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“The City of Long Beach is working to make our City

healthy, safe, and accessible for people of all ages.“

We know that this requires providing

opportunities for easy access to healthy

foods in our neighborhoods; safe

exercise opportunities including

park space and providing bicycle and

walking opportunities; making sure

there is physical and mental health care

access, both preventative as well as to

treat illness; places to meet and spend

time with each other, and so much more.

Another key is ensuring that our

communities know the services

available to them and that we do

our best to make sure these services are

coordinated to provide the best we can.

Agewell Long Beach is an important

part of this effort, helping people

understand the resources in the


Kelly Colopy

Director of Health & Human Services

Senior Spotlight:

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Director’s Note

Welcome to our very first edition of

AgeWell Long Beach. You’ll find that

AgeWell is filled with resources, helpful

information and interesting articles.

We hope that this publication will

be valuable and entertaining for you.

Please share our magazine with your

family and friends. Your feedback and

suggestions are always welcome.

The Heart of Ida has helped older adults

in Long Beach, CA and beyond remain

independent since 2008. We look forward

to serving our community and

highlighting the stories, needs and accomplishments

of those that we serve.

Thanks to all of our partners, volunteers

and friends who have made the Heart

of Ida a success and to take the next

step in serving others with the publication

of AgeWell Long Beach.

Editor’s Note

With a recent MPH degree (Master of

Public Health) & 9+years experience as

a content editor, life naturally led me to

the Heart of Ida’s concept of AgeWell

Long Beach. I am excited to be a part

of the first issue. I also look forward to

serving our community by helping to

preserve independence in older adults.

Spring 2017 • Vol. 1, Issue 1


Heart of Ida

Founder/Executive Director

Dina Berg, MPA


Keri Reich

Director of Operations/Editor

Pam Chotiswatdi, MPH

Contributing Writer

Dr. Gretchen Swanson, DPT, MPH

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4 AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017






In honor of the debut issue of AgeWell,

we believed that the first Senior Spotlight

interview needed an older adult

who 1) would celebrate a significant

birthday this year, 2) was a longtime

Long Beach area Resident and 3) was

active in the community.

Through a good friend of Heart of Ida,

we were introduced to Mildred Wallerstein,

who found some time in her busy

schedule to have a chat with us.

Mildred, who is 99, will celebrate her

100th birthday this July. She has lived

in Long Beach and Signal Hill for over

30 years. Still very active in the community,

Mildred drives to several classes

and programs (yes, she still drives

a car!). Just last year, Mildred received

the Community Volunteer of the Year

award honoring her work in the community,

knitting caps for hospital patients

and the homeless, wrapping

gifts for toy drives and folding newsletters

(to name a few).

Originally from Boston, Mildred was the

middle child with two brothers.

“Before Long Beach, I was in Boston.

I was born in Boston, I lived there for

68 years before I came here. I have

two brothers. Both have died, but they

were the greatest guys in the world…

and I was in the middle, so, I never

got any hand-me-downs.”

AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017 5

Later in life, Mildred was a young divorcée.

At age 30 with a five-year-old,

she began a career as a private secretary

for Massachusetts Bay Transit


“I was married nine years, I knew it

wasn’t going right. Someone asked me

if I was heartbroken at the time. I said

no, I was better. Once I got the divorce,

I knew what I was going to do: I was

going to work.

I worked because I needed a job and

I needed the money. I didn’t work because

I was frustrated at home. Working

keeps you aware, you have to get

dressed every morning, you know.

When I left I had six weeks’ vacation.

I was private secretary to the head of

the department. It wasn’t that I was a

great genius. But I got into the company

at the right time for me. I had

gotten into the company when all the

women that had gone to work because

the men were in the service were leaving...well

their husbands came home.

Everyone wanted to get pregnant, and

here I am with a five-year-old boy. I

needed the job more than they needed

me. I could take short hand. At the

time, if you could take short hand, you

could rule the world. Anybody could

take it, but few could read it back. You

can write it, but what good is it, if you

can’t read it back.”

Her son grew up, graduated college,

and moved across country to California

to begin a career as a psychologist.

In the 1980s, while she was on a

visit to escape the East Coast winter,

her son suggested that Mildred consider

retirement, something she had

not really thought about.

“Actually, when I retired I was 62, I

had been working nearly 32 years at

the same company. I had come out (to

Long Beach) to visit my son. He was

a psychologist and had an office on

2nd St. He asked me, ‘When are you

thinking about retiring?’ That was New

Year’s Day, I was sitting on the patio.

I said, ‘I really never thought about it.’

I was going to be 62 that July. So the

next morning, the minute I got home,

I went right away to the legal department.

I found out I was going to take

home more money by retiring than

I did working. I worked 32 years in a

great job. I worked for Massachusetts

Bay Transportation Authority. Like Long

Beach, but bigger. We had a subway

train, street cars, and buses and overhead

trains. We had everything.

In Boston, I had six years of retirement,

from [age] 62-68, with all my friends. I

did everything I wanted to do. We went

out to lunch, we played golf during the

week, not on Saturday or Sunday, I

went shopping in the middle of the day.

Just to get up in the morning and have

the paper delivered at the door to read

it in bed was great.”

At 68, Mildred made the big move to

Long Beach. She settled in, made new

friends, and acted as tour guide to her

visiting East Coast friends.

“I found moving a traumatic affair.

Stick me in a place, I like it and I don’t

want to have to move. I just don’t want

that upheaval. One day, my son called

and brought up moving to California.

And you know, all my friends are back

in Boston. People that I’ve known since

kindergarten. I loved that city. It had

everything. It had culture, it had theater,

all the best hospitals in the world

6 AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017

are there, and all the great colleges are

in and around Boston. Only thing you

didn’t like was the winter.

I was a golfer. During early retirement,

I was planning on playing golf five days

a week, which you can’t do because you

won’t have any strength afterwards. We

bought a set of golf clubs at a yard sale,

so my friends only had to bring their

shoes (laughing).

I become a tour guide practically. Everyone

who came stayed two weeks.

They would play golf six days a week till

I was exhausted. We drove everywhere.

“You know when I was 70, I thought I was 40,

but when you’re 90, you realize you’re 90. “

played Monday and Wednesday. We

had something to do all the time. From

Boston, I would go to Florida and stay

two weeks with my brothers. Then I’d

come to California to stay. That would

take up most of the winter.

In fact, I came to California for four winters.

