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HASCAS HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE ADVISORY SERVICE TRUSTEES' REPORT (CONTINUED) FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31 MARCH 2016 The Trustees confirm that they have complied with the duty in section 17 of the Charities Act 2011 to have due regard to public benefit guidance published by the Charity Commission in determining the activities undertaken by the Charity Public Benefit Principle 1: There must be an identifiable benefit or benefits la, It must be clear what the benefits are HASCAS is an evidence-based research organisation which seeks to improve the experience of service users across the broad spectrum of mental health services. The Trustees ensure that this aim is carried out for the public benefit by delivering high quality, well researched material to its commissioners, which always includes a substantial contribution from service users, the cost of which is always absorbed by HASCAS, A key element in all the work that HASCAS does is service user involvement, which is at the heart of the ethos of the organisation. This is undertaken free of charge as part of the charitable function of the organisation, in the Independent Homicide and Suicide investigations that the organisation undertakes, service users and their families are fully involved and every opportunity is afforded to them to make their views known. HASCAS believes that it is the only organisation currently in the field that undertakes such investigations with this emphasis. HASCAS provides an expert Service User Consultant on all Investigation Panels at no charge to ensure that the service user experience is central to everything that we do in line with our articles. The most significant benefit provided during 2015/2018 is the pro bono consultancy work provided by HASCAS Consultancy Limited on behalf of HASCAS = 81 days of consultancy at no charge. The breakdown is as follows: 1. A Clinical Commissioning Group (confidential therefore beneficiary cannot be named) - 25 days (work on an unexpected Learning Disability case, 2. A London NHS Trust (confidential therefore beneficiary cannot be named) - 8 days (work on a suicide investigation) 3. Wales (confidential and ongoing therefore beneficiary cannot be named) - 50 days (work in relation to governance and victim support. HASCAS frequently provides speakers for conferences at no charge and distributes a great amount of "free* research material both in hard copy and electronically via the HASCAS web site, HASCAS also offers a free distribution of all toolkits, standards and documents at the annual NHS Confederation to ensure the full national dissemination of our work, HASCAS offers free service-user expertise consultations to local service-user groups during the period that we undertake our commissions and also in the period directly afterwards, to facilitate change and build local knowledge and skill. This is provided at no additional fee to the original commission, b. The benefits must be related to the alms The benefits which HASCAS provides are directly related to the aims of the organisation as stated in The Memorandum and Articles of Association.

HASCAS HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE ADVISORY SERVICE TRUSTEES" REPORT (CONTINUED) FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31 MARCH 2016 c. Benefits must be balanced against any detriment or harm No detriment or harm arising from the work of HASCAS has been identified and no complaints have been received about its work Principle 2: Benefit must be to the public or a section of the public 2a The beneficiaries must be appropriate to the aims • As laid out on the report, significant numbers of users of mental health services directly benefit from the activities of HASCAS, as services are improved following the research and commissions undertaken. The whole culture of the work of HASCAS is to make a real difference to the experience of these service users. 2b, When the benefit is to a section of the public, the opportunity to benefit must not be unreasonably restricted by geographical or other restrictions, or by the ability to pay any fees charged. As stated in the articles of association HASCAS operates across the whole of the UK, including Northern Ireland. Reduced fees are charged to some organisations where they are financially disadvantaged. 2c, People in poverty must not be excluded from the opportunity to benefit, A large amount of service users are receiving state benefits. 2d, Any private benefits must be incidental HASCAS staff are remunerated for their work, however this is of course necessary to enable the charity to carry out its aims. Activities During the year HASCAS worked on a total of 11 separate projects - ranging for large complex cases to smaller homicide and suicide investigations. We were also able to support NHS England with its work supporting victim's families (homicide and suicide) and victims of sexual abuse. Members of the HASCAS Team presented at numerous conferences and events ensuring national dissemination of the charity's work. The organisation continued to support team publications in a wide variety of national publications, yet again making the work of the charity available to the wider health and social care community. These presentations included work for NHS England in association with its families and victim's agenda. HASCAS has been able to form robust networks with professional, charitable and commercial partners. This has given the charity a well-developed associate base, which ensures both the required depth and breadth in tender design and contract delivery. This year work involved MIND, AAFDA - Advocacy after Fatal Domestic Abuse, the 100 Families - an organisation supporting families following homicide, Karma Nirvana - a charity working with the victims of honour-based violence and enforced marriage.

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