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Happy 375th Montréal

Jacques-Cartier Bridge Lights Up starting May 17

Three Trekkers to Traverse Nepal’s

Entire Great Himalaya Trail

152-day trek across world’s highest and longest alpine walking track

began in February

Montreal's exact birthday falls on May 17 and marks the

day that the city's Jacques-Cartier Bridge will be lit in

celebration of the special occasion. Thousands of LED

lights will illuminate the bridge in this multi-million-dollar

project that will provide quite the show - each

month, the bridge will display a different colour, and

the design of lights can be instantly changed to reflect

things such as the weather, special holidays, and big

sports wins. The Jacques Cartier Bridge is an emblem of

the Greater Montreal area because of its history and

unique architecture. One of the great engineering feats

of the 20th century, the bridge is used every day by

thousands of people to cross the Saint Lawrence River.

China Tourism Introduces

New Brand Logo

China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) has made

“Beautiful China” the tag line of its tourism and introduced a

new global brand logo. With an overall look as a stamp, the

new logo integrates modern messaging with the ancient

Chinese art form of calligraphy. The hieroglyph in the background

means “travel” in ancient Chinese language, which shows a flag guiding a couple around.

The blue color represents the sky, delivering China tourism’s concepts - vitality, harmony and

green travel. The red color gives tribute to the Chinese civilization that has been going on for

thousands of years. Illustrating an international vision, the “Beautiful China” logo represents

China’s promising and welcoming tourism industry.

Adventure travel specialist World Expeditions announces the start of

its exclusive trek along the Great Himalaya Trail (GHT) in Nepal on

February 26, 2017. Three trekkers are set to embark on the aweinspiring

journey along the world’s tallest mountain range where they

will walk until July 27, 2017.

“Trekking the entire GHT is the ultimate bucket-list trip,“ said Nathalie

Gauthier, North American Manager of World Expeditions. “Aside

from being an incredible adventure, it triggers the most inspiring stories

of determination, achievement and personal growth.”

The Nepal traverse spans 1700km in total, nearly the equivalent of

walking from Banff, Alberta to Boulder, Colorado. Beginning in the

far east, where the world's third highest peak stretches skyward, it

crosses the country to the high plateaus on the Tibetan borderlands

in the far west, encountering some of the wildest and most remote

mountain environments on the planet along the way. From the trail,

trekkers can see all eight of Nepal's 8000 metre peaks and witness

villages where the traditional culture has remained intact for centuries.

“A thousand words cannot describe how absolutely amazing the GHT

was and always will be,” said Ray Mustey of Brisbane, Australia who

trekked the full traverse in 2014. “I am often asked if I would do the

GHT again. The answer is always YES, YES, YES!!”

Available exclusively through World Expeditions since 2011, the company

has crafted seven fantastic treks that can be completed individually,

or trekked together to make up the full traverse. At each stage,

travellers can count on superb Himalayan vistas, remote villages,

high mountain passes that lead to rarely visited valleys, not to mention

the camaraderie and immense reward that comes from completing

an adventure of this kind.

American World Traveler Spring 2017

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