I rented a little furnished studio. I’d

bring my clubs and my clothes. I’d stay

December 1 to April 1.Then one day, my

son said to me, ‘Why don’t you move

out here (California) before you get too

old and I have to come down and move

you out.’ And I thought to myself, ‘This

guy, whose diaper I changed, he’s got a

doctorate degree, but I don’t care what

he’s got, he’s not going to move me. I’ll

move me! (laughing).’ When I moved,

I had more goodbye parties; you would

think I was going to join the convent.

Everyone crying, I said, “Listen, you can

all come visit me when in the winter,

when the snow gets up to here (pointing

at her neck), you all can come out.

In Long Beach, I had a one-bedroom

apartment with a studio couch that

opened to a bed. That was the busiest

studio couch in Long Beach. In the winter,

everybody came, even my brothers

from Florida for a change of scenery. I

One day we’d go to Santa Barbara, then

down to San Diego or Mexico. The next,

we’d do the Crystal Church, Newport,

and all these places. And the Queen

Mary, I could give a tour of the Queen

Mary. And to Disneyland...Disneyland

where no matter how old you are when

you go, you’re 14 all over again.”

Leading an active life well into retirement,

at 90 she found herself slowing

down gradually and having to move.

“I lived in Long Beach for 22 years. The

apartment management had changed.

Some people were paying more than

others and the new management decided

everyone should pay the same. I

moved in at $425 for rent and I moved

out at $1000. They wanted another

$400. That was a big jump. So, I called

a couple agencies to find a new place.

When I came to look at the apartment

I live in now, it was empty. It was just

what I wanted. It’s on the bottom floor

because I moved in at 90. You know

when I was 70 I thought I was 40, but

when you’re 90 you realize you’re 90.

So, I needed a bottom floor, a parking

space, and washer and dryer in my

apartment, not on the premises. Those

AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017 7

were the three things that I had to have

and when I got here, they had it all.

I like it here. Neighbors see me in the

morning and say, ‘I wish I were you, I

wish I didn’t have to work.’ I reply, ‘Really,

you want to be 100?’ No one wants

to be 100 and no one wants to be 99


At 95, settled in Signal Hill, Mildred had

a scare and had to give up golf.

“I started playing golf at 58. I went to

the country club and this very nice guy

named Guy…Guy Ambrosio, nice Italian

guy, he pulls out a wood and an iron and

asks me, ‘What are they?’ I say, ‘Well,

one looks like it has a big chunk of wood

at the bottom and the other looks like

steel or something.’ He said, ‘You’re the

kind of somebody we want—No bad

habits.’ I took six lessons and I knew

what I was doing right away.

I had to give up golf a few years ago. I

got vertigo. One morning I woke up, I

was 95, I was in bed, it was a Sunday.

I had been a pretty well person mostly.

I woke up and opened my eyes and the

room was flying around. I didn’t know

what it was, so I held on to the bed. I

wear a medical alert, so I pressed on it,

they answered, and I told them, ‘I don’t

know what’s happening, I think I’m having

a heart attack and I can’t move.’

He (the medical-alert responder) said,

‘Don’t move, we’ll be there in 5 minutes.’

They came and took my blood pressure

and after 10 minutes or so, they

knew I was not having a heart attack.

They asked me, ‘What was your mother’s

maiden name?’ I couldn’t open my

eyes, I said, ‘What? My mother’s name?

She’s been dead 50 years what’s she

got to do with this?’ Then, he asks, ‘Well,

she must’ve had a maiden name.’ So I

gave it to him. Then he asks, ‘Where do

you live?’, like he wanted me to tell him

this address. I said, ‘I live in this house.’

He said, ‘I know it. You are the toughest

woman; I can’t get any information out

of you. I want you to tell me the address

of the house.’ So then they knew

I wasn’t having a stroke. But I didn’t

know why they were asking me those

questions (laughing).

I had to take six or seven intensive exercises

to get rid of it (vertigo). So when

it came to golfing, we always walked,

some wanted to ride, others wanted to

walk. I was done. I went to the doctor

and told him, ‘I think I have to quit golf,

I feel terrible about it.’ He said, ‘Why

should you feel bad about it? You’re 95!

Just quit playing, don’t feel so badly.’

I didn’t know what I was going to do.

I missed the walking. It’s not like we

didn’t want to rent a cart, but if you’re

real golfer, you want to walk it.”

For Mildred, staying active and social includes

going on walks, taking community

classes, joining a book club and knitting

group, and volunteering her time.

“Now, I take two classes. I take a Bible

class and World Affairs. And the

first Friday of the month, I go to the

book club at the library. One day I was

at the library and a lady approached

me saying, ‘Hey, we’ve been trying to

reach you. We need some older people

to be on the board of the library

to read a book and tell us if older people

would like it because we only have

younger people to review the books.’

So I said, ‘Listen, I’m going to let you

know something, the fact that I got old

doesn’t mean I got smart, just means I

8 AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017

got older. Because if you’re dumb when

you’re younger, its likely that you’re

dumb when you’re older (laughing)!’

I went to city hall to see how I could

help, I said, “I could volunteer, but I

don’t have much money to make donations

as I’m on a limited income. I pay

my rent and eat, but I don’t have any

to give.” This lady said, “We don’t need

much money, but we need volunteers.”

So they started to say about me, “This

is the lady who says, ‘I can give you

time, I can’t give you any money.’”

I went to an awards ceremony one

night last year and the speaker says,

“And now we have an award to give to

somebody who doesn’t know she’s going

to get it, this lady said ‘I don’t have

any money, but I can give you plenty

of time.’” I said to myself, “Hey, that’s

me! Those are my words!” Then she

called my name, Mildred Wallerstein, I

nearly died. Everyone stood up, there

was about 200 people there!”

airfare, hotel, car and money to go see

everything; I mean it’s California. To

have this party, it would cost everyone

too much. And these people only know

me as their mother’s cousin and their

kids have only heard of me. So, my

son, grand-daughter and I are going on

a cruise (laughing).”

Our conversation winds down, she

laughs, ‘What else would you like to

know? Just don’t ask me about the

state of the country.’ Well, we’ll stay off

that subject.

What makes Mildred happy is being

able to Skype with her 74–year-old

son and her 6-year-old granddaughter

who live in the Dominican Republic

(which she has traveled to about 12

times). The most important part of her

life that enabled her to lead a happy life

was her career. Having a 32-year work

life to support her son and herself independently

allowed her a full life and

comfortable retirement.

