benedictine university annual report 2008-2009 honoring the

benedictine university annual report 2008-2009 honoring the

Benedictine University AnnUAl report 2008-2009

honoring the Benedictine monks

(At left) Fr. Daniel Kucera, O.S.B. (later Abbot, Bishop and Archbishop), brought St. Procopius College into

the modern post-war world as president from 1959 to 1965 and then again from 1971 until 1976 as Illinois

Benedictine College. He was succeded by the institution’s first lay president, Richard C. Becker (far right).

Fr. Christian Ceplecha, O.S.B., taught history from

the 1940s until the early 1990s.

(From left) Fr. Gerard Mach, O.S.B.; Fr. Francis Clougherty, O.S.B.; Fr. Christian Ceplecha, O.S.B.; Archbishop

Daniel Kucera, O.S.B.; Br. Alphonse Kerpta, O.S.B.; Fr. Timothy Marceau, O.S.B.; Fr. Sylvester Healy, O.S.B.;

and Fr. Richard Shonka, O.S.B. Circa 1970.

On the cover: The Benedictine community (top to bottom) circa: 1908, 1970 and 2006.

Fr. Theodore Suchy, O.S.B., taught biology from

the late 1960s until spring 2009 and continues in his

role as director of the Jurica-Suchy Nature Museum.

Fr. Jerome Dobry, O.S.B., worked in the business office in the 1950s until the early 1960s.

Fr. Zachary Hrisko, O.S.B., served as registrar and

worked in the admissions office in the 1960s.

When we wrote to you a year ago, our nation was in the midst of

a recession. There appeared to be no escape from bad news

and unprecedented events weighing down the economy. Our

investments were suffering from the battered stock market,

and this continued to be the case through year’s end. However,

excluding the effects of any investment losses, this past year’s

financial results were actually strong. Overall enrollment continued to reach

new heights and we ended the year with very good liquidity. We were also

able to strengthen our position by engaging a new major bank to provide us

with higher quality credit facilities. This speaks volumes given the turmoil

in the banking sector and a strict lending environment.

At the end of fiscal 2009, total assets on our Statement of Financial Position

decreased $7.3 million from the prior year primarily from the decline in our

investments. However, cash flow remained strong, enabling us to build our

cash reserve and keep the balance on our line of credit down to zero. This

places us in a better position to weather the uncertain environment. The

primary capital addition for the year was the build-out of the lower level

of the Birck Hall of Science, which added seven new classrooms and

helped accommodate growth in the near-term. With the low interest rate

environment, we took the opportunity to enter into several interest rate

swap agreements to “fix” the rates on the bonds and to hedge our risk against

future rate hikes. After subtracting total liabilities from our assets,

we are left with total net assets of $54.5 million, 8.3 percent less than

last year’s balance.

On our Statement of Activities, gross tuition revenue rose above the

$70 million level for the year. The change in net assets for all classifications

was a negative $5 million. Excluding the investment loss and the fair

value change on the interest rate swap agreements, net assets increased

$5.4 million. However, we cannot totally ignore the impact of the investment

losses and its effect on the availability of student scholarships. The recession

has also affected our private gifts and grants, which dropped from the

prior year. On the spending side, we continued to make investments in our

personnel and in service-related costs supporting our higher enrollment.

At the time of this writing, the economy has shown signs of improvement

and the stock market has begun to recover. However, the jobless rate

continues to be high. We are sensitive to this reality, and so we will

continue to provide those initiatives that assist our students and which

make us truly Benedictine. We have much to be thankful for and are

cautiously optimistic about our chances for achieving future success,

even during these rough times.

Year ended May 31, 2009

A messAge

from the

office of

BUsiness And


Charles Gregory

Executive Vice President

Allan Gozum

Vice President of Finance

Annual Report 2008-2009 1

2 Benedictine University

Statement of Financial Position Information

As of May 31


2009 2008

Current assets:

Cash and cash equivalents $ 10,449,035 $ 7,040,310

Receivables, net 6,853,280 7,163,277

Promises to give 325,000 422,632

Prepaid expenses and other assets 326,110 665,878

Total current assets 17,953,425 15,292,097

Loans receivable from students 2,289,481 2,232,292

Investments 19,690,346 29,280,828

Bond proceeds held in trust 996 180,767

Bond issue costs, net 301,510 320,568

Property and equipment, net 54,503,579 54,382,758

Promises to give 550,018 825,713

Intangibles, net 50,000 100,000

$ 95,339,355 $ 102,615,023

Liabilities and Net Assets

Current liabilities:

Advances under line of credit $ – $ –

Deferred revenue 2,181,383 3,537,072

Accounts payable and accrued expenses 4,853,409 5,181,835

Current portion of bonds payable 1,286,207 1,216,640

Current portion of capital lease payable 233,408 248,675

Deposits held in custody for others 1,051,153 910,466

Total current liabilities 9,605,560 11,094,688

Bond and note payable, less current portion 27,657,040 28,943,777

Refundable U.S. government grants for student loans 1,947,462 1,961,028

Interest rate swap aggreement liabilities 576,389

Deferred lease incentive 536,728 609,919

Deferred rent liability 282,132 257,263

Capital lease payable 223,015 272,269

Total liabilities 40,828,326 43,138,944

Total net assets 54,511,029 59,476,079

$ 95,339,355 $ 102,615,023

Statement of Activities Information

Years ended May 31

Temporarily Permanently

Unrestricted Restricted Restricted Total 2008

Revenue and other support:

Tuition and fees $ 72,945,837 $ – $ – $ 72,945,837 $ 62,731,552

Less scholarships and grants (25,246,556) – – (25,246,556) (22,123,611)

Net tuition and fees 47,699,281 – – 47,699,281 40,607,941

Private gifts and grants 1,155,339 947,352 90,118 2,192,809 3,969,366

Government grants and contracts 8,573,261 – – 8,573,261 7,379,092

Investment income (4,834,686) (2,365,883) (2,633,072) (9,833,641) 1,022,957

Other income 941,023 – – 941,023 1,112,237

Auxiliary enterprises 3,701,681 – – 3,701,681 3,605,112

Net assets released from 900,502 (506,659) (393,843) – –


Total revenue and 58,136,401 (1,925,190) (2,936,797) 53,274,414 57,696,705

and other support



Salaries 25,807,571 – – 25,807,571 22,686,310

Benefits 5,787,519 – – 5,787,519 5,200,575

Total compensation 31,595,090 – – 31,595,090 27,886,885

Utilities 1,998,197 – – 1,998,197 1,814,458

Depreciation 2,973,464 – – 2,973,464 2,973,049

Interest 938,625 – – 938,625 1,206,806

Bad debts 500,000 – – 500,000 458,603

Supplies and services 19,657,699 – – 19,657,699 17,384,009

Total expenses 57,663,075 – – 57,663,075 51,723,810

Increase (decrease) 473,326 (1,925,190) (2,936,797) (4,388,661) 5,972,895

in net assets

Other changes in net assets: (576,389) – – (576,389) –

Change in fair value of interest

rate swap agreement

Change in net assets (103,063) (1,925,190) (2,936,797) (4,965,050) 5,972,895

Net assets, beginning of year 42,175,536 6,187,180 11,113,363 59,476,079 53,503,184

Net assets, end of year $ 42,072,473 $ 4,261,990 $ 8,176,566 $54,511,029 $ 59,476,079


Annual Report 2008-2009 3

4 Benedictine University

A letter from

University development

Dear Alumni and Friends:

The past year has presented many challenges. We have faced tremendous hardships as

a nation. Although the struggle is not over, throughout history our nation has rallied

during difficult times with a stronger conviction to securing a brighter and better

future for generations to come. Benedictine University is no different. We have been

challenged by the uncertainties of a nation in economic crisis. This crisis has affected

our students and their families. The Benedictine community of faculty, staff, alumni

and friends has come together to support the ever-changing needs of our students.

Through the leadership of our President and Board of Trustees, tuition was frozen for

the 2009-2010 academic year to help students during this time of economic turmoil.

This endeavor and a variety of incentives to assist traditional and non-traditional

students further their education were accomplished through teamwork. We have

also focused on reconnecting with our alumni nationwide through events, electronic

communication and by establishing alumni chapters while informing them on the

status of the University. Benedictine is looking to the future to see what the needs

and demands of our students will be in the coming years. We are committed to

making this institution grow while maintaining our Benedictine mission and vision.

As we move forward, the support of those who have passed through these halls is

crucial. Equally important is the support of those who agree with our mission and

who have seen what a difference the University has made in the life of their child.

We ask that you give great thought to making a donation during this new fiscal year in

order to continue supporting the needs of our students and the goals of the University.

We thank you for your commitment of time, talent and treasure. As part of the

Benedictine community, you are valued and appreciated. Our hope is that you will

continue to support the University. Your contributions have made a tremendous impact

on the lives of our students and have helped prepare them to make a positive impact

on the world. With every donation, know that you are doing something good to better

the world—one student at a time.

Thank you for your support!


Charles Gregory

Executive Vice President

This report reflects contributions from the 2008-09 fiscal year which were received between

June 1, 2008 and May 31, 2009. Every effort has been made to list names correctly. If you

find a problem with the way your name appears, please contact us at (630) 829-6072.

* deceased

heritAge society

Members in the Heritage Society are donors who have provided a planned gift such as

inclusion in a will, a charitable remainder trust, a gift annuity or a life insurance policy.

Aurelius Abbatiello, Ph.D.

Tim C., BA93 & Alisa Allen

Raymond H., D.V.M., BS62 &

Margaret A. Backe

Emil M. Banas, Ph.D., BS43, ACAD39

Thomas E., M.D., BS79 &

Vicki L., BS78, Bielanski

Ralph J. Bleskan, ACAD51

W. Brand, BA61 &

Mary Ann, Ph.D., Bobosky

Edmund P., BA64 & Luellen M. Boland

Joan M. Case

Daniel N., BA69 & Karen S. Churach

Rosemary Coleman

Joseph C., Ph.D., BS61 &

Carolyn F. Dalpiaz

Linda S., BA74 & Victor Davis

Joseph E., BS70 & Jeanne L. DiPirro

Violet Dolatowski

Mark J. Doyle, BA79

Jennifer Dvorak-Vear, MS92

Estate of Mr. & Mrs. Harold Moser

Rudolph G., ’45* & Rose Faimon

James G. Flannery, Sr.*

Mardelle, Ph.D. & Robert F., Esq., Fortier

Willis M. Gillett

Rev. Thomas T. Gran, ’47*

Neil J., BA72 & Deborah J. Hanley

Joan K. Henehan, BA91

Lorraine & William T. Henneman

Leonard J., M.D., ’57 & Ruth A. Hertko

Douglas R. Hoffman, Esq., BS79

Thomas R., M.D., BS69 &

Gertrude A. Huberty

Frederick D. Jenkin, M.D., BS71

Mary A. Jensen

Elizabeth C. Kamin

Very Rev. Joseph M. Kelchak, ACAD43

Anne B. Klick*

Andrew R., Sr., BS60 & Judy D. Konitzer

Whitney S., BA89 & James V. Kraimer

Michael J. Kuhn, BA71

Daniel R. Lata, BS67

James, BA61 & Bonnie Lawton

Paul J., MBA78 & Coleen J. Lehman

Felix J., M.D. & Myrtle Lownik

Marguerite Manthey

Ray J., BA53 & Rosemary May

Frank J. & Jeanette S. McCarthy

John F., BA62 & Karen McGuinn

James M. Meehan, Ph.D., BS66

Marie G. Miles

Wendell P., ’54 & Lorraine A. Monyak

Linda K., MBA98 & Patrick T. Paulson

Dorcas Mae Pearcy

Lydia Polek

Most Rev. Daniel L. Ryan, D.D., BA52

Philip A. & Elizabeth E. Schaack

Edward H. & Marie C. Schmitt

Walter T., BA72 & JoAnn Slezak

John J. Stachniak

William F., Jr., D.D.S., ACAD46 &

Norma C. Stroner

Daniel E., Ph.D., BS65 & Mary W. Tira

Thaddeus Tragarz

Gloria J. Tysl, Ph.D.

Jan Verhage, MBA79

Duane R. Walker

Paul L., BA66 & Gail F. Whiting

Eugene J., BS53 & Nancy A. Wittry

John B. Zohimsky, ACAD42

Fr. Alban Hrebic, O.S.B., (standing) ran the music department of St. Procopius College from the 1950s until

1978, when he left for Taiwan, devoting the remainder of his life to missionary work. Fr. Alban was a gifted

composer, and several of his original works were performed by the College orchestra, which he directed.

Along with Fr. Mathias Kucera, O.S.B., he guided numerous successful theatrical productions in the 1950s

and 1960s.

Abbot Procopius Neuzil, O.S.B., (left) at the

blessing of the Science Hall (later called Procopius

Hall, located on the current site of the Krasa Center)

in 1939. Fr. Victor Laketek, O.S.B., (right) served as

Master of Ceremonies.

Fr. Francis Sindelar, O.S.B., (pictured in oval)

developed the College orchestra and

marching band into a major force in the

1910s and 1920s.

orA et lABorA

Annual Report 2008-2009 5

oUr giving




$500,000 – $999,999



$250,000 – $499,999


$100,000 – $249,999


$50,000 – $99,999


$25,000 – $49,999


$10,000 – $24,999


$5,000 – $9,999


$2,500 – $4,999



$1,000 – $2,499


$500 – $999


$250 – $499


$100 – $249


$1 – $99

6 Benedictine University


$250,000 – $499,999

Daniel L. Goodwin

Magnetrol International

The Monks of St. Procopius Abbey


$100,000 – $249,999

Emil M. Banas, Ph.D., BS43, ACAD39


$50,000 – $99,999

John M., BA84 & Bonnie H. Atkinson

Chicago Community Trust

Estate of Marie H. Kalish


$25,000 – $49,999

Chicago Wilderness Trust

Corporate Insights Inc.

Cuneo Foundation

Edward Hospital

Michael L., MBA86, BA80 &

Nanci, BA83, Flynn

Robert E. & Emily King

Arthur J. Schmitt Foundation

U.S. Bank-Chicago

Villa St. Benedict

West Chicago School District #33


$10,000 – $24,999

William J., II & Gail P. Bartlett

Maureen G. & Truitt L. Beal

Michael J. & Kay R. Birck

William J., Ph.D. & Marietta Carroll

Edward Hospital Medical Staff

Anonymous Donor

Paul R. & Helen G. Gauvreau

Willis M. Gillett

Douglas R. Hoffman, Esq., BS79

Karen and John McGuinn Fund—

Episcopal Charities

James L., Ph.D. & Katherine Melsa


Polyurethane Manufacturers Association

Research Corporation

Daniel F. Rigby

Sodexo International, Inc.

