Earth Guest day 2009 Report


Earth Guest day 2009 Report

Earth Guest day 2009

Accor’s commitment to sustainable development

Accor's ambition is to ensure that our growth is part of a virtuous circle of sustainable

development for the human communities in which we live. This is the meaning of the Earth

Guest program launched in 2006, which strives for the well-being of man and respect for the


Local development, child protection fight against epidemics and healthy food, these are the

four priority subjects of the EGO project, through which the Group promotes well-being for

its employees, guests and human communities surrounding its activities

Energy, water, waste and biodiversity, the ECO project of the Earth Guest program is based

on these four other priorities.

In all these areas, Accor has set up indicators to measure the progress achieved and set

ambitious objectives.

Earth Guest day: a day of worldwide mobilization

Earth Guest day represents the climax of the actions undertaken by Accor employees

throughout the year that fulfil the social and environmental commitments of the Earth Guest

program. This is a strong moment of employee and guest mobilization to swell the dynamics

of the projects implemented in favour of sustainable development.

The third edition of the Accor employee day for sustainable development was held on April

22, 2009, International Earth day.


> Africa, the Middle-East and the Indian Ocean: 21 countries

> Asia Pacific: 19 countries

> North America: 2 countries

> Northern Europe: 16 countries

> South America and the Caribbean: 14 countries

> Southern Europe: 5 countries

Sustainable development Department – July 2009


Brands and businesses international actions

Accor Services environment

This year, the Accor Services offices focused their action on introducing the Accor

Offices Environment Charter in order to improve their impact on the environment.

Sofitel biodiversity

In late 2008, Sofitel launched its sustainable development approach. In addition to the implementation

of the 8 priorities of the Earth Guest program, Sofitel chose to particularly highlight the protection of

biodiversity. For Earth Guest day, Sofitel consequently decided to implement actions related to the

protection of biodiversity in all Sofitel hotels: tree planting, cleaning up of natural areas, promotion of

organic food, awareness raising actions on biodiversity preservation…

CWL local development, water

For a month, CWL set up a specific action: in the various countries were the company is settled, water

bottles were sold and between 5 and 10% of the proceeds were gathered to finance a project set up

by employees of the Mercure Silmandé in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso: build a water well in a village

80km away from Ouagadougou. Digging this well costs about 10,000€.

In 2004, some employees of the Mercure Silmandé hotel of Ouagadougou created an association

called Song Manégré, aiming at contributing to the fight against the poverty in the village in a

sustainable way. To achieve this, the association also plans to act for environment protection to

increase farm production.

The Mercure Silmandé team and Song Manégré proposed to CWL to finance the digging of a

waterwell in Galla, a village of the Sanmatenga region, 80 km away from the capital city. The 500

inhabitants of this village do not have direct access to water and have to walk 10 km to fetch it.

There are three steps in the construction: the drilling, the consolidation and the installation of a manual

pump. The well has been built to last, with cemented inner surface.

Sustainable development Department – July 2009


Africa, the Middle-East and the Indian Ocean

Algeria biodiversity, local development

The employees of the Sofitel Algiers Hamma Garden, Mercure Airport and ibis Airport planted trees,

increased green areas and renovated electric equipment in a centre for mentally handicapped people.

Bahrain biodiversity, waste

The Al Dana Novotel and the Mercure Seef hotels’ employees visited the Al-Areen Wildlife Park and

cleaned up the park from branches.

Benin waste

The ibis and Novotel hotels of Benin took Earth Guest day

opportunity to officially launch their waste sorting system,

conjugating Environment and Art. Here is the principle: the

hotels sort their waste in the rooms and in the restaurants

and collect them in a dedicated place. Artists collect it and

use it in order to give them a second life (in conformity with

the hotel engagements as far as environment is concerned).

The hotels brought together local school children to raise

their awareness on the impact of waste on their environment

and to make them participate in workshops animated by the


Burkina Faso local development, waste

The Mercure Silmandé, in partnership with the association Song Manégré (created by some of the

hotel employees) and CWL participated in a well-construction project for the inhabitants of Galla, a

village 80 km away from Ouagadougou (see CWL).

Cameroun water

The ibis Douala hotel raised its employees and guests’ awareness on the water issue.

Chad biodiversity

The employees of the Novotel N’Djamena La Tchadienne participated in the creation of a public park

with the N’Djamena’s town council.

Côte d’Ivoire biodiversity, waste, local development

Sustainable development Department – July 2009


The four Accor hotels are currently ending the

program called “10, 000 trees for the Côte d’Ivoire”

launched for the first edition of Earth Guest day in

2007. It is a four-step program aiming at

participating in the reforestation of the country. The

trees are rubber trees and can be used to make

rubber. This project also supports local development

as the tree nursery will be managed by young

people who will get professional training. The 28 th

March, the hotel employees officially launched the

last step of the program for the village of Damé:

trees plant on a four-hectare field. The local

authorities as well as the media were also present.

Egypt local development, biodiversity

More than 150 employees of the Sofitel Winter

Palace planted about 50 new trees in the hotel

garden, along with their guests and children from

local schools.

In Sharm el-Sheikh, Sofitel employees were

informed on sustainable development issues and

participated in tree planting actions. Novotel

employees along with the guests participated in a

plant and flower painting competition. Then they

cleaned up the Namaa Bay beach and planted

trees. There were also awareness actions through

games for children and presentations.

In Cairo, the Novotel 6 October Cairo employees

launched tree and palm tree planting actions around the hotel. The M/S Scarabee employees cleaned

up areas nearby, along the Nile River bank.

The Mercure Ismalia was engaged in a planting action around the recent organic farm.

At Mercure Luxor, the 75 employees and their guests Luxor participated in cleaning actions and tree


Dahab is a seaside town, located on the East cost of the Sinai Peninsula. This region is a desert

where about 5,000 Bedouins live. They suffer from the lack of drinkable water. The Coralia Dahab

Club associates who transformed hotel gardens into organic farm last year, have had this year the

idea of building a well in a nearby valley, in order to supply the Bedouin people in fresh water. This

project was carried out in partnership with the local authorities, and the well is accessible by anybody.

The well digging was made in several steps: location of the best available place in the Nuweiba

region, contacts with drilling companies drilling, preparation of the areas near the well and purchase of

the pump.

The well was inaugurated twice: first on March 24 th , during the Sinai National Day, with the local

authorities of Dahab region and second on Earth Guest day, April 22 nd , with the employees, Accor

participants and Coralia Dahab Club guests.

On this occasion, the employees placed a large marble sign, reflecting Accor project and the Group

engagement in sustainable development. This sign is visible from the road and a lot of tourists come

here, as it is on the way to Saint Catherine monastery.

Kuwait biodiversity, waste

The ibis Salmiya employees and guests were informed on

the possible means to conserve water in this arid region of

the globe.

Every team of the hotel pledged to consume and

conserve water in a better way on a daily basis, on the

workplace and at home Training was given to raise their

awareness, campaign slogans were invented and

contests were carried out to stimulate water consumption

reduction in the daily activities. Trained teams transmitted

tips on water conservation to their colleagues and to the

guests via flyers displayed in the rooms.

Since the hotel opening in March 2008, the hotel has

been equipped with water flow regulators in the rooms, kitchen and common areas. Laundry teams

are washing with full loads, thus saving a lot of water.

