he still lives and works. Joe has over thirty five years

professional experience in the arts, having worked as: Artistic Director; Designer,

Illustrator, Painter, Stained Glass Artist, Poet, Writer and is a US and UK published comic

book artist. Joe is also the recipient of a number of Individual Artist Awards from The Arts

Council of Northern Ireland and was a City of Culture Individual Artist in 2013.

Joe Campbell’s surreal, dreamlike art has been described as funny, and poignant with a

reserved passion. His digital paintings are populated with graphic cultural icons and

symbols of popular culture, where icons of a youth denied (such as an electric guitar) are

given more prominence than tedious religious and political dictat which formed the social

landscape of his youth.

Using the landscape of his home town as backdrop and stage, Campbell’s work seeks to

take perceived reality and re-contextualise it, taking the everyday and the mundane and

creating “painted poems” that echo the artist’s own thoughts and experiences. His works

carry apolitical echoes of the Northern Ireland Troubles and exist in dimensions slightly

askew to that of the real world, echoing the surreal experience of growing up in a war zone.



Events 6 & 7

Thursday 16th March

Studio 2

The Wee Theatre

8.00 pm - 9.00 pm

A discussion on the experiences of

artists during the Northern Irish

“Troubles” with special guests

and a meet the artist


Booking Essential


Communities United Spring Arts Festival Presents: ents:

Painting Trauma

Panel Discussion on Art & the Troubles

PAT MC ART (Chair)

Editor of the Derry Journal for 25 years, Pat had stints in his local paper, Derry People in

Letterkenny, before moving to a post with RTE in Dublin. He took up the postion of editor at the

Journal in 1981 and was in the hot seat throughout the ‘Hunger Strikes’. In more recent years he has

been a regular contributor to Highland Radio and various other broadcast media. He is also a

columnist with the Donegal Democrat newspaper.


Dr Matt Jennings is Lecturer in Drama at the University of Ulster. Originally from Sydney, Matt is a

performer and drama facilitator, based in Northern Ireland since 2001. In 2010, he completed a

PhD on the impact of community theatre in Northern Ireland since 1998. Matt has been based in

Northern Ireland since 2001, where he has worked extensively in the field of community and

applied drama.


Felicity was a journalist with the BBC for twenty years of the Northern Ireland Conflict and is

presently a full time writer. Her portfolio includes more than 20 published works, 12 plays as well as

4 screenplays. A native of south Armagh, she has lived in Derry for thirty years.


Lynne Edgar spent her formative years growing up in The Fountain. When she was 11 years old her

family together with many others from the area, moved to the Waterside. Lynne’s poems have

appeared in a number of publications, including Poetry Ireland Review. In October, 2011, her first

collection, Trapeze, was published, and in 2012 she co-edited Shared Spaces, an anthology of

poems which explored the concept of shared and contested spaces in a Northern Ireland context


Joe Campbell is a painter, poet, designer and musician. He is the recipient of a number of

Individual Artist Awards from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and a City of Culture Individual

Artist award in 2013. In 2014 Guildhall Press published his first collection of poems and paintings

entitled: Crossing Borders.

St. Patrick’s Day


Event 8

Friday 17th March

Studio 2 to City Centre

Leaving Studio 2 @ 1.00 pm

Parade 2.00 pm - 3.30 pm

As Niamh returns for Oisin

From the land of Tir Na nOg

She sings a spell of youth

Upon all young and old

Communities United Spring Arts Festival

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Communities United St. Patrick’s Carnival Parade

St. Patrick’s Day will see a Spring Carnival celebration with thousands taking part in the city’s annual St.

Patrick’s Day Parade. The theme of this year’s festival is Forever Young.

The highlight of the St Patrick’s Day celebrations on Friday March 17th will be the Spring Carnival

Parades in Derry City and Strabane where over 500 people from community based carnival

programmes , including many from Greater Shantallow Community Arts will perform for thousands of

spectators featuring showcase performances.

2017 promises to be another great year for GSCA’s dancers, drama students, musicians and festival

performers. This year will also see a strong emphasis on the forging of new friendships with

representations from cultures from across the world including: Africa, India, Japan, China, New

Zealand, Spain and of course home-grown Irish and Ulster Scots.

May you dance in celebration,

May you feast on foods of love

May you cherish all the nations,

Under this great big sky above

And may you stay forever young.


