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PTA 40 March 12 11pm

Message Robert

Message Robert Aventajado pta president As the PTA celebrates its 40th Anniversary, this coffee table book shall serve as a testament to the milestones and achievements of this illustrious sporting organization. Taekwondo from an unknown martial arts in the 1970s to its status today as a priority Philippine sport has been no easy feat. Kirstie Elaine Alora qualifying in the Rio Olympic Games proves that we are at par with the best. That we have highcaliber fighters like Pauline Lopez, 2016 Asian Championships gold medalist and Jeordan Dominguez, gold medalist and MVP Awardee in the Men’s Individual Freestyle Event, 2016 World Poomsae Championships. Message Rep. Monsour Del Rosario 1st District, Makati City Republic of the Philippines House of Representatives Quezon City, Metro Manila MESSAGE ON THE 40 TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE PHILIPPINE TAEKWONDO ASSOCIATION My warmest greetings to my sporting family, the Philippine Taekwondo Association, on its 40 th year anniversary. I congratulate our association on its noteworthy accomplishments, foremost of which are raising the status of Taekwondo and providing a meaningful sport to Filipinos. It has been nearly four decades since I became one of the pioneering Taekwondo students of Grandmaster Sung Chon Hong, three years after he arrived in the Philippines in 1976 to propagate the sport. In the early years, Grandmaster Hong and his students faced daunting challenges. Taekwondo was an unknown martial art whose popularity was virtually non-existent in the ‘70s. There were no movies that glamorized it unlike karate and kung-fu. Taekwondo had no iconic movie stars like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan to romanticize the sport and inspire generations of martial artists. Despite the many hurdles, Grandmaster Hong, with his visionary leadership, succeeded in promoting and developing the sport and mentoring young practitioners in the country. The PTA with its sustainable programs has given honor to the country with its generations of talents who continue to win in world class competitions. The PTA sets its sights once again for the elusive first ever Olympic gold for the country in in Tokyo 2020. The PTA’s mission for Olympic gold remains together with strengthening its organizational structure for an efficient grassroots and elite program working with partners such as main benefactor MVPSF, SM with the POC and PSC, with Milo, Dep Ed. I can still vividly remember Grandmaster Hong—who I consider a father and mentor—and Dr. Un Yong Kim, the then president of the World Taekwondo Association, prodding me in 1989 to join the movie industry to promote Taekwondo among the masses. Since then, I have made it a personal crusade to promote it not only in the Philippines, but abroad as well. I would proudly demonstrate Taekwondo moves and techniques in my movies with the intent of broadening public perception on the sport. It is more than the little appreciation for Taekwondo that I would want to gain from the public. I wanted the public to embrace the sport not as a mere martial art, but as a way of life—the same way that I have imbibed its values and principles in my daily existence. Today, there are over a million Taekwondo practitioners in the Philippines. As one of the early trailblazers, I am filled with pride to have witnessed the incredible growth and development of the sport in the country. And I am equally proud to say I have been an instrumental partner in this remarkable growth. Now on our 40 th year, I hope that the tremendous work and accomplishments of our Taekwondo oioneers will resonate on future generations of Filipinos on the significance of the sport. I hope, too, that our Association continues to grow with members whose passion for the discipline burns with fervor and who will remain dedicated to our beloved sport. MABUHAY ANG PHILIPPINE TAEKWONDO ASSOCIATION! I congratulate the Editorial Staff of this Coffee Table Book and that you may highlight the Taekwondo men and women who continue to be passionate about this Olympic martial art sport inspiring the young generation who shall continue what has been established. PTA 40 - Copy - Copy - Copy.indd 6-7 3/12/2017 11:48:56 PM

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