Take part and become a 1:87 scale figure of the NOCH range!


Take part and become a 1:87 scale figure of the NOCH range!

... wie im Original

Best Price:

The Gras-Master

Promotion Bundle!

Get it now and

save lots of money!

Season News 2012 / 2013

NOCH Figures Promotion Weeks 2012

Discover the NOCH World!

• Season News 2012/2013: Exciting news for all modellers!

• Figures Promotion Weeks 2012: Get the economic single figures!

• »You in Miniature!« The winner of our competition will be produced as

H0 figure in the NOCH product range!

GRAS master ®

GRAS GRAS master

Competition »You in Miniature«

Take part and become

a 1:87 scale figure

of the NOCH range!

The first prize of the Creative Modelling Competition

»You in Miniature« is a real sensation: We produce you and up to five

of your friends as regular figure set in 1:87 scale (H0) and include it

in our NOCH range! A unique opportunity – don’t miss to participate


This is how it works:

You will get free model picture frames from all dealers participating in

the NOCH Figures Promotion Weeks. Alternatively you can download

the model picture frame at www.noch.de or www.mymocom.com and

print it on your printer at home. First assemble the creative model

picture frame and then create any model scene in the NOCH frame.

This scene can be curious, creative, funny, exciting, unusual or

extremely detailed – we’ll leave the decision to you!

Once you have completed your model scene, take a photo of the

Get the model picture frame at your

dealer or download it, ...

mymocom.com is the great internet

community of NOCH for advanced modellers

and beginners to share their common hobby.

model picture frame and upload it to www.mymocom.com to confirm

your participation in the creative modelling competition. Now the

Internet community has to decide: The members of mymocom.com

can evaluate the different creative scenes. You, of course, can also

judge the creative model scenes of other participants. The builder of

the model picture frame scene having gained the best total evaluation

until 15 March 2013 (12.00 p.m.) wins the first prize: He or she

as well as up to five friends will be produced as NOCH figure set and

be included in the regular NOCH product range!

create your favourite scene, ... take a photo of the result, upload it on

www.mymocom.com and win!

You will get the free NOCH model picture frame from all participating dealers. Alternatively, you can download it at www.noch.de or

www.mymocom.com for printing and assembling it at home.

Let us know your ideas!

When you upload your model picture frame you additionally have the

possibility to submit three different topics for the figure set being

produced later on. You can also specifically tell us which figures,

according to your view, are missing on the modelling market – for

example construction workers, circus folks, race riders, etc. In other

words: You actively contribute to the NOCH product range!

All suggestions will be viewed by NOCH and three favourites are

appointed. The winner of the Creative Modelling Competition »You

in H0« may then choose in which of the three figure sets he wishes

to be produced. Besides, one shopping voucher in the amount of

100 Euro will also be raffled amongst all suggestions.

Two Age Groups:

In order to guarantee a fair competition the participants are divided

in two age groups: One group for children and teenagers and one

group for participants from age 17. Prizes are awarded per age

group, thus two new NOCH figure sets will finally be produced.

The shopping vouchers will also be separately awarded in both age


NOCH Promotion Weeks 2012

from 13 October till 17 November

at your dealer!

For this year’s figures promotion weeks NOCH have again invented

something very special for you. The most popular figures of our

figures sets are available as single figures in a figures economy

box. You have the possibility to individually choose your

favourite figure or to combine various figures in a complete

new scene. It’s your choice!

Figures are available in H0, TT and N scale. The figures

economy boxes contain persons as well as animals!

This promotion is limited in time and quantity: Single

figures are only available while stocks last.

Don’t miss any time to benefit from this offer!

Prize Award:

At the end of the Creative Modelling Competition we will invite the

winners of both age groups for the prize award to take place on the

Intermodellbau Exhibition in Dortmund in April 2013. NOCH will bear

the entrance fee as well as the costs for one night accommodation.