Communities United Spring Arts Festival

Event 9

St. Patrick’s Day

Friday 17th March

Studio 2

4.00 pm - 7.00 pm


Communities United Cultivating Culture Party

An After Carnival Parade, Multicultural party at Studio 2 featuring many of the performers who took

part in the parade and creative cultures from all across the world. A celebration of difference,

shared spaces, safer communities, new friends and talents all topped off with traditional Irish cuisine.

Bollywood Performances: Aditya Bolagoni -

a fusion of Bollywood songs. Aditya has been dancing from a very young age

and has performed at many community events locally and further afield.

Nikitha & Sneha Pillai

A duet by these young sisters performing hit Bollywood songs and dances.

The Joy of Dance: Ragini Ramdas & Somaprabha Mukherjee

An expression of emotion through the medium of dance.

Also performing is the Margaret McGinley School of Irish Dance, African Drumming and

a feast of Arts & Crafts and flower making all topped off with Traditional

fare and culinary delights from all over the world.

Chinese Lion Dance

Indian Dances

African Dance & Drum The Margaret McGinley

School of Irish Dance

Spanish Dance


Fan Dance

Traditional ional

Irish Cuisine &

Foods of the World


Communities United Spring Arts Festival

Event 10

Saturday 18th March

Studio 2

10.00 am -1.00 pm

Multicultural Dance Masterclass

A great way to start a Saturday morning and continue the St. Paddy’s Day weekend

celebrations. A must for dance fans. A series of dance workshops hosted by celebrity guest

dance choreographers featuring dance from The West End, Bollywood, Hip Hop and Sub

Saharan Africa.


Event 11

Saturday 18th March

Studio 2

The Wee Theatre

1.00 pm - 2.00 pm


(Booking Essential / Limited Seats)

Communities United Spring Arts Festival

St. Patrick & The Emerald Isle

The Story of St. Patrick

A humorous celebration of the story of St. Patrick featuring many amusing scenes and

Irish expressions. The play covers the events in St. Patrick’s life mixed with a dash of

blarney and stirred with a four-leafed clover.

When the young St. Patrick is taken by pirates to Ireland as a slave he is befriended by a

leprechaun and clurichaun. St. Patrick shows them how to be kinder fairy-folk to

humans, partly thanks to some Irish-dancing sheep. St. Patrick leaves Ireland and then

returns later as a missionary. His two friends act as his companions as he journeys

around Ireland banishing snakes, preaching, planting ash trees, meeting with

legendary Celtic warriors and less-than-friendly druids.



The Story of Saint Patrick

Studio 2, The Wee Theatre

Saturday, 18th March, 2017, 1-2 pm Admission £5


















Event 12


18th March

The Marquee

Waterloo Place

Derry City Centre

3.00 pm - 4.30 pm

Communities United Spring Arts Festival

An Turas -The Journey

A new event for the city’s festival calendar, AN TURAS is a spectacular, open air dance extravaganza

staged in the heart of Derry/Londonderry at Waterloo Place. The production will celebrate the dance,

costume and culture of countries from all over the world and will involve hundreds of participants.

Tai Chi Master Class with Master Zhu Chang Hai 1.00 pm - 2.00 pm

Tai Chi, the internal martial arts that balance the ying and yang

energy within, an ancient form that has been practiced in

China for generations.

The Rosemount Men’s Choir “In Harmony: 2.00 pm - 3.00 pm

Playing their part in Saturday’s ‘An Turas’ Musical Journey will be the award-winning Rosemount Male Voice Choir under the

direction of Raymond Kelly and his brother Maurice on keyboards. Taking to the Waterloo Place stage at 2.00pm they will

perform a number of Irish and American tunes including the salute to the Patron Saint ‘Hail Glorious St. Patrick’, ‘Deep River’,

‘Shenandoah’ and many others, wrapping up with a grand finale of the ‘Patriotic Salute’. The choir features many of the city’s

well-known voices including Pat MacCafferty, the McAdams brothers Damian and Jimmy; Big Papa Duffy, George McIntyre,

Don Henderson and Liam Griffin among others and a ‘belter of a show’ they’ve promised on the day.


Event 12


18th March

The Marquee

Waterloo Place

Derry City Centre

3.00 pm - 4.30 pm

Communities United Spring Arts Festival Presents

An Turas -The Journey

Musical Extravaganza from All Around the World

3.00 pm - 4.30 pm

Bollywood Dance, India

Bollywood dance is the dance-form used in popular indian

musicals comprising of many different styles including: Belly

Dancing, Kathak, Indian Folk, Western Popular Dance and

even Modern & Jazz.

