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Mexico City full day tour



City tour in Mexico City and museums



Teotihuacan and Guadalupe Basilica



Xochimilco, CU and Coyoacan



One day Tour to Taxco and Cuernavaca



Tour to the Monarch butterfly sanctuary

from Mexico city


Mezcal cultural day trip


Wine and cheese tour in Tequisquiapan


Cantinas, Mariachis & Lucha libre


Terms, conditions and payment methods




City trip

in Mexico

Holiday xtreme

Pick up at 8 am, then you will visit the historic center, more precisely the Zocalo,

where the Aztec empire was once built; an empire that was mostly demolished by

the Spanish conquest, and then rebuilt as a “modern” city under the Spanish

crown. There are still many historical sites dating from Aztec times, that you can

discover and understand why Mexico City was once the great Tenochtitlan.

Walking through the streets of the city centre, you will visit some emblematic

buildings like the Metropolitan Cathedral, the National Palace, and Bellas Artes,

Lunch time.

Then visit Paseo de la Reforma, that

avenue will take you to the Roma

and Condesa neighbourhoods, where

you will have time to walk through

the tree-lined streets full of nouveau

architecture and contemporary art.

These are two of Mexico City’s most

well-preserved neighbourhoods, due

to their unique urban design and its

variety of posh restaurants and

exclusive nightclubs.


The fine arts palace. Depending on the season or the time of the day, you will be

immersed in a chaotic sea of people who live, work, visit, shop and more here.

Later on you will be transferred along Paseo de la Reforma, to visit two of the most

representative, historic neighbourhoods of the city: Colonia Roma and Colonia Condesa.

Like every other big city, Mexico has been growing and adapting to the needs of its

people. Paseo de la Reforma has seen over 100 years of changes which can still be seen

today. Along the avenue you will see monumental sculptures such as the iconic “Angel

of Independence" and the "Hunter Diana", together with more recent creations like

the "Columna del Bicentenario".



Once a year

go some place

you ve never

been before

-Dalai Lama

Pick up at 9 am, then begin with guided

tour in the Museum of Anthropology,

visiting the most important room that

houses the history of central Mexico,

preserving prehispanic pieces. Then we

will go to Chapultepec Castle, a palace

building located on the top of the hill of

the same name, in the middle of the

Chapultepec Forest, located in Mexico

City, where the royalty of Mexico lived in

the 1800s. As a panoramic visit we will

have The Bellas Artes Palace and the

Revolution Monument.

In the distance we will see the majestic

Zócalo central square that is surrounded

by the most important buildings that

are: National Palace, Templo Mayor,

Great City Hall, Great Hotel of Mexico

City and Cathedral "Sagrario de la

Catedral Asunción", which will visit

Inside and admire the beautiful stained

glass windows and the central choir,

Altar of the pardon, Main Altar, Altar of

the Kings, etc.

And to finish our visit we will enter the

Templo Mayor, an enclosure that includes

a series of buildings, well buildings, well

towers and a patio, the physical space

where they were located, surrounded by

a wall that had doors that gave access to

the Main roads of the city. End of the day,

transfer to hotel.



Pick up at 7 am. Scheduled departure to Teotihuacán "Prehispanic City". Before entering the

site we will visit a house of handicrafts and drinks, where they will be given a brief explanation

about one of the oldest stones and used by the Aztecs "The Obsidian", they will be shown where

it is taken, And what pieces can be made with this beautiful black stone. Then they will give you

an explanation about one of the most typical drinks taken from the "Maguey", with which they

now make not only pulque but also a type of brandy, which enriches the palate.

In Teotihuacan, with the guide, will take a tour of this great site that shows the life, government

and culture of this great civilization. Among the attractions to visit are: The Citadel and the Temple

of the Feathered Serpent.

The Calzada de los Muertos and the residential complexes that flank it, the Pyramids of the Sun and

Moon, the Quetzalpapalotl Palace and four departmental complexes with important examples of Mural

painting such as Tetitla, Atetelco, Tepantitla and La Ventilla, as well as two other housing estates called

Yayahuala and Zacuala. Lunch time included.

Then we will go to the Guadalupe Basilica, the most visited religious place in Latin America. The Basilica

was built in 1531 after a local farmer had a vision of a girl surrounded by light, calling for a church to

be built in his honor. She identified herself as the Virgin Mary and left an image of herself imprinted

miraculously on the peasant's cloak. The Basilica itself is a wonderful example of Spanish Baroque art

and one of the most important pilgrimage sites for Catholics around the world.