Dorothy M. Tucker

W.P. & H.B. White Foundation


$5,000 – $9,999

Joseph A. & Theresa A. Borsellino

Browning-Ferris Industries

DLR Group

Ann H. Dunk

John J., BS52 & Marilyn Fulton

Nicholas Hnath, BA37*

Mary Ann & William H. Hottendorf

Ice Miller LLP

International Contractors Inc.

Richard J. & Susan M. Lamb

Arthur S. Littlefield

Matthew J., Ph.D., BS64 &

Donalyn Mikulich

Edward F., ACAD51 & Lucille Paliatka

Gloria J. Tysl, Ph.D.

Michael W. & Barbara Urbut

Ronald J., M.D., ACAD52 &

Gemma D. Winters

Rosemary Macko & Dennis E. Wisnosky


$2,500 – $4,999

Benedictine University Alumni Association

Robert J. & Rosalie J. Camillone

Richard G. & Carole Cline

CNA Insurance Company

John M., ’78 & Judy Curley

Raymond A., BS58 & Julie L. Daly

John V., MBA86 & Katherine A. Donofrio

Gerard J. & Laura D’Souza

Brian J. Ebalo, BA83

Paul, Ph.D., PHD00 & Amy Eccher

Alois J., Jr., ’57 & Joan G. Falkenstein

Leonard J., M.D., ’57 & Ruth A. Hertko

Institute for Professional Development

R. Terence Kalina, BA69

August Kapellas

Marriott Hickory Ridge Conference Hotel

Ralph D., Ph.D., BS67 &

Pamela R. Meeker

John C., Ph.D. & Mary C. Mickus

Leonard S., M.D., F.A.C.S., BS78 &

Debra L. Piazza

Philip A. & Elizabeth E. Schaack

Sendra Service Corporation

Donald M., Ph.D., BS75 &

Denise M. Stablein

Swale Surgical Services Inc.

Wolf & Company LLP

Peter J. & Joan S. Wrenn


$1,000 – $2,499

Ronald J., BS79 & Susan F. Abrant

Allegiant Asset Management Company

Richard C., M.D., F.A.C.S., F.A.C.C.P.,

BS88 & Janice L. Anderson

Athletic & Therapeutic Institute

Andrea J. Basso, ACAD49

Bellair Expediting Service

Ruth, BS01 & Geoff Bergeron

Christopher E., BA88 & Christine L. Birck

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois

W. Brand, BA61 &

Mary Ann, Ph.D., Bobosky

* deceased

Edmund P., BA64 & Luellen M. Boland

Timothy E., BS79 & Gayle K. Boyce

James M. Brusek, BA69 &

June R. Macchiaverna

James J., MSMOB88, BA84 &

Lisa D. Byrne

John P., Sr. & Mae F. Calamos

Kurt Carlson & Janet Linhart

Eileen G. Clark

Anonymous Donor

Martin T., BA65 & Rosann G. Conroy

Maria J. de la Camara, Ph.D.

Delta Dental Plan of Illinois

Donald J., M.D. & Rosemarie Ebalo

Robert T., BA66 &

Marguerite M. Edwards

Robert E., BA69 & Barbara Enderle

Craig D. & Mary Ann M. Evans

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Lorayne M. Flynn

Frank A., M.D. & Lorna C. Folk

Jack Fritts & Michelle D. Bryce-Fritts

Duane D. & Lisa T. Gengler

Charles C., M.D., ’78 &

Maryellen Lissak, Ph.D., BS78, Giger

Richard G., Jr., BS70 & Sharon P. Glinski

Alan, Ph.D. & Varaporn, MPH06, Gorr

Allan D. & Criselda F. Gozum

Barbara T. Grabowski-Ozog, Ph.D. &

Gregory J. Ozog

Salvatore J., ’65 & Marijo Graziano

Timothy J., ’05 & Jodi L. Greene

Charles W. & Brenda Gregory

Gillian F. & Robert D. Hacker

Michael W. Halter

James E. & Barbara B. Hayes

Lee A., MBA86 & Becky B. Heriaud

Paul R., BA86 & Juana M. Hollenbeck

John G. Hoos, BA62

Donna S. Hrozencik, M.D., BS82 &

Mark Ouimet

IKON Office Solutions

Frank & Kerry E. Janczak

Steven P., BS85 &

Cynthia L., BA84, Jerger

Katherine M., BA88 &

Thomas C. Johnston

John B., MBA79 &

Regina M., BA76, Kelzer

Dan Kindlon, Ph.D.

KJWW Engineering Consultants

Ann Kobs-Abbott

Raymond, Jr., BS89 &

Elizabeth M., BA89, Konopka

John K., BA65 & Cyndi Kriegsmann

Melvin J., CCCE, ACAD56 &

Patricia A. Kulhanek

Richard M. Lanser

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

Lisle Savings Bank

Christopher M. Lobello, BS90

Richard E. & Mary T. Locher

James D., Ph.D. &

Beverlee A., CERT05, Ludema

Michael J., Ph.D., PHD01 &

Natalie A. Mantel

Robert J. Marschalk, BS73

Marco & Kimberly K. Masini

McAllister and Quinn LLC

Frank J. & Jeanette S. McCarthy

Marilou R. & Kevin J. McGirr

James I. & Catherine McMahon

Susan M. Mikula-Christie, Ph.D.

Minuteman Press

Brian J., M.D., BA83 &

Elizabeth K. Moran


Arthur M. Nemec, ACAD53

James H. Neubauer, MBA88

Richard J. & Florence A. Nogaj

Rev. James A. Nowak, BS67

Russell F. Palmeri, M.D., BS70

William C. & Susan T. Phillips

Scott A., M.D., BS87 &

Therese A., BS87, Plaehn

David J. Rausch, BS88

Patrick J., BA82 & Kari M. Reidy

Karen S. Reno, Ph.D., PHD07 &

John G. Jartz

Margarete M., Ph.D. &

Warren J., Ph.D., Roth

Audris V. Rubas, BS00

Fannie Rushing, Ph.D.

James F., Sr. & Judy Russ

Theodore C., Jr., BA75 &

Cynthia A., BA76, Sevier

Alexey, Ph.D. & Olga Shukin

Joseph E., M.D., BS69 &

Karen M. Siebert

Michael S., MBA89 & M. Cynthia Siurek

William P. Skvarla, D.D.S., BA53

William S., BS69 & Nancy J. Slimak

Peter F., Jr., Ph.D. & Nancy E. Sorensen

Stipes Publishing L.L.C.

Timothy L., M.D., ’79 &

Carol J., M.D., BS78, Straka

Donald B., Ph.D. & Lechia G. Taylor

Lawrence J., MBA80, BS71 &

Deborah A. Timko

Mary J. Torgerson, BA95

Turner Construction Company

U. S. Bank


United Parcel Service

Vanguard Energy Services LLC

Wackenhut Corporation

Veronica F. Watts

Thomas J., BS67 & Teresa A. Wedell

Michael S. Wehling, BA53

Judith A. & Peter K. Whinfrey

Wolf Electric Inc.

Therese F., Ph.D., PHD01, MSMOB96,

BA95 & Paul A. Yaeger

Archbishop Daniel Kucera, O.S.B., during his second

tenure as president of Illinois Benedictine College.

A member of Benedictine University’s Hall of Fame,

Fr. Robert Mastny, O.S.B., coached St. Procopius

College football teams for eight years between

1928 and 1937. He also taught Latin and English.

orA et lABorA

Annual Report 2008-2009 7


$500 – $999

Affiliated Customer Service, Inc.

Barbara J. & Jerrold Allanach

James H. & Ann Beatty

Steven G., BS84 & Susan M. Becker

Robert F. & Cathleen M. Berry

Michael J. & Gail A. Biasiello

Michael D. Bromberg

Michael T. & Traci Bromfield

Michael E., BA85 &

Barbara M., BA85, Brzeczek

Joseph J. Budovec, M.D., BS95 &

Ann K. Helms, M.D.

Terrence J., M.D., BS78 &

Denise K. Bugno

Nicholas A. Ciotola, Jr., BS04

Camilla B., Ph.D., PHD05 &

John M. Clarke

Julie Cosimo, Ed.D., EDD09

Lt. Col. William L., Ph.D., BS69 &

Janet A. Daniels

Joseph E., BS70 & Jeanne L. DiPirro

John K., Ph.D. & Jane A. Doyle

EDoc Communications

John G., III & Sandra M. Feely

Patrick T., Ph.D. & Ann Flynn

Irene & Gregory Gendel

Ernest J., M.D., ’60 &

Barbara A. Gentchos

Sandra L. Gill, Ph.D. & Richard Johnson

Cheryl A. Gregorek

James, Ph.D., PHD04 & Jenny Gustafson

Cynthia D. Haack, BS89

Harris Bank of Burr Ridge

Dale A., BS62 & Georgene Herbst

Theodore J., Ph.D. & Christine M. Hogan

Knights of Columbus #11263

College Council

Robert C. Koller, BA50

Anonymous Donor

Wendell L. Konen, BS64

Aristotle S. Kornaros, BA87

Most Rev. Daniel W. Kucera, O.S.B.,


Daniel G., M.D. & Judith A. Kuesis

Jack W. Malec

John F., ’41 & Martine M. Manthey

Azedine, M.D. & Dinia Medhkour

Joseph, BA68 & Christa A. Mehlmann

Michael M., Ph.D., BS62 &

Frances C. Meier

Deborah L., BA98 & Timothy M. Murphy

Gary J. Naberhaus, BA80

Daniel E., Ph.D. & Kendra M. Nohl

Theresa M. Oldham, BS99

Russell H., BA78 &

Justine A., BA78, Pavlock

Benjamin S., BS84 & Nancy Pounds

John J. & Arlene Puetz

Kevin J., Ph.D., BS76 & Irene B. Reid

Cynthia A. Rennie, MPH02

Mercy, MBA02 &

8 Benedictine University

Eric J., MSMOB06, Robb

John S. & Ara N. Robinson

Barbara Juster & Jerome M. Shore

Alice Nykl Sima, MBA87, BSN83

Edward G. & Audrey M. Solecki

Catherine L. Stein-Arnold, BS84 & Steven

L., MSMOB08, BA04, Arnold

Jeffrey K. Swallow, Ph.D., PHD08

Charlie A. Thurston & Nell Santos

Daniel E., Ph.D., BS65 & Mary W. Tira

William J., D.D.S., BS68 &

Margaret A. Tonne

Allison K., Ph.D. & Gary S. Wilson

Zano’s Corporate


$250 – $499

Ahmad T. & Nida Ali

Ameriprise Financial Inc.

Patricia E. & Robert R. Ariano

Ronald M., BS74 & Pina Arnone

Athletic Department

John L. Augustine &

Betty Ford-Augustine

Dennis E., BS80 & Lauren L. Bozych

Michael H., Ph.D., BS63 &

Donna H. Branson

Michael K., MBA92 & Laura L. Brennan

Phil Brozynski

Kathy A., BA90 & Ronald M. Butkiewicz

Sherian G. Cadoria, USA, Ret

William D., MBA91 & Patricia E. Cherny

Chicago Organization Development

Institute Chapter

Angelo R., M.D., BS79 &

Kristie C. Consiglio

Eileen M., BS90 & James P. Corcoran

Brian P. Cosgrove, BS90

Robert W., Ph.D., BA63 &

Brenda M. Cosgrove

Gerald S., MBA91 & Judith M. Czerak

Meagan P. & Timothy Daniel

Daniel C. & Laurie DeCarlo

James J., BA78 & Laurie A. Deegan

Luann & Darrel J. DeGreve

John & Ann DeMartino

Edward W., BA79 & Cheryl F. Dickson

John J. Dolansky, III, BA88 &

Kathleen A. Koch-Dolansky

Michi M., BA00 & Christopher T. Dubes

Michael L., Ph.D., BA64 & Mary R. Dunn

Jennifer A. Erickson, BA09

Mohammed & Lubna Farooq

Christine M., Ph.D. & Peter R. Fletcher

Alan R., D.D.S., BS82 & Karen Forfar

Bev & Bill Frier

Fry Family YMCA

Vincent R., Ph.D. & Cathaleen Gaddis

Mark S. & Jennifer R. Gallagher

Michael L., BA75 &

Janet A., BA76, Gallagher

Mary K., MCP91, & Thomas M. Garvin

Mark J., MBA91 & Peggy Goralski

Karin L. Hadley

George W. Hay, Ph.D., PHD03 &

Virginia H. Pitre-Hay

Michael F., BS62 & Diane B. Hettinger

Elizabeth M. & Gary C. Hill

John A., BS75 &

Mary Therese, BS75, Hoffmann

Joan M. Hopkins

Ann L., BA79 & Robert W. Howard

Nancy Huber

Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System

Irvin M. Jana, ACAD55

Jonathan R., D.O., BS75 &

Marcelle Javors

Claire B. & Chad Johnson

Lawrence F., Ph.D. &

Joanne M., BA78, Kamin

Theresa H., M.D., BS79 &

Gary M. Kaszynski

Hope L. & Richard A. Keber

Bess Kindlon*

Edward J., Jr., BA76 &

Barbara J. Klosowski

Thomas R., M.D., BS71 &

Kathryn A. Kluzak

John S. Korabik, Jr., BA78

Patrice J. Kucia, MBA96, BA91

Jason M. & Annie Leppin

William H., BS75 & Jill B. Lorden

Carol J. Lytle

Patricia A. & Bruce R. Mansfield

Timothy W., BS96 & Joni, BS97, Marin

Michael, M.D., BS85 &

Valerie N., BA85, Martirano

Ray J., BA53 & Rosemary May

Virginia C. McCarthy

Alan J., ’53 & Sylvia M. Mettler

Jerome A., M.D., BS63 & Sandra Molitor

John M. Morris

Anthony J. Mourek, ’65

William M., Ph.D., ’69 &

Lamar Riley Murphy

Patrick G., BS89 &

Kelly M., BS88, Murray

Juliana C. Nelligan, MSMOB06

Steven R. Nickl, BA85

William T. O’Brien

Joseph A., Ph.D., BS69 &

Martha Eaton, Ph.D., O’Donnell

Michael J. O’Donnell, M.D., BS76 &

Jan Garfinkle

Christopher J., BA94 & Catherine A. Oliva

John F. O’Malley

Robert R., D.D.S., BS72 & Susan Oslak

Joel M., Ph.D. & Mary P. Ostrow

Patrick M. & Dawn E. Palella

Jerry A., BS91 &

Mary Ann S., BS76, Palma

Robert A. Peceny

James R. Pelech, Ed.D. &

Gwen Harvey Pelech

Mary Joyce & LeRoy K. Pickett

Richard, ’62 & Barbara A. Pielin

Jeffrey B. & Marie J. Pinegar

Race Examinations, Inc.