An Earth Guest Committee has been created. Its objectives are to report the water and energy

consumption and find action plans to minimize these consumptions. The aim is a 15% water

consumption cut by 2010.

Moreover, Earth Guest day 2009 was also the opportunity for the hotel employees to clean up vacant

spaces and Sheikh Nasser Al Sabah Hospital, near the hotel. Tons of waste was evacuated!

Sustainable development Department – July 2009


Mauritania water, local development

The Marhaba Mercure hotel of Nouakchott will provide water to a school for blind and dumb during

one year starting on Earth Guest day 2009. This school is settled in a place that lacks water. Earth

Guest day was the occasion to inaugurate the project.

Mauritius child protection

The Sofitel L’Imperial Resort and Spa employees spent time with children of CEDEM (Centre

d’Education et de Développement pour les Enfants Mauriciens), an NGO aiming at helping children

with special needs (handicapped and abused children). During this day, several activities were

proposed to those children: land and water sport activities, beach games, educational activity, etc.


Sofitel biodiversity, energy

The Sofitel hotels of Fes and Agadir created green areas (flowers, olive and lemon trees). The Sofitel

Essaouira Medina Beach & Spa cleaned up the town beach, helped by students specialized in the

tourism industry. A candle-lit dinner was also organized as a symbol for energy saving.

The Marrakech Sofitel planted 4 orange trees and 4 lemon trees in the hotel garden.

The Rabat Sofitel created a green area. For the occasion, the action was filmed by the Moroccan

television. The action was made in partnership with companies working on the hotel and school


On April 27 th , guests and employees, helped by a local partner in charge of waste collecting in El-

Jedida organized a cleaning operation on the Nour el Kamar beach in El-Jedida.

Accor Hospitality local development, water

Moreover, Accor financially helped The Hermann Gmeiner school of Aït Ourir for

the finalization of a used water reutilization project. This project is aiming at getting

back the used waters from the playground washbasins and the rain waters in order

to recycle them in a hole and reuse them to provide school plants with water. The

children have already installed canalization between the washbasins and the future

hole place. On April 22 nd , there was a large publicity in the media about the event in

the presence of the children, Mohamed VI Foundation for the Environment members, SOS Children’s

Villages association members and Accor employees.

Nigeria biodiversity, waste

On March 10 th , during an environmental seminar organized by the British Council, the

Sofitel Lagos Moorhouse gave a lecture presenting Accor and the hotel’s actions for

sustainable development. The hotel team gave information to their guests concerning

their environmental engagement: replacing chlorination water treatment by ozone’s

one, saving energy for water boiling, planting trees.

The Novotel Port Harcourt employees built a tap connecting the hotel and the nearest

neighbourhood. , to supply the inhabitants with treated water from the hotel.

Qatar environment

The Mercure Doha continued its partnership with the Shafalla Center for environmental awareness

raising and professional experience with children with special needs.

Sustainable development Department – July 2009


Saudi Arabia water

Sustainable development Department – July 2009


Accor Saudi Arabia has engaged its hotels in a water consumption

reduction plan of 5% in the next year. As a result, on April 22 nd , an

awareness campaign was launched and the employees visited a

sewage water treatment plant and a water desalination plant.

Senegal child protection

Novotel Dakar raised funds from the customers for the rehabilitation of a dormitory in the island of Joal


South Africa water, biodiversity

Accor Hospitality

The South African teams of Accor Hospitality

participated in a lot of projects: every hotel raised

its guests’ awareness on the water conservation

issue, through flyers displayed in their rooms.

Johannesburg hotels, head offices and Accor

Services teams participated in the cleaning of the

Animal Rehabilitation Centre. Other employees

from Pretoria, Johannesburg and Midrand

contributed to the installation of a tap in a

disadvantaged school. Others organized Art

Competitions on the water issue and raised

guests’ awareness. They also built a water recycling system. They organized the cleaning of a bird

sanctuary and its water supply; they cleaned up green areas in collaboration with local communities

(schools, public centres…).

Accor Services

The Environment Charter was launched. The employees received Earth Guest T-shirts and badges.

With Accor Hospitality employees, they also discovered the Lory Sanctuary Park with 50 children from

the local community. This sanctuary uses a water purification system in order to keep water clean.

This system was explained to the children. They also participated in a painting contest. The

employees planted trees and painted a wall mural depicting the water condensation process next to

the water purification system.

Togo biodiversity

The Mercure Sarakawa in Lomé helped children to discover the biodiversity of the country. To achieve

this, the hotel teams organized educational conference and games in the gardens. Besides, the hotel

is continuing the development of an area dedicated to the Togolese biodiversity.

Tunisia water

The Coralia Club Hammamet raised its guests and employees’ awareness on water conservation.

They visited a pumping plant before the sewage water treatment and implemented a rainwater

recovery system for the watering.

The Coralia Club Monastir also raised its employees’ awareness on water consumption reduction by

limiting water use 15 minutes every day.

The Coralia and Sofitel Palm Beach Djerba raised the participants’ awareness (employees, children,

guests…) on water recycling systems, traditional irrigation system, laundry management, coast

cleaning…Both hotels are engaged on an awareness campaign in the rooms to reduce laundry

changing and to set up a “one hour without water” action on a regular basis.

Sofitel Palm Beach Tozeur staff participated in the cleaning-up of a road with local authorities and

children of the local community.

The Sofitel Saphir Hammamet broadcast a movie in 3 schools, about water scarcity and the issues it

represents. Moreover, the employees taught the children the good gestures and behaviour to adopt in

order to save water.

United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi biodiversity, water

The Novotel Abu Dhabi was engaged in several actions: donating blood, cleaning the beach at Auh,

planting trees at Mussafah. The Jebel Hafeet employees raised the awareness of its guests by

distributing flyers with tips on water savings, by wearing T-shirts with the logo Earth Guest. The hotel

shut down the fountain during the day, the water supply during two hours and cut half of the garden


Dubai biodiversity, water

Accor Majid-Al Futtaim, Novotel and ibis Deira City Centre and ibis and Suitehotel Mall of Emirates

employees visited a water desalination plant in Jabel Ali and their awareness was raised on the

desalination process. Ibis and Suitehotel Mall of Emirates employees cleaned up the Jumeirah public


Yemen biodiversity

100 employees from the hotels Al Saaed Hotel and MGallery and those from a water treatment plant,

along with some kids of a nearby school planted 75 trees and cleaned up areas in front of the school.

Moreover, a presentation was given to the children and employees to raise their awareness on

environmental issues.

Sustainable development Department – July 2009


Asia Pacific


Accor Hospitality water

Over 100 hotels participated in the Earth Guest day 2009 using the theme

of water conservation. Guests were invited to speak about water and its

conservation both at work and in the home. Hotel staff acted as

Ambassadors, wearing Earth Guest T-shirts, to promote this special day.

Here are examples of the Australian actions:

- The Novotel Sydney Brighton Beach reduced water usage for the

outdoors gardens.

- The Mercure Townsville in Queensland’s employees helped

recycling rain water. In fact, the rainy season caused extensive

flooding in this town.

- The Novotel Brisbane of Queensland staff was provided with

drought proof plant seeds to take home. In fact Queensland is a region living with water

restriction. These plants, being native plants, can stand up to the harsh weather conditions

and ensure great gardens while using little water.