“For my upcoming 100th birthday, I

was thinking of having a party, but all

my first cousins are gone. They all died

late in life, up in the 80s and 90s. No

one died young. So their children are

in their 70s. They are all on the East

Coast. If I send them invitations to

come to my party, they’ll have to get

AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017 9



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10 AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017


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Senior Centers

Long Beach Senior Center

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Mini Craft. Due to renovations,

Intro. Spanish, Spanish 1 & 2

and Quilting are on hold.

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1401 E. Anaheim St., (562) 570-1046

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5870 Atlantic Ave., (562) 570-1047

Recommended Reading Book Club,

share a recent book or a favorite, 3rd

Saturday, 10:30-11:30am

Call the locations above for book clubs, classes & workshops, online tutorials,

databases & specialized collections. Homebound readers services,

(562) 570-6959, Tuesday - Saturday, 10am-5pm.

Signal Hill Library - 1780 E. Hill St., (562) 989-7323


Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: noon - 8pm

Wednesday, Friday and Saturday: 10am - 5pm

Closed Sundays. First Friday Book Club at 11:30am

AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017 13

Long Beach


Adults 50+ classes

(562) 570-3100, locations vary,


Ballroom Dance • Round Dance •

Senior Line Dancing • Boomer Zumba

• Fit, Firm and Flexible for 50+

• Gentle Yoga - All Levels • Senior

Fitness • Zumba Gold • Zumba Toning

• Voice

Signal Hill



Bingo, Book Club, Lifelong Reader,

The Social Club offered at Signal

Hill Library, 1780 E. Hill St.,

(562) 989-7323. www.tinyurl.com/


LGBTQ Center

2017 E. 4th St., (562) 434-4455,


Social support groups, seminars

and events.

Alpert Jewish



Silver Sneakers for eligible Medicare

health plan and group retiree

members. 3801 E. Willow St., (562)

426-7601. www.alpertjcc.org

Older Adult Fitness including Tai

Chi and Aqua Fitness, plus Happiness

& Humor Class.


Life Fit Center at CSULB

For Long Beach residents ages 49+.

1250 N. Bellflower Blvd. , (562) 985-

2015, www.tinyurl.com/csulblifefit

Fit and Fun • Krank Circuit & Krank

Fusion • Zumba • Bodyweight &

Balance • Building Strength • Pilates

• Flexibility, Mindfulness &

Gratitude • Yoga • Aqua Fitness

• SIT: Spin Interval Training •

In-Trinity Flow • Fit Camp • Tai Chi

• Strength for Living • Qigong


Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

1250 Bellflower Blvd., (562) 985-

8237, www.tinyurl.com/OLLICSULB

More than 50 classes offered include

cooking, dance, history, literature,

language, culture & more.



We offer class

to k

Some of the classes we

Social Media, Writin


The New Rich

Papa Christo’

Jeopardy Taping & Lunc

Los Angles Flower & Je

The Newly Renov


Tours Depart from

Senior Studies at Long Call Cindy a

Beach Community College & t

Lifetime Learning Program for older

adults. Pacific Coast Campus,

1305 E. PCH., FF-108. (562) 938-

3048, www.lbcc.edu/seniorcenter

14 AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017

Long Beach City College Senior Studies

Lifetime Learning Program

Spring 2017

We offer classes, seminars, day tours and special events

designed to keep older adults engaged mentally and physically.

Long Beach City College Senior Studies

Lifetime Learning Program

Spring 2017

Some of the classes offered include

g Beach City College We Senior offer classes, Studies seminars, day tours and special events designed

Lifetime Learning Program to keep you engaged mentally and physically.

World Affairs, Music Appreciation,

Spring 2017

Some of the classes we offer are World Affairs, Music Appreciation, Computer and

Social Media, Writing Your Memoirs, German, Italian & Greek History for the

es, seminars, day tours and special events designed

Traveler and Tai Chi.

eep you engaged mentally and physically.

Classes are held at the Pacific Coast Campus FF-108

1305 E. Pacific Coast Hwy

offer are World Affairs, Music Appreciation, Computer and

Long Beach 90806

g Your Memoirs, German, Italian & Greek History for the

Pacific Coast Campus FF-108

Traveler and Tai Chi.

Join us for our exciting day tours:

are held at the Pacific Coast Campus FF-108 1305 E. Pacific Coast Hwy

1305 E. Pacific Coast Hwy

The New Richard Nixon Long Presidential Beach Library and 90806 Lunch, March 2

Long Beach 90806

Papa Christo’s Taverna & St. Sophia Greek Cathedral, March 16

Jeopardy Taping & Lunch at Dear John’s with Sinatra Style Entertainment, March 28

Join us for our exciting day tours:

Los Angles Flower & Jewelry Mart & Surprise Stop & Philippe’s for Lunch, April 13

The Newly Renovated Getty Villa & Lunch at Rusty’s Surf Ranch, April 27

ard Nixon Presidential Library and Lunch, March 2

March 16: Papa Architectural Christo’s Los Taverna Angeles & with St. Lunch Sophia at the Greek HMS Bounty Cathedral

s Taverna & St. Sophia Greek Cathedral, March 16

Tours Depart from LBCC Foundation Building at Clark & Conant Avenues

h at Dear John’s with Sinatra Style Entertainment, March 28

welry Mart & Surprise Stop & Philippe’s for Lunch, April 13

ated Getty Villa & Lunch




Rusty’s Surf

at 562-938-3048

Ranch, April 27

for more Information

ral Los Angeles with Lunch at the & HMS to be Bounty added to our Mailing List

LBCC Foundation Building at Clark & Conant Avenues

Computer and Social Media, Writing Your Memoirs,

German, Italian & Greek History for the Traveler and Tai Chi.

Classes are held at Long Beach Community College


March 28: Jeopardy Taping & Lunch at Dear John’s with Sinatra-Style Entertainment

April 13: Los Angles Flower & Jewelry Mart & Surprise Stop & Philippe’s for Lunch

April 27: The Newly Renovated Getty Villa & Lunch at Rusty’s Surf Ranch,

Architectural Los Angeles with Lunch at the HMS Bounty

t 562-938-3048 for more Information

o be added Tours to Depart our Mailing from List LBCC Foundation Building at Clark & Conant Avenues

Call Cindy at 562-938-3048 for more Information

& to be added to our Mailing List

AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017 15

Tai Chi • Music Appreciation • World

Affairs • Computers & Social Media

• Writing Memoirs • German/

Italian/Greek History

Long Beach

Health & Human


Locations vary. (562) 570-4499,


Diabetes Prevention & Management

Program, Healthy Active

Long Beach events & programs,

workshops, health fairs, mental

health resources and healthcare



Long Beach Memorial

MemorialCare Senior Plus program

for older adults ages 55+.