Ragnar Benson, LLC

Chih-Wei Rei & Yazhang Wang

Scott W. Reid, Ph.D., BS89 &

Marion A. Willemsen-Reid

Cynthia, Ph.D., PHD09 &

Thomas Roberts

Martha A. Rolon-Campise, BA07

Margaret C., MCP96 & Richard Salyer

Sharon M. Schneider-Borowicz, Ph.D.,


Thomas M., MBA82 & Jorja L. Schraeder

Charles J. & Helen J. Sener

Andrew C., USN, Ret, BS66 &

Connie M. Sewall

Joseph A., BS75 & Mary J. Sikora

Max Sokol

Dale A. Spartz, Ph.D., PHD02

Springfield College in Illinois

St. Jane de Chantal School

John R., BA69 & Joan T. Steffek

Ronald V. Stoch, BA73

Dana G. Tennert, BA64

LaJewell S. Thompson

Lisa G. Townsley, Ph.D.

Martin J. Tracey, Ph.D.

Victorin Business Equipment

John B. & Grace S. Vottero

Abdul & Saba Wahood

Arthur K., ’71 & Mary C. Warlow

James K., BA64 & Joann S. Weston

Susan L. Wilson, BA99 &

William C. Pearch

Beth M., M.D., BS95 &

Edward M. Winkler

Catherine S. Wokas

Kathleen C. Yosko

Guo Ping Zhang and Sanli Chan

John B. Zohimsky, ACAD42


$100 – $249

James H., ’59 & Joanne R. Abing

Barbara K., BS98 & Anthony M. Alagna

Rafael, Jr., BA08 & Elisa Alvarez

Naomi A. Amegashie, MPH95

Donn, BA62, ACAD57 &

Catherine C. Anderson

Timothy R., BS68 & Arlene A. Andrews

Anonymous Donor

Stephen J. Bacharz, BS72

Mark F. Baggio

Keith W. Baker, Ph.D., PHD03,


Donald J., Ph.D., BS59 &

Nancy J. Ballegeer

M. Katherine Banas, BS76

William & Christine Bartgen

Bernard A., Jr., BA63 &

Carolyn D. Basgall

George W., MSMIS92 & Alice S. Bauder

Denise L., MPH92 &

Robert A., M.D., Bayer

Martin J., BA82 & Suzanne L. Bechina

David P. Beck, BA90

Douglas F., Ph.D., BM82 &

Jeanne A., BS81, Becker

Arthur E., M.D., BS75 &

Barbara A. Behrmann

Richard C., Sr. & Marguerite F. Belval

Gerald & Catherine A. Benedetto

Kevin J. Bennett, BA79

Deborah A., BA92 & Joel M. Birenbaum

Julie M. Bjorkman, Ph.D., PHD07

Angela Bochek, MS07

James H., BS70 & June A. Bolker

David J., BA79 & Jill Bonk

Eugene J., BA78 & Laurie S. Borkowski

Bonnie N. Bosco-Miller, BA95 &

David J. Miller

Grant Boyce

Allen F., MBA88 & Kathryn J. Boyer

Kevin G., BA80 & Karen L. Boyle

Gerald F., BA62 & Rose A. Bradley

Richard C. Brady, BBA00

Mary N., BA95 &

William M., D.D.S., Brennan

Neal P. & Carol L. Breslin

Thomas J., BA65 & Patricia J. Brophy

Donald K., M.D., BS80 &

Michele R. Brown

Michael C., Jr., BA99 &

Jacqueline M. Bubacz

Linda J., MBA08, BS89 & Kenny Burk

Michael J., BA74 & Jolene Burns

A. William, III & Christine E. Butler

Rev. Dean T. Buttrick, BA59

James A. & Evelyn Byrd

Thomas A., Ph.D. & Carol J. Byrnes

Tracey L., Ph.D., PHD05 &

Robert Cantarutti

Harold R., BS59 & Ann M. Carey

Bradley F. Carlson

John F., IV & Kathleen L. Carroll

Keith J., BA69 & Deanna Chadwick

Clifford M. Chan

Karen M., MSMOB95 &

John P. Chapman

Aloysius J., M.D., BS54, ACAD50 &

Martha Chen

Charles T., BS56 & Aileen Y. Cheng

Janice, MBA02 & K. Vern Chindlund

Robert J., Ph.D., BS64 & Marion Chorvat

Ronald M. Cibulskis, BS75 &

Dorothy A. Allen Cibulskis

Keren S. Cinzio

Kristin L. & Todd E. Clark

Albert J., BA63 & Marci R. Coglianese

Charles E., MSMIS93 &

Linda C. Colander

Thomas A., BS69 & Jeanette Collette

Janet C., BS89 & Dan J. Comisky

Mark F., BA72 & Kathleen E. Conrad

Clorinda R. Consola, BS74

James W., BA67 & Sally M. Crackel

Crystal Stairs Inc.

Joseph M., M.D., ’58 & Susan C. Cullen

Fr. Adolph Hrdlicka, O.S.B., was the school’s

librarian from 1921 to 1956, president from 1956

to 1959, then librarian again until 1968. Along

with Archbishop Daniel Kucera, O.S.B., then dean,

he led the accreditation process for the College

in 1957.

Fr. Kevin Sheeran, O.S.B., (right) held many positions

in the Benedictine community including being a

member of the University Board of Trustees; chief

financial officer of the University; Vice President

of Finance; resident hall counselor and director of

University Ministry.

orA et lABorA

Annual Report 2008-2009 9

John M., BA53 & Esther S. Cunningham

Blaine P., D.D.S., BS80 &

Phyllis A., BA81, Cusack

David, MBA96 & Michelle Dalesandro

Mary T., BS76 & Stephen P. Davison

Thomas C., BA70 & Marta L. Davy

John E., Jr., BA72 &

Mary F., BA71, Deegan

Pamela & Thomas Deely

Jonathan W., MBA83 & Julie A. Deiter

Karen A. Delestowicz, BA98

Richard A., ’58 & Patricia Denoyer

Stephen & Denise DiBiase

Direct Mail Solutions

Marie E. DiVirgilio, Ph.D., PHD05

Robert M., Ph.D., BA74 &

Jo Ann DiVirgilio

Jeanne K. Domoleczny

Christopher W., MBA90 &

Laurie E., MBA86, Donahue

Taiqin Dong

Rev. John J. Doyle, ’58

Gale A. Dreas, BA73 &

Thomas P. Brennan

Rev. John P. Driscoll, BA51

Robert S. Dudek, M.D., BS88 &

Gina M. Dado, M.D., BS88

John R., Ph.D., BS62 &

Elizabeth A. Duray

Robert J. Durkin, Jr., BA76

Agnes M. Dvorak

Charles J. & Joanne K. Dvorak

George J., III & Elizabeth B. Dzuricsko

John D., BA52 & Michaela A. Dzurisin

Christopher G. & Minyuen Chang Enger

Val M., MSMOB88 & Ernie Ensalaco

Francisco J. & Maria R. Espinosa

Susan J., MPH03 & Tim Evon

David K. Ewert, Ph.D., PHD08, MBA90,


Margaret Fahey

Joseph K., BS58 & Eileen R. Fedinec

James C. Fehl, BS68 & Carol A. Mizeur

William J., MBA85 & Dorothy L. Fern

Lawrence W. Fidelus, Ph.D., PHD02,


Rosemarie G. & I. Theodore Fisk

Brian J. Fitz, D.D.S., BS83

James W., BS73 & Michaeleen A. Forkal

Darryl P., Ph.D., PHD09 &

Sharolyn M. Franklin

Daniel E. Frett & Jacqueline Kurcz-Frett

Constance S., Ph.D., PHD01 &

Brian F. Fuller

Joseph M., BS64 & Sally A. Galica

Judith & Peter J. Gavlin

Margaret M., BS75 & Paul J. Gemperline

Jawad G., D.D.S., BS79 &

Maria E. Ghanayem

William S., Jr., BA71 &

Patricia A. Giannini

Santosh K., M.D., MBA98 & Teja S. Gill

Sandra L., BSN92 & John S. Glass

10 Benedictine University

Paulo, Ph.D., PHD03 & Nancy Goelzer

Jerry W., MBA92 & Laura T. Golebiewski

Edward A., ’62 & Karen A. Golumbeck

Timothy W., Ph.D., PHD07 &

Stephanie F. Goodly

Michael A., BA69 & Karen L. Gormley

Eugene L. Grabinski, Sr.

William M., BA74 & Russins E. Grady

Robert J., BA08 & Kimberly M. Gramlich

James R., BS67 & Mary Ann Greco

Thomas D. Greenberg &

Barbara B. Dwyer

Catherine A. Griffin, BA78

David A. & Louise M. Grobl

Jeffrey W., M.D., BS77 &

Elizabeth A. Grosskopf

David K., MBA86 &

Lisa Schroeder Gruhlke

William K. Guess, BA04

Lucy M., BA87 & Michael S. Habeck

Barry J. Halm, Ph.D., PHD09

Robert J., BA57 &

Marjorie C. Harshbarger

Mary A. Hartzell Curran, MCP93 &

John Curran

James N., D.O., BS85 & Loren Hawkins

Dorothy E. Haydanek

John W., Jr., Ph.D., BS66 &

Joanne M. Hayes

Michael L. Hayes, Ph.D., BS73 &

Patricia A. Teets

Robert D., BA65 & Carol K. Hayner

Mary Jo, MSMOB95 & Stephen P.


Thomas C. & Dawn E. Head

Anne A. Hector

Josephine T. Heil, BA79 &

Michael J. Barry

John A., M.D., BS54 & Joan Heitzler

Joan K. Henehan, BA91

Donald E. Henschel

Gregory N., MBA82 & Roberta L. Hesse

Nancy R. Heuman, BA84

Gina, Ph.D., PHD01, MSMOB99 &

John Hinrichs

Ed & Carol Hlavac

Edward D. Hobart, Jr., M.D., ’63 &

Catherine A. Berthold Hobart

Alan L., MBA83 & Kathy Hoover

Beth K. & Richard F. House

Margaret A. Huebner, BA75

Thomas F., MBA92, BA86 & Kathryn L.,

MBA92, Huffman

Janet H. & Charles, IFM82, Hulsey

Neil J., BA91 & Carol Hustedde

Michelle H., BA73 & Rick Hynson

Richard G., BS55 & LaVerne C. Iaffaldano

William J. & Phyllis L. Igoe

Diane M., MSMOB88 & Samuel Iorfida

Dina R. Ismail

Allan J., BA88 &

Catherine M., BS89, Izzo

Thomas A., BS00 & Elizabeth S. Jacobsen

Frank P., BS75 & Elizabeth A. Jakse

Arthur R., BA62 & Patricia E. Janke

Ernest R., CPA, BA88 &

Janet R., BS88, Jaseckas

Thomas K., MBA85 & Kathryn F. Jeffery

Brian T. Johnson, BA91

Carrie A. Johnson, BA94

Delores D. Jones, Ph.D., PHD05

Willow C., MBA87, BS80 &

Suthinee S. Junya

Edward J., D.O., BS86 &

Laura M. Jurkovic

Nora, BA86 & Alex Kaiser

Brian W., BA75 & Lynn A., BS75, Kalcic

Ronald J. Kalcic

Milton C. & Virginia Kamholz

John J., Jr., BA93 & Jennifer J. Kane

Diane, Ph.D., PHD07 & Stuart Kauffman

James P., BA72 & Joann S. Keane

Daniel J., BA87 & Donna R. Kemp

James P. Kennedy, M.D., BS76 &

Elaine M. Adams, M.D., ’76

Jerome G., BS56 & Dolores T. Kenney

James E., MBA82 &

Kathleen B., MBA89, Kersten

Cindy M. & Brian S. Ketner

William, IFM74 & Joyce M. Kidwell

Robert C., Ph.D., PHD07 &

Minda H. Kjar

James C. Kluckhohn

John F., ACAD55 & Iris J. Kmetz

William J. Kohley, Ph.D., PHD02

William, MBA01 & Janet Koloseike

Joseph F., BS70 & Mary Ellen Kordas

Richard L., ’67 & Gloria J. Koretke

Mary Lou Kotecki, Ph.D., PHD01

Michael P., Ph.D., BS77 & Ellen Kowalski

Anne & Ira J. Kreft

Fred R. Kreinbrink, BA09

Kevin R. Kriebs, BA74 &

Colleen G. Finch-Kriebs

Susan J. Kroll, BA73 & James J. Sponder

Ronald L., BS63 & Mary Ann Krupa

Joseph G. & Kathleen L., PAR91, Kucharz

John, D.D.S., ’51 & Dorothy F. Kulick

Pete J., MBA95 & Ellen M. Kuplic

Ralph R. Laho, BA64

Anthony L., ’72 &

Monica D., BA78, LaScala

Philip C. LaScala, MBA95

Esther B., MSMOB89 & Ira B. Latham

Roberta L., BA81 & Daniel R. Lawinger

James, BA61 & Bonnie Lawton

David G., M.D., BS65 &

Deborah Laycock

David M., BA79 & Pamela J. Laz

Donna Lazartic, MBA79

Laura A., BA09 & Richard N. Lazzari

Herman O., MBA87 & Patricia Leach

Michael E., D.D.S., BS80 &

Carol L. Lenart

Kenneth R. & Mary Sue Lewandowski

Michaleen K. Lewis, RODP,PCC,

* deceased


T. G.* & Nanette M. Limberis

Barbara B. Loeb, M.D., MBA99

James W., BA70 & Teresa A. Lohse

James F., BS71 &

Francine L., M.D., BS70, Long

Virginia E., BA81 & James J. Lorenz

Ralph A., Sr., BS61 & Reginia A. Loritz

Linda B. Luellen, BS89 & Donald L. Sipes

William, Jr. & Beverly A. Maddux

Rose M. Madison, BBA08

Richard E., Ph.D., PHD05 &

Gwen Magner

Anthony P., ACAD48 & Donna Maicher

Donald D. Maier, PHD05, MSMOB96

Kevin C., PAR90 & Cathleen E. Maki

Francis E., BA67 &

Kathleen P. Mampreian

Alfred R., Ph.D. & Laurie Martin

James F., BA72 & Diana K. Martin

Jeanne M., BS82 & James W. Martin

Paul F. Martin, BA67

Michael W., ACAD56 & Delores Marusha

Matthew C., BA08 & Sally L. McAloon

Paul J., BS99 & Margaret M. McCaffray

James R., BS79 &

Charlene M., BA81, McCarthy

Michael & Deborah M. McCloskey

Timothy J., D.O., BS82 &

Maureen A., M.D., BS82, McGee

Jerry J., BA73 & Denise M. McMahon

M. Elaine & William B. McManus

John P. Menard, BS69

Gerald P., BS58 & Patricia Mettler

Lynn M., BA88 & Gregory D. Meyer

James J., BS74 & Susan C. Mikowski

Richard, BA59 & Phyllis Miletto

Gregory J., BS71 & Marilyn R. Miller

Laurence Miller, M.D.