Flamenco, Spain

Flamenco is based upon the folk lore and musical traditions

of Spain. It includes singing, the guitar, dance, vocalisations,

handclapping and finger-snapping.

Maori Dance/ The Haka, New Zealand

The Haka is the traditional Maori war dance with vigorous

movements and stamping of the feet accompanied by

rhythmic shouting.

Irish Step Dancing Ireland

Irish Step Dancing is notable for its rapid leg and foot

movements with the arms being kept stationary. The solo

dances can be either “soft shoes” or “hard shoe”

African Dances, Africa

African dance refers mainly to the dance of Sub-Saharan

Africa. Different parts of the body are emphasised by

different tribes and groups. An exciting display to watch.

Lion & Fan Dances, China

The Chinese Lion Dance originated in Guangdong

Province over 1500 years ago and features dragons.

The Chinese Fan dance is entitled, The House of Flying

Daggers. It tells the story of a great battle from long ago.


Josie Nugent Brian Stafford Michael Carey Marcus O’ Murchu

Martin Donohoe

Masters of Ireland

Brendan Molloy

Ruairi O’ Broin

Siobhán Molloy

Greater Shantallow Community Arts

& CCÉ Baile na gCailleach Presents

Masters of Ireland

CCÉ Baile Na gCailleach

Comhaltas in partnership with Greater Shantallow Community Arts is proud to present some of the finest Irish

traditional musicians in the world to grace the first ever Communities United Spring Arts Festival including:

Michael Carey

Michael Carey, is originally from Buncrana, County Donegal. He has played his music all around the world with Derry

group Aileach and Fir Uladh. His whistle style subtly incorporates musical nuances from other instruments such as banjo,

fiddle and accordion. After winning successive All-Ireland Slógadh competitions, he featured on the Gael- Linn Bualadh Bos

album along with many other notable artists at the age of 14, and has also appeared on the television programmes 'Bring

Down The Lamp', 'Come West Along the Road' and 'The Pure Drop' as well as numerous Fleadh Ceoil programmes. In

2013, the Buncrana man featured on the TG4 An Samhradh Linn television programme. Michael was also a founder

member of two recent bands, Dalltach (traditional and modern) and Kintra (Rock) and toured extensively throughout the

whole of Ireland and France.

Ruairi O’ Broin

Ruairi O’ Broin hails from Dublin and is not only a singer but an accomplished multi-instrumentalist. He has been singing

and collecting Folk and Traditional songs for decades. No stranger to Derry, one of his proudest musical achievements was

assembling Cairde Chualann to perform at both the Launch of Fleadh Cheoil na hEireann 2013 and on the gigrig during

that wonderful Fleadh. In the last few years, he has lived in the west of Ireland and has kept himself busy giving singing

workshops and organising group ensembles, broadcasting on several radio shows, adjudicating at Fleadheanna and

Feiseanna, and of course, still collecting and singing whenever and wherever the opportunity arises.


Siobhán Molloy

Siobhán Molloy is a traditional Irish musician, singer and dancer hailing from Derry. Having taught tin whistle and flute in

the city’s local branch of Comhaltas for over seven years Siobhán has a wealth of experience in engaging and helping young

people on their musical journeys. Siobhán is an All-Ireland medallist in tin whistle, flute and singing. In the past, she has held

the positions of branch, county and provincial youth officer for the national organisation for the traditional arts, Comhaltas

Ceoltóirí Éireann. Siobhán has also co-ordinated fleadhanna, festivals and music workshops throughout Derry and had the

honour of representing Ireland in the European Parliament by leading a group of traditional Irish musicians and dancers for a

showcase in honour of Ireland’s year of European Presidency in 2013.

Hailing from County Cavan, Martin Donohoe is a box player of world renown. Describing himself as ‘self directed’ in the music world,

Martin has travelled the globe in both playing and tutoring. From the Catskills Festival, USA to Camden Town Festival, London and

the Tocane Summer School in France, he has also touched down in Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Orkney Islands, Scotland and

numerous venues north and south of the island of Ireland. A former member of the Breffni Boys Marching Band, the premier teacher

of traditional music holds 11 Fleadh Cheoil Champion Medals in Accordion as well as 2 All-Ireland Accordion Champion Medals and

a Silver Medal for Composition at Fleadh Cheoil 2012. Martin is also well known for Radio broadcasting and has his own regular

Saturday night show with a following of tens of thousands throughout the midlands of Ireland.