- In Sydney, employees from the Corporate Office were given a lecture on the group’s water

conservation initiatives around the globe .

- In Melbourne, the employees of the hotel ibis Little Bourke Street raised local community

awareness on water issues. Besides, the hotel is part of the Melbourne City Council’s

recycling program.

Sofitel energy, biodiversity, waste, water

The Melbourne Sofitel encouraged its employees and their friends and/or families to bring their old

mobile phones. They also participated at an awareness campaign on the recycling practices that can

be implemented in the hotel and the house.

The Sofitels Brisbane Central and Werribee Park Mansion Hotel & Spa planted trees.

The Sofitels Gold Coast Broadbeach participated in the program “Tree Planting”. It offered to all its

employees low consumption lights and more eco-friendly bags for shopping. The employees also

participated in an awareness campaign on intern waste recycling and on the ideas about energy

conservation (shut down computers at the end of the day, shut down unused lights, etc.).

The Sydney Wentworth Sofitel gave all its employees information to promote biodiversity actions. It

also implemented an hour called “Energy Saving Hour”.

Cambodia water, biodiversity

On April 26th, employees of the Sofitel Royal Angkor cleaned up around the hotel premises, planted

trees in the garden. Employees also spent time with orphans to talk to them about water. And during

all the month of April, every Saturday, the staff was educated about water treatment.


Accor Hospitality biodiversity

A total of 785 employees from 25 hotels

across China participated in rivercleaning


In Shanghai, the Accor Corporate 95

employees collected waste along the

principal river of the town, Huangpu


Sustainable development Department – July 2009


Accor Services biodiversity, water

The Environment Charter was translated into Chinese. Some employees of the local Business Unit

visited a water recycling plant.

Sofitel energy, biodiversity, waste, water

The Sofitel Ramón Square Hotels Xi’an, Dongguan Royal Lagoon Executive

Resort, Forebase Chongqing, Galaxy Nanjing, Hefei Grand Park, Huanghe

Sheshan Resort Shanghai, Plaza Xiamen, Qingyuan Riverside, Shanghai JJ

Oriental Pudong, Suzhou, Zhengzhou International and Zhongshan Golf &

Resort Nanjing carried out tree planting actions and created green areas.

The Sofitel Boao, Hangzhou Westlake, Dongguan Royal Lagoon Executive

Resort, Xanadu Resort Hangzhou, Silver Plaza Jinan, Qingyuan Riverside and

Wanda Harbin organized cleaning sessions of the areas surrounding their


The Sofitel Ningbo Wanda organized an awareness session for its employees

on all the consumption of resources (water, energy and paper) and on the

Environment Charter. It implemented energy savings actions in every

department: surveillance and analysis of energy consumption every month,

water and energy savings, creation of a green office concept by lowering the paper consumption,

collection of used batteries, publication of energy savings among the employees.

The Sofitel Shangai JJ Oriental Pudong, Suzhou and Wenda Chengdu raised their employees’

awareness on energy saving issues.

The Sofitel Wanda Harbin and Wanda Beijing raised their employees and the surrounding school

children’s awareness on biodiversity issues (trees, paper bag reuse vs. plastic bags, etc.).

French Polynesia water

Every Sofitel hotel in French Polynesia planted young trees in their gardens. Each hotel implemented

a training program for their employees on waste sorting for the administration, the restaurant and the

rooms. For each kilo of waste, a US dollar cent was donated for underprivileged children,

Hong Kong

Accor Services waste

The SurfGold team participated in the Earth Hour and some awareness actions were launched.

Moreover, the employees participated in a computer and battery recycling program.


Novotel water

The Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach teams visited a local waste water treatment station.

ibis local development, health

The employees of the Ibis hotel of Gurgaon organized a blood

donation activity with the Indian Red Cross Society.

Sustainable development Department – July 2009


The employees of Ibis Pune transformed a barren land into a lawn

in a school specialized for blind children.

Mercure water

The employees and guests of the Mercure Homestead Residence Bangalore got information on water

conservation issues through conferences, posters and other communication tools. The employees and

their children participated in a drawing contest on the subject.

Accor Services water

The employees displayed the new Charter and carried out a campaign called “Save the water, it saves

you.” Their awareness was risen through text messages and banners on water conservation.

Japan child protection, waste

Employees of Accor hotels in Japan were encouraged to collect plastic bottle caps, before sending

them to ECOCAP, NPO, who purchases vaccines for children by selling those caps to a recycling




The staff of the Novotel Vientiane relished fishes and eels in a natural lake.


The employees of the Sofitel Macau at Ponte 16 planted 1,000 different young trees and all the people

that participated brought back home a tree seed.

New Zealand and Fiji water

25 hotels in New-Zealand and the Fiji took part in Earth Guest day! Each hotel of

the region, as well as Accor’s regional office in Auckland created an exhibition at

reception with water bottles: all the water bottles placed in the rooms wore a “neck

collar” showing Accor’s commitment to sustainable development and the actions

carried out during Earth Guest day. Moreover, in order to encourage the guests to

take a bottle, a screen was displaying tips on water, electricity and waste issues.

33 volunteers of the 5 Auckland hotels and the Regional Office employees cleaned

up a part of the Dunkirk reserve in Panmure. At the end of the day, a truck full of

waste left the area!

In Hamilton, Accor employees cleaned up the river Waikato borders and

surrounding country roads.

In Rotura, the employees assembled and evacuated waste along a lake.

In Wellington, a whole space was cleaned up of 10 cubic meters of waste and then

the employees planted more than 100 new trees. Moreover, the teams got information on local


In Picton, the Accor employees cleaned the harbour surrounding areas. Besides, they decided to

repeat this event several times in the year in order to make the Earth Guest spirit live along the year.

In Christchurch, the two hotels’ employees cleaned up the town streets.

The Accor employees and their guests in Queenstown cleaned a natural reserve. They received a

large publicity for this event for an article was published at this occasion in the local paper, the Otago

Daily Times.

In 40 km north of Dunedin, Accor employees got information on

navigable waterways, and wildlife of the local environment. Then

they clean this waterway and planted trees along the river.

In Fidji, an Earth Guest bus journey was organized by the Accor

employees to clean up a river and a reservoir near a village, helped

by the inhabitants. The media were there and talked about this

news on the radio and the local papers.

Sustainable development Department – July 2009


Sofitel biodiversity, water

In addition to the action organized by every hotel in both countries, the Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa and

Sueentown (New-Zealand) organized a day with the slogan “Trees are symbols of Life”, for tree

planting in the areas damaged by the recent floods.

Philippines biodiversity

The employees of the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila planted trees with invited business groups.

Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia

Accor Services water, biodiversity

The new Charter was launched, Earth Hour was followed and a visit to a training centre was

organized, on water theme.

Accor Hospitality water, biodiversity

1,200 employees of the Accor hotels

Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia

participated in cleaning actions of the

water sewage systems near the hotels,

in order to help the inhabitants of the

neighbourhood nearby to keep their

water system clean. Accor Indonesia

employees had the opportunity to visit

a water treatment plant and got

information on the water recycling process. Each hotel raised their guests’ awareness by using

communication supports (e-Mail banners, clothes, banners in the reception halls), by informing

children on water issues through different activities (poems, drawing competitions…). In Indonesia, the

Group offered 5 manual pumps to 2 elementary schools to give clean water access to 500 children.