The winner of the age group up to 16 years shall of course be accompanied

by a legal guardian. You will only have to pay the travel

expenses. During the prize ceremony both winners will be awarded

and the two final topics for the NOCH figure sets “»You in Miniature«

will be announced.

All prices at one sight:

»Creative Modelling Competition« per age group

1st prize: a figure set according to your model

2nd & 3rd prize: 150 Euro shopping voucher for NOCH products

4th & 5th prize: 75 Euro shopping voucher for NOCH products

»Figure Suggestions« per age group

Raffle of a 100 Euro shopping voucher for NOCH products

We should be happy if you would participate in our competition

and look forward to receiving many fantastic ideas!

There is no recourse to legal action.

The single figures are

available at a special

price of € 0,99 (MSRP)

at your specialized dealer!

Promotion Pack: NOCH Gras-Master

+ 20 g Scatter Grass Spring Meadow

+ 20 g Scatter Grass Flowering Meadow

The popular NOCH Gras-Master is perfect for applying static grass on a layout:

Thanks to a high voltage the grass fibres get electrostatically charged, so that they

land in a vertical position on the scenery if it has been covered with grass glue

before. So you can create meadows with realistic, high standing grass fibres…

just like the original!

The Promotion Pack contains the NOCH Gras-Master (ref. 60131) including nozzle

and 20 g Scatter Grass Summer Meadow, and additionally a 20 g bag Scatter Grass

Spring Meadow (ref. 08300) and a 20 g bag Scatter Grass Flowering Meadow

(ref. 0830).

Expected release: October 2012

ATTENTION: This offer is limited in time and quantity!

60134 NOCH Gras-Master Promotion Pack

NOCH Grass Fibres Assortment

for a professional grass application

on your model layout!

Matching grass fi bres are essential for a perfect grass cover on landscape sceneries.

Therefore NOCH has created two new grass fi bres assortments suitable for beginners as

well as advanced modellers. One assortment contains a selection of short grass fi bres

with a length of 1.5 mm (0.06 in.) and 2.5 mm (0.1 in.), being ideal for the imitation of

grass on H0, TT, N and Z scale landscapes. The other assortment contains grass fi bres

with a length of 5 mm (0.2 in.), 6 mm (0.24 in.) and 12 mm (0.47 in.). This assortment is

suitable for H0 and 0 scale. Each bag of grass fi bres is marked with the respective item

reference to make it easier for you to purchase the individual grass type again.

Video Tip

GRAS master ®

THE Original

HO TT N Z 07066 NOCH Grass Fibres Assortment, short

0 HO 07067 NOCH Grass Fibres Assortment, long

Length: 1,5 (0.06 in.) mm and 2,5 mm (0.1 in.); Expected release: October 2012 Length: 5 mm (0.2 in.), 6 mm (0.24 in.), 12 mm (0.47 in.); Exp. release: October 2012

Ref. Description Quantity Length of grass fibres










Spring Meadow


Ornamental Lawn

Spring Meadow

Summer Meadow


Ornamental Lawn

Marsh Grass

Reed Grass

20 g

20 g

20 g

20 g

20 g

30 g

20 g

10 g

10 g

1.5 mm

1.5 mm

1.5 mm

2.5 mm

2.5 mm

2.5 mm

2.5 mm

2.5 mm

2.5 mm

Ref. Description Quantity Length of grass fibres














Field Grass, light green

Field Grass, medium green

Field Grass, ochre

Field Grass, golden yellow

Wild Grass meadow

Wild Grass, beige

Wild Grass, light green

Wild Grass, bright green

Wild Grass, dark green

Wild Grass XL, beige

Wild Grass XL, light green

Wild Grass XL, bright green

Wild Grass XL, dark green

10 g

10 g

10 g

10 g

30 g

20 g

20 g

10 g

20 g

10 g

10 g

10 g

10 g

Price Advantage: 28% *

5 mm

5 mm

5 mm

5 mm

6 mm

6 mm

6 mm

6 mm

6 mm

12 mm

12 mm

12 mm

12 mm

Triple savings with the NOCH Economy Sets!

