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EFF Portland 2012 Program - Experimental Film Festival Portland

EFF Portland 2012 Program - Experimental Film Festival Portland

Thursday May 24 7 -

Thursday May 24 7 - 8:30pm: The Animals and their Limitations: Films by Jim Trainor (co-presented with Cinema Project) @Studio Two $7 suggested donation 9 - 10:15pm: MYCOLOGY (an evening of psychedelia) @Studio Two David Witzling: ABQ 2008 Milwaukee, WI TRT: 8min//Digital Video An archaeological examination of governmentfunded paranoia in instructional cinema. Neil Ira Needleman: Slow Fall 2011 Katonah, NY TRT: 4:30//Digital Video Autumn is a particularly enthralling time of year for my eyes. On any given day, the trees can range in color from blazing orange to deep crimson to bright green to screaming yellow. David Finkelstein: Epistolary Fusillades 2010 Brooklyn, NY TRT: 18min//Digital Video Epistolary Fusillades is an examination of the fractured nature of contemporary thought, and the possibility of using collage to create a new coherence. Alex Hansen: Die Erste Reise (The First Would Rub) 2009 Boise, ID TRT: 1:30//Digital Video The rhythmic collision of opposing forces. Deborah Stratman: FF 2010 Chicago, IL TRT: 2:44//Digital Video A short flicker film adulterated by some extra images shot in Malawi, Africa. FF was in answer to an assignment given by artists Melissa Dubbin and Aaron Davidson who created the soundtrack to which I was asked to make a “Future Film”. Paul O’Donoghue aka Ocusonic: Phasing Waves 2012 Dublin Ireland TRT: 6:50//Digital Video Recorded live in the experimental TV Studio New York using 80’s technology, simple tones, buzzes and glitches are transformed into visual representations. When three of these recordings are juxtaposed, complete with audio, new rhythmic and harmonic, audio visual complexities emerge. Fabio Scacchioli and Vincenzo Core: Miss Candace Hilligoss’ Flickering Halo 2011 Rome, Italy TRT: 13:45//Digital Video A film about distance, about the interval simultaneously separating and uniting, the silence between words, the black between pictures. It ‘s a film against the dialectical opposites in cinema, assembled according to the Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and the use of the phenomenon of retinal persistence as an expressive tool. Dalibor Baric: New Hippie Future 2011 Zagreb, Croatia TRT: 4min//Digibeta In a surreal and psychedelic atmosphere this film deals with life, freedom and transcendence of limitations. Walter Ungerer: Parva Sed Apta Mihi 2011 Camden, ME TRT: 18:16//Video This work is an exploration of digital still camera motion clips I recorded while visiting the downtown art district of Los Angeles.

10:30pm: PORN, PUSSIES, AND PBR Afterparty @ Boom Bap! Clemens Wilhelm: THE TOURIST 2011 Iceland TRT: 4:44//HDV Silent A white naked man in the vast landscapes of Iceland. An ambiguous symbolic action somewhere between romanticism, tourism, fetishism, performance art and pornography: a man uniting with nature. Eliane Lima: Leonora (with George Kuchar) 2010 Oakland, CA TRT: 6min//16mm and Super 8 transferred to Digital Video A dark drama of sexual sorcery and crippled creatures in the throes of a primitive passion. Leg G’Man: Limericks 2011 Boston, MA TRT: 2:30//Digital Video Conceived after years of appreciation and public reciting of the verse from the compiled book The Limericks by G. Legman (world renowned sexual humor analyst). I thought cartoons should accompany this modern take. One lonely night stumbling upon Disney cartoon porn on the internet, my concept was complete. Peter Max Lawrence: Me-oW (Indoor Cats) 2011 San Francisco, CA TRT: 13:46//Digital Video//Premier Created by appropriated footage taken from the Internet Archive and was placed over the debut EP by a cappella art-punk duo Indoor Cats.

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