The Group also renovated public toilets. For the Novotel Solo, Earth Guest day was the opportunity to

inaugurate a rain water capture tank and for the Novotel Lombock to inaugurate a deep well.

Moreover, about 600 trees were planted in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore and 4 Accor hotels of

the same area provided free medical check-up and distributed medication to local communities.

Sofitel biodiversity

The Indonesian Sofitel Seminyak Bali organized an awareness campaign on biodiversity and planted

trees on the Saminyak beach to help to stop the sand erosion.

South Korea water, biodiversity

The Accor hotels’ employees in South Korea participated in a water treatment plant, they cleaned up

beaches, squares and waters and raised their guests’ awareness about sustainable development

through flyers and posters.

The Pullman Emabassador Changwon City 7 employees cleaned up the Changwon River.

In the South, the employees of the Novotel Busan cleaned up a part of the Haeundae beach, one of

the most attended beaches in the country.

The employees of the Sofitel Seoul, the Novotel Gangnam, the Novotel Doksan, the ibis Seoul,

Myung-Dong and Suwon participated in a day called “The Beautiful Water Day”: awareness raising in

the morning (visit of a water treatment plant, visit of the museum of water taps), cleaning activities of

Anyang-Chun during the afternoon.

The employees of the Novotel Daegu took part in cleaning activities of the Shincheon River.

Sustainable development Department – July 2009



Accor Services biodiversity, water

In addition of introducing the Accor Offices Environment Charter, Accor Services employees in Taiwan

cleaned up a beach.

Thailand child protection

Accor Thailand employees organized a big bowling tournament. Through the ticket sales and prizes

for the winners, Accor Hospitality collected funds for the association ECPAT, Accor’s partner in the

fight against sexual tourism involving children since 2002.

This money is being used to help financing a project led by ECPAT. It has been transferred to a centre

run by YMCA, one of ECPATS’s key-partner, based in the Payao Province. The centre provides longterm

accommodation, training in schools and help children to adopt

the life skills they will need. These children are at risk with

commercial sexual exploitation or sexual traffic. The centre runs

houses for children of 8 to 13 years-old, with one member of the staff

staying with them. For the children who were sexually abused and

referred to the centre, they stay in a separate place, waiting to be

referred to a suitable rehabilitation centre for psychological therapy.

The centre also engages the children who stay in the centre working

with the local community and engages the schools to raise children’s awareness on sexual tourism

and traffic risks, through radio programs, theatre and youth camp activities. The ECPAT foundation

works with the centre to promote children participation in running the daily activities of the centre

through the Children’s Council, run by the children themselves.

Sofitel biodiversity, waste, water

The Sofitel Centara Hua Hin and Bangkok Silom participated in cleaning actions of public beaches or

water channels, and planted trees. Moreover, the employees of the Sofitel Bangkok Silom and their

children got information on the water quality and wild and plant life protection.

Vietnam waste, water

The employees of the Sofitel Plaza Saigon, together with those of the regional Accor head office,

invited 25 students of Sesame, a medicine school for the underprivileged children of the Ho Chi Minh

City. These students had the opportunity to discover the water saving system of the hotel. Then,

employees and students visited a water treatment plant where they learnt how to preserve drinkable


In Hanoi, the employees of the Sofitel Metropole Hanoi, the Sofitel Plaza Hanoi and the Mercure

Hanoi La Gare gathered their efforts to clean up the Truc Back lake, with the participation of the

Ministry of Environment, the People of Hanoi Committee and the Lake Protection Organism.

In Dalat, Sofitel and Novotel employees, together with the young people of the Dalat Town Youth,

participated in the cleaning of the Sua Huong Lake and streets nearby.

The Novotel Nha Trang teams actively cleaned the Nha Trang beach, with the collaboration of local


The Novotel Phan Thiet mobilized its teams to clean up the town’s city.

The Grand Mercure Resort & Spa teams split up in two to clean up the beaches in the two sides of the


The employees of the Mercure Hue Gerbera cleaned up the park near the Perfume River.

Sustainable development Department – July 2009


Northern Europe


Accor hotels in Austria chose to structure Earth Guest day on 2 themes: biodiversity and water. They

continued their engagement toward bats and once again cleaned the nests employees built two years

ago. Moreover, Salzburg teams set crayfish free in the rivers soon as they were strong enough.

The teams from Bregenz cleaned up the Bodensee borders. In Graz, the teams took the International

Water day opportunity, on March 22, to distribute small water bottles with stickers to raise guests’

awareness on water scarcity. Novotel, Youthotel and ibis Linz visited a water station and received

information on drinkable water, water transportation and water quality.

On April 22, all hotels and head offices employees received a brochure edited by the Ministry of the

environment: Water Guide – Using Water and Protecting Water.

Accor Services

The employees met up to find improvement axes as far as their environmental impacts are concerned,

with the help of the new Charter. They also fixed new objectives for water and energy consumption



Accor Services environment

An inquiry was carried out on consumption habits at home and work (Accor Hospitality and Services

employees). Water tasting was organized and the employees were invited to sign a charter in favour

of drinkable water access to everyone as a fundamental element of Human Rights.

Sofitel waste, water

The Sofitel Brussels le Louise committed to the reduction of waste production and collects soaps for

an African NGO. The Sofitel Brussels Europe raised its guests and employees’ awareness on the

water theme: consumption and reduction.

Czech Republic

Accor Services biodiversity

The introduction of the new Charter in the offices was related to water consumption. In partnership

with the Accor Hospitality employees, the teams of the Czech Republic Business Unit participated in a

cleaning activity and tree planting.


Accor Hospitality biodiversity

German hotels carried out more than 200 actions for Earth Guest day! A hundred cleaning up actions

in nature, close to 45 healthy cooking classes by Accor chefs for children and teenagers, blood

donation actions, close to 20 actions of fair trade promotion, and a few tree planting actions!

Accor Services biodiversity

The Environment Charter was launched as well as an awareness campaign. Moreover, the employees

of Accor Hospitality and Services Germany participated in a cleaning activity of the English garden of


Sofitel waste

The Sofitel Munich Bayerpost, Berlin am Gendarmenmarkt and Hamburg Alter Wall cleaned up public

parks, zoos and river banks.

Sustainable development Department – July 2009



Accor Hospitality biodiversity, water

Accor Hospitality Hungary teams met up with Accor

Hospitality Slovakia representatives in order to act on the

issues of water and biodiversity on this special day.

They chose the Danube banks in Budapest as their operating

place: the 140 employees, hotel managers and the country

manager, representing altogether the Sofitel, Novotel,

Mercure and ibis hotels cleaned up the river bank, in front of

the Sofitel Budapest.

Then they planted three trees on the same spot that had

previously been prepared and they set butterflies free to

symbolize the aim of that day: the protection of the environment.

Accor Services biodiversity

The Offices Environment Charter was launched and promoted in the internal Newsletter. Recycling

boxes for paper and plastic were put in the offices.

Sofitel biodiversity, water

The Sofitel Budapest Chain Bridge planted two trees on Roosevelt place in front of the hotel. The

teams wore Earth Guest t-shirts for that day.

Poland biodiversity

On April 22nd, Sofitel Grand Sopot organized several actions: the employees cleaned up the beach in

front of the hotel, they planted trees in the hotel gardens, and more balanced food is now served in the

staff canteen.

