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Tan Siew Hoon Singapore - Tourism NSW

Tan Siew Hoon


Where are customers going to visit and


• Taiwan – perceived as NEW, good food, shopping, value. Ideal for

family DINKS and singles

• China / Hong Kong / Korea – Good Value, Culture, Good Food &


• Japan – Cool, Hip, Seasonality, Clean & Safe

• Europe – Culture, High Aspiration, Value for money ( Airfare),

Country and regions focused

• Low cost carrier driven

Outbound – exotic, up & coming

• Cambodia, Vietnam – off the beaten track

• Cruises – NEW travel experience

• Middle Eastern Countries – Turkey, Egypt

• India – Airlines driven

Note: Singapore Integrated Resorts – First Quarter 2010, Universal Studio &


What type of customers are they?

• Singles/ Double Income no Kids (DINKS)

Self-drive, DIY holidays, multiple short chill-out breaks

• Families with young children (< 15yrs old)

School holidays driven, Group or FIT, FUN, Edu- Fun experiences.

Cost consideration

• School Educational Trips

Consistent & with potential for Australia. Govt incentive

• Baby Boomers - From Caribbean Cruises to China holidays

• Youth Travel

Group of friends after graduation, coach / rail,

Peak seasons

Group Travel Seasons

• School holidays - May/June (4 weeks) & mid Nov to end Dec (6

weeks) –

mainly families & school groups

• Chinese New Year, maximum of 1 week stay

FIT Travel

• Year-round, airfare promotion driven

Historically, Dec, Nov & Jun are the top 3 travel months into



• Declining Group Tours – No’s & size. Only during year end, special


• Increase in FIT

Small Groups of Family & Friends, Self Drive, Personalised Touring

• Low cost carrier and airfare promotion driven - Chill out, Shop, Eat &


• Multiple Short Trips or 1 long trip between 1 to 2 weeks

• Off Peak Groups need “Reasons To Travel” – Eg. Cherry Blossom,

Spring Flowers, Celebrity led

• Online Savvy and rely on Trip Advisors, Word of Mouth, Online Search

• Niche Segments / Experiences Development– Food & Wine, Golf, Adventure,


Distribution - Key Agents & Trends

Players with advertising budgets

• Chan Brothers Travel

• CTC Holidays

• Dynasty Travel

• SA Tours

• Five Stars


Other FIT Agents

• QF Holidays, UOB Travel, Farmosa, Diners, Scenic, Pacific

Arena, New Shan and Tradewinds

Key booking channels

• Increase in online focus

• Strategic alliances – Banks, Shopping Malls partnership

• More Online Agents – Zuji.com, MISA Travel

Asiarooms.com, Asiatravel.com

• More Frequent Consumer roadshows

• Short, Sharp, Value-add deals

Current key activities

2 Key campaigns

• Family Segment

• Great Australian Journeys. Team Australia campaigns (TA &

STOs), with mono Sydney brochure

Key Sydney Events

• Vivacity (Sydney in Summer) – PR & consumer led, direct mail

• Vivid Sydney (Winter) – SQ MOU campaign

• Crave Sydney (Oct) – PR & consumer led

Product Development Campaigns

• Promote longer length of stay, eg Sydney & Surrounds – Day tours,

self-drive and group tours

Niche Segment Development

• School Educational Tours

How to capitalise on the trends?

• PR & Media - Drive advocacy & engagement

• Consumer Driven Activities via consumer shows, contest

to drive awareness, share of voice, length of stay,

leverage special airfare, key word search

• Enhance trade engagement

• Frontline staff education is important! Engagement @

ALL levels

Tap Into their more aggressive marketing activities

• Emotive Hook & Strong Value Proposition

To drive Book & Travel NOW! Via Events, short, sharp


Working in Singapore market

2 Key Product Launch Periods

• Feb/Mar ( Planning: Oct/Nov)

• Aug/Sep ( Planning: End May/June)

Agents Engagement

• Product Planners, Frontline Sales Staff

• (Senior Management for NEW marketing ideas)

ITO Engagement

• Based in Australia, Malaysia & Singapore

Calendar of activities Jan–Dec 2010

Period Partners Target


Jan to





Feb 10 to 12 Key






1 to 2 Kay

Travel Agents

+ Strategic


PASP Agents











Activity Type Opportunity

School Educational

Target campaign

Great Australian

Journeys ( Sydney &

Surrounds +

Interstate self touring

routes Campaign)

Vivid Sydney &


Inclusion in Teachers’ famil, Appointed


Engagement with the appointed agents &

their ITOs to ensure product inclusion

Images, Experiences to be incorporated

on agents website

Product Inclusion via itinerary, images

Product awareness via support of

consumer prizes

Sydney Family Fun Participation at NATAS Travel Fair @


Engagement with appointed agents

Frontline staff Training

Tan Siew Hoon


Where are customers going to visit and why?