Pamela L. & Jon G. Miller

Michael N. & Joan D. Mimnaugh

Hassan A. & Fatemeh M. Moghadam

Massoud M. & Akram Moghadam

William G. I. & Nancy Leo Moore

Joseph J., ’66 & Michelle M. Moravecek

Lorene F., MPH02 & Todd M. Morawski

Julie Moreschi

Benjamin J., Ph.D., BS77 &

Margaret C. Morris

Kevin A. Moy

Rex R., MSMOB04 & Becky Mudge

Adnan Mujagic

Donald J., Ph.D., BS62 &

Nancy A. Mulcare

Raymond J., Jr. & Judy A. Mulholland

Brian D., M.D., ’69 & Gisela A. Mulligan

Father B. James Murphy, BA74

Lee P. Murphy, MSMOB91

Thomas P., Jr., BA87 &

Patricia A., BA88, Murray

Anthony J., MBA97 & Kim Muscato

James M., MS01, MBA88, BS80 &

Teresa M., BS86, Myczek

Lena F. Neal, Ph.D., PHD99

Gene K. Nebel, Ph.D., BA65

John F., Jr., ’69 & Margery A. Nelson

John D., BA69 & Helen L. Nevins

Harold J., BA71 & Teresa J. Nicholson

William J., MBA83 & Sharon L. Nicholson

Eugene L. & Mary P. Nielsen

Robert J., Ph.D., ’59 & Susan S. Nikolai

Timothy H., BA54 & Virginia L. Norman

Robert J., M.D., BS52, ACAD48 &

Marjorie A. Novak

Robert V., BA76 & Margaret Nowaczyk

Daniel C. Nowaczynski, MSMIS93

Oak Brook Mechanical Services Inc.

Terence M., BA67 & Mary O’Brien

John R., MBA92 &

Constance A. O’Gorman

Paul D., M.D., BS78 & Myra M. Oltman

Nancy K., BSN91 & John J. O’Malley

Debra Orr, Ph.D., PHD03

Dennis E., BA62 & Joyce B. Orwin

Michael C., Ph.D., BS75 &

Catherine B., BA75, Ostrowski

Oswego Community Bank

Barbara A. & Joseph S., Jr., Ott

Ronald L. & Amira A. Padalik

Nicholas A., Ph.D., BS62 &

Marylin M. Passino

Parul, BS96 & Trilok P. Pathak

Susan K. Pauls, MBA90, BA73

Leonard P. Pavacik, D.D.S., ’55

Vincent P. Pellettiere, Ph.D., PHD05

Giedrius, MBA85 & Giedre E. Pencyla

Jennifer L., MSMOB04 & Jerimiah Penny

Philip R., Ph.D., BS65 & JoAnn Petersen

Rev. Larry J., MCP98 & Karin A. Peterson

James J., M.D., BS96 &

Mary Ann, BS96, Petrikas

Mark B., Ph.D., PHD06 & Mary E. Picker

Richard S. & Linda M. Piek

Jennifer L., BA99 & John G. Plesnicar

Jennie Polizzotto, PAR91 &

George Lonconsole

Linda K., BSN83 & John P. Polzin

Thaddeus J., BA86 &

Sharon S. Popielewski

Mark S. Pranaitis, Ph.D., PHD07

Thomas S., Ph.D., BS63 & Jan Prevender

Gail A., MBA94 & Michael A. Principe

Taras R., BA76 & Marta D. Proczko

Donald J., Jr., D.D.S., BS84 &

Danielle, BS85, Provenzale

Kevin W. & Joyce Pugh

Gail J., BA84 & Thomas M. Purpura

Kenneth P., MBA93 & Frances Pyzik

Susan R. Quandt, Ph.D., PHD07*

Paul, Ph.D., BS64 & Pamela Wilson Quin

Glen L., M.D., BS75 &

Karen A., BS75, Ricca

Cheryl B. Richardson, Ph.D., PHD01

Elizabeth A. Ridder, MSMOB05

Christopher A. Robinson-Easley, Ph.D.,


Fr. Hilary Jurica, O.S.B., (left) and Fr. Edmund

Jurica, O.S.B., along with Whimpy, their pet

racoon who faithfully attended class with the

monks. Fr. Edmund, along with his older brother,

Fr. Hilary, developed and was at the heart of the

biology department at St. Procopius College

from the 1920s until his death is 1972 (Fr. Hilary

died in 1970).

Fr. Basil Kolar, O.S.B., was a teacher of the classics

from the 1930s until just before his death in 1982.

orA et lABorA

Annual Report 2008-2009 11

Carol M., MSMOB99 & William Roche

Dean M. Rodriguez, BBA07

Nancy M. Rofalikos-Welka, D.O., BS90 &

Stephen Welka

Margaret I., BA84 & Brian J. Rogers

Walter L., BA65 & Pat Romaniak

Susan, BA79 & Timothy J. Ross

Alexander P., BA63 & Barbara A. Rudock

Dino P., M.D., BS86 &

Jane E., BA85, Rumoro

Charlotte C. Ryan

Linda S. Ryan, BA76

Mary M., BS85 & W. Michael Ryan

Terrance J. Ryan, BA82

George A., BA65 & Cheryl E. Ryniak

John W., BA64 & Renee M. Rynne

Steven B. Sadowski, BS06

Mark S., J.D., BA80 & Mary C. Saladin

Jagroop S. & Harjinder K. Sandhu

Joseph J., Ph.D., BS62 & Susan K. Sapyta

Monica, BBA00 & Opinder Sardana

Albert D., ’60 & Carol Savegnago

Lisa M. Savegnago, MS93 &

Ronald A. Johnson

Michael D. Savegnago

David A., BS66 & Georgette Saydak

James P. & Lorna L. Schaefer

Jeannine L. Scherenberg, Ed.D., EDD09

Douglas A., M.D., F.A.C.S., BS72 &

Marilyn L. Schipitsch

Frank J., Sr., BA58 & Paula M. Schultz

Donald E., BA72 & Donna Sebestyen

Dale E., BS72 & Mary Lynn Sedivec

John P., MBA84, BA69 & Carol Segvich

Denis E., BA68 & Gail E. Seisser

Andrew J., M.D., BS80 &

Anna M., BS80, Seiwert

Victor R., Ph.D., PHD03 &

Deborah Settergren

Jared T. Shamblin, BBA03

Michael F., Ph.D., BS55 & Sherrol J. Shea

Maureen J. Sheehan

Marilyn A., BSN06 & Gregg A. Shigley

Sally & Charles Shore

Margaret R., MBA88 & Michael J. Siefert

Thomas C. & Barbra A. Sinz

James E. & Rae F. Skrna

David H., Ph.D., BS87 &

Michele A. Slinkman

Robert M., Ph.D., PHD09 &

Doreen M. Sloyan

William A., BS76 & Teresa M. Smialek

Joseph E., BS60 & Susan Smilgius

Gerald E., BA67 & Marianne L. Smith

John P., BS62 & Mary Sockrider

Stephen J., MBA07, BA89 &

Cheryl J., BA90, Sowa

Erdman O. Spradlin

St. Raphael School Home &

School Association

Richard & Mary K. Stahler

Dennis J. Stanczyk, M.D., BS63

12 Benedictine University

Stephen F., M.D., BS79 & Kathleen Staten

Nancy W. & Leonard E. Stoecker

Andrew J. Stoy, D.D.S., BS91

Ronald N., BA56 &

Charlene J. Strahanoski

Robert S., D.D.S. & Judith C. Strenk

David E. & Leslie C. Striker

William F., Jr., D.D.S., ACAD46 &

Norma C. Stroner

Vincent F., Jr. & Joan E. Suarez

Helen Grogan-Sulla, MBA92 &

Christopher R. Sulla

David P., Sr., BA76 &

Catherine M. Swanson

William I., M.D., BS74 &

Susan M. Swedler

Susan L., Ph.D., PHD09 &

Steen D. Sweem

Marion J., ’67 & Susan I. Szczech

Robert W., BA93 & Marcia L. Taylor

Ram Tenkasi, Ph.D. & Kala Visvanathan

John C. Thomas, MBA80 &

Nancy Frank-Thomas

Mark D., BA97 & Julie M., BS98, Thomas

Phavinee Thongkhong-Park, R.N., Ph.D.,

PHD01 & Jesse K. Park, M.D.,


Michael T., D.D.S., BS69 &

Kathryn J. Tierney

Michael A. Tomac, BA03

Thomas L. & Karen M. Tomac

Carolyn M. Tomazic Engers, MSMOB88

Vincent, M.D., BA65 &

Elizabeth Tornabene

Bernard J., Ph.D., ’56 &

Sharon M. Toussaint

Robert J. Townsend, PAR97

Mark H. & Brenda J. Tune

Stefan M., D.D.S., BS79 & Karen Turcic

Thomas W., BS79 & Denise M. Tylka

Theresa M. Tyranowski, Ph.D., PHD09,


Erven H., BS61 &

Elizabeth A. Van Deventer

Raymond J. Vavrek, Ph.D., BS63

Visitation Church

Thomas W. & Maura J. Walsh

James, BA82 & Jean N. Walz

Roger A. Wanic, BS72

Edward W., BS65 & Dawn E. Waterous

Robert A., M.D., BS82 &

Tracey C. Weatherly

Herbert S., BA51 & Irene L. Wehling

Werner-Nugent Plumbing Inc.

Mark, Ph.D., PHD03 & Janet G. Werwath

Bruce R., MBA85 & Jane Whiteside

Betty A. White-Zappa, Ph.D., PHD01,

MBA84 & Frank M. Zappa

Amy J. Whittinghill

James C., BA87 & Debbie Widlowski

Robert E. Wild, Ph.D., BS77 &

Pauline V. Shen-Wild

Gregory G., MBA84 &

Madelynn T., MBA85, Wilharm

John C., BS73 & Marilyn A. Williams

Randy & Anita B. Williams

Rev. Harry S. Winca, ’42

Kathleen R., MPH87 &

Thomas W. Winkler

Wolf Design

Shirley A., BA74 & William P. Worden

Patricia Wymer

Wayne A., BA81 & Amy C. Wyrobek

Eward J., Jr. & Barbara L. Wysocki

Bruce S., BS76 & Ursula Maier Yarmoska

Sandra K., MBA82 &

Douglas R. Youngren

Roger F., BS84 & Deborah A. Youtsey

Tsui-Fan Tom Yu & Linda Lin Yu

Rev. John J. Zanoni, BA56

Richard E., BA67 & Patricia Zanoni

Richard S., ’51 & June J. Zeisel

Suzanne L., BS82 & Gregory C. Zenni

John F., Ph.D., BA65 & Theresa Zigmond


$1 – $99

Shawn H. Abbas, BS08

Ka’Tee L. Abercrombie, ’09

Hussam A., CERT00 & Zeina Abusoud

Marty & Carine Acks

Elizabeth F., MAED04 & John E. Adams

Jeffrey M. Adams

Latosha R. Adams-Bonner, BA09 &

Marcus Bonner

Heather J., BS89 & Steve Addis

Diana Adikeviciene

Ugne Adikeviciute, BS07

Julia Afridi

David S. Ahern

Asrar Ahmed, BS09

Asia Akhtar, MBA09

Melissa A., D.P.M., BS87 &

Paul R., M.D., Albear

Stephon J. Alford, BBA08

Syeda U. Ali, ’09

Fatouma A. Alimirah, MPH04, BS97

Lisa Allen Biegalski, BA90 &

James S. Biegalski

Dawn M. Allen

Sinan Alo, BS05

Thomas J. & Bonita Althoff

James G. Alviti, BS76 & Rose C. Mancini

Paul G. & Elaine N. Anderson

Nicole L. Andres, BS09

Erica L. Andrews, BS03

Carole L. Angarola, BSN84

Matthew J. Angela, MBA90

Anonymous Donor

ARDS Service, Inc.