Mercure, Novotel, ibis, Etap and Orbis hotels organized many actions: natural site cleaning up

(beaches, gardens …), tree planting, visits of waste water treatment plants, actions to promote organic

and healthy food, drawing and photo contests, actions to promote less polluting means of

transportation. All this was done involving employees and their families, as well as guests.


Accor Hospitality

The Novotel Bucharest launched a paper recycling system with trolleys whereby employees can put

used paper and print papers on both sides.

Moreover, the employees helped the association Pro-Vita from Valenii de Munte by giving disabled

children, the homeless and pregnant women of the association some clothes, laundry or toys.

Accor Services

Accor Services launched the Accor Offices Environment Charter through three contests: a

photography contest, a contest organized in order to guess the bio-deteriorating time of a plastic glass

and finally a paper basket decoration contest.

Russia biodiversity, waste

Sustainable development Department – July 2009


The Novotel Moscow Centre raised its teams’ awareness on

sustainable development, with a presentation of the Earth Guest

program and its eight priorities. A black-out action was carried out

for one hour in the hotel common areas to raise awareness on the

need of energy savings. Moreover, the teams cleaned up a park in

Moscow, an action organized by WWF.

The Netherlands biodiversity

Accor Hospitality

The Accor Group in the Netherlands, who raised 16 500 € for the Aids Fund last year, was engaged

this year to clean up the Scheveningen beach (on the North Sea) and collected more than 40 litter

bags in less than three hours! Right before this action, the 41 Dutch hotels staff were given a

presentation by a member of the RNN Shanks association on water recycling system and by a

member of Greenpeace association on sustainable management of the ocean, and especially the

creation of marine’s reserves to prevent over-fishing.

Accor Services

Accor Services in the Netherlands is already ISO

140001 certified. For Earth Guest day, Corporate

Social Responsibility was presented to the

employees and a cleaning activity was carried out

with Accor Hospitality employees. Moreover, the

Accor Services employees also participated in the

lectures given by the two associations.

Sofitel biodiversity, water

The Sofitel Amsterdam The Grant organized Earth

Guest day through three topics:

- Water: the cleaning up of the famous Amsterdam water-channels, surrounding the hotel. This

action was carried out by the employees, thanks to boats. There also were educative lectures

on the water issue in the hotel for the children of a nearby school and also a lecture on water

purification systems for the employees in charge of the water systems in the hotel,.

- Biodiversity: for the third year, a dinner was organized on April 22 nd , without any electricity,

with only organic food and drinks: the “Black & Bio Dinner”. Moreover, the hotel is engaged in

a large environmental called “Green key”. A two-year preparation, which begins this year, is

necessary in order to obtain the certification.

- Mobilization: hotel employees participated in the event “Dance 4 Life” which is aimed at raising



Accor Services biodiversity, water, energy, waste

Accor Services, which wants to engage its office in an ISO 14001 Certification process, introduced the

Accor Offices Environment Charter translated into Slovak. Besides, an internal campaign on energy

saving was launched and the teams cleaned two playgrounds.


Accor Services biodiversity, waste

The employees displayed the new Charter posters on the office wall and in the reception hall. The

entity is trying to go on the way of ISO 14001 certification. A quiz was given to the employees on

various environmental topics, in conformity with the new Charter. A contest was organized to improve

the behaviours and the actions in favour of the environment. A waste sorting system was launched.

Switzerland biodiversity, water

Each region organized actions. Hotels of the Geneva area cleaned up the Vernier forest, during a

grand popular walk organized by the city to inaugurate paths. In the evening, participants shared a

meal. Lausanne staff cleaned up a river, and the employees visited a waterpower station. Ibis Crissier

installed a rainwater recovery system to water plants. Ibis Baar cleaned up a tourist centre with the

employees and their friends and families. Head office teams gave up plastic bottles in favour of tap

water, and bought a jar for each office.

Sustainable development Department – July 2009



Accor Hospitality water

The Earth Guest day activity was carried out with Accor

Services staff, local town councils, the association

Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association and

100 children of primary schools: protecting water and

raise awareness about water. A presentation explaining

the water importance and entertaining activities about

water took place, followed by a lunch with the children.

The participants also cleaned up the coast.

Accor Services biodiversity

The teams translated the new Charter into Turkish and

implemented some of the 60 recommended actions. The main activity carried out with Accor

Hospitality during Earth Guest day was the coast side cleaning with children of the local community in

order to raise their awareness on water preservation issue.

United Kingdom and Ireland

Accor Hospitality

Accor United Kingdom held two meetings with the champions’ hotels that acted with the NGO Plan to

present to the employees an update on the project launched in 2008 to combat AIDS in India.

Accor Services biodiversity, waste

Accor Services rigorously introduced the Accor Offices Environment Charter, as the company is

engaged in an ISO 14001 obtaining process. Moreover, a river cleaning action, which is one of the

favourite ecological activities of Accor Services UK teams, was organized.

Sustainable development Department – July 2009


North America


United States of America

Sustainable development Department – July 2009


The Sofitel Montreal planted flowers and trees.

The Novotel Ottawa organized a barbecue to raise funds to help a

local association.

129 employees of Novotel Canada participated in the “Trees Across

Toronto” challenge for Earth Guest day. This program brings

together the administration, the citizens and the private sector in

order to increase the wooded area from 17 to 34% until 2050. The

Novotel Canada team was the largest team to participate to this

program, for the third consecutive year.

Accor Corporate employees in the United States of America planted 270 Mexican Heather Native

plants, sold 600 water flasks and collected taps for the UNICEF program Tap Water Project.

Sofitel energy, biodiversity, waste

The Sofitel LA and its restaurant Simon LA took part in the Earth Hour 2009. This program was made

on March 28 th in an attempt to make customers and employees aware of global warming and climate

changes issue. The light were turned off and replaced by candles for one night.

The Minneapolis, Philadelphia and Washington DC Lafayette Square Sofitel hotels were engaged in

trees planting actions. Sofitel Water or Miami Sofitel hotels taught their employees energy

conservation or healthy meals making. Chicago O’Hare and New York Sofitel hotels implemented a

recycling program. Minneapolis, New York and San Francisco Bay Sofitel hotels cleaned up beaches

and parks in order to help providing clean areas for neighbourhood.

The Sofitel New York cleaned up the New York Riverside Park. The teams raised guests’ awareness

through films on the Earth Guest program and a candle-lit dinner.

The Sofitel Washington DC teams helped create a better school through cleaning and painting


The Sofitel Chicago Watertower distributed neon tubes and the teams cleaned up the Washington

Park, collecting the content of 4 truckloads.

The employees of the Sofitel Miami spent Earth Guest day with children of an

elementary school for awareness activities.

The teams of the Sofitel Philadelphia participated in the program Canned

Food drive & walk to fight against hunger and cleaned up an elementary


Every American Sofitel sold Trinity Oaks wine bottles. This brand has created

the program: One Bottle, One tree! Sold on the whole Sofitel US network,

which allowed the planting of 15 804 trees in the United States of America!

Motel 6/Studio 6 energy, biodiversity

On April 22nd, every hotel shut down air-conditioning in empty rooms: more than 2,270 airconditioning

systems were shut down on that day!

Moreover, the North-American direction proposed to the hotels actions

such as:

- Cleaning a lake, a river or a beach: 72 hotels participated!