Just in time for the modelling season NOCH has created new economy sets containing popular models of different

special purpose vehicles. Profit from the price advantage compared with individual purchase and enjoy decorating

your model landscape.

Expected release: Already available at your dealer.

Laser-Cut minis for TT and N scale friends

Following the great success of the H0 scale Laser-Cut minis and the wishes of many

TT and N scale enthusiasts, NOCH has decided to realize four Laser-Cut minis for the





14420 Small Footbridge, 4.4 x 1.6 cm, 1.0 cm high

14620 Small Footbridge, 3.3 x 1.2 cm, 0.8 cm hoch

14424 Wooden Plank Crossing, 4.1 x 5.8 cm

14624 Wooden Plank Crossing, 3.0 x 4.4 cm

(St. Andrew’s cross and gates not included)





HO 16790 Economy Set Farm

Price Advantage: 25% *

HO 16791 Economy Set Agriculture

Price Advantage: 25% *

HO 16792 Economy Set

Special Purpose Vehicles

friends of smaller scales. The Laser-Cut minis will surely find a place on any model

railway layout. Expected release: December 2012

14422 Level Crossing, 8.6 x 2.9 cm

14622 Level Crossing, 6.5 x 2.2 cm

Price Advantage: 30% *

14426 Open-air Storage, 8.0 x 5.0 cm, 2.2 cm high

14626 Open-air Storage, 6.0 x 3.8 cm, 1.6 cm high

Switch the Points!

The station ensemble »Tannau« will be enlarged by a Signal Tower and a Loco Depot

for small and medium sized locomotives.

Both kits are produced in Germany with the proven high quality NOCH Laser-Cut

technology and are partly hand painted and weathered. The combination of the stateof-the-art

Laser-Cut technology with traditional painting creates easy-to-assemble

HO 66108 Signal Tower »Tannau«

11.0 cm (4.33 in.) x 6.5 cm (2.56 in.),

8.5 cm (3.35 in.) high

Typical railway line signal tower that can be found in many Bavarian regions and the

rest of Germany as well. The outer wall is elaborately engraved by laser, then hand

painted and weathered.

Made in


HO 66202 Loco Depot »Tannau«, 1-stall

25.0 cm (9.84 in.) x 18.0 cm (7.09 in.), 12.5 cm (4.92 in.) high

Maximal length of loco to store in: 17.0 cm (6.69 in.)

This 1-stall loco depot featuring many half-timbered and brick elements is a very

special building: There is a small outbuilding on the roof that can be used as a signal

tower or as a control station as well. The kit is elaborately produced with the modern

NOCH Laser-Cut production technology featuring realistic engraved structures.

Many parts are hand painted and weathered.

So far, modellers were bound to prefabricated widths and lengths of available platforms.

The modifi cation of plastic platforms demanded a lot of experience and model handicraft

ability. As from now, this is considerably simpler with the NOCH Universal Platform. The

platform is manufactured of a special laser cardboard combining two essential features:

On one hand, it is very sturdy and on the other hand, the cardboard can be easily cut to

shape with a cutter or scissors. Thanks to the broad base, platforms can also be arranged

in a curve radius. In order to offer a favourable big pack for model railroaders having a

larger railway line in the station area NOCH launches a set including 3 platforms. With

these platforms you can individually create larger and more varied station platforms.

Special adhesive included.

Expected release: December 2012

360° View

The NOCH Universal Platform – now as

3-piece set for larger stations and fl ag stops!

Price Advantage: 20% *

model building kits that are real highlights on your model railway layout.

The glue for the assembly is included in the kits.

Expected release: January 2013.

