"Lay in a course for the future.”



guidelines set forth by CBS.

But we’ve set our sights even higher than that.

Fan projects produced by Axanar Productions will be made under the banner of

The Federation Historical Society and will be an entirely volunteer effort. We also

plan on getting more fans involved in the creative process in a way that will truly

engage people in celebrating their affection for Star Trek and other fan-favorite

franchises down the road.

Building the first Fan-Funded Movie Studio

Building on our experiences to-date, advice from our friends in the industry and

encouragement of fans and backers, Axanar Productions will be expanding its

mission from just making the AXANAR feature film into becoming a non-profit film

production studio - making our own projects and assisting other independent, fan

and student film makers in bringing their projects to the screen.

It is our desire to provide low-cost production services to other filmmakers like us;

helping them to get their projects off the ground and into the hands of consumers

looking for fresh, high-quality entertainment in the sci-fi, horror and fantasy


Axanar Productions will operate as a non-profit and is working on filing its

501(c)(3) paperwork so we’ll be a tax-exempt, charitable organization as well.

We feel our focus on providing low-cost services to a broad, artistic community

is a noble and worthy cause.

And just wait until we start announcing some of our planned activities and

partnerships to support that mission. I think you’ll be impressed.