Martin Donohoe


Marcus O’ Murchu

Belfast man Marcus O’ Murchu is an Irish Woodwind Flute player who has travelled the world in his field. He is also the proud

holder of Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Éreann’s acclaimed ‘Chief Bard of Irish Music’ for his work as a teacher, historian, folklorist and

broadcaster. For over 30 years, the Belfast native now living in Derry has been tirelessly preserving and promoting the best traditions of

Ireland as well as producing and presenting traditional music programmes on BBC, RTE and RnaG.. Not widely known is that he

recently donated his personal collection of over 700 hours of performances and interviews to the Irish Traditional Music Archive in

Dublin. Comhaltas 'Treoir' magazine described the flute player fittingly: "for style and repertoire Marcus has few equals”.

Brendan Molloy

Josie Nugent

Brian Stafford

Born in the Creggan area of Derry, Brendan’s first memories of Irish traditional music were in his home in Circular Road. A

big performer in Feis Doire Cholmcille, Slodagh, Scor, Fleadhanna and other musical events. The affable Derryman is now

well known in official Comhaltas circles as the chair of CCÉ Baile na gCailleach and chair of County Derry CCÉ County

Board and was also the vice chair of the Fleadh Executive Committee for Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann 2013. Brendan is a

wonderful custodian of Irish culture, a dedicated member of Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Éireann and the deserving winner of the

Bardic Award 2013. The Derryman was the recent recipient of the prestigious 1916 Commemorative Medal for Contribution

to the Irish Culture.

Musician, music therapist and renowned fiddle player, Josie Nugent hails from County Clare. The multiple All Ireland fiddle

champion is heavily associated with the festival circuit and has travelled to most counties in the country as well as further

afield. Josie featured in the Derry City of Culture 2013 programme with her ‘Traditions of Ulster Cross Community

Workshops and brings a wealth of experience to the festival. Indeed, she was honoured with the appointment of musical

director and composer for the Fleadh Cheoil na hEireann 2013’s closing ceremony The Bridges of Derry which united world

class musicians from the province of Ulster and America. Noted for her dedicated work as a music educator and instructor

for fiddle workshops and master classes for musicians of all ages and she has a great interest in Irish folk music and is known

for recent collaborations and critically-acclaimed recordings including Hills and Hollows (2010) and The Caves of Cong


Derryman and distinguished Uilleann piper Brian Stafford began playing the pipes as a teenager in his native city under the

tutelage of Finbar McLaughlin, and was soon the holder of a coveted All-Ireland title. An important part of the local band

Quilty, he performed alongside Malcolm Wray and Ian Stephenson before moving on to become a long term member of the

seminal Welch group Yr Hwntws Ceili Band. Most recently he has toured Switzerland and Romania under the baton of

Flavius Filip of the Convervatoire de Musique de Geneve. Now back in Ireland, the genial Derry native has teamed up with

Josie Nugent and has become a Scoil Eigse tutor. While remaining true to the tradition, his style is seen as progressive,

blending influences from folk idioms, jazz and even classical music.


Event 13

Saturday 18th March

Studio 2

Comhaltas Rooms 1-3

2.30 pm - 5.00 pm

£5 (Comhaltas Members)

£8 (Non-Comhaltas)

Communities United Spring Arts Festival

Master Workshops (Booking Essential)

Marcus O’ Murchu, Siobhán Molloy & Ruairi O’ Broin

Introducing our “Master Workshops”. Learn with the country’s top musicians, Siobhán Molloy

(Beginners Tin Whistle), Marcus O’ Murchu (Intermediate Whistle & Flute) and Traditional Irish

Singing with Ruairi O’ Broin. Come along and enjoy the craic at Studio 2. You may have heard the

rumour that Traditional Irish Music embodies the spirit of Ireland with its upbeat tempos compelling

you to dance a jig, clap your hands and join in... Learn with the Masters!