360° View

HO 66010 Universal Platform, 3-piece set

Size: 27.1 cm (10.67 in.) x 8.3 cm (3.27 in.), 1.1 cm (0.43 in.) high

Place the tracks on the parts and

copy the outline, ...

assemble the individually cut

parts with some glue, ...

Hand painted

in Germany

add the ready-made platform to

your layout.

Decorate and create – the easy start with NOCH!

With the H0 Scenery Decoration Set you will manage a quick and easy start in decorating

your model landscape layout. The set includes all necessary products e. g. for the

decoration of a NOCH preformed layout: roads, ballast, grass, scatter material, lichen,

trees, hedges and even some grass glue. Great as gift for model railway beginners and

advanced modellers as well.

0 HO N

95970 Rail Tracker Cleaning Kit

Video Tip

The Rail Tracker Cleaning Kit contains a cleaning tool, different

cleaning pads and a clean track solution for cleaning 0, H0 and N

scale tracks. The replacement pads and the clean track solution are

available in individual packages.

Video Tip

HO 60808 Scenery Decoration Set

Expected release: October 2012

Ref. Description Quantity












HO HO 95980

Roto Wheel Cleaner

(not suitable for Märklin ® three rail system)

N 95982

Roto Wheel Cleaner

Ballast H0/TT, grey

Grass Summer Meadow

Puffer Bottle

Scatter Material Arable Land, brown

Country Road H0, grey

Old Town Cobblestone H0

Lichen, light green and dark green assorted

Model Hedges, light green, 50 cm (19.69 in.)

Model Fir Trees Assortment

Railroad Staff H0

Grass Glue

Woodland »Tidy Track « Rail Maintenance System

»Tidy Track « made by the US manufacturer Woodland Scenics is a complete system

for cleaning model locomotives and tracks. The motto is: »You have to clean it anyway,

why not make it easy?« The system includes a Rail Tracker Cleaning Kit. The cleaning

tool can be equipped with different pads according to the intensity of the dirt on the

track. Replacement pads are available.

* Compared to the individual purchase, referring to the current MSRP.

250 g

20 g


42 g

1 m (39.37 in.)

1 m (39.37 in.)

75 g

2 pcs.

10 pcs.

6 figures

50 ml

Additionally, Roto Wheel Cleaners for H0 and N scale locomotives are available that

make it easy to clean the powered wheels of DC locomotives. Just put the loco on the

cleaner and enjoy the easy cleaning!

Expected release: December 2012



All you need

for a quick start!

The cleaning of your loco will be easy done with the Roto Wheel Cleaner. Just put the

loco on the cleaner powered by a transformator. The powered wheels will be cleaned by

their own rotation.

Colours, combinations and forms are subject to change without prior notice.

Bildquelle: www.mymocom.com

Ihr NOCH Fachhändler:

nverbindlichen Preisempfehlungen in Euro

NOCH Figures in Everyday Life

NOCH figures are available in H0, TT and N scale. You can choose

figure sets of many different topics as well as of familiar and special

everyday situations. Let your imagination flow and create your own

model railway layout, diorama or personal gifts with NOCH figures!

HO 15096 Gangsters & Policemen

HO 15245 Farewell

TT 45245 Farewell

HO 15551 Senior Citizens

TT 45551 Senior Citizens

HO 15860 Wedding

TT 45860 Wedding

2013_Umschlag_Aussen_. 10.08.12 11:23 Seite 1

Zeigen Sie, was Sie haben!

Die Internet-Community mymocom.com wurde vor drei Jahren von NOCH Parallel dazu können Sie die Projekte, Dioramen und Modellbahninitiiert

und hat sich mittlerweile zu einem beliebten Online-Treffpunkt Anlagen anderer Mitglieder der Community anschauen – und sich Tipps

etabliert. Bastler aus aller Welt – Profis wie Einsteiger – tauschen sich dort und Tricks von anderen Bastlern holen.

regelmäßig über ihr gemeinsames Hobby, den Dioramen- und Modellbahn- Werden Sie Mitglied und melden Sie sich kostenlos an!