- Planting a tree and/or a native species (the description of local

species according to the states had been sent to every hotel): 64

hotels participated!

- Rehabilitating the irrigation system especially before the hot

seasons: the hotels were encouraged to change their irrigation

and watering system to make water savings.

The brand objective this year was to reach 2,000 hours of volunteering, calculated on the participants

number and activities length basis. Finally, 4,525 hours were calculated!

Other actions were carried out by the M6/S6: the sale of more than 600 water bottles for the UNICEF

Tap Water Project, the construction of 4 water reservoirs, and the participation in the activities of the

association Habitat for Humanity.

Moreover, Earth Guest day was the occasion to launch in every state the Weight Loss Challenge.

Accor Services environment

Accor Services in the US focused on energy efficiency by replacing standard light bulbs by compact

florescent bulbs. A campaign was launched to raise employees and above all guests’ awareness on

the advantages of public transports. 28,570 guests reached!

“The response was tremendous in that we received numerous inquires from potential new customers,

along with kudos from existing clients, thanking Accor Services for reminding them about the

environmental benefits of our programs.”

Sustainable development Department – July 2009


South America and the Caribbean


Accor Services environment

A presentation was organized on April 21 st with the public school of Villa Crespo. The topic chosen

was global warming and water. The students got information on these subjects and discussed them.

Moreover, in partnership with Accor Hospitality, a discussion was engaged on the relationship

between these issues and the hotel business.

This activity was carried out with the members of the Al Gore’s Climate Project association.

The internal campaign “Little gesture for the planet”, initiated on November 2008 was launched once

again this month with the employees’ participation at a quiz.

Sofitel biodiversity, water

The employees of Sofitel Buenos Aires participated in a lecture on climate change and biodiversity


The employees of Sofitel La Reserva Cardales and the guests’ children participated in a paper

recycling activity and a visit of a natural reserve called Otamendi.


Accor hotels in Sao Paulo, associated with the NGO Navega,

proposed to their employees to sail in one of the most polluted

river in Latin America, the Tietê River, to realize the impact of

human activities on water conservation.

The Novotel Cusco, SP Ibirapuera, Vitoria and SP Morumbi

raised their teams’ awareness on the water topic: lectures,

presentations, workgroups…

The employees of the Novotel Ronsonopolis cleaned up the Itiquira River banks. Those of the Novotel

Campo Grande visited the sewage water treatment plant of the Aquas Guariroba company. The

Novotel SP Jaraqua employees organized activities with elderly people.

The Mercure Grand Hôtel SP Ibirapuera, Mercure Brasília Eixo Monumental, Mercure Brasília Lídere,

Mercure Central Towers, Mercure Santo André, Mercure Moema and Mercure Nortel raised their

employees’ awareness on the Earth Guest program issues, and especially the water priority, through

different means: quiz, lectures, discussion, visits of plants…

The Mercure Guaratingueta organized cleaning actions of the Paraiba River and then planted trees

along the bank.

In every room, the cleaning ladies of the Mercure The Town placed a tree of a symbolic native

species: the ipe tree. The Mercure Executive One distributed to its guests the same plant seeds.

The employees of the Mercure The Exelence visited the showroom of a water treatment plant and

received tips on how to conserve water.

At the Mercure Pamplona, guests and employees received a mineral water bottle with tips on how to

use water.

The teams of Mercure Saint Lawrence participated in Earth Guest day through two actions: the visit of

an institution which helps mothers and children with HIV/AIDS and awareness actions on resource


In the Mercure Jardins, flower seeds were distributed and candles replaced lamps in the restaurant.

The employees of the lbis João Pessoa, de l’ibis Maceió et de l’ibis Ribeirão Preto cleaned up

surrounding areas.

The teams of ibis Paulista ibis and ibis Ribeirão Preto planted trees.

Accor Services water

The Charter was translated into Portuguese and was introduced in the new Sao Paulo head office in


The Accor Institute organized many actions: environmental awareness, especially on water issues as

the employees spent the day on the Tieté river bank (responsible consumption, fight against pollution

Sustainable development Department – July 2009


and flooding) and the importance of that river for the quality of life; they also received information on

recycling process.

Moreover, the employees participated in the awareness campaign on the environment for children

through the organization of games on water topic and the fight against the dengue fever.

Sofitel biodiversity

The Sofitel Rio de Janeiro Copacabana created an indoor garden with different plants.

The Sofitel Sao Paulo employees cleaned places near the hotel, revitalized trees, their awareness

was raised on environmental issues and they received seeds for home.

The Sofitel Jequitimar Guaruja organized a bike tour for its employees to raise their awareness on

less polluting means of transport. Moreover, the hotel donated funds for the Creche Manaim, which

delivers daily cares in Guaruja. About 50 employees participated in this adventure, in partnership with

the NGO Ocean Futures Brazil – Jean Michel Cousteau. This day was aiming at promoting the brand

sustainable development strategy inside the Sofitel network, to motivate employees and local

community on more eco-friendly means of transports and to promote support to the charity institutions

of Guaruja.

Cuba biodiversity

Employees and customers of the Mercure Sevilla hotel of Cuba visited the Parque Metro Politano

ecologic park in partnership with the Public Health Ministry and Havana’s University.

The two Mercure Pla-ya de Oyo and Cuatro Palmas raised their employees’ awareness on the water



The teams of Novotel Santiago organized a day on the water issue.

Some of the hotel employees went to a school in order to raise the

school children’s awareness on water matters and environment

protection. The partnership with this school was launched two years

ago, on Earth Guest day 2007!

Few days before, the maintenance team had checked on water flows

and teams in charge of the gardens planted trees.

Accor Services water

The Charter was internally launched as well as a paper recycling system. Moreover, awareness

actions for the school of Huiñi Trai were organized with the employees of the Novotel. Planting actions

were carried out.


Sofitel water, biodiversity

The Sofitel Regia Bogota invited a Red Cross professional and employees of the Environment Ministry

to talk to the Group’s employees about the importance of “green” activities and how to avoid floods by

protecting the rivers.

The employees of Sofitel Santa Clara Cartagena planted trees in and out the hotel’s property. They

organized a press conference with the local media on safe energy and recycling.

Dominican Republic child protection

Sustainable development Department – July 2009


The three hotels of the Dominican Republic are now engaged in

a partnership with a children protection association in Santo

Domingo (Help to the Santo Domingo’s Children Association).

This program has existed for four years and is under the

responsibility of POLITUR (police institution in charge of tourist

zones in the country). The association’s role is to take care of

thirty children of the streets, confronted with various problems

(prostitution, juvenile delinquency). The hotels have identified several possible actions to be made in

2009. The various participants want this project to be sustainable. Four actions have thus been

decided for the year to come, with one priority: training.

Earth Guest day was the opportunity to inaugurate this partnership. The children concerned, hotels’

employees, association’s members, local authorities and the press were present. This signature day

was the occasion for the organization of several activities from and for the children such as animations

and fundraising.

Guadeloupe biodiversity

The employees of the MGallery L’Auberge de la Vieille Tour,

helped by the town council members and Europcar

company’s employees cleaned up beaches near the hotels

(Grande Plage du Gosier and Plage Publique de l’Auberge de

la Vieille Tour).

La Reunion biodiversity

The Novotel St Gilles, Mercure Blue Beach and Mercure

Creolia hotel employees and their families participated in a

visit of the Road of Tamarins, currently under construction, a

way for crossing the island from end to end, currently representing the biggest European building site.