Marcus O’ Murchu

Flute & Whistle

Siobhan Molloy

Tin Whistle

Ruairi O’ Broin

Irish Traditional Singing


Event 14

Saturday 18th March

Studio 2

The Wee Theatre

5.00 pm - 5.30 pm


Communities United Spring Arts Festival

The Three Masters

CCÉBaile na gCailleach, are proud to host The Three Masters, Marcus O’ Murchu, Siobhán Molloy and

Ruiari O‘ Broin, in our Wee Theatre. an absolute must for all fans of Irish Traditional Music. Be

entertained by a trio of Ireland’s finest Traditional Irish Musicians in session.

Marcus O’ Murchu

Flute & Whistle

Siobhán Molloy

Tin Whistle

Ruairi O’ Broin

Irish Traditional i Singing


Event 15

Saturday 18th March

Studio 2

The Wee Theatre

8.00 pm - Till Late


Communities United Spring Arts Festival

Musicians of Ireland Grand Session

A fitting end to a special day of Irish traditional music, a session featuring an ensemble of Ireland’s

finest traditional musicians from all over the country including players from: Derry, North Derry,

South Derry, Donegal, Antrim, Tyrone and beyond also featuring all our guests.

Marcus O’ Murchu Siobhán Molloy Ruairi O’ Broin

Josie Nugent Brian Stafford Martin Donohoe

Brendan Molloy


Michael Carey

Event 16

Sunday 19th March

Studio 2

Comhaltas Room 1

2.30 pm - 5.00 pm

£5 (Comhaltas Members)

£8 (Non-members)

Communities United Spring Arts Festival

Box Workshop with Martin Donohoe

(Booking Essential)

A fantastic opportunity for aspiring Irish Traditional Musicians to work with Martin Donohoe one of

the finest traditional players in the world. Martin is a box player of world renown having travelled

the globe both as a player and a teacher. Martin is also holder of eleven Fleadh Cheoil Champion

Medals as well as two All-Ireland Accordion Champion Medals. An accomplished player and the

best there is.

Martin Donohoe


Event 17

Sunday 19th March

Studio 2

The Wee Theatre

5.00 pm - 5.30 pm


Communities United Spring Arts Festival

“The Cavan Man” with Martin Donohoe

Performance with Martin Donohoe one of the finest box players in the world. Martin will be joined

by guest performers in the Wee Theatre for a seisun. Martin Donohoe is a box player and Shannon

Side Northern Sound Radio Presenter. A native of Cavan, he is a gifted traditional musician and

highly regarded in traditional circles for his dynamic personal style on the accordion and unique,

individual interpretation of the music, Martin’s music has been recorded and released in a number

of albums on the Clo Iar Chonnachta Label & NYAH label.

Martin Donohoe


Event 18

Sunday 19th March

Studio 2

1.30 pm - 4.30 pm


Communities United Spring Arts Festival Presents

Out of This World Comic Book Workshops

With Danny Mc Laughlin & Revolve Comics

Danny is the “Master & Commander” of Revolve Comics, an exciting new Derry-based comics

company that swept the board at the recent, Irish Comic News Awards in Dublin, winning in five

categories including: Best Irish Comic, Best Writer, (Danny) Best Artist, Best Irish Creator Comic & Best

Publisher for Revolve Comics. A fantastic opportunity for prospective comic book geeks to work

with the best.


Event 19

Sunday 19th March

Studio 2

Attic Studio

1.30 pm - 4.30 pm


Communities United Spring Arts Festival Presents


Followed by “If You Can Breathe You Can Do Yoga”


Mini-Me-Yoga, or, “Fifteen Minutes to Happier Kids” incorporates many physical activities iti in a short

fun program that allows the child to participate in competitive games, as well as increasing

achievement and personal goals. The program is designed for children helping them to live

healthier, happier more active lives.

If You Can Breathe You Can Do Yoga

Suitable for all ages, you will be taught a series of yoga postures that have numerous

health benefits. You will also learn breathing techniques that nuture and relax the body. Yoga Nidra

allows for physical, emotional and mental well-being enabling the body to soften and relax.

Together Stronger Bollywood Party

1 Solo Performance

Aditya Bolagoni - A fusion of some hit Bollywood songs. Aditya has been dancing

from a very young age and has performed at many community events.

2 Performance Nikitha Pillai & Sneha Pillai

A duet performance by these young sisters. A beautiful performance on some

hit Bollywood songs.


3 Bollywood Performances

A group of young amateur singers performing a medley of Bollywood songs.

