EIBFS organizes

FinTech 2017

conference on


technologies for

the banking sector

A hybrid word combining inance and technology, FinTech

is one of the most important factors expected to shape the

future of inancial services. It represents the next phase of

the development of inancial services, wherein technology

and technology-focused start-ups and new market entrants

innovate products and services currently provided by the

traditional inancial services industry.

There are primarily two components of FinTech:

technology-driven innovation in the traditional banking

sector and the emergence of new delivery models to

provide inancial services. Given this background, the

conference looks at understanding various aspects of

FinTech that is expected to shape the future of the banking

and inancial sectors in the UAE.








2 March 2017

8:30am - 3:00pm


The conference, an initiative of the EIBFS Research and

Studies Department, organized jointly with and supported

by the EIBFS Training Department, attracted banking

professionals and Fintech specialists from banking and

inancial institutions in the UAE.

The conference agenda included specialized presentations

related to a variety of Fintech and

related technologies such as, emerging digital payments

technologies, arti icial intelligence, cybersecurity,

blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

The conference opened with a presentation on Global

trends in FinTech, by Dr Kelvin Leong, Principal Lecturer

and Professional Lead (Finance), and Anna Sung, Financial

Technology Management Programme Leader, both

presenters from the North Wales Business School, Glyndwr

University, Wales, UK.

Vivek Vaidyanathan, Director, Treasury & Trade Solutions,

Citibank, talked about the ever evolving relationship

between the banking sector and inancial technologies, his

talk titled Banks & FinTech: an evolving relationship.

Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending was the focus of Peter Tavener’s,

Chief Financial Of icer Beehive, extensive presentation and

analysis, followed by Jaques Venter’s, Co-founder and CEO

of Bankroll, talk on the development of Arti icial

Intelligence and its emerging application in inancial


Ensuring cybersecurity in FinTech: Key trends and solutions

was presented and analyzed by Dr Ernesto Damiani,

Director of the Information Security Research Center,

Khalifa University. Finally, Mr Tarun Gugnani Regional Sales

Head, MEA - EdgeVerve (Infosys), concluded the conference

with his presentation on the introduction of Blockchain in


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