The employees were presented the environmental side of the project.

La Martinique waste, biodiversity

Sustainable development Department – July 2009


The employees of the Mercure Diamant cleaned the hotel area, dug out

an ill tree and planted a new one, with the help of the gardening

company, Novavert Services.

Mexico water, biodiversity

Accor Hospitality

Every hotel and head office Accor Hospitality Mexico were mobilized between 20 and 26 April and

carried out a lot of actions.

On April 21 st , cleaning actions of the surrounding areas took place at the Novotel and ibis Monterrey

Valle: 35 garbage bags were filled up!

On April 22 nd , it was the turn to the Boca Lake, a place that attracts a lot of tourists, to be cleaned up

by the Novotel and the ibis Monterrey Valle and the ibis Monterrey Aeropuerto teams. The staff of

Novotel Santa Fe, ibis México Perinorte and the head office, along with some students and suppliers

cleaned up the lake of the Iris Lake: 35 garbage bags were filled up!

The hotels also organized awareness actions for school children,

students and employees on water topic. Awareness tools were

distributed to the guests. The Mexican teams also supported actions

for local communities.

Reforestation and cleaning operations also took place: at the ibis

Guadalajara Expo, the teams cleaned up the green areas and planted


Exhibitions on actions achieved for Earth Guest day since 2007 were displayed in the hotel lobbies, to

share the hotels’ best practices.

Accor Hospitality Mexico officially renewed its engagement against children sexual exploitation in

tourism and organized a lecture on that issue in the Novotel Santa Fé.

Accor Services water

The Accor Offices Environment Charter was implemented in the offices. The campaign “We plant

smiles”, aiming at promoting planet preservation with a local community, was also organized on the

water issue like last year.


Accor Services water, waste

The Business Unit of Peru created an Earth Guest committee. Moreover, the

employees cleaned up the main place of Huaycan. They organized a drawing contest

with childen of 6 and 7 year-old about what the Earth means to them. Other

awareness actions were organized, such as theater play, balloon distribution or flyers.

St Martin water

The Mercure Simson Beach of St Martin focused its action on water savings. In order to do this, the

hotel gets water from the groundwater that is located right underneath the hotel. The hotel teams

raised customer awareness on the necessity of saving water (stickers in the rooms and videos in the

halls), they installed water flow regulators (decrease in the consumption by 50%), collected all plastic

caps and glass bottles for recycling and optimized green areas watering.


Accor Hospitality water, waste

On April 24th, the ibis Montevideo teams organized a great « Water Marathon » day. During the whole

day, 2 employee teams, « Salted water » and « Fresh water » competed: quiz on water, cleaning up

operation of the nearby beach (the teams collected 80kg of waste!), creation of a 10-item list of

recommendations to save water. Each member of the winning team received a set of organic


Moreover, guests were also involved: each guest who bought a water bottle on that very day received

a bag made of organic material, to collect waste generated in their cars.

Accor Services waste

Accor Services employees got information on environmental protection and the actions that could be

implemented. A recyclable bag was offered to each employee and a garden was created by the



Accor Services biodiversity

For Earth Guest day, the Accor Offices Environment Charter and the "Paper Recycling" program in

Cestaticket were launched, a garden was created for a school and an awareness campaign on the

environment took place.

Sustainable development Department – July 2009


Southern Europe


Sofitel biodiversity

The Sofitel hotels in Paris, Strasbourg, Dijon, Biarritz and Quiberon promoted organic products

through special menus in their restaurants. At Sofitel Paris la Défense, for each glass of organic wine

sold, 1 Euro was donated to the association “Planète”.

The Sofitel hotels of Lyon Bellecour, Marseille and Paris Champs-Elysées cleaned up nearby areas

such as parks or roads. As far as the Sofitel Lyon Aéroport is concerned, its employees took part in a

training day about waste sorting and visited a waste treatment plant.

Moreover, the Sofitel Worldwide and Sofitel South Europe teams participated in this day by:

- planting ten trees near the Vanoise building in Evry

- participating in a organic picnic

The two Sofitel Thalassa Quiberon raised their guests’ awareness on the environment and biodiversity


- Discovery of a variety of vegetables, fruit, shellfish and aromatic garden (local products)

- Exhibition of seaweeds and derived products in the thalassotherapy institute

- Promotion of bike instead of more polluting means of transports

- Broadcasting of a film about oyster farming all day

- Discovery of an oyster park

- Treasure hunt organized for children. They also took this opportunity to plant a native tree


- Discovery of the local biodiversity

Pullman biodiversity

Each of the 13 Pullman hotels sponsors a beehive located

in one of the apiaries supported the association Bee my

Friend, and held by a professional beekeeper. Bee my

Friend commits to maintain the beehives for 2 years. The

employees were invited to visit the beekeepers in


During one week, to raise guest awareness, honey jars

were served at breakfast along with a flyer explaining

Pullman’s commitment, there was honey sweets from the

beehives in the meeting rooms or at reception, and VIP guests received some honey related gifts:

honey spoon, a small honey pot …

Novotel water

The French Novotel hotels were engaged on the water issue. Every Novotel hotel organized staff

meetings in order to explain to their employees what is at stake in the water issue and what could be

done at their level in their hotels.

Mercure local development

Mercure hotels proposed fair trade coffee for breakfast every day. This action lasted three weeks.

Suitehotel waste

For Earth Guest day 2009, Suitehotel France organized an operation with the

association “Bouchons d’amour”, from April 20 th to April 26 th , in every French


Hotels proposed to their guests to give back caps from plastic bottles (water, milk,

fruit juice, drinks, etc.) in a box placed at reception. The caps recycling generated

money that helped the association to buy new equipments for handicapped people.

The brand relies on this action to push forward its engagement for handicapped

people. In fact, since 2007, the Suitehotel hotels have installed necessary

Sustainable development Department – July 2009


infrastructures in order to facilitate accessibility for handicapped people in the hotels (Tourism and

Handicap program).

Ibis Plant for the planet

The brand took the opportunity of Earth Guest day 2009 to launch the Plant for the Planet project in

every ibis hotel. What is the project principle? With a new communication, guests are invited to use

their towels more than one night. Laundry savings will finance reforestation projects. Thus, the French

ibis hotels are going to finance a project carried out by the association SOS SAHEL in Senegal.

During Earth Guest day, every employee was informed or trained on the subject. The new

communication for the guests was put in bathrooms, and the hotels were also able to organise some

events to raise the guests’ awareness.

all seasons local development

After Earth Guest day 2008, the all seasons hotels pursue their engagement for local development

and especially the fight against illiteracy, in partnership with local associations.

For instance, the all seasons hotel of Bordeaux has been engaged since last year in a partnership with

the association Promo Femmes. Its objective is to favour the integration of women from the

immigration into professional life: Insertion, Literacy and Socialisation.

It is a sustainable partnership, which covers many actions:

- regular visits to the women in the establishment

- welcoming of these women in the hotel for launch meeting

- Helping women engaged in professional (re) insertion to discover a new job in the hotel

- help and monitoring in the literacy course (magazine distribution)

- help for women installation in a new social frame

For the year 2009, the hotel has set many objectives:

- employees’ visits to the association’s premises

- organizing cooking training with the hotel chief

- making the women who wish to participate in a buffet with the hotel chief

- evaluation of their work in partnership with the French National Association for Employment.

