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Slipstream - March 2017

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

PCA Tours Preview: The

PCA Tours Preview: The Mitas Hill Vineyard Tour By Tom Martin, Region PCA Tour Co-Chair t seems only appropriate that the first weekend of spring should incorporate a PCA I Tour, n’est-ce pas? So far, North Texans have experienced a relatively mild winter, and the holidays are long over, so it’s time to get back to basics. Let’s all mount up our Porsches and drive! The 2017 PCA Tours season kicks off with our inaugural event “Don’t Crush that Grape, Hand Me the Corkscrew” – The Mitas Hill Vineyard Tour. The Tour will be held later this month on Sunday, March 26. Our starting point is the parking lot of Fry’s Electronics, located at 700 East Plano Parkway in Plano. Start time is 1:00 pm, so plan to get there a little early to sign up and attend the mandatory Drivers’ Briefing. The route mirrors last year’s 62.1 mile jaunt, which serves as a primer for new members, and also a short workout for those Porsche owners shaking off the cobwebs from their rides after winter hibernation. Last year’s Tour to the Vineyard resulted in a record turnout of 111 Porsches and 183 attendees! Needless to say, the Vineyard was overwhelmed by the ensuing crowd that descended upon their venue for food and drink. Since then, the Vineyard has changed their food service philosophy, preferring to concentrate their efforts as a winery, rather than a winery/restaurant. With that being noted, the Vineyard has reserved their ballroom for us Mavericks, with stewards enlisted to serve a variety of the Vineyard’s fine wares. Of course, attendees are not required to participate in any of the Vineyard’s wine offerings, so if one desires, attendees may head straight home after the Tour on their own route. If you plan to attend the Tour, it is imperative that you RSVP before the Tour. Just send an e-mail off to us at with a simple “I will be attending (by myself, with my wife, with a friend, etc.)” and you’re in. When you RSVP, it gives us an accurate count to alert the proprietor of the Vineyard; plus, three days before the Tour, you will receive an e-mail with the following attachments: a Garmin .gdb file of the route, a route overview, and turn-by-turn instructions. Hope to see you and your Porsche at the Mitas Hill Vineyard Tour! 22 March

Porsche of the Month Selected by Bill Orr Red 2015 Porsche 911 GT3, Owned by Shawn Sabanayagam (Photo by Zach Walker) For instruction on how to submit your Porsche photos in the POTM contest go to: 23

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