End of the day, transfer to hotel.


Our tour of Xochimilco, Ciudad Universitaria, Coyacan and the Frida Kahlo Museum offers a day full of

art, color, music, and impressive displays of colonial and contemporary architecture in Mexico City.

In Coyoacan DF we will visit one of the most famous museums, not only the area, but the whole country:

"La Casa Azul de Frida Kahlo", which is where the Mexican painter was born, lived and died. After

Frida's death in 1954, the house, her collection of Mexican folk art and her paintings contained within

the property were donated by Diego Rivera, her former husband and one of the most renowned painters

of all time, in order to constitute The museum of Frida Kahlo. Frida's paintings will literally leave you

with your mouth open!


In our tour we will also go to Ciudad

Universitaria in the DF, an impressive

complex of the National Autonomous

University of Mexico built in 1950.

This true city of UNAM houses almost

50 faculties and institutes, as well as

an ecological reserve, museums, a

center Cultural and a central library,

as well as sports facilities of the size

of the Olympic Stadium, which

hosted events of the 1968 Olympic

Games, as well as matches of the

1986 World Cup.

Later we will make a stop in

Xochimilco you will see a series of

channels that have existed since

pre-Hispanic times.

What today is Mexico City used to be

water almost in its entirety... hard to

believe, do not you think? Xochimilco

will give you a good idea of what the

DF looked like in that time. You will

climb to one of the colorful trajineras

of Xochimilco, as they are called the

gondola type boats of this picturesque

place, to join you to a true Mexican

fiesta full of Music, flowers, songs and

dance; In addition, there will be

everywhere offer of food and drinks

delicious, this is Mexico City!

End of the tour transfer to the hotel.


Pick up at 8 am, then you will take a short ride to Cuernavaca located about an hour

south of Mexico City, for a panoramic city tour. In the nineteenth century the city was

nicknamed the "City of the Eternal Spring" for it’s warm weather and beautiful flowering

trees. Many Mexico City residents have retired, relocated or simply have second homes

here, and since the Aztec times, it has been a popular escape from Mexico City. The

warm climate and abundant vegetation draw travellers from around the world. Here you

will have the opportunity to learn about the importance of modern buildings such as

Cortes Palace, Morelos monument and the Cathedral. Lunch included.


Next you will be transferred to Taxco, the

"Silver City", a colonial city famous for

its architectural beauty and for the

craftsmanship of its silver workers.

Looking out over the valley from it’s

hilltop perch, Taxco’s cobblestone

streets, old buildings and beautiful town

squares hold hundreds of years of history.

Visit the stunning Santa Prisca church,

one of the most impressive in Mexico,

dating from 1759, built by Jose de la

Borda, a French immigrant who stumbled

upon the Taxco silver mines making him

one of the richest men in New Spain.

Taxco today is known for its high quality

of silver mines and extremely skilled

craftsmen. You will have the chance to

see and purchase silver pieces made by

hand by skilled Mexican craftsmen.

End of the tour transfer to the hotel.


Pick up at 8 am, departure to Valle de Bravo (time approx 2 hrs 30 min), to visit the Sanctuary of the

Monarch Butterfly. The tour begins with a 2-kilometer walking hike in which you will enjoy the wonderful

natural landscapes of the Valle de Bravo.

Mountain until you reach the Sanctuary of the Monarch Butterfly and where you can live a fantastic natural

phenomenon. At all times the student will be in direct contact with nature and witness one of the largest

migrations on the planet. The monarch butterfly travels every year between November and March, more than

5,000 kilometers from eastern Canada to mating. The sanctuaries to which they arrive after their long journey

have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 2008.

Afterwards, we will visit the Velo de Novia Waterfall, part of the Velo de Novia Ecological Park, the waterfall

has a drop of approximately 35 meters and feeds from the San Juan River. In the rainy season the veil is even

more abundant. Then we will visit the Magic Village of Valle de Bravo, lunch and free time.

End of the tour return to Mexico City.


Discover the landscape, craft and flavors of mezcal on a full-day tour from Mexico City with an

experienced guide. Enjoy sweeping views of a mountain landscape as you leave the city for historic

towns and countryside. Learn how mezcal goes from agave fields to finished product at a local factory,

and see each part of the distilling and fermentation process.

Para todo mal mezcal, para

todo bien tambien y si no hay

remedio litro y medio

Sample varieties of mezcal and mezcal cream, pause for a traditional lunch and local cocktail, then watch

the scenery unroll as you make the return trip to D.F. Returning to the DF, we will visit the Museo del

Mezcal, located in the center, where we offer a wider theoretical explanation of the elaboration, materials

and tools, with which they elaborate this delicious drink of the Gods. End of the tour, return to the hotel.