2801 Atlantic Ave., (562) 933-

1650, www.memorialcare.org

$25 annual fee, includes: free

parking, free health education lectures,

access to programs & services,

free transportation (limited)

and discounts.

Dignity Health - St. Mary’s

Medical Center

Bazzeni Wellness Center for older

adults 50+. 1050 Linden Ave. (562)

491-9811. www.dignityhealth.org

Membership, free - $25 annually.

Free classes: Balance Assessment

• Community Referrals • Health

Education Classes. Fee-Based

Classes (low-cost): Falls Prevention

• Senior Fit Class • T’ai Chi •

Stepping On


Silver Sneakers and Silver&Fit programs

for eligible Medicare health

plan and group retiree members.

Los Altos, 1720 Bellflower Blvd.,

(562) 596-3394; Fairfield, 4949

Atlantic Ave., (562)423-0491;

and Lakewood, 5835 E. Carson

St. (Lakewood), (562) 425-7431.


Water Aerobics • Zumba

Call for more options.

Mobul Long Beach

2153 N Bellflower Blvd., (562) 343-

7333, www.mobulstore.com

Lectures and workshops on a variety

of topics.

Heart of Ida

(562) 570-3548


Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance

and Book Club, plus occasional

speakers, screenings, and events.

Visit the website and join the newsletter

to keep up to date on the latest


16 AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017

Join a class about

happiness & humor

led by dr. susan mathieu

“The Happy Professor”

it’s FRee!

First Fridays of the month at 11:30 am

Next class: APril 7 (no class in march)

Everyone welcome - bring a friend!

Enjoy the company, the laughs &

complimentary home-baked goods.

Alpert Jewish

community center

3801 E. Willow St. ,

long beach, 90815


For details, contact

Dr. Susan Mathieu

(562) 426-7601, Ext. 1721


AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017 17

18 AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017

AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017 19


to Stay Active, Maintain

Health and Prevent Injuries

Article | Dr. Gretchen Swanson, DPT, MPH

As time goes on more of us are

living longer. The average life

span is greater now than ever

before. While that means more

years, it can also mean more opportunity

for chronic conditions

and disability.

Many of us have an image of

that “classical retirement” in our

heads from all those years of

television. Happy, healthy, energetic

seniors off for that grand

tour of Europe or maybe just an

afternoon of golf and drinks at

the club. However, the reality of

aging in today’s real world is that

seniors are often burdened with

financial stress, must provide for

the care and feeding of grandchildren

and even their parents, and

face a number of threats ranging

from mortgage Ponzi schemes to

online identity theft.

20 AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017

It takes a sharp, in shape senior

to navigate today’s Golden Age.

To counter some of the harsher

realities of aging we offer

here seven tried and true habits

and strategies for feeling better

as you live longer. Remember,

you’re a seasoned veteran who

has seen and done a lot in life.

Maybe you’re a bit of a tough

cookie, but with a heart of gold.

In any case, you’re ready for,

and deserve, a path to a better

older life.

1) Be Active Everyday

No Excuses

on the phone, limiting your computer

and TV screen time and so

on. Start small and create easily

achievable goals when you begin

so you have immediate success.

Some movement is always

better than none and you’ll be

surprised how soon you feel like

walking that extra block or doing

a few more minutes of gardening.

Movement is the building

block of increasing your activity.

It will also limit undue stress on

inactive joints and weak muscles

as you get stronger.

2) Birds of a Feather

Both the World Health Organization

and the American Heart

Association agree that we as a

society have become too sedentary.

So the trick is to increase

your uptime and to decrease

your sit time! But you say “I’m

so busy.” Yes, undoubtedly you

are busy but think about what

you are busy with: sitting in the

car, sitting while talking on the

phone, sitting at your computer,

sitting taking a fun class, sitting

having lunch with friends. After

being so busy it’s hard to go out

and be active. Switch it around

by going for a short walk in the

morning, standing while you are

Remember that saying from your

childhood? Well they do flock together

so if your friends and family

are sitting around you probably

are, too. Now we’re not suggesting

you disavow your loved ones,

but sometimes simply hanging out

with active people will help you

get active as well. What’s more,

friendships are key to successful

emotional health and this is especially

true as we age. Try getting

together with active friends

by attending an exercise class or

joining a hiking club. You’ll find

many like-minded people doing

and looking for the same things

you desire. At the same time,

AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017 21

don’t give up on your sedentary

friends. Try inviting them out for

a walk after dinner and before you

know it they may be taking you to

yoga class.

3) Lose Those

Extra Pounds

Don’t go into your golden years

overweight. You know this. Diabetes,

joint pain and cardiac conditions

are improved when you are

at your optimal weight and you

have sufficient muscle mass. There

are numerous educational support

groups, many at low cost, that can

offer help. At the heart of it is altering

what you eat and of course,

being active. So as much as a big

juicy hamburger with French fries

was comfort food in the past, too

frequent consumption of this rich

chow truly is killing us. Crash diets

are not the answer. Often they

can do more harm than good. A

gradual progression towards a

healthy diet is key. If your family

is not jumping on board that is

a problem. But your health could

become their problem. Think of

nutrition as a form of medicine.

4) Get The Right Tools

Being comfortable and staying

safe while increasing your ac-

22 AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017

tivity is very important. Always

wear a helmet if the activity

calls for it. Protect against the

sun with sunscreen, glasses and

hats. Wear comfortable clothing

and appropriate footwear. If

you’re a little rusty consider a

refresher course on your activity.

if you’ re unsure about your

balance then try something easier

like tricycling over bicycling.

Want to increase your distance

walking? Those Scandinavian’s

really have something going

with walking poles. You may

be seeing more and more people

walking the streets in Long

Beach with poles that look like

ski equipment but are distinctly

different. It takes a bit of an

adjustment but the effort is well

worth it.

