"Lay in a course for the future.”



Axanar Productions Financials

Now that the lawsuit is behind us and we’re preparing to make way with a new

mission for Axanar Productions, it’s important we take a moment to thank you for

your continued support and give you a glimpse of everything we’ve been able to

do with your trust and your donations.

Attached you’ll find a financial disclosure that breaks down how donor dollars

were spent to get us this far. Donor funds provided nearly 85% of the money we

needed to deliver PRELUDE TO AXANAR, build out the Industry Studios

Soundstage and bring us to within weeks of shooting the first 30-40% of the

AXANAR feature film. The lawsuit with CBS and Paramount set us back by

nearly a year and cost us dearly in both cash and opportunity, but thanks to your

support and encouragement, we’ve persevered and are now proceeding with

AXANAR as a trans-media project that will include two, fifteen-minute fan films as

well as other productions that will help us tell the entire story of Garth, Kharn and

the Battle of Axanar in a new and exciting way.

Also attached is a letter from our Independent Financial Review Committee - a

group of Axanar Productions Donors (like you) who have experience in the film

production and entertainment business - who were tasked with the responsibility

of reviewing every single expense for the past 3 years to make sure they were

appropriate business expenses. Their evaluation, as detailed in the letter, is that

our finances for retrofitting the Industry Studios space, shooting PRELUDE and

the Vulcan scene, pre-producing AXANAR, fulfilling our donor obligations and

promoting our productions were all within acceptable margins for the industry

Please note that while the total expenses for the past 3 years totaled nearly $1.7

million, donations covered $1.4 million. The difference was covered personally

by me and through other funding sources who provided their support and have

requested (and in one case required) anonymity as a condition of that support.