Rev. Vincent H. Arimond, ’55

Christian H. Arnoux, BA09

Jamie L. Arredondo

Jeffrey R., D.P.M., BS81 &

Rosanne Aschenbrenner

Stephen & Susan Atkinson

Han Htun, MPH09 & Lucy Aung

William D., Jr., BA08 & Nicole M. Austin

Margaret M. Austrevich, BA03

Sireen M. Azam, ’09

Zainab Azam, ’09

Richmond A., MBA09 &

Margaret K. Baffour

Eric R. & Susan J. Bahe

Stacey L. Bailey, MPH98

Arthur L., BA73 & Betty N., ’73, Baker

Mary A., BS76 & Lawrence G. Baker

Michael J. Baker, MSMOB96

Robert C. Baker

Susannah M., BS08 & Brian D. Baldock

Kenneth R. & Michelle L. Banas

John C. Bannes, BA75

Mary Jane, BA87 & William J. Banta

Gregory I., BA94 &

Heather, BA96, Baranivsky

Luba S. & Ivan Baranivsky

Richard M., MBA94, MPH94 &

Jocile W., BS86, Barbieri

Dennis R., MBA88 & Joanne C. Barfuss

John G. & Carol Barker

Julie A., BA90 & James M. Barker

Lisa Barkley

Monda R., BSN09 & Terry J. Barnes

Philip M. Barr, Sr., ’69

Robin & Thomas F. Barren

Krystal R. & Thomas S. Barrett

David & Anna Barry

Elizabeth Bartel

Thomas R., MBA98 & Heide K. Bartnett

Richard A. & Joanel M. Bartoz

Phillip J. & Kathleen M. Basso

William J., BA78 & Anna M. Bayci

Barbara K., BSN86 & Donald A. Becker

Laura L. & William J. Begale

Julie A., MPH05, BS01 & Egip Behluli

Valarie Bell, BS09

Kelley J. & Joseph J. Bellich

Jose M. Beltran, BBA02

David E., BA77 &

Mary Gail A., BA78, Bennett

Lee C., ’71 & Mary Kay Bennett

Christine S., MED06 &

Christopher B. Benoit

Lynn P., BA82 & Robert N. Bergan

Donald L. Bernovich, II, BA97 & Siti

Suhaila A. Rahman-Bernovich

Raymond M. & Karen M. Berta

Kevin K. & JoAnn M. Bertorelli

Eliseo, BS08 & Isabel Betancourt

Surbhi Bhatia, BS08

Nancy M., MBA88 & Edward J. Bifulco

Janet A. Bilder, BS09

John D., MED05 & Constance L.,

MAED02, MSMIS95, Billerman

Dennis G., BA66 & Barbara J. Biscan

Patricia M., BA90 & James W., Sr., Bishop

Kelly B., MBA86 & Martha I. Blair

Mary Blake

Linda L., BS87 & William T. Blangin

David R. & Gail Blankenship

Joanne L. Blattner

Maria H., BA91 & Micah J. Bleecher

Patricia A., MT SLS, BS77 &

Glenn L., Jr., Blockinger

Richard J. & Carolyn M. Blum

Lawrence D., MSMIS94 &

Theresa M. Bobko

Brian J., BA92 & Jennifer L. Boehm

Ellen & Drew R. Boettcher

Kapil K. Boggavarapu, BS09

Jane A. Bolin, BA73 & Richard Carlson

Sarah D. & William J. Bond

Thomas L., BA85 &

Patricia L., BA79, Bonifas

George & Rose Bonomo

Michael R., BA76 & Roslie Bontemps

Jessica E. Booth, BA09

Michael & Susan Borowski

Philip Botha, BBA06

Michael A., BA89 &

Jyll S., MBA09, Boudreau

Panagiota Bournas, BS09

Burton A. & Joan Bowen

James E. & Marianne H. Boyajian

J. Michele Bradley, MBA87 &

Richard M. Spain

Owen E., Ph.D., BA68 & Barbara S. Brady

Robert J. Braido, BS93

Rose S. Braido-Hall

Charlene Brandon, ’09

Corinne C. Brandon, AA08

Philip P., BA75 & Carol A. Brankin

Susan J., MPH91 & Roger T. Brassfield

Robert G., BA80 & Dorothy Bray

Susan M., BA09 & Garth T. Breen

Michael G. & Margaret M. Brennan

Sharon A., BS86 &

Beauford J., Jr., Bridson

Joseph Brindise

Nathan A., BBA01 & Jennifer E. Bronski

Rita M., MSCP09 & Patrick J. Brosnan

David P., CPA, MBA83 &

Lorna V., MBA83, Brown

Dawn Brown, BA09

Helen T., BS83 & Laurence J. Brown

Jeanie L., BSN01 & Daniel J. Brown

Kelli D. Brown, BA09, AA07

Kimberly Brown

Margaret P., BA83 &

Christopher W. Brown

Kyle R. Bruett, BA08

Robert L., BA09, AA07 &

Brenda L. Brummell

Yolanda M. Bryant, BA09

Lawrence M., BA81 & Kelly A. Budnik

John A., Jr., ’71 & Linda S. Budrik

Charles K., MBA84 & Susan Buehler

Jerald T. Buergel, BA59 &

Judy A. Spamone

Keith M. Bunkenburg, BA89

Mariya V. Burke, MBA08

From the 1920s until the 1970s, the College had

a bird-banding station and Fr. Victor Laketek,

O.S.B., taught a course on birds in the 1970s

and 1980s.

Fr. Luke Ouska, O.S.B., ran the College’s photo

studio from the 1940s until the 1970s.

orA et lABorA

Annual Report 2008-2009 13

Stephen F., ’39 & Frances H. Bushman

Brian C., BA90 & Ana M. Butler

Robert J., BS64 & Jean A. Butler

Daniel J., BA76 & Nancy R. Butzen

Thomas R., BS79 & Theresa A. Bychowski

Mary Jo & Daniel P. Cagney

Rev. John W. Cahill, BA59

Pedro J., Jr., MBA09 &

Leeanna B., BA05, Cahue

Pearl A. Callaghan, BSN93

Theresa M., MBA87 & John A. Callozzo

Karen L. Campana

Phillip W., BA72 & Carolyn M. Caponigro

Christopher E. Capps, Ed.D., EDD09,

MED00, BA91

John C., MBA83 & Lupe Carlson

Kelly A., BA91 & William C. Carlson

Michael J., BA09 & Kathleen M. Carlson

Mary L. Caron, BA85

Bernard & Jean A. Carpenter

Jaunesh D. Carpenter, BA09

Richard A. & Lynne A. Carr

John P. & Jeanne M. Carroll

Sandra T. Carroll, BA09

John K., BA70 & Christine Carsello

William & Christine Carsten

Dawn L. Carver, BA08

Andrew J., MBA97 & Maria A. Caselli

William C. & Priscilla L. Cavallo

Marilyn W. Cawiezel

Christopher R. & Kathryn A. Cebrzynski

Robert J. & Pamela M. Cebrzynski

Andrew L. Cena, BA08

Clare E. Cermak, BA01

Marilyn A. & Richard A. Cermak

Kathleen M., BS90 & David Chambers

Thomas, BS56 & Esther Cheng

Lori A. Chiappetta, BSN09

Jennifer M. Chinoy, ’09

Mary C., BA82 & David J. Cholewa

Elie C., ’60 & Andrea S. Chouinard

Alison M. Chrabot, ’09

Barbara W., MBA84 & Jack A. Christensen

Teresa A., BA83 & Bruce W. Christopher

Gina M., MBA05 & Paul S. Churchill

Miroslav J. & Ingrid E. Chybik

Eric B. & Patricia R. Cibula

Robert J., BA57 & Mary Kaye Cisek

Martin J., MBA97 & Kathleen Cisna

David A., BS79 & Margaret S. Clark

Jason A. Clark

Brenda Clarke, BA04

Thomas A., BS68 & Judy E. Clavin

Debbie & Terry Clifford

Gail L. Clore, MBA95

Craig R. & Patricia A. Clough

Kenneth B. Coffey, BA01

David R., MBA98 & Judith E. Cohen

Taketha K. Cole, AA09

Martha K., BSN08 & Robert P. Colecchi

Sheena P., MBA90 & Donald F. Coleman

Thomas G., BA83 & Kim K. Colgan

Virginia L., BA86 & Martin G. Conaway

14 Benedictine University

Paul M. & Jill J. Conlin

Charles L. Conner, Jr., AA09

Sara A., AA09 & Michael P., Jr., Connolly

Loleta D. Connor, BA83 &

Ronald Thomas

Patrick J., BA09 & Joyce A. Conroy

Regina M., MAED08, BS83 &

Michael F., Jr., Conti

Robert Contro, BA09

Jon S. Cooper

Miranda L. Cooper

Chad Copher

Bridget K. Corbet

Alicia R. Cordoba Tait, Ph.D.

Charles M., MBA09 & Jennifer J. Corella

Elizabeth A. Cosgrove Diver, BA04

William J., Ph.D., BS68 &

Julia F. Cosgrove

William J. & Grace Costigan

Joanne, MSMOB96 & Elmer C. Courtney

William R. & Mary J. Coutre

Andrew J. Coutu, BA09

Dayna M. & Adam Crabb

Creme De La Creme Westmont, Inc.