5) Shoes For Your Feet

Shoes, especially for women, are

a challenge. Don’t be swayed by

fashion if the footwear doesn’t fit

well and isn’t comfortable. Your

feet may be undergoing changes

and a supportive shoe can help

with those changes. In the end

one or two pairs of active footwear

will encourage you to be on your

feet rather than on your bum.

6) Stay On Top

Of Sensory Changes

Normal aging does not have to

include chronic conditions, weak-

AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017 23

ness or joint pain. But more often

than not as we age our sensory

systems are likely to change. We

are more apt to have a change in

our vision as well as changes to

the eyes themselves. Our hearing

may be challenged and it becomes

unpleasant or disorienting

to go out to public spaces. We

may notice changes in our balance

due to a variety of factors. Don’t

ignore what is going on. Sensory

loss may come on slowly but that

doesn’t mean you can or should

avoid seeking help. It might cause

you to limit your activity because

you are fearful or uncomfortable in

surroundings outside your home.

7) Recliner?

Think Again.

Don’t get me wrong recliners have

their place, especially for medical

conditions. But make sure you are

going in the right direction when

altering your living room furniture

to accommodate a recliner.

Recliners are made for rest; and

they are very effective, so much

so, it is difficult to get out of them.

Make sure you have other supportive

seating in your home like

a captain’s chair with comfortable

cushion and arm rests. This type

of seating promotes good posture

and is easier to exit than a low

slung seat.

Where to start? Your neighborhood.

Walk your block every day.

As you get comfortable go a little

further, change direction, take different

routes and go new places.

In my neighborhood of Rose Park

we have Tai Chi class every Tuesday

morning and we are looking

forward to a bike boulevard along

6th St. next year. You are more

likely to connect with people you

know or might develop a relationship

with. Respect the days you

don’t feel so hot and remember

that rest, replenishment and recovery

are all part of staying active

as well. Support your friends and

family when they need encouragement.

We are in this together and

we are all each other’s best reason

to stay healthy and active!

24 AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017

Dr. Gretchen Swanson, DPT, MPH

Creator of the Long Beach based

Health & Function blog:


Elder Abuse

To report elder abuse or

neglect if it is immediate

(happening right now)

or life threatening—Call 911

Elder Abuse Hotline

(877) 477-3646

Ageless Alliance


LA County District Attorney

Victim-Witness Assistance

(800) 380-3811


California Attorney General

Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud

& Elder Abuse

(800) 722-0432


Domestic Violence Hotlines:

National DVH

(800) 799-7233

DVH Socal in 13 languages:

(800) 978-3600

Jewish Family Service

Violence Project

(818) 505-0900

Victim Information & Notification

Everyday (VINE) Hotline:

(877) 846-3452

Aging & Adult Services

(888) 202-4CIU (4248)

(800) 660-4026 TDD


Conducts investigation of all situations

involving elders (age 65+)

and dependent adults (physically

or mentally impaired aged 18-

64) who are reported to be endangered

by physical, sexual, or

financial abuse, abandonment,

isolation, abduction, neglect or

self-neglect, or hazardous living


Long-Term Care


(800) 334-WISE (9473)

(800) 231-4024, after hours/crisis



A free and confidential service

that maintains and improves the

quality of life for residents in longterm

care facilities.

AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017 25

Helplines & Hotlines

911 Emergency Police/Fire

211 Los Angeles

211 or (800) 339-6993

Los Angeles Aging &

Adult Services

(888) 202-4248

Disabled Transport

(Access Eligibility)

(323) 780-9777

Domestic Violence

(562) 594-4555

Center for Health Rights

(213) 383-4519

Emergency Cold

Weather Hotline

(800) 548-6047

LA County

Mental Health Access

(800) 854-7771

Legal Aid of Los Angeles

601 Pacific Ave. (562) 435-3501

Long Beach Gas & Oil

Emergency (562) 570-2140

Utility (562) 570-5700

So Cal Edison (800) 655-4555


(Low-Income Emergency

Assistance with Utilities)

(866) 675-6623

Wise & Healthy Aging

Long Term Care Ombudsman

(800) 334-9473

Medicare (800) 633-4227

Multi-Service Center

1301 W. 12th St. (562) 570-4500

Poverty assistance, education and


Elder Abuse Hotline

(800) 992-1660

National Sexual Assault


(800) 656-4673

Poison Control (800) 222-1222

Suicide Hotline &

Vet Crisis Line

(800) 784-2433

Suicide Prevention for LGBTQ

(866) 488-7386

26 AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017

AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017 27


Medicare Assistance

(800) 633-4227 • www.medicare.gov

Sign up, change plans, review costs, what is covered, drug

coverage, supplements, claims/appeals, forms and resources.

Health Insurance Counseling &

Advocacy Program (HICAP) -

Medicare counseling:

(800) 434-0222


Medicare Fraud

Senior Medicare Patrol

California Health Advocates

(855) 613-7080



Center for Health Care Rights

(213) 383-4519

Telephone counseling by appointment;

in-person also available under

special circumstances.

US Heatlh and Human TIPS

Hotline to report Medicare Fraud



28 AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017

The help you need:


at Home

It all starts with one call: 866-421-1964

Maybe you just need a little extra support

at home. Maybe you are so overwhelmed

you don’t know what you need.

Independence at Home (IAH) has a team

of caring professionals ready to help.

Our trained social workers, gerontologists,

nurses, mental health professionals,

pharmacists, and health educators can

connect you and your loved ones to the

services needed to stay healthy and

independent at home. There is no charge

for our assistance.

If you are 55 and older—or a caregiver

to someone 55 and older—find out how

IAH can help you. Many services are also

available in Spanish and other languages.


How can we help?

Call IAH today:


You may be familiar with Independence at Home’s MSSP

services, but we have many other programs, including:

• Caregivers & Older Adults Connected & Healthy

(COACH): The COACH team will help identify

where you need help and then connect you to

such resources as transportation, meals, safety

equipment and more.

• C-MEDS: Through this medication safety program,

our licensed pharmacists and nurses come to your

home and work with you to develop a detailed plan

to better manage your medications.

• Insights: Licensed therapists provide support and

coping skills to help you deal with such issues as

stress and depression.

Volunteer Action for Aging (VAA): We provide

the training, but our volunteers bring their own

love for seniors. VAA offers one-time events and

ongoing opportunities. Call 562-637-7169 or visit

scan.samaritan.com for more information.

Celebrating 40 years of serving

seniors and their caregivers.

