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PTA 40

Philippine Taekwdondo

Philippine Taekwdondo Association Foreword Hong Sung Chon The seed planted 40 years ago has born fruit. This fruit is called the Philippine Taekwondo Association. It was a vision long ago. Today, we have an organization. It is not easy to build a foundation for a strong organization that becomes a formidable institution. Through the efforts of all who have served and have been captivated by Taekwondo we have together brought forth an institution that has become a catalyst in nation-building. As you read through this book, there are untold stories that are numerous to tell to be captured here but nevertheless you get a glimpse of all the blood, sweat and tears of all who have built this organization. They say that our PTA is one of the best NSAs around. It is because of all you who align with the vision and will of the organization. This is the key to move our common agenda forward for the greater good. If I may add, one of the secrets to developing our organization to the level that it is at now - a nationwide, sustainable, strong and united organization, is never forget to always share. To think of others, the athletes, your colleagues, listen and work with each other always. I congratulate the editorial board who put this coffee table book as a testament to our 40th Anniversary. Let this inspire us to continue to work together to achieve an ever greater history. 1976 1986 1996 2016 4 5 PTA 40.indd 4-5 1/29/2017 11:35:25 PM

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