Louis W. & Lynne A. Cronin

Rebecca J. Crose, AA09

Andrew W., BS88 & Karen Crowe

Roger S., MCP87 & Deanna K. Crum

Thomas F., Ph.D., BS94 &

Melisa L.F. Cullen

Edyta Cyran, MBA09

Czech Catholic Union

Dennis C. & Mary G. Czech

Anna L. Dalton, BS08

Michael D., BS68 & Jeannine M. Daly

Michelle T. Daniels, MED09

Rudy Dardy

Lisa A. Darnell, BA07

Nadia E. Darwish, BA07

Raymond W., MBA80 & Theresa Davis

Robert & Josie Dawe

Harry E., Jr., ’57 & Joanne Deakin

Sonya M. Dean, BSN09

Angela R., BA75 & Daniel G. DeCarlo

Patricia M., BS86 & Dennis F. Decker

Mary Ellen, MS06 & W. John, lll, Deegan

Robert L., Jr., BA79 & Gail M. Deering

John P. Dehm, BA08

Amy L., BA92 & Frank Del Medico

Julie M., BA83 & Thomas Del Monaco

Griselda I. & Ezequiel DeLaRosa

Edward P. DeLorenzo, BA62

Wayne T., BA84 &

Michele P., BA85, Dendler

Anita U., PAR89 & Uday L. Deoskar

Christopher M. DeVuono, AA08

Nicholas M. & Margaret R. Di Filippo

Charles E., Ph.D., BS58 & Vivian C. Dick

Edward J., BA82 & Eileen M. Dillon

Joseph W., MBA86 & Peggy A. Dillon

Christine M. Distasio, BBA06

Robert J., ’69 & Diana L. Divis

Nicholas C. Dobes, BS09

Paul M. & Kathleen M. Dobill

Joanne M. Doerner, MBA95

Geraldine M. Dolan

Daniel S. Domin, Ph.D., BS87 &

Naushina Rahman

Daniel F. Donahue, BA09

Francis M., BA73 &

Catherine M., BA73, Donovan

James P. & Mary T. Dotson

Irving W. & Marie L. Doucet

Barbara A., MBA09 & James A. Douglas

Larry & Debra Doyle

Kevin A. Driscoll, BA08

Lawrence T., BS95 & Maureen M. Driscoll

Edward F., Jr., BA74 &

Darlene C. Dronzek

Michael, Jr., ’39 & Evelyn F. Dudas

Philip A., BA71 & Vicky J. Duncan

John M., Jr., BS64 & Alice M. Dunford

Michele M. Duplancich, ’09

Ann Marie, BSN09 & Richard Durante

Richard R. & Mary Lou Dvorak

David T. Ebeling, BA09

Thomas & Susan Ebeling

Kenneth V., BA80 &

Patrice M., ’82, Eberhardt

Edward J., BA67 & Carol Ebner

Michelle R., BA04, AA02 &

John J., Jr., Eckerle

Seth A., MBA09 & Mia L. Eddy

Lavoris, BA09, AA07 &

Thomas L. Edwards

William T. & Cynthia M. Edwards

Robert J., BS68 & Paula A. Eggert

Alberta J. Eichenauer-Thompson, MBA87

& Robert Thompson

Alexa R. Eide

Jackie L. Eide

Elizabeth Eischeid, BA83 &

Michael D. O’Connell

Lori A. Ellerman, MBA08

Martin G., D.P.M., BS83 &

Elizabeth R. Ellman

Cheryl, MBA91 & J. John Erins

Paul M., ’64 & Carolyn Ernzen

Benjamin G., MBA90 & Barbara Etri

Steven C. Evans, AA09

John M. Fabiano, Jr., BBA06

Saema Faheem, BS09

Robert E. & Frances V. Fanter

Sumaiya Fatani, BBA09

Milette M., BS96 & Scott A. Fauque

Martin J., BS71 & Gloria J. Feeney

Valerie J., BA73 & James B. Feld

Jennifer L., MSCP08 & Garrett J. Fell

Kenneth & Kristina T. Feltz

Kenneth M., BS73 & Rita I., BA76, Feltz

Michele Feltz

Michael L. Ferren, MSCEP09

Victoria A. Fessler, BA09

Terrence M., BA71 & Patricia D. Fettig

Kyle J. Ficek, BA08

Bernard G. & Lorraine I. Fiedor

Jack M. & Patricia J. Filben

* deceased

Scott R., BS04 & Christine L., BA93, Filer

Joseph M., BA74 & Kathryn Filipiak

Victoria A., Ed.D., EDD09, MPH05 &

Lawrence J. Fils

David, BS91 & Susan Findling

Robert L. Fineran, MBA86, BA82

Thomas J., BA85 & Patricia H. Finn

Robert E., IFM80 & Carol A. Fish

Linda & Michael Fisher

Catherine M. Fitzsimmons, ’78

Susan C., MBA93 & John Flanc

Henry & Rosemarie Flock

Timothy T. Flounders, MSA08

James D. Flynn*

Robert M., LCPC, BS80 &

Kathleen A. Flynn

Sr. Catherine M. Foley, I.B.V.M., BS67

Cynthia M., BS77 & Thomas J. Foley

Kyle M. Follett, BBA09

John P. Ford, ACAD55 &

Genevieve M. Chastain-Ford

Jacquelyn J., MPH91 & Richard C. Forst

Fox Mechanical

Owen C., Jr., BS65 & Joann M. Fox

Frederick C., ACAD57 & Grace M. Francl

Fabienne M. Francois, BS03

Marie G. & David A. Francois

Maureen C. Franson, AA09

David R. & Helen M. Fraser

Mary C., BA66 &

James E., BA62, Freilinger

Sheila J., BA89 & Timothy K. Freund

Earl R. Frey

Marcella Frustaci, BS08

Krystyna Fudala, BS09

Ben J., MBA85 & Jane Furino

Aida Gaddi, ’09

Mojisola M. Gafari, BBA09

Richard E., BA81 &

Marjorie M. Gallagher

Julianne M. & Ronald S. Gallo

Asha Gameti, ’09

Bernard C., Jr. & Joyce F. Gammonley

George A., Ph.D., BS81 & Lisa P. Ganzer

Henry L. Garcia, BA93

William J., BA97 & Mary Beth Gardner

Steve & Cindy S. Garite

Harol-Deane D., BA83 &

Gerald A. Garren

Bernard J., BA75 &

Eileen Kelly, BS75, Gaughan

Martin P., BA83 & Maribeth M. Gaughan

Catherine A., R.D., L.D.N., MPH05,

BS01 & William J. Gavin

Jean M. Geisheker

Laura A. Geiss, BA09

Stephen & Debra Geiss

Daniel C., MBA90 & Teresa S. Gibble

Sharon J. Gilbert, MCP95

Francine L., BBA97 &

Robert E. Gilmartin

Girl Scout Troop #201

William C., BA80 & Mary Joan Gleeson

Peter T., BA91 & Melissa Glimco

Anthony T., D.D.S., BS93 &

Anjanetta Glorioso

Scott C., MBA89 &

Janet L., MBA89, Goering

Lorraine Goliak

Anthony M. Gonzalez, BA08

Jessica C. Gonzalez, BA09

Robert A. & Mildred R. Gorman

Joseph E. & Nancy Gorski

Loren W., BS80 & Jane F. Gorski

Sandra L. Gould

Maureen A., PAR87, BS85 &

Kevin B. Goulding

Martha E., MBA87 & Donald M. Graffy

Patrick C. & Janet T. Graham

Charles H. & Llubia O. Gricius

Sierra W. Griffin, BBA09

Susan L., BA77 & Thomas Grimshaw

Beatrice G., MBA87 & Victor G. Grinius

Kimberly E. Groll, MSCP09

Joanne J. & James V. Guastella

Eva K. Gubala, MBA09

Sara Guice, BA09

Ellen S., MSMOB94 & Ellen S. Gull

Donald F., BA08 & Maureen P. Gushurst

Allen M., BA84 & Patti J. Gustafson

Eric M. Guthrie

Carol S. & Thomas Guzman

Roberta J. Hahn

Jon W., BA59 & Lois Haidu

Brian & Linda Hale

April K. Hall, AA09

Kathy A., MPH98 & R. Mark Halligan

Colleen Hanna

William G. & Mary Ann Hannon

Susan E. Hanselmann, MBA02

Mary V., MED09 & William L. Hardy

Theresa M. Harkey, BA08

James M., BA73 & Carole Harrington

Steven B. & Joan Hatch

Daniel Hatt, BA08

Thomas P. & Jamie L. Haugh

John F., BS69 & Mary Kay Havranek

Susan E. Hayes-DuPraw, MPH93 &

Rick J. DuPraw

Michael J. Hazdra, BM81

Charles & Lou Ann Hazelton

Fred L., ’52 & Marilyn C. Heidecke

Edward C. & Clara J. Heimberg

Mary E. Heintz, BA79

Raymond J., ’70 & Nancy J. Heitner

Lori T. Henert, BA85

Janice P., BA81 & William S. Hennessy

Steven R., MBA82 & Nancy Henrikson

Leo H. & Adrena F. Herbst

Ashok V., MBA95 & Sunita J. Hermon

Sonia M., AA09 &

Jesse A., Sr., Hernandez

Robert W., BA82 &

Anne M., BS82, Herrmann

Joseph P., BA81 &

Donna M., BA82, Herrmann

Fr. Hilary Jurica, O.S.B., photographed in

1963 with some of his specimens. The

Jurica-Suchy Nature Museum was originally

named in honor of Frs. Edmund and Hilary

Jurica. The museum represents the work of

the brothers who collected specimens for

their students to use during their almost 100

combined years of teaching at the school.

Fr. Michael Komachek, O.S.B., developed the

campus art collection from the mid-1970s until

his death in August 2009.

orA et lABorA

Annual Report 2008-2009 15

Christine M., BA73 & Norman Herz

James R., ACAD48 & Grace H. Hickey

James L. & Joann S. Hicks

Stacy L., BA93 & James M. Higdon

James F., BS70 & Jean M., BA73, Higgins

Sherida F. Hill, BA05

John J., BA59, ACAD49 &

Anne M. Himpler

Lillian J. Hlava

Gerald L., BA69 & Mary Kae Hoffmann

Virginia B., MSSCP09 & Kenneth B. Hohl

Donald C. & Lynn M. Holliday

Marianne C., BA75 &

Kenneth G. Holliday

Joy C. Holtz, BSN09

Denise L., BS96 & Patrick J. Honner

Jennifer A., BS91 & David Hooten

Patrick J., Ph.D., BS69 & Diana Hooyman

Richard A., PE, MBA94 &

Catherine M. Horn

Hazel M. Hosmer

Paul J., ’53 & Helen R. Houlne

Corbett C. & Kathleen M. Howard

Tom & Edna Howard

Sabrina Howard-Harris, BA09 &

Vincent H. Harris

James F., Sr., BA77 & Catherine M. Howe

Virginia O’Ryan, BA75 &

Howard P., Jr., Hoyt

Michael J., MBA98 & Deanna L. Hrosik

Bradley E., BA69 & Martha L. Hubinek

David G. Hudak, BA68

Charles W., Jr. & Jeanne M. Huffman

Theresa A. Hughes

Angelene R. & Walter J. Hulbert

Eileen M., BS77 & James E. Hurley

Charles E. Hurst, BA07

Howard F., BS56, ACAD52 &

Susan K. Hurt

Nida Hussain, BA07

Erin S. Hutchinson

Harry G. & Gladys M. Hutchison

Image Enterprises Inc.

Richard D. & Sandra J. Infelise

Michael A., MPH00, BS99 &

Margaret M. Isaacson

Thomas J., ACAD55 &

Sharon E. Jablonski

August H., IFM73 & Sandra M. Jacobs

Abdul M. & Aisha M. Jaleel

Gloria A. James

Matthew L. Jamesson, BA09

Stacy Janssen, BA06

Daniel R. Jaracz, BA83

Francis B., BA08 & Helen M. Jareczek

Kenneth M. Jaszczor, BA92

Terrence C., ’71 & Jacqueline Jatczak

Jeffrey D. Javors, BA77

Indu Jayawardhan, BBA09

Joyce R. & Michael J. Jeewek

Glenn A., BA87 & Mary F., BA87, Jendra

Gary L. Jesenick, BS89

16 Benedictine University

Walter & Mary Jeske

Susan Yang Jiang

Sarah-Lynn Jimencz

Vicki J., MBA85 & Joseph E. Jobst

Evelyn R. Johnson

Tomeca N. Johnson, BBA09

Cheryl L. Jones, AA06

Rachel J. & Joe Jones

Laurie Jordan, MSMOB91

LaShone A. Joshua, ’09

Vera Jovanovic, BSN09

Patricia S. Joyce, BA78

Stephan E., BA69 & Cindy Julius

Robert O., Jr., BS70 & Darlene A. Jungels

Virginia L. Justiniano, BA95

Agime Jusufi, BA09

Gerald J., IFM82 & Kathryn Kaapke

Carol Lee Kacin, MBA90* &

George B. Kacin, Jr.

Richard J. Kaiser, Jr., ’09

Kristin L. Kamholz, D.V.M., BS92

Kristy L. Kaminski, BA95

Andrea M. Kane, M.D., BS01

Joseph M. & Erika Kane

Mary K., BA94 & Thomas J. Kane

Dale A. & Richard Kania

Harry F., Jr., MBA80, BA72 &

Karen Kannry

Kevin W., MBA00 &

Laura, MBA01, Kapala

Lois Kapp

Pooja Karia, BS09

Sahar Karimi, BS08

Theresa M. & Raymond A., Jr., Karos

Kenneth & Irene Kasnicka

Keith S. & Mary Jane Kasper

Alicia M. Kaszuba, ’09

Athanasia M. Katsigiannis, BA09

Thomas W. Kaufman, ’65

James F., BS84 & Gail E. Kavanagh

John A. Kay, MBA80

John G. Keller, BS93

John P. Kelley, D.D.S., USN Ret, ’51

Robert J., ’45 & Lois A. Kelley

Peter Kempfer, ’69

Korin A., Ph.D., PHD03 &

Timothy M. Kendra

Mary F. & William J. Kendrick

Daniel W., Ph.D., PHD03 &

Monica M. Keogh

James B., BS87 & Pamela S. Ketchum

Aly-Karim, BS01 & Farzana Kherani

John C. Kiefer, MED09

Sr. Susan Kilduski, O.S.B., MBA01

Jane H., MBA83 & Curtis L. Kimball

Richard D., MBA98 &

JoAnn, MBA97, Kimbel

Cassandra A. Kimbrough, BA09

Jean M., BS79 & Terrance L. Kinnane

Lou Ann, BS90 & Donald E. Kinsella

Ann Marie, BA82 & Jeffrey C. Kiolbasa

Shannon M. Kirby, ’09

Deborah Kirk

Stephanie Kirk, BA09

John D., MBA88 & Deborah C. Kirsits

Franz B. & Anna Maria Kissel

William R., BA64 & Patricia J. Klein

Benedict M., BS62 & Mary Lou Klenda

Sharon K. Klint, MCP87

Jeanette Kludac

Matthew W. Klumpp, BA96

Thomas A., MBA83, BA80 &

Lora A. Kmieciak

Barbara C. Knierim, BA00

Patricia K. Knight, BS80

James O.* & Kathleeen Knobloch

Josephine E. Kocher

Raymond A. Kocisko, BA49

John J., BS66 & Lois Koehler

Andrew P., MBA94 & Patricia A. Kokosa

James S., BA65 & Irene Kolanowski

James Komechak

Andrew R., Sr., BS60 & Judy D. Konitzer

Joann Kontos, BSN87

Joann M., BA89 & William E. Kopping

Catherine M., MED08 & John P. Kos

Sigmund W. & Monica R. Kosla

Stephanie A. Koss, BA07

Robert & Mary Ann Koster

Francis & Bernadette A. Kotecki

Robert Koutek, Sr.

John M. Kovacic, ’64

Georgene J. Kowalewski

Richard E. Kraetsch, BA09

Gerald P., BA62 & Margaret A. Krebs

Dushan J., ACAD55 & Leona P. Krocko

Lawrence J., BA68 & Marian M. Krupicka

Roger A., MSMOB09 &

Catherine J. Krupp

Mark P. Krutiak, MBA09

Donna J. Kubicz, BA05

Marit P., BA84 & Tony J. Kuczmanski

Scott E., MBA93 & Melanie A. Kuhar

Robert E., BA09 &

Linda R., MED09, Kulovitz

Barbara Kural

Faye L., BA83 & Nicholas L. Lack

Raymond & E. Marie Lafser

Steve Lamick

Beth A. Lang, MBA03, BBA01 &

Martin D. Kokocinski

Philip M., BA86 & Kathleen Langdon

Kenneth P. & Patricia L. Langel

Christopher L. LaScala, MBA94

Gary J. & Ann M. Lasker

Mary Ellen Lawrence, BA74

Joseph M. Leddin, BA09

John G., MBA87 & Star A. LeDonne

Douglas E. & Debra Bennett Lellbach

Pamela M. Lenert, MSMOB89

Claudette & Stanley Leszczynski

Haley A. Lewis, BS09

Jonathan F. Lewis &

Linda J. Fullerton-Lewis

* deceased

Juletta S. Lewis, BSN09

Charles J., ACAD55 & Joanne A. Leyden

Deborah L. Liczwek, Ph.D., BS76 &

David R. Corbin

Kenneth D., ’65 & Judith L. Lieske

Robert J., BA75 &

Kathleen M., BA75, Lifka

Camille & Francis V. Lillig

Theresa C., BA74 &

Donald K. Lindemann

James R., ’64 & Kristina R. Lindou

Lisle Heritage Society

Wayne E., MBA78 & Lucia M. Lisowski

Kathleen A., BA01 & Bradford Livingston

Maritza I. Lizama-Gomez, ’09

Jason G. Locke, BA00

Beverly A. Loder, BA84

Lolita Logan, AA09

Wendy I., MBA99, MSMIS99 &

William Logue

David H. & Patricia L. Lohrey

Nikhila Loomba

Veronica Lowery, BA09, AA07

Laura Lucado

Christine M. Lucas, BA71

John D. Lucas, BA09

Margaret J. Lucchesi, BA95

Patricia C. Lufkin, MBA87

J. Patrick, BA71 &

Theresa M., BA73, Lupton

Dennis W., BA84 & Christiane Luxion

Robert C. & Carol A. Lydigsen

Rosemary R., BS82 & John G. Lynch

Evelyn M. Lyons, MPH98

JoAnna E., MBA93 & Gregory W. Maas

Bruce O. Mabee

Joseph L., Sr., ACAD50 &

Dorothy R. Macejik

Mark A. Mack, BA09

Erin E. Macke

John A. & Maureen Macke

Raymond M. Mackey

Laternia A. Maddox, BSN09

Eugene A., Jr., BS89 &

Glennis W. Madison

John F., BA70 & Christine Madl

Jose Magana, MBA08

John F., BA66 & Margaret C. Maher

Ramon F., ’54 & Rosemary T. Maher

Alan W. & Janet M. Main

John F., BS69 & Ursula C. Makarowski

Aletha M., BA93 & Dennis J. Maleski

Sarah A. Malone, Ph.D., PHD07,


John C., CPA, BA80 & Susan P. Maloney

Geraldine L. Mancini

Mary R. Mangia, MBA05, MSMIS05 &

Bernard C. Darmentro

Michael A., MBA88 & Lynn M. Manna

William P., MBA09 & Dina M.


Dominic M. Manola, BA07

Rohinah Mansoor, BS09

John G., D.D.S., BS81 &

Patricia A., BS83, Marchese

William E. Marchi, D.D.S., BS78

Ben A., Ph.D., BS77 &

Katherine M. Marchlewicz

Glenn H., Ph.D. & Alice M. Marin

Lynn A. Markowski-Smith, MPH94,

BSN85 & Glen A. Smith

Lloyed & Judith E. Marlar

James F., MBA80 & Kerry E. Marrer

Chris Martinez

Kristen Massey, ’09

Shelvy J., IFM76 & Gail H. Mayhew

John A., ’63 & Janice D. Mayr

Barbara McBride, AA08

Kathleen A., BA83 & Michael J. McCabe

Ted McCartan

Tracy L., MSMOB04 & Philip McCarthy

Alicia A. McCarty, MSA08, BA05

Michael R., MBA09 &

Kimberly McCormick

Mary E. McDonnell, BA66

Michael X., BA73 &

Margaret R. McDonnell

Barbara E. McDonough, CERT09

Charles G. McDonough, BA74

John J. & Cheryl L. McDonough

Terrence R. & Maureen S. McDorman

Debra A., MPH99 & Terrence J. McElroy

Christine A., BA89 & Frank W. McGee

Richard J., BS68 & Barbara A. McHenry

Mark McHorney

Paul A., Sr. & Joyce E. McLennon

Joseph J. McManus, BS94

Lawrence D., BS79 & Karen R. McMullin

Stacy L. McNeal, AA09

Thomas S., BA67 & Carol J. Meade

Patricia Medina, AA09

Phillip K. & Joan M. Meegan

Ryan P. Meegan, BA07

Rachel Mellema, MPH09

Boyd C. & Jane M. Melvin

Timothy & Mary Ellny Mercy

Michael J. Merscher, BS66

Todd Mertz

Dustina Metty-Montgomery &

John M. Montgomery

Keith J. Michalek, BS87

Michael L., MBA89 & Gayle M. Michelon

Sandra G., BSN83 & James E. Migala

Cynthia A., BS86 & Todd A. Miglieri

Mark J., BA86 & Ann Fraser Miklosz

Danielle Mikos, BA08

Mary Ann Mikrut

Steven M. Millar, BA08

Carol D., BSN86 & Robert H. Miller

Donald E. & Joanne E. Miller

Donald L., MBA79 & Kathleen E. Miller

Jeanne A. Miller, MCP87

Kelly Miller

Kenneth D. & Janice V. Miller

Kenneth J., Sr., BS88 & Priscilla A. Miller

Dorothy Milnamow

Fr. Albert Ondriska, O.S.B., worked the front desk

in the library from the late 1950s until just before

his death in 1980.