• China - New gateways via AirAsia, cheap & strong VFR traffic

• Taiwan - Perceived as NEW, Family & Singles friendly, Good

Food, Shopping, Diverse Activities

• Hong Kong / Macau - Family & Singles friendly for short

breakaway, Good Food & Shopping

• Korea / Japan - Good Value, Culture, Shopping, Ski (Korea),

High Aspiration (Japan)

• London/ Europe - Renewed Interest , Airfare driven

What is going to happen?

• Rise in younger travellers, 1st Timers - Internet Savvy & Live for

the Present!

• Singles/Double Income No Kids (DINKS) & Retirees

Multiple Chill-Out Breaks within Asia. Multi-cities hopping in


• Families with young children (< 15yrs old) - School holidays

driven, Group or FIT, experience & cost consideration

• Increase in Visiting Friends & Relatives Segment - more than 1


• MICE / Rewards Trip - Duration of 5 to 6 Days

• Government Officials

• Airlines set up their “holiday divisions”

Note : Increase In No. of Malay travelers (Bumi-mini groups across all


Peak seasons

Group Travel Seasons

• Chinese New Year - Jan / Feb

• March / September (MITF Consumer Travel Fairs)

• School holidays: May / June, August / Sept, Nov / Dec

FIT Travel

• Year round, airfare promotion driven

Note: Quite similar to Singapore travel seasons

Booking trends

• Booking 3 to 6 months in advance via free seats or special fare.

Limited knowledge on What to See & do – distance

• Source for Ground Content, Travel Advice @ travel fairs & online

• Increase in FIT , Small groups of Family & Friends, Day tours, city

hops, self drive, personalised touring

• Low cost carrier (LCC) and airfare promotion driven

• Groups Tours – more than Singapore

What are our partnerships designed to achieve?

• Ensure Sydney/NSW is active in every booking channel

• Use partners media reach to keep NSW top of mind

• Provide incremental arrivals to NSW

• Campaigns & promotions designed to increase LOS (Length of

Stay) and regional dispersal

• Educate Malaysia on unique holiday experiences

• Extend our reach, eg databases, mainstream media channels

2010 Campaigns

• Great Australian Journeys Campaign

• Only in Australia Campaign

• Family Fun Campaign

Working in Malaysia market

Key Product Launch Periods

– Feb / March (Planning Oct / Nov)

– Aug / Sept (Planning End May / June)

Agents engagement - product planners ,frontline sales staff

(Senior Management for new marketing ideas)

ITOs Engagement - Australia and Malaysia based

Calender of activities Jan - Dec 2010

Date Partners Target


Feb Tourism


Feb - Jun Tourism


10 to 12 Agents





1st Timers

Aug - Dec 10 to 12 agents Families,



Activity Type Opportunity

Great Australian

Journeys (Sydney &

Surrounds +

Interstate self- touring

routes Campaign)

Only In Australia

Only in Sydney

Family Experiences


Leverage on the consumer

contests that TA is launching

and work with agents / ITOs to


Accommodation & Experiences

Work with agents to

engage on product inclusions

Tan Siew Hoon


India - current market update

• Arrivals - Yr end 30 Sep 09 - 122,100 (8%). NSW 48.8%


• Re-elected government - healthy economic growth

• More intense destination competition

• Negative perception and concern of Australia as a safe and

welcoming destination still exist

• Increase in FIT travelers

• Online price comparison

• Increase in number of agents promoting Australia

• No direct flights to Australia

Who is travelling?

• Families - Major segment, especially during mid Apr to Jun

(July for Delhi) SUMMER holidays.

• Honeymooners - Major segment

Season - Dec to Feb (Up till March for Delhi)

• VFR- stay for 2 -3 weeks to visit kids who are studying

• MICE - Incentive/reward trips. 3 to 6 nights, Mono Sydney or

Sydney + Gold Coast

Where are consumers going?

• 1st time travellers - South East Asia, Europe, Mauritius


• Experienced / Repeat Visitors - South Africa (World Cup 2010), New

Zealand Australia, USA (VFR-driven),France, Switzerland

• New perceived Exotic Destinations - South America, Europe

(Eastern, by

regions), Scandinavia, Ireland, Greece, Turkey, Dubai, Caribbean



What Are The Travel Trends?

• Outbound Travel will continue to rise in number & frequency of trips

• Rise of Middle Income spend on higher education, travel, branded

clothing and consumer electronics

• Younger Generation - 70% of 1.3 billion people under 35 years.


