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Slipstream - March 2017

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Sprockets: The Porsche

Sprockets: The Porsche Owner’s Tire Replacement Philosophy By David Robertson, Region President he tires on my 911 don’t seem to last very T long. It wasn’t long ago when I was ordering a new set of rear tires at my local shop. I will be placing that order again shortly as my tread gauge says it is time once again. This time it will be worse because I probably need all four and as we all know these are not the kind of tires you cut a coupon out of the paper to obtain. Yes, I understand that my tires can’t be rotated, thus giving them a much quicker trip to the recycle bin. I also understand that the way these tires are constructed for high performance and grip lead them to a much shorter life than the tires on my Subaru, which will probably last 50 or 60 thousand miles. Is it the way I drive my 911 that burns through tire tread? Perhaps taking that turn just a little tight to let the back end slide out just a little? Maybe going through the traffic circle utilizing throttle steering as if I was in an autocross? Of course, all traffic laws are obeyed, but there are times when I just can’t help but enjoy the way my 911 makes every day driving trips fun. We are all just a bit crazy in the sacrifices we make to drive these cars. Most people don’t drive a vehicle that can go from a trip to the grocery store right out on to the track. When I am at the golf course, many times the first question I get is, “Where do you put your clubs?” I just smile and say “Oh, it isn’t a problem.” I don’t mention that there is a certain amount of skill involved (that When I am at the golf course, many times the first question I get is, “Where do you put your clubs?” is only learned over time) to get them in just right. Gingerly inserting my golf clubs into the car for the short drive to the course pales in comparison to those of you who drive thousands of miles cross country every year to Porsche Parade and other events in older models that were in no way built for comfort or convenience. This is passion! The more practical and curious non-Porsche people sometimes ask me, “How often do you have to buy tires?” Only Porsche owners really grasp that this is truly a philosophical question. How can I answer this without trying to convey a very non-tangible concept to this person as to why I happily put new tires on my 911 almost as often as I change my A/C filters at home? I usually just smile and say something encouraging like “It is really not as bad as you think,” but the true answer is “If you must ask you will never understand.” SAUL FRAIRE, Chef-Proprietor 1235 William D. Tate Ave Grapevine, TX 76051 817-329-6995 MAV OF THE MONTH: Mark Schnoerr Maverick Region’s Autocross series was in a bit of a crisis at the end of 2014, when long-time Autocross Chair Travis Howard stepped down after many years at the helm. Available locations for our Autocross series were dwindling, as was attendance. We were able to make a deal with Equipe Rapide (ER) to piggyback on their events while still using our own car classifications, and even got them to allow us to pay their discounted entry fees. Wes Lincoln was our interim AX Chair in 2015, but when job responsibilities prevented him from continuing the role, Mark Schnoerr readily and enthusiastically stepped in to take the Autocross reins. Mark and his equally enthusiastic wife Sigrid can be found at just about every Autocross event ER puts on. Mark is also on the ER board as their Porsche Club Representative, is an experienced Autocross instructor, and sometimes a tech inspector to boot. The Schnoerrs drive a very quick 914 2.0, which is often the fastest Porsche in attendance, and they have the trophies to prove it. Next time you see Mark at an Autocross, feel free to ask him or Sigrid for a ride in their car – you won’t be disappointed! Congratulations and thank you Mark for your contribution to Maverick Region’s Autocross program! 2 March

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