Email: communityoutreach@scanhealthplan.com

AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017 29

Fraud Help & Prevention

Credit Card Fraud

Help with identity theft,

create a freeze on new

accounts from being

opened in your name,

and credit report disputes.



(888) 397-3742



(800) 525-6285



(800) 680-7289

Free annual credit report:

(877) 322-8228


Mail Fraud &


US Postal Inspection

Service to report mail

fraud: (877) 876-2455


Opt-out from insurance

offers, pre-approved

credit card, &

unsolicited mail, (888)


Direct Marketing

Association Inc.

Remove your name

from mailing lists and

e-mailing lists:


Telephone Fraud

Federal Trade

Commission (FTC)

Report telemarketing

fraud/identity theft:

(877) 382-4357

Do Not Call Registry

- Stop telemarketers

from calling. (888) 382-

1222. www.donotcall.


Internet Crime / Spam

Internet Crime complaint

center: www.ic3.


Other Issues

Financial Industry Regulatory

Authority (FIN-

RA) check the background

of a broker or

brokerage: (800) 289-


California Department

of Consumer Affairs to

make sure licenses of

physicians, nurses, and

other heath care professionals

are current: dcs.

ca.gov, (800) 952-5210

California Department of

Insurance: (800) 927-

4357, insurance.ca.gov

California Department

of Real Estate, dre.

ca.gov, (213) 620-2072

California Public Utilities

Commission for

utility complaints:


(800) 649-7570

Utility Fraud Hotline

(800) 321-2752


LA County Department

of Consumer Affairs for

landlord/tenant issues,

housing discrimination,

home-buyer issues,

consumer complaints:


(800) 593-8222

30 AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017

Mental Health

Suicide Hotline

(800) 784-2433

St. Mary Medical Center

Trauma - 1045 Atlantic Ave Suite

801, (562) 491-7977


C.A.R.E. - 1045 Atlantic Ave., Ste.

1016, (562) 624-4900, www.


Long Beach Police Dept.

Mental Health Evaluation Team

(562) 435-6711

Long Beach Mental Health Center

1975 Long Beach Blvd.

(562) 599-9280


Telecare La Casa

Mental Health Urgent Care

6060 Paramount Blvd.

(562) 634-9534, Walk-in services

only, 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Long Beach Asian Pacific

Islander Family Mental Health

4510 E. PCH, Ste. 600

(562) 346-1100

Mental Health America Village ISA

456 Elm Ave., (562) 437-6717


Memorial Counseling Assoc.

4525 E. Atherton St.,

(800) 633-7888


Pacific Asian Counseling Services

3530 Atlantic Ave., Ste. 210

(562) 424-1886

Los Angeles County

Dept. of Mental Health

(800) 854-7771,

also for after hours assistance.


Medical Care


St. Mary’s Medical Center

1050 Linden Ave.,(562) 491-9000


Community Hospital Long Beach

1720 Termino Ave., (562) 498-1000


Long Beach Memorial Hospital

2801 Atlantic Ave., (562) 933-

2000, www.memorialcare.org

AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017 31

VA Long Beach

5901 E. 7th St., (562) 826-8000


Urgent Care Centers

Urgent Care Plus

555 Ocean Blvd., Ste. 110

(562) 285-5050


Reddy Urgent Care

123 Atlantic Ave., (562) 726-1383


Long Beach Urgent Care

6553 E. Pacific Coast Hwy.

(562) 596-8700


Medpost Urgent Care

2010 E. Carson St.

(562) 424-5450


MemorialCare Medical Groups

Urgent Care Center

2110 N. Bellflower Blvd.

(562) 346-2222




St. Mary

Medical Center

Low Vision Center

1050 Linden Ave.

(562) 491-9275


Outside Long Beach:

The Braille Institute

Los Angeles

741 N. Vermont Ave.

(323) 663-1111


527 N. Dale Ave.

(714) 821-5000

(800) 272-4553 (BRAILLE)


Long Beach



1333 Chestnut Ave., Long Beach

(562) 599-2153


32 AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017

Food Stamps

(Cal Fresh)

Sign-ups, call

for days/times:

Long Beach Senior Center

- (562) 570-3500

Long Beach Dept. of

Health & Human Services,

(562) 570-4315.


Alpert Jewish

Community Center

Senior Lunches $5-6 -

Wednesdays (vegetarian

and Kosher options).


3801 E. Willow St. (562)

426-7601, alpertjcc.org

Human Services

Association (HSA)

Meals Program

(562) 570-3520. Lunch

Program for ages 60+.

Suggested donation of

$2.25; any donation is

appreciated, but no one

will be turned away due

to inability to donate.

Locations include:

California Rec. Center,

Cerritos Senior Center, El

Dorado Park, Houghton

Park, and Long Beach

Senior Center. Phone

numbers and location

addresses are found

page 10.

Meals on WheelsLB

$8 per day for two

meals—dinner & lunch.

Meals are delivered Monday

- Friday between

10:30 am - 12:30 pm

by volunteers. Sign up

on their website or over

the phone. (562) 439-

5000, www.mowlb.org

FOOD BANKS - Call for details.

American Red Cross

3150 E. 29th St.,

(562) 595-6341

Long Beach Community

123 E. 4th St.,

(213) 251-3432

Centro Shalom

2131 Long Beach Blvd.

(562) 591-2214

Food Finders

3434 Atlantic Ave.

(562) 283-1400

Foodbank of So. Cal.

1444 San Francisco

Ave. (562) 435-3577

Grateful Hearts Storehouse

- (562) 431-0880

Long Beach Rescue

1335 Pacific Ave.

(562) 591-1292

Salvation Army

180 E. Ocean Blvd.

(562) 436-7000

2nd Samoan Church

655 Cedar Ave.,

(562) 628-9282

St. Francis Center

1045 E. 7th St.,

(562) 599-6474

AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017 33


Ascent Hearing Center

4085 Atlantic Ave., Ste. D

(562) 206-1983


Beltone S. California

2865 Atlantic Ave., Ste. 225

(714) 672-9445, beltone.com

Connect Hearing

(562) 494-7374

Screenings: locations vary


Clear Captions

Free phones, clearcaptions.com

Hearing Loss Association

at The Weingart Senior Center,

5220 Oliva Ave., Lakewood, (562)

630-6141, call for days/time.