Highlights: Full-day mezcal trip from Mexico City, leave the hustle and bustle of the city for a day in the

country See how a local spirit is made Sample 9 varieties of liquor Lunch, transport and tasting included.


Pick up at 7 am and begin our journey to Queretaro, to go to Tequisquiapan, approx. travel time 3 hours. The

first site we will visit will be the Cheese Cellar, where we will start the tour of the cheese passing the old factory,

observing the processing process, we will know the basement where the cheese is matured and to finish we will

do a tasting with 4 different types of cheeses and The house wine.

At the end we will go to the Freixenete wine cellar, recognized worldwide for its excellence in sparkling wine.

First we have the food programmed. At the end we will start a guided tour of the sommelier who will show us

the facilities of the factory and explain the process they perform with each of their wines, as well as one of their

famous "Champenoise" methods, afterwards we will be guided by 3 varieties Of the wine they produce. Free


Then we will pass to the magical town of Tequisquiapan, will have free time to cross the central square, the

market and the purchase of souvenirs.

Before returning to the CDMX we will visit Peña de Bernal, where is the third largest monolith in the world,

which does not provide a show of light, water and sound, with its dancing fountains.

End of the tour, return to the hotel.


Enjoy a night with the holy trinity of entertainment in Mexico: canteens, mariachis and wrestling. Drink

tequila in a canteen, dance and move to the rhythm of mariachis and watch masked fighters as they dive,

fly and squirm for the public on this tour of Mexico City that you will not want to miss.

The tour begins in a canteen, the typical Mexican bar. There you enjoy a couple of drinks (bought on your

own) to meet the rest of your group. And more importantly, your guide gives you a talk of what you have

reserved for the rest of the night, including the basic rules of eccentric wrestling.

To keep the excitement of the night go to the other cantina of Garibaldi square, where you can enjoy

Mexican mariachi music and many other musical ensembles. Enjoy the atmosphere of the square for

about an hour, before heading out to the arena to observe the best fighters in the country.

Wrestling is the second most watched sport in Mexico and, undoubtedly, one of the most exciting things

you can do during your visit to Mexico City. For a truly local experience, take the subway to the Arena de

Mexico to see the fight. You will have excellent seats in the sand, so you can live a real experience and see

the best fights of the night.

At the end of this incredible experience you have time

to buy some memories, like the mask of the best

fighter you saw in the show, so you can take some fun

pictures with your masks on.

After all the dancing, singing, drinking and cheerleading,

you're ready to go back. End of the tour, return to

the hotel.


Round ground transportation by car / van or luxury bus with A/C, CD / stereo.

Tickets to the sites mentioned in itineraries

Activities mentioned in itineraries

Mascara de luchador in lucha libre tour

Toques- toques in Garibaldi

2 to 3 hours in trajinera with typical food and soft drinks-Xochimilco tour

Food and non-alcoholic drinks included (only in the itineraries that mention)

Guide in Spanish or English certified by SECTUR.


Additional activities not mention on itineraries

Overtime in the trajineras tour or musical groups- Xochimilco tour

Alcoholic beverages on any of the tours

·Entrance or fee in the discos that apply in the Cantinas tour

Any personal article or necessity

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2 pax

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SUSTENTA TRAVEL, reserves the right of admission to any route.

SUSTENTA TRAVEL, can make changes with exhibitors programmed at any time for reasons that justify it.

SUSTENTA TRAVEL, reserves the right to make changes in the order of the services indicated in the itinerary to improve the development

thereof or for reasons that justify it.

The activities that are programmed directly by SUSTENTA TRAVEL, are subject to responsibility of the contracting party, reason why SUSTENTA

TRAVEL is not responsible for the delays, changes or extra costs of the same.

Prices do not include any additional consumption and / or expense such as extra services such as any extra transport, tickets to sites that

are not included in the itinerary. These, if they exist, will be covered by the CLIENT.

SUSTENTA TRAVEL, is not responsible for personal accidents during the journey, or for accidents caused by natural phenomena, blockages

or interruptions of vehicular traffic on the road or in the villages.


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If the CLIENT cancels the course during the 5 days prior to departure, he will be charged a penalty of 100% of the total amount of the tour.

The returns will be made within 5 working days after the completion of the tour.

If at the time of departure the CLIENT is not present and SUSTENTA TRAVEL is not aware of any special impediment that has been announced

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