Anlagenbau, aus.

Unter www.mymocom.com warten über 1.000 Modellbahn-Anlagen,

Wünschen Sie sich ein großes Publikum für Ihr Modellbau-Projekt? rund 500 Dioramen und mehr als 2.000 Gleichgesinnte auf Sie!

Dann stellen auch Sie einfach Ihre Texte, Bilder und Videos online!

Now available

at your dealer or


The new

NOCH Catalogue


… wie im Original

NOCH GmbH & Co. KG

Postfach 1454

D-88230 Wangen im Allgäu

Telefon: +49 - 75 22 - 97 80-0

Fax: +49 - 75 22 - 97 80-80

E-Mail: info@noch.de

Internet: www.noch.de und www.noch.com

www.noch.de / facebook

Gedruckt in Deutschland 0812


… wie im Original

NOCH Hauptkatalog 2013

Die Highlights aus den

Sortimenten unserer Partner

Woodland Scenics




Classic Metal Works

2013_Titel und Klappe_. 10.08.12 11:04 Seite 2


und Landschaftsbau

Heft 2013

Deutschland EURO 5,00

Österreich EURO 5,70

(unverbindliche Preisempfehlung)

Der große

NOCH Katalog


Der Spezialist für den


Top-Innovation: Große Auswahl an

Laser-Cut mini Bausätzen

Über 1.000 Produkte

auf 290 Seiten

(mit unverbindlichen


Riesige Auswahl an




36245 Farewell

36551 Senior Citizens

... wie im Original

Hauptkatalog 2013

Modell-Landschaftsbau im besten Team – in der Familie.

Wenn Sie heute unseren Katalog in den Händen halten, dann wissen alle – und ideal für Familien. Speziell für diese bieten wir unsere

Sie wahrscheinlich schon, wie kreativ und abwechslungsreich der Eltern & Kind Seminare an, die zweimal jährlich in Wangen / Allgäu

Modell-Landschaftsbau ist. Eine Anlage zu planen, sie Stück für Stück stattfinden. Neben einem selbst gestalteten Diorama können Sie nach

aufzubauen und immer weiter auszuschmücken – das lässt der diesen anderthalb Tagen vor allem eines mit nach Hause nehmen:

Fantasie freien Lauf und macht Freude. Gleichzeitig sind abstraktes das Erfolgserlebnis, gemeinsam etwas Einzigartiges geschaffen zu

Denken sowie planerische und organisatorische Fähigkeiten gefragt. haben. Melden Sie sich auf www.noch.de für eines unserer Seminare

Und ganz nebenbei schult das Hobby Modell-Landschaftsbau auch an – und erleben Sie das spannende Hobby Modell-Landschaftsbau

wichtige soziale Kompetenzen: man braucht Geduld dafür, eigene gemeinsam mit Ihren Kindern oder Enkeln.

Werte zu schaffen und ist Teil eines kontinuierlichen Prozesses,

dessen Ziel man selbst definiert.

Dabei ist es egal, ob Sie als Bastler männlich oder weiblich, älter

oder jünger sind: Modell-Landschaftsbau ist ein tolles Hobby für Ihr Dr. Rainer Noch

Here you find a small assortment. You will discover many more

figure sets in the NOCH main catalogue as well as on our website


HO 15110 Construction Workers N 36110 Construction

TT 45110 Construction Workers


HO 15052 Chimney Sweepers

HO 15565 City Scenes

HO 15820 Mother and Baby

Your specialized NOCH dealer

... wie im Original

NOCH GmbH & Co. KG

P. O. Box 1454

D-88239 Wangen / Allgäu

Phone: +49 - 75 22 - 97 80-0

Fax: +49 - 75 22 - 97 80-80

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www.noch.de and www.noch.com

www.noch.de / facebook

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