Fr. William Shonka, O.S.B., with Joseph Bowe,

Ph.D., C43, who taught math and physics at the

College from the 1960s until the 1980s.

orA et lABorA

Annual Report 2008-2009 17

Sue Milo, BS79

Tamiko M. Minette, BA09

Juveriya Mir, BA09

Rizwan M. Mir, MBA09

Deborah A., BA88 & Richard A. Mlot

Eileen B., MBA07 & David Monsurate

Salvador & Perla Montalvo

Frank F. & Rose Montefalco

Robin G., PAR89 & Timothy D. Moon

Dwight A. & Hilda M. Moore

Shirley J. Moore, BSN83

Karen K., BA79 & Edward J. Moran

Laura Morel

Keith D. Morris, BA09

Allison L. Morse, BA06

Bernard J. Morzuch, Ph.D., BA70 &

Cheryl D. Smith

Francis G. & Anna V. Moskal

Robert G., M.D., BS84 &

Katherine A. Mosley

Dennis M., BA71 & Janice Motyka

Gerald J. Mount, Ph.D., PHD00

Connie & Kenneth D. Mounts

Thomas J., MBA83 & Jane A. Moylan

Peggy J. Mraz, BS83

Lori A., Ph.D., PHD99, MSMOB95 &

Michael R. Muehling

William & Linda Mullins

William J. & Pamela L. Mundt

Joyce Muni, MPH07

Emmett P., MBA80 & Mary Jo Murphy

Jay A., MSMOB02, MBA90 &

Julia A. Murphy

John B. & Sharon E. Murphy

Michael Todd Murphy, Ph.D., PHD07

Katherine A. Murray, BA01

Joseph M. Myrick, BA09

John A., MBA84 & Janina Nalis

Claudia M. Narvaez, BA09

Christina Naso, MSCP08

Tracey F., BA83 & Thomas M. Naughton

Mark L., BA79 &

Colleen M., BA82, Nawrocki

Barbora Nelson

Brian M., BBA04 &

Elizabeth A., BS05, Nelson

Bruno C. & Cheryl L. Nesci

Roy E. Newton, BA08

Roy J., ’66 & Mary Ellen Nichols

Brenda F. Nichols-Taylor, MBA08

Jerome S. Niemiec, ACAD49

Herbert B., BS52 & Jane M. Nilles

Chris E. Noel, BA09

Anita M. Norman

John & Joan E. Norton

Marie L., BA84 & Kevin J. Novak

Patricia D. & Ronald F. Nowak

Timothy R. & Kathryn M. Nunes

Robert E. & Patricia A. Nyikos

Oakview Montessori Children’s House

Colleen O’Callaghan

Michael J., BA67 & Bonnie L. O’Connell

18 Benedictine University

Tim R. O’Connell, BBA08

Rosemary Oggoian

Oluwakemi O. Ogunleye, BBA09

Albert M. & Mona A. Oliver

G. Arnold, IFM69 & Pamela A. Olson

Gary M. & Kathleen A. Olson

Alexius N., BA08 & Timothy O’Malley

Thomas C. O’Neil, BA63

Robert P., MBA90 & Katherine M. Ontko

John J., Jr., BA77 & Debra A. Opitz

Laura E. Ortiz, Ed.D., EDD09

John A., BA78 &

A. Marie, BS78, Osborne

Edward & Lorna B. Osoteo

James A. Osowski, ’63

Michael T., BS66 & Loretta L. Overdeck

Rev. Linda Owens

Geoffrey E., BS98 & Kimberly M. Pacana

Maria Paz L. Pacis

Henry & MaryAnn Padgett

Deidra Page, AA09

Jacque S., MED99 & Charles F. Pagels

James & Sandra L. Pakula

Matthew J., BBA07 & Erin Pakula

Monika A. Pandya

Elaine D. Pankowski, BS05

Teresa J. Parker

Robert, BS64 & Linda E. Parthun

James, BS76 & Kathleen A. Paryl

Ronald E., Sr., MBA83, BA73 &

Christine A., BA73, MA03, Paryl

John F., II, BS68 & Mary Anne Paskvan

Michael I., ACAD41 & Annetta M. Pataki

Cassius G. Pates, BA07

Janis Patti

Daniel R. Paulissen, BA88

Gregory M. & Joanne Pawlowski

Dennis Payonk

Merlin J., Jr., BA93 & Cristina Peacey

Kathleen M. Pecis, MS06

James R. Pelletiere, BS09

Karen R. Pelletiere, BSN08

Patrick S. & Elizabeth A. Pence

Thomas J., MCP89 & Linda J.


Desiree A. Pepper-Venzant, ’09 &

Kenneth L. Venzant

Kanitha L. Perry, AA09

Kimberly D., MPH02 &

Gary D. Perryman

Robert G., ’68 & Judith A. Pesz

Pascale, BA94 & Joseph P. Petro

Josef & Elisabeth Pfeiffer

Kenneth A. & Helen C. Pfister

James W. Pfleger, ’53

Robert M. & Barbara W. Phelps

Richard & Lorraine Piasecki

David L., BA69 & Susan L. Pierce

James A., MBA91 & Cheryl Pierce

Joleen, BA95 & Edward J. Pietrzyk

Lee Pilarczyk

Heather Z. Pink, BBA09

Patricia A. Pinta

Martha A. & Peter J. Piorkowski

Michele L., BS74 & Richard J. Pitello

Katarzyna C., BS07 & Artur Pituch

Brittany A. Plahm

Joseph J., BA73 & Mary F. Plese

Ignacio M. Ponce, Jr., BA99

John F., M.D., BS75 & Laurel K. Pope

Richard J., M.D., ’68 & Candace L. Popp

Thomas P., Jr. & Margaret H. Poro

Gregory N., BA80 & Mary F. Porod

Victoria D. Poselenzny, MSCP09

Richard L., Ph.D., BS66 & Cynthia J. Poss

Wayne C., ’71 & Kathleen M. Potempa

Stephanie A. Potter, BS09

Armeade Powell, AA09

Kathryn A., BA85 & Gregory L. Powell

John & Karen Powers

Tina M., MPH98 & Joseph Powers

Heather E. Price, PAR02

Roland D. & April A. Pritchett

John R. Psenick & Susan D. Psenicka

Jeffrey S. Ptacek, BA06

Joseph A., BA83 &

Melinda S., BS84, Pudlo

Pedro P. & Grace Pujals

Marcia A., BA85 & Kenneth Pyburn

Patricia M., MSMOB93 &

William I., Jr., Pye

John L., ’62 & Kathleen M. Quinn

Sunita Qumari, ’09

Robert E. Rada, D.D.S., MBA95

John, Jr., BS89 & Bernadetta Rafacz

Louis Rafaj, ’61

Danielle M. Ragano, BA08

Amy S., MSSCP09 & Thomas A. Rains

Tauseef A. Raja, MBA09

Anthony E. & Dorothy L. Rakos

Ronald P. Ramey

Bradford M., BA78 & Claire D. Raso

Ruta J., BA89 & Richard J. Ratajczyk

Lynn M. & Jack D., II, Raymer

Paul J. Reamer, BA89

John A., Jr., BS77 & Karen J. Regan

William, BS65 & Linda Regan

James P., BS64 & Rita K. Regis

Dennis F., BS68 & Mary Ann Reher

Robert L., MBA96 & Ellen Rehm

Laura A., MBA88 &

R. Michael Reihsmann

Marion J. Reis

Betty & Frank W. Rejc

Jerome T., BS78 & Cheryl S. Rejc

Molly A. Remley

Mario A., Ph.D., BA66 &

Kathleen Yalonis Renzi

Kenneth Reuter

David J., ’57 & Ligaya A. Rezek

Tiffany R., ’08 & Jacob A. Rickelman

Marcelline M., BS90 &

George T., Jr., Ricker

John M. & Roberta K. Riconosciuto

Cynthia A., BM80 & Michael Riddle

William D., BA80 &

Elizabeth A., BS81, Rigali

Kimberley Riley, BSN09

Mark A., BS96 & Sylvia, BS96, Rimbergas

Mary Jo, BA78 & Carl L. Rinaldi

Domnick A., BBA99 & Charlene K. Ringo

Bernadine F., AA02 &

Raymond C., Jr., Riordan

Kelly Ritchey, BS09

Mark L. Ritz

Leanne S., MSMOB04, BS00 &

Daniel J., Sr., Rivers

Karen Roach

Virginia A., BM86 & Joseph F. Robin

Evon Robinzine, BA09

Elizabeth H., MBA97 & Joseph M. Roche

John F. , ’72 & Rose Marie Rock

Sara Y. Rodriguez, BA09

Thomas W., ACAD56 & Edith A. Rohde

William M., BA69 & Renee Rohlfing

Jill A. Romine-Poskin

Bonnie J., MCP98 & Fred K. Rosen

Paula T., BA88 & David L. Rosenbaum

Jamie Rothstein, Ph.D., BA77 &

Timothy Hopkins

Scott J., BA01 & Carrie Rubo

Daniel J., BS67 & Ann T. Ruggaber

Dennis J., D.D.S., BS67 &

Judith A. Runser

Michelle, BA84 & Leonard A. Ruvola

James J., BA76 & Linda S. Ryan

Jeanette M. Ryan, BA83, IFM82

John P. & Megan Ryan

Robert P., BS75 & Sue A. Ryan

Allan P., MBA85, BA82 &

Shirley M. Rzeszutko

Christina A. Sabater, ’09

Michael J. Sabatini, MBA09, BBA04

Ralph & Sandra Sabatino

Nazia S. Sadat, MPH09, MSNW08, BS06

Bruno C. & Margaret A. Sadowski

Mohammed & Shabana Saeed

Effie Safakas, BA09

Michael E. Salatino

Adriana Salatova, BBA09

Donna M., BS86 & Stephen R. Samp

Laura Sanders

Karen C., BBA03 & Ralph Santiago

Ray J. & GM Sarbiewski

Dale & Darla Sass

Patricia A. Savage, BA93

Jennifer Scavone

Peter M. & Carol A. Scelsa

George F., BA73 & Jaynee L. Schade

John T. Schade

Laura L., MSMOB93 &

Gregory Schamber

Donald J., Ph.D., BS53 &

Maxine F. Scheiber

Daniel Scheirer, MBA09

Kent J., MAED04 & April C. Schielke

Jacob L., BA64 & Barbara J. Schille

Jennifer Schindl, MCP98

Karen P., MSMOB89 & Lloyd E. Schliep

Lawrence G. & Mary E. Schlink

Edward J., BA86 & Mary Ann Schmelzer

Rev. Jerome L. Schmit, ’52

David & Susan Schmitt

Donald J. & Joyce A. Schoenecker

Bernadette Schoessling

Kathleen & Marc C. Schottenhamel

Kimberly A. & Otto E., Jr., Schulz

Jay J., BA84 & Kathleen M. Schweikart

Kathleen A., BA86 & Carl P. Schwitters

Joylynn Sebastian, BS01

Emil P., ACAD49 & Leona P. Seginak

Katherine M., BS89 & Joseph M. Seguino

Ronald R., MBA86 & Ellen W. Sellberg

William W., Ph.D., BS63 &

Dolores T. Seremak

Susan M., BSN90 & Richard Serra

Gabrielle A. Serrao, BA02

Phyllis A., ’09 & John A. Severson

Roger A., BA72 &

Jane M., BA82, Shaddick

James & Lucy Shadle

David H. Shaftman

Kushal D. Shah, BS07

Benoosh Shahrokh, BS08

Faizan M. Shaikh, BS09

Joann M., MBA85, BSN83 &

Joseph F., Esq., Shanahan

Shashank S. Sharma, BS09

Maria R., AA06 & Jim Sheehan

Charles D., Jr., BA65 & Phyllis A. Sheehy

Nour H. Shehadeh, BS06

Ramona R. Shelton, ’09

Millie J., MPH91 & Gerald J. Shepich

Laura M., BS92 & David M., III, Sherman

Michelle A. Shervino, BA98

Robert J., Jr., BS81 & Lynne G. Shields

John A., MPH03 & Therese Shoemaker

Joseph J., Ph.D., BS69 &

Deborah B. Shonka

Benjamin D. Shore, BBA07

Clayton S., MBA95 & Alice N. Shoup

Fatima & Jaweed Siddiqi

Sara J. Siddiqi, BA02

Edith M. Siemianowski, BS91

John A. & Carol J. Simms

William A. & Carol J. Sittig

Mary Skarr

Theodore J. & Patricia J. Skonberg

James F., MBA79 & Mary Ellen Skulski

Raymond, MBA79 & Rita L. Slattery

Valerie M., BS09 & Matthew A. Sliepka

Diane & Stewart E. Sloan

Laura B., MBA05, BBA01 &

Dan Smetters

Alice M. Smilanich, BBA97

Caroline W. Smith, MCP96

Dawn S. Smith, BA07, AA05

Deborah K., BBA08 & Steven E. Smith

Fr. Brendan McGrath, O.S.B., was a professor

and the rector of St. Procopius Seminary.

Fr. Edmund Jurica, O.S.B., with students in 1963.

orA et lABorA

Annual Report 2008-2009 19

scholArs society

Members in the Scholars Society are donors who have created scholarship funds.

Aurelius Abbatiello, Ph.D.

Ronald J., Ph.D. & Janet G. Allain

Lisa Allen Biegalski, BA90 &

James S. Biegalski

Thomas G., MBA90 & Patricia Allen

Tim C., BA93 & Alisa Allen

Mary Bibian Anderson

Kenneth L. Arndt

James F. Baker, Ph.D., MCP89

Emil M. Banas, Ph.D., BS43, ACAD39

Daniel P. Becker, D.V.M., BS79

Richard C., Ph.D. & Lynn Becker

Maurice A., BA87 & Sarah J. Bell

Luz Maria N. Berd, Ph.D.