Gratification, year-round and less festival & occasion led

• Increase in Economic Status of Women - Increase in dual income


• Increase in Online - research, flights, rails (in India), only


• Very Active Social Networking websites - 20 million internet users

What are the travel trends?

• Travel Agents still a preferred source of bookings

• Value proposition still a key driver for mass market

• High Yield Niche Market does exist

• Short lead time for bookings 2 weeks to 1 month

• Increase in demand for customised itinerary

• Mass Market - Group Tours Driven

• New NTO engaging the India market – Every week / month

How will we capitalise?

• Our partners - Passionate NSW Operators Collaboration,

promote complementary experiences

• Key agents with good advertising budget - destination awareness

& no’s. product development & inclusion (copy-cat syndrome),

dispersion, Increase Length of Stay

• Niche Agents - Relationship, Sydney top of mind, Enhanced


• Inbound Tour Operators - In Australia (India based). Constant


• Airline partnership

How will we capitalise?

• PR & Trade Partnership Consumer Driven Campaign

Sydney as iconic, must-visit Australian city for Family,

Honeymooners & MICE segments

• Sydney City - Promote as iconic city. Min 3 to 4 nights stay

• Product Development Campaigns - To promote longer length of stay.


Diversity of experiences in surrounds by day tours, self-drive and



• Introduction to Key Sydney Events - Vivacity (Sydney in Summer),

Vivid Sydney (Winter)

• Trade Education at ALL Levels - Agents, Airlines

Trade distribution

Key Agents Partnership

• Kuoni /SOTC, Cox & Kings, Thomas Cook, Mercury

Travel, SALtours, Vacation Exotica

• Boutique/Niche Agents & MICE Operators

• Drive experiences via customised itinerary

Note: fragmented travel distribution.

Working in India Market

• Summer Season - Nov/Dec planning. Brochure - Jan/ Feb

Winter Season - July / Aug planning. Brochure - Sep

• Relationship is VERY important

• Two pronged approach - Agents & ITOs

• MSN, Skype, Facebook - Photo Sharing on Sales Visits & Famils!

• Pictures sell a thousand words - WOW images.

• Engagement at ALL levels - Note - Can be 24/7!

2010 campaign 1– Sydney for honeymooners

• Position Sydney as a romantic holiday destination during the

wedding season

• Timing - Dec/Jan to April 2010

• Target Segments - Honeymooners (65,000 honeymooners travel


• Partners - 2 Key Agents – Kuoni/SOTC, Cox & Kings

• Package - Sydney City, Sydney & Surrounds

• Campaign Mechanism - Matrimonial websites, EDM, brochure

2010 campaign 2 – Sydney family

• Position Sydney as desired holiday destination during India

Summer Vacation (promote awareness for Sydney & Surrounds )

• Timing - Feb to Jun 2010

• Target Segments - Families Primarily

• Partners - 2 Key Agents, Airline Partner, Strategic Partner

• Package - Sydney City, Sydney & Surrounds

• Campaign Mechanism - Print, EDM, Brochure

2010 campaign 3 - Vivid Sydney

• Vivid Sydney as a Hook to visit Sydney in Winter

• Timing - Feb to Jun 2010

• Target Segments - DINKs, Singles, Young Families

• Partners - Key Agents, Airline partner

• Package - Core Sydney city experiences

• Campaign Mechanism - Consumer Contest, online

Calendar of activities Jan – Dec 2010

Date Partners Target


Feb to


Feb to


Feb to


Kuoni/Cox &


Sept/Oct Tourism


Activity Type Opportunity

Honeymooners Consumer

awareness campaign

to position Sydney as

a honeymoon


2 to 3 Agents Family EDM, Print

Campaign, Microsite

Trade Partners All segments Vivid Sydney EDM to

trade , Consumer

competition, online

with 1 key agents



Work with ITOs


Destination / experiences


Work with ITOs


Promote the low Sydney


Work with complementary

operators to offer ITOs Vivid

Sydney experiences

All key agents Indian Mission Network with key 80 agents

from all India

Conclusion – any good news for India?

• Increase in confidence level of “India Inc”

• Consumption driven economy – Unstoppable

• PR advocacy program - to overcome negative perceptions

• Increase in NSW presence via NSW Trade office in Mumbai

• SQ MOU Campaign

• Increase in awareness of Sydney & Surrounds

India country overview

• Arrivals year ended Sept 2009 - 122 100 visitors (8%


NSW - 48.8%market share as of June 2009

• First Time Travelers - 58.7%

• Purpose of Visit - VFR ( 31.3%) , Holiday / Pleasure -


• TFC Forecast - 14.8% annual growth rate from 116,000 in

2008 to 459,999 in 2018

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