Event 20

Sunday 19th March

Studio 2

1.30 pm - 4.30 pm


Greater Shantallow Community Arts &

The Community Relations Council Presents

New Beginnings

Celebrating Diversity – Inter Cultural Friendship Club

A short film showcase

“New Beginnings” The world premiere of “New Beginnings” a short film, the outcome of a series of

workshops kindly funded by the Community Relations Council, that encouraged the acceptance of

and respect for cultural diversity across our community and city, whilst encouraging the creating of

new friends within and between communities ensuring the growth of attitudes that reject hate

crime and intimidation based upon the understanding that all our neighbours should be valued and

treated equally, in turn supporting a growing attitude of standing up to and rejecting racism,

sectarianism and abuse of our neighbours no matter what their background.


Doire Ceili Mor


Event 21

Sunday 19th March

St. Brigid’s College/ Colaiste Bhride

Glengalliagh Road, Derry

8.00 pm - 11.00 pm

£5 Entrance

Greater Shantallow Community Arts, St. Brigid’s College &

CCÉ Baile na gCailleach Presents

Doire Céilí Mór

CCÉ Baile na gCailleach in partnership with GSCA and Colaiste Bhride present Doire Ceili Mor.

Experience the art of Irish Traditional Culture straight to the heart. Be entertained by Fear an Ti

Thomas Close and The Copperplate Ceili Band and witness the cream of Ireland’s phenomenal

traditional musicians, singers and dancers for a truely spectacular finale to The Communities United

Spring Festival.


Wednesday 15 Thursday 16 Friday 17 Saturday 18 Saturday 18

March March March March March (Cont.)








Studio 2

Wee Theatre

Workshops & Films

10.30 am -11.30 am

1.30 pm - 2.30 pm




Studio 2

The Wee Theatre


7.30 pm

£5 Entrance



The Mental Health


Studio 2

Wee Theatre

Workshops & Drama

11.00 am -12.30 pm

1.30 pm - 2.30 pm





Studio 2

Joe Campbell

Art Exhibition

7.00 pm - 8.00 pm





City Centre

2.00 pm -3.30 pm





Studio 2

Arts & Crafts/


4.00 pm - 7.00 pm




Studio 2

10.00 am -1.00 pm FREE




Studio 2/The Wee Theatre


1.00 pm - 2.00 pm £5



Waterloo Place,




3.00 pm - 4.30 pm FREE







Studio 2/The Wee Theatre

Irish Traditional Music

5.00 pm - 5.30 pm FREE




Studio 2

Irish Traditional Music


8.00 pm - Late


At A Glance


Studio 2

The Wee Theatre

Panel Discussion

Felicity McCall

Pat Mc Art

Joe Campbell

Dr. Matt Jennings

Lynne Edgar

8.00 pm - 9.00 pm







Studio 2

Comhaltas Rooms 1-3

Irish Traditional Music


2.00 pm - 5.00 pm

£8 / £5


Sunday 19




Studio 2

Comhaltas Room

2.30 pm - 5.00 pm

£8 / £5



Studio 2

The Wee Theatre

Performance /

Martin Donohue

5:.00 pm -5.30 pm





Art Room / Studio 2

1:30 pm - 4:30 pm



1.30pm - 4.30 pm

Studio 2 FREE

MINI-ME-YOGA (Kids Yoga)







Sunday 19

March (Cont.)




Studio 2

1.30 pm - 4.30 pm




St. Bridig’s College

Colaiste Bhride

Glengalliagh Road, Derry

Copperplate Ceili Band

Thomas Close

8.00 pm - Late

£5 Entrance

To Buncrana

Skeoge Link

Buncrana Road

Skeoge Link


Waterloo Place

Walled City

Craigavon Bridge

Glengalliagh Road


Racecourse Road

Strand Road

Studio 2

Ferndale Rd

St. Brigid’s College


Culmore Road

Peace Bridge

Racecourse Road

River Foyle

Dungiven Road

Foyle Bridge


To Moville

River Foyle

Foyle Bridge

Cresent Link


Map of Derry, showing main festival venues and arterial routes

Studio 2

Units 2-3, 4 Beraghmore Road

Foyle Business Park

Skeoge Industrial Estate


County Londonderry BT48 8SE

Studio 2

Studio 2

To Limavady


Contact Details/Box Office/Booking

Tel: 02871 358750





Communities United Spring Arts Festival 2017

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