Walter F., Sr. & Susan A. Block

Mary Borse

James P. Bourke

Liandra H. & Joseph Bozich

Helen V. Brach Foundation

Bernice P. Brandel*

James M. Brusek, BA69 &

June R. Macchiaverna

Robert & Maryjane W. Burrell

Cindy Byron

Joan M. Case

Linda Ann Castino

Mark A. & Jennifer Castino

Douglas M., BA89 & Kristopher A.,

BA90, Smith

Diane M., BS82 & Myk Snider

Laura Sokol, MED09

Jhanvi Soni, BS09

Larry D., BA75 & Margaret T. Soule

W. Michael & Cecelia Spain

Anthony & Monica Spatafore

Kandace L. Spurgeon, BSN08

Jennifer E., BA93 & Charles J. Squires

Susan M. Stackley, MSMOB99

Douglas D. & Marilyn H. Stangeland

Ruqaivah Stanley, BA09

Patrick M. Starnes, MBA09

Leslie Starosta

Walter J. & Elfridge J. Steffens

Nicholas H. & Susan C. Steinbach

Theodore R., Jr., BA69 & Rita V. Steiskal

Warren H. & Eileen D. Stern

Robert J., ’66 & Darlene E. Stevens

Jessica E. Stillo

Raymond C., Sr. & Viola J. Stimac

Richard L., BA95 &

Bridget A., BS96, Stockdale

Nancy B., MPH02 & Theodore C. Strand

Thomas & Geraldine Z. Strasser

Brian K., M.D., BS80 & Mary Kay Stratta

20 Benedictine University

Michael A. & Maggie T. Castino

Robert J. & Pamela M. Cebrzynski

Thomas D. Chase

Cooper Industries Foundation

Alicia R. Cordoba Tait, Ph.D.

Robert W., Ph.D., BA63 &

Brenda M. Cosgrove

Cuneo Foundation

John M., C’78 & Judy Curley

Melissa Curtis

Eldon C. & Janice O. Davis

Linda S., BA74 & Victor Davis

Angela R., BA75 & Daniel G. DeCarlo

John A. Donahue

James & Jean Doris

Ann H. Dunk

Catherine M. Dyba-Tyree, MSMOB90,

BA84 & Robert Tyree

Edward Hospital Medical Staff

Dorothy Erlenborn

William E. & Mary Ann Field

Lorayne M. Flynn

Peter A., BA87 & Maria Foyo

Joann A. Frigerio, Ph.D., BS67

Ernest J., M.D., C’60 &

Barbara A. Gentchos

Willis M. Gillett

Robert K. Strobel, MBA92

Susan E. & John A. Strougal

Denis P., BS60 & Joan Stucko

Krzysztof Studnicki, ’09

David B. Sudzus, BA87

Charles J. Suesse, MBA85 & Karen

Shaughnessy Suesse

Thomas E., Jr. & Patricia J. Sullivan

Darlene E. & Brian Sumida

Erica Sunstrom

Paul M., BS87 & Ann Marie, BS83, Susa

Matthew P. Swajkowski, MBA09

Danielle L. Swanson, BA09

David R. Swanson

Joseph M., IFM82 &

Margaret M. Sweeney

Bettie J. Sylvester, MBA09

Stephen J., BS87 & Janis L. Szorc

Wondimu M. Tadiso, BBA07

Alison E., BA96 & William J. Takahashi

Stephen M., MSMOB02, BA98 &

Jasmine Taylor

Victor J., MSMOB88 & Carole Taylor

John, Sr., BS57 & Anna Tchou

Eric Tee, BS09

Delores R. Temes, AA09

Rosemary & Gene A. Giova

Barbara Griesser

Donna R. Haddad

Michael J. Hazdra, BM81

William Randolph Hearst Foundation, Inc.

Alan J. Hunken

Dorothy M. Jana

Howard J. & Eleanor F. Jennings

Joseph J. & Dolores Kane

August Kapellas

Phyllis M. Kittel, Ph.D. &

John C. Light, Ph.D.

Anne B. Klick*

Gregory S., BS72 & Alice V. Kobus

Raymond, Jr., BS89 &

Elizabeth M., BA89, Konopka

Kristin Kotsakis

Brenda J. & David H. Kritser

Linda I. Kuefler

Melvin J., CCCE, ACAD56 & Patricia A.


John, D.D.S., C’51 & Dorothy F. Kulick

Richard M. Lanser

Anthony L., C’72 &

Monica D., BA78, LaScala

Daniel R. Lata, BS67

Christos M. Linardakis, BA88 &

Michelle A. Bond

Elizabeth Terry-Domaszewicz, BA93 &

David Domszewicz

Joseph C., Jr., BA90 &

Patricia A., BA90, Thibault

Brenda A. Thinnes, ’09

Benjamin & Carmel Thomas

Delores L., MCP98 & Gary Thomas

Arketa M. Thurmond, BBA09

Rev. Philip Timko, O.S.B., BA64

Jane H. Timmerberg

Richard M. & Susan C. Todd

Susan R. Tolin, MBA03

Robert S. Topor

Debra G., MS97 & Mark A. Torma

Paul J., M.D., BS88 & Veronica Toussaint

Richard W. Townsend &

Nancy B. Brown-Townsend

Michael Trench

John L. & Irene A. Tuohy

Erica N. Turner, MPH09

George F., BS86 &

Francene R. Turnpaugh

Susan E., BA87 & Dean J. Tuskey

Clare M. Tyson, BA02

Bev Uebel

Kimberly G., MBA91 &

Bruce D. Underwood

* deceased

Matt & Anne Litarsky

Richard E. & Mary T. Locher

Lorraine McArdle

Robert J. McNamara, M.D. ’51

Catherine Meyer

Molex, Inc.

Raymond P. & Camille Mungovan

Thomas J., BA67 & Karen A. Murphy

National City Bank

Richard J. & Florence A. Nogaj

John E. Parker, BBA01

Jerry B., BA69 & Samantha W. Polek

Lydia Polek

David J., Ph.D., BS62 &

Gertrude M., BA77, Rausch

Nazneen, Ph.D., PHD99, MBA84 &

Salahuddin, Ph.D., MBA87, Razi

Anita Remijas

David Remijas

Jonathon Remijas

Richard J. Remijas, Jr.

Thomas J. Remijas, D.D.S., BS77 &

Pamela S. Ramijas

Margaret & Travis S. Reneau

Gail Ann Roach

Margarete M., Ph.D. &

Warren J., Ph.D., Roth

Margaret R. Urbanowicz, MED09

Melisa C., BS80 & Mark V. Urda

Theodore G. Utlak, ACAD46

Elizabeth J., MSMOB95 &

Michael J. Utterback

Guy Vaccaro, Ph.D., PHD07

George W. Valenta, ACAD38*

Gary M. & Lena M. Vallance

Kenneth D. & Louise H. Van Andel

Thomas C., BA75 & Diane Van Dyke

Karen J., MCP95 & Thomas H. Van Etten

Mary J., MPH89, BSN83 & Glenn Vann

Alfred S. Vano

Corinne J. & Daniel A., BS99, Vargas

Debbie L., MCP97 & Robert Vargo

Louise A. Vargo, BA97

Socorro Vasquez De Velasco, BA73

Anthony M., MSMOB91 &

Marilyn J. Veich

Michael J., BA08, AA07 &

Stacey P. Veseling

Allan R. & Carol A. Vest

Alexandra Victor, Ed.D., EDD09

John S., BA70 & Kathleen A. Voit

Gail M. Von Gonten

Mark J., MBA83 & Rita Von Schaumburg

Suzanne Vondruska, MBA88 &

Mack Duffey

William & Amy Scarlato

Philip A. & Elizabeth E. Schaack

Arthur J. Schmitt Foundation

Edward H. & Marie C. Schmitt

Scholl Foundation

Aheed J. Siddiqi, M.D., BS98 &

Shama Ahmed

Evelyn R. Simmers Charitable Trust

William P. Skvarla, D.D.S., BA53

Harry W. & Rita A. Snoke

Sodexo International, Inc.

Thomas D. & Elayne M. Sullivan

Omer F., BS97 & Shazia Sultan

Ross Toran

Gloria J. Tysl, Ph.D.

UST Company, Inc.

Victor Division of Dana Corporation

Alandra S., Weller-Clarke, Ph.D., MED97

& Scott Clarke

Wayne E., Ph.D., BS67 &

Mary Cay Wesolowski

Paul L., BA66 & Gail F. Whiting

Ronald J., M.D., ACAD52 &

Gemma D. Winters

Andrew Zywotko*

Raymond J. & Katherine A. Vrablic

Michael W. Wadland, BBA09

Kenneth P. & Janet M. Wagner

Warren A., BS58 & Mary A. Wagner

Sarah Wahid, BA08

Mark Wallin

Jill S. Walsh, CERT01

Coleen A. Walter, BA88

William T., ACAD57 & Helen W. Walter

Thomas G., Ph.D. & Victoria Wangler

Shawona & Lloyd, Jr., Washington

Stephen W. Wasz, MBA89 &

Margaret A. Moutvic-Wasz

Donald E., Jr., BA87 &

Vickie L., BA86, Weber

James B. Weel, BS83

Edward & Jody L. Weidman

Robert B. Weisberg, BA09

Barry D., MBA98 & Rosanne P. Welenc

Stephanie A. Welsh, MBA05

Roberta L. Werneske

Leslie A. Westergren

Michelle A., BA82 & Jeffrey M. Whalen

David S., MBA84 & Christine M. White

Jean White

Patricia Whittaker, AA07

David W. Whyte, BBA09

Fr. Philip Timko, O.S.B., (left) was a professor

of religious studies from 1964 until 2009 and is

currently serving at St. Mary of the Lake.

Fr. Paschal Honner, O.S.B., worked in Univeristy

Minstry in the 1990s and was also prominent in

music ministry most of his life.

Fr. Alban Hrebic, O.S.B., instructing a music student.

orA et lABorA

Annual Report 2008-2009 21

Alice Wible Peterson & John W. Peterson

Lorraine A. Wick

Sheryl L., MBA05, BA88 &

Mitchell A. Wieczorek

Donald K., BA82 & Sandra A. Wiesinger

Clifford, IFM70 & Alice P. Wilcox

Glenda D. Williams, AA09

William J. Williams, BA09, AA07

Edward P. & Sharon V. Wilmsen

John O., Jr., BA76 & Susan Wilson

Kimberly Y. Wilson, BA09

Adam S. Winchell, BA07

Timothy J. & Marie T. Winckowski

Timothy A., O.D., BS76 &

Teresa A. Wingert

Michael E., BA87 &

Jill S., M.D., BS88, Winkler

Mary I., BA87 & Thomas A. Wisnionski

Donald G., BA09 & Sheryl J. Wittmuss

Michael A., BBA00 & Cherie M. Witynski

Ursula Wojdyla, MAED09

Elaine C. Wolan, MCP95 &

James D. Martin

Angelique D., MBA05, BA02 &

Daniel L. Wood

Elizabeth B., BS81 & Jeffrey W. Wood

Judith L. Woods, BA82

Nicole C. Woods, BA05

Wayne T., Ph.D., BS67 &

Susan C. Wozniak

Vickiela Wright, BA09

Barry M. Wunderlich, BBA09

Terry, MED09 & Carle Wunderlich

Danny G. & Margaret C. Wunschel

William R., BS70 & Adriann C. Wycoff

Karen M., BA97 & Robert E. Wynard

Robert E. Yarbrough, Sr., BA09

John C. & Mary R. Ybarra

Michael, BS73 & Mary K. Yerkes

Ronald J., BA66 & Kathleen M. Yurcus

Katherine M. Zagone, BS09

Richard C. & Julie A. Zagorski

William G., BA77 &

Katherine E., BS78, Zahery

Lesley & Robert J. Zajac

Lauren Zednick ’12

Ray J., ’62 & Carol S. Zelinski

Thomas & Karen Verlotta Zinga

Margaret M. Zitt, BA74

Susan J. Zitzka, MBA81

Gary J. & Betty A. Zullo

Michael J. Zupancic, M.D., BS97 &

Jillian Peterson-Zupancic

22 Benedictine University

gifts in kind

Allied Waste Service

Patricia E. & Robert R. Ariano

James, D.D.S. & Elizabeth T. Arient

Larry E. & Annette E. Ballard

Donald W. & Teresa Baron

William J., II & Gail P. Bartlett

Maurice A., BA87 & Sarah J. Bell

Bob Campbell Photography

Butterfield’s on Naperville Road

John P., Sr. & Mae F. Calamos

William J., Ph.D. & Marietta Carroll

Catch 35

Chicago Bulls/Chicago White Sox


Chicago Office Technology Group

Chocolatier Amore

City Club of Naperville

Collegiate Insurance Resources

Crowne Plaza-Glen Ellyn-Lombard

Dave & Buster’s of Chicago

Decorative Accents Interiors

DuPage Dragons

Edward Health & Fitness Centers

Cory Ferrell & Jennifer Broggi-Ferrell

Flat Top Grill

Flowers of Lisle

Fox Valley Marine

Gerald Subaru/Kia

Neil Gerald

Sandra L. Gill, Ph.D. & Richard Johnson

Willis M. Gillett

Charles W. & Brenda Gregory

Marilyn Halbreich, BBA03

Harbour Contractors, Inc.

Harrison House Bed & Breakfast

Elizabeth M. & Gary C. Hill

Hotel Arista

Hyatt Hotel-Lisle

Integrated Healing Therapies

John G. Shedd Aquarium

Jon’Ric International Salon & Day Spa


Very Rev. Joseph M. Kelchak, ACAD43

Kelmscott Communications, Inc.

Lawrence J., BA68 &

Marian M. Krupicka

Lisle Savings Bank

Maggiano’s Little Italy

Luigi, Ph.D. & Alessandra Manca

Maple Grove Automotive

Markelz Office Products

Massage Envy

Massage Therapy Associates Ltd.

Meson Sabika

Benjamin J. Nachtwey, BA02

Naperville Heritage Society

Naperville Running Company

National Gardening Association


Pair Tree Fashions

Pepsi Americas Distribution Center

Phillips Flowers & Gifts

Physical Medicine Associates

Pizza Fusion

Play It Again Sports

Ronald D. Provenzano, IFM81

River Bend Golf Club

Daniel M. Romano

Second City e.t.c.

Sign Palace

Solheim Cup

Daryl G. & Jeffery M. Stokols

Howard & Donna Stone

Sun Publications, Inc.

Sweet Tomatoes

Timpano Chophouse

T.J.O. Development, Inc.

Rev. David Turner, O.S.B., BA59

U-Connect, Inc.

Ultimate ChiroCare

View Restaurant & Bar at

River Bend Golf Club

Whole Foods


Margaret A. Ziomek, BA73

thAnk yoU for cArrying the light.

5700 College Road, Lisle, Illinois 60532

(630) 829-6000

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