Luxury Mekong River Cruise Tours


Luxury Mekong River Cruise Tours is one of the best choice of travel to vietnam that includes Mekong delta tours, Mekong river cruise, Mekong delta cruise with best services and best rate. Know more @

Luxury Mekong River

Cruise Tours

Vietnam and Cambodia Water way 8 days/ 7 nights

Mekong River cruise on The Toum Tiou I Saigon Phnom Penh 6 days 5 nights

Le Cochinchine Mekong River Cruise 2 Days

Exploring Mekong Delta on L'Amant Cruise in Style 3 days - 2 nights

Mekong Delta region is one of the famous and magical place in Vietnam were many visitors

fall in love with. A tour through Mekong Delta offers you a good overview of life on the

tributaries of this very impressive river. The tour usually includes Ho Chi Minh City, from

where you are driven to Cai Be, in the heart of the delta. From there you are able to start a

cruise where you will discover the tributaries of the Mekong and their inhabitants. Borrowing a

variety of canals, you can go to a floating market, enjoy the delta's fresh produce and discover

the art of bonsai. Travelling through Mekong is one of the famous and mostly wanted tour

included in Vietnam Cambodia Holiday Packages. Travel to Vietnam through Mekong

Delta is an unforgettable experience. To book luxury Mekong River cruise tours Visit our


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