Jay’s Hearing Aid Center

3740 E. 7th St.

(562) 433-6701


Sonus Hearing Care


2530 Atlantic Ave., Ste. D

(562) 426-2137


34 AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017

In-Home Supportive

Services (IHSS)

Personal Care

Services Program (PCSP)

(888) 944-4477, dpss.lacounty.gov

Senior Links Program

For Resources/Services

(562) 570-3555

1150 E. 4th St.

(Inside Long Beach Senior Center)

Assistance with meals, transportation,

mental health, personal and

house care. Ask about Medicare



Independence at Home

(855) 474-7226


Medical Care


Disabled Resource Center

2750 E. Spring St., Ste. 100

(562) 427-1000, drcinc.org

Medical equipment loans.

Mozena Medical Supplies

3935 E. Anaheim St.

(562) 498-2500.


Mobul - The Home

Mobility Store

2153 N. Bellflower Blvd.

(562) 343-7333, mobulstore.com


California Hardest Hit Fund

(888) 954-5337


Fair Housing Foundation

(562) 989-1206

3605 Long Beach Blvd., #302

Housing Authority Bureau

for the City of Long Beach

521 E. 4th St. (562) 570-6985

Rebuilding Together Long Beach

(562) 490-3802



Long Beach Gas & Water

333 W. Ocean Blvd, Long Beach,

(562) 570-5700, www.longbeach.


SoCal Edison Assistance Plans:


Energy Assistance Fund, (800)

205-8596; Energy Savings Assistance,

(800) 736-4777

AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017 35


AARP Driver Safety Course 50+

Online course at aarp.com

AAA Defensive Driving Course

Online courses, tips and evaluations.


Rancho Los Amigos National

Rehabilitation Center - Driving

Simulations. 7601 E. Imperial

Hwy., Downey. (562) 401-7111.


Long Beach Transit - Bus System

Passengers that qualify for

Medicare, are 62+, and/or have

disabilities, bus fare is 60 cents.

Passengers who are legally blind

or use a wheelchair, bus fare

is free. Find bus schedules at


Disability Transportation Services

Must register prior to use

Dial-A-Lift through Long Beach

Transit, (562) 591-8753; and Access

Services, (800) 883-1295,

fees apply.

Taxi and

Mobile Ride Share:

Long Beach Yellow Cab

(562) 435-6111

Access services offer additional assistance

to seniors and people with

disabilities. To use services, Uber

and/or Lyft apps are required on a

mobile device.

For Uber services, open the app

slide to Access, tap “assist,” and

set location.

For Lyft services, open the app,

go to the “Settings” menu, tap on

“Services,” tap on “Access” to enable,

then request a ride.


Senior & Community Center information

can be found on page 10.

American Red Cross

3150 E. 29th St.

(562) 595-6341


Cambodian Association

of America

2390 Pacific Ave.

(562) 988-1863

36 AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017

Centro Shalom

2131 Long Beach Blvd.

(562) 591-2214


Christian Outreach in Action

515 3rd St.

(562) 432-1440


Disabled Resource Center

2750 E. Spring St., Ste. 100

(562) 427-1000, drcinc.org

Heart of Ida

(562) 570-3548

Inside Long Beach Senior Center,

1150 E. 4th St.


Lakewood Senior Center

5220 Oliva Ave, Lakewood

(562) 630-6141


Long Beach Community Action

Partnership (LBCAP)

(562) 216-4600,www.lbcap.org

Long Beach Health

& Human Services

Public Health 24 Hour

Advisory Info Line, (562) 570-4499

Main: 2525 Grand Ave.

(562) 570-4000

Multi-Service Center

for People Experiencing


1301 W. 12th St., (562) 570-4500

Villages at Cabrillo

2001 River Ave., (562) 200-7300

Long Beach Rescue Mission

Lydia House/Samaritan House

1335 Pacific Ave.

(562) 591-1292, lbrm.org

Lutheran Social Services

Community Care Long Beach

1611 Pine Ave.

(562) 599-1321


Mental Health America - Village

456 Elm Ave., Lower Level

(562) 437-6717, mhala.og

Neighborhood Resource Center

(562) 570-1010

100 W. Broadway #550


Access to fax machines, computers,

printers, Internet, resource

materials and more.

Salvation Army Family Services

3092 Long Beach Blvd.

(562) 426-7637


Senior Links - Public Health

(562) 570-3555, inside Long Beach

Senior Center, 1150 E. 4th St.

AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017 37

Social Security

(800) 772-1213

2005 Long Beach Blvd., ssa.gov

LGBTQ Center Long Beach

2017 E. 4th St., (562) 434-4455,



& Advocacy

Alpert Jewish Community Center

- Retired and Senior Volunteer

Program (RSVP)- (562) 506-2801

Carpenter Performing Arts Center

(562) 985-4274


Christian Outreach in Action

(562) 432-1440


Food Finders

(562) 283-1400, foodfinders.org

Grey Panthers Long Beach

First Saturday, 10:30 a.m. at the

Long Beach Senior Center, 1150

E. 4th St.

Heart of Ida

(562) 570-3548, heartofida.org

SCAN: Independence at Home

(866) 421-1964


Justin Rudd/

Community Action Team


Long Beach Fire Ambassador

(562) 570-2519


Long Beach Heritage

(562) 493-7019


Long Beach Playhouse

(562) 494-1014


Long Beach Rescue Mission

(562) 591-1292. www.lbrm.org

Long Beach Senior

Police Partners (SPP)


38 AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017

Meals on Wheels Long Beach

(562) 439-5000


Rancho Los Alamitos

(562) 431-3541


Rancho Los Cerritos

(562) 206-2040


Senior Corps

(800) 942-2677, nationalservice.


St. Luke’s Long Beach

(562) 436-4047


Urban Community Outreach

(562) 582-1000, www.ucodic.org

US Vets Long Beach



Long Beach Community and Memorial

Care Long Beach


Dignity Health

St. Mary’s Medical Center


VA Hospital - Long Beach

(562) 826-5715




AARP Foundation Tax-Aide

(877) 434-7598

www.aarp.org, search Tax

Aide and Tax Aide locator.

Bet Tzedek Legal Services

(323) 939-0506


California State

Attorney General

(800) 952-5225, oag.ca.gov

CANHR State Bar

Certified Lawyer

Referral Service, (800) 474-


California Elder Law Center


(562) 377-7710

5220 Clark Ave. Lakewood

Veterans Seminar and Health

Benefits Clinic - Weds. at 2 p.m.