Etap Hotel biodiversity

Just like during the previous editions of Earth Guest day, Etap Hotel used the event to act for

biodiversity protection with its NGO partner, the French Bird Protection League (LPO): from April 6 to

April 20, for each breakfast sold, 0.30€ was reverted to LPO. Moreover, Etap Hotel encouraged its

guests to become a LPO member. 9 nature trips across France were also organized with the LPO for

employees and their families.

hotelF1 biodiversity

On the April 22nd, each hotelF1 planted a tree. All the hotels had received instructions on how to do

this. Just before Earth Guest day, hotelF1 raised their guests’ awareness about the action and on D-

Day, green bracelets were worn by every team and olive tree seeds, tree symbol of peace, wisdom

and eternity were distributed to every guest. After the planting, photographs were taken with

employees and/or guests around the tree. Each hotel will receive a poster gathering all these pictures.

Sustainable development Department – July 2009



Odyssey employees got information through 3 stands on:

- The Accor Offices Environment Charter: the employees discovered

this new tool, as well as the campus consumptions of water, electricity,

paper and cups. New consumption savings objectives were set for the

year to come.

- The water in Paris: where does the water we consume come from?

How must we use it, conserve it? Why is drinking water from the tap a

more ecological behaviour than drinking bottle water?

- Plant for the Planet: the employees discovered the project and its

latest news, given by the Sustainable development team.

Following that, the employees were invited to participate to a conference on

water, given by a manager of the Cleanliness and Decontamination of Waters of the Town of Paris

Department origin, treatments, used waters management, good manners to contribute to this


Evry Campus

Sustainable development Department – July 2009


The campus raised its employee’s awareness on the following


- Plant for the Planet: details on the project and update

- The Accor Offices Environment Charter: the employees

discovered this new tool, as well as the campus

consumptions of water, electricity, paper and cups. New

consumption savings objectives were set for the year to


Accor Hospitality France Headquarter

The headquarters’ employees have had information on the following Earth Guest priorities:

- Plant for the Planet: details and update on the project

- The Accor Offices Environment Charter: the employees discovered this new tool, as well as

the campus consumptions of water, electricity, paper and cups. New consumption savings

objectives were set for the year to come.

- Water: how could we save this resource, where does it come from in Paris…?

Moreover, each Hospitality brand raised the employees’ awareness on their Earth Guest day action

this year.

Accor Services

Earth Guest day 2009 coincided with Accor Services France teams moving in a new head office called

Columbus. A perfect timing to raise employees’ awareness about good practices to adopt in the new

offices. A mug was also distributed to each employee. This event was a good way to show the

environmental commitment of Accor Services France: it is in fact one of the Accor Services entities to

have the environmental ISO 14001 certification.


Accor Hospitality biodiversity

The Sofitel Athens Airport and Novotel Athens employees participated in the voluntary action of

“Athens International Airport” and the “Hellenic Ornithological Society” in order to clean up the Wetland

of “Vravrona” area.

More specifically, hotels Sofitel Athens Airport and Novotel Athens, with a participation of more than

40 employees, contributed to the cleaning of the Wetland in “Vravrona”, attended the release of birds

and mammals that had recovered from injuries and visited the archaeological site of “Vravrona”.

Accor Services biodiversity

The employees of Accor Services in Greece cleaned up a beach and communicated the new Charter

to their visitors.


Accor Hospitality water

With the participation of Banca Intesa San Paulo, the Accor Hospitality teams received a brochure that

describes Earth Guest actions and what must be done to waste less water. Moreover, employees and

guests received a water consumption reducer. Accor Hospitality distributed around 7 000 brochures

and water consumption reducer.


The Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese collected money in order to help an association which takes care of

sick children from developing countries.

Accor Services waste, energy, water

A poster and emailing campaign was carried out to promote that special day. A large awareness

campaign on Earth Guest day priorities was organized: “Small actions everyone of us can do for the

planet!” Water flow-reducers were also distributed.

Portugal health

About one hundred employees of Accor Hospitality and Accor Services in Portugal gathered in Serra

de Sintra, near Lisbon, for two days of activities!

During the first day, they discovered the Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais with the association Cascais

Natura, which goal is to promote the natural park,

conduct research and projects for the preservation

of the park natural heritage and increase the

quality of life in the region. Participants raised

employees’ awareness on water and biodiversity

issues, and also on the real need to preserve our

environment by organizing team-building activities

with educational games on water and biodiversity


Moreover, the Accor Portugal employees spread the awareness campaign around them, by inviting

the children of the association Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Cascais, which helps children at risks,

especially by offering them a roof. They also invited the children of the Casa Sol association, which

supports children with Aids and their families. Accor teams successively played with the children and

participated in a waterbed cleaning-up action and nests construction. With the employees, these

children shared a day of exchange and environment protection. The day was also the opportunity for

the employees to better understand the AIDS issue.

These two days were the occasion for the employees to understand the Group actions and

engagement as far as sustainable development is concerned.

Spain water, biodiversity

Pullman, ibis, MGallery, Novotel and offices teams

Here are some of the big Earth Guest day actions in Spain:

In Andalusia, the Ibis and Etap hotels employees organized two operations, the cleaning of the Natural

Park of Tarsal de Antiquary and the cleaning of a lake of the Park de Doñana. The Novotel Seville

employees attended a conference on water cycle management and visited an ecologic aquatic plant.

They also organized a cinema-forum on water in the hotel. The

employees of the Novotel Málaga cultivated new plants in the Ardales

and organized a rain water reuse activity.

In the Castilla y León region the employees of the hotels Ibis and

Formule1 cleaned up bushes of the water stream of Moratones in

Sesnández of Tábara, Zamora. The Novotel Valladolid employees

bought tree plants in order to offer them to the client companies of the

hotels and they attended a conference on the hotel water cycle


In Catalonia, the Ibis, Etap and Formule1 hotels employees cleaned

Sustainable development Department – July 2009


up the Remolar beach, next to the Llobregat river delta. The Novotel hotel employees walked from

Cornellà de Llobregat to the Llobregat river mouth (3 km) and then they visited water desalination and

treatment plant, and a local plant plantation.

In the Valence community, the Ibis hotel employees cleaned up a lake in the Albufera.

The Novotel employees rehabilitated some of the natural springs that exist in the various zones of the

Natural Park of Scie Calderona (Valence) and they built up drinking trough for the local and migrant


In Madrid, the Ibis, Etap and Formule1 Madrid hotels employees, along with the head office

employees cleaned up the Alberche River. The Pullman and Novotel employees cleaned and

replanted a nearby area of Villagordo du Marquisat (Cuenca province). Moreover, they dug holes near

the bushes in order to collect rainwater.

Basque country, the Ibis and Etap hotels employees of Bilbao cleaned up the Nervión River.

Novotel employees cleaned up the les Castaños (Barakaldo) river bed, thus coinciding with the

Basque Government campaign for the protection of a protected thorny fish species that lives in the


In Murcia, the Novotel employees bought trees plants to offer them to client companies and attended a

conference on the Group’s environmental policy.

Accor Services waste

Crystal bottles were distributed in order to replace plastic bottles and avoid its too large consumption.

The Charter was launched in the offices and an email was sent to every employee.

Sustainable development Department – July 2009


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