LA County Public Administration

Public Guardian, (213)


Legal Aid Foundation of LA

(800) 399-4529, lafla.org

AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017 39

City Government

City Mayor & Council Districts

Mayor Robert Garcia

(562) 570-6801



Council District 1

Lena Gonzalez (562) 570-6919

Council District 2

Jeannine Pearce (562) 570-2222

Council District 3

Suzie Price (562) 570-6300

Council District 4

Daryl Supernaw (562) 570-4444

Council District 5

Stacy Mungo (562) 570-5555

Council District 6

Dee Andrews (562) 570-6816

Council District 7

Roberto Uranga (562) 570-7777

Council District 8

Al Austin (562) 570-6685

Council District 9

Rex Richardson (562) 570-3319





40 AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017




Shopping Carts

(800) 252-4613

Gas Dept. Emergency

(562) 570-2140

Broken Curb

(562) 570-2770

Leaking Fire Hydrant

(562) 570-2390

Abandoned Vehicles

Code Enforcement

Weed Abatement

(562) 570-CODE(2633)

Large Trash Pickup

(free, twice a year)

Alley Cleaning

Trash Not Picked up

Trash in Street

Overflowing Trash Can

(562) 570-2876

Standing Water

in Gutters

Tree Trimming


Storm Drains

(562) 570-2700

Noise Complaints

(562) 570-4126

Broken Traffic Light

Broken Parking Meter

(562) 570-3264


(562) 570-2773

Damaged Sewer

(562) 570-2440

AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017 41


Many businesses offer discounts

for older adults, just

ask. The following is a short list

of Long Beach businesses that

may offer a discount.


Aquarium of the Pacific, Long

Beach Playhouse, AMC, El Dorado

Park Pass


Acapulco, Ben and Jerry’s,

Chick-fil-A, Chili’s, Corner Bakery,

Denny’s, Dunkin’s Donuts,

Einstein’s Bagels, IHOP, El Pollo

Loco, McDonalds, Subway, Taco


Retail and Grocery Stores:

Banana Republic, Bed, bath and

Beyond, Kohl’s, Ross, The Salvation

Army Thrift Stores, TJ

Maxx, Walgreens, Lazy Acres


Jiffy Lube, Midas


Royal, Caribbean, Celebrity

Carnival, Amtrak, Metro, Southwest

Airlines, California State



& Cemeteries

Affordable Burial

and Cremation Services

6510 Cherry Ave.

(888) 932-3286


All Souls Mortuary

4400 Cherry Ave.

(562) 424-8601


Dignity Memorial / Stricklin

Snively Mortuary

1952 Long Beach Blvd.

(562) 426-3365


Forest Lawn

1500 E. San Antonio Drive

(888) 204-3131


Long Beach Colonial Mortuary

638 Atlantic Ave.

(562) 436-1601


Luyben /Dilday Mortuary

5161 Arbor Road

(562) 425-6401


McKenzie Mortuary

3843 E. Anaheim St.

(562) 961-9301


Sunnyside Cemetery(Historical)

1095 E. Willow St., (562) 595-9392

42 AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017

Bring Tech Day to Your Group

Heart of Ida Tech Day

Volunteers Help Older Adults

with Tech Tutoring, such as email,

mobile devices & social media.

Email or Call for Details:

heartofida@gmail.com • 562-570-3548



Help Older Adults

Prevent Falls

Grab Bars • Smoke/Carbon

Monoxide Detectors

Minor Modifications

Must have prior skills and

own tools for installations

(insurance and background check

provided by Heart of Ida).

Email or Call for

Volunteer Application


(562) 570-3548

Check Your Fall Risk - Take This Survey

Please circle “Yes” or “No” for

each statement below

Why it matters

Yes (2)

Yes (2)

Yes (1)

Yes (1)

No (0)

No (0)

No (0)

No (0)

I have fallen in the past year. People who have fallen once are likely to fall


I use or have been advised to use a cane or

walker to get around safely.

Sometimes I feel unsteady when

I am walking.

I steady myself by holding onto furniture

when walking home.

People who have been advised to use a cane or

walker may already be more likely to fall.

Unsteadiness or needing support while walking

are signs of poor balance.

This is also a sign of poor balance.

Yes (1)

No (0)

I am worried about falling. People who are worried about falling are more

likely to fall.

Yes (1)

No (0)

I need to push with my hands to stand up

from a chair.

This is a sign of weak leg muscles,

a major reason for falling.

Yes (1)

No (0)

I have some trouble stepping up onto a curb. This is also a sign of weak leg muscles.

Yes (1)

No (0)

I often have to rush to the toilet. Rushing to the bathroom, especially at night, increases

your chances of falling.

Yes (1)

Yes (1)

Yes (1)

No (0)

No (0)

No (0)

I have lost some feeling in my feet. Numbness in your feet can cause stumbles and

lead to falls.

I take medicine that sometimes makes me Side effects from medicines can sometimes

feel light-headed or more tired than usual. increase your chance of falling.

I take medicine to help me sleep or improve

my mood.

These medicines can sometimes increase your

chance of falling.

Yes (1)

No (0)

I often feel sad or depressed. Symptoms of depression, such as not feeling well

or feeling slowed down, are linked to falls.


Add up the number of points for each “yes” answer. If you scored 4 points or

more, you may be at risk for falling. Discuss this brochure with your doctor.

This checklist was developed by the Greater Los Angeles VA Geriatric Research Education Clinical Center and affiliates and us a

validated fall risk assessment tool (Rubenstein et al. J Safety Res; 2011:42(6)493-499. Adapted with permission of the authors.

44 AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017





Older adults (65+)

in the United States

as of 2014


completed high school


people ages 65+

living in Long Beach


The first year in US history

that the 65+ population

will grow larger than the

18 & younger population


earned a bachelor’s

degeee or higher

There are 488,292

total people living in

Long Beach

(as of March 1, 2017)




department visits

related to adults

aged 65+

unintentional falls

in Long Beach



Non-fatal hospitalizations

related to unintentional

falls in people ages 65+

living in Long Beach


Info comprised from

LiveWellLongBeach.org and Census.gov

AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017 45





Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance

Safe at Home

Tech Day Workshops

Ida’s Walkers

Fall Risk Screening

Community Referrals

Fall-Prevention Education

Community Training


46 AgeWell Long Beach | Spring 2017

(562) 570-3548


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